DM-4800 OWNER'S MANUAL - - Tascam

DM-4800 OWNER'S MANUAL - - Tascam

2 – Basic operational concepts : Encoder mappings

Reading the encoder indicators

The encoder indicators change their pattern, depending

on the parameter currently being controlled by

the encoders.

Hard left A little less hard


Note how the slight pan away from center half-lights

the indicator at the end of the circle. This helps to

indicate the fact that the pan position is not centered,

even when the line of sight to the center indicator is

blocked by the encoder knob.

EQ settings When the encoders control the 4band

EQ for the module selected with the SEL key,

each of the four bands may have its gain, frequency

No cut or boost Slight boost (note

lower indicator is

now off)

The F encoders of each band in EQ mode show the

frequency of the band in the following way:

Lowest frequency Middle of the


24 TASCAM DM-4800 User’s Manual

Figure 2.14: Encoders in pan mode

Figure 2.15: Encoders in EQ gain mode

Pan settings When the encoders control the panning

of the channels/busses associated with the fader

(not in surround modes), the indicator patterns are as

shown here.

Centered A little to the


and Q controlled by the encoders as shown by the

labels under the encoders.

The first encoder in each band is used to control the

gain, the indicators are used as below. “Half-steps”

are indicated by dimmed indicators. Note also the

slight boost and cut settings, which give an indication,

even when the center is hidden by the control


A little more boost

(three indicators

now lit and

one half-lit)

A little higher

than middle

Figure 2.16: Encoders in EQ frequency selection mode

Full cut

A little higher


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