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VOL. 53, NO. 46 www.TheBowlingNews.net NOVEMBER 19, 2009


Top area stars head to

Reno for PBA Regional

Players Invitational

Regional PBA bowlers head to

Reno for a chance to bowl on Tour.

Page 6

The Bowling Foundation

votes to dissolve board

The Bowling Foundation’s

executive director Troy Greisen,

steps down after board votes to

dissolve current structure. Page 7

Duke captures 33rd PBA

career title

Norm Duke, after losing the first

game to Ryan Ciminelli, comes

back to win next four games and

the title. Page 12


Picking Up Corner Pins

By Jim Woodruff Page 2

Honor Roll Page 3

TV Log Page 4

Tomorrow’s Stars Page 8-10

Sponsored by Classic Products

Lane Laughter Page 12

Off the Sheet

By Clint Dacy Page 16






Lisa Wasson helps fuel team to title

By Jim Woodruff

Just before taking to the

lanes in the Baker format

stairstep finals of the SASBA

team tournament at Plano Super

Bowl recently, the Wassons,

Tam and Lisa, had a little talk.

“We know each other’s

game real well,” said Tam.

He recomended she use

From left, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Chris Barnes, Wes Malott, Tommy Jones, Patrick Allen, Rhino Page and Bill O’Neill

A group of 13 of the

country’s top bowlers will lead

Team USA into international

competition in 2010 as part of

the team’s roster was announced

Nov. 4.

A selection committee of

United States Bowling Congress

another ball. She did and it

was the right move. She struck

every time she threw the ball

in the last two games and their

team won the tournament.

On their second-seeded

team, the Power Bolts, with

them were Mark Estes of Dallas

and Eric Traylor of Houston.

In the championship match,

they edged defending champion

and top-seeded Boom which

included Tina Stickney of Phoenix,

Roger West of Nashville

and Jim Ensminger and Xeno

Garcia of Fort Worth.

The full-house of teams each

included one super senior, one

senior, one lady and one guest.

The field bowled five games of

Texans lead Team USA selections

13 of nation’s finest named

From left, Stefanie Nation, Shannon O’Keefe, Shannon Pluhowsky, Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

Belmonte beats Barnes

in the 2 vs. 1 hand battle

of The Next Revolution

On Nov. 8 AMF Showplace

Euless was the last of the four

different cities visited by The

Next Revolution. And it was a

huge success.

The Next Revolution was

created by the USBC to show

bowlers the two-handed style

of Jason Belmonte.

The Euless event with 87

on-lane entries for coaching

was the largest participation

the event has had.

Pete Tredwell, USBC vice

and Professional Bowlers Association

representatives picked

seven men and six women to

join Team USA.

Walter Ray Williams Jr.,

Chris Barnes, Wes Malott,

Tommy Jones, Patrick Allen,

Rhino Page and Bill O’Neill

president of Media, said the

event was marketed differently

at each city.

The Sunday event included

a closed coaching clinic in the

morning to show coaches how

to teach the two-handed style,

the exhibition between Belmonte

and Chris Barnes, which

Belmonte won, 237-189, on-lane

coaching for participants, a

question and answer session,

autographs and Storm bowling

Continued on Page 13

were selected for the men’s

team. On the women’s side,

Stefanie Nation, Shannon

O’Keefe, Shannon Pluhowsky,

Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick and

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard were the


Continued on Page 15

Bowling’s little

giant Page 9

match play on Saturday and

Sunday before cutting to five

teams for the Baker system


The field was loaded with a

large percentage of top shooters

from this area. Director Jim

King, who said the tournament

would be back next year, said

Continued on Page 13

Shelton wins

NABI stop at


Pat Shelton

After a five-year absence

from the winner’s circle Pat

Shelton fought her way to victory

with a 218 handicap score.

Her seventh title netted her

a first-place check of $1,920

in the NABI Tournament held

Nov. 8 at AMF Lewisville.

The shoot-out finals saw

Continued on Page 13

Two-handers compare notes during the coaching session, Anthony

Simonsen, left, and Jason Belmonte

Page 2 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

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Th e Bowling News


Having just held the popular

four-bowler team event at

Plano SB, SASBA executive

director Jim King is looking

forward to a tournament with

a different format that will be

held at Cityview in Fort Worth

in December.

It most likely will draw a


It will give the older SASBA

bowlers a good shot at the


King said the field will

be divided into four groups,

according to age. They will be

50-56, 57-62, 63-69 and 70 and


Each of the four groups will

have its own qualifying and

match play. Each of the four

groups will determine a winner.

Then those four winners

will advance to the finals and

one of the four will win the


* * *

I could be wrong, of course,

but it seems like more and

more people are being a little

shocked around here when

they see how well women

in this area are bowling. Of

course, the USBC moving here

and many top bowlers coming

with them probably has a lot

to do with it. They include

Shannon O’Keefe and Stephanie


Many male fans prefer

watching the women. They say

their games are more like the

women than the men.

It is a crime that the women

are so good now and don’t have

a stage to perform on.

* * *

Well, another week of those

tape-delayed PBA Tour TV

shows have come and gone.

This was the Cheetah Open

and Norm Duke won.

I certainly would have

preferred the live tournament,

as I have written hundreds of

times, but you certainly can

not criticise the PBA’s efforts.

It was semi-documentary and

showed the fans another look

at life on the tour.

It was a first-class production

and I must say I enjoyed

most of it.

I’m ready for live coverage.

The bowlers did a great

job on the show. Put a mike

anywhere near Norm Duke and

he will charm you.

* * *

Wes Malott, the defending

Player of the Year has not been

heard from very often in the


I would think he could have

done much better with the old

format, But that’s life.

* * *

Continued on Page 3



Ken Martin, AMF Spare Time................................. 827

Lee McDonald Sr., AMF Lewisville ........................ 826

Mike Miller, AMF DeSoto ....................................... 810

Chris Johnson, Plano ............................................ 806

Keith Croney, AMF Showplace Euless ................. 802

James Franklin, Brunswick Westcreek ................. 784

Tony Thayer, AMF Richardson ............................... 782

Matt Suarez, Cowtown ........................................... 769

Mark Dean, Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama ........................ 767

Stuart Atwater, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............ 763

Rene Benavides, AMF Showplace Garland .......... 763

Richard Lyle, Interstate .......................................... 759

Rick Lawrence, Jupiter .......................................... 750

Kevin Carbo Jr., Big Town Bowlanes .................... 748

Sung Lee, USA Bowl .............................................. 743

Aric Alcaraz, Forum ................................................ 741

Josh Briggs, Cityview ............................................ 733

David Rogers, AMF Hurst ...................................... 724

John Utter, Lakes Lanes ........................................ 668

Raymond Williams, Red Bird ................................. 662

Mark Timm, Strikz .................................................. 654

Chuck Heintzelman, AMF Irving ............................ 635

Bill Hofman, AMF Arlington ................................... 614


April Ellis, AMF Showplace Euless ....................... 796

Heather Jones, Brunswick Westcreek .................. 758

Monica Villarreal, Jupiter ....................................... 720

Alex Schmieg, Plano .............................................. 713

Sandy Dooley, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............. 697

Linda Chambers, AMF Showplace Garland ......... 681

Tammy Self, Forum................................................. 678

Wanda Parker, AMF Richardson ........................... 669

Wendy Kent, AMF DeSoto ..................................... 665

Stefanie Nation, AMF Arlington ............................. 653

Arli Wilkes, USA Bowl ............................................ 653

Catie Jensen, Cityview .......................................... 652

Carisa Patrick, Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama ................... 647

Carolyn Robb, AMF Lewisville .............................. 639

Kara Congi, AMF Spare Time ................................ 636

Jannette Sanchez, Cowtown ................................. 628

Alex Sumruld, Interstate ........................................ 616

Cathy Eberly, Strikz ................................................ 587

Jennifer Farrell, Red Bird ...................................... 584

Nikki Hardwick, BVig Town Bowlanes .................. 571

Roxie Popillion, AMF Hurst ................................... 569

Andrea Calloway, AMF Irving ................................ 554

Missy Bowersock, Lakes Lanes ............................ 549

At Cityview

Briggs banks 299/733,

Jensen drills 652

Josh Briggs’ rousing 158-

276-299 = 733 Mo’s Matchpoint

showing took high-game and

series honors for the week at

Cityview Lanes.

Catie Jensen posted a stately

203-215-234 = 652 set in Billie


Continued from Page 2

Randy Pedersen is sounding

better and better as the analyst

on TV. Rob Stone is too, but

somebody should shoot him if

he doesn’t stop that hambone


* * *

Don’t I wish I had saved

all those balls I used over the

many, many years. Maybe I

could find one which doesn’t

hook so much.

But it would probably be too

heavy to pick up.

& Les High Pot action to lead the

ladies’ race.


Sonny Howard 244-687, Billy Arnold

221-611, Brian Hammond 226-594,

Rock Joseph 225-616, Monty Bowers

236-660, Jason Spotanski 232-680, Lyn

Cason 279-697.

Frankie Brazos 258-702, Sid Slater

266-657, Jayson Williams 224-579,

Dennis McBrayer 258-650, Darwin

Bonner 237-672, Charlie Richards 236-

635, Bobby West 203-592, Eddie Galvan

258-688, Gus Thrash 242-696.

Pat Carter 182-530, Tyanna Ross

126-337, Cookie Yarborogh 159-443,

Liegh Batten 231-591, Jo Cleveland

162-466, Theresa Bankston 241-590,

Karen Wittenberg 220-576.

Cyndi Dyche 235-627, Amy Langham

211-583, Debbie Barber 149-429,

Jody Clement 212-577, Laurie Witt 197-

570, Karen Steele 190-505, Stephanie

Alsbrook 153-415, Pat Sharp 188-465,

Jana Reed 225-602, Barbara Reynolds


Ken Martin

This week’s high man is

Ken Martin with a 269-268-290

for a 827 series at AMF Spare

Time Lanes.

Ken has owned a Locksmith

business for the last 30 years.

When I spoke with him

yesterday he was on his way to

Oklahoma for the Texas A&M

game. He has the perfect setup,

his son graduated from A&M

and his daughter is a senior at


What is your high series?

This is it. My previous high

was 802 which I bowled two

years ago.

How many 300s have you

bowled? Two.

What ball did you throw in

this league, the STL Businessmen?

A Storm Virtual Gravity.

I have been throwing Storm

exclusively for the last couple

of years.

How was the ball drilled? It

is drilled to go long. The guys

that drill my balls know how I

throw it so they just take care

of how to drill them.

Who drills your balls? Tom

Pak and Steve Albin.

What is your average in this

league? 221.

What is your all-time high

average? I am averaging 226 in

my Tuesday league. I bowl two

leagues at Spare Time and have

bowled there since 1983.

How long have you been

bowling? About 40 years. I’m

old, but I started young. We

moved here from Colorado in

1983. My dad got me started in

the game. He still bowls and

averages around 170.

What part of the lane were

you playing when you shot this

series? I was playing about

17 to 8. I used to be a down

and in player only, but I have

learned how to move in and

play the entire lane.

Who is your favorite pro

bowler? Dick Weber. He’s

always been the nicest guy.

As for the younger guys I

like Walter Ray Williams and

Rhino Page. I like the way that

Rhino is young, but he stepped

up and played with the big

guys right away.

Other thoughts on your big

series? I was bowling against

my dad’s team when I shot

this series. He has never been

around for my other honor

scores, so to have him there

made for a very special night.

I didn’t really get nervous, I

knew that I needed another

260 the last game. I started

with a spare, but stayed calm

and struck out.

Ken’s tip of the week: Keep

practicing and work with new

people. I had a few lessons

from Del Ballard a couple of

years ago and it really helped

me. He slowed my approach

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 3

down and I have had a lot of

success then. You have to keep

learning and keep trying to get

better. The day you quit learning

is the day you quit scoring.

April Ellis

This week’s high woman is

April Ellis with a 258-290-248



The first SASBA Hall

of Fame inductees

included Bob

McGregor, John

Denton, Peggy Brooks

(Service), Bob Freehauf, Jamie Brooks (Service), Robert Gibbs,

and Gary Dickinson.

Bowl With The


Friday, December 4th at 7 PM

Early Bird Entry $40.00

(If paid in full by November 30, 2009)

Youth Entry $25.00 Adult Entry $50.00

($15.00 Lineage/Expenses, $10 Scholarship) ($15.00 Lineage/Expenses, $35 Scholarship)

All Early Bird entries

will will be placed in a

drawing for one of these

great prizes!!

JVC XV-N650B DVD Player

CANON Powershot A560 Digital Camera

APPLE IPOD Shuffle MP3 Player

KEURIG Mini-Brewer Coffemaker

George Foreman GIPOD200 Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Hamilton Beach Healthsmart 2-speed Juice Extractor

The “New”


for a 796 series at AMF Showplace

Lanes Euless.

April moved to the Metroplex

a few years ago after

graduating from Pikeville College

in Pikeville, KY. Pikeville

College recruited April for their

start-up bowling program and

Continued on Page 7

Cityviewlanes.net Fax: 817-346-7208

Thanksgiving Special

Monday, Nov 23rd thru Wednesday 25th

10 AM until 12 AM

Thanksgiving Day

5 PM–12 AM

Friday Nov 27th & 28th 10 AM until 5 PM

Bowling $2.00 per game

Family Pak $34.95

For 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental for up to 6,

one pitcher of soda and popcorn.


9 AM–5 PM

$1.50 PER GAME

214-358-1382 Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220



Page 4 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

At Plano Super Bowl

Johnson smashes 806,

Schmieg plasters 713

Harwell, Haverland, Zappitelli 300s,

Gregorich, Vermeer 299s

Chris Johnson led the scoring

parade for the week at Plano

Super Bowl with a thundering

strike-filled 249-268-289 = 806

Pepsi Classic league series.

Bubba Harwell, William

Haverland and David Zappitelli

shared high-game honors as each

recorded award-winning perfec-



9 PM

To Close

Shoes, Games




9 PM

Until Close




tos. Luis Gregorich and Michael

Vermeer tied for runner-up kudos

with 299 solos.

Junior bowler Alex Schmieg

topped the ladies with a blue-ribbon

287-204-222 = 713 Sunday

Youth Adult set.


Diane Wallentine 279-670, Bill

Tired of the same old sweeper format?


Cost $25 per person

Check-in @ 9:30 PM Bowl @10 PM

Monthly Schedule

• 11/20 - Scotch Doubles (1 man 1 woman

bowl every other ball)

11/27 - Mix It Up (regular, 3-6-9, 9 pin-notap)

• 12/4 - 9 Pin-No-Tap

• 12/11 - 10 for 10 (Bowl across all 10 lanes,

Frame 1 Lane 1 Frame 2 Lane 2 and so on)

Strike Pots, High Pots, Brackets

and Much, Much More!

XXX Side Pot Game


Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133




9 PM






(817) 624-2151

4333 River Oaks Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76114

Kissentaner 261-691, Debbie Lambert

208-584, Gary Keto 278-685, Sandra

Linex 191-511, Marti Babbitt 175-423,

Kati Shantz 126-353, Chris Bloyed

257-731, Arvese McGraw 213-586, Chris

Hayes 278-752.

Dawn Klapper 233-601, Larry

Anderson 247-692, Loree Clark 222-

579, Ricky Airheart 245-704, Debra

Gardner 194-533, Tammy Crawford

196-535, Terri Shauchunas 223-530,

Avery LeBlanc 256-712, Patricia Fajardo


Bill Ferguson 238-650, Anita

Noxon 180-503, Eric Browning 289-759,

Amanda Whiddon 269-661, Bud Swan

256-733, Joan McGuire 184-510, Joe

Findling 259-738, Velma Campbell

235-597, Larry Bates 232-581.

Dawn S. 182-440, Vincent Edwards

243-623, Tamara Cook 190-505, Leah

McCarthy 190-503, Susan Flick 169-

492, Diane Sanchez 200-549, Debbie

Brown 213-530, Jim Marcom 277-767.

Tom Hay 256-737, David Zappitelli

265-747, Mada Chavez 225-597, Tommy

Browning 279-753, Dian Hartel 210-

572, Michael Carroll 258-710, Diane

Wallentine 215-595, Matt Marcus

247-685, Kari Goodrich 181-466, Shirley

Large 187-532, Pam Laplante 209-520,

John Precourt Sr. 247-707, Dottie

Culpon 189-544.

Greg Gray 248-669, David Zappitelli

300-761, Barbara Jernigan 247-629,

Kevin Prior 258-719, Arvese McGraw

221-617, Chris Johnson (4 games) 289-

1074, Lisa Wasson (4 games) 237-887,

George Vaughn 267-704, Janet Keister


Everett Rogers 258-705, Rhonda

Yoshida 221-650, John H. 257-705,

Ashley Rhodes 197-507, Kevin Hiam

289-709, Cindy Mann 235-536, Chuck

Raymond 278-718, Lynn McCreary

205-535, Peter Mahre 278-689, Lisa

Prior 223-532, Hieu Du 186-522, Penny

Pedersen 196-558.

ESPN Schedule

Nov. 22 – *PBA Chameleon Championship, 12

noon (taped Sept. 6 at Thunderbowl Lanes,

Allen Park, MI)

Nov. 29 – *PBA Scorpion Championship, 12

noon (taped Sept. 6 at Thunderbowl Lanes,

Allen Park, MI)



9 AM

until Noon



Noon to Close



At Brunswick Westcreek

Franklin on top with 784,

Jones smothers 758

James Franklin rocked the

Brunswick Westcreek house last

week with a power-laden 269-

256-259 = 784 High Pot With A

Twist series.

Heather Jones registered a

sizzling 297-196-265 = 758 Classic

High Pot set to lead the lady



Ron Boroff 248-728, Nita Stein 240-

659, Keith Thomas 277-722, Amanda

Dominguez 245-656, Rodney Black

257-714, Beverly Rogers 253-654, Matt

Roberto 254-706, Anita Whitley 253-

619, Jonathan Redfield 246-708.

Laura Wood 226-616, Mike Patton

245-708, Anita Whitley 228-612, Steve

Graeve 265-698, Terri Trefger 210-608,

Kevin Joilet 260-690, Ricky Franklin

274-690, April Shelton 223-607, Barbara

Avery 213-594.

Justin Beisner 269-642, Amanda

Dominguez 234-607, Dolores Howard

220-539, Larry Pringle 649, Patrick

Evans 160-412, Sheronica Evans 166-

293, Willie Jackson 279-698, Gloria

Llagas 221-573, Shannon Hemming


James Johnson 663, Carlos Zapata

244-572, Red Stowe 214-635, Terri Trefger

227-605, Beverly Butler 487, Red

Kelly 256-711, Dolores Howard 579,

Joe Williams 183-499, Kip King 584,

Suzann Gardner 206-546.

Bill Martin 597, Cliff Horne 279-

721, Kecia Andries 245-641, Pat Reed

(4 games) 203-722, Nick Gleason (4

games) 226-710, David Boughton 439,

Cindy Johnson 302, Nick Wolinski


Jennifer Reynolds 142-375, William

Hill 232-640, Red Stowe 181-524, David

Boughton 200-550, Carole Alldrege

157-395, Chad LeMen 232-456, Amanda

Dominguez 224-438, Jerry Hay 228-

617, Paula Davis 204-545.

Kellie Elliott 201-561, Eric Wood

658, Joseph Pits 606, Alice Rogers 466,

Chuck Cox (4 games) 203-704, Paula

Hernandez (4 games) 158-584, Jeff

Hamlin (4 games) 204-756.

At Cowtown

Suarez produces 769,

Sanchez tosses 628

Matt Suarez rounded up the

top score of the week at Cowtown

Bowling Center with a high-powered

232-268-269 = 769 Men’s

Night Out league session.

Jannette Sanchez paced the

ladies with a banner 237/628

Wednesday Winners series.


Randy Cross St. 247-656, Marchell

Cross 181-493, Mike Petosa 188-532,

Collen Petosa 177-467, Jerry Densmore

207-592, Kathy Wengert 176-391, John

Cantu Jr. 256-651.

Mary Fernandez 204-505, Phil

Joiner 247-674, Silvia Viera 172-465,

Travis Napier 237-676, Catie Jensen

219-631, Donny Matcum 193-471, Dana

Dark 179-546, Dave Tatsak 140-327,

April Elvington 133-319.

Cecil Jacinto 288-654, Charlotte

Robertson 223-590, Jannette Sanchez

204-522, Brian Thornburg 246-649,

Michelle Teel 267-613, Norman Pan-

nell 234-597, Greg Michaels 255-634,

Steven Sanchez 257-737, Frank Stone

Sr. 242-655.

Jason Spotanski 257-703, Sue Hollis

172-442, Bryon Day 224-590, Nicholas

Gann 255-684, Kim Morgan 176-456,

Chris Morgan 245-731, George Deponte

III 241-630, Kim Patrick 131-316, John

Rodela 206-554, William Daley 253-

631, Kendra Garcia 179-444, Frankie

Mata Jr. 216-573.


Walter Ward 247, Clodine Griffin

210-572, John Stewart 245-690, Judy

Trammell 203, James Godbey 231-628,

Neva House 199-563, Les Messinger

225-673, Lillie Rollins 205, Sherman

Osbon 221-604, Alice Cain 195-523,

Bert Olsen 215-611, Jewell Elliott

183-517, Doug Capers 209, Judy Mertz

196-515, Butch Beck 197-518, Cathy

Anderson 189, Les Messinger 187-539,

Adell Faulk 188-518.


2009-10 SCHEDULE

Dec. 5-6 Cityview (Singles – 4 age groups) Fort Worth, TX

Dec. 12-13 Bandera Super Bowl (SS Singles) San Antonio, TX

Dec. 19-20 Plano Super Bowl (Annual Team) Plano, TX

Jan. 2-3, 2010 Crossroads Bowling Center (Member/Guest Dbls) Beaumont, TX

Jan. 16-17 USA Bowl (Singles) Dallas, TX

Feb. 6-7 Holiday Lanes (Singles) Oklahoma City, OK

Feb. 20-21 Megaplay USA (Singles) Port Arthur, TX

Mar. 6-7 All Star Lanes (M/G Dbls.) Shreveport, LA

Mar. 13-14 Metro Bowl (Singles) Baton Rouge, LA

April 17-18 Cowtown (Member/Member Doubles) Fort Worth, TX

May 8-9 Mel’s Lone Star Lanes (Singles) Georgetown, TX

May 15-16 AMF Showplace Euless (Annual Trio) Euless, TX

May 29-30 Armadilla I (Member/Guest Doubles) Pasadena, TX

** Changed location or correction

AMF Hurst Lanes 720 West Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053 Ph: 817-282-6754

AMF Spare Time Lanes 3149 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015 Ph: 817-465-4997

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless 1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040 Ph: 817-540-0303

AMF Showplace Lanes Garland 1950 Marketplace Dr., Garland, TX 75041 Ph: 972-613-8100

AMF Richardson Lanes 2101 N. Central Expwy., Richardson, TX 75080 Ph: 972-231-2695

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 5

AMF DeSoto Lanes 121 Northgate Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115 Ph: 972-780-8090

AMF Arlington Lanes 1801 E. Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76006 Ph: 817-276-9898

AMF Irving Lanes 3450 Willow Creek Drive, Irving, TX 75061 Ph: 972-790-8201

AMF Lewisville Lanes 1398 West Main St., Lewisville, TX 75067 Ph: 972-436-6575

Page 6 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Top area stars set to invade

Reno for PBA Regional

Players Invitational

RENO, NV — Top players

from the Professional Bowlers

Association’s seven regions

are preparing to invade Reno

for the 40th anniversary PBA

Regional Players Invitational

Dec. 15-17 in pursuit of the

next level in their professional

bowling careers.

At stake in the three-day,

30-game tournament are a

$7,500 first prize, a berth in

the 2010 PBA Tournament of

Champions in Las Vegas and

exemptions to bowl full-time

on the Lumber Liquidators PBA

Tour during the 2010-11 season

for the top seven finishers.

The tournament, which was

first held in Cincinnati, OH,

in 1969 – and won by former

Budweisers of St. Louis star

Tom Hennessey, is open to

the top 25 competition points

leaders in each of the PBA’s

seven regions. This will be the

11th consecutive year Reno’s

National Bowling Stadium has

hosted the Sands Regency Hotel

Casino-sponsored event.

The outcome of the RPI will

be based upon total pinfall

for six games on each of five

Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour

“animal” lane conditioning

patterns – the Cheetah, Viper,

Chameleon, Scorpion and

Shark. Competition begins

on Tuesday, Dec. 15, with the

Cheetah round. The Viper

and Chameleon rounds are

scheduled for Wednesday, Dec.

16, and the Scorpion and Shark

rounds will complete the 30game

competition on Thursday,

Dec. 17.

John Nolen of Waterford,

MI, won the 2008 RPI and

went on to win the 2009

United States Bowling Congress

Masters to earn a two-year exemption

to bowl on the Lumber

Liquidators PBA Tour. Other

players who earned 2009-10

exemptions during the 2008

RPI were: P.J. Haggerty, Clovis,

CA; Lonnie Waliczek, Wichita,

KS; Dave Arnold, Reno; John

May, Lincolnton, NC; Brian

Waliczek, Birch Run, MI; Derek

Sapp, Keokuk, IA, and Wayne

Garber, Modesto, CA.

Southwest-area eligible players

for the 2009 RPI, in qualifying

points order, include:

Southwest Region: 1. Chris

Hibbitts II, Fort Worth; 2.

David Anthony, Austin; 3.

Kevin Mitchell, Tulsa, OK; 4.

Rick Lawrence, Waxahachie;

5. Ryan Boroff, Mansfield; 6.

Andy Patterson, Tyler; 7. Tyler

Jensen, Fort Worth; 8. Mark

Williams, Beaumont; 9. Blaine

Weninger, Abilene; 10. Brett

Cooper, Aurora, CO; 11. Joe

Findling, Mesquite; 12. John

Kay, Derby, KS; 13. Ron Boroff,

Mansfield; 14. Mark Scroggins,

Amarillo; 15. Cole Copeland,

Austin; 16. Tim Dooley, Van

Buren, AR; 17. Kurt Gengel-




9AM-11AM $18.00 PER HOUR

11AM-1 PM $20.00 PER HOUR


9AM-5PM $18.00 PER HOUR




Family owned and Independently operated for 37 years

1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677


bach, Carrollton; 18. Dean

Jones, Austin; 19. James Watson,

Austin; 20. Chris Wimpey,

Aurora, CO; 21. Michael

Gaither, Corpus Christi; 22,

Josh Kubiak, Austin; 23. Trey

Field, Metairie, LA; 24. Richie

Rylant, Dallas; 25. Curt Dupree

IV, Destrehan, LA.

At Red Bird


wheels 662

Raymond Williams racked up

an estimable 245-226-191 = 662

series in 39’ers action last week

to take top billing on the honor

roll at Red Bird Lanes.

Jennifer Farrell, from the

Career Girls group, paced the

Duncanville ladies with a tidy

177-183-224 = 584 set.


Brandie Wilson 203-546, Rodney

Brooks 239-636, Donnie Bumgarner

222-623, Pat Karre 212-543, Carolyn

Large 203-553, Dwayne Winstead

212-606, Jeanne Adams 177-495.

Rob Billman 226-643, Robert

Gagnon 208-600, Vernon Underwood

222-542, Deborah Hodge 176-505, Rick

Peterson 253-649, Elizabeth Stripland

201-537, John Powell Jr. 234-643,

Renea Powell 192-523, Derek Irving


Rachel Chambers 203-537, Carolyn

Shaffer 183-505, Lonny Cobb 222-615,

Chris Sosebee 248-647, Misti King

199-554, Pedro Silva 221-571, Arlette

Washington 193-537.

Tyre Jennings Sr. 137-390, Sandra

Hawkins 154-432, Donnie Baumgarner

225-655, Charity Parker 211-571,

Carolyn Large 174-507, Cindy Howell

185-509, Michael Lyon 202-551, Carolyn

Shaffer 182-507.

At AMF Irving


bags 635

Chuck Heintzelman’s stellar

221-227-187 = 635 Postal Plus

series took top honors for the

week at AMF Irving.

Andrea Calloway led the ladies

with a nice 183-168-203 =

554 Bowlettes series.


Don Banfield 217-602, Mary Lay

196-529, Durwood Andrew 219-543,

Alma Miles 182-456, Ann Hayes

192-441, Barbara Sullivan 203-486,

Robert Haney 231-612, Jannete Vasquez


Willie Williams 235-586, Wendee

Hicks 205-488, Linda McGhee 203-518,

Jerry Minter 237-591, Vicky Alcorn

168-472, Clay Peebles 171-456, Tracy

Mitchell 153-420, Valerie Williams


B. Stone 214-587, Dail Cook 224-

548, Tony Dyer 208-607, Malinda

Gorrell 140-358, Justin Jones 189-417,

Staci Jones 108-290, Miguel Armendori

223-415, Sherry Deason 150-285, Dylan

Good 104-196, Jennifer Butler 127-

225, Asher Macden 183-387, Chirah

Neerovla 114-306.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Atwater racks up 763,

Dooley turns in 697

Grindstaff, Williams bag 299s

Stuart Atwater won the battle

for top billing with hard-hitting

763 numbers in High Points

league play.

Chris Grindstaff and Marcus

Williams shared high-game honors

as each posted 299 singles.

Sandy Dooley paced the ladies’

scoring race with a laudatory

697 Thursday Mixed set.


Ginnette Patzer 245, Billy Dunn

730, Mike Quinlan 644, Kathleen

LeCroy 575, Joe Grace (4 games) 852,

Cindy Styner (4 games) 465, Cody

Parsons 740, Maxine Ellis 636.

Joe Nemec 663, Donna Brown 522,

Dustin Belew 612, Geneva Billue 470,

Bryan Ayers 673, Sherry Holloway 550,

Brant Rydberg (PBA Experience) 568,

Rebeca Rydberg (PBA Experience)


John D. Roberts 597, Jennifer

Roberts 517, Don Noble 680, Jackie

Adcock 529, Josh Tinsman 734, Mary

Mann 507, Chris Grindstaff 749, Andrea

Fleming 648, Kevin Allen 679, Jill

Demuth 440, Kristin Warzinski 600.


Skip Adams 663, Carla Kilgore 518,

Bob Bullington 715, Joan Dale 550.

At USA Bowl

Lee levels 743,

Wilkes uncorks 653

Sung Lee headed the honor

roll for the week at USA Bowl

with an outstanding 211-257-

275 = 743 Just For Fun league


Arli Wilkes, Lee’s leaguemate,

paced the ladies with a classy

192-210-251 = 653 set.


Justin Roagan 189-499, Norma

Martinez 156-453, Robert Natho

257-677, Rhonda Bidwell 184-503, Jack

Soria 278-716, D. Baker 224-602.

Mary Mendoza-Perez 178-605, Todd

Williams 241-673, Kris Stolz 222-612,

Paul Jackson 214-605, Misty Morgan

177-488, Charles Stepp 268-660.

Michelle Carr 211-586, Steve Cain

234-673, Thea Reddick 159-447, Darrell

Caldwell 247-653, Julie Smithart


Bowl Your

Head Off

Sunday through Thursday

9 PM to Close

$2.29 + tax per Game per Person

$1.00 Each Shoe Rental, Small

Popcorn, Hot Dog and Small Soda

plus Draft Beer Specials!

Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148


The Bowling Foundation

votes to dissolve board

Greisen steps down as executive director

The Bowling Foundation

(TBF) board of directors

voted to dissolve the current

structure effective December

31. TBF’s executive director

Troy Greisen stepped down

immediately following the vote.

Program coordinator Jennifer

Lee will remain as a paid staff

member. The board cited a

difficult economy and the need

to become a more effective

and efficient organization as a

reason for its action.

A new board consisting

of BPAA dxecutive director

Steve Johnson, USBC executive

director Stu Upson, Bowlers To

Troy Greisen

Veterans Link administrator

Elizabeth Montanya, Interna-

At AMF Richardson

Thayer polishes off 782,

Parker produces 669

Tony Thayer pocketed prime

259-289-234 = 782 numbers in

XXXX Rated action to lead the

scoring contest for the week at

AMF Richardson.

Wanda Parker rolled a topnotch

256-192-221 = 669 series

in Super Sports circuit play to

front fem scoring.

At Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama

Dean drills 767,

Patrick posts 647

ROWLETT — Mark Dean

compiled a top flight 276-212-279

= 767 Sunday Mixers league

set to gain the top spot on the

honor roll last week at Rowlett


Carisa Patrick, Dean’s leaguemate,

earned fem scoring honors

with a free-wheeling 232-256-159

= 647 set.


Brian Brenner 235-669, Ella Oliver

210-544, Jay Messersmith 200-393,

Pat Townsend 179-337, Billy Rogers


Chad Newman 256-747, Blane

Adkins 248-721, Bryan Simmons

264-748, Willie Wells 245-702, Jim

Reynen 249-701, Vanessa Brown

244-616, Virgie Wright 226-611, Jim

Hutchings 187-537.

Sharon Alphin 176-488, Mike

Boss 256-695, Elynn Boss 212-533,

287-736, Tanya Harrison 235-640, Rick

Vargas 256-625.

Kristi Blue 155-455, Judy Garms

212-553, Larry Lee 265-726, Carisa

Patrick 223-551, Tony Boyd 266-718,

Tammy Klomps 247-628, Randy Patrick

248-683, Tabitha Wall 245-567.


Bill Hutchinson 149-296, Myra

Lovell 173-306, Ron Garcia 257-668,

Louise Garner 200-474, Ron Garcia

(no-tap) 278-755, Jeanetta Stovall

(no-tap) 205-597.

Nation notches 653 at AMF

Arlington, Hofman hits 614

Stefanie Nation led scoring

for the week at AMF Arlington

after pocketing a tip-top 233/653

Ladies Trio set.

Bill Hofman booked a banner

203-211-200 = 614 Sports Trio

series to lead the men.


Heather Jones 194-568, Stephen

Padilla 247-612, Elizabeth Brents

212-550, Eric Rivera 178-445, Vicki

Dunn 171-426, Jeff O’Polka 215-505,

Christine Giurandino 176-400.

Thomas Omara 204-488, Nancy Lira

181-462, Anthony Decicco 186-424,

Crystal Decicco 116-311, Jorge Guerra

186-492, Catherine Elkins 148-374.

⌧ ⌧ ⌧

tional Bowling Museum and

Hall of Fame executive director

Bill Supper and a person to be

appointed who will represent

the interests of TBF partner

Susan G. Komen Bowl For The

Cure, will seek to redefine

the foundation’s mission and


The decision was reached

after hours of discussion that

focused on how best The Bowling

Foundation can serve the

bowling industry in light of the

current economy. The board

conceded its current volunteer

structure with a paid executive

director was not the most

efficient model and agreed on

the need to establish a new

organization best suited to help

established foundation partners

such as Bowlers To Veterans

Link and Susan G. Komen Bowl

For The Cure.

The foundation will continue

its fund-raising efforts

Joey McKay 241-697, Barb Wygren

183-532, Todd Knox 241-529, Kim Leck

137-385, Ed Pease 231-658, Tina Smith


Aaron Pryor 239-660, Mike Mc-

Manus 225-592, Alice McManus

178-423, Sandy Watson 248-688,

Rhonda Yoshida 226-637, Blane Adkins

236-692, Tim Gesino 232-673, Mary

Gesino 207-577.

Curtis Stewart 266-675, Danyelle

Becker 191-513, Bob Hinsley 235-591,

Flo Arista 191-515, Cory Scott 189-

493, Sherry Wilson 138-385, Derrick

Williams 243-683, Peggy Altimore

183-473, Sam Stephenson 267-608,

Melissa Keen 147-414.


Continued from Page 3

awarded her a full paid scholarship.

Just three years into

the program, April helped the

Pikeville College bowling team

win the Intercollegiate Bowling

Championship by beating

Wichita State University.

What is your high series? My

high series is 826 and I have

three 800’s.

How many 300’s have you

bowled? I have bowled four


What ball did you throw? A

Hammer Hot Sauce Pearl.

How was the ball drilled?

Pin down with the cg kicked

out and a weight hole.

Who drills your balls? Brett

Cooper at Ballard’s Bowling


What is your average in the

Masters league? A 235.

What is your all-time high

average? 230.

How long have you been

bowling? I have been bowling

since I was five. My parents

bowled in a league and they

asked my sister and I to bowl

the youth league on Saturday


What part of the lane were

you playing when you shot this

series? I was playing 10 at the

arrows and out to 4.

Who is your favorite pro

bowler? Norm Duke and Walter

Ray Jr. They are veterans who

Continued on Page 16

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 7

with any funds received and

all monies already raised by

TBF to be given as a grant to

further the sport, particularly

in the area of youth bowling.

The decision will not affect the

Flowers For The Living Award

presented annually at Bowl



5021 Lakeview Parkway, Rowlett, TX 75088



Jupiter Lanes Fall League Schedule

Bowling League # Per

Day Time Type Team Meeting Date/Time

Mon 10:00am Seniors 3 Sept 7 - 9:30am

Mon 7:30pm Mixed 4 Sept 7 - 6:30pm

Tues 10:00pm Women 3 Sept 8 - 9:30am

Tues 6:30pm Private 4 Sept 8 - 6:00pm

Tues 7:00pm Mixed 4 Sept 8 - 6:15pm

Tues 8:45pm Mixed 4 Sept 8 - 8:00pm

Wed 10:00am Ladies 3 Sept 9 - 9:30am

Wed 6:15pm Mixed 4 Sept 9 - 5:30pm

Wed 8:45pm Any Combo 4 Sept 9 - 8:00pm

Thur 6:00pm Mens 4 Sept 10 - 5:30pm

Thur 6:00pm Mixed 4 Sept 10 - 5:30pm

Thur 8:45pm Open 3 Sept 10 - 8:00pm

Fri 10:00am Seniors 3 Sept 11 - 9:30am

Fri 6:30pm Mixed 4 Sept 11 - 5:45pm

Sun 5:30pm Y / A 4 Sept 13 - 5:00pm

Sun 7:30pm Y / A 4 Sept 13 - 7:00pm


Sat 10:00am Ages 3-6 3 Sept 12 - 9:30am

Sat 10:00am Youth 4 Sept 12 - 9:30am

180+ average bowlers for our

Matchpoint Trios.

Thursdays 8:45 PM


180+ average bowlers

for our Classic Trios.

Monday 8:45 PM

Huge Prize Fund, Brackets, Strike Pot Tickets,

High Pot and Action

Other Spots Still Available:

Tuesday 7:30 PM Mixed League

Friday 6:00 PM Mixed League

Contact Christy at 972-475-7080

To view our entire league schedule visit


11336 Jupiter Road

Dallas, TX 75218



Page 8 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Fort Worth USBC Youth Results

Jacob Hollis headed the Fort

Worth-area USBC youth bowling

last week with a thundering

259/715 Final Destination series

at AMF Showplace Euless.

Deidra Juetten, Hollis’ legauemate,

paced the girls with

a strong 205/593 set.

Other Fort Worth-area


At Alley Cats — Brooklyn Graja,

82, Natalie Brown 74, Mary Kanak 82,

Dannie Bridges 57, Matthew Bednar

79, Kayla Warren 81, Colin Robben

84-139, Alexander Estes 52-69, Quinn

Robben 72-139, Tara Spridco 67-129,

Jillian Spridco 13-20, Megan Budnik

72-143, Bailey Graham 40-50, Isaiah

Willis 90-165.

At AMF Showplace Euless — Robert

Galloway 213-571, Dillon Atchison

202-534, Nick Wilson 214-515, David

Kim 175-443, Vince Pontecorvo 144-

403, John Uhl 150-384, Bobby Foret

136-372, Breydon Binz 74-127, Cody

Busocker 59-109, Kristina Hill 174-481,

Kristi Richardson 142-392, Amanda

Parks 133-373, Anh Vo 139-342, Natalie

Wilson 114-331, Jessica Joplin 89-227.

At Cowtown — Noah Peiser 111-179,

Shelby Hart 91-177, Michael Tyson

85-159, Danielle Espinoza 90-167, Ricky

Sanders 81-154, Breanna Cano 88-175,

Cameron Kidwell 159-436, Katie Tallant

202-560, Zachery Moore 151-393, Skylar

Belcher 118-312, Caulun Belcher 126,

Katherine Bivens 82-202, Tyler Sime

235-619, Katie Tallant 224-578, Scott

Teel 228-604, Susan Johnson 214-561,

Chandler Ritsch 228-586, Jessica Cantu

184-519, Clarence Murphy 164-392,

Gracie Alegria 143-356, Jacob Boone

97-269, Jordan Trubenstein 133-351,

Raydon Williams 82-227, Thelma

Watson 110-262, Dakota Bogart-Cates

89-172, Leilani Lopez 112-204, Ethan

Long 86-170, Jaiden Long 69-137,

Markeith Striver 70-140, Bryan Gratts

211-567, Katie Tallant 179-484, Jeremy

Petosa 174-506.

At AMF Spare Time — Christopher

Carson 145-366, Kelcus Crunk 184,

Tiffany Finch 80, Garrick S. 156-399,

Rebekah Stahrfisher 93, Isabelle

Stahrfisher 257, Rodrick Alford 468,

Diane Hasty 199-462, Kody Bluford 178,

Erik Garcia 176-490, Nicole MacMurdo


At Interstate — Victor Odighibor

221-608, Alex Sumruld 234-616,

Nathan Diaz 135-386, Taylor Marietta

141-346, Davis Gibson 115-324, Adam

Gonzales 240-599, Rachel Wise

180-502, Tommy Skriec 201-508,

Tatum Holder 143-405, Chris Spencer

167-482, Jennifer Spencer 123-327, Zach

White 125-358, Angela Kinningham

135-323, Josh White 122-268, Kira

Hamman 97-262, Bailey Franklin 90-

240, Kimberly Spencer 72-187, Justin

Devereaux 181-488, Delaney Rowald

133-376, Adam Gonzales 175-447,

Megan Sekiya 123-345.

At Brunswick Westcreek — Jonathan

Bowman 90-175, Douglas Bowman

68-132, Sanish Shrestha 109-205,

Kevin Williams 78-151, Nicole Yerks

139-381, Tyler Hunter 98-220, Caitlyn

Gibson 128-373, Keith Searle 83-245,

Thomas Manning 154-406, Sanish

Shrestha 182-423, Nathanael Wright

134-359, Ace Rurak 152-379, Lyric

Nunley 126-347, Cooper Cox 204-586,

Liayah Lyons 175-497, Daniel Shue

168-425, Jessica Wike 185-491, Katelyn

George 176-438, Audra Lucas 73-136,

Sammy Thompson 76-128, Cooper

Cox (4 games) 208-771, Jason Scheps

(4 games) 171-631, Selena Hernandez

(4 games) 122-461, Taylor Coggins

(4 games) 238-811, Becky Tharp (4

games) 176-558.

At Cityview — Katie Carlberg

173-452, McKalee Rouse 163-431,

Kelsea Johnson 136-400, Kasandra

Rivera 94-277, Heather Pelton 100-274,

Kimberley Sharp 88-247, Jacob Rouse

256-664, Josh Johnson 209-569, Justin

Beimler 218-545, Steven Morris 151-

412, A.J. Schotanus 130-386, Matthew

Reininger 136-354.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

— Scott Latham 433, Reynalda

Contreras 329, Robert Renfrow 389,

Allison Mertz 480, Colton Jordan 628,

Megan Bentham 536, Micah Ellis (PBA

Experience) 365, Megan Bentham (PBA

Experience) 466, Jeffrey Fleming 308,

Claudia Roberts 396, Micah McCracken

377, Mikayla Bucholtz 189.

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Justin Tan posted a powerful

289/743 Saturday Youth Majors

series at AMF Lewisville to lead

the Dallas-area USBC youth bowling

last week.

Alex Schmieg fired a booming

287-204-222 = 713 Sunday Youth

Adult set at Plano Super Bowl to

lead the girls.

Matthew Korn, Schmieg’s

leaguemate, rolled an 11-in-a-row

279 game.

Other Dallas-area scores:

At Jupiter — Anthony Simonsen

266-703, Mikayla Rodriquez 234-523.

At Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama — Braydon

Schroeder 77-152, Morgan Perry


At Plano — Aidan Hudson 117-

319, Kaylea Norman 110-299, Hunter

Kiefert 133-360, Hailey Keister 164-447,

Andrew Smith 203-539, Angela Lee

97-272, Troy Berneburg 264-682, Keilah

Giovino 227-625, Nathaniel Holmes

249-699, Katie Baker 222-605, Niko

Romero 153-421, Veronica Prior 120-

322, Tyler Lastovica 200-562, Jessica

Prior 174-500, George Crenshaw IV

224-620, Nicholas Fryar 218-577, Julie

Woods 211-526, Ethan Murphy 210-595,

Kevin Woodfill 84-158, Alexandra Rogers

87-173, Anthony Simonsen 217-601,

Lisa Cummins 189-498, Jacob Hollis

201-575, Jessie McCusker 166-452,

Stephen Morse 185-447, Sabrynna

Gibson 188-430, Adam Smith 196-558,

Lisa Cummins 223-561.

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

At Red Bird — Clayton Dickerson

226-583, Stephanie McCaleb 140-394,

Taylor McCaleb 104-284, Katherine

Lopez 134-358, Clayton Dickerson

203-563, Makensie Martin 182-499,

Dylan Smith 171-320, Amanda Eans


At AMF Richardson — Dominic

Grant 112-209, Coral Rhodes 106-191,

James Pipes 146-375, Savannah

Nevelow 110-258, Jared Shurtleff 216-

545, Reece Klapper 174-432, Alma Pai

165-409, Scoty Caddel 225-637, Kelsey

Potts 237-545, James Genova 187-456,

Amber McGee 205-545.

At Big Town — Jared Smith 184-

474, Cameron Hampton 126-313, Shae

Hardwick 157-419, Drew West 175-455,

Martin Montes 169-490, Jonathan

Rodriquez 162-464, Kishjuan Busby

177-455, Stephanie Montes 137-344,

Kaylan Nicholson 175-382.

At AMF Lewisville — Michael

Artis 92-260, Carmen Rush 81-238,

James Hancock 179-426, Brandi Rowe

102-262, Kenny Metevier 157-441, Jaden

Takayesu 126-357, Amanda Hagood


At AMF Showplace Garland

— Kaitlynn Enriquez 102-178, Daniel

Carpenter 127-342, Joshua McGuire

128-333, Hannah Cassell 58-158,

Johnnie Arriago 257-695, Darian Moore

181-482, J.L. Morse 234-660, Mary

Creekbaum 195-519, Cade Hancock

190-498, Kristen Willis 190-529.

The quickest

and best way to

reach people in



Justin Tan, AMF Lewisville .................................... 743

Jacob Hollis, AMF Showplace Euless .................. 715

Anthony Simonsen, Jupiter ................................... 703

Nathaniel Holmes, Plano ....................................... 699

Johnnie Arriago, AMF Showplace Garland .......... 695

Jacob Rouse, Cityview .......................................... 664

Scoty Caddell, AMF Richardson ........................... 637

Tyler Sims, Cowtown .............................................. 619

Victor Odighibor, Interstate ................................... 608

Cooper Cox, Brunswick Westcreek ...................... 586

Clayton Dickerson, Red Bird ................................. 583

Martin Montes, Big Town Bowlanes ...................... 490

Roderick Alford, AMF Spare Time ........................ 468

Isaiah Willis, Alley Cats ......................................... 165

Braydon Schroeder, Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama .......... 152


Alex Schmieg, Plano .............................................. 713

Alex Sumruld, Interstate ........................................ 616

Deidra Juetten, AMF Showplace Euless ............... 593

Katie Tallant, Cowtown........................................... 578

Kelsey Potts, AMF Richardson .............................. 545

Kristen Willis, AMF Showplace Garland ............... 529

Mikayla Rodriguez, Jupiter .................................... 523

Amanda Hagood, AMF Lewisville ......................... 508

Makensie Martin, Red Bird .................................... 499

Liayah Lyons, Brunswick Westcreek .................... 497

Nicole MacMurdo, AMF Spare Time ..................... 475

Katie Carlberg, Cityview ........................................ 452

Kaylan Nicholson, Big Town Bowlanes ................ 382

Morgan Perry, Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama .................... 147

Megan Budnik, Alley Cats ..................................... 143


Nov. 22 — Grand Prix Regional (Karen Miller, 512-467-9331)

Entry forms: www.texasbowlingcenters.org.

Nov. 22 — Mega Play, Port Arthur, TX

Nov. 22 — Highland Lanes, Austin, TX

Nov. 29 — Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth, TX

Dec. 20 — Dart Bowl, Austin, TX

Jan. 24, 2010 — Diamond Lanes, Odessa, TX

Nov. 25 — Thanksgiving Eve Youth-Adult Extreme, AMF

Richardson – Sharon Pease, 972-231-2695

Youth/Adult Doubles, check-in 5:30 p.m., bowl at

6 p.m., Scholarships awarded, Entry fee: $26 per

team (if paid by 11/22), $30 at door.

Nov. 28 — Greater Fort Worth Metroplex Youth Scholarship

Tournament, Forum Bowl, 972-647-2275

12 Noon (check-in 11 am.) Entry fee: $35 by

Nov. 14, $40 after that date, walk-ins welcome.

Nov. 28 — Toys For Tots Youth-Adult Tournament,

Cowtown Bowling Center, 817-624-2151

10 a.m. (check-in 9:30 a.m.) Handicap, Entry

fee: $18 per youth-adult team. Call for

information and rules.

Nov. 27-29 — Chris Barnes Thanksgiving Youth Classic

Plano Super Bowl, Plano TX


Dec. 13 — Junior Endurance Open, USA Bowl, Jason

Marquez, 214-358-1382

Handicap only, $500 scholarship first place

guaranteed (based on 25 entries), 9 a.m., Entry

fee $100. Call for information and rules.

Dec. 19 — Christmas Holiday Youth/Adult Scotch Doubles,

USA Bowl, Jason Marquez, 214-358-1382.

Two divisions (5-11) and (12-20). Squad times:

10 a.m., 12 noon, 2 p.m. 4 p.m. Entry fee: $30

per team. Call for information and rules.

Jan. 10, 2010 — Youth Tournament with Junior Gold Qualifier,

AMF Showplace Euless, 817-540-0303

Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010, check-in 12 noon, bowl at

1 p.m. Scratch & Handicap Divisions, Entry fee

$25. Call for information and rules.

If you have upcoming youth tournaments you would like listed

on the schedule, contact The Bowling News at 817-267-8686, fax:

(817-267-1813) or email: bowlingnews@sbcglobal.net.

Bowling’s little giant

Riley Spielman practices at Brunswick Zone Watauga.

By Carol Hazlett

This may be the youngest

league bowler in the Metroplex.

He’s two and a half years

old, throws a seven pound ball,

holds the ball with two hands

but uses the finger holes, and

doesn’t use the bumpers often

to get the ball down the lane.

His name is Riley Spielman,

he’s from Fort Worth and he

bowls in the Tumbleweeds

league at Brunswick Zone


Riley uses the whole

approach and lines up on a

certain spot. His ball stays

pretty much in the center of

the lane.

While we watched him

Lone Star Youth Classic

Tournament Nov. 1 results

Jacob Hollis won the scratch

division of the Lone Star Youth

Classic Tour tournament held

Nov. 1.

Hollis defeated Travis Davenport

in the final single-elimination

match, 206-168. Hollis

earned $270 in scholarship

money, while Davenport won

$130 in scholarship money.

In round one of the single

elimination bracket, Peyton

Pruett defeated Lance Ragland,

197-164, Davenport bested

Jordan Soria, 197-172, Sean

Lavery Spahr beat Ben Walk,

222-172 and Hollis eliminated

Cash Clinard, 178-137.

In round two, Hollis

defeated Pruett, 189-137, and

Davenport won over Lavery-

bowl, he threw three strikes

and picked up some spares.

Riley’s dad, P.J., said he

didn’t coach him or show him

how to bowl. Riley watches

P.J.’s team in league and does

what they do.

His highest game without

bumpers on the lanes is 58,

but Maxine Ellis, the youth

director at Watauga, said he is

averaging 84.

P.J. said that Riley lives for

bowling and practices about

10-plus games a week. Fortunately,

P.J.’s friends give him

their free bowling game passes

to cover Riley’s practice.

P.J. and wife Kelly, may

have a prodigy on their hands.

Spahr, 200-172. Pruett and

Lavery-Spahr each earned $43

in scholarship money.

In the handicap division,

Clay Mitchell outlasted Morgan

Reising, 225-190, to take the

win and $120 in scholarship


Earlier, Reising eliminated

Michael Signo, 282-220, to

move on in the match. Reising

won $60 and Signo collected

$36 in scholarship monies.

Pruett and Davenport won

the Junior Gold spots in the

Junior Gold qualifier.

North Texas High

School Standings

Dallas Central District

Boys Varsity

1. John Horn 1-0; 2. Mesquite

1-0; 3. North Mesquite

1-0; 4. Bishop Lynch 0-1; 5.

Skyline 01; 6. West Mesquite

0-1; 7. Lake Highlands 0-0; 8.

Poteet 0-0.

Girls Varsity

1. Bishop Lynch 1-0; 2.

Mesquite 1-0; 3. Skyline 1-0; 4.

John Horn 0-1; 5. West Mesquite

0-1; 6. North Mesquite

0-1; 7. Lake Highlands 0-0; 8.

Poteet 0-0.

Boys Jr. Varsity

1. Bishop Lynch 1-0; 2.

Mesquite 1-0; 3. John Horn

1-0; 4. Skyline 0-1; 5. North

Mesquite 0-1; 6. West Mesquite

0-1; 7. Lake Highlands 0-0; 8.

Poteet 0-0.

Girls Jr. Varsity

1. John Horn 1-0; 2. Skyline

0-1; 3. Bishop Lynch 0-0; 4.

Lake Highlands 0-0; 5. Mesquite

0-0; 6. North Mesquite

0-0; 7. Poteet 0-0; 8. West

Mesquite 0-0.

Lewisville District

Boys Varsity


1. High School Division open to all high school aged youth bowlers

whose class has not graduated.

2. Grades 5–8 Division open to youth bowlers in grades 5 through


3. Must be USBC member.

4. Dress code: Dress code in effect. NO Jeans. Collared shirt

with sleeves, dress pants, no holes, no shorts, no caps and no

electronic devices.

5. No cell phones during competition.

6. Bowler in grades 5–8 may elect to bowl in one of the upper

divisions based on their average.

7. Junior Gold Qualifying is an additional $25.00 entry fee. If

participating in Junior Gold Qualifying, each day will constitute

a separate qualifier with one in 6 (for that day) for Junior Gold

entrants advancing to the 2010 Junior Gold National Finals. The

contestants 6 games scores constitute their Junior Gold scores.

They may enter once per day and pay the Junior Gold fee each

time they bowl. Separate girl squads, if enough girls enter.

Bowlers must have a current Junior Gold membership.

8. Tournament directors may re-rate a bowler’s average anytime

during qualifying squads.

9. No checks accepted. Entry payment by cash, Visa, Master Card

or American Express credit cards.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 9

Sponsored by

5th Annual Chris Barnes

Thanksgiving Youth Classic

Bowling Tournament



Tournament Condition: Scorpion Pattern

For all Divisions, Average used will be the highest, book

or current (current is as of November 14, 2009, minimum

of 21 games). If no average, bowlers will compete in

the highest divisions. Home schooled bowlers must

provide current grade verification. ALL youth bowlers

MUST PROVIDE their highest verified averages. Incorrect

average can result in bowler’s disqualification.


Four games of Qualifying for grades 5–8 division.

Six games of Qualifying for high school divisions.

1 out of 8 (in each Section) advance to Semi-Finals.

Entry deadline: 15 minutes prior to start of squad.


Friday — 10 a.m., 12:30 a.m., Run the lanes, 4 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Saturday — 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., Run the lanes, 4 p.m. (4

p.m. squad for high school division only)

Saturday 7:00 p.m.

High School Division Semis – Top 8 in each High School

Section advance to Finals on Sunday.

5-8 Division Finals 4-game block

Sunday Match Play Finals (High School Division)

– Bowl 8-games at 9 a.m. (finished by Noon)

1. Flower Mound 1-0; 2. The

Colony 1-0; 3. Hebron 1-0; 4.

Marcus 0-1; 5. Lewisville 0-1.

Girls Varsity

1. Flower Mound 1-0; 2.

Marcus 1-0; 3. The Colony 1-0;

4. Lewisville 0-1; 5. Hebron 0-1.

Boys Jr. Varsity

1. Flower Mound 1-0; 2.

Hebron 1-0; 3. Lewisville 1-0;

4. The Colony 0-1; 5. Marcus


North Fort Worth District

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

Guaranteed SMART Scholarships

SMART account # 10599

NOVEMBER 27, 28, 29

(Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

First place guaranteed

$1,555.55 for 185 and up

scratch High School Division

Girls awarded 6 bonus pins

New this year

First Place Guaranteed

$1,555.55 for 184 Avg. & below

High School Handicap Division

90% of 184

First place guaranteed

$555.55 for grade 5-8 Scratch


$1500 minimum payout



For additional information

and entry blank:




Sharion Harwell, TOURNAMENT


214-334-6797 Fax: 972-937-9648

Send entries to:


or mail to:

Sharion Harwell

12204 China Lake Drive

Dallas, TX. 75253

Boys Varsity

1. Richland 2-0; 2. Fossil

Ridge 2-0; 3. Central 1-1; 4.

Birdville 1-1; 5. Keller 0-2; 6.

Timber Creek 0-2.

Girls Varsity

1. Keller 2-0; 2. Central 1-1;

3. Birdville 1-1; 4. Richland 0-2.

Boys Jr. Varsity

1. Keller A 1-0; 2. Central

1-0; 3. Richland B 1-0; 4.

Richand A 0-1; 5. Keller B 0-1;

6. Fossil Ridge 0-1.

Chris and Lynda Barnes are very excited to announce

an unparalleled classroom learning experience for our

youth tournament bowlers. We will take a 75 minute

break on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. to allow youth bowlers

to learn from the “first family” of bowling - The Barnes

Family. This classroom teaching session will be

limited to the first 100 bowlers to sign up. There will

be a question and answer session the last 15 minutes

of the class. There is a nominal $10.00 registration

fee and 75% of the proceeds go to the Tournament

Prize Fund and 25% goes to the Juvenile Diabetes

Research Foundation.



The quickest

and best way to

reach people in


ENTRY FEE: High School Division

$49 for each squad bowled

(Breakdown: $30 scholarship fund/$19 lineage & expenses)

Re-entry Fee after first squad

bowled is $45

(Breakdown: $30 scholarship fund/$15 lineage & expenses)

Columbia 300 Bowls the World Over

Marathons available

Pay $130 and bowl ANY 3 squads

(Breakdown: $90 scholarship fund/$40 lineage & expenses)

ENTRY FEE: Grades 5–8 Division

$39 for each squad bowled

(Breakdown: $23 scholarship fund/$16 lineage & expenses)

Re-entry Fee after first squad

bowled is $35

(Breakdown: $23 scholarship fund/$12 lineage & expenses)






Rates are $69.95


1600 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75074

Host Center:

Plano Super Bowl

2521 Avenue K

Plano, TX 75074


Page 10 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

AMF Showplace Euless

hosts youth tournament

(From left) Jesse Soria and Jordan Soria, Scratch Division.

(From left) Tristen Jimenez and Justin Signo, Handicap Division

Jordan Soria and Justin

Signo won the scratch and

handicap divisions, respectively,

in the Youth Tournament

held Nov. 7 at AMF Showplace


In the scratch division

stepladder finals, Anthony

Veney defeated Tate Taylor,

before falling to Kristina Hill.

Soria eliminated Hill, setting

up a final match against his

younger brother Jesse.

The match came down

to the 10th frame with Jesse

needed to strike out to beat

Jordan. He struck in the first

frame, but left a single pin on

his next shot, giving the win to


In the handicap division,

Tristen Jimenez took second

place with a six-game total of

1087 and Justin Signo won the

division with a six-game 1109.

The Junior Gold entry went

to Jesse Soria.

The next tournament will

be Jan. 10 at AMF Showplace



Spot and Full Color is available

Call us

for more




Two weeks, two 300s

for 17-year-old Hollis

Jacob Hollis at work at Strike Zone Pro Shop.

By Jim Woodruff

One might say that 17-yearold

Jacob Hollis’ bowling game

is rather warm of late.

The Fossil Ridge High senior

shot a 300 at Showplace Euless

on Oct. 17. And he must have

gotten the hang of it. He rolled

another 300 the next week.

On Saturday mornings he is

carrying a 231 average,

He works on weekends for

James Askins at his Strike

Zone Pro Shop. He drills, plugs

and does everything you can

with a bowling ball. He takes

The Witness Stand to tell it like

it is:

Question: You are a

lefthander and how big?

Answer: I’m 5-11 and 180.

Have you lived in this area

all your life?

No. I moved here from

Bryant four years ago.

Have you participated in

other sports?

USBC projects unprecedented

intercollegiate bowling growth

during 2009-10 season manager Gary Brown thinks it

The United States Bowling

Congress projects the 2009-10

season to go on record as the

largest period of individual

growth in intercollegiate bowling


So far this season, USBC

Collegiate has added 25

new schools to its roster of

institutions fielding collegiate

bowling teams. Those additions

are expected to push USBC

Collegiate’s total number of

certified schools to 175, which

would represent a 16.4-percent

increase over the 152 schools

that participated in 2008-09.

The current growth spurt

has been felt across the country,

but spikes have been seen

in Florida, Ohio, Michigan,

Kentucky, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Viterbo University, located

in Lacrosse, WI, is among the

schools that are newly-registered

this season.

Yes. I played soccer two

years and ran cross-country.

When did you start bowling?

It was about eight years ago.

What is your average now?

It’s currently 231, but in the

PBA Experience league, it is

186. You have to be a lot more

precise in the PBA league.

What does bowling mean to


It gives me something to do

and it is my home away from

home. I really like it.

What are your plans?

I want to go to college.

Maybe at a bowling school.

And maybe later compete in

some regionals. And get a job,

work every day and pay the


Are you worried about the

future of bowling?

No. I am not. I think more

and more people are getting involved.

I think Jason Belmonte

and the two-handed bowling is

Director of Athletics Barry

Fried explains what prompted

Viterbo’s decision to begin

fielding bowling teams.

“One of the primary reasons

we decided to add intercollegiate

bowling was the increasing

popularity of the sport,”

Fried said. “It’s one of the

fastest-growing sports in the

country as 46 of 50 states have

club or varsity bowling programs

in high school. We felt

the addition of bowling might

give us a recruiting niche and

help increase our enrollment.”

Currently, USBC Collegiate

has approximately 2,775

registered bowlers in its

program. That is nearly 150

more bowlers than it had last

season and nearly 300 above its

final number from 2007-08.

The current growth pattern

can be attributed to many

factors, but USBC Collegiate

helping. People want to see all

the revs two-handed bowling

can produce.

You worked for Ron Williams

before going to Askins’ shop.

Do you like working in the pro


Yes, I do. It’s not hard for

me. It seems normal to me. I

stick pretty much to the basics.

Who taught you to bowl?

I’m pretty much self-taught.

I took a lesson or two with

Susie Minshew. I learned by

practicing a lot. Last summer,

I bowled about 100 games

a week. I learned a lot from

Ballard’s Bowling Solutions.

And, really, by watching a lot.

Do you drill all your balls?

I have for the last year and a

half or so.

Askins said he has suggested

some equipment for you to use,

but like most kids, you would

like to have ’em all. How many

bowling balls do you have?

About 10 or 12.

How long are you going to

remain in the juniors?

Probably until after the

Junior Gold. Then I will bowl

with the adults.

How many sanctioned 300s

do you have now?

I have four.

You recently won the Lone

Star Youth tournament. Is that

your biggest victory?

No. That would be the Chris

Barnes tournament.

Who is your favorite PBA


I believe it would have to be

Norm Duke because he is so

versatile. That’s what I’d like

to be.

is largely due to the financial

benefits experienced by both

schools and bowlers.

“Of the 25 new schools we

have added this season, just

about half offer at least some

form of financial assistance to

bowlers,” Brown said. “The student-athletes

and their parents

definitely see that and want to

take advantage of it. Collegiate

bowling already offered the

opportunity to pursue the sport

they love and compete for team

and individual national titles.

Now, it can help them pay for

their educations, too.

“For the schools, bowling

costs very little in the way of

equipment to buy and facilities

to use and maintain, and it

boosts enrollment by allowing

these schools to tap into the

huge number of high school

Continued on Page 16

A big thanks, from

Plano Super Bowl

Bowlers participating in the Susan G. Komen Breast

Cancer Bowl-A-Thon.

Jamie Brooks and Plano

Super Bowl would like to thank

all the participants who bowled

and watched the first annual

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer

Bowl-A-Thon on Oct. 24.

Some of the items donated

for the silent and live auctions

were autographed memorabilia

from the Texas Rangers, local

rooms from hotels such as

the Hampton Inn & Southfork

Hotel, a two-night stay at the

Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas and

a $125 package from the Pink

Cadillac Salon & Boutique in


The Riviera Hotel stay

went to Janet Keister, while

her husband Robert, won an

“exotic vacation” package.

Over 100 people, including

the 18 teams bowling, raised

over $5,000 in donations.

At AMF Lewisville

McDonald Sr. scorches

300/826, Robb records 639

Lee McDonald Sr. outscored

the competition last week at

AMF Lewisville with a dual

award-winning 268-300-258 =

826 Monday Nite Men’s league


Carolyn Robb rolled a hefty

190-211-238 = 639 Lewisville

Mixed set to front distaff



Ernie Holmes 210-579, Dee Jungerman

182-508, Laney Royal 216-632,

Stacy Wilson 179-473, Dennis Kuhn

266-734, Lauren Barriner 137-343, John

Hughes 220-566.

Roseanna Simpson 141-413, Ricky

At AMF Showplace Garland

Benavides musters 299/763,

Chambers garners 681

Rene Benavides, from the

Jack and Jill group, pocketed

power-laden 299-214-250 = 763

numbers en route to earning

high-game and set honors for

the week at AMF Showplace


Linda Chambers held the

hot hand for the ladies with a

rip-roaring 200-213-268 = 681

Wednesday NASCAR set.


Ted Pritts 246-689, Donna Hough

211-618, Bill Montgomery 227-610,

Emma Lou Millet 180-513, Dixie Moser

Kyser 267-722, Larry Vargas 185-490,

Brandon Parker 199-490, Sherri

Vargas 170-478, Kevin Cobb 267-704,

Sherri Strongren 195-569, Rita Smith


Don Keach 254-665, Julie Turner

242-627, Ken Smithers 290-730, Sabina

DeBord 234-591, Jim Bennett 247-672,

Shirley Kindhart 213-593, Pat Hill 212-

550, Lee McDonald Sr. 257-752.

Jana Davenport 221-626, Don Hood

277-742, Ashley Helm 215-561, Mike

Howell 257-621, Bonnie Kluempke

213-535, Ron Leonard 277-682, Karen

Kellum 199-512, Christian LeBourgeois

279-680, Julie Young 196-517.

242-584, David Lowry 255-594, Teena

Lowry 147-418.

William Mowery 254-619, Carole

Jachetta 170-450, Johnny Arriago

279-732, Greg Moreland 195-518, Paula

Carboni 201-534, Buddy May 190-549,

Carole Jachetta 190-497, James Clifton


Michael Trammell 278-738, Linda

Chambers 218-638, Jerry Martinez

255-603, Rebecca Bradley 172-460,

Robert Blassingill 267-731, Carlean

Saffold 212-516, Mike Ashley 278-745,

Linda Chambers 247-637, John Seveir

246-663, Kim Waltz 225-522.

At Big Town

Carbo Jr.

wires 748

Kevin Carbo Jr. won the highset

race last week at Big Town

Bowlanes by hammering out

hefty 245-225-278 = 748 marks

in Strutters action.

Nikki Hardwick led the ladies

with a lofty 175-221-175 = 571

Sons of Herman set.


Harold Hamsher 224-643, Shelly

Cleere 175-479, Mark Miller 290-644,

Dawn Tucker 193-512, Ira Taylor

280-679, Regina Terry 200-505, Kathy

Hopkins 164-471, Harold Simmons

244-613, Debbie Roark 173-505.

Lois Rhodes 182-523, Ann Kunkle

186-511, Gary Furlow 279-711, Kevin

Boykin 276-674, Ronnie Waller 224-

630, Lu Rechenthin 159-460, Al Aguilar


Erika Nannis 214-530, Mike

Faulkenberry 268-696, Karla Kelly

190-534, Jason Traister 257-678, John

Williams 245-663, Glen Rutledtge

256-702, Kim Jackson 195-520.

Sammye Ragland 211-516, Kathy

Hopkins 190-512, Thelma Larew 171-

454, Ricky Jaramillo 256-676, Dolores

Heitman 205-491, John Williams 232-

683, Katheryn Davis 180-512.

At Lakes Lanes

Utter strokes

668 series

THE COLONY — John Utter

stroked a solid 213-236-219 = 668

series in The Colony Mixed group

to head scoring for the week at

Lakes Lanes.

Missy Bowersock rolled a nice

181-183-185 = 549 Sunday Nite

Mixer set to lead the ladies.


James Richenberg 243-663, Geoff

Girot 213-592, Regina Banks 164-440,

Christy Jacobs 209-523, Brian Schmidt


At Strikz

Timm sacks

654 set

FRISCO — Mark Timm was

high last week at Strikz with a

strong 214-204-236 = 654 J.C.

Penney Coed league showing.

Cathy Eberly, from the Morning

Glories group, posted a fine

213-205-169 = 587 set to lead

the ladies.


Tony Hunt 249-609, Julie Bloodworth

177-462, Dave Wietzel 237,

Terry Lewis 178-482, Rick Irving 618,

Joseph Jimenez 234, Cathy Welte

215-533, Williard Harmon Jr. 644,

Wayne Everitt 201, Mary Matusik 185,

Marianne Kolar 504.

⌧ ⌧ ⌧

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 11

There’s still time to sign up

for Fall Leagues

Call your local center now to sign up





Wednesday November 25th

9 AM to Close

$ 2 .00 Per Game

Where Family Fun Begins

Lakes Lanes in The Colony is independently

owned and operated for the bowlers

Contact Pam - 972.624.5263

Now offering Learn

to Bowl Clinics with

Bill Lish,

Sundays 1-3 PM

Join our growing Youth

Program, Saturdays

@ 9 AM

All coaches are

USBC certified

5000 Main Street, Suite 138

The Colony, TX 75056



1500 Big Town,

Mesquite, Texas




NOW forming!

Page 12 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Duke wins PBA

Cheetah Championship

for 33rd career title


Duke added another milestone

to his Professional Bowlers

Association Hall of Fame career

by capturing the PBA Cheetah

Championship at Thunderbowl

Lanes for his 33rd career title.

Duke, who now ranks fifth

on the list of PBA all-time title

winners behind Walter Ray

Williams Jr. (46), Earl Anthony

(43) and Mark Roth and Pete

Weber (34 each), ended an

incredible run by challenger

Ryan Ciminelli of Buffalo, NY,

to win their best-of-seven-game

championship match, 4-1.

The finals of the PBA

World Series of Bowling event,

presented in a unique documentary-style

format narrated

by ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, gave

viewers an inside look at a PBA

match play event. The third

event in the PBA World Series

of Bowling aired Nov. 8 on


The 23-year-old Ciminelli,

a non-exempt player who is

seeking his first Lumber

Liquidators PBA Tour title, led

the Cheetah Championship

Tour Qualifying Round to get

into the 72-man tournament

field. He then led both rounds

of qualifying and won best-ofseven-game

matches against

Hall of Famer Brian Voss,

four-time Tour champion Ryan

Shafer and PBA Tour rookie

Derek Sapp to advance to the

Norm Duke

title match.

Against the 45-year-old

Duke, Ciminelli won the

first game, 226-212, but the

Clermont, FL, veteran then

took control, winning the next

four matches, 236-228, 257-213,

236-193, and 258-205.

“If Ryan would have gotten

a 2-0 edge on me, I don’t know

if I could have come back,”

Duke said. “The lanes were

changing and you really had to

keep up with it. Being down by

42 (pins) at one point in that

second game, I didn’t know if I

could have turned it around if I

had lost.”

After a first-round bye on

his side of the single-elimination

match play bracket, Duke

defeated Walter Ray Williams

Jr. and Chris Barnes to earn

his berth in the championship

Call and reserve your spot TODAY!



3101 N. IH 35 (Exit 256 N.), Round Rock, TX 78664

512-255-8826 (Lanes) 512-255-8619 (Fax)


“For me it’s like tennis. You

have to attack every opponent

differently,” Duke said. “With

Ryan being left-handed I had

a fresh condition on the right

side of the lane which was an

advantage for me.”

Ciminelli, who had little

trouble carrying corner pins

on pocket hits throughout the

tournament, ran into a pair

where he had trouble kicking

out the seven pin.

“I had trouble carrying on

this pair of lanes in a side tournament

before this tournament

started,” Ciminelli said “but I

thought it might have been just

a unique situation.

“I was pretty calm going

into the championship match

and started out making good

shots, but after a while I

couldn’t carry,” he added. “I

tried everything I could to get

rid of the seven pin, but nothing


Duke earned $25,000 for his

victory. As the first so-called

“animal pattern” winner of the

season, Duke also earned a

berth in the end-of-season PBA

Experience Showdown presented

by BOWL.COM which

will be held at the new USBC

International Training and

Research Center in Arlington,

in April.

Ciminelli earned $13,000

and his best Tour finish since

finishing seventh in last

season’s CLR Carmen Salvino

Scorpion Championship in

Vernon Hills, IL.

The Cheetah Championship

was a landmark event for

several reasons. It was the first

Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour

event ever to incorporate a

best-of-seven-game title match;

it was the Tour’s first highlightstyle

telecast, and it was the

first PBA Tour event held in

Thunderbowl’s historic Arena

Bay in more than a decade.

At AMF Hurst

Rogers rolls

724 set

David Rogers stroked super

solid 222-244-258 = 724 numbers

in Las Vegas circuit action

to head the honor roll last week

at AMF Hurst.

Roxie Popillion, from the

T.G.I.S. group, paced the gals

with a fine 205-194-170 = 569



Carroll Caldwell 221-603, Bobbie

Case 170-464, John Burkett (4 games)

235-920, Danny Baum (4 games) 208-

739, Charles Newton 221-629, Nancy

Story 191-500, Dana Rogers 177-470.

Michael Meriwether 638, Judy

Reiser 216-547, Charlie Bean (no-tap, 4

games) 300-1053, June Butler (no-tap, 4

games) 226-733, Don Juetten 225-605,

Linda Neal 211.

At AMF Spare Time

Martin rockets to 827,

Congi cards 636 series

Ken Martin heated up the

AMF Spare Time lanes last week

with an award-winning 269-268-

290 = 827 STL Businessmen’s

league series.

Kara Congi was high again

last week with a robust 207-237-

192 = 636 Mates & Dates set.


Glenda Nelson 185, Pam Stewart

493, Don Busocker 247-691, Pat Schulze

194, Mary Lee Heiermann 522, Jeff

George 290-697, Wendy Streater 184.

Maria Joyner 532, Johnny Anderson

Lane Laughter

266-697, Debbie White 254, Bob Lehr

279, Dennie Higgins 247, Kelly Ray

717, Kara Congi 634, Gerrie Szczeshia


Donnie McMasters 224-569, Cleve

Magers 237, Jackie Metz 194-556, Dale

Higginbotham 640, Randy Windle

258-683, JoAnn Partida 204-546, Mike

Campbell 230-634.

Missy White 169-448, Stephen

Frazzitta 192-492, Michelle Rogers 129,

Teresa Jackson 317, James Franklin

278, Donnie McMasters 231-613, Dennis

Holder 678.

At Interstate

Lyle lands 759,

Sumruld cans 616

ROUND ROCK — Richard

Lyle’s first-rate 275-236-248 =

759 Double R Handicap session

ended as the number-one set of

the week at Interstate Lanes.

Junior bowler Alex Sumruld

led the ladies with a strong 201-

234-181 = 616 Coulda Been set.


Pat Parker 227-615, RJ Little 226-

665, Tiahra Laughlin 155-432, Ryan

Belz 247-640, Sarah Snyder 146-432,

Albert Garcia Jr. 268-691, Patsy Gross

179-507, Jerrod Gertsema 246-641, Pam

Fierro 178-483.

Aaron White 245-692, Yvonne

HIcks 231-560, Chris Carlson 247-690,

Gina Piccinni 194-557, Dustin Davis

247-664, Kim Lujan 191-505, RJ Little

258-653, Naomi Byrne 193-501, Tim

Quinn 290-743.

Tanja Wren 254-602, Todd Black

242-691, Aurora Cleveland 225-568,

Chris Saxelby 204-506, Pat Will

173-490, Tom Hoffman 257-758, Jon

Hanstrom 258-729, Cory Rowald

246-607, Yvonne Sekiya 145-424, John

Edgington 206-526, Susan Devereaux



Larry Gautier 221-593, Mary Stech

193-496, Richard Will 203-554, Edna

Daggett 166-476, Leon Teneyuque 190-

527, Pat Will 173-468, Dave Thomas

193-527, Myrl Watt 172-451.

At Forum Bowl

Alcaraz hammers 741,

Self nails 678

Phongvichith, Rush log 300s

Aric Alcaraz ripped a rollicking

246-216-279 = 741 Crusaders

series to capture high-series

honors for the week at Forum


Sy Phongvichith and Al Rush

shared high-game honors as

each recorded award-winning


Tammy Self, Alcaraz’ leaguemate,

took top honors for the

ladies with a rip-roaring 199-200-

279 = 678 set.


Homer Dudley 216-583, Mary Edgett

185-528, Joe Roberts 235-665, Ruth

Riggs 195-513, Mary Edtgett 180-506,

Margaret Montgomery 191-541, Holly

Ginn 216-591, Donny Carter 246-633.


Continued from Page 1

Roberta Haffner 226-593, Jason

Bowerman 222-630, Carolyn Keen

178-516, Ken Degner 183-475, Elaine

Mason 192-553, Johnny Jones 234-606,

Jana Williams 206-539, Bruce Seeber


Pam Griffin 211-569, Jon Grudecki

(4 games) 289-932, Jamie Weaks

(4 games) 213-760, Bill McCormack

238-684, Roberta Stanfield 195-520,

Steve Gray 275-724, Katie Hoogerwerf

211-572, Jim Lynn 205-567.

K.C. Wells 185-573, Ricky Swope

244-654, Kristal Canales 183-518,

Chris Osornio 258-650, Lisa Anderson

216-499, Travis M. 257-700, Emily

Montgomery 223-553, Phil Crouch 244-

626, Melissa George 221-618.

A full house of SASBA bowlers at Plano Super Bowl.

there were entries from Kansas

City, Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville

as well as Oklahoma and


The Baker stairstep finals

started with Team Omegas

eliminating Team Savages

and Dynasty. On the Omegas

team were Heather Jones, Gary

Dickinson, Doug Barron and

Jack Zuniga.

On the Savages team were

Rachel Perez, C.J. Johnson, Vic

Benedict and Danny Inocencio.

On Team Dynasty were

Jessica Schman, Maury Newman,

Joe Vito and Shawn


Then the Power Bolts

stopped Omegos, 244-235, to

move into the championship


Both teams struggled in the

finale before the Power Bolts

took it, 186-172,

Each member of the winning

team received $1,100. This

was the tournament’s seventh

time around and the third time

for the Power Bolts to win.

“Other than the Luci Bonneau

tournament, this is my

favorite,” said Lisa. “This is a

really wonerful tournament.”

“It’s my favorite, too,” said

Estes.” You have many worldclass

bowlers here. It’s just


“Everybody helps everbody,”

said Tam.

Three women – Shannon

Duplantis, Shannon O’Keefe

and Catie Jensen had 300s in

the tournament.

The final standings were:

1. Power Bolts, $4,400; 2.

Boom, $3,200; 3. Omegas,

$2,400; 4. Dynasty, $2,000; 5.

Savages, $1,600.

Other cashers included:

6. Playmakers (Al Denton,

Gerry Keslar, Cheryl Keslar,

Jessie James) $1,400; 7.

Evolves (Ronnie Diamond, Bob

Schille, Michelle Rogers, Tim

Caldwell), $1,200; 8. Gamebreakers

(Lance Chien, Ricky

Siegfried, Judy Vogel, Paul

Henderson), $1,100; 9. Addictions

(Tommy Crouch, Jesse

Casteneda, Shannon O’Keefe,

Wes Malott), $1,000; 10. Nitros

(Frank Oliver, Rick Lawrence,

Leisha Murr, Danny Westbrook),

$960; 11. Smashtimes

(Steve McBride, Gary James,

Rita Heger, Jacob Heger), $920;

12. Tornados (Dennis Francis,

Jimmy Paulk, Brenda Edwards,

Mark Busscher), $900; 13.

The Ones (Bobby Wilkinson,

Jim Stephens, Stefanie Nation,

Chris Johnson), $880; 14.

Total NVS (Jesse Jackson, Ron

Boroff, Catie Jensen, Ryan

Boroff), $860; 15. Smash (Ken

Taylor, T.J. Johnson, Tinicka

Fleming, Greg Black Jr.), $840;

16. Shooters (Phil Prieto, Rick

Minier, Donna Conners, Paul

Minier), $820.


Continued from Page 1

ball demos.

Belmonte said there isn’t

just one style of bowling. That

his style is a legitimate style

and that the USBC is interested

in helping people understand

his method of bowling.

When asked if he felt he

could bowl long-term with the

two-handed style, Belmonte

responded that no one, one

handed or two-handed, bowls

the same as they get older.

Belmonte also said that his

style requires flexibility and he

works hard at maintaining that


Because Jason’s rev rate is

high it requires him to play

the lanes differently. “I’ll never

be able to throw as straight as

Chris, but Chris can’t hook it as

much as I do,” said Belmonte.

Tyler Jensen of Storm, said

he was happy with the response

to the demos. “We had

over 50 people try out our balls

in two hours, men, women and

youth,” said Jensen.

Jensen added, “In a normal

demo day planned for six

hours, we have around 25-30


USBC Gold coach Susie

Minshew, in a recent USBC

release said, “I don’t know if

this is really the wave of the

future, but anyone who wants

to bowl two-handed should

be able to do so and have the

tools and coaching to be able to



Continued from Page 1

Ed Williams with a 181 taking

second place and $460; Kam

Mostowfi (177) ended in third

for $172 and Melinda Luckie

(175) finished fourth, also

winning $172.

George Adams, Denny Lash,

Ira Bassett, Bill Myers, Bob

Robinson and Barbara Garner

were eliminated in Round 1

and collected $90 each.

In Round 2 Brenda Bassett,

Bob Kielich and Leonard White

won $120 each after being


High Qualifier (no tap)

Leonard White, $13, Patricia

Shelton, Brenda Bassett, Ira


High Pot Winners

Leonard White, $20; Melinda

Luckie, Brenda Bassett,

Denny Lash, $15 each; Tina

Garcia, Ed Ross, Ed Williams,

George Adams, $10 each.

Lucy Doctor Memorial

Award – 2009

1. Vinny Meneades, 11995;

2. Tina Garcia, 11829; 3. Troy

Dix, 11737; 4. Edwin Stone,

11587; 5. Pamila Jones, 11485;

6. Ted Garner, 11155; 7. Randy

Price, 10986; 8. Austin Hill,

10501; 9. Eddie Rogers, 10461;

10. Duane Bates, 10321.

The one-day handicap

tournament showed 64 entries

with a total payout of $4,768.

The next NABI Tournament

will be Nov. 21-22 at AMF


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 13

There’s still time to sign up

for Fall Leagues

Call your local center now to sign up

Mr. Bill’s Color Pin Sweeper

Every Saturday Night 7:30 PM

Check-in at 6:30 PM

$20 Sweeper entry fee

Mystery Score - 1st Game Strike Pot

King and Queen Tickets • Mega-Shots Every Night

Crazy Eights after Sweeper

$5.00 entry fee - up to two re-entries

Strike pot tickets every game


All split

conversions pay



90% of 220

Ladies four-bagger pays $5.00 once a night.

Men‛s fi ve-bagger pays $5.00 once a night.

Will also pay out men‛s and women‛s high series

each night - scratch/handicap

Handicap-Scratch-Ladies Brackets $5.00 each

Cross-Over Doubles $1.00 per person

Mr. Bill 817-557-0749 Cell: 817-925-3892

2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275

Page 14 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS









1901 W. Airport Freeway

Euless, TX 76040

(817) 571-1174


3450 Willow Creek

Irving, TX 75061

(972) 790-8201


4333 River Oaks Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76114


Owner / Operator

PBA Member

HOURS: Monday–Friday 1–9, Saturday 1–7

Two Locations



6601 Oakmont Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76132




3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015


Located inside Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow

Watauga, Tx 76148

Phone: 817-485-2695

Lessons available by


Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

Del Ballard

Brett Cooper

Derrick Lott

Coach’s Eye International


5000 Main Street, Suite 138

The Colony, TX 75056



Fax: 817-370-1831

(817) 624-2151 Plan to win or wait to fail

F & D




2200 San Jacinto


Denton, TX 76205



Fred & Dora Ferraro




1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager

Susie Minshew

USA Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010



Giving You The Power To Perform

8216 Dot Hudson Road, Alvarado, Texas 76009





HURST, TX 76053





Pro-Staff providing all your bowling equipment needs!



2521 Avenue K, Plano TX 75074


(Inside The All New Lanes at Jupiter)

11336 Jupiter Road

Dallas, TX 75218

Chris Shipley (Owner and Operator)

214.328.6455 • 214.328.3287 Fax

Member of & Certified with

214.460.3475 Cell


Fastrack Pro Shop

Located Inside Allen Bowl

1011 S. Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-509-9274

E-mail: coachkg58@yahoo.com


Kurt Gengelbach, Owner

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

Member, Storm and Turbo Advisory Staffs

Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available





1500 Big Town Shopping Center

Mesquite, TX 75149

Dewey Traister

Phil Traister


Largest Bowling Service Provider In The DFW Area




AMF Lewisville


Tyson Branagan


Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama


Andrew Lowy


Dino Castillo


AMF Showplace Garland


Chris Castro


Visit our website for new products and current specials!

AMF Richardson


Chad Newman



It was announced that Susie Reichley would be named to

the WIBC Hall of Fame…Jason Couch captured the Bay City

Classic…Wendy Macpherson won the Sam’s Town tournament…Richard

Tomkins fired 762 at Plano SB…Don Richey hit

670/300 at Big Town…Jim Stephens rolled in with a 793 at AMF

Richardson…Randy Shoemake had a 761 at AMF Hurst…Trea

Ward posted an 802 at Forum.


Tish Johnson was the Sam’s Town winner…Jay Fine won the

NTTB stop at DC West…Ken Johnson landed a 561 punch on

Blazer…Bones Winstead dropped a 765 on DC East…Kat LeCroy

came in with a 712 at Wedgwood…Charlie Hilliard was the CASH

winner at Lewisville…Mike Fletcher registered a 736 at Carter

FW…Eddie Collins fired a 663 at Watauga…Floyd Simmons won

the Oasis at Blazer.


J.D. White had an 861 at Red Bird…Ellebell Wells was named

to the DWBA Hall of Fame…Carolyn Anderton came in with a

699 at Fort Worth All Star…Bo Bowden was good for a 794 at DC

West…Vince Page registered a 678 at DC West…At Lewisville,

Buddy Bryant shot a 654 and son Donny a 653…Gale Wall shot

a 728 at Richland…Clay Harris rolled up with a 732 at Alpine.


Continued from Page 1

“We are very fortunate that

we had such a talented pool of

players to choose from,” said

Rod Ross, who takes over as

Team USA head coach in 2010

in addition to his role as head

coach of the International

Training and Research Center.

“It is extremely difficult for the

committee to make these types

of decisions, but I feel we have

put together a great nucleus of

players who will continue to

lead Team USA to success next

year and in the future.”

Ross said the selection committee

elected to go with seven

men as the team gears up for

the 2010 World Tenpin Bowling

Association World Men’s

Championships next August in

Munich, Germany.

Barnes, Jones, Allen, Page

and Williams were part of the

team that led Team USA to four

of six gold medals at the 2008

World Men’s Championships.

All but one of the players

selected were members of

Team USA in 2009 with the

lone exception being Kulick,

who has been on the team five

times in the past.

Two women picked the past

two years elected not to submit

their names for consideration

this year.

Lynda Barnes, a 12-time

Team USA, member recently

announced her retirement

from the team, while Kim

Terrell-Kearney has decided

to focus her attention on her

role as assistant head coach at

the International Training and

Research Center.

To be considered for

selection to 2010 Team USA,

men were required to be

exempt players on the Lumber

Liquidators PBA Tour, while

the women must have been

on Team USA at least once

since 1999 and/or former

Professional Women’s Bowling

Association/Ladies Professional

Bowlers Tour members.

The selections only represent

a portion of the final

roster of 2010 Team USA players.

All USBC members will

have a chance to join the team

by competing in the 2010 USBC

Team USA Trials, scheduled

for Dec. 14-18 at Sunset Station

Hotel and Casino’s Strike Zone

Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

The top three men and top

three women finishers at the

Team USA Trials will earn

automatic spots on Team USA,

while the National Selection

Committee will pick two additional

men and two additional

women to join the team.

Team USA will represent



THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Page 15

Miller masters 810 at AMF

DeSoto, Kent scores 665

Mike Miller’s award-winning

strike-filled 279-275-256 = 810

Pushovers league series dominated

scoring for the week at

AMF DeSoto.

Wendy Kent paced the ladies

with a sterling 276-212-177 = 665

Tuesday Nighters showing.


David Kent 237-699, Tanya Lamoreaux

225-634, Chuck Mooney 267-739,

Brittany Pope 233-622, Ken Hoskins

Sr. 289-761, Judith Guillory 223-632,

Frankie Hutchison 193-524.

Marie Anders 187-518, JR Verdell

256-733, Angela Chalmers 235-589,

Anthony Thomas 290-740, Kim Wil-

the United States in several

international events throughout

2010, including the World

Men’s Championships, the Pan

American Bowling Confederation

Women’s Championships

and the QubicaAMF World


For more information on the

Team USA program or for entry

information for the USBC Team

USA Trials, visit BOWL.com.

liams 212-516, Robert Grigsby 215-616,

Gerald Mack 214-598, Levon Douglas

289-747, Michael Snowden 258-745.

At Jupiter

Lawrence leads at 750,

Villarreal lands 720

Rick Lawrence headed the

leader boards last week at Jupiter

Lanes by logging laudable 279-

258-213 = 750 numbers in Nite

Owls action.

Monica Villarreal fired a

rip-roaring 233-230-257 = 720

Friday Nite Live set to front fem



Jerry Anderson 222-578, Brenda

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813



Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX


November 7-8, 2009


1 Mark Estes Super Senior 216.30 9199 99 POWER BOLTS $ 4,400.00 GAME 1

Tam Wasson Senior 245.10 Omegas 244

Lisa Wasson Lady 219.80 Savages 205

Eric Traylor Guest 238.80 GAME 2

2 Roger West Super Senior 244.40 9257 101 BOOM $ 3,200.00 Omegas 255

Jim Ensminger Senior 221.60 Dynasty 210

Tina Stickney Lady 228.30 GAME 3

Xeno Garcia Guest 231.40 Omegas 217

3 Gary Dickinson Super Senior 215.70 8869 90 OMEGAS $ 2,400.00 Power Bolts 225

Doug Barron Senior 227.90 GAME 4

Heather Jones Lady 207.30 Boom 178

Jack Zuniga Guest 236.00 Power Bolts 185

4 Maury Newman Super Senior 216.60 8887 96 DYNASTY $ 2,000.00

Joe Vito Senior 217.80

Jessica Hirschmann Lady 205.80

Shawn Maldonado Guest 246.50

5 Charles Johnson Super Senior 214.20 8962 93 SAVAGES $ 1,600.00

Vic Benedict Senior 241.00

Rachel Perez Lady 232.40

Danny Inocencio Guest 208.70

Johnny Lannan 269-745, Stacey

Williams 232-622, Lori Rougely 216-

619, Veronica Avery 216-613, Frankie

Alonzo 264-706, Jimmie Smith 279-730,

Zaneta Jones 26-609, Veronica Smith



Vernon Johnson 266-635, Helen

Shelton 200-544, Vern Howard 256-663,

Evelyn Long 201-560.

Hodgkiss 158-424, Ruth Allen 188-462,

Sara Willard 205-543, Eric Morrison

296-725, Bertha Sanchez 235-598.

Erin McCarty 208-598, Jack Lewis

266-682, John Young 258-717, James

Morrison 255-705, Erin McCarty



Mel Stepp 203-558, Bertha Sanchez

186-517, Freddie David (no-tap) 265-

671, Linda Oglee (no-tap) 241-650.

The quickest

and best way to

reach people in


Page 16 | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | THE BOWLING NEWS

I must begin this column on

a serious note.

The devastating events of

last week in Fort Hood have

left us all gasping for air and

looking for answers as to why

someone would commit such a

horrible crime.

I refuse to write the man’s

name because I will not give

one ounce of possible enjoyment

for him to see his name

in print. I truly hope that we

don’t spend the next 10 years

housing this guy in prison.

Let’s fry him tomorrow and get

it over with.

I have bowled several regional

tournaments in Killeen,

and the community is such a

great place that I hate to see

this happen to them.

I would like my friends

down there to know that my

thoughts and prayers go out to

everyone in Killeen-Ft. Hood


Last week I was critical of

the bowling show due to the in

between frames interviewing.

After watching this week’s

show I only have one word to

describe it…GENIUS! That was

without a doubt the best PBA

tour show I have ever seen. I

absolutely loved the fact that

they were able to capture the

behind the scenes look at the

day to day grind that these

guys endure.

I bowled the U.S. Open a

couple of years ago and I was

exhausted after bowling. It was

such a grueling week and I

only did it for one week.

Those guys are out there

week after week, and this show

gives you a glimpse of what

they go through.

I enjoyed being able to hear

about some of the other players

who may not make the shows,

but are still out there working

hard every week.

There were a few things I

think could be improved to

make it an every week type of


First the entire last 30

minutes of the show was the

title match between Norm

Duke and Ryan Ciminelli. As

my wife and I watched we

fast forwarded the DVR a few

minutes and they were still in

the same game.

She is not a huge bowling


Continued from Page 10

bowlers across the country. It’s

a win-win situation for them.

I think that’s why we’ve seen

this huge spike this year and

why we already have schools

expressing interest in starting

new teams in 2010 and 2011.”

⌧ ⌧ ⌧

fan and was anxious to watch

CSI, so she looked at me and

said “really?” I think the finals

match took up too much time.

Also they had two ring girls

(looked like they plucked them

right out of Hooters) walk the

finalists from about 15 feet

from the door to the pit area. It

was a little weird to watch.

Also it did not look good

having what appeared to be

less than 100 people in the

building every time. I know

Detroit (which is where this

took place) is on hard times,

so I am willing to give them a

pass on this one.

Overall I thought the show

was great and would love to

see them do this again. I might

even bowl one if I think I can

find a way to get this ugly mug

of mine on the tube!

Now for the non-bowling

topics, I have always thought

the Philadelphia Eagles coach

Andy Reid was an outstanding

head coach in the NFL. After

all his first game against the

Cowboys he kicked an onside

kick to start the game and

never looked back.

He is a gambler with a

head set on. However, after

watching his terrible decisions

throughout the game I would

have to say it is about time for

him to go.

After losing both of his

challenges he also allowed his

team to use all three of their

timeouts in the second half.

As they were down 20-13

with about four minutes to

go, he decided to kick a long

field goal instead of go for the

first down. The kicker Akers

stepped up and nailed it.

Congratulations Andy, now

you are down four points with

four minutes to go and no timeouts.

The Cowboys took a knee

from the two minute warning

on and won the game.

Speaking of taking a knee,

I wish the NFL would change

their rules on the play clock

during the final two minutes of

the half.

I do not like to see a team

be able to run out the clock

from the two minute warning.

I say that in the final

two minutes of each half they

should change the play clock

from 40 to 25 seconds to make

teams play out the game. I

think it would make people

stay interested throughout the

game. That’s just my two cents

Roger Goodell.

This week’s what is in

Daceman’s DVD player is

Obsessed starring Beyonce

Knowles and Ali Larter. This

creepy female stalker movie

didn’t have any boiled bunnies

in it, but it had plenty of “ooh

that would be hard to explain”

type of moments. I give two out

of four stars.

At AMF Showplace Euless

Croney smashes 300/802,

Ellis crushes 796

Cooper, Hibbitts, Kay, Lopez,

Williams 300s, Hibbitts 299

Keith Croney collected top

honors for the week at AMF

Showplace Euless with a strikefilled

288-300-214 = 802 Masters

league production.

Brett Cooper, Chris Hibbitts,

Ricky Kay, Pete Lopez and Marcus

Williams shared high-game

accolades with Croney as each

recorded award-winning pefectos.

Hibbitts added a 299 solo to

also take runner-up honors.

April Ellis, Croney’s leaguemate,

dominated the ladies’

high-set race with a thundering

258-290-248 = 796 session.


Ricky Kay 300-794, Scott Herman

278-750, Steve Wilkerson 253-725,

Steve McDaniel 255-714, Russell Strong

289-711, Tommy Adams 277-709, Jim

Carson 278-706.

Rick Johnston 269-699, Rodney

Williams 243-690, Mike Thrasher 257-

687, Dan Chisum 259-668, Bill Shiflett

234-655, Mike Van Riper 231-640,

Thomas Rose 224-608.

Justin Wyatt 214-590, Carl Spencer

199-589, Anthony Moore 199-561, Alan

Hamilton 185-520, David Price 200-520,

The Tulsa Best Western Inn &

Suites is comfortably located in

midtown Tulsa, just 1.5 miles from the

Oil Capital Open, and with easy access

to the best of what Tulsa has to offer to

bowlers and vacationers.

Providing our guests with all the

latest amenities, and that Midwest


We are the perfect get-away, come

spend time in our in-door heated pool,

and take a stroll next door to Ruby

Tuesdays to finish off your day. Just

minutes from anything you can dream

of, business or pleasure.

Brent Miller 290, Sherry Houghton

268-718, Val Goss 249-699, Stephanie

Harp 266-694.


Continued from Page 7

continue to dominate and show

class. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

because she has integrity,

determination and precision.

Most memorable bowling moment?

Winning the collegiate

nationals at Pikeville College.

Coach Ron Damron created

a great bowling program and

allowed girls an opportunity to

compete where they wouldn’t

have been able to elsewhere.

Winning a national title is an

honor most bowlers don’t have

an opportunity to experience or


You are a part of the team

at USBC in Arlington, can you

tell me a little about what your

job is? I work in the Youth

Development Department. We

Best Western

Tulsa Inn &


Keisha Pylant 211-611, Regina

Taddy 210-609, Bridget Johnson-Banks

223-598, Nell Hebert 223-584, Juliet

Dollar 214-578, Joni Bolinger 210-

575, Barb Hembree 200-565, Vicky

Ridgeway 186-540.

Sue Hill 198-538, Jennifer Rowe

181-526, Mary Eady 202-519, Marilyn

Runyan 202-513, Lori Smith 196-509,

Amber Wilkins 178-454, Josie Castellija

160-445, Allison Dunlop 166-425.


Bud Haselden 246-651, Bob Bullington

215-619, Carla Kilgore 179-523,

Mary Warren 170-492.

⌧ ⌧ ⌧

run youth tournaments such

as the Youth Open and Junior

Gold. Junior Gold also serves

as Junior Team USA qualifying.

The junior bowling program in

my area was very organized, so

I want to make bowling available

to more youth bowlers and

help grow the sport.

April’s tip of the week: Be aggressive

and make good shots.

Anyone who has seen me bowl,

knows I am aggressive!

3212 S 79th East Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145


Fax: 918-622-2710

Welcome to Best Western

Tulsa Inn & Suites

We want to be your host when you are in town

to bowl the Oil Capital Open!

Host Hotel for The Oil Capital Open Bowling

Tournament $69.99 1-4 Plus Tax

Please ask for Oil Capital Bowling special rate when booking

• Indoor Heated Pool

• Microwave, refrigerator, Irons/Ironing boards,

coffee makers in all guest rooms

• Guest Business Office

• Fitness Room/ Sauna

• Hot Extended Continental Breakfast

• 1.5 miles from

AMF Sheridan Lanes

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Saved successfully!

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