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News from Our “Top Fox”

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light

and color are their last days.” ~John Burroughs

Fall seems to have arrived so quickly. Life at

Dorothy Fox is in full swing with student

learning at the focus of all that we do. We are

thankful for the many volunteers that come to

our school each week to support students and

teachers. Our school is a better place due to

the partnerships we have with families, caregivers,

and friends who give time to support

our learning community.

Fall conferences have begun and it is our expectation

that each teacher will meet with

each and every family before winter break. My

hope is that parents and caregivers can build

positive relationships with your child’s teacher

and come away with ideas for how you can

increase your involvement in your student’s

education and improve communication between

home and school throughout the year.

School Improvement Planning –

Reading by third grade matters

Dorothy Fox is working to set goals for how

to improve our practice of teaching and learning.

One area that we are required to focus on

is how to improve reading with students who

are in Special Education and/or come from a

family who qualifies for free and reduced

lunch. This is because this was an area where

we failed to meet Adequate Yearly Progress

on last year’s MSP test scores.

Some of our strategies will be to increase resources

and time spent on reading at the primary

levels. This is in response to research

that says if students are not reading by the end

of third grade, then they are much less likely

to be successful in future grades and graduate

on time. At grades 1 and 2, students who

struggle in reading will be getting double and

even triple doses in reading four days a week.

While this means that they may not get as

much time in science and social students, we

believe that learning to read at these grade

levels is the highest priority for a student’s


Helping all families to understand the special

programs that we provide to students is also a

goal for the year. More information will come

to families this year about the support that we

have available to help students with a variety

of needs in our school.

What about field trips this year?

Due to cuts that have occurred from the state,

the Camas School District is no longer able to

subsidize the cost of busing in the district. The

cost per mile has risen from $0.52 to $1.40

per mile. Additionally, the Fox PTA has determined

that they can not only afford to pay

these higher prices, but that the legal liability is

too great for the PTA organization to continue

to cover the costs of field trip transportation.

This is the first time that Dorothy Fox has

been in the position to ask parents to cover

the full cost of the busing and it challenges

what families can afford. It is not decided that

all field trips are canceled, but each grade level

team is looking to find ways for field trips to

be affordable. Grade levels may change what

has been done in the past by bringing in more

grade level assemblies or addressing learning

themes in different ways. We appreciate the

flexibility of our patrons as we work to adjust

to decreasing state resources.

It is getting cold, wet, and windy outside. We

know that students are adding layer of clothes

for fall weather, yet they tend to shed these

layers as the day progresses. As a result, our

Fox Lost & Found is beginning to grow exponentially!

Please encourage students to check

the new hallway between the gym and the

cafeteria. This is the home of the new lost and

found for items that can be claimed. Anything

left in this area at winter break will get donated

to charity.

Thank you for your support of Dorothy Fox!

You make Fox Rock!

Cathy Sork, Principal

P A G E 2

Wishing Tree

Dorothy Fox is sponsoring

our Annual Wishing

Tree. This program helps

Dorothy Fox families that

need a little support this

Christmas. Beginning on

Thursday, December 1st,

we will be hanging tags on

a tree by the front office.

Each tag represents either

a need or a wish of a

child. If you would like to

help, take a tag and purchase

the requested item.

Please return all items gift

wrapped with the tag

firmly attached by noon

on Wednesday,

December 14th.

News From

the Library

It’s Here! The first ever

Dorothy Fox Library

Book Club. Now reading:

The 39 Clues Series. The

book club will be held on

Wednesdays from 12:00-

1:00pm for students in

grades 3-5. This is a voluntary

club where we will

meet to read the first

book, discuss it and take

turns sharing interpretations

of various text in

the book. It should be

really exciting!

Spread the word! Book

Club is here!

Mrs. Culverwell

Scrip Is On Sale Now

Fall in love with Scrip! Scrip are gift cards from your favorite stores that spend the

same as cash. It’s perfect for your regular shopping or as a gift. With the holidays

approaching, ordering scrip will save you time and make things just that much easier.

It’s a great way to stick to your budget and support our school!

In November we’ll do a special mid-month order on Monday, November 14th so you

can get a jump on the holidays. Look for additional order dates and a special scrip

shopping day in early December as well.

You can purchase Scrip Monday and Friday from 8:45-9:00 am and Fridays

from 3:15-3:30 pm in the main hallway of the school. Cards available include Fred

Meyer, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Shell and MORE! Questions, contact Angela

Fadlovich at or 360-844-6212. Make scrip a habit!

Vision Screening

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school nurses will be completing vision screenings for students in

grades K, 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 5 th , and 7 th in our district. Vision screening referral forms will be

sent to those parents/guardians whose student did not pass the screening. We do not

send letters home that your student passed. The health assistants do record all vision

screening results in our computer system.

The Washington Administrative Code requires personnel conducting vision screening to

utilize a Snellen test chart for screening for distance vision acuity. The school nurses do

not screen for close vision acuity, nor do they use medical equipment to look in the eye.

This screening is therefore not a substitute for a comprehensive vision exam.

CSD Health Services believes that good vision is the first step to your child’s academic

success. We also know that children who see well are better prepared to learn. Early

detection for vision problems is the key to a successful outcome.

If you receive a Vision Screening Referral Form and need additional assistance, please

contact your student’s building school nurse. If you have additional questions about the

general vision screening conducted at your child’s school, please contact your student’s

building school nurse.

Finally, if you have specific concerns about your student’s eyes/vision, please contact

your student’s licensed health care provider.

Thank you,

CSD Student Health Services

F O X Y T A L E S — I S S U E 2 • N O V E M B E R

V O L U M E 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

News from the PTA

Fall is in full swing here at

Dorothy Fox, leaves are

changing color & the mornings

are definitely getting a

little chilly! October

seemed to just fly by, perhaps

because there is so

much going on with our

kids & busy schedules. We

had some exciting events

this month at school.

I wanted to give a big thank

you to all of the parents

that were able to join their

kiddos for "Take Your Parent

To Lunch Day". What a

great turn-out we had & it

makes our kids feel so special

to have their family

member there.

Our first "Dinners Night

Out" at Menchies was a

great success! So many of

our Fox families participated

& enjoyed yogurt all

weekend long. Thank you

to Marnie Sugimoto for

organizing this fun event

for us.

The Catalog sales were a

big hit, with so many great

gifts to choose from. Hard

to believe the holidays are

right around the corner! A

big thanks to Kim Schluter

& Jen Ferrar for all their

hard work chairing this


The PTA is still looking for

a Volunteer Coordinator.

This is a great way to get

involved with the school.

Reflections Program

“Looking for

an opportunity

to be part of

Dorothy Fox Please let

our PTA



Britany Speas or myself

know if you are interested

or have questions. As a

first timer on the board

myself, I can tell you how

truly rewarding it is to be

apart of something that

directly affects our children.

Hope to see you at our

next General Meeting held

the 2nd Tuesday of every

month at 6pm. In the

school library. Childcare is

always provided.

Kelly Ohnstad

PTA Co-Vice President

Encourage your student to participate in this year’s

Reflections Program. It is a chance for them to

express themselves and receive recognition for their

artistic efforts. The theme is “Diversity Means…” and entries are due November 22.

The following are the categories:

Visual arts: must be flat (max. 3/8”) and mounted on heavy paper or sturdy mat,

maximum dimensions 24” x 30”

Photography: must be mounted but not framed, maximum 11” x 14”

Literature: fiction, non-fiction, poetry; limit 2,000 words

Musical Composition: submit two CD recordings of the composition, limit 5


Dance/Choreography: submit two CD recordings of performance, limit 5 minutes

Entry forms are available on the PTA bulletin board or online at our PTA website at If you have any questions

please contact Melissa Berner at

P A G E 3

Second Step


This last Spring our

awesome PTA purchased

the newest

version of the Second

Step Curriculum. This

is taught by our

school counselor in

grades K,1,2. The first

section is all about

Skills for Learning,

and is new to this

curriculum. Every K-

2 nd grade student

should know about

Focusing Attention,

Listening, Using Self

Talk to Ignore distractions

and Being Assertive

to get help

when they need it.

Mixed with music,

pictures, acting, and

games that practice

these skills, this curriculum

has been a

hit! Thanks PTA for

purchasing this curriculum.

If you, as a

parent, would like to

know more about the

Second Step Curriculum,

you can e-mail

Chris Baxter, our

school counselor at


P A G E 4

Save the Date!

9 th Annual

Dorothy Fox Dance

It’s an “80’s


Dance Party!

Friday, February 10 th

from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Dancing, DJ Games, Pizza,

Pictures, and more!

So dust off Mom’s leg

warmers, grab a pair of

Dad’s acid wash jeans, dig

out those hair scrunches,

Ray-Bans , bolo ties, shoulder

pads, and tease up

your hair.

It’s a totally Tubular

80's Party, be there or

be square!


From the Gym

During the month of November,

all students will be

participating in our annual

fitness testing. Toward the

end of the month we will

be transitioning into volleyball

skills, drills, and games

that will take us up to

Christmas break.

Note: please remind your

student(s) to wear appropriate

shoes on gym days.


Troy Dunn

Fox PE

Dorothy Fox Health Room News

We have health rooms staffed primarily by health assistants to be

used for emergencies/urgent situations. We do recognize that

children may become ill while at school; in that case, you would

be notified to pick up your child. (See “Guidelines for Keeping Ill

Children Home from School”). If changes occur in emergency

contact information, please notify your child’s school.

Head Lice: School is in full session and it is time for parents to

start checking their child’s head every day for head lice and/or

nits. If you discover that your child has lice you will need to take

steps to ensure proper treatment. You may refer to the Camas

School District’s web page under Parent Corner/Health Services

or contact the health room for a complete list of factual information on head lice and

proper treatment, as well as our head lice policy. We do not routinely check for head lice

at school. It may be helpful to discuss some proactive steps for avoiding head lice with

your child at home, they are:

Avoid sharing personal items such as hats, combs, brushes, coats, hair accessories,

and pillows.

Consider keeping long hair pulled back in a braid or a pony tail.

Ill Children: Keep sick children at home 24 hours fever free without the use of medications

(with a fever of 100° or above), 48 hours symptom free with vomiting or diarrhea.

Please make sure and update the office with any new contact information or health conditions

or concerns.

Medications: Adults must check-in all medications to the health room, please do not

send medications (even over the counter medications such as cough drops or Tylenol) to

school with your child. All medications, including over the counter medications

such as cough drops or Tylenol, require a medication authorization form completed

by your child’s health care provider to be on file in the health room.

* refer to the medication policy on the CSD website for additional information about this*

Immunizations: “Washington State Revised Code of Washington (RCW 28A.210.080-

090) states that before or on the first day of every child’s attendance at any public and

private school or licensed child care center in Washington State [includes Preschool], the

parent or guardian must present proof of either: (1) full immunization, (2) the initiation of

and compliance with a schedule of immunization, as required by rules of the State Board

of health, or (3) a certificate of exemption, signed by a parent or guardian and a licensed

health care provider. A letter may substitute for a signed ‘Provider Statement’ on this certificate.

To be accepted, the letter must reference the child’s name on this certificate,

confirm that the child’s parent or guardian got information on the risks and benefits of

immunization to their child, and be signed by a licensed health care provider”. Please contact

your student’s school and speak to the school nurse or health assistant for additional

information. You may also refer to the Washington State Department of Health for Schools

and Parents Vaccine Requirements and Changes to School and Child Care Immunization Exemptions

Contact Teresa Gano in the health room with any additional questions or concerns at

360-833-5700 ext. 78986.

F O X Y T A L E S — I S S U E 2 • N O V E M B E R

V O L U M E 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Got Fox Spirit?

Now is your chance to order SpiritGear in time for the Holiday gift giving. We will be

displaying samples of our SpiritGear in the Fox Lounge on the following dates:

November PTA Meeting – Tuesday, November 8 th 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Fox Lounge - Thursday, November 10 th from 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Fox Lounge - Monday, November 14 th from 8:30 am – 9:30 am

Fox Lounge - Wednesday, November 16 th 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

We are offering a wide array of apparel items such as long & short sleeved as well as

tie dye tees, pullover and zippered hoodies, embroidered fleece vests, knit beanies,

sweatpants and more! There are several personalization options, which really Rocks!

We also have totes, combo bags, BPA free stainless steel water bottles, window decals,

Hope ® reusable sandwich bags and mini T-shirts for 10”-15” Stuffed Animal

Friends and American Girl Dolls!

In order to receive your items before winter vacation, orders must be received by

November 18 th . To order, download the SpiritGear Order Form under the

‘SpiritGear’ tab on the website. Order forms are also available

outside the school office in the PTA shelves. Return all orders to the PTA office.

Please note that any orders received after November 18 th will not be delivered before

the winter vacation.


November is Sweet

Potatoes Month!

Did You Know?

North Carolina is the

leader in sweet potato

production, supplying the

U.S. with 40% of their

sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes grown in

Louisiana are commonly

referred to as “yams.”

Yams can grow up to 100


It’s All History

Sweet potatoes were

grown in Peru as early as

750 BC. The sweet potato

was an essential food for all

the colonies, for it helped

fight hunger for many of

our ancestors. During the

News from Our Lunchroom: Experience the

Magical Goodness of Sweet Potatoes

trying times of the

Revolutionary and Civil

Wars, it was a staple food.

It was given to children for

combating childhood

nutrition diseases.

By The Numbers

2—The number of varieties

of sweet potatoes; the pale

yellow with a dry flesh and

the dark orange with a

moist flesh.

118—The number of

products George

Washington Carver is said

to have created from sweet


Nutrition Notes

Sweet Potatoes are among

the most nutritious foods

in the vegetable kingdom,

offering a variety of healthy

essentials such as Vitamins

A and C, fiber, potassium,

copper and manganese.

Let’s Get Cooking

Oven Sweet Potato Fries


1 large sweet potato,

peeled and cut into wedges

2 teaspoons canola oil

1/4 teaspoon salt

Pinch of cayenne pepper

Preparation: Preheat oven

to 450°F. Toss sweet

potato wedges with oil, salt

and pepper. Spread the

wedges out on a rimmed

baking sheet. Bake until

browned and tender,

turning once, (about 20


P A G E 5

Safe on

My Own Class

Monday, November 7 th

4:30 PM—6:30 PM

Zellerbach Admin Ctr,

Conference Room “F”

$35.00 per student

Ages: 8-11

Busing is available to Zellerbach

from all Camas elementary

schools. This class is

offered by Camas Community

Education. For more

information call

(360) 833-5544 or go to

This class teaches students

safety and basic first aid

while children are home

alone. Bring a snack to class.

Dorothy Fox PTA

Skate Night

Saturday, December 3rd

5:15 PM—7:15 PM

Golden Skate

4915 E. Fourth Plain Blvd

Vancouver, WA

$5.00 per person (includes 4

wheel skate rental). Have

fun and benefit our

School! Dorothy Fox PTA

receives $1 for each admission!

Hope to run into to you

all on December 3rd. Questions?

Contact Marnie Sugimoto

(360) 817-5882 or


Music News

The Dorothy Fox Music program is

hard at work preparing for two very

important shows. First, our fourth

grade students are preparing to sing

and perform in the Veteran’s day

assembly that will take place on

Thursday, November 10 th . Two assemblies

are scheduled for 9:45am

and 10:50am, and will include hon-

orary veterans, speakers, and other

special guests. Parents, families and

friends are welcome to share in our

first event on the new stage!

The second performance will be at

the school board meeting scheduled

for Monday, November 14 th at the

JDZ administration building. The

“Fox Pack Swingin’ Ukes” will be

performing an old swing classic from

Louis Jordan: “There Ain’t Nobody

Here But Us Chickens” to show off

their great jazz vocals and the brand

new ukuleles we have here at Fox!

Also, please stop by and visit the

Dorothy Fox Music blog at http://

dustinhunley/ for the latest

news. There are many different

links, videos and resources

(especially on the ukulele page!) to

keep you busy with music if you

can’t get enough here at

school. Post a comment and say


Thanks, and have a happy November.


Dustin Hunley,

Dorothy Fox Music Specialist

November Upcoming Events

Nov 3………...………………....…..Picture Day Retakes

Nov 4………......…………….…..Spirit Day—Wear Red

Nov 5-6……………….Baja Fresh Dine Out Fundraiser

Nov 8……….................…………PTA General Meeting

Nov 10……….................Red, White & Blue Spirit Day

Nov 10………......…………….Veteran’s Day Assembly

Nov 11………………......NO SCHOOL, Veteran’s Day

Nov 14………………Stuff the Bus District Food Drive

Nov 18………………..………..Spirit Day—Pajama Day

Nov 22………….…………Reflections Entries Deadline

Nov 23-25………..NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break

Nov 28…………….…...........PTA Wishing Tree Begins

Nov 30……….....…………………………Birthday Table

Dec 2………..……….………..…Spirit Day—Wear Red

Dec 3…….....……...PTA Skate Night @ Golden Skate

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