Dear Helen Baller Families, Can you believe it is November? Time ...

Dear Helen Baller Families, Can you believe it is November? Time ...
































BoxTops 4







PTA Website:

PTA President: Kathi Hansen

Spirit Wear:

October Birthday Table

Birthdays are celebrated each month on the third Friday during

the lunch hour. If you would like to help make this

monthly event great for your student(s) when it's their turn(s),

please consider volunteering for our 'Birthday table parents.'

You can sign up online at the link provided at the end

of this page, or sign up when you receive your student(s)

invitation from school. We would love to see parents joining

in on the fun and making every student's birthday table experience


Note: all health concerns and allergies are being

closely monitored and can be accommodated for your

student to participate in the birthday table.

The October birthday PM Kindergarteners enjoyed a private ice

cream social with their principal in his office.


Join Your PTA

Joining the PTA does NOT commit you to anything. It

gives you a voice in decisions involving Helen Baller.

Become a member and let your voice be heard. It’s a

great way to be involved in your child’s school and all the

events that take place!

$10.00 Individual - $18.00 Family

Call or email Julie Brown for more information at

834-2548 or

Audit Committee - We need two individuals that have

strong organizational and accounting skills to review the

PTA books for our annual audit. Your family time commitment

is estimated from 8-10 hours total (flexible schedule),

and free pizza will be provided for you families.

Baler Blast- Coordinate this annual event. Current

chair will assist new chair with the 2011-2012 event.

Baler Beautification - Looking for someone to lead

up grounds and improvement projects at Baller. This

year we will be focused on the courtyard. This individual

might enjoy gardening and working with students to create

educational and pleasant landscaping at baller.

Field Day Coordinator - Coordinates this end of the

year day of fun and activities. There are always LOTS of

parent volunteers to help out with this very popular and

fun event.

Movie Night - Plan and Organize this fun family activity

several times a year with a sub committee of helpers.

Nominating Committee - Help select and seek out

individuals for officer and chair positions for next fall.

School Supply Kits - Research companies that provide

school supply kits for parents to order, select a company

and organize details this spring for school supplies

for 2011-2012.

Website - Create and update PTA website.

Easy W ays to Volunteer your Time

Your time is a gift. Thank you for volunteering!

Check out to give of your time in a

variety of ways. Search for all available

sign ups. You will need a valid email address to sign

up. If you do not have access to the internet please

send a note to school with your child asking our volunteer

coordinator to contact you about ways we could use your


Sign Up Genius Links

Birthday Table htp:/

Copy Room htp:/

Nov Staf Appreciationhtp:/

DecStaf Appreciation htp:/

“Buly Behavior and What Parents Can Do”

Camas elementary schools define bullying as: “Unfair and one-sided. It happens

when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.”

(Ask your third, fourth, or fifth grader what these terms mean because there is a difference between

bullying and conflict)

What can we do? There are many tools that your school counselor has available to help. Alone, a child, teacher, parent,

counselor, or principal can not solve the problem. We have to know how to work together. Your school counselor actively

teaches the staff and students the process of Recognizing bully behavior, Refusing to be bullied or allow others to

be bullied, and Report bullying when it happens. In the third through fifth grade this takes place over ten weeks of lessons

from the Steps to Respect curriculum by Committee for Children.

The Role of the Parent

Encourage your child to report bullying incidents to you.

• Validate your child’s feelings by letting him/her know that it is normal to feel hurt, sad, scared, angry, etc

• Let your child know that s/he has made the right choice by reporting the incident(s) to you and assure your child that

s/he is not to blame.

• Help your child be specific in describing bullying incidents: who, what, where, when. (Look for patterns or evidence

of repeated bullying behaviors where your child has done nothing wrong and is not doing anything back to the person


Ask your child how s/he has tried to stop the bullying.

Coach your child in possible alternatives:

• Avoidance is often the best strategy.

• Play in a different place and/or a different game.

• Stay near a supervising adult when bullying is likely to occur.

• Look for ways to find new friends: i.e support your child by encouraging him/her to extend invitations for friends to

play at your home or to attend activities and involve your child in social activities outside of school.

Treat the school as your aly.

Share your child's concerns and specific information around bullying incidents with appropriate school personnel.

Encourage your child to seek help and to report bullying incidents to someone s/he feels safe with at the


Encourage your child to continue to talk with you about all bullying incidents.

• Do not ignore your child’s report.

• Do not advise your child to physically fight back. (Bullying lasts longer and becomes more severe when children

fight back. Physical injuries often result.)

• Do not confront the child who bullies.

• Do not confront the family of the child who bullies.

Adapted from “Committee for Children”

Other resources are:,,


Hannah & Paige Croy

& Autumn Sterle

wearing the popular Fall Baller


Watch for new style

coming soon!

Andrew Richards

Edward Kovalanko

Nicole Gilstrap

Tyobe Funk

Bella Little

Aaron Greene

Matthew Chow

Kalel Coleman

Danika Vu

Luc Strubelle

Braden Taylor

Jefferson Jackson

Robert Burns

Grace Varsek

Annika King

Ella Carolus

Autumn Sterle

Ashley Gillespie

James Price

Angela Ivanov

Spencer Twyman

Solvej Lourens

Kylia Caesar

Ariya Briscoe

David Koroteyev

Shian Wen

Eaison Twyman

Elizabeth Gillespie

Jack Damore

Laila Markland

Success Book Roll Call

Below is a list of students who have signed the

Success Book during the first two months of school.

Any Helen Baller staff member can have a student sign

the Success Book for being successful with academics,

behavior or work ethic. Several of the students

signed the Success Book multiple times, but I have

only listed their name once.

Way to go Helen Baller Bears!

We are proud of you!

Ava Lyman

Victoria Lenoir

Devin ?

Milana Tsibulskiy

Lexie Jerry

Bradley Brasher

Sammy Geiger

Jackson Damore

Rachel Real

Nils Brainard

Sydney Fermenick

Elley Lyman

Braden Taylor

Brenna Marlahan

Shile Wen

Emma Bliss

Theresa Clark

Alex Johnson

Timothy Sheard

Ryan Brown

Kara ?

Levi Green

Paige Cody

Regan Farnand

James Sword

Nels Martin

Edison Twyman

Ellee ?

Charles ?

Logan Hansen

Julia Marsh

Abigail Olsen

Tyra Schroeder

Kayleigh Brough

Emma Bliss

Taylor Darling

Allyson Stoller

Kiya Gramps

Sydney Dreyer

Deric Goodwin

Elizabeth Nilles

Kenny Wright

Ella Shannon

Lance Sturk

Alex Johnson

Kira Caesar

Susannah Gillespie

Sarah Maddux

Anna Murphy

Zach Andrade

Zach Singleton

Eoin Ryan

Liam Martin

Lilianna Ford

Austin Ashcraft

Camille Madrigal

Anthony Flores

Luke Lambart


It’s that time of year again. Time for parents to be checking

their child’s head every day for head lice and/or nits. If

you should discover that your child has lice you will need

to take steps to ensure proper treatment. You may refer to

the Camas School District’s web page under Parent Corner/Health

Services for a complete list of factual information

on head lice and proper treatment.

(Or you may request a paper copy from the health room)

We do not routinely check for head lice at school, however

if it is discovered we will notify you, and discuss treatment

options. Strict confidentiality is maintained to the best of

our abilities. We are not at liberty to discuss specific details

related to individual students.

You may also want to discuss some of these proactive

steps for avoiding head lice with your child, they are:

• Avoid sharing personal items such as hats, combs,

brushes, coats, hair accessories, and pillows.

• Consider keeping long hair pulled back in a braid or a

pony tail.

Contact the HB health room with any further questions.

(360)833-5720 ext. 78004

Thank you!

♦ Keep ill children home, and always update the office

with any new contact information.

♦ Please check in all medications to the health room,

(even cough drops) rather than sending to school with

your child. Be sure a medication authorization form is

completed by the health care provider.

See our medication policy on the CSD website for

additional information about this.

Box Tops for Education:


Huge Success!!

We made just over $1,000! Plus the M ost Wanted Books brought in another 20 books for our library book shelves.

And a huge thank you to the Mr. And Mrs. "D" for their AM AZING contribution.

And an interesting thing happened on the way to the library...



The Morris Brothers came to visit us for our first character education

assembly. This dynamic duo may look like nerds but they don't believe they are nerds. In

fact, they believe they are super heros with a mission to entertain and save the world one school

at a time. They are the Never. Ending. Radical. Dudes. or NERDs for short. They taught us that

it is not what you look like on the outside but how you feel about yourself and how you treat others

that matters. We laughed and sang together while learning how to be responsible, respectful,

trustworthy, caring and fair. Some of us even showed some pretty incredible dance moves on the


A good time was had by all.











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Presented by Helen Baller PTA



















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