Grass Valley News-March 15, 2013 - Camas School District

Grass Valley News-March 15, 2013 - Camas School District

March 15, 2013



Doors open at 6PM • Movie starts

at 6:30 PM • $3/person suggested

donation to fund PTA programs

Bring blankets or chairs • Popcorn, candy and beverages will be sold.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Grass Valley Elementary · 3000 Grass Valley Drive, Camas, WA 98607

(360) 833-5710 · Fax (360) 833-5711 ·


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

18 19 20 AM-K 21 Tae Kwon Do 22


Gen. PTA Meeting

7 PM (Elections)

25 26 27 PM-K 28 March Birthdays 29 Lost & Found

Tae Kwon Do

Celebration (lunch) Items donated &


& Tae Kwon Do Skate Night

3:40-4:25 5:00 -7:00 PM

1 2 3 4 5


Spring Break

8 9 10 AM-K 11 12

15 16 17 PM-K 18 19

22 23 24 AM-K 25 26

29 30 1 PM-K 2 3

April Birthdays


Tae Kwon Do



Open House

5-7 PM

Earth Day

Celebration &

Fun Run

Coffee &


9:10 AM

P.B.S. Spotlight

Catching Zebras being

Safe, Responsible and Respectable

Congratulations to the March PBS stripe

winner, Brianna M., from Mrs. Busby’s 4th

grade class. The entire 4th grade earned a

book from the PBS book cart and also earned an

extra recess (Brianna’s choice)!

Positive Behavior Support: A district-wide behavior recognition program helping

to establish school-wide expectations and to foster a positive school climate.

MSP State Testing Dates

As you are probably aware, students in

grades three through five participate in

Washington assessments each spring.

These are important measures for us to

gauge our effectiveness in helping your

children learn. You can help by making sure

your child is well rested and well fed for

these assessments, most of which students

will complete within two hours (although the

tests are untimed and students are welcome

to take longer). It is very important that

students be here on testing days! There are

some makeup opportunities, but students

benefit more from sharing the experience

with classmates in their usual setting. Please

avoid scheduling appointments and trips on

these days:

3rd Grade: May 7 & 9

4th Grade: May 2, 7, 9 & 14

5th Grade: May 10, 14, & 16-23

A huge THANK YOU to

everyone who donated items

to Crestline Elementary.

Mrs. Erdmann has delivered

gift cards, used books, school

supplies, and an entire box

of books purchased through

our book fair. THANK YOU!

Conversation Starter:

Today, Grass Valley had a visit

from local author Deborah

Hopkinson. Ask your Zebra what

they discussed or worked on

with our guest author today.


March 21

7:00 pm

in the Library






Fun Run Fundraiser

Spring Auction/Carnival

Budget considerations

Upcoming boundary


Natural Playground

Updates on the

Standing Rules

PTA Board Elections


Friday, March 29

5-7 PM

Golden Skate

4915 E. Fourth Plain, Vancouver

Cost: $5 (includes skate rental)

In-Line Rental $3 extra

Lazer Tag $3 per game

First graders are learning

about fire safety and

enjoyed an exciting visit

from a Camas firefighter

who taught each student

how to correctly stop,

drop and roll. They also

had a special visit from

Smokey Bear!

Kids are focused on Mrs.

Chadwick and Mrs. Werner’s

reading strategies.

These six Zebras were

excited to be chosen as

finalists to participate

in this year’s future

Chef’s Contest through

the CSD. The kids had a

blast preparing their

salad recipes. Each

received a medal, t-shirt

and a fancy chef hat!

Kristen H. received

a special award for her

Balsamic Greens &

Cantaloupe Salad based

on its “originality”.

The Grass Valley Vocal Jazz was

thrilled to be able to perform with

the Clark College Jazz Ensemble at

an event called Jazz Awakening last

weekend at Gaiser Hall Student

Center, Clark College.

Kristen H., Conner B., Myles W., Alicia b.,

Nate Y., & Kennedy L.


Trent Johnson, a Camas HS senior, is

working on his senior project. He

started last summer when he travelled to

the Philippines with a group called

Courts for Kids. There he helped build

a concrete basketball court to replace a

dirt court for a community. He felt the

experience was “really cool to see how

much they cherished everything they

had”. To complete his senior project,

Trent is collecting various athletic balls

at various schools, including GVE. All

balls will be donated to Courts for Kids.

Please bring in any new or gently

used basketballs, volleyballs, soccer

balls, etc. between Monday, March 18

through Friday, March 29. A collection

bin will be placed in the GVE lobby.

Click HERE to learn more about

Courts for Kids.

Grass Valley Elementary



Friday, April 19

Earth Day Fun Run & Celebration

Are you still collecting bottle caps?

Stay tuned for information on our Earth Day bottle caps contest!


The Tae Kwon Do registration form is

due by Monday, March 18 (some flyers

indicated March 11). Please note, 100%

of the registration fee goes to the PTA!

Click HERE to watch a demonstration

video about this exciting fundraiser!

Carnival & Silent Auction

Friday, May 17, 2013

Click the links below to sign-up to Volunteer





Click HERE to see the current list of


USWC Tae Kwon Do is coming

to Grass Valley Elementary School!

Special After School Program Starts Soon!

What is the USWC Tae Kwon Do After School Program all about?

USWC Kids is a 5 session character development program that incorporates physical exercise with life skill

lessons. Open to students in grades 1 to 5, this innovative series of classes is designed to not only introduce your

child to basic martial arts but also to improve focus, confidence, discipline and respect. It will benefit your child

at home, at school and in team sports. Master Yun and his staff from USWC Tae Kwon Do have volunteered

their time to teach the USWC Kids program at your school.

How does it benefit my school?

The instructors and materials required to run the USWC Kids Program will be donated by USWC Tae Kwon Do as

part of our commitment to helping local children in our community. The registration fee of $20 will be donated

directly to your school.

This program is taught by certified instructors from USWC Tae Kwon Do who are experts

at working with kids. They are patient, enthusiastic, and know how to make learning fun.

Class #1


Class #2


Class #3


Class #4


Class #5

Graduation at

USWC TaeKwonDo

Registration Form (please print)

Please return form to your Grass Valley Elementary office or teacher by March 18th, 2013.

I give my child permission to participate in the USWC Kids Program.


All classes will be held in the school Gym.


Classes will be held after school from 3:40 -


Class #1 Tues - March 19th

Class #2 Thurs - March 21st

Class #3 Tues - March 26th

Class #4 Thurs - March 28th


A special Graduation Ceremony will be held on

Saturday, 3/30/2013 at USWC Tae Kwon Do.

3415 SE 192nd Ave. #108 Graduation time

will be announced.


Similar to Physical Education Class, students

should wear loose comfortable clothing and


Important Note:

Students need to be picked up IN THE GYM

immediately after the program at 4:25.

I UNDERSTAND and agree that the Camas School District, Grass Valley Elementary, Grass Valley Elementary PTA or

USWC Taekwondo will not be held liable for any injuries, damages, or complaints arising while, the student is traveling to and

from, in this institution, or for any other reason. I understand and will observe and respect the regulations of Grass Valley

Elementary and the Camas School District.

Child’s Name:_________________________________________ Grade:_______ Age:______

Parent’s Name: _______________________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________City: __________ Zip: ________

Home Phone #: ________________________Cell Phone: _____________________________

( ) $20 Enclosed. (Make checks payable to Grass Valley Elementary PTA)

Dear Grass Valley Parents,

We are looking for a Vice President to serve

on the 2013-14 PTA Board! This position is

absolutely vital to the PTA’s support of

exciting enhancements and programs for our

school. Please consider getting involved!

The time commitment is around two hours

per week, with five hours per week on

occasion, such as before a major school


We understand you are busy , but please

consider giving of your valuable time to help

make Grass Valley great—we can’t do it

without you!! Nominate yourself or a friend

on the PTA Bulletin Board at school or by

emailing the Nominating Committee

Chairperson, Gina Schultz, at


Alicia Brazington

Current PTA Co-President

The following positions comprise our PTA

Board of Directors:


President, Vice President, Treasurer, and

Secretary/Membership Chair.


Fundraising Chairperson, Newsletter Editor,

Volunteer Coordinator, and Art Chairperson.

The elected positions are voted on by the

general PTA membership and the remaining

positions are then appointed to the Board of

Directors by the incoming PTA Executive

Board. Every position except Treasurer may

be filled by co-chairpersons.

Every position is open for nomination; the

one position without any current interest is

Vice President.


Grass Valley PTA is a dynamic organization

of parents and teachers committed to

making our school exceptional. Every

membership purchased helps support the

many programs the PTA sponsors, such as

Student Recognition and Celebrations,

Family Events, Library and Curriculum, Enhancements,

Art Education, Staff Appreciation,

and Green Initiatives. Join today and

make a difference! Contact

for more information. To

become a member, click HERE to print the

application and submit with your check for

$10, payable to Grass Valley PTA.


We need your photos for the 2012-13

Grass Valley Yearbook. If you have

taken pictures in the classroom or at

a school event, please forward them



PLEASE encourage your child to

take a look. Parents can stop

by anytime as well to look

through the MANY items. ALL

items will be donated to

charity during Spring Break!


Click on any link to be connected

Camas Community Education

Camas Community Library

Camas Education Foundation

Camas Parks & Recreation

Winter Newsletter & Programs:


Jack, Will & Rob Center

PURPOSE - The Camas School District’s School Health Advisory Council is organized

to ensure that parents and school and community health professionals come

together to promote effective comprehensive school health programs. These eight

components of comprehensive school health are (1) comprehensive School Health

Education, (2) Physical Education, (3) Health Services, (4) Nutrition Services (5)

Counseling, Psychological and Social Services, (6) Healthy School Environment,

(7) Health Promotion for Staff, and (8) Family and Community Involvement.

The purpose of the SHAC is to:

Make recommendations to school staff concerning health issues, policies and programs;

Make recommendations, when appropriate, to the school governance committees and/or the Board of

Education concerning health issues, policies and programs;

Advocate for effective, coordinated, comprehensive health programs;

Identify community health resources;

Provide information to parents concerning health issues and programs;

Provide information to building PTAs concerning health issues and programs;

Promote collaboration between school community agencies in the area of comprehensive school health; and

Serve as a clearinghouse for health issues and concerns.

Membership in SHAC may be composed of CSD administrator; CSD Board Member, elementary, middle or high school

teachers, Food Service Director, Health Services Nursing Supervisor, parents representing various school buildings,

and other community representatives. Members serve a three year term. Meetings are held four times a year and

open to CSD staff, parents or community representatives. The final meeting for the school year will be Wed., May 22.

Meetings are held at ZAC Board Room from 4-5:00 pm.


The Federal Child Nutrition & Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Reauthorization Act passed by Congress in 2004

requires all schools participating in the National School Lunch Program to enact a local school wellness policy by July

1, 2006.

In March 2004, the WA State legislature passed a bill which recognized the severe health problems associated

with overweight and obese children in WA State; the detrimental effects this compromised health has on student

academic achievement, and the logical role of the schools in addressing this issue in children and adolescents.

By August 1, 2005, WA State legislation required all public school districts to establish a policy regarding access

to nutritious foods and physical activity in the school environment.

Camas School District Board of Directors in July 2005 approved a nutrition and physical fitness policy/procedure

(6700) to address childhood obesity and the detrimental effects it has on student achievement while meeting the

state’s new requirement. By fall CSD appointed SHAC members.

SHAC has assisted in the elementary and middle school cooking contests and provides health tips to schools for

morning announcements. Community programs promoting nutrition and fitness are encouraged to contact Kathy

Tomei, SHAC Chair, 360-833-5850 if interested in attending and sharing at an upcoming meeting.


A Delicious Super Spice

Ginger is used throughout the world and is one of the most

popular spices in the culinary world. It is used in a variety of

beverages ranging from tea to ale, as well as countless foods

including such sweet treats as gingerbread, ginger cake, ginger

snaps and ginger ice cream. Other uses for ginger include

puddings, jams, preserves, pickles and chutneys, and young

ginger can be sliced and used as a salad topping. Ginger grows

best in a tropical climate and is sometimes used in landscaping

for homes in tropical and subtropical areas. When storing ginger,

tightly wrap the root in a towel, place inside a plastic bag and

store for up to one week in a refrigerator or up to three months

in a freezer.

Nutrition notes

Ginger is a spice that not only makes food taste great, but it also has several

health benefits including reducing arthritic joint pain and lowering cholesterol. It

has also been used as a treatment for stomach cramping and diarrhea, as well as

seasickness. Ginger is high in potassium and also contains Manganese, Silicon,

Vitamins A, C, E, and B-complex, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Iron, Zinc,

Calcium, Beta-Carotene and helps with the absorption of Calcium.


The Fresh Pick Review is

an informative newsletter

designed to provide a variety

of interesting facts, figures

and health benefits as they

relate to our featured Fresh

Pick item of the month. We

hope you enjoy this newsletter

and if you have any feedback

on how to make our Fresh

Pick Review even better,

please email your suggestions

or comments to freshpick@

Did You


• Ginger is antimicrobial, meaning

it kills bacteria, both internal

(ingested) and topical (on surfaces).

• Ginger is a diaphoretic, meaning that it

makes you sweat.

• Ginger prefers a tropical climate,

and although it is referred to as

ginger root, it is not a root at all but

rather a rhizome.

• Ginger is one of the earliest spices

ever recorded and was mentioned in

the works of Confucius.

Chef Remmi Smith is Sodexo’s

first ever “Student Ambassador

for Nutrition and Health” and

is host of a health based TV

cooking show, “Cook Time

with Remmi TM .” In her new

role, Remmi will have the

opportunity to positively

impact the lives of students

in Sodexo-served school

districts across the country

by speaking directly to the

students through specially

produced videos, nutrition

education materials and

in-person appearances.

Let’s Get Cooking





• 1 cup mandarin oranges in light syrup

• 1 tablespoon green onion (chopped)

• 1/4 cup frozen orange juice

• 1 tablespoon canola/olive oil blend

• 1 teaspoon ginger (ground)

• 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

• 1 teaspoon parsley (dried)

• 3 cups fresh spinach

• 3 cups romaine lettuce



24 calories, 1g fat,

7mg sodium, 1g fiber

1. Drain oranges.

2. Slice onion on bias.

3. Whisk orange juice, oil, ginger, garlic and parsley. Blend well.

4. In serving pan, mix spinach and lettuce.

5. Right before service, toss lettuce mixture with dressing.

6. Garnish salad with oranges and onions.

By the numbers

4Amount of feet the

leafy stems of the


plant can reach

when growing.



3% eSSeNtIAL oIL



BItS & BIteS

ABout ginger

Ginger is available in six forms: fresh, dried, pickled,

preserved, crystallized (or candied), and powdered (or

ground). Its flavor is peppery and slightly sweet, with

a pungent and spicy aroma. Keep in mind that fresh

ginger, much like garlic, mellows with cooking, and

turns bitter if you burn it. Know that the ground form

has a different flavor, which is most commonly used in

sweet desserts and is not normally interchangeable

with fresh ginger. Ginger root should be kept in

a cool, dry place, usually at 40 to 45 °F. After

purchasing, ginger may be refrigerated in a plastic

bag for up to one week. Freezing ginger for up to

three months is also an option.

It’s All History

The history of ginger goes back over 5000 years

when the Indians and ancient Chinese considered it

a tonic root for all ailments. While ginger originated in

Southeast Asia, it has a long history of being cultivated

in other countries. At an early date it was exported

to Ancient Rome from India. It was used extensively

by the Romans, but almost disappeared from the

pantry when the Roman Empire fell. After the end

of the Roman Empire, the Arabs took control of the

spice trade from the east. In medieval times it was

commonly imported in a preserved form and used to

make sweets. In the 15th century, ginger plants were

carried on ships, which is probably how they were

introduced to the Caribbean as well as Africa. It is only

in recent years that ginger has become more valued

as a spice than for its medicinal properties.


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