Inside: - The Bowling News

Inside: - The Bowling News

Our 55th Year

VOL. 55, NO. 21 MAY 26, 2011


Fulton wins Hickman Star

of Tomorrow

The winner of the Odell Hickman

Star of Tomorrow Award for 2011

is Sheldon Fulton. Page 8

Top collegiate bowlers to

battle for singles titles

Forty of the nation’s top collegiate

bowlers will be at AMF Euless

Lanes in Euless, Texas, starting

Monday to compete for national

titles. Page 11

Voting begins

for second round of Team USA

Fantasy Camp contest. Page 14


Honor Roll Page 3

Off the Sheet

By Clint Dacy Page 4

Looking Back Page 7

Tomorrow’s Stars Page 8-9

Sponsored by Classic Products

Pin Points to Ponder

By Chuck Pezzano Page 14

Lane Laughter Page 14

Last Call w/Leisha

By Leisha Murr Page 16






Team Arnett

Team Arnett wins ITA

Mixed Team at Mel’s

Team Arnett won the ITA

Mixed Team tournament held

May 14-15 at Mel’s Lone Star

Lanes in Georgetown, TX.

Winning the male division

title and $100 with 1599, Jabari

Snowden helped his team to a

convincing 275 pin tournament


Team Arnett (Houston),

with members John Harper, Jr.,

Janese Bowles, Jabari Snowden,

Anita Manns and Omar Arnett

posted a 7253 score for the

6 game format and collected

$2,500 for their victory.

Second place went to Team

Corwin (Dallas) with a 7075

score. Members were Jessica

Hirschmann, Riki Butler,

Christi Uvlado, Rudy Garcia,

Jr., and Russell Corwin. They

earned $1,250 as runner-up.

Third place Team Cabanski

Potential Dallas USBC Association

merger to be voted on

By Tyson Branagan, Staff Writer

On June 4th at 10:00 a.m.,

members of the Dallas USBC

Bowling Association along with

members of the Dallas USBC

Women’s Bowling Association

and the Dallas USBC Youth

Association will meet and vote

on a proposed merger off the

three associations.

Prior to the beginning of

the 2011-2012 bowling season

on August 1st, it is a desire

of the women’s and youth

associations to be merged with

the Dallas USBC, and begin

operations as one unit.

The Legislative Committee

of the Dallas USBC Bowling

Association has recommended

rejection of the merger at this

time due to time constraints

of less than 60 days prior

(San Antonio) collected $750

for their 7024. Members

included Andy McPeak, Bernadette

Friesenhahn, Amanda

Casey, Eric Traylor and Matt


Team B-Rad (Killeen) took

fourth place. Their score of

6744 earned them $500. Members

were Sandi Charles, Mike

Young, Donny Bennight, Jason

Stephens and B-Rad Dewald.

Finishing in fifth place,

Team Pirotte (Dallas) logged

6709 to claim $250. Members

included Jack Soria, Karen

Cummings, Brad Sampson,

Travis Pirotte and Aric Alcaraz.

Dana Maureschat rolled a

1526 set on her way to claim the

female division title and $100.

Russell Corwin coasted to an

806 scratch series and Ronald

Harrison posted a nice 300.

to the start of the ensuing

season, citing that more time

is needed for the merger to be


All members of the three

Dallas USBC associations are

encouraged to attend and vote

on the merger, as a larger number

of attendees would ensure

a more accurate outcome and

desire of the associations. In

order for the merger to pass, a

2/3 majority vote is required.

In the event the merger is

rejected, the Dallas USBC will

be electing officers and directors

for the new season.

The meeting will be held

at the ballroom of the Holiday

Inn Select Hotel, 1655 North

Central Expressway in Richardson,


Rick Romero wins $7,777

May Madness top prize

At Sunset Station Strike Zone

Las Vegas, NV - Station

Casino’s initial “Madness

Tournament” has crowned

its first champion and it was

Rick Romero of Henderson,

NV, taking home the $7,777

top prize. Finishing second

and earning $3,333 was Elaina

Dominguez of Las Vegas, NV.

The tournament drew just shy

of 140 bowlers for a total of

304 entries over Mother’s Day

Weekend, with total payout in

excess of $18,000.

“This is our first venture as

event owners and we couldn’t

be happier,” Said Strike Zone

manager Jim Welch. “We had

9 states represented from as far

east as Missouri, so it was a

great success.”

The final match was a close

one as only 6 pins separated

the two very nervous bowlers

through seven frames. Both

competitors struck in the

eighth frame and Dominguez

added a strike in the ninth and

a spare in the tenth to force

Romero to double in the tenth

to secure the victory. After a

flush strike on his first delivery,

he threw a Brooklyn strike

on his second shot for the

237-231 victory with handicap.

A total of 38 bowlers, which

was 1 in every 3.5 entries,

advanced to the finals where

the minimum prize was $125.

Jason Thompson is a three

time champion in almost as

many tournaments as he takes

the NABI title at AMF Hurst

Bowl May 14-15.

Thompson is on a roll as he

has won the last three out of

four NABI tournaments. This

should certainly propel him

to the top of the Bowler of the

Year standings.

In the top eight finals,

Thompson bested Laney Royal

with a high-scoring, 250-242,

for the title and the $938 ($600,

plus $338 from the Progressive

Pot) first-place prize money.

Royal earned $400 ($300,

plus $100 from the Progressive

Two local stand-outs sign



Page 9

Megan Bentham

Danielle Walker

Elaina Dominguez, 2nd place

and Rick Romero, champion.

All bowlers then bowled one

game with the top half of the

field advancing each round

until the top two bowlers were

left standing to bowl for the top

two prizes.

The Madness events were

created by Station Casinos

to help drive people to the

property and the hotel through

a bowling event. For $99,

bowlers got their initial entry

plus two free room nights, with

re-entries permitted. It created

a bowling tournament with a

wide array of bowlers. Pinacle

Events was along to operate

the tournament with RotoGrip,

a division of Storm Bowling,

and Station Casinos were event

Continued on Page 7

Thompson tops NABI

again, 3 of last 4

Jason Thompson

Pot) as runner-up.

In the round of eight,

Continued on Page 2

Page 2 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Red River Doubles makes

low scoring fun

By Tyson Branagan, Staff


Not very often in bowling is

struggling enjoyable, or come

to think of it, when is it ever

fun to go out and have a hard

time throwing strikes?

I for one never thought

the time would come where I

didn’t bowl very well for much

of the tournament, but would

do it again if it was held again


The Red River Doubles held

May 6th and 7th and Cowtown

Bowling Palace changed all


There are plenty of tournaments

and even leagues out

there available to bowl in with

challenging conditions, but Red

River is something different


Most challenging patterns

are just that, challenging, but

with the right ball and the

right line, bowlers can often

find ways to score and do it


At the Red River Doubles,

it’s more of a mindset that you

understand you probably aren’t

going to score well consistently,

nor is anyone else. But the

enjoyable part is finding ways

to fill frames and stay clean

and just beat your opponent.

Admittedly, I bowled

awful at the start, was very

uncomfortable, and not just

due to the air conditioning

being turned off, but because

the ball basically never hooked

and my execution was very

poor on top of that. Because

of that, I dragged my partner

Brett Cooper down in the first

match, and sent our team into

the loser’s bracket right away.

I won’t say what I shot, but I

wasn’t alone.

The satisfaction came at the

end of that first match, going

into the second match when

I executed much better and

threw a few strikes, but more

importantly, left spares where

the pins stood near each other

and were makeable. We found

ourselves down again after

two games, but we both found

something for the third game

and put up some strikes, filled

frames and bowled a couple

good games to move on. In no

way did we think for a second

that we would just cruise from


In the next match against

Clint Dacy and Xeno Garcia,

it started all over again, and

a whole new challenge. Dacy

and Garcia both put up a game

above 250 in the first two

games to give them a 27 pin

lead going into the elimination

game, and that’s where the real

fun happened.

As the lanes continued to

burn up in the front, yet still

not hook down lane, strikes

disappeared and spares became

all the more important. In

the end, Garcia made a clutch

washout to sneak by us by

seven pins and send us home

BUY - - - SELL



Danny or Daryl Tucker

Tucker Bowling Equipment Co. Bowling Parts, Inc.

609 N.E. 3rd St. P.O. Box 801

Tulia, Texas 79088 Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-4018 Call (806) 995-3635

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Th e Bowling News


early and out of the cash, but

it’s the only time I’ve ever been

OK in doing so. Not that I’m

satisfied without cashing or

winning, but when you did all

you could on very challenging

conditions such as the Red

River, it is different.

We all know that the Red

River tournament now, is not

the same as the Red River

of years ago, and may never

be, but when you combine

conditions that don’t favor any

style, and you know everyone

will struggle at some point or

another along with the best

format in bowling, double

elimination, it really is a tournament

that any competitive

bowler out there would have a

chance in.

The tournament will be an

annual event that everyone

should try and take part in.

When you combine all the

factors, it’s a level playing field

Look for the full results in

the June Bowling News Southwest

addition and stay tuned

for future Red River Doubles



Continued from Page 1

Thompson took Mike Counts

down for the count, 224-191.

Thompson then eliminated

Vinny Meneades, 206-188, in

the round of four to get to the

title match.

Royal’s road to the championship

match saw him defeating

Katie Meneades, 204-173,

and Bob Kielich, 213-189.

The top finalists include:

3-4. Bob Kielich, Vinny

Meneades, $178 ($150, plus

$28 from the Progressive Pot)

each; 5-8. Mike Counts, Kelvin

Garner, Katie Meneades, Pat

Shelton, $110 each;

Other cashers were: 9. Drika

Courtney, $80; 10-14. Kip King,

Wendy Streater, Pamila Jones,

Randy Price, Mini Williams,

$75 each; 15-24. Eric Taylor,

Ericson Delos Santos, Barbara

Garner, Michael Spencer,

Brandon Havens, Ed Williams,

Kevin Gaddis, Eddie Rogers,

Frankie Garza, Mallory Owen,

$70 each.

High Qualifiers

Michael Spencer, $23; Laney

Royal, Wendy Streater, $3 each;

Bob Kielich, Brandon Havens.

High Pot Winners

Bob Kielich, $65; Pat Shelton,

$25; Laney Royal, Wendy

Streater, John Jones, Laughton

Smith, Eric Taylor, Michael

Spencer, Drika Courtney,

Martin Hester, David Williams,

Eddie Rogers, Kevin Gaddis,

Katie Meneades, $10 each; Troy

Howell, $5.

The Tournament had 99

entries with a total payout of


P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

Join the


Funnies League

Starts June 5th

Meeting time: 5:30 PM

Presently 4-Member, Any Combination

Present Fees: $16.00 per week

Includes end of season sweeper for all teams


Contact Charles Soules or Larry Sunday for more information

Congratulations to the current

leagues members who competed in

the 2011 Dallas USBC Tournament

in Division III, and won their Team,

Singles and All-events categories.

AMF DeSoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr., Desoto, TX 75115


Join the

DeSoto Classic

Friday Night


1st Place Guaranteed $1,800.00

Based on 12 teams

Starts June 3rd

Bowl at 6:30 PM, Meeting at 5:30 PM

5-Member Mixed - Match Play - 4/1 or 3/2 combo

Handicap 90% of 210

Mystery Score, Brackets, High Pots, Crossover Doubles

$20.00 per week

Contact Marcus Miller or Russell

Corwin for more information

The quickest

and best way to

reach people in


AMF DeSoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr., Desoto, TX 75115



Chris Castro, AMF Richardson ............................. 821

Travis Franklin, AMF Hurst .................................... 820

Gary Anderson, Brunswick Zone Watauga ........... 817

Mike Maas, Cityview .............................................. 812

Brian Wallace, Cityview ......................................... 812

David Brewster, USA Bowl..................................... 805

Jessie Brantley, AMF Showplace Euless .............. 804

David Greenfi eld, BRC Thousand Oaks ............... 801

Paul E Wilson, AMF Garland ................................. 784

Kevin Hiam, Plano ................................................. 779

Ron Williams, Brunswick Westcreek .................... 776

Tom Pulis, Red Bird ............................................... 773

Anthony Irizarry, Cowtown Bowling Palace .......... 771

Aric Alcaraz, AMF DeSoto ..................................... 763

Lewis Apperson, AMF Lewisville .......................... 761

Glen Noah, AMF Lewisville .................................... 761

Rodney Lyons, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ................... 757

Frankie Alonzo, AMF Spare Time .......................... 747

Jim Reynen, Strikz ................................................. 720

Frankie Alonzo, AMF Arlington ............................. 654


Stefanie Nation, AMF Showplace Euless ............. 865

Bertha Sanchez, AMF Garland .............................. 750

Liz Schneider, BRC Thousand Oaks ..................... 728

Christy Daniels, Plano ........................................... 727

Christy Daniels, AMF Richardson ......................... 700

Lori Wacker, Cityview ............................................. 692

Amy Hart, Cowtown Bowling Palace ..................... 682

Lisa Steele, Brunswick Zone Watauga ................. 680

Cassandra Norris, Brunswick Westcreek ............. 671

Nikki Brodigan, AMF Spare Time .......................... 662

Paula Amschler, AMF Lewisville ........................... 660

Janet Miller, AMF DeSoto ...................................... 654

Lauren Daniel, Red Bird ........................................ 651

Jennifer Curl, USA Bowl ........................................ 644

Michelle Barnes, AMF Hurst .................................. 605

Michelle Reynolds, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ............ 596

Maritza Matteo, Strikz ............................................ 591

Susan Holland, AMF Arlington .............................. 451

At Cityview

Maas and Wallace tie at 812,

Wacker jams 692

Mike Maas and Brian Wallace

shared the top spot on the honor

roll at Cityview Lanes last week

as both recorded a power-packed

812 series.

Maas posted a 299 game in

Harry Carlberg Eng. action while

Wallace rolled 255-267-290 lines

in Monday Mixers league play.

Lori Wacker rounded up the

top score for the ladies with

a stately 173-272-247 = 692

Saturday Night Doubles session.


Travis Thomas 278-768, John

Heiliger 258-732, Cherie Deleon 232-

639, Birdie Auerbach 244-640, Cary

Fleming 256-629, Catie Jensen 234-689,

Amy Langham 255-683, Vernon Smith,

Jr. 279-781.

Jeri Harlinh 235-633, Leigh Batten

209-595, Steve Smart 264-732, Darwin

Bonner 277-737, Sandy Winstead 242-

545, Don Granado 275-745, Jacki Hentz

225-625, Bill Bural 211-627.

Tammy Stone 170-466, Wayne

Collins 246-695, Melissa Reininger

217-536, Brian Hammond 238-659,

Chris Holliday 288-746, Amy Langham

212-623, Chester Jones 279-704, Lori

Wacker 247-624.

At USA Bowl

Brewster blasts 805,

Curl collars 644

Shuffler 299

Just For Fun leaguer David

Brewster racked up a rollicking

258-279-268 = 805 series to earn

top billing on the honor roll last

week at USA Bowl.

Jennifer Curl posted a fine

193-259-192 = 644 West Stars

set to lead the ladies.

John Shuffler’s 299 solo

claimed high-game honors.


Will Briggs 268-701, Jody Muskett

202-546, Burdette Graham 279-712,

Irene Yuen 194-563, Cindy Guidry 177-

510, Lonnie Lafrance 207-573, Connie

Holmes 225-476, Dennis McCalpin

Stefanie Nation

This week’s high woman is

Stefanie Nation with a 300-299-

266 for an 865 series in the

Masters league at AMF Euless.

What is your high series?

This is my high series. My

previous high series was 800

which I bowled in 2006.

How many 300’s have you

bowled? This 300 makes my


Thoughts on your big night? I

don’t have a lot of expectations

bowling this league. I just want

to come in and relax and have

fun. So, last week I wasn’t

really thinking about anything,

I was in my own world. After it

was over, it was a little overwhelming,

but fun.

What ball did you throw?

I threw my benchmark go-to

ball, the Hammer Taboo. I

played to the right of the guys

on my pair and I never had to

transition. I moved maybe 2

or 3 boards. Usually, I have to

move an entire zone to keep up

with the transition.

Who drills your balls? Brian

O’Keefe at the International

Training & Research Center

What is your all-time favorite

bowling ball? There isn’t a ball

that sticks out. If there was one

before, this one topped it.

What is your average in this

league? Last week I was averaging

219, but this series bumped

me up to 223

What is your all-time high

average? 229 when I lived in

Orlando, FL

How long have you been

bowling? 21 years. My parents

took me to the bowling center

on Saturday mornings and

when I reached high school I

thought this was something

I wanted to pursue. I then

bowled in college at Central

Florida and I have been a

member of Team USA for 7


Who is your favorite pro

bowler? Carolyn Dorin-Ballard.

She was always the one I

looked up to and her intensity

was contagious. I never

thought she would be my team

mate, co-worker and friend.

Most memorable bowling


Tammi Rowley 186-475, Earl Davis

187-464, Mary Jo Wilmoth 175-421,

Bill Garrison 255-706, Cindy Guidry

224-576, Kathlene Correa 215-576, John

Shuffler 742, Lisa Ruben 213-566.

Tracy Hallberg 230-612, Jackie

Johnson-Staples 233-546, Chris Wooley

172-460, Mary White 139-382, Jack

Soria 257-686, Tim Rice (4 games) 208-

768, Mindy Jordan (4 games) 177-603.

Robert San Miguel (2 games) 204-

391, Sarah Meisenhumer (2 games)


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 3

moment? Winning my first

Women’s Series title in 2008.

The ladies don’t have a tour, so

that is all we have right now.

Stefanie’s tip of the week:

Less is more. The less I think

about on the approach, the

better off I am. And patience

pays, let it come to you.

USA Bowl Proudly Presents


High Pots


Asian Men’s & Women’s Bowling Tournament

2 Separate Events

Men - Multiple Entry Scratch

Women - Multiple Entry Handicap (90% of 200)maximum 40 pins per game

Men - $1500 Guaranteed 1st Place

(regardless of entries)

Women - $1000 Guaranteed 1st Place

(regardless of entries)

Entry Fee $55 Per Squad

Friday and Saturday Squads:

11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm

Sunday Squads:


11am (Re-Entry Squad only)

Finals to follow

(check our website or call for

rules and format information)

214-358-1382 Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220

Ever wondered what it would be like to bowl on the patterns used in international

competitions like the Pan American Games?



A new USBC Sport Bowling League concept using the same lane conditions

Team USA faces during international competitions. Each of the 12 patterns is

named after an Olympic Host City

Short patterns Medium patterns Long patterns

Sydney (33 feet) Atlanta (38 feet) Tokyo (43 feet)

Stockholm (34 feet) Seoul (39 feet) London (44 feet)

Beijing (35 feet) Athens (40 feet) Mexico City (45 feet)

Los Angeles (36 feet) Montreal (41 feet) Paris (47 feet)

More patterns equal more challenges.

Mondays 7 PM Starting June 6th (6:30 Meeting)

3 Member Teams 4 Games Match Play 2 game

sets 2 Different Patterns each week 1 Opponent

(Bowl the same opponent on 2 different patterns)

12 Week Season $17 Weekly Fees

TNBA Singles 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament

June 4th, call for information

The “New”

817-346-0444 Fax: 817-346-7208

Big Boards

Many ways to

Make Money!

OneSource Amusements


TXC Security Services


Now HIRING Brunswick A-2 Mechanics

Page 4 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS

At Cowtown Bowling Palace

Irizarry claims 771,

Hart hammers 682

Kauffman 299

Anthony Irizarry rounded

up the top score of the week at

Cowtown Bowling Palace after

earning high-series honors with

an outstanding 269/771 Ladies

and Gents outing.

Amy Hart, from Wednesday

Winners, took top spot honors

for the ladies with a rip-roaring

267/682 set.

Robbie Kauffman earned

high-game honors as he rolled

At AMF Arlington


Alonzo on

top with 654

Frankie Alonzo led the

high-set chase last week at

AMF Arlington Lanes with an

estimable 222-228-204 = 654

High Rollers circuit showing.

Susan Holland, from the

Freaky Friday group, paced the

ladies with a tidy 146-166-139

= 451 set.


Steven Kraus 203-520, Angie

Kaufman 134-358, Bryan Rumfield 220-

580, Christine Decicco 116-321, Darren

Dupuy 211-539, Amber Lumpkin

175-409, Bill Holland, Jr. 234-595, Taira

Portley 165-402.



June 1st will be our first birthday.

Come out and help us celebrate

our first year


1 PM – 3 PM


Peggy Brooks invites you to come see the

improvements that we have made to our center and

meet our stars.

Jamie Brooks, Cowtown’s Proprietor, USBC Texas Proprietor of the Year 2009, USBC National

Proprietor of the Year 2010, BPAA Hall of Fame member.

Chris Johnson, Manager, PBA and Texas super star bowler.

Todd Zenner, Pro Shop Operator and lifetime star bowler.

Paul Fleming, Cowtown House Pro, PBA star bowler, private and group lessons.

Jay Brock, Social Media Manager.

Mike Velasco, Cowtown Sales Manager.

For more


contact Chris

Johnson or

Jamie Brooks


11 in a row for a 299 solo.


Ronnie Sloan 258-629, Marchell

Cross 221-664, Howard Gordon 234-

668, Amanda Morris 165, Jeremy

Elizondo 223-611, Catie Jensen

206-563, William Gann 243-621, Onil

Llagas 288-660.

Christa McWilliams 262-585, Mark

Vaughn 258-734, Rachel Cantu 205-537,

Nicholas Galati 259-676, Mary Lou

Timms 542, Chris Hughes 225-594,

Frank Stone 252, Tip Bullock 248-658.

William Anderson 247-707, Mike

Masters 277, Ben Morgan 268-729,

Chad Ling 266-747, Mike Moschella Sr.

258, Christa McWilliams 635, Randy

Miller 245, Melissa Tice 227, Robbie

Kauffmann (4 games) 1016. David

Bates (4 games) 264-999, Kevin Roberts

(4 games) 268-958, Jesse Negrete 243-

661, Eppie Ortegh 187, Stanley Jones

604, Alma Jones 186-489, Jared Staudt

289-763, David Pruitt 264-712.

Dawn Tanner 180-480, Anthony

Jackson 221, Christina Conder 180-518,

Michael Williams 242-642, Angela

George 179.


Charles Mason 232-595, Gillbert

Settle 235-640, Yolando Espinoza 197-

558, John Steward 614, Karen Holder

191-537, Bob Bailey 235, Wanda Eads

189-511, Jerry Densmore 215-595, June

Black 242-610. Randy Biel 602, Pat Frair

531, Les Messinger 588, Joanie Lower

212-529, Sherman Osbon 236-583,

Darlene Trumble 210-542, Randy Biel

235-601, Mary Folio 210-546, Butch

Beck 209, Alice Phillips 198-524.



4333 River Oaks Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

I have written before about

technology and how great it is,

but it can also be frustrating.

Last weekend was my birthday

and among other things I

was given the opportunity to

purchase a Blu-Ray player.

However, I had not done my

research on them so when I

went to the store to pick it out I

was lost.

Some were $89 and others

were $199 so I had to see what

the differences were.

One of their favorite things

to trick you into buying is the

term “ready”. To me “ready”

would indicate plug it in it is

ready to work. Wrong!

For those of you in the same

boat “ready” simply means that

the unit is capable, but you

will need extra equipment to

make it work.

In this instance the Blu-Ray

player was “Wi-fi Ready”,

but in order to do Netflix or

Youtube you have to have a

wireless USB device to get the


So apparently the price

difference was having a built

wireless device. Since I don’t

need the internet on my Blu-

Ray I can live without it.

However, as I began trying

to set it up I found that my old

outdated receiver didn’t have

any HDMI ports. After struggling

to switch cables and ports

around for an hour my wife

said just go buy a new receiver.

So I briefly researched

prices and found a couple of

cheap ones, told her how much

it would be and got her approval.

However, once I got to

Best Buy they didn’t have the

cheap one, so instead I bought

one about double the price.

Obviously this didn’t go

over very well with Nikki, but

I’ve blown more money on less

stuff before so it wasn’t my

worst financial move.

I was actually duped on

the receiver as this one was

Bluetooth “ready”.

I soon found out that I

needed a $100 adapter in order

to make Bluetooth work.

I finally got it all setup

and I’m extremely happy with

my new home entertainment

system, but feel a little disappointed

that I didn’t get all the

features I thought I purchased.

I’ve been pretty fortunate

over the past five or six years

to have had a job fairly close to


When I used to work in

Dallas, and commute to Keller I

absolutely hated the traffic, but

for the past five or six years

it really hasn’t affected me all

that much.

However, today I was in

Coppell for a monthly meeting

and our boss let us go around

3 p.m.. I got on the freeway

at exactly 3 p.m. and arrived

How YOU can help

STRIKE out Diabetes!

By Lynda Barnes

Hello Everyone!

Let me start off by saying

how very honored I feel to have

so many of you asking me how

you can help with our STRIKE

out Diabetes charity event. I’m

amazed at everyone’s willingness

to step up and help raise

important funds for diabetes

research through the Juvenile

Diabetes Research Foundation


As you may already know,

Troy was suddenly diagnosed

with type 1 diabetes in 2008.

To stay alive, Troy must

take multiple insulin injections

daily and test his blood sugar

by pricking his finger 6 or

more times a day.

While insulin allows Troy

to stay alive, it does not cure


JDRF is the largest private

funder of diabetes research in

the WORLD and has a very

clear mission, to find a cure

for diabetes and its complications

through the support of


You can’t outgrow type 1

diabetes and it’s not like a cold,

it will never go away, until we

find a cure AND that’s why

I’m so passionate about raising

money for JDRF!

Many of you have contacted

me to let me know that you

can’t attend our upcoming

charity event, but would still

like to help out in some way. I

would LOVE to have your help!

Here are some ways you can

get involved…

You can donate online by

visiting my fund raising page






to make a 100% tax deductible

donation and help me

reach my goal! (you could

put something funny here

about you and Chris competing

against each other… )

You can participate by

Bowling From a Distance! You

can learn more about how this

works and register at:

home at 5:45 p.m. It took me 2

hours and 45 minutes to travel

25 miles!

If I was 150 lbs lighter I

could have run home quicker!

As a matter of fact a marathon

runner could have gotten

home and cooked dinner before

I made it home.

The long drive home was

due to the massive construction

project in Grapevine that’s

certainly needed.

As a matter of fact it seems

that the three worst areas of

traffic that I routinely see are

all undergoing major construction

at the same time.

Apparently the projects will

be completed in about five or

six years which is about the

estimated time my wife has

designated for us to move to

Oklahoma City.

Hopefully I will get to reap

the rewards for a little while

before I am whisked up north

to Thunder country.

Finally, there haven’t been

many new shows recently in

my DVR, however, this week

I would like to introduce to

you to “The Voice” starring

Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green,

Christina Aguilera, and Blake


The Voice” is a type of

spin off of American Idol, but

is unique because the judges

(or coaches) as the show states

cannot see the performer, they

can only hear them.

Once they have decided they

like the voice they then hit a

button and then they can see

the singer.

Sometimes it’s pleasant and

others times it’s not, but it sure

makes for some entertaining

television. Check it out on

Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.




You can donate an auction

item to our Strike Out Diabetes

event on Saturday, June 4th.

To access the donation form

and details, please visit:



You can purchase a limited

edition bowling ball featuring

a full color action shot of Chris

Barnes on one side and the

Strike Out Diabetes logo on the

other side. An autographed

Certificate of Authenticity

signed by Chris Barnes is

included and 100% of the after

cost proceeds goes to JDRF.







Thanks so much for your

consideration and for your help

in “funding” a cure for diabetes!

It really means so much

to my family… especially Troy!

If you would like to learn

more about Strike out Diabetes

and JDRF, please visit www.

Get your game on.

ONLY $39 to enter!

Includes 2 tickets

to the TV finals at

Cowboys Stadium!

June 24th

Squad times 5 PM & 7 PM


Youth, Adult, Seniors

AMF Hurst Lanes 720 West Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053 Ph: 817-282-6754

AMF Spare Time Lanes 3149 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015 Ph: 817-465-4997

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless 1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040 Ph: 817-540-0303

AMF Showplace Lanes Garland 1950 Marketplace Dr., Garland, TX 75041 Ph: 972-613-8100

AMF Richardson Lanes 2101 N. Central Expwy., Richardson, TX 75080 Ph: 972-231-2695

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 5

Presented by the Brands of Ebonite International


The Pro-Am is an Incredible Value…

The entry fee of $39 includes:

• Two free tickets to the fi nals at Cowboys

Stadium. ($40 Value)

• All the fun and memories of bowling with

the Pros

• Upgrade your entry and get a high performance

Ebonite bowling ball for about half price.

Upgrade your entry to include one of these balls for ONLY $100 more!

916 All Terrain

Mission $250K World Beater


with the

St rS

Pro-Am event

Get your game on.

AMF DeSoto Lanes 121 Northgate Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115 Ph: 972-780-8090

AMF Arlington Lanes 1801 E. Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76006 Ph: 817-276-9898

AMF Irving Lanes 3450 Willow Creek Drive, Irving, TX 75061 Ph: 972-790-8201

AMF Lewisville Lanes 1398 West Main St., Lewisville, TX 75067 Ph: 972-436-6575

U.S. Women’s Open and Pro-Am to be held at AMF Euless Lanes

Finals to be held at Cowboys Stadium to register or for more information


For more information on on the Pro-Am, please contact

Rusty Dickinson or Sissy Neugent at 817-540-0303

Page 6 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS

At BRC Thousand Oaks

Greenfield crushes 300/801,

Schneider racks up 728 GUADALAJARA, Mexico -


Greenfield was red hot last

week at BRC Thousand Oaks

as he dominated scoring with a

thundering strike-filled awardwinning

300-277-224 = 801 High

Rollers outing.

Liz Schneider posted a

blue-ribbon 235-266-227 = 728

Thursday Early Mixed set to front

fem scoring.


Sean Stephens 266-698, Debbie

Sutton 220-617, Wayne Critchfield 262-

728, Amanda Eachus 234-555, JK Huey

216-621, Bruce Rice 256-596, Sarah

Gary Anderson was definitely

on target last week at Brunswick

Zone Watauga after dominating

scoring with an award-winning

strike filled 300/817 Denim &

Duds league performance.

Gary Hamilton followed close

behind with his own awardwinning

804 series.

Lisa Steele’s sky-high 680 set

in the Sunday Mixed league led

the ladies scoring race.


Kerry Rusk 247, April Shelton 247,

Buck 211-558, Ian Normandin 246-686,

James Fines 275-668. Ruth Tuller

255-588, Sharon Teal 225-659, Connie

Rangel 264-568, Karen Luster 222-644,

Chris Galler 279-730, Paul Smith 263-

757, Gil Lujan 267-678, Barbara Neve

237-581, Fernando Rodriguez 247-707.

Jeff Critchfield 264-643, Helen Keith

224-658, Coop Cooper 248-653, Quentin

Snow 280-741, Brianna Galler 224-579.


Don Black 256-670, Roberta

Grassmuck 219-580, Tom Donahue

233-627, Olivia Ladson 191-549, Dale

Smith 244-666, Bobbie Strickland

212-518, Maria Velazquez 198-534.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Anderson smashes 300/817,

Steele captures 680

Hamilton 804

Don Holland 721, Julie McHugh 631,

Doug Rechner 713, Miki Jo Parish

594, Anna Jutson 622, Joe Grace 643,

Kent Smith 691, Sherry Holloway 574,

Kevin Sheets 603. Jennifer Roberts

517, Chad Murrell 758, Lisa Head 578,

April Shelton 668, Randy Demuth 755,

Jill Demuth 521, Johnathon Hooks 761,

Pearl Tucker 673.


Earl Elliott 599, Beverly Hill 476,

Mary Guy 476, Tony Martin 675, Sue

Condotta 561.


Brunswick Zone Watauga

Friday Night Sweeper

(After early league play ends)


(Sign Up Starts At 8:30 PM)






(To be used the following week)


Brackets run by Rick and Mary Southwick

Scratch, Handicap and Doubles

All brackets run with T-Brac computer program


7301 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148


Team USA takes two bronze

medals in Masters at PABCON

Team USA earned two bronze

medals Friday in the matchplay

Masters, the final event

of the 2011 Pan American

Bowling Confederation Men’s


Bill O’Neill and Chris

Barnes both lost in the bestof-three

games semifinals at

Bolerama Tapatio. Mexico’s

Alejandro Cruz took down

O’Neill, 2-0, while Barnes lost

2-0 to eventual gold medalist

Dan MacLelland of Canada.

“We had a good run this

week, and it’s hard to be too

disappointed,” said O’Neill,

who won the all-events gold

medal. “This format is a total

crapshoot and for us to get a

couple medals is OK. We’re

always disappointed when

we don’t win, but we brought

home the gold in the important


Cruz, who earned Mexico

its first medal of the Championships,

struck out in the first

game to beat O’Neill, 225-223,

and then rolled to a 268-227

win for the sweep.

“I always like bowling

against the crowd favorite,”

O’Neill said. “It’s fun when

you win that match as an

underdog, but unfortunately I

wasn’t able to come out on top

this time.”

In the other semifinal,

MacLelland, who earned the

all-events silver medal, took

the opening game, 257-223, and

then claimed the second game,


All six Team USA members

were among the 16 players

who advanced to the Masters

competition based on their finish

in the all-events standings.

Wes Malott and Mike Fagan

lost in the quarterfinals, while

Patrick Allen and Walter Ray

Williams Jr. were knocked out

in the first round.

In the gold-medal match,

MacLelland swept Cruz, 2-0,

to win the title. The Canadian,

who competes on the Lumber

Liquidators Professional



to be thinking

about Summer


Call or check with your

local center now to sign up

Bowlers Association Tour, won

269-203 and 224-175.

The two bronze medals

in the Masters competition

finished off a week where

Team USA won gold medals

in four of the six events. The

Americans finished first in

five-player team, trios, doubles

and all-events, while also

taking the silver medal in trios

and a bronze medal in singles.

For more complete coverage

of the PABCON Men’s Championships,

including photos,

videos, stories and results, visit

MacLelland def. Cruz, 2-0

(269-203, 224-175)

Williams, Allen shatter

PABCON doubles record


— Team USA’s Walter Ray

Williams Jr. and Patrick Allen

didn’t just break the all-time

Pan American Bowling Confederation

Men’s Championships

record in doubles on Tuesday,

they blew past it with ease.

Williams and Allen combined

to shoot a six-game total

of 2,917, an average of 243.08,

at Bolerama Tapatio, eclipsing

the previous record of 2,788

set in 2009 by their teammates

Chris Barnes and Tommy


Allen led the pair with

1,461, while Williams contributed

1,456 in the winning

effort. Canada’s Dan MacLelland

and Michael Schmidt took

the silver medal with 2,742,

while Puerto Rico’s Bruno Diaz

and Andro Simounet earned

the bronze with 2,720.

The Americans entered the

final doubles block knowing

they needed a big performance

after their teammates were out

of medal contention from the

morning session.

“After the performance this

morning, we knew it was either

us or nobody for a medal,”

Allen said. “It was just time for

us to rise to the occasion so the

team didn’t get shut out.”

The gold medalists got out

of the gate fast with Williams

starting with games of 298 and

278, while Allen opened with

247 and 233. They eventually

pulled away from the Canadians

in the final two games.

“I was surprised the scores

weren’t higher on the first

block, but I knew there were

still some pretty good bowlers

on our squad,” said Williams,

who opened the block with 11

straight strikes before leaving

the 2-8. “Fortunately, I had a

real good look early on and

Patrick bowled well, too.”

Team USA’s Mike Fagan,

who also opened the day with

a 298 game, and Wes Malott

finished doubles in 10th place

with 2,578. Barnes and Bill

O’Neill were 11th with 2,576.

Adult Leagues

Start # Per # of

League Name Day Meeting Time Date Time Team Cost Type Weeks

Ultra Classic Thurs. 5/26 6:00 PM 5/26 6:30 PM 4 $14.00 Mixed 12

Have A Ball Sun. 5/15 1:30 PM 5/15 2:00 PM 4 $12.00 Any 13

Practice League Sun. 6/5 5:00 PM 6/5 5:30 PM 4 $13.00 Any 12

Rainbow League Sun. 6/5 8:00 PM 6/5 8:30 PM 4 $10.00 Any 10

Practice League Mon. 6/6 6:00 PM 6/6 6:30 PM 4 $13.00 Any 10

High Anxiety Mon. 6/6 6:00 PM 6/6 6:30 PM 4 $14.00 Mixed 12

Happy Hour Club Mon. 6/6 9:00 PM 6/6 9:15 PM 2 $10.00 Any 10

Trendsetters Tues. 5/24 6:00 PM 5/24 6:30 PM 4 $14.00 Mixed 12

Scratch Trios Wed. 5/25 6:00 PM 5/26 6:30 PM 3 $20.00 Any 12

Junior Leagues

Junior Practice Thurs 6/9 12:30 PM 6/9 1:00 PM 4 $8.00 10

Pee-Wees Sat 6/4 9:00 AM 6/11 9:15 AM 1 $8.00 10

Division I Sat 6/4 9:00 AM 6/11 9:15 AM 3 $10.00 10

Division II Sat 6/4 9:00 AM 6/11 9:15 AM 4 $10.00 10

Individuals Sat. 6/4 9:00 AM 6/11 9:15 AM 4 $5.00 10

Camp Bowlopolis Sat 6/4 9:00 AM 6/11 12:00 PM 4 $10.00 4

Youth Scratch Trios Mon 5/16 6:00 PM 5/16 6:30 PM 3 $14.00 12

Junior Pro-shot Wed 5/25 6:00 PM 5/25 6:30 PM 3 $14.00 12

Junior Adult Leagues

Big-n-Lil Sun 6/5 5:00 PM 6/5 5:30 PM 4 $9.00 12

Youth Adult No Tap Mon 6/6 12:00 PM 6/6 12:30 PM 4 $9.00 10

Senior Leagues

Tuesday Mixed Tues 5/17 12:00 PM 5/17 12:30 PM 4 $10.00 12

Wonder Whys Tues 5/31 8:45 AM 5/31 9:00 AM 4 $10.00 12


4330 Thousand Oaks Blvd • San Antonio, TX 78217



Sonny Athas leads the honor roll with 806 at AMF Irving…

Phil Watts with 784 at AMF DeSoto…Jim Doran rolled 783 at

Plano…Sherri Smith led the girls with 713 at DC Cityview…Emily

Hampson shot 699 at Westcreek…Jody Puckett was high at Red

Bird with 699…Teresa Carter was high at AMF Showplace with

656, for a barely average bowler, she sure was high an awful lot…

Sean Swanson wins PBA Regional in Tulsa, Daceman finished

15th, Brad Hunter was 13th, and Todd Zenner was 16th, ouch

beat by the Clint…Walter Nash wins NABI at Forum…Liz Johnson

wins PWBA title in Illinois…the smartest man in bowling, Bob

Glass wins PBA Senior event in Reading, PA…Brian Bobbitt shoots

703 in Youth action at Irving, are you that young?


Tony Gonzales led the honor roll with 793 at Blazer, man he

used to slap that place around…Dale Reynolds shot 300/791,

no surprise at DC West, and also no surprise he was probably

playing outside of five…hey, Mike McHugh was high at Watauga

with 739, finally beat Julie one week…Shari Pugh led the ladies

with 765 at Westcreek…Mickie Archer high AGAIN at DC SW

with 729…Lisa Talley, a very strong 610 series at Showplace

Garland…Bruce Rowe shot 300 at Euless…Greg Kemp beats Del

Ballard Jr in the PBA Regional at Red Bird, I’m sure Del was

gracious in defeat, he was such a great guy when he lost…Jeff

Baker wins Bowlers Tour at Wedgwood and $1000…Daceman

wins the Leo Ward sportsmanship award as a youth, and from

the picture looks like he was weighing in at about 160 lbs, oh

how times have changed…Genie shot 488 at Watauga, not much

change there.


Mark Cline led the honor roll with 781 at Golden Triangle…

Elmer Williams shot 769 at Berry…Don Delay had 762 at Hart…

Rhonda Barnard led the ladies with 689 at Bowlerland…Tina

Telnert shot 684 at Alpine…Linda Taylor shot 645 at Plano…Tom

Sharp of Fort Worth won the SSBA at All Star West, beating John

Bothe to win $1000…the first PBA Seniors event is scheduled

to reward the veteran players, and is still going strong today.

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama

Lyons rounds up 757

Rodney Lyons won the battle

for top billing with powerful

224-287-246 = 757 numbers in

Wednesday Mixers action.

Michelle Reynolds, Lyons

league mate, led the ladies

scoring race with a stalwart 200-

226-170 = 596 set.


Steve Potter 279-716, Anona Porter

213-528, George Sims 245-586, Julie

Rei 160-421, Kathy March 188-542,

Todd Voltz 257-702, Ashley Adams

198-545, Larry Lee 278-681, Shirley

Haney 215-544.

Mike Morris 279-692, Barb Price

188-475, Tim Crowe 277-692, Susan Lee

237-581, Lonnie Caddell (2 games) 188-

365, Jackie Wiley (2 games) 156-297.


Jim Neufeld (2 games) 172-298,

Nancy Heltzel (2 games) 188-328, John

Taylor 212-529, Louise Garner 201-551,

Jim Neufeld (No tap) 254-639, Laura

Peterson (No tap) 233-637.

At AMF Richardson

Castro charts 299/821,

Daniels delivers 700

Chris Castro headed the

leader boards last week at AMF

Richardson by logging laudable

243-299-279 = 821 marks in

Classic Trios action.

Christy Daniels, Castro’s

league mate, posted an

outstanding 247-184-269 = 700

set to lead the ladies.


David Goss 279-758, John Shuffler

257-747, Traci Davis 250-689, Jennifer

Hayes 247-677, Candace Longoria 256-

685, Keithrick Smith 279-756, Wanda

Parker 232-672, Evan Wilson 628.

Maritza Mateo 211-571, Mike Kertis

287-727, Tonya Dickey 253-679, Jimmy

Webb 244-671, Pat Weissinger 205-545,

Robert Keister 238-671, Sawn Klapper

182-528, Curtis Stewart 233-620.

Amanda Rippetoe 179-481, Vandy

Krouch 256-695, Mara Sidwebber 152-

395, Bill North 245-692, Barb Guillotte

178-478, Keith McRee 258-696, John

Moore, Jr. 257-706, Terry Shannon


Songkane Phyathep 243-660, May

Kisay 180-528, Robert Burgess 270-696,

Vicki Grizzaffi 204-540.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 7

Deadline June 1, 2011

Deadline Near For Pezzano Scholarship Applications

ARLINGTON — Applications

are being accepted for

the Bowling Writers’ Association

of America’s Chuck

Pezzano Scholarship awarded

annually to worthy recipients

who are high school seniors,

vocational school seniors or

current college students. The

award is named in honor of

BWAA, United States Bowling

Congress and Professional

Bowlers Association Hall of

Fame journalist Chuck Pezzano

of Clifton, N.J. To be eligible,

applicants must meet the

following requirements:

Maintain a minimum 2.5/4.0

GPA or equivalent

Involvement in the field of


Perform community service

Participate in the sport of


Include at least one reference


Write a short essay (350


Provide school transcript

First-, second- and thirdplace

scholarships may be

awarded based on applicants’

credentials. Any or all of the

funds may or may not be distributed

at the discretion of the

committee. Individual awards

may not exceed $1,500 per year

and yearly combined scholarships

may not exceed $3,000

per year. If there are any ties,

money will be split. Winners

also will receive a one-year

paid membership in BWAA. To

apply, log on to the BWAA web

site at,

click on Scholarships and

download the application.

Complete the form and return

it, including supporting

documents, postmarked no

later than June 1, 2011. Name

and address of the chair will

be included on the application.


Continued from Page 1


“We’re targeting weekends

and the hotel, and not just a

bowling event alone, and it

drew all types of bowlers,” said

Welch. “We had the highest

entering average of over 230 to

the lowest of 140.”

The next Madness event

will be held across town at the

Texas Station August 25-28,

and Welch and Station Casinos

expect an even bigger turnout.

“We had great word of

mouth with this initial event

and casino employees came

and paid out the entire prize

fund in cash, which the

bowlers really enjoyed,” Welch


Sunset Station Strike Zone

and Pinacle Events are scheduled

to host the 2011 Summer

Mini-Eliminator, June 26-July

3, featuring two handicap and

scratch divisions. Stay tuned

for more information on both

events, or visit

Winners will be announced

at the BWAA Annual Meeting

& Convention at Bowl Expo in

June in Grapevine, Texas, and

Come Bowl the


Benefit Tournament

for Otis Pillow

June 5th July 4th


1:00 PM 4:00 PM

Top 3 Places Cash!

$25 Entry Fee

Handicap Tournament

90% of 210

they will be notified by the

BWAA President. For more information,

contact Joan Romeo


Bowl 4 games,

but only use the

top 3 scores!

Sponsored by: AMF Hurst Bowl and

Pillow Pro Shop

For more information please call

817.282.2401 or 817.333.4313


Leagues Now


Contact us at 972-475-7080 for

more details or visit us at

5021 Lakeview Parkway, Rowlett, TX 75088


Page 8 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Fulton wins Hickman

Star of Tomorrow

Award winner Sheldon Fulton flanked by his parents

Jackie & Debs Fulton.

By Leisha Murr, Columnist

The winner of the Odell

Hickman Star of Tomorrow

Award for 2011 is Sheldon

Fulton. This award is given

to a high school senior boy

each year that has been a

USBC youth certified bowler

for three or more years and

is a current member of the

Dallas USBC youth association.

Nominees for this award must

also have a scholastic standing

of a “B” average or better with

outstanding achievements in

school as well as bowling.

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Alex Negrete headed the Fort

Worth-area USBC youth bowling

last week with a hard-hitting 659

Peterson Point series at Brunswick

Zone Watauga.

Katie Tallant led the girls with

a sky-high 244/675 Strikers set at

Cowtown Bowling Palace.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga – Micah

McCracken 247, Alex Negrete 659,

Danielle Walker 213, Vanessa Vasquez

573, Travis Kerbaugh 364, Kynadee

Padron 365 , Clayton Heinhold 601,

Madelyn Rogers 470, Trayon Smith 536,

Paige Maloney 378, Micah McCracken

632, Rebekka Jones 478, Forrest Simmons

(4 games) 694.

At Cityview – Mitch 69-186, Ashley

15-23, Joshua Gibbs 224-572, Bethany

73-169, Andrew Steed 150-415, Brhea

Stevens 93-275, Matthew Reininger

139-405, Khilya Dyche 119-313,

David Becker 116-304, Shaylee Hubbel

135-394, Joshua Reininger 133-372,

Katie Carlberg 184-463, Marc 133-256,

Kelsea Johnson 161-426, Sam Ambani

This scholarship award winner

is chosen each year with

emphasis on bowling activity,

ability, and accomplishments

as well as sportsmanship,

scholastic achievement, and

community involvement. The

award is given by the Dallas

USBC Association in honor of

Odell Hickman.

This year’s winner, Sheldon

Fulton, is a senior at McKinney

Boyd High School, carrying a

3.33/4.00 GPA. He helped his

high school bowling team to

a Regional Championship and

115-292, AJ Schotanus 188-450, Steven

Morris 173-508, Kevin Graham 192-436,

Toby Jones 120-317, Sheldon Graham

145-388, Justin Agee 125-308, Tanner

Bankston 166-502, Blake George 169-

451, Marin Smolcik 155-400, Matthew

Becker 204-542, Paul Casten 214-583,

Tyler Meeks 127-360, Adam Sears


At Cowtown Bowling Palace – Clayton

Waldinger 205-522, Katie Tallant

190-510, Zachery Moore 194-503, Kieler

Sanchez 227-553, Katie Tallant 244-675,

Adam Beasley 216-589, Brittney Martin

174-504, Tyler Sims 209-594, Grace

Gann 112, Cody Franks 257-650, Katie

Tallant 193-571, Randy Cross 234-620,

Shyanne Johnson 186-510

At AMF Showplace Euless – Taylor

Green 194-554, Sanika Ojha 165-428,

Hayden Lutz 201-528, Jaden Takayesu

145-409, Major Whisenton, Jr. 191-519,

Samika Ojha 136-380, Carl Geisel 184-

510, Beth Geisel 139-366, Alex Scotch

190-490, Julia Fugitt 110-276.

a 9th place finish at the State

level. Fulton bowls league at

both Plano Super Bowl and Allen

Bowl. He was also the anchor

bowler for the Plano 3 Travel

Team that recently won the

season championship. Sheldon’s

current high average is 205, and

he has a high game of 300.

After graduating in a few

weeks, Sheldon plans to go

to Collin Community College

for two years before transferring

to a University to study


“I worked really hard for the

award, and it proves that hard

work does pay off,” he said. “It

was a real honor to win.”

Mom, Jackie was also excited

by the award, “It was awesome

and surprising; at first he didn’t

want to write the required

essay for the award about how

bowling has changed his life,

but then he got into it. He had

to gather documents about

tournaments he had bowled in

and get references from teachers,

and then to win was very

exciting,” she said.

He stays busy by hanging

out with friends and playing

basketball, but he said that

his true love is bowling. As

for upcoming tournaments, he

will be bowling in the state

tournament in June held at

Plano Super Bowl and AMF


“Sheldon is a great young

man, who is well liked and

respected by his teammates,”

said Plano Youth Director,

Joyce Claus.

It was awesome and surprising,

he didn’t want to write the

essay about how bowling has

changed his life, with tournaments,

referrals from teachers.

It was really exciting. Said

mom Jackie.

Fort Worth USBC Youth Results

Eric Beat topped the Dallasarea

USBC youth bowling last

week with a booming 255-258-

235 = 748 Showstoppers series

at Plano Super Bowl.

Tara Lopez, also from Plano

Super Bowl, led the girls with a

big 224-181-278 = 683 Thursday

Scholar set.

At AMF Lewisville – Reid Castillo

90-236, Kaylee Holmes 102-256, Gannon

Takayesu 159-461, Danielle Cole

137-336, Leo Wendt 182-484, Oksana

Braun 162-444, Justin Tan 257-648,

Carlen Day 199-558.

At Plano – Aidan Hudson 119-331,

Kristin Wood 123-316, Sean Robinson

146-410, Zoey Ruby 131-360, Jaxson


Eric Beat, Plano ..................................................... 748

Alex Negrete, Brunswick Zone Watauga .............. 659

Cody Franks, Cowtown Bowling Palace ............... 650

Justin Tan, AMF Lewisville .................................... 648

Raylyn Simon, Red Bird ......................................... 603

Paul Casten, Cityview ............................................ 583

Taylor Green, AMF Showplace Euless .................. 554


Tara Lopez, Plano ................................................... 683

Katie Tallant, Cowtown Bowling Palace ................ 675

Vanessa Vasquez, Brunswick Zone Watauga ....... 573

Carlen Day, AMF Lewisville ................................... 558

Makensie Martin, Red Bird .................................... 487

Katie Carlberg, Cityview ........................................ 463

Samika Ojha, AMF Showplace Euless .................. 428

Dallas USBC Youth Travel

League finishes Season

Championship team, Plano 3, Rear L to R, Peyton Land, Sheldon Fulton,

Christie Draper; Front L to R, Mikayla Rodriguez and Stephanie Sims.

The Dallas USBC Youth

Travel League finished out

their season on April 17 at

Plano Super Bowl with their

annual Team Sweeper and

Championship Play-offs.

Season high scorers


From Division 1:

Boys: Cody Austin (298-

Mueller 158-418, Kaylea Norman

145-422, Anthony Simonsen 259-685,

Shana Geerdes 208-571, Adam Smith

267-687, Brianne Hansen 244-647,

Stephanie Sims 256-651, J Gramly

184-472, Veronica Prior 143-367,

Zachery Leonard 117-345, Jessica Prior

185-491, Spencer Slaton 225-587, Alex

Schmieg 225-587, Tyler Samsel 254-665,

Anthony Simonsen (4 games) 236-612,

Kelsey Potts (4games) 225-562, Jack

Swan 83-164, Emma Johnson 120-205.

At Red Bird – Raylyn Simon 215-603,

Makensie Martin 172-487, Lonnie Cobb

Jr. 206-553, Maygan Dickerson 103-283,

Taylor McCaleb 105-255, Cheyenne

Hancock 140-355, Chase Kuehnhold

121-236, Bailey Speaks 132-206.

687), Martin Montes (266-722),

Ryan Schmieg (265-693), Corey

Drennan (265), Sean Vong


Girls: Courtney Salinas

(259-673), Alexes Burton (226),

Taryn Gray (223-597), Christie

Draper (225-594), Jada Davis


From Division 2:

Boys: Justin Tan (290-760),

Ronald Rougely (278-738),

Dylan Macon (728), Travis

Davenport (288-707), Curtis

Stiler (279).

Girls: Kelsey Potts (255-

646), Amanda Hagood

(238-614), Morgan Reising

(225-598), Lauren Newman


In the sweeper round,

Sean Vong, from Lakes Lanes

bowled a rousing 300 game.

After all teams participated

in a season sweeper, the top 4

District winners – AMF Garland

3, Plano Super Bowl 3, All

Star Bowl 1-Ennis, and AMF

Lewisville 1 – battled it out for

the Season Championship.

Teams bowled 2 games in

Baker Format in each round.

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Two local stand-outs sign

bowling scholarships

By Breanne Eoff, Staff Writer

Megan Bentham of Fossil

Ridge High School and Danielle

Walker of Keller Central

recently signed letters of intent

to NCAA schools to bowl

collegiately. Both ladies are

high school stand-outs from the

area. Danielle recently won her

second individual state title,

while Megan, competing on the

boys team at her high school

has qualified for state three out

of her four years of high school

and placed second in the team

event her sophomore year.

Megan, who graduates from

Fossil Ridge on June 4th, found

she fit best at the University

of Central Missouri. She was

first noticed by the Jennies

veteran coach Ron Holmes

while bowling in the USBC

Junior Gold Championships.

They communicated many

times throughout the year

Danielle Walker and Family at signing.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 9

Ebonite International wants to see YOU at

Join us for the premiere women’s bowling event of the year,

telecast live from Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, June 30, 2011 - FREE!

Purchase any of the following balls from the brands of Ebonite International from March 28 through June 1, send

in the coupon provided by your pro shop operator with proof of purchase, and we’ll send you TWO FREE TICKETS

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and then Megan took a trip to

visit the campus. That sealed

the deal for her, “Through the

recruiting process my family

and I created a great relationship

with Coach Holmes. Once

I visited the campus, I fell in

love with the university and

knew it would be a good fit for

me” said Megan.

Danielle wasn’t even sure if

she wanted to bowl in college

at first. “I had thought about

pursuing culinary school since

I want to be a pastry chef, so I

at first turned down any interest

from schools.” However,

she changed her mind and

decided college and collegiate

bowling was a path she wanted

to take. “I was very fortunate

that Alabama State and Coach

Chatmon were interested when

I did decide I wanted to bowl

in college.” Alabama State

was a great choice for Danielle

because of her new choice of

major and minor. “I think I

am going to do something in

business and technology, both

of those will help me once I do

pursue opening my own pastry

business and ASU has great

programs in each,” Danielle

said of her school choice. It

also helps that she has family

from Alabama so they will be

a few hours drive away if she

needs them.

Both girls had great advice

Balls included in offer:

I purchased a:

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Each coupon must have matching UPC to qualify for reimbursement. Must be postmarked by June 1, 2011. Please allow 6 weeks for processing.

Sponsored by

Bowling Novelties at

for any upcoming young

bowlers who strive to bowl

collegiately. “Stay positive

and be patient” said Bentham

“there is a school for you, just

use your contacts and talk to

everyone you know, you never

know who you might be put in

contact with.

Walker echoed Megan’s

thoughts “Use your contacts to

get your name out there.” She

went on to say “Be yourself,

don’t change how you bowl

or who you are to fit in to a

college; there will be one that

is the right fit for you.”


Continued from Page 8

In the first round Plano 3

defeated Garland 3 and Lewisville

1 defeated All Star Bowl 1.

In the second round the 2

district winners from the first

round, Plano 3 and Lewisville

1 competed for 1st & 2nd Place.

The losing teams from the first

round vied for 3rd & 4th Place.

In the end Plano 3 defeated

Lewisville 1 for the Championship

460 to 432.

All Star 1 placed 3rd defeating

Garland 3, 474 to 428.

Megan Bentham signing for scholarship.

Page 10 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Youth Coaches/Directors Tournament winners,from left, 1st-Sharon

Pease, 2nd-Jayna Schwab, 3rd-Robert Martin, 4th-Mark Phelps.

Pease wins Dallas Youth

Coaches Tourney

By Leisha Murr, Columnist

The 3rd Annual Dallas

USBC Youth Coaches & Directors

Tournament was held on

Sunday, May 15, 2011 at AMF


This tournament is a fun

fund raiser held each year for

the Dallas USBC youth coaches,

youth directors, high school

coaches and sponsors, and

association board members.

Half of the prize fund for the

tournament benefits the Dallas

Kevin Hiam nailed down the

high-score of the week at Plano

USBC Youth Association and

the remainder goes to the

youth program of the winning


The event had 22 entries

this year and uses a “King of

the Hill” format to determine

the winner. Each bowler bowls

two games and then the field

is cut with the top half of the

scores plus handicap advancing

to the next round. Those

bowlers then bowl another

game and it cuts to the top

At Plano Super Bowl

Hiam crushes 779,

Daniels delivers 727

Buchanan, Cummings, Kriechbaum, Vaughn

300’s, Marcom, Whitney add 299’s

Super Bowl with a booming 257-

279-243 = 779 Friday Funsters

eight. One more game is

bowled by those who advanced

to determine the top four. The

four finalists then bowl single

game match-play to determine

the winner.

This year’s winner, Sharon

Pease, is the Youth Director

for AMF Richardson. She said

that the money she won will be

used to help pay for the state

tournament expenses for her

youth program at Richardson

and the rest will go into their

scholarship fund.

When asked about the win,

Pease said, “It was a lot of

fun to win a tournament like

this against all of my fellow

coaches and peers. It was also

great to have all of the coaches

I work with stay to watch

and support me in the final


Other finalists include

Jayna Schwab, a board member

representing Plano Super Bowl

coming in 2nd place. Finishing

in 3rd place was Robert Martin,

assistant coach for McKinney

Boyd HS representing Allen

Bowl. And the fourth finalist

was Mark Phelps, a coach from

Plano Super Bowl.

league production.

Christy Daniels, from the

Pepsi Classic group, registered a

sizzling 212-279-243 = 727 set

to front distaff scoring.

Scott Buchanan, Richard

Cummings, Rit Kriechbaum and

George Vaughn shared highgame

honors as each recorded

award-winning perfectos. Jim

Marcom and Ryan Whitney tied

for runner-up honors as both shot

299 solos.


Peter Mahre 257-746, Robin Gramly

192-517, Ken Sharp 269-752, Debbie

Lambert 237-665, Richard Waltz 266-

739, Evelyn Rawls 191-508, Tom Hay

262-757, Frieda Castaldo 185-547, Philip

Riley 245-658. Maria Cummings 221-

542, Bob Pearce 267-674, Debra Gardner

220-585, Ronnie Rhodes 258-710, Anne

Silvia 206-603, Bill Ferguson 278-665,

Linda Monroe 188-503, Bill Ferguson


Melissa Carrillo 234-638, Buddy

Baker 267-714, Karen Clevenger 234-

570, Steve Cole 255-680, Vicky Minter

201-445, Charles Johnson 246-642,

Melissa Carrillo 182-494, Lyn Ables


Michelle VanGilder 191-549, Brenda

Buchanan 248-619, Pat Weissinger

206-528, Jim Macom 701, Billy Ketner

278-697, Larry Leehy 209-560, Phyllis

Haynes 186-498, Scott Craddock


Robin Dotson 278-706, Alan

Crawford 279-762, Kelli Spencer

221-597, Philip Kepner 279-740, Liza

Garza 223-630, Ryan Whitney 278-751,

Whitney Williams 213-587, Cathy

Sposito 246-636.

Ree Stone 199-579, Mike Lewis

257-729, Dottie Culpon 201-556, Alan

Gohlke 243-649, Diane Wallentine

258-624, Joe Sutton 290-718, Carol

Wood 254-660, Richard Cummings

758, Kevin Moats 775.

Melissa Carrillo 279-689, Ryan

Whitney (4 games) 1017, Christy

Daniels (4 games) 279-992, Wayne

Dodson 259-742, Connie Cotton 257-

659, Ed Sawyer 279-750, Jeanne Burns

215-618, Bob Witken 260-671, Karen

Witken 227-606, Cindy Mann 252-689.

At AMF Spare Time

Alonzo blasts 747,

Brodigan collars 662

Rives 300, Austin 297

Frankie Alonzo pocketed a

free-wheeling 268-234-235 =

747 STL Businessmen’s series to

take top honors last week at AMF

Spare Time Lanes.

Nikki Brodigan, from the

Sundowners group, paced the

ladies with a classy 193-266-203

= 662 set.

At Brunswick Westcreek

Williams wraps up

300/776, Norris nets 671

Corwin 300, Laurence 298

Ron “Remo” Williams

captured the top spot on the

honor roll with outstanding

238-238-300 = 776 numbers in

Classic High Pot action for the

week at Brunswick Westcreek


Cassandra Norris, from the

Sunday Mix league, registered

a sizzling 246/671 set to front

distaff scoring.

Russell Corwin rolled an

award-winning perfecto to share

high game honors with Williams.

Earl Laurence earned runner-up

honors after throwing 11 strikes

in a row for a 298 solo.


Earl Laurence 765, Amy Hart

226-647, Mike Moscato 267-730, Pearl

Tucker 212-610, Billy Fontenot 235-705,


John Powell, Jr. 239, Patrice Bradley

214, John Hartsel 649, Stephanie Moore

558, Danny Smitherman 288, Justin

Ward 274, Stephen Van Riper 729, Doug

Anderson 268, Sonya Little 231-610,

Mark Wilson 659. Peggy Ford 176,

Donna Heishman 176, Kathy Cowser

475, Donni McMasters 232-593.

Vernon Smith Jr., 235-700, Lucky Beam

289, Nita Stein 192-543, Laughton

Smith 706.

Jay Witt 237-679, Denise Jones

245-645, Joey Howery 234-662, Anita

Whitley 221-625, Greg Avery 266-656,

Chester Jones 269-701, Louise Tripplett

201-527, Lahoma Gietzen 190, Travis

Thomas 278-774.

Karla Griffin 211, Amanda

Dominguez 560, Doug Greemaon

269, Sharon Dehnel 177, Gary Jeandron

648, Linda Brandes 470, Billy Fontenot

267-732, Corene Cloud 201, Coy Hart

266, Amy Hart 212-574.

Darrell Hart 669, Terri Trefger

225-616, Ron Waller 243-691, Karen

Holder 213-523, James Franklin

288-697, Nicki Mours 236-606, Jerry

Strider 233, Shawn Beam 572, Amanda

Dominguez 247-638.



Scratch Trios League

Starts Tuesday, June 7th

at 6:30 PM

Meeting at 6 PM

4 Games, $20.00 per person per week

Ballard Bowling Solutions is adding

$500 to the prize fund

Hey Kids! Check out our

Kid’s Fun Club this Summer


for a full list of our exciting Summer Leagues


Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133


Top collegiate bowlers to

battle for singles titles

ARLINGTON — Forty of the

nation’s top collegiate bowlers

will be at AMF Euless Lanes in

Euless, Texas, starting Monday

to compete for national titles

at the United States Bowling

Congress Intercollegiate

Singles Championship.

The participants will

bowl 16 qualifying games

The Real Deal, Stefanie

Nation, danced with the record

books with a power-packed 300-

299-266 = 865 Masters outing to

claim high-series honors for the

week at AMF Showplace Euless.

Jessie Brantley ended as top

male of the week after firing a

chart-topping 300-247-257 = 804

American Airlines session.

Brad Sampson shared highgame

honors with Nation and

Brantley as each posted awardwinning

12-baggers. Chris

Hibbitts and Josh Tinsman’s near

perfect 299 singles took runnerup

honors. John Casteel added a

298 single and David Estep rolled

a 296 solo.


Sylvester Howard 268-794, David

Rogers 290-779, Brad Sampson 279-773,

Al DeLaHoz 280-770, Doug Smith

279-767, Robert Jones 266-738, Michael

April 256-731, Jerry Bailey 245-688.

Ren Johnson 232-657, Pete Flagella

237-656, Larry Farnan 230-639, Chris

Rush 214-576, Dennis Trammell 290,

Crystal Corbin 243-703, Regina Taddy

225-646, Carolyn Perez 235-632.

Judy Leuty 236-627, Karen Hader

214-614, Belinda Chambers 226-605,

Tammy Kent 237-592, Kathleen Brock

At Strikz


racks up 720

FRISCO – Jim Reynen led the

high-set chase last week at Strikz

with a hard hitting 245-197-278

= 720 Lousy Bowlerz circuit


Maritza Matteo, also a Lousy

Bowlerz member, paced fem

scoring with a tidy 197-193-201

= 591 outing.


Rick Irvine 224-639, Dawn Luft

201-547, Steve Gewurz 223-637, Laine

Barr 172-496, David Edwards 244-664,

Carol Bowman 209-557, Nick Camp

246-634, Cathy Eberly 183-513, Carol

Sciano 155-431. Felice Owings 165-462,

Clayton Colby 232-653, Candy Torrey

204-555, Carlos Saflor 234-617, Julie

Bloodworth 190-504.

on Monday to determine the

single-elimination match-play

bracket. On Tuesday, match

play will consist of best-of-five

games until a champion is

determined. All qualifying

and match-play rounds will be

broadcast live on

The 24 men and 16 women

earned their way into the tour-

At AMF Showplace Euless

Nation scorches 300/865,

Brantley fires 300/804

Sampson 300, Hibbitts, Tinsman 299’s, Casteel 298, Estep 296

196-554, June Butler 203-549, Amanda

Brock 201-544, Barbara Chaky 192-534.

Laurie Witt 204-533, Mamie Gordon

183-520, Chris Penczynzyn 181-514,

Tamsen Todd 180-506

Paul E. Wilson pocketed prime

247-268-269 = 784 numbers in

the TGIF league to take top billing

on the honor roll last week at

AMF Garland.

Bertha Sanchez from the

Money Changers group led the

ladies with a high-powered 225-

257-268 = 750 set.

Billy Boydson took high-game

honors with an award-winning



Bubba Stiff 279-749, Billy Boydson

749, Gale Maida 161-458, Ed Dooley

227-565, Rosemary White 202-586, JD

Venable 230-638, Judy Parker 169-498,

Ricky Shinn, Sr. 255-671, Ben Riddle


Tom Pulis’ first-rate 257-259-

257 = 773 Tuesday Men’s session

ended as the number-one series

of the week at Red Bird Lanes.

Lauren Daniel posted a tidy

224/651 Sunday Nite Mix set to

front fem scoring.


Jane Davis 201-561, Wendy Jones

214-568, James Cooper 279-717, Kyle

Grimsley 199-467, Lisa Todd 133-366,

Pat Karre 182-509, Barbara Turner

195-522, Arthur Stangl 257-701.

Deanna Hoffman 227-586, Jon

Edwards, Jr. 247-673, Wayne Jefferson

nament through four sectional

qualifying events held in

March. The top four finishers

in each division (men and

women) at each site advanced,

while eight additional men’s

spots were awarded based on

the field size at each sectional.

Defending women’s champion

Jenn Boisselle of Central

Florida is back again after

qualifying third in her sectional.

Last year, the two-time

Junior Team USA member

qualified 13th and went on to

win five matches to take the


She will face some tough

competition in the women’s

division with two current Team

USA in the field - Pikeville’s

Kim Yioulos and Vanderbilt’s

Brittni Hamilton.

Yioulos lost to Boisselle

in the quarterfinals last year

of the Intercollegiate Singles

Championships and is a

first-team All-American this

season. Hamilton, meanwhile,

won the 2010 USBC Junior Gold


Also in the women’s field

are three players who helped

lead Maryland Eastern Shore to

the NCAA Women’s Bowling

At AMF Garland

Wilson turns in 784,

Sanchez smashes 750

Boydson 300s

Roger James 258-683, Robert

Massingill 192-474, Rhonda S Mitchell

191-540, William Mowery 205-575,

Wilma Brockington 167-446, Harold

Smith 261-717, Linda Chambers 266-

699, Charlie Palmer 279-734. Candy

Brackey 200-541, Bertha Sanchez 207-

597, Kenneth Judge 224-609, Kimberly

Fields 157-428, Darral Ruffin 182-453,

Dawn Sephus 141-395, JD Venable

244-630, Cheryl Willis 180-518.

Cliff Morelock 267-721, J Craig

Boyle 259-750, John Williams 257-

769, Jennifer Taylor 204-565, Arvese

McGraw 268-730, Robert W Wilson

257-759, Janis Gharras 208-550, Rodney

Cox 269-737.

Erin McCarty 243-691, Chris Slone

258-591, Mandi Esquer 186-491.

At Red Bird Lanes

Pulis produces 773,

Daniel drops 651

2249634, Arthur Stangl 199-568,

Deborah Hodge 200-587, Rick Peterson

255-718, Janean Baker 211-538, Sean

King 214-624.

Antonia Jackson 170-492, Mel

Richards 242-652, Lois Gibson 200-

568, Lonny Cobb 213-639, Deanna

Hoffman 216-615, JC Mann 246-668,

Lesley Speak 178-493, Anthony Flowers


Sandra Hawkins 166-467, Mike

Culley 253-699, Ida Tibbs 181-501,

Cindy Howell 194-522, Gary Spurlock

204-576, Carolyn Large 223-527.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 11

championship and the USBC

Intercollegiate Team Championships

title. Maria Jose

Rodriguez, the NCAA player of

the year, is joined by Kristina

Frahm and Megan Buja in

representing the Hawks.

The men’s field is headlined

by Jacob Kent of Robert Morris-

Mr. Bill’s Color Pin Sweeper

Every Saturday Night 7:30 PM

Check-in at 6:30 PM

$20 Sweeper entry fee

Mystery Score - 1st Game Strike Pot

King and Queen Tickets • Mega-Shots Every Night

Crazy Eights after Sweeper

$5.00 entry fee - up to two re-entries

Strike pot tickets every game


All split

conversions pay


972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275



8:00 PM - 10:00 PM





Our Brunswick GSX Pinsetters

allow you to select which pins you

would like to practice shooting at!


So, if you are

drowning in


Illinois, who is a current

Junior Team USA member and

reached the semifinals at last

year’s Intercollegiate Singles


A pair of Wichita State

bowlers are also in the field

with two-time Junior Team

Continued on Page 13

2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

Or 10 pins

are killing

your scores

Family owned and Independently operated for 38 years


90% of 220

Ladies fi ve-bagger pays $5.00 once a night.

Men‛s six-bagger pays $5.00 once a night.

Will also pay out men‛s and women‛s high series

each night - scratch/handicap

Handicap-Scratch-Ladies Brackets $5.00 each

Cross-Over Doubles $1.00 per person

Mr. Bill 817-925-3892 Cell: 817-557-0749





1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677

Page 12 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS








1901 W. Airport Freeway

Euless, TX 76040

(817) 571-1174

Giving You The

Power To Perform

Susie Minshew

USBC Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010


1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager


Owner / Operator

PBA Member

HOURS: Monday–Friday 1–9, Saturday 1–7

Billy DeCicco


Inside AMF Arlington Lanes

1801 East Lamar Blvd.

Arlington, TX 76006

Working Hard

for Your Success




5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088

(972) 475-7080



1212 E. University Drive

Denton, TX 76209

(940) 808-1622

Lessons Available


6601 Oakmont Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76132

817-263-1935 Fax: 817-370-1831

Kirk Wright


Inside AMF Irving Lanes

3450 Willow Creek Dr.

Irving, TX 75061


2521 Avenue K

Plano, TX 75074

(972) 881-0242





HURST, TX 76053


Fastrack Pro Shop

Located Inside Allen Bowl

1011 S. Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-509-9274


Coach’s Eye International

Plan to win or wait to fail

Located inside

Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow

Watauga, TX 76148

Phone: 817-485-2695

Brunswick Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76133

Phone: 817-294-0501

Brunswick Zone Denton

2200 San Jacinto Blvd.

Denton, TX 76205

Phone: 940-383-3515

Kurt Gengelbach, Owner

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

Member, Storm and Turbo Advisory Staffs

Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available


5000 Main Street, Suite 138

The Colony, TX 75056


Lessons available by appointment




Del Ballard,


Brett Cooper

Derrick Lott

Maury Newman

Brian English

Xeno Garcia

Rudy Garcia Jr.



Krazy Davz Customz

Custom Embroidery & More

Bowling Shirts, Biker Patches,

Logo Golf Shirts, etc.

• No project too small

Barbie Sandoval

214-914-6795 (cell)

Todd Zenner is now at Cowtown Bowling Palace

Chad Newman - Owner

Located in Cowtown Bowling Palace

4333 River Oaks Dr.

Fort Worth, TX 76114



Phone: 817-624-4920

Believe. Bowl. Follow Through.

(Located inside AMF Richardson Lanes)

2101 N. Central Expressway

Richardson, TX 75080


(inside AMF DeSoto Lanes & AMF Spare Time Lanes)


Andrew Lowy

Russell Corwin

Cody Carlton

AMF Spare Time Lanes

3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015


AMF Desoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr.

DeSoto, TX 75115


Danny Westbrook

Bill Fong

1108 W. Parker Road, Suite #108

“Southwest corner of Alma and Parker Road”

Plano, TX 75075



PBA Spare






Middle school teacher Rusty

Thomsen of Morgan, N.J.,

defeated Vinny D’Ambrosio III

of Staten Island, N.Y., 239-238,

to win $2,500 first prize and

his second career regional title

in the PBA East Region King

Pin Open presented by Econo-

Lodge, Pistol Pete’s Restaurant

and Skyy Vodka at King Pin

Bowling Center in Egg Harbor

Township, N.Y., on May 15.

Thomsen threw three

strikes in the 10th frame to

force D’Ambrosio to double, but

D’Ambrosio threw a nine-count

on his first shot in his final

frame. D’Ambrosio eliminated

four-time PBA Tour winner

Ryan Shafer of Horseheads,

N.Y., 205-187, in the semifinal


In the PBA Central Region,

Troy Stus of South Lyon,

Mich., defeated amateur Aaron

Lorinez of Belleville, Mich.,

257-195, to win the Baldo

Campana Open benefiting the

Lorain County Kids Fund at

Rebman Recreation on May

15. The title was Stus’ first of

the year and the second of his

career. He also earned $2,500.

Stus, the son of long-time

PBA Senior Tour star Gene

Stus, defeated Mason Brantley

of Detroit, 225- 174, while Lorinez

edged 2006-07 PBA Rookie

of the Year Billy Oatman of

Cleveland, 226-225, in the

semifinal round. Lumber Liquidators

PBA Tour exempt player

Brian Kretzer was eliminated

in the Round of 8 while Ronnie

Russell, Tom Smallwood and

Jeff Zaffino were knocked out

in the Round of 16.

PBA Central and Midwest

senior players convened at

Lynwood Bowl in Lynwood,

Ill., where Harv Pallas of

Stevensville, Mich. defeated

Charlie Tapp of Kalamazoo,

Mich. 186-173, to win the

PBA Midwest/Central Region

Lynwood Bowl Senior Open

sponsored by Allstate. The win

was Pallas’ first of the season

and the third PBA Regional

title of his career. He also

earned $1,500.

Tyler Jensen of Fort Worth,

Texas, defeated Nathan Bohr

of Wichita, Kan., in a 231-230

nail-biter to win the PBA

Southwest Region Macadoo-


Continued from Page 11

USA member Geoffrey Young

and 2009 Intercollegiate Singles

Championships semifinalist

Josh McBride representing the


Also in the men’s division

is 2009 Intercollegiate Singles

Championships runner-up Nick

Davis of North Carolina State,

who returns after losing in the

title match to Adam Chase of

St. John’s.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 13

dles’ Northwest Arkansas Open

at Fast Lane Entertainment in

Lowell, Ark., on May 15.

Jensen earned $3,000 and

his ninth PBA Regional title

after trailing Bohr by two pins

going into the final frame.

Jensen converted a 10 pin in

the 10th frame and struck on

his fill ball to force Bohr to get

a total of 18 pins in his final

frame. After sparing the 4 pin,

Bohr could only manage seven

pins on his final shot, handing

Jensen a one-pin victory.

Bohr had eliminated PBA Tour

exempt player Mike Scroggins

in the semifinal round.

Texas State USBC

74th TSUSBC Women’s Championship

Current Standings as of 5/15/11

Team, Div 1 901 and Up, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Hcap From

1 Keller Williams Realty-Six 833 3,337 514 Gr San Antonio USB

2 Lushes Off The Lanes 821 3,328 160 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

3 Horray Beer 644 3,325 366 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

4 Mixed Five 42 3,274 527 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Keller Williams Realty-Three 830 3,204 293 Gr San Antonio USB

Team, Div 2 826-900, Handicapped

1 A League Of Our Own 154 3,371 726 Highland Lakes USB

2 Strike Force 1 425 3,328 560 South Brazoria Coun

3 Combat Bowlers 560 3,312 729 Denton County USB

4 Killer’s Team 512 3,301 734 Dallas USBC WBA

5 Long Time Friends 41 3,297 541 Dallas USBC WBA

Team, Div 3 751-825, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Hcap From

1 Dangerous Curves 684 3,419 924 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

2 Get 10 557 3,408 764 Dallas USBC WBA

3 Last Minute Bowlers 497 3,393 899 Corpus Christi USB

4 Carousel USA I 243 3,347 924 Gr San Antonio USB

5 Roo’s Crew 736 3,330 897 Gr Houston USBC

Team, Div 4 676-750, Handicapped

1 Corvette Queens 108 3,449 950 Alvin Pearland USB

2 Teacher’s Pets 38 3,414 1,056 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood U

2 Vivian Car Wash 149 3,414 1,102 Cass County USBC

4 Gamblers 251 3,408 1,071 Kingsville USBC

5 Clark’s Good Housekeeping Appl 532 3,379 1,037 Midland USBC

Team, Div 5 675 and Under, Handicapped

1 Ballbusters 95 3,486 1,158 Gr Longview USBC

2 All For Fun 487 3,447 1,312 Gr Houston USBC

3 Fiesty Five 573 3,429 1,216 San Angelo USBC

4 Amarillo Angles II 552 3,419 1,177 Amarillo USBC

5 Mama Gone 107 3,391 1,161 Dallas USBC WBA

Doubles, Div 1 361 and Up, Handicapped

1 Maier, Emily J / Edwards, Brenda A 644 1,462 37 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

2 Schneider, Elizabeth E / Blankenfeld, Jovan E 831 1,432 67 Gr San Antonio USB

3 Suzuki, Jessica M / Dupree, Bethany A 684 1,411 183 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

4 Brooks, Deborah / Ellis, Jamissa 139 1,373 180 Red River USBC

5 Mann, D Diane / DeLeon, Cherie L 69 1,366 202 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

Doubles, Div 2 331-360, Handicapped

1 Poe, Sheree L / Hutchinson, Mary R 733 1,480 269 Gr Houston USBC

2 Hilliard, Lisa G / Lewis, K Melissa 28 1,413 253 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

3 Will, Debra L / Flores, Patsy A 738 1,389 266 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

4 Gullic, Sandy K / Dooley, Karen S 143 1,359 272 Gr Houston USBC

5 Fuller, Dianne G / Dupree, Jackie 96 1,354 269 Huntsville USBC

Doubles, Div 3 301-330, Handicapped

1 Blackburn, Gayle L / Thames, Catherine D 532 1,410 345 Midland USBC

2 Summa, Jane M / Luyties, Karen M 132 1,406 312 Montgomery County

3 Diaz, Debra K / Beattie, MaryLou A 678 1,379 369 Waco USBC WBA

4 Martin, Patricia / Babb, Beverly K 546 1,377 358 Gr Pasadena USBC

5 Cross, Megan M / Derry, Deborah A 343 1,372 353 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

5 Jackson, Rita A / Tatum, Shannon M 675 1,372 320 Gr Longview USBC

Doubles, Div 4 271-300, Handicapped

1 Burgess, Cheryl A / Dye, Gayle 736 1,438 421 Gr Houston USBC

2 Chavez, Gennifer M / Correa, Laura E 449 1,423 406 Gr San Antonio USB

3 Box, Beverly A / Emerson, Kathy 450 1,416 385 Gr San Antonio USB

4 Parker, Patricia / Persons, Sarah K 197 1,412 447 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood U

5 Brooks, Janice K / Starkey, Cynthia L 487 1,408 388 Gr Houston USBC

Doubles, Div 5 270 and Under, Handicapped

1 McCabe, Carrie / Flores, Stephanie 449 1,473 523 Gr San Antonio USB

2 Forquer, Elizabeth H / Hatch, Julie A 80 1,463 528 Beaumont USBC WB

3 Dean, Angie G / Stephens, Jackie D 742 1,452 556 Bay City/El Campo U

4 Bouse, Stacey M / Wells, Erica L 78 1,397 682 Beaumont USBC WB

5 Sealy, Bernardine / Mitchell, Kellie J 628 1,391 474 Snyder WBA

Singles, Div 1 181 and Up, Handicapped

1 Andries, Kecia L 8 790 62 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

2 Osbourn, Shelley D 45 781 70 Gr Houston USBC

3 Stephens, Annice K 372 762 97 Lubbock USBC

4 Whitton, Erin R 348 756 97 Montgomery County

5 Esman, Brenda M 304 722 70 Gr Houston USBC

Singles, Div 2 166-180, Handicapped

1 Robben, Rossi M 644 778 132 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

2 Huschke, Carrie L 554 748 121 Gr San Antonio USB

3 Humphrey, Belinda 51 737 129 Beaumont USBC WB

4 Souter, Judy 544 731 145 Gr San Antonio USB

5 Homme, Terri 270 729 118 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

Singles, Div 3 151-165, Handicapped

1 Kneale, Sandy 136 725 156 Denton County USB

1 Harris, Karen L 109 725 167 Gr Houston USBC

3 Frazier, Tracie L 233 722 186 Amarillo USBC

3 Bartz, Debbie A 496 722 151 Corpus Christi USB

5 Jones, Sakina E 199 718 151 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood U

Singles, Div 4 136-150, Handicapped

1 Adkins, Samantha M 552 799 226 Amarillo USBC

2 Rhyne, Claudia A 496 779 226 Corpus Christi USB

3 Dawson, Angela M 163 763 210 Red River USBC

3 Almquist, Debbie E 561 763 213 Gr San Antonio USB

5 Miller, Linda L 39 760 205 Gr San Antonio USB

Singles, Div 5 135 and Under, Handicapped

1 Rodriguez, Silvia 634 781 307 Gr Houston USBC

2 Hubka, Evelyn L 472 775 237 Gr San Antonio USB

3 Gray, Dianne M 270 771 245 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

4 Peck, Peggy 78 763 232 Beaumont USBC WB

5 Williams, Janet C 487 761 245 Gr Houston USBC

All-Events, Div 1 181 and Up, Handicapped

1 Blankenfeld, Jovan E 832 2,166 Gr San Antonio USB

2 Whitton, Erin R 348 2,156 291 Montgomery County

3 Maier, Emily J 644 2,120 111 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

4 Stephens, Annice K 372 2,103 291 Lubbock USBC

5 Edwards, Brenda A 644 2,066 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

All-Events, Div 2 166-180, Handicapped

1 Correa, Laura E 449 2,163 435 Gr San Antonio USB

2 Suzuki, Jessica M 684 2,161 420 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

3 Robben, Rossi M 644 2,144 396 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

4 Grones, Debby A 171 2,132 396 Waco USBC WBA

5 Souter, Judy 544 2,100 435 Gr San Antonio USB

All-Events, Div 3 151-165, Handicapped

1 Dye, Gayle 736 2,163 510 Gr Houston USBC

2 Wilson, Vivian A 517 2,114 516 Gr Houston USBC

3 Jones, Sakina E 199 2,096 453 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood U

4 Carr, Magda 160 2,091 510 Hidalgo County USB

5 Mutchler, Margo L 497 2,089 540 Corpus Christi USB

All-Events, Div 4 136-150, Handicapped

1 Adkins, Samantha M 552 2,225 678 Amarillo USBC

2 Thames, Catherine D 532 2,129 615 Midland USBC

3 Rhyne, Claudia A 496 2,109 678 Corpus Christi USB

4 Stewart, Letris I 354 2,099 654 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

5 Meyer, Suzanne L 113 2,089 678 Tyler USBC WBA

All-Events, Div 5 135 and Under, Handicapped

1 Rodriguez, Silvia 634 2,236 921 Gr Houston USBC

2 Salinas, Sloane T 127 2,233 840 Gr Ft Worth Metrop

3 Field, Brittany D 552 2,188 1,092 Amarillo USBC

4 Different, Bridgette B 51 2,177 810 Beaumont USBC WB

4 Johnson, Trudy M 38 2,177 711 Gr Killeen-Ft Hood U

Page 14 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS




Never underestimate the

value of bowling accessories,

but don’t expect them to

provide miracle results either.

Bowling balls and bowling

shoes are not helpers, they are

musts. in every bowling center

or bowling pro shop there are

dozens of accessories, bags,

arm, wrist and hand supports,

tape, grips and inserts, towels,

and first aid supplies.

It was in the late 1980s that

bowling ball manufacturers,

having created a demand for

bowlers to own more than one

bowling ball, combined with

firms in South Korea and Taiwan

to produce bowling bags

designed to carry two, three

and four bowling balls. They

were strong but easy to handle,

and more like fine luggage,

complete with wheels.

Along the bowling way the

most popular and largest assortment

of helpers have been

developed to assist bowlers

At AMF Lewisville

Apperson and Noah tie at

761, Amschler crafts 660

Clark adds 300

Lewis Apperson and Glen

Noah tied for the top spot on

the honor roll last week at AMF

Lewisville as both fired a powerpacked

761 series.

Apperson posted 276-238-247

games in Monday Nite Men’s

action while Noah rolled 248-

255-258 lines in Rising Stars

league play.

Paula Amschler, Noah’s

league mate, led the ladies’

scoring with a hefty 192-266-202

= 660 set.

Robert Clark earned high

game accolades with an awardwinning



Denny Fanter 248-684, Dee

At AMF DeSoto

Alcaraz unloads 763,

Miller topples 654

Aric Alcaraz earned highseries

honors with a top-notch

269-248-246 = 763 Pushovers

series last week at AMF DeSoto.

Janet Miller, Alcaraz’ league

mate, led the ladies with a freewheeling

234-228-192 = 654

league showing.


Frankie Hutchison 246-658, Arlette

Washington 195-550, Earl Laurence

258-737, Deneace Johnson 236-588,

Ron House 258-750, Angela Chalmers

216-607, Kevin Goldman 254-713, Lori

make better shots by keeping

the shoulder, arm, elbow,

wrist and fingers in the most

desired position throughout the

approach and delivery.

The Don Carter glove has

been one of the most successful

accessories in the history of

the sport, giving the palm of

the hand close and comfortable

contact with the ball. Pete Weber

wears a glove that has little

to do with the improvement of

his game, but much to do with

protecting his fingers.

Tape is a simple help to

bowlers. Fingers and thumb

swell and shrink according to

use, too much or too little, and

also due to varying temperatures,

both in and out of the

bowling center. So the skillful

use of tape, smooth and rough,

can help fill or make space

in holes and allow the ball to

release smoothly.

It takes time to perfect the

use of tape but quick lessons

Jungerman 194-567, Laney Royal

257-635, Erlinda McIntire 238-611,

Jay Moody 211-603, Susan Starnes

149-367, Bob Villarreal 256-661,

Sabina DeBord 206-527.

Ken Stoner 268-754, Mary Barton

245-581, Amy Enloe 190-546, Willard

Harmon 245-674, Shannon Strickland

231-640, JJ Tips 233-604, Sabrina

DeBord 223-582, Brian Claeys


Mindy Jordan 184-517, Carrie

Jeske 167-480, Peter Avlogitos

285-695, Rhonda Gonzales 173-477,

Robert Clark 760, Dana Stites 203-

532, Bobby Holloman 215-633, Cindy

Connolly 223-625.

Charles Maples 237-604, Julie

Young 183-498.

Knox 157-427.

Steve Frazzetto 288-731, Leritha

Pride 205-570, Shannon Otis 255-672,

Mary Brathwaite 230-611, Jessie

Sereseroz II 279-681, Lisa Alonzo

210-600, Larry Darvas 280-725, Russell

Corwin 258-714.

Wes Milliorn, Jr. 279-727, Melody

Foster 213-584, Derrick Hudson (11 in

a row) 290.


James Bridges 237-588, Kathy Lee

174-506, James Bridges 247-708, Janet

Miller 240-625.

from a pro or top amateur can

help bowlers in the applying

or removal of the tape strips.

Notice that top pros do it all

the time on TV.

There is such a thing as

bowler’s thumb. It can be an

ugly “ sight, a rough, red,

blistered, swollen and at times,

bleeding digit, often almost

twice the size of the non bowling


Mark Roth, one of the greatest

bowlers of all time, always

had to care for his thumb

because he put so much pressure

on it during his explosive

delivery. One time it was so

bad that the producers of a

telecast of a national tournament

final showed it full screen

at the start of the show.

Bowlers who abuse their

thumb and fingers can obtain

relief by taking preventive action

by using always available

collodion products before and

even during bowling. They are

easy to apply, dry quickly and

with cotton form a new skin on

the affected areas

Don’t forget such simple

helpers as resin bags and

towels. The resin bag keeps

hands dry and the towel also

dries the hands and brow, and

is handy to wipe off the ball if

it picks up some of the conditioner

used on the lanes.

Do forget such things as

blinders that restrict your

vision only to the lane before

you. They might work for

horses but didn’t help bowlers

at all.

Accessories give many

bowlers a more secure feeling,

and are worth a try if they can

enhance mental or physical


At AMF Hurst

Franklin fields

820, Barnes

bags 605

Travis Franklin recorded

a solid 258-290-272 = 820

Wednesday Mixed session to

head the honor roll for the week

at AMF Hurst.

Michelle Barnes, from the

T.G.I.S. group, posted a nice

193-187-225 = 605 set to lead

the ladies.


Tricia Juetten 214-572, Jack

Armstrong 278-747, Tricia Juetten

193-518, Robert Pratorius 211-602, Jack

Armstrong 253-714, Missy Harcourt

232-560, Jack Armstrong 255-716,

Kevin Head 179-492.

Katy Rogers 158-433, Justin Hill

228-494, Kay Parker 178-447, Johnnie

Pillow 225, Cody Sheppard 279-707.


Neil Bronstein 219-613, Rose

Jacobson 120-472, Dan Gaul 235-621,

Lenora Joyner 191-486, Charles Newton

247-708, Sandy Robertson 185-504, Joe

Laehr 220-638, Nancy Story 193-512.

Carroll Caldwell 255, Charles

Newton 238-675, Kim Davis 183-521, E

W Davis 246-652, Kim Davis 223-538.

Voting begins for second round of

Team USA Fantasy Camp contest

ARLINGTON — The second

group of finalists in the Team

USA Fantasy Camp contest

have been decided and now

bowling fans can go to BOWL.

com to help decide who will

get an expenses-paid trip to

the International Training and

Research Center in Arlington,

Texas, to train with the top

coaches in the sport.

David Lance of Merritt

Island, Fla., Tom Walker of

Crestview, Fla., Chuck Hayslett

of Apple Valley, Minn., and

Rick Riddle of Palatine, Ill.,

were selected as the second set

of finalists in the contest. Voting

is currently underway on and will continue

through May 28. Fans can vote

once per day.

All four bowlers became

eligible for the contest by

bowling a 200 game or better

in their United States Bowling

Congress Sport Bowling

league and entering on BOWL.

com. Every two months this

year, four new bowlers will be

randomly selected from those

who entered for a chance to

win a trip to the ITRC.

A total of six winners this

year will win trips to visit the

International Bowling Campus,

where they will train with

Team USA coaches and then

take on six members of Team

USA in a special competition

broadcast live on

In the first round of voting,

Mike Reed of Livonia, N.Y. won

the trip.

The Team USA Fantasy

Camp contest is open to any

USBC Sport Bowling member

who bowls a 200 game or

higher in their USBC Sport

Bowling certified league. After

shooting a qualifying score,

bowlers can enter by visiting

Lane Laughter The

ITRC is home to some of the

most innovative and cuttingedge

coaching technologies

available in the bowling industry

today, including high-speed

video cameras, motion-capture

devices, foot-pressure sensors

and goggles enhanced with

cameras to show exactly where

a player is looking during the

approach and delivery. A DVR

system also is in place and can

record any video feed to let a

bowler see what they did on

their last shot as soon as they

step off the lane.

Other technology includes

Computer-Aided Tracking

System, known as C.A.T.S.

which consists of a series

of sensors placed along the

lane that measure aspects of

a bowler’s game such as ball

speed, accuracy, launch angle,

and break-point control. CA.T.S.

is combined with BowlersMAP,

which breaks down video of

the players, to give the athletes

a real-time look at their games.

A United States Olympic

Committee-recognized training

center, the ITRC is a joint

venture of USBC and the Bowling

Proprietors’ Association of

America. It is the most innovative

and advanced training,

research and testing facility in

the sport of bowling with 14

lanes for training and six for

research and testing.

For more information on the

Team USA Experience Fantasy

Camp contest, visit


Do You Remember?

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Page 15

Page 16 | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | THE BOWLING NEWS

By Leisha Murr

Did you know there is a

national “Pay it Forward” day?

Well, it was back in April,

but when I look around I see

many bowlers and friends who

give more than they receive

and “pay it forward” everyday.

Bowlers are some of the

most generous people I know

and there is always an event

or fund raiser going on to give

back to some great causes.

There are a few coming

up I’d like to mention and if

anyone would like to donate or

participate I hope you can use

this information to help make a


The first event coming up

in just a couple weeks is the

Barnes’ Strike out Diabetes

fund raiser benefitting the

Juvenile Diabetes Research

Foundation (JDRF).

This charity bowling event

is on Saturday, June 4th starting

at noon at AMF Lewisville.

There will be lots of professional

bowlers on hand to sign

autographs and do some trick

shots for the fans.

They will also have tons

of items on auction as well as

some raffles. You don’t have to

bowl the event to participate

and enjoy the fun. For more

information on the event check


I will be participating on

The Bowling News team in this

fun event. You can support my

fund raising efforts at http://

participant/leisha if you would

like to make a donation to


Or, you can buy some

Scentsy from my JDRF fundraising

party at www.scentsy.

com/lusha where 20% of all

purchases will be donated to

help Strike out Diabetes!

Lewisville will also be hosting

a competitive scratch trio

tournament on Sunday, June

5th benefiting JDRF. Contact

tournament director Paul

Henderson at SWPBT@hotmail.

com or 817.319.4644 to enter or

for additional information on

this event.

Another great event coming

up is the Luci Bonneau

Memorial Striking Against

Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles


It will be the 12th annual

event benefiting the Stehlin

Foundation for Breast Cancer

Research and will be held at

Palace Lanes July 22nd-24th.

This tournament draws

a field of some of the best

bowlers in the country, both

amateur and professional.

The Luci Bonneau Memorial

is not just a scratch mixed

doubles tournament, but a




JUNE 7th AT 6:30 PM!!

The winning team members of the Trio league

will receive a free night at the Winstar Casino!!

4 Member Mixed Leagues

Starting June 6th at 6:30 PM

on Monday, Wednesday and

Thursday nights.

Each league night one bowler will receive either

a Free Lunch at The Salad Stop or Twin Peaks or

Free Baseball Tickets to a Roughrider game!




8789 Lebanon Road,

Frisco, TX 75034

weekend event with auctions

and a fund raising Pro-Am


The Pro-Am portion of

this event is your chance to

bowl with the pros including

separate divisions for youth, seniors,

and adults. Pro-Am spots

are available for Friday, July

22nd at 6 p.m. and Saturday,

July 23rd at 8 p.m.

To enter you can go to


com or for more information or

how you can contribute to this

event contact Donna Connors


All of my fundraising efforts

for the Luci are being directed

towards my friend, Butch


Butch bowls this tournament

every year with Shannon


Last year he promised to

wear a pink shirt with his

partner to bowl the event if

everyone would contribute and

help him raise money. I think

the pink not only represents

the fight against breast cancer,

but it apparently matches his

“pink” truck.

So, this year Butch has

stepped up his game.

If he can raise $1000 for the

MK 11292 12/11

Stehlin Foundation he is going

to wear some hot pink and

neon green paisley golf pants

to go with his pink shirt.

He isn’t really a “little” guy,

so I think it will be a sight

to see him bowling in these


Butch is about half way

to his goal and has already

purchased the pants. If you’d

like to make a donation to help

him reach the $1000 and be

sure he gets to show off his

support you can send donations

as a gift thru paypal so

they won’t take out any fees to

I also want to wish Butch

and all of my friends lots of

luck Striking Against Breast

Cancer during the tournament.

Maybe we can convince

Daceman or Tony to join Butch

next year with a crazy pledge

of their own to raise some


The final fundraiser I want

to mention this week is the

OTI benefit tournament for Otis


Otis Pillow, who has been

the pro shop owner and

operator at AMF Hurst Bowl

since 1985, has recently been

diagnosed with stage 2 colon

Saving you more

than spare change!

As a USBC Member, you can save on items such as prescriptions,

hotel stays and auto insurance, leaving more than just spare change

in your pockets...

And speaking of pockets, put this in yours!

Visit us on the web to learn about the rewards of being a USBC Member,

cancer. He has been going thru

radiation and chemotherapy

treatments since the diagnosis

and the OTI is to help raise

money to help cover some of

the medical expenses.

So if you can, go out and

bowl the OTI benefit tournament

for Otis June 5th at 1

p.m., or again on July 4th at 4

p.m. at Hurst Bowl. Entry fee is

only $25 and will help out one

of DFW’s own lifetime bowlers.

For more information

contact Pillow Pro Shop at


If you would like to support

any of these causes I have mentioned

and would rather not

make donations online, contact

me at leisha@thebowlingnews.

net or 817.253.6877 and I will

get you the information you

need to send donations by mail

or in person. I’m proud to be a

part of such a caring group of

people…bowlers are the best!


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