May 17 - The Bowling News

May 17 - The Bowling News

Our 56th Year

VOL. 56, NO. 19 MAY 17, 2012


NABI at AMF Lewisville

Leville Tate overcomes high scoring

to take home the NABI title at AMF

Lewsiville May 5-6. . Page 6

Scholarship donated to

Shocker Bowling

Shocker bowling alumnae Anita

Manns is giving back to the

Shocker Bowling program. Page 8

VIP program sells out in

inaugural year Page 9

Team USA’s Smith,

Johnson at PABCON

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Championships Weekly

Glance Page 14


Off the Sheet

By Clint Dacy Page 2

Honor Roll Page 3

Tomorrow’s Stars Page 8

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Lane Laughter Page 8

Looking Back Page 10

Pin Points to Ponder

By Chuck Pezzano Page 11

Last Call w/Leisha

By Leisha Murr Page 16






Ft. Worth Bowling Association has charter revoked by USBC

By Tony Franklin, Publisher &

Clint Dacy, Columnist

On April 14th The Greater

Fort Worth Metroplex USBC

Association lost its charter with

the USBC for failure to file taxexempt

forms with the IRS.

According to the USBC a

charter organization must be

tax-exempt to remain a part

of USBC and file a 990 form

with the IRS each year. The

GFWMUSBCA had not filed

the form for at least the last 4

years. Even after repeated communications

from the United

States Bowling Congress the

last couple of years, the Fort

Worth USBC still had not filed

the form, leaving the USBC

with no option other than to

revoke their charter.

The USBC does have an

appeal process in place, but

they denied the appeal made by

the GFWMUSBCA to have the

charter re-instated.

According to the President

of the GFWMUSBCA, James

Askins, the responsible party

for filling the forms was Connell

Higgins, who has been

their CPA for over 30 years, is

the current Association Manager,

and former President of the

Fort Worth association, along

Bob Learn Jr.

wins first PBA

Senior title


9, 2012) – In only his third

tournament on the Professional

Bowlers Association

Senior Tour, Bob Learn Jr. of

Erie, Pa., won the PBA Senior

Mooresville Classic presented

by Columbia Wednesday for his

first Senior Tour title.

Learn, who won five PBA

Tour titles including the 1999

U.S. Open in a 15-year PBA

Tour career, defeated Ron Profitt

of Brookville, Ohio, 203-196,

in the championship match at

George Pappas Victory Lanes.

After starting the match

with two strikes, Profitt ran

into trouble early with a split

and a washout in the third and

fourth frames, respectively,

which he failed to convert and

was not able to recover from

later in the match.

Continued on Page 7

with being the ABC President

in the early 90’s. Since the

event, he has been relieved

of all of his duties for the

GFWMUSBCA. Ultimately the

responsibility for ensuring that

the association is in compliance

falls to the President and

Board of Directors, and it was a

failure on all parties involved.

Current Status

According to the GFWMUSBCA website (

“This was due to our failure to adequately file the

appropriate forms with the IRS and State of Texas for the

past few years. We trusted this responsibility to an individual

who proved unworthy of our trust.”

The GFWMUSBCA, Inc. is still in business because they

are an actual business entity, however they are no longer

associated with the USBC, and since their appeal was not

approved they will not be part of the USBC ever again.

The GFWMUSBCA is still servicing the Texas State

Women’s tournament at Cityview Lanes and AMF

Sparetime, and would still like to print up an average

book even though GFWMUSBCA league secretaries are

to now sending averages to USBC headquarters. “We

would like for the league secretaries to not only send

their averages to USBC headquarters as requested, but

to also send them to the GFWMUSBCA as well” said

GFWMUSBCA President James Askins “because it’s the

right thing to do for our bowlers.”

The USBC has given the GFWMUSBCA until May 18th to

propose a new plan for the organization. The options are

to join another local charter or to form a new one.

A committee has been formed to come up with the plan,

consisting of a director for the centers in Fort Worth

proper, a director for the outlying centers, a youth

representative, a proprietor representative and a bowler

Continued on Page 6

By Tony Franklin, Publisher

PBA Player of the Year

candidate, Mike Fagan is still

running hot as he teamed

with Derek Eoff to win the

Carol Hazlett Memorial Red

River Doubles this weekend.

The Fagan/Eoff team defeated

Shannon O’Keefe and Erik

Vermilyea 1361-1252 to win

the title in dominating fashion,

with Eoff having the high set

with 717. The champs were

rarely tested on the challenging

Red River condition as they

breezed through the winner’s

bracket with only one match

truly being at risk. “The shot

was pretty tough here, they

made them pretty brutal. Any

200 game was good and when

I was struggling Derek picked

me up and when he was struggling

I picked him up, so we

made a good team” said Fagan

on the win.

Eoff started off the final

match with games of 277 & 268

to give his team a big cushion

going into the last game. He

Walter “Rock”

Joseph Jr. passes

at 36, page 4

said that the final pair had just

a little more hold, and after

bowling all weekend on the

tough shot, even two boards of

area felt like a lot.

The lane conditions for the

tournament have always been

As of press time, The

Bowling News was not able to

connect with the USBC to get

their side of the story as to why

they denied the appeal and also

why it is necessary to revoke

the charters of associations that

were not in compliance with

the IRS. There will be more

information from both sides in

the next issue of The Bowling


Fort Worth was not the only

affected area bowling organization,

as the Longview, TX

Bowling Association also had

its charter revoked.

The following is a timeline

of USBC events provided by

Jason Overstreet, the Managing

Director of Communications for

the USBC.

August 2010

USBC Executive Director Stu

Upson sent a formal letter to all

associations with a reminder

about the need to file with the

IRS and encouraged associations

to contact USBC staff for

assistance if they had not filed.

In this letter, associations were

warned if their tax-exempt

status was revoked by the IRS,

they would not be in compliance

with the USBC bylaws

Continued on Page 6

Fagan/Eoff win Red River Doubles

Derek Eoff, left and Mike Fagan teamed up to win the Red River

Doubles this weekend at Cowtown Bowling Palace.

what sets it apart from other

tournaments, and why a win

in this event carries more clout

and prestige than most. “I

enjoy it, it’s unique, it’s different

and it’s something you

Continued on Page 13

Page 2 | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

As promised I’ve been playing

quite a bit of golf this spring and

after playing with several different

people I can say one thing

for sure, not everyone is playing

the same game.

The first question that gets

asked when you go play golf is

what’s your average score. Obviously

I hear that with bowling

all the time and rather than get

into a lane conditions discussion

I simply say that I average about

225 in league, but closer to 210

or 215 for tournaments.

In golf the answer is normally

the average range of the golfer’s

score. If someone asks me my

golf average then I tell them I

score in the 100-110 range.

Last week I went and played

golf with some physicians that

I work with and they told me

that they play in the upper 70’s

to low 80’s and for me not to be

intimidated by their excellent

play and wagering.

I explained that I am a bowler

and have seen it all and not to

worry. I was nervous about slowing

such phenomenal players

down by hacking up six to seven

strokes on every hole, while they

are waiting to make birdie putts.

That nervousness quickly

went to confidence on the first

tee box when they bet one dollar

a hole. Routinely I am involved

in bets bigger than that in bowl-





Tucker Bowling Equipment Co.

609 N.E. 3rd St.

Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-4018

Fax (806) 995-4767

ing so I internally smiled and

focused on the golf.

My confidence grew on the

course as well when I was on

the green in regulation and they

were still searching for their tee

shots along the out of bounds

line. As the round continued I

quickly realized how they were

70’s and 80’s players.

As my birdie attempt came

up about three feet short one of

them told me to pick it up and

nice par, and I said in disbelief

“I still have to make it.” Of

course I missed the putt and got

a bogey and as we walked off the

green one of the doctors said “if

someone gives you the putt you

should take it.”

I turned to him and said

that “if I were playing with my

friends there are no gimmies”

and that we’re always cheering

for one another to four-jack a

putt so I need to practice the

short ones. (Tony will even sink

a long putt, walk it out, and

leave his ball in the hole just to

get in my head).

As the round continued, balls

were hit into the woods, in the

water, and out of bounds and

they simply dropped another

ball, hit it again, and when the

score was totaled at the end of

the hole it was always a par or

bogey. If I were to give myself

every putt within four feet

Bowling Parts, Inc.

P.O. Box 801

Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-3635


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and never have to worry about

penalty strokes, I suppose I

would consider myself an 80’s

player too.

I have played with people who

always seem to find their ball

along the edge of a water hazard

every single time even though we

all saw a splash. I have played

with people who have started

out playing the hole with a

Titleist golf ball hitting it into the

woods, but ended the hole with a

Ti-Tech golf ball and never took a

penalty. I have even played with

those golfers with poor math

skills that can’t seem to count

the correct number of swings it

took to get the ball in the hole.

My point is, that how can you

measure your improvement if you

are not honest with yourself. Golf

is a gentleman’s game and is largely

successful because of honesty

and integrity. So unless you are

in a tournament or wagering then

you are only cheating yourself.

I know this and therefore you

won’t see me using the magical

no stroke foot wedge when I am

behind a tree. I take my medicine,

pitch out, and move on.

Integrity is the key, some

have it and some don’t, but I

wish more people did so I could

figure out exactly where I rank.

7th Annual

East Texas Open

Hosted by

The Oil Bowl


900 Global Airline Tote

to be awarded to

Handicap Champions

At Cowtown Bowling Palace

Beasley soars to 791,

Hart maps a 663

Reger 300

Youth bowler, Adam Beasley

booked a banner 276-248-267

= 791 Strikers series to head

the honor roll for the week at

Cowtown Bowling Palace.

Amy Hart led the ladies with

an outstanding 225-216-222 =

663 Wednesday Winners outing.

John Reger’s award-winning

12 bagger earned high-game



Duane Skinner 247-632, Katie

Tallant 204-529, Michael Johnson

226-630, Ron Nason 258-681, Rachel

Cantu 215, Tony Edwards 256, Mary

Hernandez 211-554, Matt Hitt 245,

Gloria Llagas 559.

Jesse Negrete 644, Michael

Williams 277, Deana Gann 234-561,

Teo Hernandez 704, Eloy Rodriguez

276, Luann Satchell 218, Nicholas

Galati 696, Michelle Teel 555, Bruce

O’Keefe 278-672.

Bernie Adkins 267-658, Jeff Waits

Squad Time:


1:00 PM


11:00 AM


4333 River Oaks Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

Lessons from the best: Paul Fleming 817-938-7739

July 14-15 & 21-22, 2012

The Oil Bowl has added a new 15

ton A/C to keep things cool in the

Texas heat.

Entry Deadline: June 4, 2012

4 person teams, doubles & singles

(Any combination of Men or Women)

Lanes fully reconditioned between every squad

Handicap 80% from 220

Brackets & Highpots, Optional Scratch Events

Presented by

C lark's

Promotions L.L.C.

268-674, Rebecca Williams 226, Bobby

Shaw 268, Miki Jo Parrish 225-642,

Theodis James, Jr. 696, John Reger (4

games) 1010, Blane Adkins (4 games)


Daniel Hughes 290, Chris Johnson

289, Steve Greave (4 games) 258-988,

William Walker 279-688, Katie Tallant

221-611, Michael Johnson 258-702,

Jennifer Lawson 200-484, Theodis

James, Jr. 264-680.

Alice Cain 176, Ben Thomas 256,

Rene Miller 173-494, Paul Harrington

245-646, Sabrina Hernandez 494.


Jerry Densmore 222, Judy Trammell

202-528, Johnny Zaskoda 216-622, Red

Kelly 603, Evelyn Shackleford 191, John

Lower 244-667, Ken Knowles 227-636,

Karen Holder 200-519.

Sal Grieco 222-629, Ken Knowles

235-622, Wanda Eads 176-465, Sal

Grieco 225-611, Marge Neuville 175,

Sherman Osbon 215, Frank Phillips


Mixed Team


June 9-10, 2012

First Place Team


Based on 32 teams

This is a non-sanctioned handicap tournament open to all bowlers except

PBA exempt bowlers. Team Average Cap: 1000

For more information, full rules and entry forms, contact the front desk

or the Tournament Director:

Charlie Natal, 512-738-7287, Email:



For more information call 972-754-0387






Sean Lavery, Plano Super Bowl ............................ 834

Danny Graf, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes ......... 827

Anthony Giulani, BRC Thousand Oaks ................. 814

Will Briggs, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes........ 802

James Franklin, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ...... 797

Aric Alcaraz, AMF DeSoto Lanes .......................... 785

Steve Frazzeto, AMF Lewisville Lanes .................. 782

Jimmy Baisden, Cityview Lanes ........................... 781

John Reger, Cowtown Bowling Palace ................. 774

Fig Newton, Forum Bowl ....................................... 771

Eric Dawson, USA Bowl ......................................... 767

Tim Delso, AMF Hurst Lanes ................................. 767

Leon Schon, Brunswick Zone Denton .................. 762

Levi Bishard, AMF Richardson Lanes .................. 761

Billy Cathey, Red Bird Lanes ................................. 753

Jimmy Ensminger, Brunswick Zone Watauga ...... 748

Derek Ray, AMF Irving Lanes ................................ 737

Leonard Barber, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ................. 731

Jim Reynen, Strikz ................................................. 730


Tonjah Castro, AMF Richardson Lanes ................ 729

Genie Franklin, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes .... 727

Ashley Hannah, Brunswick Zone Watauga ........... 720

Diana Jessie, Forum Bowl ..................................... 714

Ronnie Willets, USA Bowl ...................................... 712

Linda Chambers, AMF Showplace Garland ......... 711

Jacki Archer, Cityview Lanes ................................ 698

Diane Wallentine, Plano Super Bowl .................... 697

Pearl Tucker, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ........... 684

Lauren Daniel, Red Bird Lanes ............................. 675

Brianna Galler, BRC Thousand Oaks .................... 674

Diana Donnelly, Brunswick Zone Denton ............. 673

Amy Hart, Cowtown Bowling Palace ..................... 663

Loren Tenczar, Strikz .............................................. 655

Becky Bowden, AMF DeSoto Lanes ..................... 647

Lynda Barnes, AMF Lewisville Lanes ................... 634

Barbara Shaw, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ................... 620

Lucky Hansen, AMF Hurst Lanes .......................... 581

Mary Lay, AMF Irving Lanes .................................. 506

At Cityview Lanes

Baisden on top with 781,

Archer hammers 698

Boroff and Prude 300’s, Maas 299

Jimmy Baisden locked up the

top spot on the honor roll for the

week at Cityview Lanes after

pocketing prime 285-268-228 =

781 numbers in Billie & Les High

Pot league action.

Jacki Archer, Baisden’s league

mate, paced fem scoring with a

sparkling 267-217-214 = 698 set.

Ron Boroff and Ernest Prude

garnered high-game accolades

as each recorded award-winning

perfectos. Mike Maas took

runner-up honors with a 299 solo.

Eric Dawson won high-set

honors last week at USA Bowl

with a booming 257-254-256 =

767 Super Stars series.

Ronnie Willets paced the

ladies with a highly commendable

255-214-243 = 712 Just For Fun


Bill Brewer 257-715, Chris Holliday

277-693, Miki Jo Parish 232-652, Rudy

Garcia, Jr. 253-717, Amy Langham

226-552, Nick Granado 264-743, Cathy

Abel 199-561, Mike Maas 719.

Donetta Fleming 233-619, Stacey

Harden 230-675, Lynette Berry 212-578,

Ron Boroff 742, Kristin Warwinski

255-661, Sonny Howard 259-741, Becca

Howard 192-547, Jerry Davis 267-725.

Pat Sharp 192-547, Jay Rux 280-765,

Andy Crouch 254-715, Keith Hernandez


At USA Bowl

Dawson notches 767,

Willets compiles 712



Steve Kerr 243-691, Marty Barlow

166-417, Young Ko 279-705, Van Eggers

224-552, Georgia Thomas 172-496, Ed

Rusek 136-374, Luchi Rusek 103-292,

Jim Ellis 158-440, Cathy Sposito

At press time we were unable

to interview Sean Lavery-Spahr

for the spotlight. We will

interview him for next week.

Danny Graf

This week’s high male is

Danny Graf with a 299-228-300

for 827 series in the Wednesday

Matchpoint Mixed league at

AMF Showplace Euless. Danny

is a landscaper who is also

going to school at the University

of North Texas. He says he

was just subbing with friends

in the Matchpoint league, but

he bowls the Thursday Masters

league at Euless and Friday

nights at Watauga.

What is your high series?

I recently bowled an 845 in

makeup, but this will be my

highest sanctioned series beating

my previous high by 1 pin.

How many 300’s have you

bowled? This is the 8th one.

Thoughts on your big night?

It was pretty exciting to have

299 & 300 in the same set, and

then a couple nights later I had

299 again at Watauga. It was

just one of those nights when

everything was going right and

fell into place.

What ball did you throw?

Ebonite Mission $250K

Who drills your balls? Derrick

Lott at Ballard’s Bowling

Solutions in Watauga.

What is your all-time

favorite bowling ball? It has to

be a tie between the original

Mission 2.0 and this Mission

$250k. There have been a lot of

good balls in the past but these

have been great.

What is your all-time high

average? My book from last

year which was a 233.

How long have you been

bowling? About 20 years now. I

quit for a couple years around

age 18, but most of my life I’ve

been bowling. I started when I

was 8.

Who is your favorite pro

bowler? I have always liked

Mika Kiovuniemi. My current

favorite to watch is Sean Rash,

and my favorite growing up

was always Del Ballard Jr.

Most memorable bowling

moment? Winning the Masters

league at Showplace Euless last

season. Bowling 299, 300, and


Randall Buda 276-721, Vanessa

Brown 220-550, Marvin Sitts, Jr. 269-

731, Andy Hughes 136-341, Don Sposito

277-743, Velma Campbell 263-635,

Richard Martell (4 games) 258-887.

Mindy McNeal (4 games) 200-727,

Michael Bond (2 games) 236-429,

Tammy Austin (2 games) 115-226,

Chris Holliday 254-737, Sharhonda

Bishop 225-566, Brad Ellis 253-724,

Michelle Wilson 153-414.

Bert Johnson 170-471, Andy Hughes

191-509, Kathy Mays 227-608, Brad Ellis

234-659, Tiffany Simmons 204-475.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 3

800 is always exciting, but this

was the first thing that I could

really get excited about with a

team. It was awesome.

What is your first bowling

memory? When I was 14 years

old I bowled my first 299 and

that memory has stuck with

me the most.

214-358-1382 Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220

Visit us on the Web at

Practice - Practice - Practice

Due to the Texas State Women’s Tournament we are

moving the practice days to:

Mondays & Tuesdays

After 4 PM

The Open (Baton Rouge) and

Women’s (Reno) National


(We have lanes conditioned with the lane

pattern of each of these tournaments)

$2.00 per game

Practice - Practice - Practice

Give Yourself the Competitive Edge !!!

Due to hosting the Texas State Women’s Tournament,

April 28 thru June 24, please call for lane availability!

The “New”


What lessons has the game

taught you? The best advice I’ve

gotten was from Del Ballard

Jr., and it has led to most of my

recent accomplishments. He

said to just let the ball fall into

the swing instead pulling thru

it and no squeezing it. Don’t

force things, just let it happen.




May 25th, 26th, 27th & 28th

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

10 AM until 5 PM

$2.00 per person, per game

$2.00 rental shoes

Enter for a chance to win

an Amazon Kindle

Winner will be notifi ed by email

Drawing to be held May 29th at 9 AM

Do not need to be present to win

(Cash register receipt must be attached to entry form) Fax: 817-346-7208

Page 4 | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Walter “Rock” Joseph

Jr. passes at 36

Walter “Rock” Joseph Jr.,

36, passed away Wednesday,

April 25, 2012, in Irving. He

was born July 29, 1975, in

James Franklin’s rip-roaring

269-259-269 = 797 High Pot

with a Twist session ended as

Walter “Rock” Joseph Jr. 1975–2012

Baton Rouge, La. Survivors:

Wife, Andrea Joseph; children,

Hamilton and Santana Joseph;

parents, Walter “Peewee”

At Brunswick Westcreek

Franklin polishes off

797, Tucker nails 684

Smith adds two 300’s

the number-one set of the week

at Brunswick Westcreek Lanes.

Pearl Tucker led the ladies



League Start Date # Per #

Type League Name Day & Time Team Wks.

Adult High Pot W/A Twist Thursday June 7th, 7:00 PM 3 12

Adult Friday Mixed Classic Friday June 15th, 7:00 PM 4 11

Adult Sunday Mix Practice Sunday June 3rd, 6:30 PM 4 12

Adult/Youth Y/A Scholarship Monday June 4th, 6:30 PM 4 12

Adult Happy Hour Tuesday June 5th, 6:30 PM 4 12

Adult Scratch Trios Tuesday June 5th, 6:30 PM 3 12

Adult Lousy Bowlers Tuesday May 29th, 8:45 PM 2 14

Adult Wednesday Warmup Wednesday May 16th, 9:30 AM 3 15

Adult Beat the House Wednesday June 6th, 6:15 PM 4 12

Ladies Bowlerettes No Tap Thursday May 31st, 9:00 AM 2 12

Seniors Baby Boomers Thursday May 10th, 1:00 PM 3 15

Seniors Happy Rollers Tuesday May 8th, 1:00 PM 3 15

Juniors Little Rascals Saturday June 2nd 9:30 AM 2 12

Juniors BFF Club Saturday June 9th 12:00 PM 3 10

Juniors Jr. King of the Hill Wednesday June 13th 11:00 AM 1 11

Juniors BFF Club Wednesday June 20th 12:30 PM 2 10



Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133


and Lynn Joseph; brother,

Terence Joseph; in-laws,

John and Awana Abraham;

great-grandmother, Ruby

Ward and a host of family.

Rock Joseph was an avid

area bowler who participated

in a number of leagues

including TCBA, Sunset

Combo at Cityview Lanes

and several leagues at AMF

Showplace Lanes Euless. His

bowling honors include a

few 300s and an 800 series.

Joseph was also a member of

NABI and won 3 NABI titles.

Joseph never met a

stranger and was one of the

friendliest, most positive

men his friends have ever

known. He got that from his

parents and his faith. He

will be greatly missed by

his family, his church family

and his bowling family.

Cary Fleming and friends

are hosting the Rock & Bowl

Memorial 9-Pin Tournament

at Forum on June 16, 2012 at

2:00 p.m., to raise money to

help his family through this

tough time. The entry fee

is a minimum $20 donation

with more details to come


with a super solid 249-233-207

= 684 Classic High Pot session.

Laughton Smith earned highgame

honors from two different

league outings. He rolled an

award-winning perfecto in the

Sunday Mixed league and again

in the Classic High Pot league.


Laughton Smith 752, Nita Stein

247-595, Steve Cannon 176-514, Shelia

Lunsford 181-490, Shirley Sowers 235-

614, Olga Perez 158, Paula Armstrong

415, Ricky Sain 220, Susan Seward 177.

James Franklin 267, Cindy Sterrett

242, Jessie Castor 711, Kecia Andries

657, Billy Fontenot 257, Teresa Tibbs

201-539, Neil Bronstein 680, Joshua

Luquis 265-713, Paula Davis 206-546.

Terri Trefger 236-620, Rickey

Franklin 269-759, Anita Whitley

234-645, Mike Patton 278-751, Barbara

Avery 248-634, Joey Howery 269-713,

Sheri Campbell 239-632, Gene Gaspar


Dorina Hart 190-453, Coy Hart 690,

Ralph Garcia 224, Carol Wassman

161-446, Ronnie Williams 600, Cathy

Lode 184-481, Ron Williams 277-782,

Anita Whitley 245-675, Vincent Pang


Theresa Bankston 58-673, Robert

Brown 279-748, Crystal Askins 235-671,

Chris Lucas 267-736, Jacki Archer 256-

664, Mark Markum, Jr. 265-731, Cathy

Nelson 244-647, Doug Shomkwiler


Lea Anne Sikora 217-631, James

Franklin 258-727, Danita Wyley 216-

683, Ken Korn 268-715, Michelle Teel

245-578, Vernon Smith, Jr. 247-715, Pat

Shelton 199-567.

E J Nenichka 257-715, Humm Smith

715, Brian Hammond 254-709.

At AMF Irving Lanes

Ray racks up 737

Derek Ray headed the leader

boards last week at AMF Irving

Lanes by logging laudable

257/737 numbers in Men’s Trio


Mary Lay’s super smooth

190-154-162 = 506 Odds & Ends

session fronted fem scoring.


Kirby Gowland 247, James Westdyk

246-706, Mark Mullen 242-578, Diane

Brown 169-441, Jose Jauregui 227-599,

At Forum Bowl

Newton scorches 300/771,

Jessie topples 714

Dean, Hernandez add 300’s, George 299

Fig Newton took high-game

and series honors for the week at

Forum Bowl with a thundering

strike-filled 300-215-256 = 771

Fast Lane Trio outing.

Diana Jessie, also from the

Fast Lane Trio group, led the

ladies with a sky-high 227-270-

217 = 714 set.

Odis Dean and Tony

Hernandez shared high-game

accolades with Newton as they

each registered award-winning

perfectos. Jeff George took

runner-up honors with a near

perfect 299 solo.


Jim Martens 243-698, Lessie

Watkins 215-528, Mark Neville (9 pin)

268-786, Pam Stewart (9 pin) 241-648,

Lessie Watkins 265-594, Paul Tran

255-692, Mary Mosher 211-608.

Denise McClintock 131-381, Dennis

King 201-521, Bobby Ullman 214-581.

Joann Garcia 199-499, Dennis

Holder 206, Brenda Ullman 164-436,

Darwyn Green 544, Kathy Wilson

163-445, Curtis Engel 223-560, Kyt

McGee 223-583, Vicky Alcorn 175-455.

John Johnson 215-594, Hillary

Kraus 459, Michael Cash 213-594,

Mary Lay 178-442, Durwood Andrews

209, Janice Andrews 172-408, Loyall

Lindman 544.

Frank Mills (9 pin, 4 games)

278-1053, Susan Brownell (9 pin, 4

games) 255-871, Rodney Henderson

223-626, Lori Gillespy 210-565, Jimmy

McGanahan 275-709, Lisa Brock


Barry Harger 228-625, Terry Ward

157-414, Ralph Messersmith 245-676,

Vicky Dunn 203-572, Fig Newton (4

games) 1002, Diana Jessie (4 games)

278-992, David James 267-758.

Annie Akanni 223-645, Billy Mills,

Jr. 254-691, Cindy Stallins 257-678,

Wally Belton 207-587, Robbi Pauley

169-490, Ron Rogers 267-681, Kristal

Canales 254-590, Jeff George 746.

Leritha Pride 280-694, Levi Bryant

279-727, Gloria Duckett 245-575, Tony

Hernandez 756, Emily Montgomery

233-609, Jeremy Allen 231-617,

Constance Parker 195-529.

Call today for more information

Leagues for All ages!

2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 5

Experience League

Trios (any combination)

Tuesday, June 5th

Bowl at 9 PM / Meeting at 8:15 PM

$20 Per Week / 13 Weeks

We will be giving entries to the upcoming regional in October.

For every 5 bowlers in the league we will be giving one spot (1:5).

For example if we have 30 bowlers, we will give away 6 entries.

Position rounds and final night will be bowled on the actual pattern

the regional will be using in October. This gives the bowler a chance

to bowl on the pattern multiple times to prepare for the upcoming


Contact Dennis, Erin or Kitty at 972-231-2695 to sign up or for more




2101 N. Central Expressway

Richardson, TX 75080


Page 6 | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Tate takes NABI title

At AMF Lewsiville

Leville Tate overcomes high

scoring to take home the NABI

title at AMF Lewsiville May


Last week at AMF Lewsiville,

the lanes were on fire. Eddie

Rogers rounded out the top

8 qualifying with a 706 score

while Tate qualified fourth

with 743. Kendrick Dunn-Ford

found her groove during the

bracket semi-finals by shooting

300 to guarantee her spot in

the championship match.

In the top eight finals, the

high scoring continued, Tate

defeated Kendrick Dunn-Ford,

234-221, for the title and the

$643 ($400, plus $243 from

the Progressive Pot) first-place

prize money.

Dunn-Ford earned $321

($200, plus $121 from the

Progressive Pot) as runner-up.

In the round of eight, Tate

bested Austin Hill, 233-231.

Tate then eliminated Eddie

Rogers, 219-192, in the round of

four to get to the title match.

Dunn-Ford’s road to the

championship match saw her

downing George Martinez,

271-237, and Anthony Sewell,


The top finalists include:

3-4. Anthony Sewell, Eddie

Rogers, $120 ($100, plus $20

from the Progressive Pot)

each; 5-8. George Martinez,

Austin Hill, Emilie Lane, Jason

League Start Date Day Da Day Time Format







June 4th Monday 6:30 PM 4 Person Mixed


May 29th Tuesday 8:00 PM 3 Person Mixed



May 23rd Wednesday 6:30 PM 4 Person Mixed


Strikerz June 7th Thursday 6:30 PM 4 Person Mixed



and Fun

Leville Tate

Thompson, $85 each;

Other cashers were: 9-16.

Gloria Edmark, Michael Ford,

Tammy McFarland, Pamila

Jones, Laney Royal, Greg

Seidel, John Kanalis, Tina

Garcia, $70 each.

High Qualifiers: Eddie

Rogers, $14; Michael Ford, $5;

Kendrick Dunn-Ford, Greg


High Pot Winners: Jason

Thompson, $30; Kendrick

Dunn-Ford, Michael Ford, $25

each; Austin Hill, $20; Tina

Garcia, Eddie Rogers, David

Bush, Duane Bates, Greg Seidel,

$15; Michael Spencer, Kam

Mostowfi, $10 each.

BoY Standings: 1. Eddie

Rogers 3,784; 2. Leonard White

3,770; 3. Larry Batts 3,554; 4.

Pamila Jones 3,390; 5. Theodore

Garner 3,154

The Tournament had 52

entries with a total payout of


June 7th Thursday 9:00 PM 4 Person Mixed


Pin Pusherz June 7th Thursday 9:00 PM 2 Person Mixed

League (4 games)

Youth June 2nd Saturday 9:00 AM Ages 4-21 Youth


Youth Classic June 3rd Sunday 7:00 PM Ages 12-21

Competitive Youth





8789 Lebanon Road,

Frisco, TX 75034


Continued from Page 1

who was not previously

associated with the local


GFWMUSBCA consists of

approximately 9,000 bowlers

GFWMUSBCA holds assets,

including the building

located at 1101 E. 1st St.

(valued at over a quarter of

a million dollars according

to the Tarrant Appraisal

District), scholarship funds,

and other cash.

GFWMUSBCA members are

still sanctioned with the

directly with the USBC and

all scores and awards will

still count for the remainder

of the league season.

It is unclear what will happen,

but one thing is for sure

and that is that there will no

longer be a GFWMUSBCA.

Timeline of events for the


2005-09 - Connell Higgins

was President of the Greater

Fort Worth Metroplex USBC

Bowling Association and

also the CPA (continued as

CPA until he was relieved of

duties April 2012)

2009-Current - James

Askins is President of the


March 2012 – GFWMUSBCA

USBC charter was revoked

due to lack of tax-exempt


April 2012 – Appeal for

reinstatement was denied by


May 2012 – Proposal due to

USBC to form a new charter

or to join another existing


At Strikz

Reynen racks

730, Tenczar

levels 655

FRISCO – Jim Reynen lit up

Strikz last week with a highflying

279-245-206 = 730 Lousy

Bowlerz set.

Loren Tenczar paced the gals

with a fine 215-203-237 = 655

Monday Mixerz session.


Rich Ridgdill 254-700, Candy Torrey

202-575, Clayton Colby 258-661, Debbie

Colby 187-523, Don Levy 226-636, Joe

Rener 247-632, Nick Coates 225-631,

Aaron Rager 213-608, Cathy Eberly


Luanne Hinsey 158-455, Cindy

Evans 160-455, Rick Irvine 279-693,

Cathy Eberly 204-577, Don Levy 227-

632, Pat Irvine 180-470, Zo Sexton

211-587, Chris Marion 267-675, Denise

Alexander 201-587.

Blake Irwin 229-674, Debbie Colby

212-577, Paul Luetje 255-636, Jeanene

Johnson 162-449, Keith Smith 232-666,

Cathy Eberly 180-485, Chris Marino

267-675, Robert Marino 223-631.

Robert Goldsmith 247-673, Laine

Hooser 189-485, Jerry Robinson

255-628, Pam Solano 187-462, Mike

Robinson 216-606.


Continued from Page 1

and USBC would revoke their


August 2011

The IRS published a list

indicating the revocation of

tax-exempt status of more than

200 USBC local associations for

failing to file 990 forms with

the IRS for the past three years.

October 2011

USBC sent a formal letter to

the Presidents and Managers

of the non-compliant associations.

The letter informed the

association of the action by the

IRS and offered the associations

an opportunity to request

assistance. Several local

associations contacted USBC for

assistance and were eventually

removed from the list as result.

December 2011

USBC sent another formal

letter to members of the board

of directors in the remaining

non-compliant or nonresponsive

associations. This

letter included the following


The IRS has revoked their

association’s tax-exempt

At AMF Lewisville

Frazzeto blasts 782,

Barnes handles 634

Clark 297

Steve Frazzeto headed the

honor roll for the week at AMF

Lewisville Lanes with a solid

280-223-279 = 782 Monday Men

league showing.

Lynda Barnes’ banner 234-

207-193 = 634 Monday Mixers

session paced the ladies.

Robert Clark earned highgame

honors with a 297 game.


Patrick Schmidt 257-701, Joyce

McClurg 191-529, Laney Royal 254-652,

Justin Adair 243-609, Rachael Maestas

211-514, Dennis Stroup 213-603, Amy

Fretz 223-581, Ryan Curtis 279-779.

At AMF DeSoto

Alcaraz produces 785,

Bowden slams 647

Aric Alcaraz heated up the

lanes last week at AMF DeSoto

Lanes with a powerful 256-266-

263 = 785 Pushovers league


Becky Bowden paced the

ladies scoring contest with a

laudatory 238-205-204 = 647

Sunday Funnies set.


Vern Howard 256-705, Vanessa

Brown 200-573, Ken Hughey 243-704,

Dellie Bolton 207-581, Russell Corwin

269-740, Dorothea Wilson 234-644,


The Association Manager and

President have been informed


Their options included:

1) Requesting retroactive

reinstatement of the

tax-exempt status from

the IRS.

2) Proving their 990 forms

were actually filed.

3) Request a hearing.

4) Having counsel review

and respond in writing.

The letter informed the

board members they had 30

days to exercise one of the

above options or the association

charter would be revoked

by USBC National. The majority

of the associations receiving

these letters finally took corrective



USBC informed the remaining

non-compliant or

non-responsive associations

that their local association

charter had been revoked. The

USBC Legal and Legislative

Committee met to review any

appeals. Members and centers

in revoked associations have

typically been moved to a

nearby association.

Sherri Strongren 235-552, Kathy

Sposito 243-575, Nicholas Joseph

236-629, Julie Turner 222-540, JJ

Tips 245-637, Sabina DeBord 191-540,

Travis Lux 254-711, Mindy McNeal

246-590, Diane Scalley 185-479. Jeff

Curl 279-761, Debbie Barron 237-624,

Justin Adair 226-568, Whitney White

142-383, Robert Clark 714, Kim Hood

229-539, Gary Kluempke 248-728,

Bonnie Kluempke 189-491, Don Vila


Larry Newboles 220-641, Courtney

Key 193-473, Scott Cristee 210-566, Sue

Romo 188-454.

Victor Minor 248-718, Jolynn Baird


Keith Johnson 214-600, Pam

Hopkins 211-525, Ruben Rios 228-562,

Lisa Alonzo 210-556, Dale McFarland

258-712, Janet Miller 230-640, Bryan

Blanks 233-651, Lucy Chism 185-488.

Bobby Adkison 248-670, Janie

McClain 201-517, Les Lewis 255-608,

Marolyn Brown 191-434.


Roger Strand 279-740, Kay Carter

239-556, Roger Strand 264-717, Dorothy

Perry 214-530.

From left, Carl Howard, Bowling Mgr., winner Bob Learn Jr.,

George Pappas, owner Victory Lanes, Ed Conklin, GM.


Continued from Page 1

“When he threw the split

and the washout it definitely

changed the tone of the match,”

said the 50-year-old Learn.

“Even though I didn’t have a

good look on the pair either,

from that point on I was able to

bowl just good enough to stay

ahead of him.”

In his two previous Senior

Tour tournaments this season

Learn finished ninth in both

the Senior Sun Bowl In The

Villages and Senior Don Carter

Memorial Open.

“Third time’s the charm I

guess,” said Learn. “I’m qualifying

well but you have to get

some breaks in the match play

rounds and it kind of made up

for some bad breaks I had in

the first two tournaments.”

Profitt was trying for his

first win in seven seasons on

the Senior Tour. He had a

long road to the championship

match winning three best-offive

matches, a best-of-three

match and the semifinal. His

runnerup finish was a career

best with fourth being his best

previous finish.

In the semifinal matches,

Learn defeated Mike Henry of

Brunswick, Ohio, 201-189 and

Profitt defeated last week’s

Senior Don Carter Memorial

winner Hall of Famer Walter

Ray Williams Jr., 248-206.

The next stop for the PBA

Senior Tour will be the Senior

Dayton Classic presented by

Roto Grip May 14-17 at Capri

Lanes in Kettering, Ohio. The

tournament will be streamed

live in its entirety on pba.

com’s online bowling channel

Xtra Frame. For Xtra Frame

subscription information visit




George Pappas Victory Lanes, Mooresville, N.C.,

Final Results

Championship Match

Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa. ($8,000) def. Ron Profitt,

Brookville, Ohio ($4,500), 203-196.

Semifinal Round (one-game matches, losers

earn $3,000)

Profitt def. Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla.,

248-206.Learn def. Mike Henry, Brunswick,

Ohio, 201-189.

Rash Near Unanimous As BWAA

April Bowler of the Month


of Montogomery, Illinois has

been named the April 2012

Kegel Bowler of the Month by

the Bowling Writers Association

of America.

Rash won the PBA Tournament

of Champions defeating

Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga,

New, York, 239-205 for his fifth

career PBA title. It is also his

second career major win and

his first win since the 2007

USBC Masters, ending a fiveyear


The four-man stepladder

finals featured the #4 seed

Ciminelli downing a pair of

PBA Chris Schenkel Player of

the Year candidates. The first

defeat was handed to #3 seed

Mike Fagan, Dallas, 190-182.

Ciminelli then pulled away from

#2 seed Jason Belmonte, West

Orange, NSW, Australia, 257-

223, setting up the title match

with the top-seeded Rash.

With the win, Rash becomes

another strong candidate for

the PBA Player of the Year race.

Although this was his lone win

on the 2011-12 PBA Tour, Rash

Sean Rash



was either first or second in

earnings, average, match play

appearances, and tournament


Others receiving votes were

Diandra Asbaty, winner of the

USBC Queens; Lennie Boresch,

Jr., winning his first PBA

Senior Tour stop five days after

becoming eligible, the PBA Senior

Sun Bowl in the Villages;

and Norm Duke, winner of

the PBA Dick Weber playoffs,

presented by Hammer.

Round of 8 (best-of-three games, losers

eliminated, $1,700 each)

Profitt def. Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 2-0.

W.R. Williams def. Ricky Beck, Box Elder, S.D.,


Henry def. Roger Kossert, Lithia, Fla., 2-0.

Learn def. Johnny Petraglia, Jackson, N.J., 2-0.

Round of 16 (best-of-five games, losers

eliminated, $1,300 each)

M. Williams def. Wayne Webb, Columbus, Ohio,


Profitt def. Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 3-1.

W.R. Williams def. Jeff Schrum, Cherryville,

N.C., 3-0.

Beck def. Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, Mich., 3-2.

Henry def. Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., 3-1.

Kossert def. Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 3-2.

Petraglia def. Tom Baker, King, N.C., 3-2.

Learn def. Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs,

Colo., 3-2.

Round of 24 (best-of-five games, losers

eliminated, $1,100 each)

M. Williams def. Brent Hunter, Glenville, Pa., 3-2.

Profitt def. Dave Sill, Titusville, Fla., 3-0.

Schrum def. Kerry Fulford, Brownwood, Texas,


Ferraro def. Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 3-0.

Kossert def. Joel Carlson, Omaha, Neb., 3-0.

Petraglia def. Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp.,

Mich., 3-0.

Gonzalez def. Gary Shultis, Levittown, N.Y., 3-0.

Beck def. Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., 3-2.

Round of 32 (best-of-five games, losers

eliminated, $1,050 each)

Hunter def. Brian Gottry, Wilmington, N.C., 3-2.

Profitt def. Bob Handley, Winter Park, Fla., 3-0.

Schrum def. Dennis Lane, Kingsport, Tenn., 3-2.

Beck def. Al Brooks, Bluefield, W. Va., 3-0.

Ferraro def. Ron Glick, Morganville, N.J., 3-0.

Carlson def. Peter Knopp, Germany, 3-2.

Petraglia def. Peter King, Yankton, S.D., 3-2.

Gonzalez def. Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill. 3-2.

At Plano Super Bowl

Lavery explodes 300/834,

Wallentine smashes 697

Gengelbach 800, Fong 300, Klemme 299

Sean Lavery dominated

scoring for the week at Plano

Super Bowl with a dual awardwinning

268-300-266 = 834

Pepsi Classic league production.

Kurt Gengelbach, Lavery’s

league mate, followed close

behind with his own awardwinning

800 series.

Diane Wallentine fired a

blue-ribbon 247-214-236 = 697

Mixed Nuts set to front distaff


Bill Fong shared high-game

accolades with Lavery as each

recorded award winning 12

baggers. Jack Klemme took

runner-up honors with a near

perfect 299 game.


Eric Woodward 258-715, Alicia

Shaw 155-429, Gary Suder 228-643,

Dana Westfall 181-527, George Vaughn

279-721, Cathy Sposito 226-622, Doug

Brown 278-771, Debbie Lambert


Corey Shelton 277-715, Loree Clark

225-591, John Pomroy 159-454, Laura

Moffett 109-300, Brian Tilley 279-698,

Diane Wallentine 213-607, Andi Hall

168-483, Beth Petersen 192-483.

George Vaughn 269-768, Eva

Rhodes 206-574, Bill Jackson 236-687,

Jan Palumbo 168-471, Jack Klemme

750, Ashley Adams 223-603, Owen

Crannell 245-686, Kay Pingsterhaus


Justin Pittsinger 244-705, Michelle

Artman 198-569, Dottie Culpon

199-562, Mike Coles 249-703, George

Vaughn 244-703, Ken Fantas 225-550,

Vi Davison 184-516, Warren Conerly


Ashley Adams 224-619, Ike

Icenhour 239-686, Kelli Spencer 242-

668, Joey McKay 278-751, Whitney

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 7

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

Graf unloads 299/300/827,

Franklin shoots 727

Howe 300, Brock and Wallace 299’s, Aldridge

298, Ballas 297

Danny Graf led the scoring

parade last week at AMF

Showplace Euless Lanes with

power-laden 299-228-300 = 827

numbers in Matchpoint Mixed


Genie Franklin, from the

Masters group, paced the ladies

with chart topping 224-258-245

= 727 numbers en route to

earning the top honors for the


Dana Howe shared highgame

honors with Graf as

each registered award-winning

12-baggers. Dustin Brock and

Audrey Wallace’s also shared

runner-up accolades with Graf

with near perfect 299 solos.

Michael Aldridge fell a few pins

short with a 298 game while

youth bowler, Zach Ballas

Williams 190-530, Cathy Sposito

256-649, Breanna Kindrick 244-634,

Les Burnham 258-720.

Eva Rhodes 222-590, Jim Monroe

followed up with a 297 game.


Josh Mittl 279-784, Dana Howe 772,

Dustin Brock 289-771, Charlie Bean

267-762, Kevin Wynn 279-746, Kyle

McClung 249-719, Lance Whisman

249-699, Olin Gibbins 255-695, Bud

Haselden 237-682.

Mark Gerlikovski 234-595, Chris

Ballas 202-552, Al Baker 231-542,

Shayne Mehringer 206-533, Audrey

Wallace 702, Lindsey Walker 257-696,

Judith Guillory 238-670, Anna Jutson


Shelley Fugitt 221-602, Terri

Homme 224-590, Jan Loftis 203-562,

Barbara Chaky 199-558, Sheila Walton

199-557, Maria Montalbo 192-525,

Joan Dale 184-515, Janelle Burkholder


Ronna Kirkland 206-493, Denise

Wheeler 137-375.

248-683, Casey Park 264-716, Julie

LaFoffette 235-612, Eric Huynh 254-

700, Debby Oulicky 224-617, Sean

Lavery (4 games) 1113, Tayna Fulmer

(4 games) 235-805.

George Vaughn 290-782, Eva

Rhodes 235-611, John Harasimo

246-674, Jeanette Verrelli 201-576,

Ross Wisdom 254-725, Barb Jernigan

225-646, Doug Carmody 268-752, Cindy

Mann 198-529.

Michael Foley 237-593, Tammy

Sinn 121-354.


Sign up now at


PBA Experience League

Tuesdays at 7 PM

Starting June 5th

3 Member/ Any Combo

Get the pro experience on the different PBA patterns


Thursdays at 9 PM, Starts June 7th


Saturday Morning at 9 AM - All ages & skills

Sunday Youth/Adult - 3:30 PM

Monday Junior Gold “Sport” league at 4 PM

Thursday Afternoon at 4:30 PM - Scratch & Handicap

Contact Joyce Claus at 972-881-0242

Page 8 | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Dakota Boyette headed the

Dallas-area USBC Youth bowling

last week with a power-packed

214-245-279 = 738 Jr/ Sr Highrollers

series at AMF Showplace

Garland Lanes.

Shana Geerdes paced the girls

with a sparkling 218/620 Showstoppers

set at Plano Super Bowl.

At AMF Showplace Garland Lanes

– Courtney Salinas 238-582, Amare

Miller 132-387, Trinity Garcia 119-335,

Dakota Boyette 266-690, Jordan Hodge


At Plano Super Bowl – Ron Rougely

237-667, Cordell Reedy 104-290, Mya

Murray 75-205, Dylan Pittsinger 110-

321, Shyann Dunbar 77-198, Hunter

Fort Worth USBC Youth Results

Adam Beasley topped the Fort

Worth-area USBC Youth bowling

last week with a hard-hitting 276-

248-267 = 791 Strikers series at

Cowtown Bowling Palace.

Shyanne Johnson, Beasley’s

league mate, paced the girls with

a strong 184-192-204 = 580 set.

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes –

Zach Ballas 297-786, A J Jones 248-643,

Ben Cohen 185-539, A J Jones 197-526,

Zach Ballas 172-509, Zander Villinger

193-507, Will Peden 199-458, Andrew

Fugitt 134-383, Thomas Phanmaha

Lane Laughter

Brandon 126-327, Megan Cooley 161-

370, Zach Hathaway 140-374, Katelyn

Elliston 136-383, Hunter Kiefert

139-373, Zoey Ruby 150-372, J Gramly

205-513, Kaylea Norman 231-544, Allister

Rutledge 249-655, Jasmine Davis

222-572, Kevin Blake 244-632, Amber

Robinson 186-555, Jaxon Baron 159-

427, Trent Bracklein 149-428, Rebecca

Tumbry 110-261, Adam Smith 243-634,

Kirsti Jack 202-538, Nicki Liu 225-562,

Melanie Crawford 188-492, Hunter

Harty 227-598, Juliana Franco 193-540,

Luke Henke 91-159, Abby Garza 71-135.

At Red Bird Lanes – Connor Stevens

183-494, Kaylee Hancock 180-488,

Taylor McCaleb 121-327, Rachel Fender

121-343, Chase Kuehnhold 156-277,

135-360, Cara Damschroder 197-552,

Jaden Takayesu 199-540, Emily Piper

220-536, Cara Damschroder 186-514,

Nicquelle Orr 151-427, Kiley Knittle

151-418, Tabitha Love 126-358, Stephanie

McClure 122-346.

At Brunswick Zone Denton – Zachery

Young 222-650, Lexey Houck 208-

547, Matthew Reed 156-405, Morgan

Montgomery 126-340, Antonio Alonzo

257-617, Darla Dreessen 182-491,

Landon Thames 207-556, Stephanie

Jackson 129-374.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga – Alex

Amanda Eans 137-256.

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama – Conner

Smyth 78-149, Kamryn Smith 94-186,

Xavier Gutierrez 110-183, Kylie Bloomer

75-222, Brandon Ingram 138-371,

Madison Smith 113-307, Josh Saxon

137-380, Tanner Cross 61-158, Julia

Boren 54-80, Stephanie Evans 40-69.

At Strikz – Nate Gumpert 198-540,

Jayme Brooks 85-240, Klayton Colgrove


At USA Bowl – Austin Ellis 249-707,

Karina Rosas 129-358, D’Ontae Rhone

224-609, Austin Teel 206-599, Julian

Bland, Jr. 108-267, Brianna Bland

123-356, Deionte Simmons 212-588,

Austin Ellis 217-566.

Negrete 256-672, Kyra Zink 214-573,

Matthias Fraser 329, Morgan Davis 342,

Logan Perrin 513, Bayleigh Padron 466,

Katelyn Bailey 472, Jeffrey Fleming

424, Amanda Amerson 407, Micah

McCracken 626.

At Cowtown Bowling Palace –

Cameron Kidwell 155, Shaylee Hubbell

179, Cody Franks 233-656, Brittney

Martin 191-535, Anthony Gann 235,

Jake Swift 181, Genesys Striver 117,

Randy Cross, Jr. 183-528, Shyanne

Johnson 196-540, Dannyella Hochstine

193, Zachery Moore 210-572, Wyatt

Cross 190.

At Forum Bowl – Mitchel Neville

211-615, Katelynn Correll 182-513, Kade

Pirtle 126-219, Chloe Ballard 69-132,

Colby Anderson 107-196, Codey Dong

190-456, Samantha Kuilan 139-389,

Adan Ruiz 157-450, Amaya Boles 136-

371, Jason Honegger 207-530, David

Carter 178-515, Gabby Marquis 145-399,

Kayla Lopez 178-511, Aaron Shipman

244-564, Davin Ateman 171-492.


Youth Scores

Sean Corbett led the Southwest-area

USBC youth bowling

last week with an exceptional

246-228-243 = 717 Division II

league series at BRC Thousand


Kelsi Anderson, also from BRC

Thousand Oaks, headed the girls

scoring with a big 176-256-211 =

646 Scholarship set.

At BRC Thousand Oaks, San

Antonio – Robert Wright 109-383,

Krista Villarreal 155-373, Brianna

Hernandez 279-613, Christian Perez

266-693, Kennon Riley 229-622.


Adam Beasley, Cowtown Bowling Palace ............ 791

Zach Ballas, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes ........ 786

Dakota Boyette, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes 738

Sean Corbett, BRC Thousand Oaks ..................... 717

Austin Ellis, USA Bowl ........................................... 707

Alex Negrete, Brunswick Zone Watauga .............. 672

Ron Rougely, Plano Super Bowl ........................... 667

Zachery Young, Brunswick Zone Denton ............. 650

Mitchel Neville, Forum Bowl .................................. 615

Klayton Colgrove, Strikz ........................................ 556

Connor Stevens, Red Bird Lanes .......................... 494

Josh Saxon, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ....................... 380


Kelsi Anderson, BRC Thousand Oaks .................. 646

Shana Geerdes, Plano Super Bowl ....................... 620

Courtney Salinas, AMF Showplace Garland ........ 582

Shyanne Johnson, Cowtown Bowling Palace ...... 580

Kyra Zink, Brunswick Zone Watauga .................... 573

Cara Damschroder, AMF Showplace Euless ........ 552

Lexey Houck, Brunswick Zone Denton ................. 547

Katelynn Correll, Forum Bowl ............................... 513

Kaylee Hancock, Red Bird Lanes ......................... 488

Karina Rosas, USA Bowl ....................................... 358

Madison Smith, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama.................. 307

Jayme Brooks, Strikz ............................................. 240

Leadership Scholarship

Donated to Shocker Bowling

Anita Manns Leadership Scholarship

WICHITA, Kan. – Shocker

bowling alumnae Anita Manns

(2002-2005) is giving back to

the Shocker Bowling program

through a new scholarship

rewarding and encouraging


The Anita Manns Leadership

Scholarship is valued at

$1,000 over the course of two

semesters. It will be awarded to

a team member who attains a

3.5 (or better) cumulative GPA

for all of their college coursework.

They must also demonstrateoutstandingleadership,










Anita Manns

showing loyalty. The scholarship

will be awarded each


“Anita is a very giving

person. While she was in our

program, she gave our women’s

team literally everything she

had,” Head Coach Gordon

Vadakin said. “Neither Coach

Lewis or I are surprised by her

willingness to give back to her

alma mater.”

Anita Manns was a fouryear

starter for the Lady

Shockers. Her dedication and

hard work elevated her skills

both in the classroom and on

the lanes.

“I think the program helped

me become a better player

physically and mentally, but I

also think it helped me with

life lessons as well,” Manns

said. “It showed me that I was

stronger than I ever thought

I was. It helped me learn so

much more about dedication

and hard work, and what can

be achieved when you really

put your mind to something.”

Manns found success

throughout her time in the

bowling program, earning

herself numerous awards.

Some of these awards include:

National Collegiate Bowler of

the Year, Most Valuable Player

at the National Championships,

multi-time Academic

All-American, First Team

Regular All-American and a

member on the 2005 National

Collegiate Championship team.

Through these achievements

Manns exemplified leadership

and earned the respect of her


“Being a part of the Shocker

Bowling Program was no doubt

the best four years of my life

and I would never trade it

for anything,” Manns said. “I

was truly blessed to be able

to have the experience and I

hope that this scholarship will

help someone else to be able to

experience it too.”

The Shocker Bowling program

awards around $84,000

in scholarships every year.

With the help of donors like

Manns, the bowling program

is able to reward deserving

students for their outstanding

achievements both on the lanes

and in the classroom.

USBC Open Championships

VIP program sells out

in inaugural year


2012, the United States Bowling

Congress introduced a VIP

program to help enhance the

tournament experience at the

USBC Open Championships,

while the one-of-a-kind Showcase

Lanes were created to add

a new dimension to preparing

for competition.

Both additions to the

tournament landscape have

proven to be extremely popular

as more than 250 bowlers

signed up for the VIP program

in its inaugural year, making

it a sellout for 2012. Bowlers

interested in signing up for

2013 should visit

vip for more information.

With the 2012 event just

past the halfway point of its

151-day run, reservations

continue to roll in for the

Showcase Lanes. More than

1,100 practice and coaching

sessions already have been

booked, but times are still

available for interested bowlers

headed to Baton Rouge.

“We are very pleased with

the response to the addition of

the VIP program and Showcase

Lanes, and we’re already looking

at how to make them even

more successful in 2013,” said

Brian Lewis, USBC Managing

Director of Tournaments. “We’re

excited to be able to offer both

programs again next year, and

we’re developing a VIP program

for the USBC Women’s Championships

as well.”

The current VIP program

includes front-of-the-line service

at check-in and in the scale

room, a one-hour lesson with

USBC Silver coach Bill Hall,

VIP polo shirt, complimentary

locker, bonus coupons, Bowling

Ball Express discount, tickets

to the televised finals of the

USBC Masters and Queens and

discounts on merchandise, photos

and videos - all for $199.95.

USBC plans to adjust and

enhance the program in 2013

based on customer feedback.

The Showcase Lanes, four

lanes constructed on the second

level of the Baton Rouge River

Center, give bowlers the opportunity

to practice on the same

lane surface and oil pattern

they’ll be facing downstairs on

the 48 tournament lanes.

Here’s what some VIP

members are saying:

Dan Stricker, Washington,


Age: 58

Number of Open Championships:


Why did you choose to take

advantage of the VIP program?

When I saw everything that

was included in the package,

it sounded like a really good

deal. I knew it would be cool

to see everything behind the

scenes, and it gave me a chance

to experience some things

I’ve never taken advantage of

before while in town for the


What was your favorite/

most enticing feature of the


1. The locker- I’ve been in

and out of that thing 10 times;

2. The lesson- I’ve never had

an hour lesson that gave me

that much good information.

It was something I could use

immediately and can continue

to use in the future.

What was the experience

like for you?

The VIP experience has

been a great value, and I will

take advantage of it at every

tournament I bowl.

The customer service has

been outstanding. From the

moment I walked through the

door, I have been truly treated

like a Very Important Person,

from being greeted as I arrived

by Duane Hagen, the tournament

manager, to being in the

front of the line at every stop

along the way.

All the staff members I have

interacted with have greeted

me with a genuine smile,

asking me what they can do

Levi Bishard posted powerladen

195-279-287 = 761 Classic

Trios marks to take top honors

for the week at AMF Richardson


Tonjah Castro’s, Bishard’s

league mate, solid 255-235-239 =

729 showing led the lady bowlers.


Bill North 237-666, Georgia Haynes

191-507, Phillip Kepner 259-730, Wanda

Parker 248-676, Tim Besherse 246-669,

Teresia Mabry 190-521, Chris Nelson

269-717, Denise St. Clair 199-559.

Roman Czopyk 214-567, Betty

Will Briggs pocketed an

award-winning 255-300-247 =

802 NASCAR series to head the

honor roll at AMF Showplace

Garland Lanes.

Linda Chambers fronted fem

scoring with a sky-high 236-243-

232 = 711 Follies set.


Ted Pritts 268-716, Ashley Adams

267-670, Paul E Wilson 279-722, Dixie

Moser 232-575, Bettie Mehl 185-436,

Guadalupe Munoz 185-501, Kathy

Hopkins 192-529, JD Venable 262-682,

Paula Maar 208-547. Josh Seaton 191-

527, Melora Wilt 211-520, Jonathan

to make my experience better.

They’ve done it. It’s been a

great experience. Now if I can

just BOWL well!

Timothy Martin, Harrisville,


Age: 44

Number of Open Championships:


Why did you choose to take

advantage of the VIP program?

For the coaching session.

It was a great experience. He

gave me two key learning

points, which were fixing the

position of the ball in my hand

and showing me a certain

way to start, which helped my

timing as a new left-hander.

What was your favorite/

most enticing feature of the


The coaching and use of the

current (2012) tournament lane


What was the experience

like for you?

Very positive. But honestly,

I didn’t know if it would be

worth the cost at first. Initially,

I thought $200 was a big

number, but once I got on-site,

I realized what a great value it

really was just for the preferred

times and the lesson. The other

things were a bonus at that


Sam Carter, Ben Lomond,


At AMF Richardson

Bishard banks 761,

Castro delivers 729

Quillen 188-454, James Alexander

287-728, Elynn Boss 225-662, Tommy

Yetts, Jr 228-638, Barb Wygren

190-551, Jim Mahoney 279-732, Karen

Koenig 193-529.

Cory Dollard 248-697, Terri Riches

208-522, Sean Pierce 225-574, Amber

Zerbe 171-451, Monorom E 232-583,

Lisa Ring 185-514, Roman Czopyk

278-622, Sandee Lowe 179-449.

Sandy Watson 246-707, Rhonda

Yoshida 253-625, Romah Pugh 238-

676, Danyelle Becker 192-568, Ron

Williams, Jr. 236-667, Cindy Powell


At AMF Showplace Garland

Briggs crushes 300/802,

Chambers records 711

Johnson 258-674, Buddy May 222-585,

Paula Maar 166-441, Linda Chambers

227-630, John Brackey 243-664, Amy

Morrison 202-558, Pat Grant 193-547.

Robert W Wilson 279-679, Betty

Walters 166-471, Lonnie Locke 265-715,

Glen Chancellor 255-726, Ira Taylor Jr.

255-689, Sammye Ragland 209-577,

Paul E Wilson 279-764, Arvese McGraw


Alan Ritchie 254-735, Tori Martin

193-549, Jon Ashley 254-716, Bernard

Nelson 234-647, Janet Scarborough

199-537, James Pryor 246-606,

Caldondria Hill-Enette 156-432.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 9

Age: 60

Number of Open Championships:


Why did you choose to take

advantage of the VIP program?

1. practice lanes; 2. Bowling

Ball Express discount; 3. the

VIP lounge area with Internet


What was your favorite/

most enticing feature of the


The practice lanes: Our

companion team had a VIP

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Ensminger leads at 748,

Hannah charts 720

Jimmy Ensminger was red

hot last week at Brunswick Zone

Watauga as he captured highseries

honors with a hard-hitting

748 High Points outing.

Ashley Hannah’s super

smooth 257/720 Twilighters

session fronted fem scoring.


Charles Walton 289, Dick Riley 289,

Edward Marcoux 746, Julie McHugh

628, David Smith 727, Kathleen LeCroy

also, so we got two one-hour

practice sessions instead of the

one-on-one coaching sessions.

You can practice on the shot

at home, but it’s so much better

to practice on it on the same

surface in the same building.

What was the experience

like for you?

Great. Hopefully, they

continue this in the future.

Note: Carter rolled a 300

game in doubles on the way to

a 2,028 all-events total.

626, Danny Graf 746, Sandy Dooley 597,

Tim Laird 701, Mary Davis 512, James

Stierwalt 681. Elizabeth Olivieri 552,

Michael Bennett 627, Jennifer Roberts

530, Jerry Kelly 732, Jeff Brace 737,

Lisa Head 583, Lonnie Shelton 725,

April Shelton 595, Erin Bjorkman 574,

Tim Laird 634, Amanda Miller 488.


Jimmy Hill 613, Reva Lovett 506,

Don Holland 681, Iva Griffith 531.

1212 E. University Dr., Denton, TX 76209


Brunswick Zone Watauga

Memorial Day Weekend


and Junior Gold Qualifier

6 Game Tournament

Scratch and Handicap Divisions

Saturday, May 26

Registration: 9:00 AM

Start: 10:00 AM

Entry Fee: $45.00

Optional Junior Gold



Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow Dr

Watauga, TX 76148

817-485-2695 817-281-5428 Fax

Memorial Day Weekend Tournament

Name: ________________________ SCRATCH or HANDICAP

USBC # ____________ JR. GOLD # _____________

Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ___________________ ZIP: ________ Phone #: ________________

2010- 2011 Book Average: ________________

Page 10 | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS


Frankie Alonzo sets the Texas state record with 290-300-300

at AMF DeSoto…and Trea Ward a measly 820 at Forum…Kevin

Kwan shot 804 at BRC Varsity…Robert Alt shot 763 at AMF Hurst…

Lisa Lea led the ladies with 783 at DC Cityview, boomstick…

Sandy Dacy was high at BRC Watauga with 728…Tabitha Wall

was high at AMF Jupiter with 676…Dani Sellers shot 699 at DC

West…a very deserving Joe Gennaro is elected to the FWBA

Hall of Fame…Bob Chamberlain wins Senior PBA Title…JD

Underwood wins NABI title at AMF Showplace Euless…Tony

Thayer shot 300 at AMF Showplace Garland…Youth, Danny

Neill rolls 731 at PSB.


Dale Reynolds smoking the gutter at DC West for 790…The

real deal of 1992, Debbye Berry shot led the ladies with 300/780

Showplace-Euless, becoming the first woman in the country to

shoot a 300 with a Weapon (free ball from Del)…Larry Story

shot 776 at DC FW...Terry Wall, probably the fourth best Wall,

led the way Showplace-Euless with 776, it’s a toss-up whether

little Goose is better, I know Lori is…Rick Talley shot 746 at

Triangle Lewisville, RIP…Susie Minshew rolled 724 at DC SW…

Mary Hill at 646 at Forum…Cindy Coburn-Carroll defeats Dana

Miller-Mackie for Queens title…Youth, Tommy Copeland shot

687 at Hurst Bowl.


Larry Lewis led the honor roll with 813 at Forum…Joel Gardner

led Circle with 773…James LeCroy a little ole 769 at Meadowbrook…the

great Warren Hay a 300/755 at Golden Triangle…

James Faulkner with 300 at Jupiter…Gwen Murray led the ladies

with 700 at Circle…Jo Baker shot 650 at Wedgwood…Kathy

Copple led Ridglea with 648…Jean Fewell shot 602 at Berry…a

very young looking Scotty Bruce won the BBA at Bowlerland…

Ron House won TTBA at Bowlerland…Calvin Dacy led All Star

FW with 611, and yes he’s related to the Daceman.


5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088


6:00 PM Monday Mixers 4 Mixed league…variety of averages - $16 week June 4th Starts at 5:30 PM

7:00 PM

4 Bank & Credit Union employees…GRAB three co-workers for a fun league

Beginners welcome - $12 week per member (Plaque to 1st place team)

June 4th Starts at 6:30 PM

10:00 AM Just For Fun 2 Senior leaguers…2 games - $4 week June 5th Starts at 9:30 AM

1:00 PM Rolling Rocks 3 Seniors… at least 55 years old - $7.25 week June 5th Starts at 12:30 PM

6:30 PM

4 Mixed league…fun league - beginners welcome - $15 week June 5th Starts at 6:00 PM

10:00 AM Wednesday Women 3 Ladies league…relax and have fun with friends - $9 week June 6th Starts at 9:30 AM

6:00 PM 4 Mixed league…variety of averages -$16 week June 6th Starts at 5:30 PM

7:00 PM 4 Couples league…Take your sweetie for a weekly night out of bowling * $20 wk per couple June 6th Starts at 6:30 PM

9:00 PM

3 Competitive men's league - $20 week June 6th Starts at 8:30 PM

10:00 AM 3 Ladies…time you do something just for YOU, Grab two friends & bowl! - $9 week June 7th Starts at 9:30 AM

6:00 PM Thursday Funfours 4 Mixed league…variety of averages - $16 week

Any combination…fun league * $15 wk (Team receives pitcher domestic draft beer &

June 7th Starts at 5:30 PM

9:00 PM Pitchers & Pizza

4 large 1-topping pizza) June 7th Starts at 8:30 PM

10:00 AM Senior No Tap

Senior drop-in league…nine pin no tap - $6 week June 8th

10:00 AM 2-3 Youth league…ages 4-18 - bumpers to majors. League bowls 12 weeks. June 9th Arrive at 9:30 AM

($79 bumper bowlers & $109 other groups) Includes EOS trophy party!

10:00 AM

League for special needs kids ages 13-21 ($2.50 per game/3 games per week) June 9th Arrive at 9:30 AM

4:00 PM 2-4 Youth Adult league…moms, dads & kids pair up to bowl! FUN league for beginners! June 3rd Arrive at 3:30 PM

League bowls 12 weeks…$99 per bowler includes EOS trophy party!

6:30 PM 4 Mixed league…variety of averages - $16 week June 3rd Starts at 6:00 PM

The Bowling News is now on-line!


Continued from Page 16

more information.

Also, the JDRF Strike Out

Diabetes event is June 2-3

at AMF Lewisville. As you

probably know, one of Chris

and Lynda Barnes’ twin boys,

Troy, was diagnosed with type

1 diabetes in 2008. They have

been hosting this event each

year to help raise money to try

and find a cure for diabetes. On

Saturday morning, they will

be having a Youth Clinic at

10 am with Q&A and on lane

instruction with the pros. It’s

just a $25 donation to Juvenile

Diabetes Research Foundation

(JDRF) to participate in this

event. Immediately after that

will be the main event with

live and silent auctions as

well as bowling and entertainment.

Send Lynda an email

to participate. The Bowling

News team will be there and

we are also fundraising prior

to the event if you would like

to donate to JDRF and support

us. My fundraising page is at


com/participant/leisha or you

can find Genie’s for the team


Hope to see you all there!

At AMF Hurst Lanes

Delso downs

767 series

Tim Delso’s strong 254-246-

267 = 767 Wednesday Mixed

outing took top honors on the

honor roll last week at AMF

Hurst Lanes.

Lucky Hansen paced the gals

with a nice 182-212-187 = 581

Livewire Sr.’s set.


Sam Houston 174-499, Angela

Robbins 135-348, Charles Young 222-

642, Lucky Hansen 211-578, Andrea

Collins 199-529, Carroll Caldwell

649, Cameron Johnson 268-736, Tana

Hightower 174-499.


quickest and

best way

to reach

people in


P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama

Barber cruises to 731,

Shaw drills 620

Leonard Barber won the

high-set contest again last week

at Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama as he

tossed top-notch numbers of 258-

204-269 = 731 in Wednesday

Mixers league play.

Barbara Shaw, Barber’s league

mate, fired a stately 196-213-211

= 620 set to lead the ladies.


Brent Molloy 237-662, Ella Oliver 217-

563, Kenneth Zuver 207-552, Carol Hess

170-483, Paul Jones 255-673, Midge Tranberg

186-497, Judy Garms 204-583, Rick Lawrence


Giulani won high-set honors last

week at BRC Thousand Oaks by

polishing off robust 269-289-256

= 814 numbers in Early Mixed


Brianna Galler led the ladies’

high-game and series with a

super solid 212-300-162 = 674

Armadillos series. This was also

Brianna’s first 300 game.

Larry Syring shared high

game accolades with Galler as he

also recorded an award-winning



Donald Cooper 250-596, Amanda

Eachus 264-638, Gabe Yanes 226-652,

268-715, Nay Coulter 164-491.

Brain Brenner 254-663, Susan

Lee 226-598, Frankie Mesa 220-557,

Sout Mesa 141-392, Adolf Gutierrez

(2 games) 183-357, Gina Gutierrez (2

games) 136-251.

Dean Bray (2 games) 248-483, Bev

Jones (2 games) 160-317.


Ray Lanham (2 games) 161-258,

Shirley Large (2 games) 161-298,

Rodney Savoie 226-619, Louise Garner

200-517, Eric Hornquist (no tap) 217-

635, Karen Dyer (no tap) 204-556.

At BRC Thousand Oaks

Giulani turns in 814,

Galler collars 300/674

Syring 300

Felicia Sorrells 258-661, Brandon Lee

269-744, Barbara Neve 237-619, Carol

Kenney 265-652, Arielle Martinez 241-

673, Larry Syring 709. Michael Phillips

268-779, Ryan Taitano 268-697, Selina

Perez 204-579, Quentin Snow 267-705,

Pat Hart 267-619, Tamara Achong 246-

614, Norb Dominguez 254-713, Chuck

Garrison 251-608.

Diane Frizzell 185-543, Ian

Normandin 231-619, Sam Little 279-608,

Jamie Hall 210-585, Brent Tabor 236-682.


Tyrone Crosby 269-676, Anna

Robinson 196-551, Pita Quinney 190-

476, Larry Maureschat 212-562, Terry

Vance 256-607, Roberta Grassmuck

195-506, Steven Nicholson 236-634.



This will be the place to be

on Wednesday nights!

Starting Wednesday , May 23 @ 6:30 PM

Meeting on Wednesday, May 23 @ 6:00 PM

$20.00 per week per person. 3 games each week.

2 weeks for each pattern.

The Patterns are as follows, The Earl Anthony, Dick

Weber, Carmen Salvino, Detroit Open, Shark as

well as Mexico City.

For more information contact Calvin or Felicia

Always Smoke-Free Fun!

BIG FUN! Small Commitment!


4330 Thousand Oaks Blvd San Antonio, TX 78217


At Brunswick Zone Denton

Schon soars to 762,

Donnelly downs 673

Wills 299

Leon Schon, from the

Wednesday Follies group,

pocketed power-laden 280-279-

203 = 762 numbers en route to

earning high-set honors for the

week at Brunswick Zone Denton.

Diana Donnelly fired an

outstanding 182-276-215 = 673

Corporate Rollers set to front

distaff scoring.

Fred Wills’ near perfect 299

solo earned high-game honors.


Doug Tatman 225-662, Sandy

Mills 203-543, Terry Bussell 276-726,

Stephanie Ary 211-567, Jonathan

Pelc 247-640, Devonna Hoffman 191-

557, Duane Parsons 237-680, Jesus

Valenzuela 280-694.

Amber Walters 180-487, Kari

Sportsman 239-652, Angie Richardson

190-550, Terry Bussell 279-737,

Amanda Ferrell 191-509, Randy Beard

266-701, Sheila Holder 199-588, Phil

Hughes 246-722.

Darla Reed 190-509, Wayne Cieslik

258-666, Diane Bent 171-498, Henry

187-514, Terri Pierce 190-442, John

Kennedy 265-662, Donna Young 139-

404, Mustafa Almahel 237-621, Sheila

Holder 225-612.


A C Adam 239-701, Dee Jungerman


At Red Bird Lanes

Cathey claims 753,

Daniel jolts 675

Billy Cathey headed the leader

boards for the week at Red Bird

Lanes with a free-wheeling 269-

256-228 = 753 Tuesday Mens

league showing.

Lauren Daniel led the ladies

with a booming 247-267-161 =

675 Sunday Night Mix session.


Dorothy Jones 200-549, Lauren

Daniel 210-591, Zachary Wrightsil

267-684, Matt Seppala 217-508, Rebecca

Salinas 170-429, Monica Franklin

183-503, Karen Gillman 205-568, Rich

Carlson 249-692.

Liz Smith 200-528, Lupe Guerra

245-633, Kevin Boykin 213-620, Jeffery

Cathey 205-562, Deanna Hoffman

203-596, Bradley Robinson 247-660,

Denise Chambon 195-559, Mary Dryden


Stan Knowles 256-629, Lynette

Evans 188-529, Mel Richards 246-700,

Dorothy Perry 184-515, Randy Dotson

240-631, Marilyn Masterson 168-414,

Cindy Howell 174-488.

Bruce Hulse 201-509, Sina Kinslow




Weekly drop in, not a league!

Bowl 3 games in our FUN format.


AT 7:30 PM

Only $20.00 per person

(Pre-paid reservations accepted til 5 PM Fridays)

4 per lane

We Pay On All Splits Converted With A Color Pin

Super Pot pays out 1/2 to 1st time sweeper bowlers


Family owned and Independently operated for 38 years

1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 11

Team USA’s Smith, Johnson to compete in

PABCON Champion of Champions

ARLINGTON, Texas - Team

USA’s Steve Smith of San Diego

and Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga,

N.Y., will represent

the United States in the Pan

American Bowling Confederation

Champion of Champions

event starting Wednesday.

The four-day tournament

takes place May 9-12 at the Kegel

Training Center in Babson

Park, Fla. and will serve as the

qualifying event for the 2013

World Games, which will be

held in Cali, Colombia.

A total of 19 countries are

expected to compete in the

Champion of Champions with

a star-studded field of the top

players from each country.

Among the notable players

are 2012 USBC Hall of Fame

inductee Amleto Monacelli

of Venezuela, Canada’s Dan

MacLelland, Colombia’s Andres

Gomez, Brazil’s Marcelo Suartz

and the Dominican Republic’s

Aumi Guerra.

Bowling for your country

is, in my opinion, an awesome

experience.,” said Smith, who

earned three gold medals and

two silver medals at the 2011

Tournament of the Americas.

“Not too many people get to do

this in their life so for me is

the greatest thing. I’ve always

wanted to represent USA when

I was a kid. I thought it might

be basketball but it wasn’t

meant to be. Now I get to do it

for bowling and I’m on cloud

nine. I want to do the best I

can and see what happens.”



8 weeks, $8 per week

End-of-season pizza party

Get a TZone Bowling Ball at the end of the

season for $5 more per week.

Join and enjoy the great times of bowling at Brunswick!

Starts Tuesday, May 15th at 9 PM

3 games per week

3 people per team

Meeting at 2:30 PM

Always Smoke-Free Fun!

BIG FUN! Small Commitment!

940-383-3515’s BowlTV will

provide free live streaming of

the event from start to finish

of the event, which begins

Wednesday with singles

competition. Medals will be

awarded in men’s singles,

women’s singles, mixed

doubles, men’s all-events,

women’s all-events, national

all-events, women’s singles

Masters, men’s singles Masters

and mixed doubles Masters.

The top eight teams in the

national all-events will join

Colombia in qualifying for next

year’s World Games. Bowling

is one of more than 30 sports

not currently included in the

Olympics that are showcased in

the World Games.

Team selected for World Youth Championships


Koff of Miami, the defending

all-events champion, heads the

list of eight Junior Team USA

members selected to compete

in the 2012 World Tenpin Bowling

Association World Youth

Championships this summer.

The World Youth Championships

will take place June 22

through July 3 at the Blu-O

Paragon Bowling Center in

Bangkok, Thailand. Participants

will compete for medals

in five events - singles, doubles,

team, all-events and Masters

match play.

Joining Koff on the boys

team are Zack Hattori of

Las Vegas, Marshall Kent of

Yakima, Wash., and Chris Via

of Springfield, Ohio.

The girls team will consist

of three-time Junior Team USA

member Jessica Earnest of

Vandalia, Ill., Amanda Greene

of Romney, W.Va., Danielle

McEwan of Stony Point, N.Y.,

and Kelsey Muther of Topeka,


The selections were determined

after members of Junior

Team USA attended a training

camp last week at the International

Training and Research

Center in Arlington.

“Narrowing down the roster

to the eight we selected for the

Youth World Championships

was not an easy task,” said Rod

Ross, head coach of the Team

USA program. “The talent level

was extremely deep and that

made it very tough for the

coaching staff when it came to

selecting the team.”

Koff, a four-time member

of Junior Team USA, will

be taking part in his second

World Youth Championships.

At the 2010 event in Helsinki,

Finland, Koff became the first

United States bowler to win the

gold medal in boys all-events

at the World Youth Championships.

He also teamed with

Craig Hanson to capture the

gold medal in doubles and

helped the U.S. to the silver

medal in the team event.

Kent and McEwan won the

2012 USBC Team USA Trials,

the first time junior bowlers

had swept the titles. Kent

will be making his second

tournament appearance for

Junior Team USA. He won

gold in trios and silver in team

at the 2011 Pan American

Bowling Confederation Youth


McEwan and Earnest also

competed at the 2011 Pan

American Bowling Confederation

Youth Championships,

winning gold in team. Earnest

also won silver in doubles.

The World Youth Championships

will be the first time Hattori,

Via, Greene and Muther

represent Junior Team USA in

an international event.

2200 San Jacinto Blvd Denton, TX 76205

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1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager







1901 W. Airport Freeway

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(817) 571-1174

Giving You The

Power To Perform

Susie Minshew

USOC Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010


Owner / Operator

PBA Member





HURST, TX 76053


HOURS: Monday–Friday 1–9, Saturday 1–7

Billy DeCicco


Inside AMF Arlington Lanes

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for Your Success




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Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available

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Located inside

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Phone: 817-294-0501


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don’t see much anymore,” said

Eoff on the conditions. “I like

it when they’re hard; there’s a

premium on shot-making and


Fagan mentioned that

he wishes the PBA tour had

more events where the lane

conditions were tougher, and

that more tournaments should

be like the US Open, not just

once a year. He feels that there

should be more focus on the

quality of the bowling, and not

just making it high scoring for

the TV telecast. This is the area

where the Red River tournament

gets it right.

Fagn/Eoff earned $2000

for the win and $1200 in the

calcutta. O’Keefe/Vermilyea

won $1500 for second and $775

in the calcutta.

Other cashers: 3rd Paul

Fleming & Chris Johnson

$1250/$500, 4th Xeno Garcia

& Kelly Ray $1000/$300, 5th &

6th Scott Southwick & Carolyn

Dorin-Ballard, John Reger &

Billy Rogers $525/$200.

The tournament had 25 entries

with the high game being

279 shot by Mike Fagan and



(inside AMF DeSoto Lanes & AMF Spare Time Lanes)


Andrew Lowy

Russell Corwin

Cody Carlton

AMF Spare Time Lanes

3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015




Chris Johnson. For CJ it was an

interesting road to his 279, as

he finished the first game with

a lily in the 10th for 127, then

shot 279 the very next game.

Sorry, no video of the lily as he

cleared the deck as quickly as


Side Note: While the dreamteam

of Wamo Matlock and

Del Ballard did not cash in the

tournament proper, they did

make a little cash off of Genie

Franklin and Sandi Charles

with some side bets. The

inserted picture shows Genie

very happily paying that man

his money.

AMF Desoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr.

DeSoto, TX 75115


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 13

During the title match, clockwise from upper left, Derek Eoff ,Mike Fagan, Shannon O’Keefe and Erik

Vermilyea. Notice how far left they are playing.

1960—Ronnie Diamond & Jimmy Carman of

Dallas, Champions; Rod Pope & Dale Bowman of

Lawton, 2nd Place.

1961—Max Lewis & Ken McKenzie of Dallas,

Champions; Max Skelton & Al Iverson of Oklahoma

City, 2nd Place.

1962—Lewis Ray & James Dunston of Ft. Worth,

Champions; Charlie Farmer & J.B. Soloman of Ft.

Worth, 2nd Place.

1963—J.R. Solomon & Milt Mulhousen of Dallas,

Champions; Ronnie Brown & Clyde Curlee of

Lubbock, 2nd Place.

1964—Lewis Ray & James Dunston of Ft. Worth,

Champions; E.A. Christensen & Bob Redford of

Lubbock, 2nd Place.

1965—T.W. White & Charlie Farmer of Ft. Worth,

Champions, Copper Daugherty & Lynn Headrick of

Midland, 2nd Place.

1966—T.W. White & Charlie Farmer of Ft. Worth,

Champions; Joe Pyland & Frank Withrow of Dallas,

2nd Place.

1967—Glenn Hamilton & Tim Brosenan of

Oklahoma City, Champions; Jimmy Doolen of

Wichita Falls & Wyatt Slaughter of Ft. Worth, 2nd


1968—Bob McGregor of Lubbock & Les Giles of

Amarillo, Champions; Dudley Barch of Vernon &

James Dunston of Keller, 2nd Place.

1969—Bob McGregor of Wichita Falls & Bob

Meadows of Houston, Champions; Jim Sallin &

Richard Altman of Oklahoma City, 2nd Place.

1970—Bob McGregor of Wichita Falls & Bob

Meadows of Houston, Champions; Jimmy Doolen

of Wichita Falls & Scotty Westlake of Altus,

Oklahoma, 2nd Place.

1971—Mike McKamy of Dallas & Lewis Ray of Ft.

Worth, Champions; Perry Clauch & Joe Robertson

of Ft. Worth, 2nd Place.

1972—Butch Stallcup & Gene Bedford of Dallas,

Champions; T.W. White & Jessie Watson of Ft.

Worth, 2nd Place.

At the Red River Doubles

Red River Doubles Past Champions

1973—J.B. Solomon & Frank Winthrow of Dallas,

Champions, Bob McGregor of Carrollton & Jerry

Hill of Lawton, 2nd Place.

1974—Bob McGregor of Carrollton & Mike Lewis

of Dallas, Champions; Ronnie Diamond & Ken

Urban of Dallas, 2nd Place.

1975—Ron McCauley of Wichita Falls & Jerry

Parker of Burkburnett, Champions; Ronnie

Diamond & Ken Urban of Dallas, 2nd Place.

1976—Ronnie Diamond & Ken Urban of Dallas,

Champions; Jerry Hill & Mark Hill of Lawton, 2nd


1977—Joe Hafner & Julius Lamar of Dallas,

Champions; Odel Tipton & Tony Garrett of Wichita

Falls, 2nd Place.

1978—Frank Withrow & Dickie Northcutt of

Mesquite, Champions; Robin Higginbotham of

Wichita Falls & Al Stumpf of Ft. Worth, 2nd Place.

1979—Mike Berry & Ron DeGroat of Oklahoma

City, Champions; Lewis Ray of Mansfi eld & Steve

Ray of Irving, 2nd Place.

1980—Steve Carson of Oklahoma City & Glen

Armstrong of Yukon, Champions; Ken Hostetter &

Joe Tidwell of Odessa, 2nd Place.

1981—Steve Carson of Oklahoma City & Glen

Armstrong of Yukon, Champions; Jay Adams &

John Collins of Ft. Worth, 2nd Place.

1982—Norm Duke of Ft. Worth & Joe Vito of San

Antonio, Champions; Rick Ramsey of Byers &

Larry Buckingham of Ft. Worth, 2nd Place.

1983—Pat Brownfi eld of Midland & Randy Fuller

of Ft. Worth, Champions; Julius Lamar & Joel

Gardner of Ft. Worth, 2nd Place.

1984—Richard Altman of Edmond, & Gary

Dickinson of Burleson, Champions; Ron McCauley

of Wichita Falls & Art Trask of Fresno, CA, 2nd


1985—Mark Hill of Lawton & Tony Westlake of

Altus, Champions; Bob McGregor of Carrollton &

Steve Ray of Irving, 2nd Place.

1986—Mark Hill of Lawton & Tony Westlake of

Altus, Champions; Joel Gardner of Dallas & Dale

Bowles of Pinson, AL, 2nd Place.

1987—Ernie Schlegel & Bob Porter of Vancouver,

Washington (USA), Champions; Wam-o Matlock &

Chris Warren of Dallas, 2nd Place.

1988—Chuck Lande of Dallas & Norman Keltner

of Wichita Falls, Champions; Andy Warren & Alvin

Davis of Dallas, 2nd Place.

1989—Bob McGregor of Carrollton & Randy

Johnson of Dallas, Champions; Bobby Scales &

Jimmy Rivera of San Antonio, 2nd Place.

1990—Mike Nichols & Tony Franklin of Grapevine,

Champions; Bill Bridenbough & Sean Quinn of

Amarillo, 2nd Place.

1991—Bob McGregor of Carrollton & Randy

Johnson of Dallas, Champions; Tony Franklin of

Grapevine and Brad Hunter of Irving, 2nd Place.

1992—Brian Poppenberg of Dallas & Mike

Johnson of Houston, Champions; Chris Barnes &

George Keene of Wichita, KS, 2nd Place.

1993— Tim Helms and Glen Armstrong,

Champions; Robert Leathers and Dennis Samsel,

2nd place.

1994— Eddy Kelly and Mike Scroggins,

Champions; Chuck Toy and Steve Ray, 2nd place.

1995— Terry Taylor and Kelly Ray, Champions;

Rick Ramsey and Steve Szabina, 2nd place.

1996— Rick Lawrence and Paul Fleming,

Champions; Pete Weber and Mark Dyson, 2nd


1997— Jeff Lephart and Mark Dyson, Champions;

Rick Lawrence and Paul Fleming, 2nd place.

2010— Nathan Bohr and Jake Peters, both of

Wichita, KS, Champions; Dino Castillo and Derek

Eoff, 2nd place.

2011— Paul Fleming, Bedford, TX, and Chris

Johnson, Grand Prairie, TX, Champions; Geoffrey

Young and Josh McBride, both of Wichita, KS,

2nd place.

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(For May 2-8, 2012)

Two bowlers reach 50 years at

USBC Open Championships

Vern Denault of Bradley,

Ill., and Gordy Baer of Tinley

Park, Ill., have bowled with or

against each other since just

after high school, and they

now share a spot in the United

States Bowling Congress Open

Championships record books as

the 150th and 151st bowlers to

reach 50 years of tournament


Denault was the first to

make the milestone march

down Center Aisle at the Baton

Rouge River Center on May

7. He has only missed two

events since his USBC Open

Championships debut in Detroit

in 1961. In his career, he has

traveled to 33 cities across 22


The 74-year-old right-hander

finished the memorable 2012

event with 573 in team, 565 in

doubles and 505 in singles for

a 1,643 all-events total. In 50

tournament appearances, he

has knocked down 85,329 pins

for a career average of 189.62.

Baer, a 72-year-old righthander,

got his start at the

Open Championships at the

1959 event in St. Louis. He

has enjoyed many successes

on the championship lanes.

In 1973, he led his team to

the Team All-Events title and

found the winner’s circle again

with Regular Team and Team

All-Events titles in 1979.

The USBC Hall of Famer’s

next goal is to become a member

of the 100,000-Pin Club at

the Open Championships. He

entered the 2012 event with

a career pinfall of 89,694 and

added a 535 series in team. He

is scheduled to bowl doubles

and singles at 6:30 p.m.

Eastern on May 8.

Denault and Baer each

received a plaque, chevron and

diamond lapel pin to commemorate

their milestones.

Former Team USA member

takes lead at Bowlers Journal


Former Team USA member

Fero Williams of Falls Church,

Va., moved into the top spot in

Open Singles and on the Dual

Entry standings this week at

the Storm Bowlers Journal

Championships presented by


The 31-year-old right-hander

fired games 223, 246, 262

and 274 for a 1,005 total. Pete

Thomas of Oklahoma City

previously held the lead with


The Bowlers Journal

Championships is running

alongside the USBC Open

Championships for the 66th

year and is being held at Baton

Rouge’s Metro Bowl. The event

features singles and doubles

competition and introduced a

199 & Under Handicap Singles

option this year.

Pennsylvania bowler rolls 300

game at Baton Rouge River


Robert Staub Jr. of Hanover,

Pa., rolled the 17th perfect

game of the 2012 USBC Open

Championships during doubles

May 8.

The 42-year-old left-hander

added games of 173 and 190 for

a 663 series and teamed with

Ronald Loss of Paulden, Ariz.,

for a 1,191 doubles total. Staub

rounded out his fifth tournament

appearance with 534 in

team and 517 in singles for a

1,714 all-events total.

USBC Open Championships

VIP program sells out in

inaugural year

The new VIP program at

the USBC Open Championships

has been well-received as more

than 250 bowlers signed up for

the program in its inaugural

year, making it a sellout for


USBC plans to adjust and

enhance the VIP program

in 2013 based on customer

feedback. Bowlers interested

in signing up for 2013 should

visit for more


The tournament’s new

Showcase Lanes also have been

popular with more than 1,100

practice and coaching sessions

already booked for the unique

four-lane installation upstairs

at the Baton Rouge River

Center. Times still are available

for interested bowlers headed

to Baton Rouge.

A look ahead

This week, Rodney Baird

of Meadville, Pa., will become

the 47th bowler in USBC Open

Championships history to reach

55 years of participation, while

four bowlers - Wayne Vanwey

of Springfield, Ohio (May 12

at 3:30 p.m. Eastern), George

Barnes of Buffalo, N.Y., and

Bill Hohensee of Lexington, Ky.

(May 12 at 9:30 p.m. Eastern)

and David Stackhouse of

Ashland, Ohio (May 13 at 3:30

p.m. Eastern) - will join the

tournament’s 50-Year Club.

For more information on

the Open Championships, visit



Baton Rouge River Center, Baton Rouge, La.

(Top 10 division leaders with hometown and

pinfall as of May 8)



1, Nicholas J’s Pro Shop 2 (Nick Heilman,

Matt Mysliwiec, Greg Pizl, Trevor Yonan,

Andy Mills), La Crosse, Wis., 3,401. 2,, Wichita, Kan., 3,344.

3, Cambridge 1, Arlington, Texas, 3,319. 4,

Artistic Expressions 1, Oklahoma City, 3,316.

5, Linds Lakers 1, Minneapolis, 3,278. 6, S &

B Pro Shop 1, Clinton Township, Mich., 3,277.

7, The Locker Guy 1, Mankato, N.D., 3,247.

8, Clone Huskers, Madison, Wis., 3,244. 9,

Frans Pro Shop 1, Waterloo, Iowa, 3,239. 10,

ND Storm 1, Mandan, N.D., 3,227.


1, Matt McNiel, Prior Lake, Minn./Charles

Vashaw, Deephaven, Minn., 1,489. 2, Roger

Blanchard/Jimmy Zimmerman, Syracuse,

N.Y., 1,464. 3, Mark D’Angelo, Elmira, N.Y./

Ryan Kretchmer, Rochester, N.Y., 1,453. 4,

Thomas Corbett, Minneapolis/Gary Green,

Houlton, Wis., 1,439. 5, Chad Newman,

Grapevine, Texas/Michael Warren, Dallas,

1,436. 6, Hugh Miller, Mercer Island, Wash./

Adam Barta, Girard, Ohio, 1,429. 7, Chris

Hans, Rocky Mount, N.C./Ryan Whitney,

Lewisville, Texas, 1,420. 8, Dan Bock, Albert

Lea, Minn./Chad Nelson, Owatonna, Minn.,

1,419. 9, Scott Erickson, Oregon, Wis./Chris

Gibbons, Madison, Wis., 1,410. 10, Sam

Carter, Ben Lomond, Calif./Ron Case, Oakley,

Calif., 1,401.


1, Henry Teetz III, West Allis, Wis., 800. 2(tie),

Andrew Kleutgen, Wild Rose, Wis., and

Dustin Knipp, Mansfield, Ohio, 785. 4, Ryan

Whitney, Lewisville, Texas, 773. 5, John

Ferretti, Erie, Pa., 771. 6, Robert Hanson,

Tacoma, Wash., 765. 7, Camden Rokita,

Springfield, Ill., 763. 8(tie), Matt Smith,

Altoona, Iowa, and Mark D’Angelo, Elmira,

N.Y., 756. 10(tie), Vayle Floria, Cerritos, Calif.,

and Scott Pohl, Burnsville, Minn., 755.


1, Matt McNiel, Prior Lake, Minn., 2,202. 2,

Ryan Whitney, Lewisville, Texas, 2,170. 3,

Derek Eoff, Madison, Wis., 2,167. 4, Nick

Wissinger, Clinton Township, Mich., 2,152. 5,

Nick Heilman, La Crosse, Wis., 2,121. 6, Brian

Waliczek, Birch Run, Mich., 2,111. 7, Brian

Diede, Huron, S.D., 2,105. 8, Chris Gibbons,

Madison, Wis., 2,089. 9, Terry Syring, Bay

City, Mich., 2,087. 10, Shawn Lee, Centennial,

Colo., 2,082.

Team All-Events

1, S&B Pro Shop 1 (Bill Orlikowski, Nick

Wissinger, Mark Moore, Kerry Kreft, Dave

Ewald), Clinton Township, Mich., 9,954. 2,

The Locker Guy 1, Mankato, Minn., 9,925.

3, Cambridge 1, Arlington, Texas, 9,817. 4,

Linds Lakers 1, Minneapolis, 9,801. 5, Fran’s

Pro Shop 1, Waterloo, Iowa, 9,795, 6, Clone

Huskers, Madison, Wis., 9,770. 7, Lodge

Lanes Too, Orlando, Fla., 9,744. 8, Pohl

Position, W. Henrietta, N.Y., 9,741. 9, Five

Horsemen, Racine, Wis., 9,731. 10, Legend of

Dung Ho, Cerritos, Calif., 9,666.



1, Nite Owls (David Dean, Winston Ware,

Leon Clark, Michael Hicks, John Sperry),

Madison Heights, Va., 2,707. 2, Frazee 2,

Vergas, Minn., 2,678. 3, Garden Center

Lanes 4, Alexandria, Minn., 2,670. 4, K Lines

2, Gildford, Mont., 2,658. 5, Lani Ohana,

Honolulu, 2,650. 6, Schmidt Motors, Ogallala,

Neb., 2,639. 7, Donnas Lounge 2, Sheffield,

Iowa, 2,631. 8, Bluedog Blazers, Webster,

S.D., 2,614. 9, Paradise Lanes, Walden, Colo.,

2,607. 10, Garden Center Lanes 3, Alexandria,

Minn., 2,604.


1, Randy Tennant, Onida, S.D./Tim Luken,

Gettysburg, S.D., 1,231. 2, Daniel Broussard,

Broussard, La./Rob Clark, Rayne, La.,

1,196. 3, Lenny Boogaard, Osakis, Minn./

Larry Sorenson, West Union, Minn., 1,187.

4, Kathy Barthel, Jacksonville, Ala./Thomas

Gaskins, Bessemer, Ala., 1,184. 5, Jewell

Ownbey/Forrest Ownbey, Newport, Wash.,

1,182. 6, Don Driver, Howard, Colo./Dave

Culp, Salida, Colo., 1,180. 7, Jeremy Skelenar/

Bobby Turner, Kearney, Neb., 1,177. 8, Eric

Douglass, Goldfield, Iowa/Dale Helgevold,

Osceola, Iowa, 1,170. 9, Paul Reker, New

Ulm, Minn./Norman Skarphol, Madelia, Minn.,

1,163. 10, Kristine Kreuser, Wayne, Ill./Keith

White, Gurnee, Ill, 1,153.


1, Joel Fee, Pella, Iowa, 655. 2, Dennis Hanson,

Harbor Beach, Mich., 640. 3, Jerry Roberts,

Primghar, Iowa, 637. 4, Rick Richter,

Primghar, Iowa, 634. 5, Travis Simplot,

Oregon, Wis., 622. 6(tie), Ken Brewster,

Goshen, Ind., and Randy Irvin, Cortez, Colo.,

621. 8(tie), Randy Witters, New Weston,

Ohio, and Mark Herring, Seymour, Mo., 619.

10, Bruce Thibodeau, Buffalo, Minn., 617.


1, Aaron Lam, Columbia, Mo., 1,763. 2, Dennis

Poepping, Alexandria, Minn., 1,746. 3, Paul

Schrubbe, Horicon, Wis., 1,742. 4, Harry

Arnold, Falls City, Neb., 1,741. 5, Sheldon

Goldberg, Hollywood, Fla., 1,739. 6, Jerry

Roberts, Chino Valley, Ariz., 1,721. 7, Terry

Turner, Shoreline, Wash., 1,699. 8, William

Rowald, Roscoe, Ill., 1,698. 9, Darwin Noah,

Sidney, Mich., 1,693. 10, Randy Witters, New

Weston, Ohio, 1,688.

We are always

looking for

human interest

story ideas—let

us know

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

Texas State USBC

75th TSUSBC Women’s Championship

Unofficial Final Standings as of 5/6/12

Team, Div 1 901 and Up, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score From

1 Thats My Spot 411 3,221 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood USBC

2 Bipolar Bowlers 552 3,058 Dallas USBC WBA

3 Strike Force II 131 3,042 South Brazoria County

4 Swirling Storm 612 3,299 Gr Houston USBC

Team, Div 2 826 - 900, Handicapped

1 Whatever Happens 489 3,269 Dallas USBC WBA

2 Lone Star Ladies 81 3,263 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

3 Five Diamonds 603 3,238 Dallas USBC WBA

4 Babes And Balls 535 3,237 South Brazoria County

5 Throw Money 287 3,228 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

Team, Div 3 751 - 825, Handicapped

1 Shoot Five 605 3,387 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

2 Pooh And The Gang 714 3,320 Gr Houston USBC

3 Texas Ladys 66 3,298 Gr San Antonio USBC

4 Ooops 18 3,253 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Chatters 445 3,251 Gr Houston USBC

Team, Div 4 676 - 750, Handicapped

1 Spare Parts 47 3,358 Gr San Antonio USBC

2 One Ball Time 606 3,329 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

3 Texas Gamblers 65 3,319 Gr San Antonio USBC

4 Brantley Trucking 104 3,305 Odessa USBC

5 All All Down 299 3,241 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

Team, Div 5 675 and Under, Handicapped

1 Splits Happen 442 3,358 Gr Houston USBC

2 Ever Hopeful 751 3,299 Gr Houston USBC

3 E-Z Rollers 417 3,249 Dallas USBC WBA

4 Hanging Tough 418 3,246 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Pearland Girls Having Fun 125 3,244 Alvin Pearland USBC

Doubles, Div 1 361 and Up, Handicapped

1 Most, Lynette K / Sposito, Cathy 552 1,385 Dallas USBC WBA

2 Long, Kathy S / Illhardt, Kimberly A 16 1,365 San Marcos USBC

2 Alford, Mandy L / Johnson, Dorothy L 389 1,365 Gr Tyler USBC

4 Taylor, Lori W / Williams, Tammy G 535 1,361 South Brazoria County

5 Williams, Pamela E / McCoy, Gina S 131 1,354 South Brazoria County

Doubles, Div 2 331-360, Handicapped

1 Graham, Jackie E / Moy, Jeannette “Jo” G 124 1,445 Gr Houston USBC

2 Brown, Valinda / Richardson, Shellie 123 1,414 Gr Houston USBC

3 Massey, Cyndi A / Flores, Patsy A 130 1,381 South Brazoria County

4 Bercher, Gail W / Wilson, Vivian A 446 1,353 Gr Houston USBC

4 Brown, Sherry E / Castro, Kim A 489 1,353 Dallas USBC WBA

Doubles, Div 3 301-330, Handicapped

1 Cross, Megan M / Derry, Deborah A 289 1,523 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

2 Petty, Desiree D / Hutchins, Dawn G 323 1,478 Dallas USBC WBA

3 Boland, Laura M / Stahl, Sandra (Sandy) S 220 1,388 Giddings USBC

4 Mitchell, Elsie R / Wright, Jane E 1 1,380 Gr San Antonio USBC

5 Miller, Trisha K / Cozby, Monnie L 301 1,376 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

Doubles, Div 4 271-300, Handicapped

1 Comba, Brandy / Mullens, Rosaria 267 1,474 Red River USBC

2 Fisher, Ashleigh E / Sledge, Sheila M 603 1,416 Dallas USBC WBA

3 Kubala, Margie / Kubala, Beverly A 17 1,387 San Marcos USBC

3 Hutson, Carol R / McQueen, Kathie 103 1,387 Odessa USBC

5 Smith, Anita M / Barnes, Fran A 33 1,383 Gr San Antonio USBC

Doubles, Div 5 270 and Under, Handicapped

1 Hunt, Vickie L / Black, Lauren L 371 1,436 Dallas USBC WBA

2 Sherman, Kimberley / Prescott, Michelle R 125 1,408 Alvin Pearland USBC

3 Lawyer, Johnna M / Hilcher, Carol L 94 1,377 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

4 Gonzales, Margie B / Gonzales, Margie C 437 1,376 Monahans USBC

5 Thompson, Peggy / Sarlls, Paula J 142 1,371 Red River USBC

5 Kelley, Anita J / Ferguson, Linda 751 1,371 Gr Houston USBC

Doubles, Scratch Doubles, Scratch

1 Navarro, Esther M / Brown, Rachael Ann A 484 0 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood USBC

Singles, Div 1 181 and Up, Handicapped

1 Polak, Cheryl A 123 743 Gr Houston USBC

2 Albin, Sandra J 81 730 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

3 Illhardt, Kimberly A 16 726 San Marcos USBC

4 Brown, Amy R 489 707 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Smith, Rita K 28 705 Denton County USBC

Singles, Div 2 166-180, Handicapped

1 Hoffman, Laura J 81 798 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

2 Davis, Dellene 186 759 Highland Lakes USBC

3 Hopkins, Sherry L 266 743 Red River USBC

4 Lineweaver, Frances R 6 734 Gr San Antonio USBC

5 Howe, Debra A 18 715 Dallas USBC WBA

Singles, Div 3 151-165, Handicapped

1 Brown, Valinda 123 777 Gr Houston USBC

2 Vendetti, Carola B 82 739 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

3 Dershem, Linda M 289 736 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

4 Suttles, Syretheal Rita A 44 733 Southeast Texas USBC

5 Stiggers, Cheryl A 490 731 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Fisher, Karla D 755 731 Dallas USBC WBA

Singles, Div 4 136-150, Handicapped

1 Wilson, Kathy J 371 779 Dallas USBC WBA

2 Cramer, Angela D 445 766 Gr Houston USBC

3 Hauer, Faye 371 726 Dallas USBC WBA

4 Dovers, Christine D 553 725 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Tuck, Linda S 747 718 Dallas USBC WBA

Singles, Div 5 135 and Under, Handicapped

1 Josey, Katherine F 463 813 Gr Houston USBC

2 Sullivan, Juliane L 339 774 Brownwood USBC

3 Rose, Lacy N 236 761 San Angelo USBC

4 Simpson, Regina L 237 746 San Angelo USBC

5 Sandoval, Carmen 34 736 Gr San Antonio USBC

Singles, Scratch, Scratch

1 Polak, Cheryl A 123 689 Gr Houston USBC

2 Smith, Rita K 28 606 Denton County USBC

3 Cox, Susan L L 28 569 Denton County USBC

4 Eustis, Marilyn 303 549 Nacogdoches USBC

5 Flood, Cheryl 303 504 Nacogdoches USBC

All-Events, Div 1 181 and Up, Handicapped

1 Illhardt, Kimberly A 16 2,108 San Marcos USBC

2 Taylor, Lori W 535 2,078 South Brazoria County

3 Brown, Amy R 489 2,025 Dallas USBC WBA

4 Williams, Tammy G 534 2,024 South Brazoria County

5 Albin, Sandra J 81 2,014 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

All-Events, Div 2 166-180, Handicapped

1 Hoffman, Laura J 81 2,187 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

2 Flores, Patsy A 131 2,169 South Brazoria County

3 Hopkins, Sherry L 266 2,103 Red River USBC

4 Lineweaver, Frances R 6 2,084 Gr San Antonio USBC

5 Black, Lauren L 371 2,076 Dallas USBC WBA

All-Events, Div 3 151-165, Handicapped

1 Derry, Deborah A 289 2,161 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

2 Dershem, Linda M 290 2,150 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

3 Cox, Susan L L 28 2,095 Denton County USBC

4 Brown, Valinda 123 2,094 Gr Houston USBC

5 Isbell, Victoria L 394 2,082 Gr Tyler USBC

5 Vendetti, Carola B 82 2,082 Gr Ft Worth Metroplex USBC

All-Events, Div 4 136-150, Handicapped

1 Cramer, Angela D 445 2,245 Gr Houston USBC

2 Petty, Desiree D 323 2,187 Dallas USBC WBA

3 Dovers, Christine D 553 2,087 Dallas USBC WBA

4 Troutz, Gloria A 34 2,069 Gr San Antonio USBC

5 Gonyer, Michelle A 65 2,066 Gr San Antonio USBC

5 Reinsch, Carol 142 2,066 Red River USBC

All-Events, Div 5 135 and Under, Handicapped

1 Josey, Katherine F 463 2,233 Gr Houston USBC

2 Comba, Brandy 267 2,226 Red River USBC

3 Sullivan, Juliane L 339 2,188 Brownwood USBC

4 Wiley, Cindy J 22 2,141 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood USBC

5 Sandoval, Carmen 34 2,104 Gr San Antonio USBC

Do You Remember?

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | Page 15

Page 16 | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

By Leisha Murr

We had a great time last

weekend for our annual

Kentucky Derby day at Lone

Star Park in Grand Prairie. The

weekend did get off to a bad

start when it started raining on

Friday evening. I was hoping

that rain wouldn’t detour our

plans for the Derby Saturday

and it didn’t, but what happened

was even worse.

My friend Kiyoko was

coming up from Temple Friday

night to join in the festivities

for the weekend. Because of

the rain, the power was out on

the block where you enter my

neighborhood. The intersection

should be a 4-way stop when

the traffic lights are out, so

Kiyoko waited her turn. As

she went to make her left-hand

turn across the intersection an

oncoming car flew through it

without even trying to stop and

T-boned the passenger side of

her car.

They knocked her Murano

across two lanes, onto the

sidewalk, on top of the fire

hydrant and into the brick

retaining wall, and then

DROVE OFF! First, I have no

idea how the other car was still

drivable after hitting her that

hard and leaving half of their

front end in the road. But more

importantly, what kid of scum

of the earth can hit someone

hard enough to knock them

into a wall on the other side of

the road and not stop to see if

they are ok or call an ambulance.

It’s a felony to leave the

scene of an accident, but since

she didn’t get the license plate

the police said there isn’t really

anything they can do to find

them. I’m sure they didn’t have

any insurance, or possibly had

been drinking. Apparently,

there were no witnesses either,

but at least the people in the

house across the street heard

the crash and came out to

check on her.

Thankfully, she was hit on

the passenger side and had almost

come to a stop because of

the fire hydrant before hitting

the wall. Besides some soreness

from the impact and a couple

of bumps and bruises, she was

OK. Mad, but OK. But what if

someone, i.e. me, had been in

the car with her? It just amazes

me how little consideration

some people have for others

that they could just drive away.

The car was totaled, but at

Bowl AMF DeSoto’s


League Start Day Time Format Weekly Fee

Senior Mixed Doubles May 29 Tuesday 10:30 AM 2-Person mixed $9.00

Tuesday Nighters May 29 Tuesday 6:15 PM 4-Person Mixed $16.00

Mixed Match Point Trio June 5 Tuesday 7:00 PM 3-Person mixed $20.00

8 for 8 May 22 Tuesday 9:00 PM 2-Person Mixed $8.00

Pushovers May 23 Wednesday 6:30 PM 5-Person mixed $20.00


Sunshine Seniors May 17 Thursday 10:30 AM 4-Person Mixed $9.00

Merchants May 10 Thursday 7:00 PM 2-Person Mixed $16.00

Sunday Funnies June 3 Sunday 6:30 PM 4-Person Mixed $16.00

Just give us a call or contact the

front desk to sign-up

or for more information.

least she wasn’t hurt.

We had already planned

the day at Lone Star Park on

Saturday, so it was nice to be

able to get out there and enjoy

the afternoon. The last few

years we have met the Franklins,

some of their neighbors

and colleagues at the park to

watch the Kentucky Derby.

They have live racing all day

leading up to the simulcast of

the Derby as well as live music,

a hat contest, food vendors and

even a petting zoo, pony rides,

and bounce house for the kids.

It’s probably their busiest day

of the year, and a great place to

pull out the lawn chair and do

some people watching. You can

enjoy the afternoon there even

if you aren’t a gambler.

I, on the other hand, enjoy

the gambling side of it. Tony

usually has a list of bets going

with different people before

we even get to the park. So,

we go-in together each year so

that he is in on all of my bets

as well. We won the first race

this year, and then I got into

a slump second guessing my

first instinct and betting the

wrong horse. It was terrible. I

almost always bet the exacta

box which is picking the first

and second place horses; and

by boxing it, they can come in

either order. Two races in a row

I had scribble out my second

horse on the racing form and

At the track with Genie, Leisha and Kiyoko.

changed my mind, and both

times we would have been a

winner if I’d had just gone with

my first instinct. So the next

race, Tony decided it was his

turn to pick, and wouldn’t you

know, the two horses I had

written down were first and

second and we didn’t bet it!

Now it was time to make

some bets on the Kentucky

Derby. I bet my exacta box on

the two favorites, 6-Bodeister

and 4-Union Rags. Then, I

looked for a couple of bets with

more of a long shot. We found

out last year when Animal

Kingdom came in for the win

at 20-1, anything can happen.

I bet a win, place, show (he

could come in 1,2,or 3) ticket

on Daddy Nose Best because

my dad said he might win by a

nose! Tony and I were talking

about which other horses to

bet, and with a name like I’ll

Have Another, we definitely

needed to bet this horse. If

someone says, “pick a number,”

19 is my first answer, so that

made it even more fate that this

was our horse in my mind. We

bet a bigger WPS ticket on the

19 horse-I’ll Have Another, and

I also bet a trifecta box with

4,6,and 19.

So as you probably know,

I’ll Have Another won the

Derby and that ticket made this

our first profitable Derby day at

the horse races together. Now,

if only the other favorite, Union

Rags, would have made it

into 3rd we could have hit the

trifecta and made it even more


I just want to mention a

couple of things coming up real

quick. For the youth bowlers,

Wes Malott’s All Stars scholarship

tournament is at Highland

Bowl in Austin on Memorial

Day weekend. You can go to for

Continued on Page 10

AMF DeSoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr., Desoto, TX 75115


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