Our 56th Year - The Bowling News

Our 56th Year - The Bowling News

Our 56th Year - The Bowling News


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Our 56th Year

VOL. 56, NO. 16 www.TheBowlingNews.net APRIL 26, 2012


USBC Coaching add

Registered Volunteer


Page 2

Intercollegiate Results

Team, Singles, MPV awards.

Page 8-9

Women’s Championships

Underway in Reno

Page 10

Soutar’s Farewell Tour

Page 14


Publisher’s Column

By Tony Franklin Page 2

Honor Roll Page 3

Last Call w/Leisha

By Leisha Murr Page 7

Tomorrow’s Stars Page 8

Sponsored by Classic Products

Lane Laughter Page 9

Looking Back Page 11

Pin Points to Ponder

By Chuck Pezzano Page 15

Off the Sheet

By Clint Dacy Page 16






Couch and Stus inducted to PBA Hall of Fame

LAS VEGAS — Sixteentime

Professional Bowlers

Association Tour titlist Jason

Couch and 11-time PBA Senior

Tour winner Gene Stus were

inducted into the PBA Hall of

Fame during ceremonies at the

Red Rock Resort.

The 42-year-old Couch is

the only player in Tour history

to win three consecutive PBA

Tournament of Champions

titles, an event many players

consider one of the most

demanding to win because a

player must win a PBA title to

be eligible to compete.

In addition to his Tournament

of Champions titles,

which came in 1999, 2000 and

2002 (the tournament was not

conducted in 2001), Couch

won a fourth Tour major in

the 1993 PBA Touring Players

Prior lives a Fantasy

Eric Payawal, Kevin Prior, second from left, Chuck Hayslet, Mike Reed,

David Jecko and Lindsey Siegel. (not in order)

By Anna Jutson, Staff Writer

The Team USA Experience

Fantasy Camp took place at

the International Training and

Research Center (ITRC) in

Arlington, Texas, the week of

March 20th. Six USBC Sport

Bowling members won the opportunity

to train like the pros

with the Team USA coaches.

Kevin Prior from Allen, Texas,

was one of those lucky six.

Kevin said he was “so happy

to be a part of it” and that he

“learned so much but probably

retained very little”.

The six bowlers won their

spot by first bowling a 200 in

a Sport league and entering

their scores and information on


At the end of two months,

four bowlers were randomly

selected for the chance to

submit their information and a

video to an online voting poll.

The highest vote-getter won


2012 PBA Hall of Fame inductee Jason Couch with CEO Geoff Reiss (L)

& Commissioner Tom Clark.

Championship. The Clermont, next season in Windsor Locks,

Fla., left-hander began his Tour Conn.

career in 1992 when he earned Couch’s career path was

Rookie of the Year honors. probably a foregone conclu-

His first title would come the sion as the son of parents

that spot. Four bowlers were

randomly selected every two

months during 2011. Then, the

final six winners were flown to

Texas to train with the Team

USA coaches (Rod Ross, Kim

Terrell-Kearney and Bryan


“I know nothing compared

to what I learned,” said Kevin.

A lot of time was spent in the

classroom learning about the

mental game and more about

the game itself such as changing

hand positions, the speed

of the ball, lane conditions,

changing the surface of the

ball using Avalon pads, etc.

“Avalon pads are awesome!”

said Kevin.

The bowlers also spent time

in the gym doing drills and

tests that measured flexibility

and body fat – stretching,

12-minute run, vertical leap,

standing long jump, etc. Dave

Continued on Page 15

Sample snags 4th

NABI win at AMF

Irving, Page 2

By Tyson Branagan,

Staff Writer

With the conclusion of the

2011-2012 PBA Tour last week

at the Tournament of Champions,

it allows us to take a look

back at the recent season. A

season once again filled with

many changes from past seasons,

as well as the emergence

of the World Bowling Tour and

its European tour style formats.

In the 2010-2011 PBA Tour

season, we saw many changes

made to inject new life and

popularity back into the sport,

from three consecutive days of

live stepladder coverage, live

matchplay on ESPN, the return

who owned a Florida bowling


“I lived my life dreaming of

this day,” Couch said. “From

the time I was a kid bowling in

junior leagues I couldn’t wait

to get back home to watch the

pros on the PBA Tour telecasts

on Saturdays to not only watch

them but also try to do what

they did.

“I went out and did my

best and when I achieved one

milestone, I continued to work

hard and went on to the next


Throughout his 20-year Tour

career, Couch had a string of

winning at least one title in six

straight seasons (1998-2004)

and he won multiple titles in

five seasons. Still active on

Tour, he has more than $1.6

Continued on Page 11

American versus European

Professional Tour formats,

which is better?

to ABC Sports, and even an

event where sixteen players

competed on ESPN TV. At the

conclusion, the season would

appear to be quite the success,

and some building blocks the

future. But as most of us do

not know what all the behind

the scenes stuff looks like from

a popularity and a financial

standpoint, changes had to be

made again for this season.

Prize funds took a step back,

bowling on live TV decreased,

and the players competing

all over the world for a living


The European events

Continued on Page 13

USBC Queens Update

The run for the Tiara is underway at AMF Showplace Lanes


As of Sunday night, there are eight ladies left in the winner’s

bracket. Josie Earnest, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Missy Parkin

(defending champ), Olivia Sandham, Stefanie Nation, Lisa Noor,

Diandra Asbaty, Katherine Lanehart.

There are also 16 left in the Contenders bracket. Brittini

Hamilton, Jacqui Reese, Mariana Ayala, Tennelle Milligan,

Adrienne Miller, Leanne Hulsenberg, Shauna Shannon, Anita

Manns, Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick, Karin Ciesiolka, Clara Guerrero,

Megan Kelly, Anne Marie Duggan, Emily Maier, Wendy


The action will conclude at roughly 6 p.m. on Monday

evening with the last five ladies bowling for the title at the International

Training & Research Center on the bowling campus

in Arlington on Tuesday. Come out and root for your favorite.

Page 2 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Random Thoughts

900 rant continued – It’s

been a whole week and now

the 21st 900 was shot in

California by an 18-year-old

2-hander. Where do I even begin

with this? On Saturday the

21st perfect game in baseball

was thrown. So that’s 21 of

those in the last 110 years, and

bowling has 21 in the last 15.

I’m not trying to compare the

two but it would be nice if our

sport had one thing that was

elusive. If you can have the

ultimate accomplishment in

bowling happen ON AVERAGE,

1.4 times a year, then it’s not

really that big of a deal. Glenn

Allison was the first 10-pin

bowler to shoot a 900 series in

1982 but it was not sanctioned

due to non-complying lane

conditions. Seriously, non-complying

lane conditions. If that

was non-compliant what are

we bowling on now! I think it’s

time we re-certify Glenn’s 900.

There is no doubt that his was

way more difficult than any

that’s been shot today. USBC,

let’s get on that.





Tucker Bowling Equipment Co.

609 N.E. 3rd St.

Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-4018

Fax (806) 995-4767

Tony Franklin, Publisher

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813


USBC Queens is going on as

we speak at AMF Showplace

Lanes Euless. The finals for the

event will be held at the ITRC

on the Bowling Campus in

Arlington. Tickets are available

for $20, come out and fill the

place up for the ladies and their

run for the Tiara.

The Bowling News’ pick for

the title was Shannon O’Keefe,

however she got knocked

out in the round of 40 by Liz


Genie also got knocked out

in that round by Megan Kelly

627-570. Sadly, Genie placed

her good friend Sandi Charles

on the sideline in the previous


Lots of local talent made the

cut to the top 48 and extended

play in the matches. Stefanie

Nation, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard,

Kim Terrell-Kearney, Tennelle

Milligan, Genie Franklin,

Mariana Ayala, Kristin Warzinski,

Emily Maier, April Ellis,

and Shannon O’Keefe to name

a few.

The quickest

and best way

to reach people

in bowling–”

Bowling Parts, Inc.

P.O. Box 801

Tulia, Texas 79088

Call (806) 995-3635

email: daryl@tuckerbowling.com


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Th e Bowling News


Sample snags 4th NABI

win at AMF Irving

16 year NABI member,

Gwen Sample, ends an eightyear

drought to take home her

fourth NABI title at AMF Irving

April 14-15.

In the top eight bracket

format, third seed Sample

defeated Anthony Sewell,

232-210, for the victory and

the $731 ($400, plus $331 from

the Progressive Pot) first-place

prize money.

Sewell earned $366 ($200,

plus $166 from the Progressive

Pot) as runner-up.

In the round of eight,

Sample bested Vince Brezinsky,

203-196. Sample then eliminated

Wendy Streater, 192-189,

in the round of four to get to

the title match.

Sewell’s road to the championship

match saw him downing

number one seed Frankie

Garza, 228-193, and Vee Avery


The top finalists include:

3-4. Wendy Streater, Vee Avery,

$128 ($100, plus $28 from

the Progressive Pot) each;

5-8. Vince Brezinsky, Frankie

Garza, Eddie Rogers, Ed Williams,

$80 each;

Other cashers were: 9-20.

Kam Mostowfi, Pamila Jones,

Larry Batts, Ross Hansen, Patsy

Taylor, Sam Orange, Vinny

Meneades, Andy Cohen, Brenda

Yarbrough, Austin Hill, Charles

ARLINGTON — Beginning

this fall, coaches

seeking certification at any

level through the United States

Bowling Congress will have

to be approved through the

Registered Volunteer Program

(RVP). The USBC Coaching

Certification and Development

team also announced that

current coaches will need to be

approved through RVP as part

of their continuing education


The Registered Volunteer

Program simply needs to be a

part of the process to certify

coaches,” said Neil Stremmel,

USBC Managing Director,

National Governing Body

(NGB). “It will benefit coaches

because parents and proprietors

will know that USBC certified

coaches have gone through the

proper background screening.

It adds integrity to our certification

process, the game and

our coaches.”

USBC implemented RVP, a

background screening program,

to help provide a safe environment

for USBC Youth members.

The program ensures the USBC

is doing everything it can to

protect youth bowlers. As the

NGB for bowling, USBC follows

guidelines of the United States

Olympic Committee and the

Gwen Sample

USBC Coaching adds Registered

Volunteer Program

USOC launched its SafeSport

program earlier this year.

The USOC has encouraged

all NGBs to have programs to ensure

athletes have safe training

environments,” Stremmel said.

“We have used RVP with youth

volunteers for several years and

it is important for us to add this

component to all coaches.”

Under the new guidelines

that take effect Aug. 1, 2012,

new coaching candidates will

have to be approved through

RVP prior to becoming certi-

Millsap, Linda McCollum, $60


High Qualifiers: Sam

Orange, $18; Pamila Jones,

Gwen Sample, $5 each; Kam


High Pot Winners: Pamila

Jones, Vee Avery, $35 each;

Kam Mostowfi, $30; Ed Williams,

$25; Larry Batts, Gwen

Sample, Eddie Rogers, Mark

Shepherd, Jason Thompson,

Kendrick Dunn-Ford, Brian

Harston, Tina Garcia, Frankie

Garza, $10 each; Denfield

Joseph, Sam Orange, $5 each.

Bowler of the Year Standings

as of Apr. 6: 1. Eddie

Rogers 3,069; 2. Larry Batts

2,984; 3. Bob Duboise 2824;

4. Leonard White 2,817; 5.

Theodore Garner 2,659.

The Tournament had 86

entries with a total payout of


NABI Top 8, from left, Vee Avery, Ed Williams, Frankie Garza,

Vince Brezinsky, Eddie Rogers, Gwen Sample, Anthony Sewell,

Wendy Streater.

fied. Coaches who will be taking

part in upcoming Bronze,

Silver and Gold certification

courses have been notified of

the new requirement.

For current USBC certified

coaches, RVP is now part of the

continuing education program.

Coaches will need to become

approved through RVP by the

end of their continuing education

period to remain active.

Coaches will earn two Continuing

Education Units (CEUs) for

becoming RVP approved.

Chris Johnson, Tyson Branagan, Chris Castro, Travis Pirotte,

Sean Lavery the team winners in the Dallas City

Tournament shooting 3558.


Jim Stephens, AMF Richardson Lanes................. 836

Paul Henderson, Forum Bowl................................ 820

Ernest Harwell, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes . 804

Willie Jackson, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ....... 804

Chad Holland, Plano Super Bowl.......................... 801

Brian Cope, Cowtown Bowling Palace ................. 799

Woody Woodard, Jr., AMF Showplace Euless ..... 797

Randy E Coon, Jr., Cityview Lanes ....................... 786

Andrew Lowy, AMF DeSoto Lanes ........................ 775

Neil Brady, AMF Lewisville Lanes ......................... 774

Chris Hibbitts, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............. 765

Young Ko, USA Bowl .............................................. 751

Tim Gesino, Strikz .................................................. 749

Erik Vermilyea, AMF Spare Time Lanes ................ 748

Larry Ferrell, Brunswick Zone Denton .................. 745

Anthony Gray, Red Bird Lanes .............................. 741

Larry Lee, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ........................... 713

Russell Stanley, AMF Hurst Lanes ........................ 708

Eric Smyser, AMF Irving Lanes ............................ 667

J. T. Evans, AMF Arlington Lanes ......................... 602


Ashley Adams, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes .. 768

Jennifer Hayes, AMF Richardson Lanes .............. 757

Cherie Deleon, Cityview Lanes ............................. 739

Lisa Wasson, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes ....... 729

Loren Tenczar, Strikz .............................................. 710

Andrea Collins, AMF Hurst Lanes ......................... 708

Leisha Murr, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes............ 689

Robin Dotson, Plano Super Bowl ......................... 685

Diana Jessie, Forum Bowl ..................................... 681

Sheila Holder, Brunswick Zone Denton ................ 675

Gloria Llagas, Cowtown Bowling Palace .............. 670

Kerry Rusk, Brunswick Zone Watauga ................. 654

Susan Lee, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ......................... 652

Jennifer Curl, USA Bowl ........................................ 639

Leritha Pride, AMF DeSoto Lanes ......................... 637

Stacy Schick, AMF Lewisville Lanes ..................... 628

Letitia Patterson, AMF Spare Time Lanes ............ 616

Deanna Hoffman, Red Bird Lanes......................... 568

Carolyn Large, Red Bird Lanes ............................. 568

JoAnn Helton, AMF Irving Lanes .......................... 566

Lori Goller, AMF Arlington Lanes .......................... 538

At Cityview Lanes

Coon, Jr. wraps up 786,

Deleon books 739

Howard 299

Randy E Coon, Jr. wrapped

up the top score of the week at

Cityview Lanes with a sky-high

267-288-231 = 786 Cecil Baker


Cherie Deleon, from the

Monday Mixers group, led the

At USA Bowl

Ko topples 751,

Curl sacks 639

Young Ko compiled a top flight

267-269-215 = 751 Just for Fun

league set to gain the top spot

on the honor roll last week at

USA Bowl.

Jennifer Curl paced the ladies

with a lofty 226-223-190 = 639

West Stars action.

ladies with a free-wheeling 216-

268-255 = 739 set.

Sonny Howard earned highgame

accolades with an awardwinning



Jodie Snook 259-634, Lori Wacker


Chris Hawkins 279-683, Aricia

Grant 189-457, Dennis McCalpin 247-

660, Jennifer Curl 244-636, Gerald Sosa

258-693, Paulette Johnson 215-553,

Bert Johnson 235-639, Vanessa Brown


Bradley Stevens 244-683, Sharon

Ashley Adams

This week’s high female

is Ashley Adams with 269-

220-277 for a 766 series in the

Money Changers league at AMF

Showplace Lanes Garland.

Ashley is a stay at home mom

for Bree-anna, 8 and Dylan,

6, but the her toughest job is

being a housewife for Daniel.

What is your high series?

This is my high ever!

What is your high game? 289

a couple of weeks ago.

Thoughts on your big night?

I had never had 700 before but

I have been lighting them up

lately. I shot 700 in the SW

tournament in Wichita a few

weeks ago, and had a few other

good 700’s lately. I was subbing

in this league, I was relaxed

and the pins just fell. I was

playing a different shot than I

normally play and it worked.

My goal is always to have a

clean set.

What ball did you throw?

The Storm Jolt

Who drills your balls? Danny


What is your all-time favorite

bowling ball? The Primal Rage,

I think I was about 13 at the

time, and I remember Liz Johnson

was throwing that ball,

and I had to do extra chores

to get the ball. I won my first

tournament with it though.

What is your all-time high

average? This season, a 203.

How long have you been

bowling? I’ve been bowling

since I was 12. I started in a

233-593, Rudy Garcia, Jr. 256-706,

Nigra Burnett 269-706, Frank Lenihan

259-717, Chris Argo 221-563, Cheryl

Killough 209-576, Greg Ware 267-659.

Leigh Batten 245-598, Harold Jackson

235-662, Karen Steele 213-543, James

Rodriguez 268-694, Shawn Surveyor

256-764, Jacki Hentz 266-702, Sonny

Howard 246-697, Becca Howard 245-649.

Matthew Hutchinson 227-644, Mike

Kenney 288-743, Diane James 238-643,

Marcell Glaze 245-682, Bob Keichline

236-679, Jay Rux 222-579.


Chester Jones 268-717, Karen Holder

234-599, Gus Thrash 247-674, Dottye

Evans 204-524.

Wilson 195-538, Mike Loreing 169-471,

Kaye Cameron 167-402, Kevin Reed

264-743, Vanessa Brown 215-602, Bob

Allen 233-667, Irene Yuen 169-454,

Arli Wilkes 232-597. Ricardo Martell

(4 games) 230-830, Mindy McNeal (4

games) 201-708, Andre Carrethers 266-

738, Jim Ellis 202-534, Lisa Fraser 175-

490, Greg McKinney (2 games) 212-400,

Susan George (2 games) 157-296. Jim

Ellis 175-485, Karla Balluch 203-555,

Chris Wooley 184-465, Susan Charlton

264-637, Dick Street 245-692, Cheryl

Stiggers 235-603, Armando Aguinaga

248-704, Jennifer Curl 218-602.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 3

youth/adult league with my

dad. It was something fun we

wanted to do. It came with a

free ball, so I used that ball,

and that’s how I got started.

Most memorable bowling moment?

When I won the Jenna

Kay Scholarship tournament in

1997. That was the best feeling

Practice - Practice - Practice


9 AM to 5 PM

The Open (Baton Rouge) and

Women’s (Reno) National


(We have lanes conditioned with

the lane pattern of each of these

tournaments until 5 PM)

$2.00 per game

Practice - Practice - Practice

Give Yourself the Competitive Edge !!!

Due to hosting the Texas State Women’s Tournament,

April 28 thru June 24, please call for lane availability!

The “New”


that I’ve had bowling.

What lessons has the game

taught you? The game brings

out my competitive side and

makes me push harder. Since

I’ve been bowling so good

lately, it really makes me

hungry to bowl more and do


Cityviewlanes.net Fax: 817-346-7208





May 25, 26 and 27 (Fri., Sat., & Sun.)

Entry Fee: $60.00 per entry/squad

MEN’S Scratch $1,500 Guaranteed 1st

WOMEN’S Handicap $1,000 Guaranteed 1st


Friday : 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM or 7 PM

Saturday: 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, Sunday: 9 AM

(Re-entry only) Sunday @ 11 AM Semi Finals: 1 PM

Finals to follow Check-in will be thirty minutes prior to each squad



Lane Condition: SPORTS SHOT Th is Tournament is open to ALL Asian

All bowlers will bowl four (4) games Bowlers.

of qualifying across eight (8) lanes. NO professional bowlers allowed.

Half the fi eld will advance to the semi- Acceptable payments are cashiers check/

fi nals where all fi nalists will bowl three money orders/credit cards and cash.

(3) games.

See Flyer for complete rules.

Big boards, brackets and high pots will be available.



214-358-1382 Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220

Visit us on the Web at www.USABowlInDallas.com

Page 4 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Senior POY Ron Mohr has

tough act to follow in 2012


reigning PBA Senior Player

of the Year Ron Mohr, his

domination during the 2011

season will be a tough act to

follow in 2012, but he’s up to

the challenge.

Mohr, of Eagle River,

Alaska, will begin defense of

his 2011 Senior Player of the

Year title when the 2012 Senior

Tour season begins April 21-24

with the Sun Bowl In The

Villages presented by Storm at

Spanish Spring Lanes.

Check-in at 6:30 PM

Saturday Nights at 7:30 PM

$20 Entry Fee

Entry includes: Mystery Score, King/Queen Ticket, 1st Game Strike Pot

King/Queen Tickets

If your ticket is drawn choose to strike or spare. If you win, you will receive $1 for each strike in the 2nd game.

1st/2nd/3rd Game Strike Pot Tickets Bring in a New Bowler

160 & under average bowlers need 9 pins Receive $5.00 in

or better. 161 & over average bowlers must strike. Strike Pot Tickets for 3 games




Brackets: $5.00 (handicap, scratch, ladies)

Doubles: $6.00 - High Pot: $5.00

Birthday Bowlers:

Come out and bowl on your birthday,

receive $5.00 in Strike Pot Tickets for each game.

Mohr won a record-tying

four titles in the 10 PBA Senior

Tour events he entered in

2011, supported by a 67-30

record in his head-to-head

matches and an equally

impressive qualifying record.

In 10 tournaments, Mohr was

the leading qualifier twice, No.

2 twice and he qualified lower

than seventh only one time.

In what was probably his

worst event in 2011, after finishing

in 77th place after the

first eight qualifying games in


2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275

Each week your team gets:

3 Games of Bowling

Pitcher of Domestic Beer or Soda

Large Pizza

Starts Thursday, April 19th at 9 PM

4 people per team, $15 per person, per week, 10 week season

Must be 21 or older to participate.



Double Value Strike

Pot Tickets instead

of cash.

7301 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148

Ron Mohr


the Senior Decatur (Ill.) Open,

Mohr moved up 53 places over

the next eight games to make

the cut to match play by four

pins, qualifying 24th.

“I’m really fighting the

notion that it was a career year

and can’t be repeated,” Mohr

said. “But on the other hand

it’s unrealistic to expect to

have a year like that again.”

In addition to his four

At Forum Bowl

Henderson crushes

300/820, Jessie hurls 681

Crouch adds 300

Paul Henderson crushed the

competition last week at Forum

Bowl as he fired a thundering

dual award-winning 300-243-

277 = 820 Fast Lane Trio league

session. He finished his evening

with a 4 game series with a

1044 set.

Diana Jessie, Henderson’s

league mate, paced the ladies

with an impressive 255-204-222

= 681 set.

Paul Crouch shared highgame

honors with Henderson as

each recorded award-winning



Mark Neville 268-704, Denise Maras

224-558, Mark Neville (9 pin) 300-835,

Margaret Montgomery (9 pin) 256-668,

Margie Featherstone 170-494, Pat Camp

171-494, Tony Herr 285-712.

Connie Loter 230-651, Bobby Galan



titles – including his first major

championship in the Senior

U.S. Open – Mohr finished

out of the top four only one

time. He was second twice,

third twice, fourth and had

a 13-place finish in Decatur.

The only tournament he didn’t

enter was the USBC Senior

Masters which he missed

in order to attend a family


The real expectation is that

over time things even out but

I’ve kept a winning attitude

and feel as well prepared if not

better than last year going into

this season,” he said. “Last

year was something I never

expected and I admit I had

a lot of things go my way. I

just need to keep that winning

attitude and let everything else

take care of itself.”

Tom Baker (2006), Bob

Glass (2001), Dale Eagle (1999)

and Pete Couture (1998) also

had four-title seasons, but only

Baker’s was in a comparable

number of events (nine). In

(9 pin, 4 games) 300-1127, Susan

Brownell (9 pin, 4 games) 227-867,

Robney Henderson 267-686, Tammy

Henderson 185-527, Rick Hart 236-664,

Hoa Nguyen 186-520.

Mark Rogers 254-709, Cindy King

199-545, Dane Stovall 246-588, Alan

Patton 222-588, Sandy Loyd 153-380,

Carl Wilson 259-704, Dena Buffington

246-584, Diana Jessie (4 games) 938.

Jim Graham 259-689, Annie Akanni

205-548, Steve Gray 230-679, Karen

Hoyle 206-565, Carlos Ortiz 230-639,

Robbi Pauley 186-517, Ricky Swope

266-704, Kristal Canales 210-582.

Ken Washington 287-750, Veronica

Johnson 245-650, Brad Sampson 268-

716, Emily Montgomery 228-577, Juan

Guzman 255-701, Emily Montgomery

227-676, Tony Hernandez 256-701.

Jeremy Allen 258-730, Kim Sanders


At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Hibbitts plasters 765,

Rusk shines at 654

Chris Hibbitts was red hot

last week at Brunswick Zone

Watauga with a power-packed

765 High Points league series.

Kerry Rusk was high for the

ladies with a hard-hitting 654

COED set.


Vernon Cannon 286, Tip Bullock

670, Julie McHugh 604, Russell Ashley

707, Bridget Johnson 573, Cody Parsons

702, Kathy Foote 608, Dustin Belew

2006, Baker finished second,

third, fifth, seventh and 24th

in his other five events. Eagle

won four times in a 15-tournament

schedule while Glass

and Couture won their titles in

14-event seasons.

No one had a perfect 11for-11

cashing record in 2011,

but of the nine players who

cashed in 10 events, Mohr,

Baker, Peter Knopp and Henry

Gonzalez were 10- for-10 while

Walter Ray Williams Jr., Harry

Sullins, Mike Henry, Kenny

Parks and Eagle cashed in 10

of 11 events.

The only statistical category

where Mohr fell short was in

scoring average which was

led by Williams with a Senior

Tour record 229.56 and Mohr

finished second with 225.98.

Defending champion Sullins

of Chesterfield, Mich., defeated

Williams, 248-239, to win last

year’s Sun Bowl In The Villages

for his second career Senior

Tour title.

At AMF Irving Lanes


hurls 667

Eric Smyser led the weeks

scoring contest with a rousing

258/667 Men’s Trio series at AMF

Irving Lanes.

Kimberly Yanai rolled a nice

215/587 Youth Practice League

set to pace the ladies.


Michael Cash 224-577, JoAnn

Helton 267-566, Jim Hipp 579, Louise

Umsted 191-526, Loyall Lindman 216,

Ann Hayes 186-479, Dennis Holder

219, Deb Jaggears 191, Dail Cook 584.

Jannette Vasquez 189-503, Kevin

Cook 215, Carolynn Garling 476,

Dennis Holder 546, Jason Johnson

232-612, Mary Lay 173-491, Kyt McGee

234, Vicky Alcorn 169-453, Kevin

Weatherford 581.

Tony Nelson 234-653, Dennis King

222-562, Danny Hylton 213-586, Diane

Brown 167-456

651, Laretta Williams 486, Justin

Blackshear 727.

Becky Frey 543, Michael Bennett

603, Jennifer Roberts 411, Buddy Moore

678, Laura McIntosh 257-591, Mike

Walters 721, Lisa Head 545, Dylan

David 637, Lisa Gehrig 544, Joe Thoms

602, Jill Demuth 443.


Jimmy Hill 594, Joan Dale 515, Bud

Haselden 624, Alice Phillips 534.

The Bowling News is now on-line!


THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 5

join an amf summer league today.

have a blast meeting new people and kicking up the competition with friends!

with leagues for all ages and skill levels, there’s fun for everyone!







AMF Arlington Lanes 1801 E. Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76006 Ph: 817-276-9898

AMF DeSoto Lanes 121 Northgate Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115 Ph: 972-780-8090

AMF Hurst Lanes 720 West Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053 Ph: 817-282-6754

AMF Irving Lanes 3450 Willow Creek Drive, Irving, TX 75061 Ph: 972-790-8201

AMF Lewisville Lanes 1398 West Main St., Lewisville, TX 75067 Ph: 972-436-6575

AMF Richardson Lanes 2101 N. Central Expwy., Richardson, TX 75080 Ph: 972-231-2695

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless 1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040 Ph: 817-540-0303

AMF Showplace Lanes Garland 1950 Marketplace Dr., Garland, TX 75041 Ph: 972-613-8100

AMF Spare Time Lanes 3149 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015 Ph: 817-465-4997

Page 6 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

PBA Spare





The 2012 PBA Senior Tour

season gets underway Saturday

Andrew Lowy headed the

leader boards last week at AMF

DeSoto Lanes by logging laudable

245-298-232 = 775 number in

DeSoto Classic action.

Leritha Pride earned fem

scoring honors with a hardhitting

246-191-200 = 637

Pushovers set.


Louis Boyd 234-590, Joyce Thurman

193-514, Gene Johnson 235-638,

Annette Bell 269-603, Ezra Phillips

279-764, Deneace Johnson 248-629,

Wes Milliorn, Jr. 246-708, Debra Biddle

when a capacity field of 160

50-and-older players assemble

at Spanish Springs Lanes in

The Villages, Fla., for the

PBA Senior Sun Bowl in The

Villages presented by Storm.

Among the competitors will

be PBA Hall of Famer Amleto

Monacelli of Venezuela, who

will be making his PBA Senior

Tour debut.

At AMF DeSoto

Lowy unloads 298/775,

Pride uncorks 637


Elbert Gills 208-612, Pam Hopkins

204-556, John Barrientos, Jr. 236-640,

Dolores Heitman 226-549, Justin

Boggio 278-759, Wendy Kent 248-624,

Ken Suber, Sr. 224-633, Becky Bowden


Rodney Kent 198-566, Jennifer

Aguilera 167-473, Benny Cubit 208-566,

Renee Moore-Reed 175-452.


Roger Strand 222-597, Dorothy

Perry 169-481, Russ English 223-601,

Betty Cacciapaglia 194-515.

1212 E. University Dr., Denton, TX 76209



8789 Lebanon Road,

Frisco, TX 75034


Monacelli, a 19-time PBA

Tour titlist, hit the magical age

of 50 in late August of 2011,

right after the 2011 Senior

Tour season ended. He will

have plenty of PBA Hall of

Fame company in The Villages.

Tom Baker, Dale Eagle, Larry

Lichstein, Johnny Petraglia,

Ernie Schlegel, Dave Soutar,

Mark Williams and Walter Ray

Williams Jr. also are in the


A couple of other familiar

names will make their Senior

Tour debuts in The Villages:

four-time PBA Tour champion

Bob Learn Jr. and newly-elected

USBC Hall of Famer Lennie

Boresch Jr.

PBA Hall of Famer and 36time

PBA Tour champion Pete

Weber will become eligible

on Aug. 21, exactly one week

after the final event of the 2012


Following The Villages, the

Senior Tour heads to Winter

Garden, Fla., for another

sold-out event, the Don Carter

Memorial Open presented by

Ebonite, April 28-May 2. The

tournament will be hosted by

Carter Family Bowl, which is

operated by Don Carter’s son

Jim and his family.



Hugo Belmonte arrived in

the world on Wednesday, April

18, ending weeks of anxious

moments for PBA Player of the

Year candidate Jason Belmonte,

who made the 8,000-mile, 16-

At AMF Arlington Lanes

Evans books 602 series

J. T. Evans booked a banner

209-177-216 = 602 X-Treme series

to lead the scoring for the week

at AMF Arlington Lanes.

Lori Goller paced the ladies

with a nice 158-164-2116 = 538

Girlz Rule set.


Tyler Carter 189-513, Ruth Davies

141-367, Louie Iglesias 216-587, Jane

Moore 148-383, Jeoffrey Schroeder 226-

593, Amber Lumpkin 171-413, Evaristo

Hooper 224-584, Debbie Baker 198-348.

Jeff Walker 175-454, Grason

Walker 137-331, Stephen Gracey 139-

381, Stephen Setrak 224-563, Jerry

Schrimsher 208-564, James Patterson

At Strikz

Gesino on top with 749,

Tenczar tallies 710

FRISCO – Tim Gesino posted

power-laden 267-259-223 = 749

numbers in Lousy Bowlerz action

to head the honor roll for the

week at Strikz.

Loren Tenczar’s smooth 207-

226-277 = 710 Monday Mixerz

set led the lady bowlers again for

another week.


Nick Coates 257-674, Candy Torrey

195-533, Joe Rener 236-675, Debbie

hour trek home from Las Vegas

to Australia in time for wife

Kimberly’s delivery.

The anxious father admitted

he was texting his overdue wife

continuously during Round

of 36 competition in the PBA

Tournament of Champions,

which concluded Sunday at

Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas

with a third-place finish for

the Australian two-handed


Hugo, the Belmontes’

second child, weighed in at

4,500 grams (nine pounds, 15

ounces) and measured 53 cm

(20.86 inches). Big sister Aria

will be 3 in December.




Back in the plastic ball era

of bowling, the 5-7 split was

the bane of all right-handed

bowlers, defining a weak ball

hitting light into the pocket.

In the age of urethane, the

“pocket” split that caused

ulcers was the 8-10 (or 7-9 for


With the advancement to

“reactive resin” balls, a preponderance

of 4-9 splits caused by

late snap-hook action high into

the pocket created millions of


In today’s high-powered

world, it’s the “pocket 7-10”

that has been bringing players

to their knees.

Over the past two or three

seasons, there have been

dozens of “pocket 7-10” splits

210-588, Danny Hylton 220-576,

Thomas Anderson 178-507.

David Cooley 202-521, Michael

Wood 181-522, Chris Dean 225-566,

Damarcus McCutcheon 238-566, Scott

Reading 201-505, David Price 202-550,

Austin Midkiff 209-536, Michael Moon


Bill Holland, Jr. 180-527, Bill

Holland, Sr. 190-502, Troy Thomas

131-340, Lisa Watkins 123-332, Syida

Johnson 131-377, Cierra Pree 184-497,

Cindy Smith 159-436, Kathryn Walker


Michelle Hassler 152-434, Jennifer

Carroll 147-411, Jane Thompson 105-

281, April Boothe 135-316.

Colby 200-529, Cathy Eberly 184-540,

Stephanie Fay 178-477, Nick Camp

220-612, Cathy Eberly 236-614, Rick

Irvine 200-595.

Angela Garcia 163-447, Lee Gramly

245-702, Amy Marshall 171-462, Mike

Johnson 235-642, Mary Kay Stone

163-449, Clayton Colby 235-659, Cathy

Eberly 192-521, Zo Sexton 233-676.

Kayla Carter 182-506, Mike

Robinson 258-677,, Judy Dambakly

167-458, Jerry Robinson 256-671.

that have killed players’ bids

for titles. But during the PBA

Tournament of Champions at

Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas,

it was a “pocket 7-10” that fell

apart at the last second that

changed the complexion of the


Needing a strike in the 10th

frame to beat Kelly Kulick by

one pin in the four-player rolloff

to get into the Round of 36,

defending TOC champion Mika

Koivuniemi saw a “pocket 7-10”

standing on his first shot…

until the 10 pin fell over at the

last second. With fate on his

side, Koivuniemi converted the

spare and struck on his fill ball

to claim the 25th spot in the

Elite Field, 215-214.

With new life and a fresh

start in the Round of 36, Koivuniemi

battled for a spot in

the four-player ES{M stepladder

finals until the 36th and final

game, where his luck ran out.



PBA Hall of Famer Carmen

Salvino of Chicago always

knows how to turn a bad

situation into something good.

During the PBA Tournament of

Champions at Red Rock Lanes

in Las Vegas, where he improved

upon his own record as

the oldest player ever to bowl

in the event at age 78, Salvino

stuck at the foul line during

Elite Field qualifying and fell.

When concerned players

came to help him up and ask

if he was okay, Salvino noted,

“I just set a PBA record. I stuck

and fouled with my foot on

the left lane…fell down and

fouled on the right lane…and

still threw a strike. How many

other players have ever done



PBA Hall of Famer Tom

Baker of King, N.C. defeated

Kenny Parks of Hammond,

Ind., 286-234, to win the PBA

South Region Don Carter Signature

Series North Ft. Myers

Senior Open at Allstar Lanes in

North Ft. Meyers, Fla., Sunday

in a tune-up event for the start

of the 2012 PBA Senior Tour

Continued on Page 15

At AMF Hurst Lanes

Stanley and

Collins share

708 highs

Russell Stanley shot a banner

225-237-216 = 708 Wednesday

Mixed session to lead the scoring

for the week at AMF Hurst Lanes.

Andrea Collins’, Stanley’s

league mate, led the ladies with

a blue-ribbon 196-278-234 =

708 set.


Scott Grimmett 247-678, Dana Short

278-626, Martin Schellinger 278-673,

Sandy Robertson 168-500, Mike Meek

267-652, Sandy Robertson 235-573.

Stacy Martin 220-534, Brenda

Houston 163-409, Danny Speck 236-

680, Diana Kee 204-543.

By Leisha Murr

This has been a pretty busy

week with a couple of Dr’s appointments

and a trade show to

attend before the USBC Queens

started on Friday. I managed

to get a couple of good practice

sessions in early this week and

attended the Queens official

practice on Thursday to get a

feel for the lane pattern. I was

on B squad for Friday, so we

started on lanes that already

had 5 games of play from the

first squad Friday morning.

Scores from A squad were

pretty low considering some

of the ex-PWBA and Hall of

Famer talent that bowled that

morning, so I was optimistic

that staying clean would make

the first cut.

We started practice and you

could tell that they were starting

to open up more than we

had seen in the hour of practice

on the fresh the previous day.

I was a little bit nervous and a

tad intimidated to start because

I was crossing with Diandra

Erik Vermilyea claimed highseries

honors for the week at

AMF Spare Time Lanes with an

outstanding 245-277-226 = 748

STL Businessmen’s outing.

Letitia Patterson led the ladies

with a highly respectable 201-

190-225 = 616 Sundowners set.

Barry Brice’s near perfect 299

solo earned high-game honors.


Linda Harrell 242-509, Harmon

Atkins 245, Roberta Stanfield 187,

Leon Brice 635, Leona Davis 480, Roy

Larry Ferrell landed 266-265-

214 numbers for a powerful 745

UR Varsity League series to lead

the scoring parade for the week

at Brunswick Zone Denton.

Sheila Holder, from the

ALOOO group, posted a lofty

235-237-183 = 675 set to pace

the ladies.


Amanda Ferrell 198-562, Jeff

Weiland 235-656, Diann Overgaard

195-558, Jeremy Worlow 276-738,

Cathleen Snyder 223-560, Boyce Lewis

248-706, Becci Hendrix 217-557, Tim

Asbaty, Emily Maier, and last

year’s Queens Champion, Missy

Parkin. All three of these

ladies have super-star status

and I didn’t want to look like

an idiot bowling with them.

So, the lights came on and the

next thing you know I had

the first 8 strikes. I got more

nervous as I noticed there were

several people watching us

bowl (the ladies I am crossing

with all have fans). I get up

in the ninth and can’t even

pry the ball off my hand,

but it crosses over brooklyn

for another strike. I tried to

convince myself to relax and

make a good shot in the tenth,

but instead I am squeezing it

so much it goes high again. I

make the spare and throw my

fill ball for a 274 first game.

I was happy to get off to

such a good start, but somehow

I think I let myself relax too

much. We made the turn to

the low end of the house for

the next game and unlike

At AMF Spare Time

Vermilyea crunches 748,

Patterson claims 616

Brice 299

Jackson 248-685, Alesia Pickett 209,

Traci Wilson 209, Sonya Little 555,

Preston Smith 191-516.

Rosanne McGraw 155-424, Barry

Brice 737, Kara Congi 246, Leslie West

597, Bobby Gilley 208, Kris Hellwig

253, Rick Sales 491, Janet Bewley

391, Marsha Lawson 189-521, Mary

Webb 189.

Donni McMasters 195-525, Dave

Tierney 195-563, Gary Brown 277, John

Hartsel 279-722, Bob Kowalski 186-496,

Judy Zalfas 200-522.

At Brunswick Zone Denton

Ferrell handles 745,

Holder bags 675

French (2 games) 194-384. Ronda

Minor (2 games) 228-354, Phil Hughes

237-700, Fredrica Studamire 242-591,

Betty Leatherwood 202-529, Steve

Wilkerson 237-641, Amanda Ferrell

236-584, Joseph Humphries 239-677.

Phillip Yoder 214-597, Colleen

Lampertz 210-480, Gary Otwell

237-599, Barb Stephen 187-499, Rob

Kennedy 233-601, Donna Young 176-

400, Jesus Valenzuela 244-694, Sheila

Holder 192-551.


Phil Hughes 279-737, Elaine Burick


yesterday in practice where it

was tighter on the low end, our

pair was hooking more than

the previous one. I chopped a

spare and left a couple splits

for 160 something the second

game. Great; there goes over

half of the plus I got the first

game. The next pair, I had

one lane that if I got the ball in

just a tad it left the bucket. I

think I did that 3 or 4 times for

a 190 game. The next pair it

was the washout; I missed two

for a 170. Now I’m back down

to even going into the last

game. I changed balls and had

a better feel, but I split in the

10th for 188. Minus 12 after

the first day and I’m in 64th

place which is the cut number

to advance to the next round.

All 3 of the other ladies on my

pair are in the top 15 after the

first day. I told you they were


Overall, I’m not too disappointed

in the way I bowled

today besides a couple of spares

I should have made. There

were several shots in between

strikes that could have carried

and made a huge difference in

score. I can only hope that I

will bowl well tomorrow on the

fresh because I know there are

several ladies who struggled

on A squad today who I’m sure

will light them up tomorrow

and go around me. Seeing

the scores from the first squad

today makes me think they

are going to be pretty tough,

but I think if I can get to even

I will advance. I’d like to try

and move up a few places so

I can bowl another day to try

and make match play. I think

I bowled 2 previous Queens

tournaments about 10 years

ago in Milwaukee and Reno,

but I didn’t make it to match

play. If I remember correctly,

I didn’t have a clue and had no

business bowling Queens back

then! No, I’m kidding. Those

experiences, plus years of

bowling with some great bowlers

around me has helped me

become a better bowler. Now,

if all of the bowlers I know

could just rub off a little bit of

their skills onto me, I could be

great! (Editor’s Note per Leisha:

Each week your team gets:

3 Games of Bowling

Pitcher of Domestic Beer or Soda

Large Pizza

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 7

She was very frustrated with the

way she bowled on Saturday,

and did not make the cut to the

top 64.)

Now, a quick shout-out to

Artistic Expressions team who

bowled 3316 and moved into

third place at the Open Championships

in Baton Rouge this

week. Yes, that is my embroidery

company, but I was not

bowling with the team. The

team consists of Xeno Garcia

and Ted Pritts from DFW, along

with Pete Thomas, Marshall

Kulow, and Jimmy McMartin

from the OKC area. Ted Pritts

led the team with a 741 followed

by Pete Thomas with a

692. Great bowling guys, you

make our shirts look good!

Scratch Trios

This will be the

place to be on

Wednesday nights!

Starting Wednesday , May 23 @ 6:30 PM

Meeting on Wednesday, May 23 @ 6:00 PM

Each bowler may only use a DV8 Misfit or Reckless along with a spare

ball in this league. $100.00 deposit on the bowling balls, if you don’t

already own them. Must receive deposit for balls by April 30th.

$20.00 per week per person. 3 games each week.

2 weeks for each pattern. The Patterns are as

follows, The Earl Anthony, Dick Weber, Carmen

Salvino, Detroit Open as well as Mexico City.

For more information contact Calvin or Felicia

Always Smoke-Free Fun!

BIG FUN! Small Commitment!

Starts Thursday, April 19th at 9 PM

4 people per team, $14 per person, per week, 10 week season

Must be 21 or older to participate.


4330 Thousand Oaks Blvd San Antonio, TX 78217


2200 San Jacinto Blvd

Denton, TX 76205

We are always

looking for

human interest

story ideas—let

us know

P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813



Page 8 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Fort Worth USBC Youth Results

Ben Cohen topped the Fort

Worth-area USBC Youth bowling

last week with a booming

234/645 Wonders series at AMF

Showplace Euless Lanes.

Cara Damschroder headed the

girls with a sparkling 226/637 L

D Bell #2 set at AMF Showplace

Euless Lanes.

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

– Patrick Hubbard 245-614, Zander

Villinger 234-609, Christopher McCaleb

236-567, Michael Nixon 189-546, Nelson

Price 198-521, Andrew Fugitt 184-457,

Ricky Sengphanlaya 141-383, Deidra

Juetten 239-619, Cara Damschroder

247-612, Destiny Velez 183-539, Kiley

Knittle 138-386, Jamie Marshall 139-

379, Jessica Joplin 123-342, Jamie

Marshall 125-350.

At Brunswick Westcreek Lanes

– Kamari Wine 209-556, Katelynn

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Anthony Simonsen led the

Dallas-area USBC Youth bowling

last week with a rip-roaring

280/762 Showstoppers series at

Plano Super Bowl.

Ashley Hansen, Simonsen’s

league mate, paced the girls with

a tip-top 220-201-259 = 680 set.

At AMF Irving Lanes – Kimberly

Yanai 215-587, Caden Witt 86-243,

Jaden Takayesu 184-524.

At AMF Lewisville Lanes – Dawson

Byrd 119-297, Connor Mixson 213-511,

Danielle Cole 169-454, Zane Rutledge

210-593, Anna Baldwin 169-467.

At AMF Showplace Garland Lanes

– Kishjuan Busby 258-642, Jordan

Hodge 229-620.

At Plano Super Bowl – Kevin

Woodfill 84-229, Abby DePalma 81-213,

Dylan Pittsinger 132-322, Faith Keifert

316, Tyson Gray 157-456, Savannah Keifert

99-285, Spencer Brandon 144-391,

Megan Cooley 161-421, Jaxon Baron

George 188-477, Chance Moore 200-

515, Morgan Hastings 108-311, Austin

Laster 176-473, Gabby Castro 172-446,

Shane VanGossen 139-341, Casey Tibbs

161-423, Katarina Korn 155-327, Jaron

Villanueva 131-359, Kevin Williams, Jr.

104-291, Jared Nichols 189-500.

At Brunswick Zone Denton – Jake

Stewart 248-626, Darla Dreessen 211-

525, Matthew Reed 160-378, Morgan

Montgomery 97-279.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga –

Chris Signo 639, Trayon Smith 250,

Vanessa Vasquez 187-535, Jordan

Tucker 535, Hayden Norman 331,

Katharina Mente 353, Austin Perrin

461, Bayleigh Padron 480, Jeffrey

Fleming 411, Amanda Amerson 431.

At Cowtown Bowling Palace – Dillan

Dikes 185-453, Careron Kidwell

169, Adam Beasley 236-607, Jessica

168-427, Zoey Ruby 158-455, Anthony

Simonsen 276-742, Taryn Gray 249-635,

Brian Robinson 219-607, Shana Geerdes

233-646, Adam Smith 268-686, Kevin

Blake 278-693, Jessica Prior 193-542,

Nathan Loewen (2 games) 154-274,

Drew Claus 235-606, Ashley Hansen

247-620, Hunter Harty 245-615, Juliana

Franco 226-668, Harith Ali 88-160,

Abby Garza 89-171.

At Red Bird Lanes – Connor

Stevens 187-498, Kaylee Hancock

159-466, Kaylen Speaks 164-408, T J

Rudd 159-299, Morgan Dixon 136-230.

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama – Adam

Dencklau (2 games) 95-170, Christina

Luttrell (2 games) 83-152, Seth Schroeder

79-169, Kylie Bloomer 82-204, Evan

Orten 123-335, Madison Smith 118-318,

Josh Saxon 129-354, Tanner Cross

61-162, Julia Boren 43-92, Stephanie

Evans 23-51.

At Strikz – Ryan Yablonsky 190-515,

Katie Camp 108-304.


TBCA Youth Tournaments 2011-12

May 5-6, 2012 All Star State Finals - Del Mar Lanes, Houston

April 21-22, 2012 National Family - Fiesta Lanes, New Braunfels

August 4-5, 2012 Grand Prix State - Dart Bowl, Austin

Grand Prix Regionals –2011-12 ( 8 regionals )

Sundays - 10 AM & Noon

May 20, 2012 Mel’s Lone Star Lanes, Georgetown

June 3, 2012 Red Bird Lanes, Duncanville

June 10, 2012 Grand Station Entertainment, College Station

Other Tournaments

May 25-27, 2012 Malott’s All-Stars Youth Championships, Highland Lanes, Austin,


If you have upcoming youth tournaments you would like listed on the schedule, contact

The Bowling News at 817-267-8686, fax: (817-267-1813) or email: bowlingnews@sbcglobal.net.

Cantu 241-608, Cody Franks 238-591,

Shyanne Johnson 190-512, Anthony

Gann 236, Nadia Stone 220-531, Jake

Swift 146-403.

At Forum Bowl – Aaron Shipman

215-597, Davin Ateman 167-444, Colby

Anderson 113-199, Chloe Ballard 105-

206, Hamilton Joseph 94-185, Makayla

Ballard 85-151, Codey Dong 165-380,

Amaya Boles 149-358, Adan Ruiz 137-

376, Samantha Kuilan 129-337, Jason

Honegger 192-505, Jaycee Parsons

120-348, David Carter 182-490, Lexey

Hilker 133-342, Mitchel Neville 227-597,

Kayla Lopez 166-442.

At Spare Time Lanes – Tyler Bryan

257-623, Z’na Perez 201-592, Isaiah

Royal 100-192, De’Siree Knight 99-186,

Christopher Carson 136-375, Kelcie

Krunk 108-294, Scott Harrell 177-500,

Megan White 152-388.

LINCOLN, NB — Wichita

State junior Jazreel Tan and

Robert Morris-Illinois freshman

Marshall Kent were named

Most Valuable Players for

the 2011-12 college bowling

season Wednesday night by the

National Collegiate Bowling

Coaches Association.

Tan and Kent were

honored with the rest of the

All-Americans at the Night

of Champions banquet held

Wednesday in conjunction with

the 2012 United States Bowling

Congress Intercollegiate Team

Championships, which will

open Thursday at Sun Valley


For Tan, the announcement

continues a collegiate career

that has been full of post-season

honors. She was named the

Rookie of the Year as a freshman

and last year earned MVP

honors as well. This season,

Tan won three individual titles,

while amassing the top average

in the country with 213.

Tan, who hails from Singapore,

is joined as a first team

All-American by Brandi Branka

of McKendree, Amanda Greene

of Lindenwood, Kim Yioulos of

Pikeville and Kayla Rhoades of


“It’s always so nice to be

recognized like this,” said Tan,

who has been named a first

team All-American in each

of her first three seasons in

college bowling. “Our team


Anthony Simonsen, Plano Super Bowl ................. 762

Ben Cohen, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes ......... 645

Kishjuan Busby, AMF Showplace Garland ........... 642

Chris Signo, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............... 639

Jake Stewart, Brunswick Zone Denton ................ 626

Tyler Bryan, AMF Spare Time Lanes ..................... 623

Adam Beasley, Cowtown Bowling Palace ........... 607

Aaron Shipman, Forum Bowl................................. 597

Mitchel Neville, Forum Bowl .................................. 597

Zane Rutledge, AMF Lewisville Lanes .................. 593

Kamari Wine, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes .......... 556

Ryan Yablonsky, Strikz ........................................... 515

Connor Stevens, Red Bird Lanes .......................... 498

Josh Saxon, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama ....................... 354

Caden Witt, AMF Irving Lanes ............................... 243


Ashley Hansen, Plano Super Bowl ....................... 680

Cara Damschroder, AMF Showplace Euless ........ 637

Jordan Hodge, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes .. 620

Jessica Cantu, Cowtown Bowling Palace ............ 608

Z’na Perez, AMF Spare Time Lanes ...................... 592

Kimberly Yanai, AMF Irving Lanes ........................ 587

Vanessa Vasquez, Brunswick Zone Watauga ....... 535

Jordan Tucker, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............ 535

Darla Dreessen, Brunswick Zone Denton............. 525

Katelynn George, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ... 477

Anna Baldwin, AMF Lewisville Lanes ................... 467

Kaylee Hancock, Red Bird Lanes ......................... 466

Davin Ateman, Forum Bowl ................................... 444

Madison Smith, Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama.................. 318

Katie Camp, Strikz ................................................. 304

Wichita State’s Tan, Robert Morris’

Kent named collegiate MVPs

struggled at the beginning of

the season. We put in a lot of

hard work as a team as the

year went on and that helped

lead to awards like this.”

Kent, a Team USA and

Junior Team USA member in

2012, picked up two individual

titles this season, including

the Backhaul Direct Hoosier

Classic. He finished the season

with a 216.5 average.

Kent is joined as a first team

All-American by Chris Via of

Notre Dame-Ohio,

Brad Miller of Lindenwood,

Geoffrey Young of Wichita

State and Aaron Lorincz of

Saginaw Valley State.

“I had a lot of help from my

teammates this season,” said

Kent, who was also named the

men’s Rookie of the Year. “My

mental game became about 10

times stronger this year, and

that’s because my teammates

helped me out a lot with that. I

just came into this year trying

to do the best I could, and I got

way more out of it than I could

have asked for.”

Tara Ernst of Briarcliffe was

named the women’s Rookie of

the Year, while Morehead State

men’s coach Bobby Brown and

Pikeville women’s coach Ron

Damron were named the Kerm

Helmer Coaches of the Year.

Also on Wednesday, the

Bowling Writers Association of

America announced its players

of the year. Tan and Kent

received those honors as well.

National Collegiate Bowling

Coaches Association 2011-12



First team

Marshall Kent, Robert Morris-Illinois; Chris Via,

Notre Dame-Ohio; Brad Miller, Lindenwood;

Geoffrey Young, Wichita State; Aaron Lorincz,

Saginaw Valley State

Second team

Greg Geering, Fresno State; Jack Castellano,

Briarcliffe; Sean Rangel, William Penn;

Mike Conn, Morehead State; Dan Lemiesz,


Honorable mention

Mark Scuderi, Rochester Tech; Marcus Berndt,

Wichita State; Zach Wilkins, Urbana; Matt

Skalachki, Suffolk-Grant; Jay Foote, Wright


Most Valuable Player - Marshall Kent, Robert


Rookie of the Year - Marshall Kent, Robert


Kerm Helmer Coach of the Year - Bobby Brown,

Morehead State


First team

Jazreel Tan, Wichita State; Brandi Branka,

McKendree; Amanda Greene, Lindenwood;

Kim Yioulos, Pikeville; Kayla Rhoades, Marian

Second team

Diana Zavjalova, Webber International; Laura

Fonnegra, Lindenwood; Kayla Jones, Kutztown;

Caitlin Hoffman, Robert Morris-Illinois;

Trista Flowers, McKendree

Honorable mention

Brandy Hensley, Pikeville; Holly Harris, Wichita

State; Katie Thornton, Webber International;

Tara Ernst, Briarcliffe; Danielle Cessman,


Most Valuable Player - Jazreel Tan, Wichita State

Rookie of the Year - Tara Ernst, Briarcliffe

Kerm Helmer Coach of the Year - Ron Damron,


Gordon Teigen Meritorious Service Award -

Gloria Behr, Midwest Collegiate

Sponsored by

Bowling Novelties at


Webber International

sweeps titles

At Intercollegiate Team Championships

LINCOLN, NB. — Webber

International became the

second school in the history

of the United States Bowling

Congress Intercollegiate Team

Championships to win both the

men’s and women’s titles in the

same year Saturday.

The Warriors men’s team

took down perennial power

and 10-time champion Wichita

State, 2.5-0.5, while the Webber

International women defeated

Midland, 2-0, at Sun Valley

Lanes. CBS Sports Network will

air the women’s championship

match May 18 at 9 p.m. Central,

while the men’s final will be

shown May 25 at 9 p.m. Central.

The only other schools to

sweep both the men’s and

women’s titles in the same

year are Wichita State, which

accomplished the feat in 2009

and 1994, and Arizona State in


“People talk about a dream

come true and this is it,” Webber

International men’s coach

Del Warren said. “We knew we

had the depth and the talent

for this to happen, but what are

the odds of it actually happening

for both teams?”

The Warriors men took the

opening game of the championship

match, 170-167, before the

two teams tied at 203 in Game

2. The third game was decided

in the final frame when Gary

Faulkner doubled in the 10th

to lock up the title for Webber

International, 194-184.

“I just got up there, pointed

and shot, without thinking

about anything,” Faulkner said

of his match-winning shot. “We

worked all year for this, and

it shows that hard work really

does pay off.”

The women’s victory gave

Webber International its second

title in three years, with the

first coming in their inaugural

season in 2010 against McKendree.

In Saturday’s final,

Webber International took the

opening game 189-173 and

then won Game 2 by a score of


“I think this is validation of

all the hard work and dedication

our players have put in

this season,” Webber International

women’s coach Randy

Stoughton said. “Every one of

our players could have bowled

somewhere else, but they came

here because we created an

environment to win national


The Webber women got off

to a bit of a shaky start to the

championship match, starting

with back-to-back open frames

before quickly rebounding with

consecutive strikes. From that

point forward, they didn’t have

another open.

“We just kept calm and

taking deep breaths,” Webber

International anchor Katie

Thornton said. “We had the

model the whole week - you fill

frames, you win games; you

win games, you win matches;

you win matches, you win the


The tournament’s most

valuable player honors went

to Midland’s Erin McCarthy

and Wichita State’s Erik


Joining McCarthy on the

women’s all tournament team

was Diana Zavjalova of Webber

International, Nicole Parkhurst

of Stephen F. Austin, Brandi

Branka of McKendree and

Amanda Greene of Lindenwood.

Gulbrandson was joined

on the men’s all-tournament

team by Jacob Kent of Robert

Morris-Illinois, Kyle Anderson

of St. Ambrose, Brad Miller of

Lindenwood and Faulker.

The USBC Intercollegiate

Team Championships featured

the top 16 men’s and top 16

women’s college bowling

teams in the country vying for

Lane Laughter

national titles. All 32 teams

competed in best-of-seven,

double-elimination match play

in the Baker format Friday,

after which the field was

pared down to the finalists in

both the men’s and women’s




Saturday’s results (At Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln,



Webber International def. Wichita State, 2.5-0.5

(179-167, 203-203, 194-184)


Webber International def. Midland, 2-0 (189-173,


Friday’s results

(At Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln, Neb.)


(Best-of-7, double-elimination match play)


Third Round

Wichita State def. Robert Morris-Illinois, 4-0

Morehead State def. Notre Dame-Ohio, 4-3

(Notre Dame-Ohio eliminated) St. Ambrose

def. Calumet, 4-2 (Calumet eliminated) Webber

International def. Lindenwood, 4-2 Midland

def. William Paterson, 4-1 (William Paterson

eliminated) Kansas def. Toledo, 4-3 (Toledo


Fourth Round

St. Ambrose def. Morehead State, 4-2 (Morehead

State eliminated) Kansas def. Midland, 4-0

(Midland eliminated)

Fifth Round

Robert Morris-Illinois def. St. Ambrose, 4-3 (St.

Ambrose eliminated) Lindenwood def. Kansas,

4-1 (Kansas eliminated)


Wichita State def. Robert Morris-Illinois, 4-2

(Robert Morris-Illinois eliminated) Lindenwood

def. Webber International, 4.5-1.5 (Second

semifinal necessary) Webber International def.

Lindenwood, 4-3 (Lindenwood eliminated)


Webber International vs. Wichita State, Saturday


Third Round

Lindenwood def. Midland, 4-0 Wichita State def.

Newman, 4-0 (Newman eliminated) Maryland

Eastern Shore def. West Texas A&M, 4-2 (West

Texas A&M eliminated) Webber International

def. McKendree, 4-2 Stephen F. Austin def.

Calumet, 4-2 (Calumet eliminated) Pikeville def.

Florida State, 4-3 (Florida State eliminated)

Fourth Round

Wichita State def. Maryland Eastern Shore, 4-3

(Maryland Eastern Shore eliminated) Stephen F.

Austin def. Pikeville, 4-1 (Pikeville eliminated)

Fifth Round

Midland def. Wichita State, 4-1 (Wichita State

eliminated) Stephen F. Austin def. McKendree,

4-3 (McKendree eliminated)


Midland def. Lindenwood, 4-2 (Second semifinal

necessary) Midland def. Lindenwood, 4-2

(Lindenwood eliminated) Webber International

def. Stephen F. Austin, 4-0 (Stephen F. Austin



Midland vs. Webber International, Saturday

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 9

Wichita State’s Young, Newman’s

Drewes win Intercollegiate Singles

LINCOLN, Neb. - Wichita

State’s Geoffrey Young and

Newman’s Georgia Drewes

overcame the pressure of bowling

under the lights of national

television to win titles Saturday

at the 2012 United States Bowling

Congress Intercollegiate

Singles Championships.

The semifinals and finals

will be televised on CBS Sports

Network with the women’s

show airing May 4 at 9 p.m.

Central and the men’s show

airing May 11 at 9 p.m.


Young won the men’s title in

convincing fashion, defeating

Midland’s Joe Steiner, 245-191,

while Drewes took the women’s

title with a 204-147 victory over

At Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama

Lee’s share top honors

Larry Lee rocketed to the

top of the honor roll last week

at Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama with

a booming 225-231-257 = 713

Wednesday Mixers league


Susan Lee, from the Thursday

Funfours league, posted an

outstanding 220-216-216 = 652

set to lead the lady bowlers.


Robert Helms 244-653, Melanie

Nixon 245-564, Tom Bartholomew

247-621, Julie Nelson 198-573, Don

Taylor 240-593, Lee Calhoun 225-609,

Nebraska’s Elise Bolton.

Young dominated the men’s

championship match from the

start, opening up with a double

and never looking back. He

used a stretch of four consecutive

strikes starting in the

fourth frame to put the match


“This is unbelievable

because not in a million years

did I think singles would be

on TV, and I would be the one

winning it all,” Young said. “I

was pretty nervous at first, but

I calmed down and focused on

what I needed to do.”

In the semifinals, Young got

off to a shaky start and trailed

Anthony Fiorenzo of Calumet

Susan Lee 214-573, Susan Lee 224-640.

Paul Freudigman 240-709, Nay

Coulter 174-468, Brian Brenner 255-

675, Andrew Skoraro 237-627, Jaime

Perez 127-342, Darrell Fuller (2 games)

214-389, Mimi Dencklau (2 games)


Dean Bray (2 games) 184-368, Bev

Jones (2 games) 189-342.


Ray Lanham (2 games) 162-291,

Marolyn Logsdon (2 games) 140-237,

Rodney Savoie 257-619, Louise Garner

224-592, Rodney Savoie (no tap) 300-

812, Jeannie Weber (no tap) 188-540.

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5021 Lakeview Parkway

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Page 10 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Women’s Championships underway in Reno

RENO, NV — The 2012

United States Bowling Congress

Women’s Championships

kicked off with a bang Saturday

as the first of more than

30,000 bowlers took to the

lanes at the National Bowling


Reno-Sparks Convention and

Visitors Authority Chairman

of the Board Dwight Dortch

and local and bowling-industry

dignitaries helped welcome the

participants and their guests

back to The Biggest Little City

in the World.

The festivities featured a

ribbon-cutting ceremony, the

traditional Mass Ball Shot and

live entertainment, which

included “The Man in the

Mirror,” a theatrical tribute to

the music of Michael Jackson.

The show will be running at

Eldorado Hotel Casino throughout

the duration of the USBC

Women’s Championships.

“We look forward to bowling

on the opening squad

every year and had a lot of fun

today,” said Vella Edwards from

Azle, Texas, who made her

third tournament appearance.

“I really enjoyed the performance.

It was very entertaining

and memorable.”



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AT 7:30 PM

Only $20.00 per person

(Pre-paid reservations accepted til 5 PM Fridays)

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We Pay On All Splits Converted With A Color Pin

Super Pot pays out 1/2 to 1st time sweeper bowlers


Family owned and Independently operated for 38 years

1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677


The opening squad saw 74

teams make their way down

Center Aisle to usher in the

2012 event, which will run for

86 consecutive days, concluding

July 8. During that time,

more than 6,100 five-player

teams will compete in the 93rd

running of the world’s largest

participatory sporting event for


USBC Hall of Famer Flora

Mitchell, who will be making

her 50th Women’s Championships

appearance Sunday,

rolled out the ceremonial

first ball. The bowlers then

participated in the Mass Ball

Shot Ceremony, and 74 bowling

balls simultaneously rolling

toward the pins signified the

official start of the tournament.

The Women’s Championships

is making its record

seventh appearance in Reno,

with six of those being held at

the 78-lane Stadium.

“It’s always a great feeling

to get the event underway,”

Women’s Championships Tournament

Manager Eric Pierson

said. “The ladies were energetic

and ready to hit the lanes and

have a good time. Our staff is

At Red Bird Lanes

Gray strokes 741

Anthony Gray lit up the Red

Bird Lanes last week with a

sturdy 207-278-256 = 741 set in

the 39’ers outing.

Deanna Hoffman and Carolyn

Large tied for the top spot on the

honor roll for the ladies as both

recorded 568’s. Hoffman fired

games of 168-199-201 in Match

Point Trio action while Large

downed 157-253-158 numbers in

Blue Monday league play.


Dorothy Jones 185-508, Lesley

Speaks 201-513, Robert Grigsby 257-

728, Bradley Robinson 267-700, Stephan

Powell 232-5467, Rebecca Salinas

153-415, Julie Sellers 192-517, Carolyn

Large 214-519.


4333 River Oaks Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

Lessons from the best: Paul Fleming 817-938-7739

excited and ready to welcome

all of the bowlers back to the


The Women’s Championships

includes three

average-based divisions and a

100-percent handicap format.

The divisions are: Diamond, for

bowlers with averages of 180

and above (handicap is based


Continued from Page 9

by as much as 22 pins early,

but Young strung together six

strikes in the back half of the

game to take control and win

the match, 242-192.

Steiner got out of the gates

quick with four consecutive

strikes in his semifinal against

Pikeville’s Lucas Hohnstein,

but three consecutive splits for

opens starting in the seventh

frame tightened up the match.

Steiner converted the 3-9 spare

in the final frame and struck

on the fill ball to shut out

Hohnstein, 195-181.

In the women’s title match,

Drewes threw an early double

and bowled a clean game as

she took the lead from the first

frame and never trailed.

“I was more nervous when

I was on the practice lanes,

and I actually thought I would

Rob Billman 216-610, Lauren Daniel

232-555, Rob Billman 277-672, Mel

Richards 258-667, Jeffery Cathey 217-

631, Bradley Robinson 224-615, Cindy

Howell 201-521, Paul Grody 278-721.

Pamela Williams 167-484, Carolyn

White 191-550, Keith Jennings 246-630,

Dorothy Perry 180-492, Willie James

161-424, Betty Anderson 131-380,

Michael Lewis 245-674, Cornelda

Johnson 253-538.

Vera Hobbs 212-563, Dub Bush

200-541, Sina Kinslow 181-493.

At Cowtown Bowling Palace

Cope lands 799,

Llagas topples 670

Brian Cope captured highseries

honors for the week at

Cowtown Bowling Palace with

a power-packed 256-266-277 =

799 Friday Night Blues series.

Gloria Llagas topped the ladies

high-set chart with a rip-roaring

266/670 Generation Gap set.


Lindsey Megredy 227-654, John

Cantu 279-724, Matt Allen 701, Anna

Jutson 224-567, David Poe 257, Rebecca

Williams 212, Ron Nason 257-658, Jay

Brock 268, Frank Stone 258-617, Jim

Sapey 258.

Sam Magill 610, Matt Allen 278-790,

Amy Hart 246-610, Josh Burnham

290-739, Romona Reneau 215-584,

Mickey Adkins 270, Jamie Hines

212-580, Gustavo Leon, Sr. 757, Ron

Nason 278-758.

Michelle Teel 253, Theodis James,

Jr. 276-737, Jeff Waits 258-721, Miki Jo

on 220); Ruby, for averages of

150-179 (handicap based on

180) and Sapphire, for averages

of 149 and below (handicap

based on 150). Prizes also will

be awarded for the top overall

scratch scores.

For more information on the

Women’s Championships, visit


be sickly nervous when I got

on the lanes, but it wasn’t too

bad,” Drewes said. “My heart

was beating pretty fast, but I

just kept to my routine. Since

I’m a senior, I just hope this

gives Newman a little recruiting

boost in the future.”

Drewes edged out Wichita

State’s Jazreel Tan in the

semifinals, 226-207. She led

heading into the final frame,

but secured the victory when

Tan left and missed the 2-4-5-8

in the final frame.

Bolton tossed eight strikes

en route to a 221-170 win

against Katie Zwiefelhofer of

Wisconsin-Whitewater. Zwiefelhofer

was up by one pin after

four frames but hit a rough

patch in the middle of the

game that included two splits

for opens.

For more information on the

USBC Intercollegiate Singles

Championships, visit BOWL.




Saturday’s results (At Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln,




Joe Steiner, Midland def. Lucas Hohnstein,

Pikeville, 195-181 Geoffrey Young,

Wichita State def. Anthony Fiorenzo, Calumet,



Young def. Steiner, 245-191



Elise Bolton, Nebraska def. Katie Zwiefelhofer,

Wisconsin-Whitewater, 221-170

Georgia Drewes, Newman def. Jazreel Tan,

Wichita State, 226-207


Drewes def. Bolton, 204-147

Parrish 247, Matt Allen 258, Amy Hart

238, Paul Fleming (4 games) 279-990,

Joshua Burnham (4 games) 278-1020.

John Reger 270, Paul Parker (4

games) 977, Darius Fields 178-519,

Adrian Vasques 237, Melody Hook

175, Mark Rushing 236, Mike Moore

227-591, Rene Miller 192-481, David

Pruitt 290-697.

William McDonald 247-732, Theodis

James 276-704.


Ken Knowles 234-615, Esther

Williams 514, Glen Hardee 226-608,

Wanda Eads 189, Rusty Carter 221,

Neva House 187-508, Sal Grieco

250-649, Brenda Settle 192, Red Kelly

233-650, Clodine Griffin 204.

Ken Knowles 224-630, Karen Holder

538, Ken Knowles 247-644, Alice

Phillips 198-482, John Ferrell 206-561,

Lorraine Larrew 177-489, Carl Seward

215-556, Carrie Reed 176-490.


Tricky Ricky Irvine led the honor roll with 809 at AMF

Showplace Garland…Kevin Green with 804 at AMF DeSoto…

Bo Bowden shot 798 at AMF Jupiter…Jimmy Smith rolls 770

at AMF Irving…Leritha Pride led the ladies with 724 at AMF

DeSoto…Dawn Nichols was high at AMF Showplace Garland

with 719…Sandy Dacy shot 707 at BRC Watauga…CDB wins the

PWBA Quad Regional Open in Columbia, TN…Walter Nevin Jr.

shoots 300…Bill Lane with 300 at BRC Westcreek…Youth, Drew

Richards shot 300/751 at DC Cityview…Steve Grimes a 300 at

AMF Showplace Garland.


Ken Grimes led the honor roll with 814 at Westcreek…

Joe Stacy shot 787 at Triangle-Irving…Greg Derrick with 750

at Showplace-Euless…Sandy Hayes led the ladies with 713 at

Showplace-Euless…Beth O rolled 709 at Blazer…Susie Minshew

shot 698 at DC SW…Fritz Gresham led Triangle-Richardson with

686…Nita Page rolls 668 at Forum…Marc McDowell beats Don

Genalo to win the Firestone TOC and the $60,000 check…Ronnie

Jones shot 300 at Cowtown…Cheryl Daniels defeats Leanne

Barrette for LPBT Central Florida Classic…Youth bowler John

McMurry shot 662 at Watauga…Danny Broadway wins PBA SW

Regional in Enid, OK, David Brewster 3rd…Jerry Jones shot 300

at DC FW, probably NOT the Cowboy’s owner.


Gary Lovejoy led the honor roll with 783 at Buckner…Junior

roller David White led Forum with 739…Mike Durbin becomes

first pro to win back-back Firestone Tournament of Champions

titles after beating Steve Cook 233-203…Cliff Kirby wins TTBA

over Joel Gardner to win the $1250 first prize…Dee Anna York and

Jimbo Evans win the inaugural Texas Junior Masters and Junior

Queens Bowlers Tour at Forum Bowl(see picture insert)…Linda

Gant and Carl Scott win the Dallas Morning News Matchgame

tourney…HOF’er Barbara Clemens shot 625 at All Star West…

David Sweet with 713 at Lewisville…Sarge Jenkins and Brock

Barton roll 300’s at Bronco…Kaye Park wins BBA at Berry Bowl.

At Brunswick Westcreek

Jackson crushes 804,

Murr notches 689

Surveyor 300, Bright 298

Willie Jackson led the highset

chase last week at Brunswick

Westcreek Lanes by compiling

a classy 268-267-269 = 804

Wednesday Warm Up session.

Leisha Murr, from the Classic

High Pot group, fronted fem

scoring with a top-notch 211-246-

232 = 689 set.

Shawn Surveyor earned highgame

honors with an awardwinning

12-bagger. Erin Bright’s

near perfect 298 solo took runnerup



Charles Covert 266-697, Paula

Davis 213-567, Frankie Sam 231, Susan

Seward 134, Dee Sanders 234-528,

Darryl Rogers 246, Gloria Llagas 220,

Humm Smith 671, Danita Wyley 552,

Ben Brose 268.

Kecia Andries 626, James Franklin

703, Jeff Auch 289-641, Suzanne

Gardner 193-508, Ken Leach 255,

Michelle Reynolds 191, Don Jordan 677,

Lahoma Gietzen 506, Danny Speck 249,

Corene Cloud 205-521. Billy Fontenot

730, Tom Clark 244, Dorina Hart 198-

478, Gene Gaspar 652, Ralph Garcia

215-558, Priscilla Malone 161, Kim

Klein 392, George Helfrish 215-525,

Teresa Tibbs 185-480.


Continued from Page 1

million in career earnings and

was ranked 24th among PBA’s

50 greatest players in history as

part of the organization’s 50th

anniversary in 2009. He also

won 25 PBA regional titles.

As a competitive bowler

for most of his adult life, the

71-year-old Stus wondered how

he might have done on the PBA

Tour. But the opportunity to

compete in Tour competition

didn’t present itself until he

retired from General Motors

after 32 years at the age of 50

and became a regular on the

Senior Tour.

Stus’ 11 Senior Tour titles

rank fourth on the all-time list

behind fellow Hall of Famers

John Handegard with 14 titles,

and Gary Dickinson and Dale

Eagle each with 12.

In 1992, Stus, who currently

resides in Taylor, Mich., earned

Senior Player of the Year honors

thanks in part to winning

two titles. In July of that year

he became the first Senior Tour

player to bowl a 300 game on

national television, defeating

Don Gilman, 300-188, in the

Pacific Cal Bowl Senior Open in

Lakewood, Calif.

Stus was not able to attend

the ceremonies for health

reasons but good friend and

fellow Senior Tour competitor

Dave Bernhardt accepted the

honor on his behalf.

“I always wanted to bowl

on Tour and it was the Senior

Tour that allowed me to fulfill

my dreams,” Stus said through

his video acceptance. “I wasn’t

able to bowl on Tour when I

was younger but I was still

fortunate to have the honor to

bowl with the sport’s greats.

“I hope that bowlers like

myself who didn’t have the

opportunity to bowl on Tour

when they were younger will

give the Senior Tour a try

because it’s a great opportunity

to fulfill their dreams.”

The PBA Hall of Fame ceremonies

were held in conjunction

with the PBA Tournament

of Champions.

Jeremy Villanueva 121-299, Arlene

Holland 124-352, Danny Castro 168-

490, Sonja Nichols 180-491, Kevin

Williams, Sr. 144-366, Jennifer Korn

209-604, Ken Garber 224-639, Kimer

Laster 199-528. Jonathan Redfield

290-749, Danita Wyley 253-683, Greg

Avery 267-706, Cassandra Norris 246-

680, Rusty Hervey, Jr. 268-701, Andrea

Collins 235-627, Nigra Burnett 245-623,

Brian Grange 267-758.

Jacki Archer 247-679, Chad

Venderville 254-742, Lea Anne Sikora

235-670, Ben Morgan 279-740, Nita

Stein 231-642, Michael Henson 252-715,

Andrea Collins 212-624, Tyler Jensen


Danita Wyley 218-623, Doug

Shonkwiler 245-713, Cathy Nelson

216-615, Ren Johnson 256-710, Theresa

Bankston 216-610, Ron Williams 247-

703, Pearl Tucker 206-600.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 11

At AMF Lewisville

Brady chalks up 774,

Schick produces 628

Neil Brady’s first-rate 254-257-

263 = 774 J B Trio session ended

at the number one set of the week

at AMF Lewisville Lanes.

Stacy Schick fired a sparkling

203-224-201 = 628 Rising Stars

set to front distaff scoring.


Steve Cobb 233-655, Sandy Kneale

230-621, Jeff Potter 266-739, Craig

Mulkey 237-696, Sabina DeBord 217-547,

Justin Adair 200-580, Rachael Maestas

176-509, Bob Villarreal 279-651.

Sabina DeBord 221-627, Sherry

At AMF Richardson

Stephens blasts 836,

Hayes hammers 757

Braby 299

Jim Stephens pocketed potent

258-288-290 = 836 numbers in

Classic Trio action to head the

honor roll last week at AMF

Richardson Lanes.

Jennifer Hayes, Stephens’

league mate, led the ladies with

a sturdy 256-242-259 = 757 set.

Mike Braby’s near perfect 299

solo earned high-game accolades.


Roman Czopyk 204-564, Marie

Spriggs 165-484, Chuck Sills 255-660,

Teresia Mabry 169-482, Chris Nelson

256-701, Tonya Dickey 226-613, Gary



8 weeks, $8 per week

End-of-season pizza party

Get a TZone Bowling Ball at the end of the

season for $5 more per week.

Join and enjoy the great times of bowling at Brunswick!

Starts Sunday, May 13th at 3 PM

3 games per week

3 people per team

Meeting at 2:30 PM

Strongren 246-620, Cathy Sposito

224-583, Brad Williams 217-635,

Shannon Strickland 207-565, J J Tips

245-672, Sabina DeBord 188-508,

Travis Lux 290-762.

Mindy McNeal 226-563, Donna

Benoedetto 188-515, Lee McDonald,

Sr. 279-762, Stacy Schick 224-628,

Robert Clark 237-696, Dana Stites

200-545, Justin Adair 184-532,

Whitney White 103-297.

Brad Powers 247-696, Mary

Sweazy 189-502, Mark Rowland 213-

598, Donna Wynkoop 174-464.

Peterson 215-634, Linda Peterson


Ryan Theroux 277-716, Linda

Alexander 234-650, Chuck Kelly

247-655, Barb Wygren 196-518, Bill

Skrabanek 240-659, Terri Riches

182-492, Gary Perutelli 255-666, Karen

Koenig 188-521.

Jim Mahoney 236-687, Linda

Yarbrough 189-530, Roman Czopyk 205-

559, Sandee Lowe 183-465, Mike Braby

278-696, Rhonda Yoshida 203-575, Ben

Austin 234-644, Mary Gesino 207-515.

Mike Braby 703, Vicki Grizzaffi



Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133


Page 12 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS



1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager







1901 W. Airport Freeway

Euless, TX 76040

(817) 571-1174

Giving You The

Power To Perform

Susie Minshew

USOC Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010




Owner / Operator

PBA Member





HURST, TX 76053





HOURS: Monday–Friday 1–9, Saturday 1–7

Billy DeCicco


Inside AMF Arlington Lanes

1801 East Lamar Blvd.

Arlington, TX 76006

Working Hard

for Your Success




5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088

(972) 475-7080



1212 E. University Drive

Denton, TX 76209

(940) 808-1622

Lessons Available


6601 Oakmont Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76132

817-263-1935 Fax: 817-370-1831

Kirk Wright


Inside AMF Irving Lanes

3450 Willow Creek Dr.

Irving, TX 75061


2521 Avenue K

Plano, TX 75074

(972) 881-0242

Fastrack Pro Shop

Located Inside Allen Bowl

1011 S. Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-509-9274

E-mail: coachkg58@yahoo.com


Lessons available by appointment

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard & Del Ballard, Owners

Derrick Lott Maury Newman

Brian English Xeno Garcia

Rudy Garcia Jr.

Located inside

Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow

Watauga, Tx 76148

Phone: 817-485-2695

Kurt Gengelbach, Owner

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

Member, Storm and Turbo Advisory Staffs

Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available

Todd Zenner is now at Cowtown Bowling Palace

Located in Cowtown Bowling Palace

4333 River Oaks Dr.

Fort Worth, TX 76114

Email: flushfitproshop@gmail.com

Website: www.flushfitproshop.com

Phone: 817-624-4920

Believe. Bowl. Follow Through.

Located inside

Brunswick Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76133

Phone: 817-294-0501

IBM/HF satellite

RENO, NV — With the

grand opening of the International

Bowling Museum and

Hall of Fame’s first satellite

museum at the National Bowling

Stadium, more than 5,000

years of bowling history has

rolled into Reno.

The IBM/HF teamed up

with the Reno-Sparks Convention

and Visitors Authority

to bring this exhibit to The

Biggest Little City in the World.

The RSCVA helps to promote

convention and tourism business

for Washoe County.

The IBM/HF satellite

museum is housed on the

first floor of the famed “Taj

Mahal of Tenpins” and features

hall-of-fame portraits as well

as artifacts collected and

preserved by the IBM/HF.

The new museum is an extension

of the IBM/HF, which

is located at the International

Bowling Campus in Arlington,

Texas. Reno has been home

to many of bowling’s greatest

moments since the NBS

opened its doors in 1995, and

it was a natural fit to display

another segment of bowling’s

rich tradition.

“Reno’s National Bowling

Stadium is a historic and iconic

venue for our sport, making it

a perfect place for the hall of



Chad Newman - Owner


(Located inside AMF Richardson Lanes)

2101 N. Central Expressway

Richardson, TX 75080


(inside AMF DeSoto Lanes & AMF Spare Time Lanes)


Andrew Lowy

Russell Corwin

Cody Carlton


fame to have a presence,” IBM/

HF President Keith Hamilton

said. “We look forward to tens

of thousands of visitors enjoying

the new satellite museum

and are thrilled to help further

enhance the bowling experience

in Reno.”

The opening of the satellite

museum coincided with

the beginning of the 2012

United States Bowling Congress

Women’s Championships,

which welcomed the first of

more than 6,100 teams on April

14. In the 93-year history of

the event, Reno has hosted the

USBC Women’s Championships

seven times, with six of those

appearances being at the NBS.

Reno also will be the home

of the USBC Open and Women’s

Championships in 2013 and

2014, marking the first time

the storied events have visited

the same city during the same

year. The NBS will welcome

the Open Championships both

years, while the Women’s

Championships will take place

on 44 specially-constructed

lanes across town at the Reno-

Sparks Convention Center.

The IBM/HF satellite

museum will be open for

public viewing during regular

NBS hours and is free of charge

to tour.

AMF Spare Time Lanes

3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015


AMF Desoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr.

DeSoto, TX 75115










Continued from Page 1

routinely feature formats which

museum rolls into Reno allow bowlers to pick and

choose when they would like

to bowl their qualifying, from

a number of squads. They also

have the option to re-enter the

tournament to try again and

make the cut, a much different

format than on the PBA tour.

While there is something

to be said about tradition, and

having everyone compete together

at the same time, where

all will eventually bowl on the

same conditions as everyone

else. There is also a lot to be

said about decreasing popularity

of the PBA, and increasing

popularity for overseas events

for many PBA stars.

Isn’t it ultimately about

whatever can be done to make

events as successful as possible?

Is allowing players a chance

to re-enter the tournament for

either the same entry fee or a

smaller fee, and steering away

from traditional formats really

so bad? If it means an increase

in overall players traveling

to events, and an increase in

overall entries, thus driving

up prize funds and making

bowling more feasible to earn a

living at again, then it doesn’t

seem like such a bad idea.

Now, I’m not implying

events such as the Masters and

US Open should steer away

from tradition and change.

Even the Tournament of

Champions in its current state

is where it should be, you get

your one shot at these more

prestigious events. But these

are only three events of the

entire schedule, and bowling

is clearly not golf which can

employ the same 4-day, 72-hole

format for the vast majority of

its tournaments, bowling needs

to remain fresh and exciting.

There comes a time in our

sport in which competing in

the same format over and

over just becomes a bit stale,

and thus players begin to stay

home rather than showing up.

Perhaps in its current state, the

same players seem to routinely

rise to the top because they are

more accustomed to the longer

formats and over the course

of that many games are better

at rising to the top. Sure, as a

professional, it’s all about the

best being at the top, but if too

many players no longer feel

they have any chance, they

simply stop showing up.

This particular year on the

PBA Tour, fans suffered the

most, from a lack of live events

on TV, and also seeing the same

players over and over,. Fans

of any sport love to see some

parody, love to see an underdog

making a serious run along

with the current best, as well as

see live events as they unfold.

Who’s to say changing a few

National stops to the formats

used in Europe and now multiple

times on the new World

Bowling Tour would increase

entries and revenues enough

to have more live events on

TV? It’s very hard to tell, but

if those events are growing

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 13

and more and more guys are

traveling abroad to compete, it

seems like it is at least worth a

try on occasion. If it gives more

of the regional level players

more hope that they can get it

going for six games and make

a run at the cut, or re-enter if

they so choose, then it can’t be

a bad thing.

Being a professional is all

about who is the best, and

At Plano Super Bowl

Holland snares 801,

Dotson hammers 685

Fong 298

Chad Holland led the scoring

barrage for the week at Plano

Super Bowl with a chart-topping

256-290-255 = 801Pepsi Classic

league series.

Robin Dotson earned the top

spot for the ladies with a skyhigh

238-224-223 = 685 Las

Vegas Doubles outing.

Bill Fong’s near perfect

298 game earned high-game



Bill Fong 782, Frieda Castaldo

210-596, Mark Borckardt 268-719, Loree

Clark 203-574, Martiza Matteo 187-509,

Angelica Correa 147-425, Casey Park

268-736, Diane Wallentine 223-601.

Andi Hall 189-527, Kathy Denison

180-502, Les Burnham 278-761, Lyn Ables

207-567, Terry Walton 235-618, Anita Noxon

208-534, Mike Moore 280-782, Rhonda

Gibson 268-679, Greg Tucker 255-670.

Kay Pingsterhaus 202-529, Justin

Pittsinger 246-634, Sheila Sledge

156-428, Cathy Sposito 226-604,


It’s about time you do something just for YOU!

Grab three friends and bowl

Thursday Nights at 6:30 PM

starting May 31.

even in these formats, the best

generally rises to the top in the

end, but it is also about having

more and more players believing

they have a chance to make

some kind of run. If those

players quit showing up, and

only the same 20-30 players

keep showing up, there won’t

be a tour for them to showcase

their talents.

Linda Maeder 189-558, John Precourt,

Sr. 267-740, Greg Staton 237-682, Al

Ladwig 181-505.

Vi Davison 146-424, David Germeck

258-705, Ashley Adams 200-587, Joey

McKay 289-766, Kelli Spencer 206-601,

Bill Fong 279-713, Diane Wallentine

220-624, Patty Ellington 236-647.

Christy Eckrote 288-646, Les

Burnham 245-690, Marcy Clampitte

213-540, David Snow 235-665, Jan

Fredrickson 242-603, Scott Buchanan

277-736, Barbara Jernigan 236-652.

Shane McDaniel 268-715, Jackie

Fisher 212-581, Sean Lavery (4 games)

279-1025, Megan Simon (4 games)

279-837, George Vaughn 249-722, Robin

Dotson 238-685, Mark Plagens 258-732.

Stephanie Robinson 215-592, Larry

Parker 257-732, Penny Pedersen 202-

579, Randy Hiam 247-718, Dallas Davis

211-570, Michael Foley 225-583, Tammy

Sinn 134-376, Patrick Adams 255-720.

Lisa Prior 186-520, John Loewen

(2 games) 142-250, Tricia Loewen (2

games) 128-252.


Sign up now at




Join Us As We Cruise

to Cozumel & Progreso

5 day 4 nights Carnival Triumph from Galveston

(Bus trip to Galveston included)

League starts Tuesday June 5th, 9 PM

Planning meeting at 8 PM - Teams of Doubles

Page 14 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

Woodard, Jr. smashes 797,

Wasson weaves 729

Alcaraz, Bowlin, Graf, Heintzelman, Hughes,

Lauer, D Rogers, Stilen add 300’s, Cox, Kay 299

Woody Woodard, Jr. was

definitely on target last week at

AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

as he dominated scoring with a

hard-hitting 243-287-267 = 797

Full House league production.

Lisa Wasson, from the Masters

league, won the high-set contest

for the ladies with a blue-ribbon

248-250-231 = 729 set.

There were an abundance of

high-game honors awarded this

week to Aric Alcaraz, Bryan

Bowlin, Danny Graff, Chuck

Heintzelman, Daniel Hughes,

Matt Lauer, David Rogers and

George Stilen. Eric Cox and

Ricky Kay’s near perfect 299 solos

earned runner-up honors.


Billy Rogers 290, Frank Cantwell

At AMF Showplace Garland

Harwell blasts 804,

Adams delivers 768

Findling 300

Ernest Harwell fired a powerpacked

288-238-278 = 804 Salty

Dogs series to head the leader

boards for the week at AMF

Showplace Garland Lanes.

Ashley Adams led the ladies

with a sturdy 269-220-277 = 768

Money Changers set to front fem


Joe Findling’s award-winning

12-bagger earned high-game



James Pryor 245-608, Caldondria

Hill-Enette 164-418, Billy Boydston

279-726, Paul E Wilson 256-714, Nikki

Hardwick 213-574, Katina Tassopoulas

290, Chad Vendeville 290-796, Doug

Rice 269-760, Troy Dix 263-756, Tom

Crawford 259-741, Lance Whisman

267-725, Jeff Lathrop 278-723, Mike

Condor 257-719.

Troy Dix 243-706, Bud Haselden

235-689, Don Leuty 249-687, Kyle

McClung 269-684, Mike Thrasher

230-649, Steve McDaniel 220-602,

John Downing 228-515, Ruth Crawford


Val Goss 257-669, Karen Haders

232-645, Judith Guillory 227-613, Cathy

Ashford 243-610, Lisa Steele 220-607,

Sheila Walton 214-587, Denise Wheeler

202-578, Judy Leuty 226-574.

Valerie Williams 216-564, Terri

Homme 226-538, Judy Leuty 200-535,

Mamie Gordon 186-524, Barbara Chaky

189-522, Teresa Fuller 190-509, Rhonda

Downing 194-462.

177-443, Ed Dooley 201-585.

Kathy Hopkins 189-536, Kenneth

Hansen 226-564, Dayle Simmons

169-446, Josh Seaton 215-542, Melora

Wilt 203-572, Michael Trammell 269-

750, Frank Hachetta 210-543, Wilma

Brockington 188-510.

William Freeman 279-751, Dora

Holick 220-635, Kendric Whitley 234-

651, Brenda Rogers 192-530, Carlene

Riddell 183-515, Robert W Wilson

265-707, Rita Williams 190-475.

Mickey Jefferson 266-738, Jeremy

Greer 268-749, Deanna Marine 244-561,

Joe Findling 749, Dora Holick 220-581,

Jerry Perez 267-702, Amy Morrison



AS OF APRIL 20, 2012


Open Singles---1. Tyler Vostry, Plainfield,

IL 979, 2. Ron Nelson Jr, Bridgeview, IL

896, 3. Jason Duran, Arvada, CO 881,

4. Chris Sand, St Clair Shores, MI, 877,

5. Steve Novak, Bay City, MI 877

Open Doubles---1.Ron Nelson Jr, IL and

Chris Viale, MA—1735, 2. Corbet

Austin, UT and Chris Sand, MI, 1700,

3. Mile Lewellen, NE and Tom Freeman,

IL 1684, 4. Chad Nelson, MN and Dan

Bock, MN 1668, 5. Steven Badovinac,

CO and Jason Duran, CO 1651

Senior Singles---1. Darwin Wimer,

Mesquite, NV 921, 2. Pete Thomas,

Oklahoma City, OK 900, 3. Mark

Williams, Beaumont, TX 898, 4. Earl

Bell, Troy, TN 869, 5. John Freeman,

Loveland, CO 836

Senior Doubles---1. Ted Hannahs, OH and

Mark Williams, TX 1679, 2. Darwin

Wimer, NV and Glen Armstrong, OK

1674, 3. Pete Thomas, OK and Marshall

Kulow, OK 1672, 4. Glen Armstrong,

OK and Pete Thomas, OK 1672, 5.

Mark Williams, TX and Pete McCordic,

TX 1655

The 123

Trio—1. David Oulman, MN, Chad Nelson,

MN, Dan Bock, MN 2074, 2. Bob Hager,

MN, Rob Clements, MN, Tom Korth,

MN 1993, 3. Dean Distin, NY, Joe,

Conti, NY, Mike Trynikski, NY 1972, 3.

Mike Tryniski, NY, Steven Badovinac,

CO, Jason Duran, CO 1972, 5. Jason

Duran, CO, Raleigh Gilchrist, CO, Steven

Dadovinac, CO 1953

Doubles—1. Dan Bock, MN and Chad

Nelson, MN 1438, 2. David Oulman,

MN and Chad Nelson, MN 1397,

3. Dean Distin, NY and Joe Conti,

NY 1393, 4. Bob Hager MN and Rob

Clements, MN 1352, 5. Adam Apo, NY

and Dave Freeman, MN 1349

Singles---1. Chad Nelson, MN 761, 1.

Adam Apo, NY 761, 3. Joe Conti, NY

752, 4. Chad Tisdale, AR 739, 5. Donald

Savant, TX 735

Complete standings are available at www.


2012 Senior Tour season to be

Dave Soutar’s farewell tour

SEATTLE (April 17, 2012)

-- After more than a half

century competing on the PBA

National and Senior Tours,

Hall of Famer Dave Soutar of

Bradenton, Fla., is going to call

it a career at the conclusion of

the 2012 Senior Tour season.

Soutar will begin his 51st

year in PBA competition when

the 2012 PBA Senior Tour season

opens April 21-24 with the

PBA Senior Sun Bowl In The

Villages presented by Storm at

Spanish Spring Lanes.

The numbers tell the story

of a storied career that began

in 1961 and produced 18 career

PBA Tour titles and seven

Senior Tour titles including

five major titles spread across

both Tours. He is the only

player who has won both the

United States Bowling Congress

Masters (1973) and Senior

Masters (2000).

A product of the golden era

of team competition in the late

1950s, Soutar’s talents were

recognized when he was asked

to bowl with the fabled Stroh’s

Beer team originated by the

legendary Joe Norris. He honed

his skills in that decade by

competing in some of Detroit’s

elite leagues such as the Detroit

News Teen Masters League and

became a star in the prestigious

All-Star League which

included Detroit area greats

Bob Strampe, Ed Lubanski and

numerous other hall of famers.

A career competing on the

fledgling PBA Tour beckoned

and in only his fifth tournament

as a professional, he won

a major – the 1961 PBA National

Championship – for his first

PBA title. From that launching

pad to stardom, he would go on

to win 11 titles over the next

seven years, finishing in the

top 10 in earnings six times

over that same period.

His best season came in

1970 when he won five titles,

the most of any player on Tour

that year, but it wasn’t quite

enough to earn Player of the

Year honors. That distinction

went to fellow Hall of Famer

Nelson Burton Jr., who won

four titles. Soutar’s consolation

prize was the PBA’s prestigious

Steve Nagy Sportsmanship

Award, awarded by his fellow


“For most of my career I

considered myself a steady

bowler. I never got on a real

hot streak, but (1970) was the

exception,” Soutar said. “The

only thing that was disappointing

that season was I didn’t get

Player of the Year and that is

really the only disappointment

in my career.”

Soutar reached a low point

in 1974 and was bowling so

badly that he thought about

retiring. Thanks to the encouragement

of his wife, Judy (also

a hall of fame bowler who announced

her retirement after 50

years representing Brunswick

in 2011), he was he able to turn

his game around.

“It was just a depressing

year, but looking back on it, it

probably was not a slump that

any athlete doesn’t go through

at one time or another,” Soutar

said. “Judy was the most

instrumental factor in turning

my game around, mainly

through her encouragement

and the insight she had as a

professional bowler. Without

her support it might have been

a short career.”

PBA legend and fellow

competitor Carmen Salvino,

who bowled against Soutar

throughout much of his career,

agrees that Soutar’s greatest

asset was his consistency.

“Dave was definitely one of

the greats, but he never got the

credit he should have for his

consistency,” Salvino said. “He

was a little bit overshadowed

because he came up in the era

of Dick Weber and Don Carter

and then transitioned into the

era of guys like Earl Anthony,

Johnny Petraglia, Dave Davis,

Mark Roth and Marshall


“He may not have gotten the

respect he should have from

the fans, but I can tell you that

all the bowlers knew he was

great and had all the respect in

the world for him.”

Burton, another one of

Soutar’s rivals on Tour also

attests to the fact that Soutar

was one of his most feared

competitors on Tour.

“I considered myself one

of the top players in match

play but whenever we had the

opportunity to bowl in doubles

formats, I chose Dave to be my

partner so I wouldn’t have to

bowl against him,” Burton said.

Soutar made the transition

to the PBA Senior Tour in 1990.

It was at the 1999 PBA

Senior Tournament of Champions,

conducted on an outdoor

bowling lane installation at

The Villages, that Soutar won

one of the most memorable

titles of his career. For winning

that tournament he earned one

of the most unique top prizes

in PBA history – a house in

The Villages worth an estimated

$100,000, plus $10,000

in cash.

“That was definitely one of

the most memorable moments

in my career,” said the 72-yearold

Soutar. “Bowling in that

outdoor arena for the championship

was impressive enough

but to win the house, well, that

was just unbelievable.”

Soutar’s last PBA Senior title

came in the 2003 Senior U.S.

Open which marked his fifth

major in PBA competition.

“With any luck I think I

could have won a few more

tournaments, but it always

seemed like when I made it to

the finals guys were throwing

250s at me when I was shooting

230 or 240,” Soutar said.

Among Soutar’s many other

Senior Tour accomplishments

Dave Soutar

entering the 2012 season are

records for most Senior Tour

tournaments bowled (250) and

career Senior Tour earnings of

more than $512,000.

He was inducted into the

PBA Hall of Fame in 1979 and

the USBC Hall of Fame in 1985

and was voted the 20th greatest

player of all time as part of

the PBA’s 50th anniversary in


“Looking back, if I had to

single out the most memorable

moments in my career, it would

be going into the PBA and

USBC Halls and being selected

to the list of 50 greatest players,”

Soutar said. “I’m satisfied

and have no regrets.”

The Soutars, who lived in

the Kansas City area for several

years before retiring to Florida,

have travelled together for 20plus

years on the on the Senior

Tour. One of their labors of

love has been conducting a

golf outing the day before each

Senior Tour event.

“It started in the early 90s

when a bunch of us would get

together to play golf before

every tournament and then

it became more organized,”

Soutar said. “We’ve made a lot

of friends and had a lot of fun

over the years. I will miss it.”

2012 PBA Senior Tour


April 21-24 - PBA Senior Sun Bowl In The

Villages presented by Storm, Spanish Springs

Lanes, The Villages, Fla.

April 28-May 2 - PBA Senior Don Carter Open

presented by Ebonite, Carter Family Bowl,

Winter Garden, Fla.

May 6-9 - PBA Senior Miller High Life Classic

presented by Columbia 300, George Pappas

Victory Lanes, Mooresville, N.C.

May 14-17 - PBA Senior Dayton Classic

presented by Roto Grip, Capri Lanes, Dayton,


June 3-8 - Etonic PBA Senior U.S. Open

presented by Suncoast, Suncoast Bowling

Center, Las Vegas

June 10-15 - USBC Senior Masters, South Point

Bowling Center, Las Vegas

June 17-20 - PBA Senior Northern California

Classic presented by Track, Harvest Park

Bowl, Brentwood, Calif.

August 6-9 - PBA Senior South Shore Open

presented by DV8, Olympia Lanes, Hammond,


August 11-14 - PBA Senior Decatur Open

presented by Brunswick, Spare Time Lanes,

Decatur, Ill.



Continued from Page 6


The Senior Tour gets

underway April 21-24 with the

PBA Senior Sun Bowl in The

Villages presented by Storm at

Spanish Spring Lanes. Another

Don Carter Signature Series

presented by Storm event, the

Tampa Senior Open, is underway

at AMF University Lanes

in Tampa and will conclude


The win in North Ft. Meyers

was Baker’s 26th in regional

competition. The three-time

Senior Player of the Year also

earned $1,500 for the win.

In Shawnee, Okla.,

Scotty Scott from Wylie, Texas,

defeated amateur Jack Zuniga

of Tulsa, Okla., 239-190, to

win the PBA Southwest Region

FireLake/Flintco Open presented

by Roto Grip at FireLake

Bowling Center on Sunday. The

win for Scott was his first PBA

title after 15 years of trying. He

had never before qualified for

the match play finals. Spencer

Waryas of Tulsa, Okla., won

the Teen Masters 14-and-under

qualifier with 1,517 for eight


Starting Thursday, the PBA

West/Northwest Regions will

compete in Hawaii, beginning

with the Hawaii Storm Open

at Schofield Barracks on April

19, followed by the Hickam

AFB Open and Senior Open


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Jecko of Whitesboro, New

York, set the ITRC record in the

standing long jump.

On the lanes they were

given several spare shots

to shoot at 20 times each

where they all had the opportunity

to utilize and learn

more about the state-of-the-art

technology the training center

has available (high-speed

video cameras, motion-capture

devices, foot-pressure sensors

and much more). The bowlers

each received a video analysis

of their game. Weaknesses,

or things they should work on

to improve their games were

shown to them with tips on

how to correct them. Kevin

said he learned that he needs

to work on slowing down his

release and timing. Prior also

said, “Learning to read the

lanes, what your ball is doing,

and what a ball can do is what

I am really trying to work on

and really trying to learn.”

The last day at the training

center was spent bowling a

tournament with six current

and former Team USA

(For April 11-17, 2012)

S&B Pro Shop 1 back on top at

USBC Open Championships

Nick Wissinger turned in a

career-best performance to help

S&B Pro Shop 1 of Clinton Township,

Mich., into the top spot in

Team All-Events with a 9,954

total at the United States Bowling

Congress Open Championships

on April 13. Lodge Lanes Too of

presented by Storm April 20-22.

Also over the April 20-22

weekend will be the PBA East

Region’s 900 Global Open at

Hoe Bowl in Catskill, N.Y., and

additional regionals are set for

Catskill, N.Y., and the Debbie

and Leon Nunan Memorial

Open at AMF Stardust Lanes

in Grove City, Ohio. The PBA

Southwest Region will host the

Astro Super Bowl Challenge, a

non-champions event, in San

Antonio, Texas.


Overlooked: Parker Bohn

III improved his record for 300

games bowled in PBA competition

to 88 with his perfect

game during the Xtra Frame

Tour Dick Weber PBA Playoffs

presented by Hammer.

For the second year in

a row, PBA South Region

champion Tom Daugherty was

the only player in the PBA

Tournament of Champions to

advance out of the Champions

Field and bowl all the way

to the end of qualifying for

the TV finals (remember his

100 game in the 2011 ABC-TV

finals?). Daugherty didn’t make

it to TV in 2012, but the Tampa

area “thumbless” player bowled

a total of 70 more games (14 in

the Champions Field, 20 in the

Elite Field and 36 in the Round

of 36). Added to his 75 games

bowled in 2011, Daugherty

has bowled 145 games in the

Tournament of Champions over

a span of only two years.

members. The six Team USA

members (Shannon O’Keefe,

Stefanie Nation, Leanne

Hulsenberg, Kim Terrell-

Kearney, John Janawicz and

Derek Eoff) were each assigned

one lane. The six Sport

bowlers bowled one game on

each lane (rotating to their

right after each game). The

tournament was Baker-format.

Therefore, each Sport bowler

had the opportunity to bowl

with, and receive coaching

from each of the Team USA

members on three different oil

patterns (Stockholm, Athens

and London).

The winners of the six spots

were: Chuck Hayslett of Apple

Valley, Minnesota, Mike Reed

of Honeoye, New York, Kevin

Prior of Allen, Texas, Eric

Payawal of Elk Grove Village,

Illinois, David Jecko of Whitesboro,

New York and Lindsey

Siegel of Gurnee, Illinois.

Lindsey Siegel, the only

female of the six, won the

Team USA Experience Fantasy

Camp crystal vase. As Kevin

Prior (a Silver Certified USBC

Coach) from Allen, Texas said,

“I already won because I’m


Orlando, Fla., previously held the

lead with 9,744.

Wissinger, a 44-year-old righthander,

started his 2012 USBC

Open Championships campaign

with a 169 game but averaged

more than 247 for his remaining

eight games at the Baton Rouge

River Center. He is the first

bowler this year to roll three

consecutive 700 series - 721 in

doubles, 716 in singles and 715

in team - for a 2,152 all-events

total. He is second behind Ryan

Whitney of Lewisville, Texas,

who leads Regular All-Events

with 2,170.

“In team, we decided to stay

out farther, and I just didn’t

have a good reaction,” said

Wissinger, who made his 24th

Open Championships appearance.

“I finally decided to make

a jump inside, and there it was.

Of course I wish I would’ve

made the adjustment and moved

sooner, but anytime you shoot

2,100 here, you have to feel

pretty good.” Dave Ewald added

a 2,049 all-events total for S&B

Pro Shop 1 and was followed by

Bill Orlikowski (2,038), Kerry

Kreft (1,900) and Mark Moore


S&B Pro Shop 1 also is in

third place in Regular Team with

a 3,277 total. Nicholas J’s Pro

Shop 2 of La Crosse, Wis., leads

with 3,401.

Swords joins 50-Year Club at

USBC Open Championships

Doug Swords of Greenacres,

Fla., became the 147th

bowler in history to make 50

appearances at the USBC Open


The 77-year-old right-hander,

originally from Detroit, made

his Open Championships debut

at the Motor City’s Cobo Hall in

1961. Five decades later, he was

surrounded by his friends and

family as he made his ceremonial

walk down Center Aisle at

the Baton Rouge River Center on

April 14. He was joined in Baton

Rouge by his wife, Beverly, and

son, Dale, who in flew in as a


Swords closed out his 50th

year with 542 in singles, 497

in doubles and 437 in team for

a 1,476 all-events total. In 50

tournament appearances, he has

knocked down 84,992 pins for a

career average of 188.8.

Team USA’s Shannon O’Keefe

fires 300 game

Team USA member Shannon

O’Keefe of Arlington, Texas,

rolled the 10th perfect game of

the 2012 USBC Open Championships

and helped Cambridge 1 to

the highest team game this year

at the Baton Rouge River Center.

O’Keefe, the eighth woman to

shoot 300 at the Open Championships,

ended her team event

with 19 consecutive strikes for

games of 217, 238 and 300 for

a 755 series. The effort helped

Cambridge 1 into second place in

Regular Team on games of 979,

1,103 and 1,237 for a 3,319 total.

The 33-year-old right-hander

made her fourth tournament

appearance and shared the lanes

with her husband, Team USA

assistant coach Bryan O’Keefe

(632), Ron Nelson Jr. (679), Bill

Webb (637) and Chris Viale

(616). The group also is third in

Team All-Events with 9,817.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Page 15




Bowling is a sport in which

if you don’t win a trophy

within a reasonable period of

time, someone will award you

a trophy for not ever winning

a trophy.

Bowling trophies and

awards intrigue me. They show

great imagination, at times fine

and classic beauty, but also blatant

commercialism, cheapness

and bad taste. They come in all

sizes, shapes and material and

can cost from next to nothing

to next to a fortune. They

range from some as small as

a thimble to those as large as

a bowler. They are made from

things as simple as paper and

cardboard to the most precious

metals, gems or stones.

I’ve seen trophies with bases

made of TV sets, logs, granite,

marble, and all sorts of crafted

woods or metals. There’s the

totem pole carved from a single

Douglas Fir log, and the Indian

carved of stone. Midas had

one of its mufflers bronzed

as a trophy. Brut gave a silver

replica of its product. The most

expensive glass and ceramic

material has been used, and

the least expensive plastics.

There have been trophies

in the shape of the world or

the shape of a country or state.

There have been mirrors, and

engravings of photos or drawings.

Bowling pins have been

used in many ways, and so

have bowling balls.

If the laws would allow it,

I’m sure some bowlers would

encase their favorite bowlers in

plastic and show them off one

way or another.

Millions of trophies, costing

many millions of dollars, are

awarded each year. They are

received for the most part with

deep appreciation, happiness

and a feeling of accomplishment,

with the trophy as the

proof of the achievement, be it

ever so humble.

I don’t know if they still

have them, but Don McCune

and Ed Ressler won the most


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live in 2012. The telecast is

scheduled for April 24 from 7-9

p.m. Eastern.

“Showcasing the best

women bowlers in the world on

national television is a priority

for us,” Tredwell said. “We are

proud to announce the threeyear

partnership with ESPN to

bring this great event to bowling

fans across the country.”

Jason Bernstein, a senior

director, programming and

acquisitions, at ESPN said,

“We are happy to continue the

six-year tradition of working

alongside the USBC to provide

fans with live coverage of the

Queens. Including this event in

expensive awards dreamed

up for the sport. They are

constructed of some sort of

exotic plastic in the shape of

a cylinder. Inside is a tobacco

leaf made of gold. The gold leaf

seems suspended in air, and it

took the work of some master

craftsmen with plenty of patience

for these to be completed

and awarded to the winners of

the Winston Salem pro bowling

classics. They were costly, but

well worth whatever the cost.

Bowling trophies go way

back, well before 1900, and

you can see some of the oldest,

best and most unique at the

National Bowling Hall of Fame

and Museum.

Medals, once common in

bowling, went out of style, and

now that amateur bowling is

making a big move, are back.

In recent years, cups, trays and

a long list of practical articles

such as pen sets, thermometers,

barometers, clocks, belt

buckles, bracelets, chains, and

the like are coming on strong.

Rings and watches always have

been, and always will be the

most popular items.

These days there are no

bounds, so trophy builders can

let their imagination go wild in

creating awards to be remembered.

Any junior bowler worth

his salt has dozens of various

trophies, some have hundreds.

If you are privy to the collections

amassed by such as

Don Carter, Dick Weber, Earl

Anthony, Mark Roth and a

host of other top stars, it’s like

wandering into a fantasy land.

Some bowlers love their

trophies. Others would just as

soon leave them somewhere,

anywhere, or use them in such

momentous tasks as paper

weights or door stops.

One thing sure, bowling

awards have been around for

more than 100 years already,

and figure to be for the next

thousand or so. Do you know

where your trophies are?

our programming lineup each

year reinforces ESPN’s commitment

to showcase top events in

women’s sports.”

The Queens will be part

of the WTBA’s World Bowling

Tour for the first time in

2012, and the event also will

be on the tour’s schedule in

2013. The 2012 Queens will

take place April 19-23 at AMF

Euless Lanes in Euless, Texas,

with the finals April 24 at the

International Training and

Research Center in Arlington.

For more information on the

USBC Queens or to enter the

2012 event, visit BOWL.com/


Page 16 | Thursday, April 26, 2012 | THE BOWLING NEWS

I would like to send some

kudos out to Rusty Dickinson

and AMF Showplace Euless

Lanes for once again finding a

way to bring the best women

bowlers to the metroplex by

hosting the 2012 USBC Queens

tournament. Last year’s U.S.

Open was so much fun to

watch and now we get another

chance to watch them bowl for

the Queens title. I wish there

was some way to get other

centers to step up and keep

bringing them back, or even

better, to bring a men’s major

bowling event to the area. Keep

up the good work guys!

As long as I’m sending out

kudos I must also mention

what a great job Kevin Brown

and his staff at DB’s Entertainment

Center in Greenville,

TX did last Friday night in

hosting a pro-am benefiting

St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

The tournament happened to

fall on the same weekend as

the non-champions regional

in San Antonio and as much

as I’m sure Kevin would have

loved to bowl, there was never

a question of what was most

important and he skipped the

tournament to run the proam.

With the help of regional

pros Andy Patterson, Danny

Neill, Kurt Genglebach, Justin

Pittsinger, the crew at DB’s

was able to raise over $1200 for

the great cause. Its people like

Kevin that put my faith back

in the goodness in our hearts,

and no matter what, he’s a

champion in my book.

I have never been the kind

of guy who gets attached to

a hairstylist. Typically I go

to whatever “Shear I’ll Cut

It” place that has no line and

costs less than ten bucks and

I would be satisfied. After all

let’s face it my hair is like a

chia pet and starts growing

as soon as it’s cut so it doesn’t

take long for a bad hairdo to

grow back. Recently I found

a girl who seemed to do a

really good job so I started

to request her when I went

to the same store. However,

last week I went in to get my

hair cut and they said she no

longer works there. Now the

last time I was in there she had

mentioned she may go back to

her old company, and told me

the one she was considering.

So my dilemma is that since

I don’t know exactly where

she went should I turn stalker

on her and call the shops in

the area to see if she works

there, or should I continue

to play Russian Roulette and

keep hoping that I don’t catch

Edward Scissor Hands on a bad

day? Honestly I thought about

it and decided that ultimately

the convenience and price (I

am cheap) mean more to me

than the quality of the cut so

I will probably just go to the

same place.

I don’t know how much

further bowling can tumble

as far as popularity, but I’m

guessing it is not going to help

by having a winner of the

state tournament shoot more

than a perfect 900 series. If

you entered the tournament as

a scratch bowler you literally

cannot win the tournament

and that’s before you even

bowled. What? With handicap

being based off of a 245

average I am seeing great

bowlers with 40 and 50 pins of

handicap. If you had a football

game and you told one team

no matter what happens or

how many times you score you

cannot win the game would it

be any fun to play? I am very

disappointed at the direction

competitive bowling is leaning.

2013 Queens to take place Labor

Day weekend in Las Vegas


United States Bowling Congress

Queens presented by Storm

will head west and shift to

Labor Day weekend in 2013.

The Queens will take place

Aug. 31-Sept. 5, 2013, at Sunset

Station’s Strike Zone Bowling

Center in suburban Las Vegas.

It will immediately follow the

World Tenpin Bowling Association

World Championships.

“Sunset Station is a perfect

fit pairing a world-class bowling

center with everything else

competitors and their companions

need in one place,” USBC

Managing Director of Media

and Events Pete Tredwell said.

“With the event falling on

Labor Day weekend, we hope

the timing will work well for

more bowlers including those

in the collegiate ranks. In addition,

we also are developing

some new incentives aimed at

increasing the field and adding

more excitement to an already

prestigious event.”

An agreement has been

reached with ESPN to ensure

national television coverage

continues to be a part of the

Queens. The event will be

televised on ESPN2 for three

years, starting with this

month’s event.

The finals will be presented

in high definition and will be

Continued on Page 15

BWAA To Honor

R.F. Corderman

With 2012 Luby Hall of Fame Award

ARLINGTON — A man who

elevated the coverage of bowling

in his region for more than

40 years, R.F. (Robert Frank)

Corderman, has been voted the

newest recipient of the Luby

Hall of Fame Award by the

Bowling Writers Association of


Corderman, 60, was known

mostly for his ability to cover

all aspects of the West Coast

scene through the pages of the

Pacific Bowler, with which he

was affiliated from 1978-2004.

He set standards for regional

coverage in areas such as

wheelchair bowling, senior

news, the youth level and, of

course, the PBA Regional Tour.

That, along with his insightful

voice covering the issues via

his “Pin Action” column, made

PB a “must read” not only in

his area of coverage, but well


He started his journalistic

career as Editor of the Citrus

Bowler in San Bernardino,

Calif. He left that newspaper

after four years to join the

Pacific Bowler in Garden Grove,

Calif. He moved up through

the ranks to eventually become

Editor-Publisher of the newspaper,

a post he held with his

wife, Berdalee.

While there, he (and his

wife) also served in the same

capacity for 10 years with the

San Diego County Bowler.

For more than 25 years,

starting in 1976, he was the

publicist for the Professional

Bowlers Assn. Western Region.

Again, he set a standard that

was hard to match.

“R.F. covered all of our

regional tournaments,” remembered

PBA lane man Lenny

Nicholson. “He was awesome.

He showed up for every

regional event, and always

wrote a great story. I never

met anybody who covered the

regionals as well as he did. He







ENTRY FEE (Pre-Registered): $100, $150 Walk-in


EXPENSES: Lineage – 600 @ $2.50 $1,500

TOTAL EXPENSES: $1,500 is 15% of Entry Fee

PRIZE FUND TO WINNERS $8,500 is 85% of

Entry Fee



$ 1,735 . . . . .1st . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23.31%

$ 1,235 . . . . 2nd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16.46%

$ 985 . . . . . 3rd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.13%

$ 735 . . . . . 4th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.80%

$ 485 . . . . . 5th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.46%

$ 240. . . . . . . 6th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.20%

$ 230. . . . . . . 7th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.06%

$ 220. . . . . . . 8th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.93%

$ 210. . . . . . . 9th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.80%

$ 200. . . . . . 10th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.66%

$ 150. . . . . . . 11th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.00%

$ 140. . . . . . . 12th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.20%

$ 135. . . . . . . 13th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.06%

$ 130. . . . . . . 14th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.73%

$ 125. . . . . . . 15th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.80%

$ 120. . . . . . . 16th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.66%

$ 115. . . . . . . 17th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.53%

$ 110. . . . . . . 18th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.46%

$ 105. . . . . . . 19th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.40%

$ 100. . . . . . . 20th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.33%

$1,000 - 300 GAME AWARD

The award is split between bowlers if MORE

than one contestant bowls a 300 game OR

carried over to the next tournament on the

schedule if no 300 game is bowled.


2-Bowlers per lane with one lane courtesy by

all to be observed. Tournament will be SIX


paid, based on above example, to the TOP

TWENTY positions. Pay ratio is to be 5-Entries

equal 1-Pay Position.

RE-ENTRIES: $100 Fee and ONLY the

Highest Score is retained for any position

earnings and the fee for re-entry does not

change the Prize Fund Payout amounts, $50

of all re-entry Fees is added to the 300 Award


Pre-registration is suggested, walk-in

entries accepted if lanes are available.

Register at our web site,

www.eaglemastersbowlingclub.com, no

advance payment is required.


Plano Super Bowl

2521 K Avenue –Plano, TX 75074 (972) 881-0242

April 29th, Starts at 9:00 AM

Eagle Master’s Bowling Association of Texas

Alan Phelan, Tournament Director, Email: Alan3002010@live.com

also put together the regional

program book. He was all

business and admired for his


As a result of those efforts,

he was named the Pat Patterson

Award recipient for his

regional contributions. Only

PBA members were eligible,

but PBA Regional boss Ted

Hoffman Jr. secretly bought

R.F. an associate membership

so he could be presented the

plaque at a Southern California

Bowling Writers All-Star

Awards Banquet.

Beyond that, he was a

longtime president of the

Southern California Bowling

Writers, which presided over

the annual Southern California

Bowling Writers All-Star

Awards Banquet.

This is his third Hall of

Fame honor. He was named to

the Southern California Bowling

Hall of Fame for meritorious

service, and selected by the

Orange County Bowling Assn.

Hall of Fame for meritorious


He retired in 2004, and he

and Berdalee now are living in

Bedford, Iowa.

Next Tournament at AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

1901 West Airport Freeway, Euless, TX 76040 (817) 540-0303

May 6th & 20th, Starts at 9:00 AM

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