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Foxy Tales

VOLUME 2011-2012

“See a Difference, Be the Difference, Join the PTA”

News from Our “Top Fox”

Dear Fox Parents and Guardians –

April showers will be a welcomed change to

the crazy snow we experienced this year.

Unfortunately, the showers will also provide

us with a muddy playground for awhile. We

will work to direct students to stay out of

these areas. We know that if students are

wet and muddy, they are not ready to do

their best as a learner. Any support you can

provide at home to reinforce this message,

we (and your home washing machine) will

surely appreciate it.

Grades 3-5 will be gearing up this month for

the state MSP Exams in May. A schedule will

be published in advance so families know

which days will be testing days. We strongly

request that families avoid removing their

student for appointments on these days.

We find that students do not always do as

well on a re-take. Having students present

and on time during testing is critical.

April 26th celebrates “Take Your Child to

Work Day” which is an optional activity for

families. This is a day for students to gain an

understanding of career options in our community.

As part of this day of learning and in

order to excuse the absence, students are

expected to fill out paperwork to register

they will be gone and return some written

reflection comments about what they experience.

Please know that students are still

required to make up any school work that

they miss on this day. Paperwork will be

made available from the main office.

The Dorothy Fox PTA was pleased to host

Superintendent Mike Nerland, school board

member Julie Rotz, and District Direct of

Capital Projects, Heidi Rosenburg to the

PTA meeting in March. This group shared

information about future district plans and


timelines for transition to new boundary

areas when we open our district’s 6 th elementary.

The Camas Schools plans to open

Woodburn Elementary in the fall of 2013

located on the east side of town. At this

time, the district will need to adjust school

attendance areas to distribute students to all

six schools and determine the feeder

schools to each middle school. The school

board has set thoughtful goals for this process

to ensure that each building will have the

capacity to hold projected growth of students

and so that each school has socioeconomic

balance. Families within the

Dorothy Fox school walk zone are assured

to remain at Fox, while families outside of

that could be involved in these changes. No

decisions have been made yet. The school

board welcomes public input in this process.

Fox families are encouraged to view the

Powerpoint presentation given at the PTA

meeting in March from the district website

under “Parent Corner.” All Camas Community

members are invited to give input at

several “Listening Post” events in April.

We are lucky to have so many Fox parents

who want to dig in and do what they can

from all angles to help educate our students.

I want to take a moment to thank the many

classroom volunteers and PTA supporters

that work to make Dorothy Fox a better

place. Our kids benefit from the time and

commitment of so many adults and we could

not provide our current level of excellence

in such a caring environment without you.

As always, I am honored to serve as your


Cathy Sork, Principal

P A G E 2

Gym news


Mr. Dunn

During the month of April,

students will be working on

racket sports activities,

which include wall racket

ball, pickle ball, and badminton.

All grade levels will

continue participating and

learning about fitness as well.

Book Fair

The Book Fair was a huge

success this year! We had

our best year ever, surpassing

even last year's amazing

results! The funds raised will

go toward providing new

books for all the classrooms

and the library at Dorothy

Fox. We want to thank all

our wonderful volunteers

and let them know we appreciate

the time and energy

they put into this event!

News from the Library

We have been accomplishing many things in the library. The

following is what each grade level has been working on:

Kindergarten—Nursery rhymes and reading a variety of


1 st and 2 nd grade—Reading a variety of stories and discussing

the main idea of the story.

3 rd grade—Working on the state CBA (Classroom Based Assessment)

project. Students research and study the similarities and differences between

Canada and Mexico. They are making a flip book with a Venn diagram


4 th grade—Working on the state CBA project which teaches students

how to use primary and secondary sources of information. The topic

they are researching, using these sources is the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

5 th grade—Working on the state CBA project which teaches students

about civic responsibilities. They are encouraged to write an essay for or

against the question, “Is recess really necessary?”

As you can see, we are very busy in the library. In addition, we still do book

check out each day, so your child has plenty of reading material.

Thank you for your continued support of the library program.

Get Fox onTrack! Purchase Scrip!

As you may have heard, the PTA Board has voted to discontinue scrip at the

end of this school year and use the funds generated by scrip over the last

few years to fund the track. First off, I’d like to thank the families who have

supported this program throughout the years and the volunteers who help it

to run smoothly. It’s been a great fundraiser, but it looks like it’s time to try

something different.

But, we’re not done yet! Any funds raised by the scrip program this school

year will continue to raise money for the PTA so let’s wrap up the year in

style! We will continue our regular orders every month through May but

will probably be stocking fewer cards on hand as the school year winds

down. However, we’d like to invite you to make use of our monthly order

dates and order to your heart’s content! Fred Meyer gift cards earn the

PTA 5% and are good at QFC and Fred Meyer gas stations as well! The

school gets paid while you shop! The order dates through the end of the

year are April 9 and April 30 and June 4. Order forms are available on the

PTA’s website.

F O X Y T A L E S — I S S U E 6 • A P R I L

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Culverwell


V O L U M E 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

A Note from the PTA

March was a month full of festivities!

Our annual “March Into Literacy” program

launched the month off with daily

and weekly programs specifically designed

to help instill a love of reading in

each student. The theme this year was

“Get Carried Away with Reading” and

the halls were decorated with balloons

and posters illustrating the fun of reading.

A special thanks to those who

helped with this month-long program

including the daily Student Book Reviewers,

weekly Book Nook, Book Exchange,

weekly Guest Mystery Readers and

Classroom Décor


Many thanks to

Stephanie Kullberg

- program

chair, the outstanding


Staff, and the

many volunteers

who donated

their time and


March ended

with a Scholastic

Book Fair that

again, surpassed all expectations. Thank

you to Heather Stupfel and Kelly Safranski

for their tireless efforts. So many

behind the scene man hours are lovingly

donated on behalf of the Book Fair and

we appreciate the preparation and execution

of this incredible event.

Fox Students continued to amaze the

masses with their many talents…and

Science Night, March 28 th , was no exception.

The projects and experiments students

created this year were innovative

and thought provoking…truly showcasing

their scientific minds! The number of

students who participated was a testament

to supportive parents and teach-

ers. Many thanks

to the Science

Night judges for

their encouraging feedback on all science

entries and to those involved in creating

a seamless event.

Another highlight of Science Night was

the presentation of the students clay

tiles created during their time with Artist

in Residence, Diane Jacobs. The tiles

were beautiful and the students were so

excited to find their piece of art and take

it home with them. Thank you to Diane

Jacobs and Angela

LeBlanc for the

hours and hours

of time spent cutting,

glazing and

firing tiles in addition

to organizing

help to guide students.

Thank you

to all parent volunteers


spent their extra

time helping make

this two month

program an artistic


Last month was busy and full of events.

This month, started off just right with a

nice week long Spring Break to recharge

and revive. We hope you have a restful,

fun week. Now that we are back to

school, we can look forward to ‘Make a

Difference’ Week April 16 th – 20 th .

More information on this program will

be sent out in Friday Folders and the

email Newsflash.

Jill Gardner

PTA Secretary

P A G E 3


529 Prepaid



Learn the facts about

Washington’s 529 Prepaid

Tuition Program – The

Guaranteed Education Tuition

(GET ) Program.

Bring your questions for a

time of information, discussion,

and Q&A. This

session will also include

resources for making college

savings fit into your

budget with GET and

other options! This program

is being sponsored

by the Guaranteed Education

Tuition (GET) Program.

Date: Thursday, April

26 & Tuesday, May 8

Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Place: Zellerbach


Center, Conference

Room F

P A G E 4

Make a




April 16-20th! Our theme

is "Everything Grows!"

Trees and flowers and gardens

grow! We will be

planting seeds to grow our

own gardens. Please save

any shoe boxes and paper

egg cartons you have and

bring them to put in our

collection box by the front


And Your body grows and

gets taller too! If your

clothes are getting

too small or too short, its

time to donate! Use this

spring break as a time to

clean out your closet. We

will be collecting clothing

items during the week of

April 16th through the

20th to donate to local

needs. Together we can

make a difference!

If you would like to help,

please contact Lara Harker


News from the Health Room

F O X Y T A L E S — I S S U E 6 • A P R I L

Flu Season Late but Finally Arrives –

Activity on the Rise in Washington

It’s not too late to vaccinate!

Flu season has been slow to arrive in our state, but

influenza is now increasing in most Washington communities.

It’s often hard to predict the timing and

severity of each flu season, and this season is no exception

— arriving later than usual. While flu most

commonly peaks in February, we have not yet reached peak flu activity this season

in Washington.

“Flu is a serious disease that puts many people in the hospital and claims a lot of

lives each year in our country,” says Secretary of Health Mary Selecky. Fortunately,

we have a vaccine that offers the best protection against flu. We can all do

our part to protect our communities.”

Everyone, six months and older should get a flu shot each year. Some children under

age nine may need two doses about four weeks apart to be fully protected.

The flu is different from a cold. It often causes fever, cough, sore throat, muscle

aches, headaches, and fatigue. Most healthy adults can spread the flu before they

know they’re sick and for up to seven days after. Children can spread it for even

longer. To avoid spreading the flu, people should wash their hands, cover their

cough, and stay home if they’re sick.

If you’re sick with flu, antiviral medications can lessen symptoms and help prevent

serious complications. They work best when started quickly. People at high risk

for complications who develop flu-like symptoms should contact their doctor

promptly to see if they need medication. Those at high risk include people with

certain medical conditions, pregnant women and women who recently gave birth,

young children, and people 65 years and older.

Flu season is gaining momentum at a time when whooping cough is already very

active in many communities in our state. Anyone can get whooping cough but it is

most serious for infants. All teens and adults should get a whooping cough

booster, called Tdap vaccine, to help stop the spread of this disease and protect


To find an immunization clinic, call your healthcare

provider, visit a local pharmacy, use the Department

of Health Flu News website at http:// or call the

Family Health Hotline at 1-800-322-2588. The Flu

Vaccine Finder at


is also a good resource.

V O L U M E 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

When:April 13-27

Cookie dough orders will

be delivered in mid-May.

What a yummy way to

earn money for Dorothy

Fox! More info will be

coming your way soon...

Community Education and Activities

Check out these community websites to find great activities and events coming up:

Camas Community Education

City of Camas Parks & Recreation


Camas Library

Fox is on the Look Out forYour Talent!

The PTA is busily getting ready for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year and is

need of your talents! Several Board positions are available and we are calling all

those who want to make a difference!

Each year the PTA helps to develop amazing programs and events, fund school

projects, and increase Fox Community Spirit. Each of us has experienced the PTA

in action if you have attended Back to School Night, Carnival, Fox Dance, Artist in

Residence, Book Fair and other programs designed for students needs and development

throughout the school year. These programs and events would not be

possible if it weren't for parent volunteers like you. Please help us continue to

make Fox an outstanding educational environment for our children ... step up and

say yes!

If you are interested, or know of someone who would make a great PTA Board

Member (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Fundraising

Chair, Volunteer Coordinator) please let us know. Contact Cindy Graham

at2cynthiagraham@gmail.comand 360-834-9475. All experience levels welcome...just

come, learn and make a difference!

P A G E 5


Through Chess

Grades: K-5

Students will develop

critical thinking and creative

thinking skills while having

fun learning the game of

chess! Comprehensive

curriculum developed by

two-time national chess

champion, Andrew

Svehaug. This curriculum

includes advanced tactics

and strategies to master

the game of chess. The

instructors are role models

who are passionate about

helping children succeed!

Sign up today!






3:40—4:40 PM


Contact Camas

Community Education

at (360)833-5544

or go to

“Helpful Links” for

more details

P A G E 6

Music with Mr.


The Fox Pack Swingin’

Ukes performed on Thursday

night, March 29 th at the

Camas High School auditorium

to a great crowd of

parents and teachers, and

community members. They

also had a chance to share

the stage with and enjoy

the wonderful music of the

Prune Hill choir and the

Helen Baller Musiking

groups. The FPSU played

jazz tunes by Thelonius

Monk and Lois Jordan, and

also offered up their own

rendition of “Tiptoe

Through the Tulips” to

keep things soundly ukulele!

It was a great show,

and my thanks go out to all

the folks that helped make

it such a success.

Coming up for Dorothy

Fox music: Many have been

asking, and I’m going to

officially commit to it now.

. .The Talent Show is

back! Start getting your

act together (so to speak)

and be ready for the show

which will be sometime in

mid/late May. Stay tuned

for more details!

Mr. Hunley

Dorothy Fox

Music Specialist

News from Our lunchroom



Cucumbers are a member of the gourd

family. There are two primary varieties,

the slicers and the picklers. The slicers

are for fresh use like in salads or in vegetable

trays, while the picklers are typically

used to make pickles! When picking

out the perfect cucumber, look for one

that that is firm and is a dark shade of

green. Once refrigerated, cucumbers

only typically last for about one week.

Nutrition notes

Cucumbers and their juice have been

recommended since ancient times for

the improvement of skin complexion.

The juice from the cucumbers can also

provide relief from heartburn, arthritis

and can promote hair growth. They are a

good source of Vitamin C, and can help

increase the level of water, fiber and potassium.

DidYou Know?

• Cucumbers age faster when stored

with tomatoes, melons or apples and

at temperatures over 50 degrees.

• Medium sized cucumbers with soft

small seeds tend to have a better flavor.

• The older Cucumbers get, the bitterer

their seeds become.

• Florida produces the most

cucumbers in the United States.

By The Numbers

20—The number of degrees cooler the

inner temperature of a CUCUMBER

can be than the outside air.

95%—The percentage of water that

makes up a cucumber.

F O X Y T A L E S — I S S U E 6 • A P R I L

Let’s Get Cooking

Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

(SERVES 31 - 4 oz)


• 1 pint plain, nonfat yogurt

• 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

• 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

• 2 tablespoons fresh basil, chopped

• 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped

• 1 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

• 6 large red tomatoes, diced

• 5 medium peeled cucumbers, sliced

• 1 large red onion, sliced


1. Combine yogurt, pepper, salt, basil,

parsley and mint for dressing. Mix

until well-blended.

2. Combine tomato, cucumber, onion

and dressing. Toss gently to evenly coat.

3. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

It’s All History

The cucumber is thought to be a native

of India and is believed to have been cultivated

in western Asia for over 3,000

years. Since the nineteenth century, cucumbers

have been used in the production

of certain cosmetics, including fragrances,

body lotions, shampoos and

soaps. Today, the U.S. cucumber industry

has spread to over 50 states, bringing in

around $361 million each year.

For The Record




Who: Walt Disney World Company

Where: United States

When: July 5, 2006

Details: The most cucumbers harvested

from a single plant in one year weighed

943 kg (2,078 lbs). The cucumber plant

is at the Epcot Science project at Walt

Disney World Resort in Lake Buena

Vista, Florida. The harvest started on

March 24, 2006 and ended on July 5,


V O L U M E 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Community News

Have out-of-date or

unused medications?

Take them to Clark College’s Purple

Parking Lot #1 (by the soccer

field), 1900 Fort Vancouver Way,

Vancouver, on Saturday,April 28,

2012, between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00

P.M.We will safely dispose of them.

If you have medication no longer needed,

you can dispose of it safely on Saturday,

April 28, just as many people did during

highly successful collection drives in 2011.

During last year’s events, more than 380 people brought in almost 700 pounds

of unwanted medications for disposal by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. In

addition, more than 200 pounds of paper, cardboard, glass and plastic containers

were collected and recycled.

This year an event has been scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 28,

at Clark College’s Purple Parking Lot #1 (by the soccer field), 1900 Fort Vancouver

Way. The event is sponsored by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration,

the Clark County Sheriff's Office and the Clark County Department of

Environmental Services, in partnership with PREVENT! The Substance Abuse

Prevention Coalition of Clark County and Clark College.

The 2008 Washington State Healthy Youth Survey found that one in 10 high

school seniors admitted to misusing prescription drugs in the previous 30 days.

Prescription drugs no longer needed and left in homes increase the risk of dangerous

and inappropriate uses.

Proper drug disposal also is an environmental issue. Unused medications should

not be flushed down the toilet or dumped down the drain.

Unwanted medications also can be disposed of at several collection sites across

Clark County. Controlled substances, such as pain killers and tranquilizers, can

be taken to participating law enforcement agencies. Non-controlled substances,

such as over-the-counter medications, can be taken to local participating pharmacies.

All unwanted medications (controlled and non-controlled) will be accepted

at the April 28 collection event.

For more information on both types of disposal, visit “Medications” at

For more information about disposal or recycling options, call Clark County

Environmental Services at (360) 397-2121 ext. 4352.

P A G E 7


Review Proposal


The Citizens Advisory

Committee will present

boundary review proposals

for public input. After a

brief presentation outlining

the proposed boundary

changes, School Board

members and Committee

members will be seated at

table groups in order to

listen to comments and

suggestions. Comment

cards will also be available.

Verbal and written comments

will be collected and

reviewed by the Camas

School Board and the


Tuesday, April 24th @

Grass Valley

Elementary School

3000 NW Grass Valley


5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Thursday, April 26th @

Hayes Freedom

High School

1919 NE Ione Street

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

We have so many people to thank this month for all their

hard work in March.

First we had the wonderful Artist in Residence program featuring

this year’s Artist in Residence, Diane Jacobs. The tile

artwork that the students produced was so beautiful! This

work entailed a lot of volunteers and a lot of hours, so thank

you to Diane Jacobs, Angela LeBlanc, our committee chair,

and the countless volunteers that helped bring this wonderful program.

We had the Book Fair and although we have a little thank you from our committee chairs to all the wonderful

volunteers, we also want to thank the committee chairs, Heather Stupfel and Kelly Safranski. The Book Fair was

so successful this year and we know that it would not have happened without our chairs and all the help rendered.

The Science Fair was equally successful, we want to thank the students for all their effort and dedication. Thank

you to all the volunteers, the wonderful science fair judges, and our Fox staff and teachers for your outstanding

support and contribution.

Our March Into Literacy was another event we had in March. This wonderful month-long celebration entails so

many different activities so that it caters to everyone of our students’ diverse interests. We had the Wednesday

Book Nook, the joint effort with the Foxy Reader, the classroom Mystery Readers, and so many other wonderful

activities that our students got to enjoy. There was definitely Reading Excitement in the air. Thank you to our

Committee Chair, Stephanie Kullberg and all the volunteers involved with March Into Literacy Events. Great Job!

In the spirit of thanksgiving, we also want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the Fox Parents and Guardians.

There is definitely a respect and school spirit that abides here at Fox. From the way our volunteers unceasingly

give of their time and resources to the way our parking lot drop off and pick up operates, without cutting in front

of others and just general respect for each other. People notice the little things and it’s those little things that

makes Fox Rock! Let’s keep it up!

Dorothy Fox PTA

Upcoming Events

Apr 2—6…………...………………………………………………………Spring Break, NO SCHOOL

Apr 9….………..……...……………………………………………..……March Foxy Readers are Due

Apr 9….……………………………………………………...……...….……Plant Sale Orders Deadline

Apr 10…………..…….Chinese Acrobat Assembly @ 9:30am—10:15am for AM K, 1st & 5th Grades

Apr 10………..……..Chinese Acrobat Assembly @ 10:35am—11:20 am for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades

April 11………………………………………………………...…….SpiritGear Spring Order Deadline

Apr 13.….…..……….……………………………………………….…...…Spirit Day—Wear Red Day

April 13—27………………….……………………...…………...Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Sale

Apr 16-20…………………………………………………………...…………Make a Difference Week

Apr 17………………………………………...…...……...PTA General Meeting @ 6pm in Fox Library

April 25……………………………………………………………....……………...April Birthday Table

April 27…...………………………………………………………….............Spirit Day—Go Green Day

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