DM-4800 OWNER'S MANUAL - - Tascam

DM-4800 OWNER'S MANUAL - - Tascam

2 – Basic operational concepts : UTILITY copying

UTILITY copying

This screen allows various parameters to be copied

within and between channel modules.

It also allows the protection of various parameters to

stop them being overwritten when they are copied

and pasted between channels.

Copying within a module

The top half of the screen is used to control these

functions, which allow the pan/balance settings and

levels to be copied between aux busses and busses

(including the stereo buss). This may be useful when

setting up a studio monitor mix, for example, and the

levels and pans of the aux sends used for the monitor

mix should initially be set to the same as the channels.

1 Check either of the two checkboxes (PAN/BAL

and/or LEVEL) to select the settings to be copied.

2 In either of the two boxes associated with

these checkboxes, the top row copies settings

from the aux to buss, and the second row copies

them from buss to aux.

Naturally, it is not possible to select both in the

same box, though it is possible to select CH ->

AUX in one box and AUX -> CH in the other.

3 Select the source and the destination parameters

as explained here.

30 TASCAM DM-4800 User’s Manual

Press the UTILITY key (ALT + 9) to access this


Figure 2.25: UTILITY copy screen.


You can also use the PARAMETER EDIT SCREEN

key (above the COPY and PASTE keys) to bring up

this screen.

• For pan/balance copying, linked pairs of aux

sends and busses are available, or an ALL selection

is also available. Note that individual aux

and busses are not available.

• The STEREO buss is available as a destination.

• The aux sends are selectable individually or as

linked pairs as sources or destinations for level


• Channels are divided into blocks of eight: 1-8,

9-16, 17-24, 25-32 33-40, 41-48, 49-56, 57-64 and ALL.

Individual channels cannot be selected. This

applies to both pan/balance and level copying.

4 Move the cursor to the on-screen COPY button

and press ENTER. A confirmation popup message


5 Press ENTER again to confirm the copy, or a

cursor key to cancel.

If neither of the checkboxes is checked when you

press the COPY button, an error message is displayed.

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