New Product Bulletin - October 2009 (Issue 2), 19741 - Clipsal

New Product Bulletin - October 2009 (Issue 2), 19741 - Clipsal



Long term, low cost

lighting solutions

Look inside for what's new in Saturn 250V



Now with the convenience

of remote control –

Massive 10m range!



Fit C-Bus to any Clipsal





A single, simple connection

panel for everything digital Innovators not imitators

ISSUE 2 2009

Released October 2009

Providing new opportunities to upsell

Hello and welcome to the 2009 edition of the Clipsal

New Product Bulletin.

We are proud to bring you some important new additions to

our existing product ranges, designed to provide you with

opportunities to add value to your customer offering.

A major highlight includes significant new additions to

our Clipsal Saturn 250V range of accessories. We now

offer you this very popular range in a new Pure White

colour representing a great upselling opportunity for every

contractor. We’ve also added new Saturn dimmers, fan

controllers and intermediate switches as well.

Another great upseller, our 30PB Impress switch

mechanism is now available over the counter in Slimline,

Eclipse and C2000 ranges. An intermediate version of this

ingenious push-button switch is now available. The 30PB

really is a great product offering with so many advantages

over the traditional rocker switch mechanism.

In C-Bus, we’ve now designed a 30 Series C-Bus

mechanism which means you can have C-Bus in almost

every Clipsal wallplate configuration you choose including

architrave switches. Not only does this make C-Bus

more flexible during installation but also a more affordable

proposition for your home automation customers.

With the rapid take-up of digital technology in this

country, Epic Organiser is a great new connection panel,

designed to accommodate and simplify everyone’s

digital communications needs, particularly in the

accommodation industry. Please have a close look at the

new data connection accessories we are offering so you

can capitalise on the take up of high definition TV and

broadband internet access in the home.


Our lighting range of products is growing stronger and

stronger. The products represented in this New Product

Bulletin are just a small sample of what’s on offer. All

products in our lighting range have been carefully selected,

offering you excellent quality and reliability. Please refer to

our lighting catalogue to see the entire range.

There are many more important new products for you

to look at in this Bulletin. Please take the time to have a

close look at them and to discuss further with your Clipsal

Representative. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Finally, I thank you for continuing to support Clipsal. We will

continue to support you with further innovations and great

service now and in the future.

Damien Cummins

Executive General Manager,

Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd.

Saturn Pure White

New Saturn 250V additions including Pure White

The Saturn 250V Range has quickly established itself as Clipsal’s

premium range of architecturally designed electrical accessories. The

glass look fascias are especially appealing to any customer desiring the

latest fashion styles and trends and providing you with great upselling


In addition to Ocean Mist and Espresso Black colour variants, Clipsal

now introduces a new colour to the range known as Pure White. The

Pure White option has no colour inflection, is simply stunning to view,

and really does create a real point of difference.

The Clipsal Saturn 250V range is an interior design solution that will

complement every room of a home by enhancing all types of décor,

including fabric, tile, metal, timber, splash back and paint selections.

Going beyond just wall switches and power outlets; dimmers, cooker

switches and communication plates are also available. Soft glow blue

LED indicator light and labelling options provide a flexible solution for

everyday installations or individual requirements.

The entire Saturn 250V range has set new standards in home electrical

accessories - offering switch and accessory design that is unlike any

other 250V electrical accessories on the market.

Fan Controller & Dimmer

Another welcome new addition to the Saturn 250V range is a new

Saturn Fan Controller and rotary switch mechanism as well as knob kits

enabling you to fit off one and two gang switchplate configurations.

The 4061VF3CSF Saturn Fan Control is a one gang Saturn plate that is

supplied with a standard three speed capacitive fan control mechanism,

compatible with Airflow and PDL ceiling sweep fans. It is available in

three Saturn colours, Pure White, Ocean Mist and Espresso Black.

A plateless version 4061CSFM is also available.

Two dimmer and fan controller knob kits are available as well. The

4062EDIM-KB comprises a fan controller and dimmer knobs plus

chrome bezel, only for use in conjunction with universal dimmer


Another kit, 4061EDIM-KB offers you the fan controller and dimmer

knobs plus three bezels for vertical or horizontal switchplate mounting.



Catalogue Numbers

Clipsal Saturn fan controller

catalogue numbers:


Mechanism only (including

capacitor block)


Saturn fan controller plate

Clipsal Saturn Dimmer & Fan

Controller Knob Kits:


Knob kit, 1 gang, top hat type


Knob kit, 2 gang, rotary type

Intermediate Mech

Saturn & Impress intermediate mech makes multi-way switching easy

We are now releasing an intermediate switch for both our Saturn

250V and Impress ranges.

Until now, controlling switching circuits at two locations was only

possible using our two way mechanism.

But with the new intermediate mechanisms, you can now achieve

multi-way switching installations in areas such as stairwells, garages and

outside perimeter lighting with ease. The intermediate mech enables

switching circuits to be controlled at any number of locations using

standard intermediate wiring practices.

The Saturn and Impress intermediate mechanisms are rated at 10AX

for fluorescent lighting loads. These have been tested under the most

vigorous of circumstances and will offer many years of reliable service.

Catalogue Numbers


Impress Intermediate mech


Saturn 250V Intermediate mech








Impress Slimline Eclipse 2000

Impress now becomes a Classic

The launch of Impress in March

of this year has been well

received. In fact, the feedback we

are receiving from contractors and

consumers is that everyone likes

the new low profile push-button

switch and in particular with the

30PBL (LED) indication option.

Until now Impress has only been

available as a mechanism or

preloaded in our Slimline and

Eclipse ranges.

Slimline and Eclipse Impress

models are now available at your

wholesaler in one to six gang

standard size or one and two

gang architrave size switchplates,

with or without blue LED


Due to the success and uptake

of these ranges, we are now

planning to release Impress in

the C2000 Classic range, one

of our most popular ranges of


881,WE 894/2V


Of course, the 30PB and 30PBL

mechanisms are available

separately and will fit into any of

our Clipsal switch ranges with

a 30 Series aperture such as

Standard range, 2000 Series and

Metal Plate ranges.

Important things to keep in mind

when considering Impress is the

mechanism’s whopping 20A rating

and 16AX fluoro rating. Nothing

compares! Also, the switching

action occurs deep inside the

mechanism, greatly reducing

noise, arc flash and carbon

deposits around the dolly. If you

haven’t tried it, ask to see one

from your Clipsal Rep.

C2000 Impress Bulk


Until the assembled C2000 range

becomes available, we will be

making C2000 Classic Impress

available to you “unassembled”

in a choice of bulk promotional

packs in the latter part of 2009.

These will consist of 20 white

electric switches in one or two

gang configurations, with or

without LED indication.

Catalogue Numbers

Promo Pack 1:

C2031VAPBPK,WE – 20 x 30PB;

20 x C2031VH

Promo Pack 2:

C2032VAPBPK,WE – 20 x 30PB;

10 x C2032VH

Promo Pack 3:

C2031VAPBLPK,WE – 20 x

30PBL; 20 x C2031VH

Promo Pack 4:

C2032VAPBLPK,WE – 20 x

30PBL; 10 x C2032VH


250V 16AX/20A 1 way / 2 way

Push Button


250V 16AX/20A 1 way / 2 way

Push Button with blue LED


Modena Aged Care Solutions

Easy Operation with Modular Design

Modena 800 Series

When it comes to surrounding

yourself with style, comfort

and flexibility you can’t go past the

popular Modena 800 Series.

Truly compatible with

contemporary living, this classic

range comes with large switches

and easy to view indicators,

offering a minimalist, low profile

look that is unobtrusive amongst

any modern interior.

Catering for all applications the

Modena 800 Series is designed

with nothing but the best form,

function and safety features in

mind. Its flexibility is now pushing

the range into applications such

as health care, independent

living, tourism and hospitality,

where facilities must provide an

adaptable, accessible and secure

solution for users with different

levels of mobility.


The fascias are available in

nine colours - White, Chrome,

Champagne, Gunmetal, Charcoal,

Red, Blue, Blue and Platinum.

Choice of either White or Black

switch modules ensure there is a

combination to suit all décors.

You also have the convenient

option of custom switch

configuration - ideal for specialised

applications. Whether you require

three switches and a dimmer, six

individual switches, audio/visual

or data outlets, with Modena 800

series the possibilities are endless.



Modena 800 series



IR Dimmer

Universal dimming now available in push-button with

remote control

The Clipsal 2031E2PUDR Series Push Button Universal Dimmer

represents the next generation of smart dimming products.

The unit features a unique push button design, with cool blue

multi-segment LED bar graph display to indicate the load status.

The unit also features a handy Infrared Remote Control. Compact in size,

the Remote Control is surprisingly powerful. It is capable of controlling

up to 4 Dimmer Units and can even set preset lighting ‘scenes’ at the

touch of a button!

The Dimmer Unit is based on

Clipsal’s patented Universal

Dimmer Technology. It can provide

full control of almost any type of

load, whether it be incandescent

lighting, 240V halogen or dichroic

lamps, iron-core or electronic low

voltage lighting transformers as

used in downlight applications.

Even small motor loads such as

ceiling sweep and exhaust fans

can be controlled. C-Thru® The

Clear Choice - helping you select

the right dimmer, first time,

every time.

Please visit

to see the dimmer in operation

Smoke Alarms

Firetek returns

They’re back. Australia’s favourite smoke detectors, the

Firetek 755SMA Ionisation models are back and better

than ever. In case you needed reminding here are some of the

features that made Clipsal Firetek Australia’s most preferred

smoke detector.

Firetek combines contemporary styling in a reliable mains

operated design. It features a minimal overall diameter with a

hush button to provide silent unwanted alarms.

The detector modules are designed for fast-fit off. The detector

module simply push fits onto the surface mounted base with

shrouded quick-fit terminals which automatically provide power

to the detector module.


Surface Mount - Ionisation

Catalogue Numbers


Push Button Universal Dimmer

c/w IR Remote Control, 450W

(2000 Series)


Push Button Universal Dimmer

c/w IR Remote Control, 450W

(Classic Series)


Push Button Universal Dimmer

c/w IR Remote Control, 450W

(Slimline Series)


Push Button Universal Dimmer

c/w IR Remote Control, 450W

(Eclipse Series)


Infrared Remote Control, 8

Button (Spare Part)

Features and Benefits:

Soft Start - providing a

noticeably smooth lamp

illumination at turn on.

Minimum Brightness

Settings - factory preset to

suit most applications.

Thermal Overload

Protection Circuitry - three

levels of overload protection:

Short Circuit Protection

- ensures the dimmer can

survive in case of wiring fault


Thermal Overload

Compensation -

automatically reduces lamp

brightness in case of overload

Thermal Cutout - designed

to blow in case of catastrophic

circuit failure.

High Frequency Ripple

Signal Injection Immunity

- ensures true flicker free

dimming operation!

755SMA Ionisation




Home office


Cool Remote Controlled Fans

Airflow is a household name in ceiling sweep fans. Known for quality


offering many years of reliability, and now with the convenience

of remote control operation. The remote controls have a 10 metre

range making the fans suitable for rooms with high ceilings or existing

buildings where cabling is difficult. A single remote control can even

operate multiple fans located within a room. The remote operates three

fan speeds and if a light is fitted, will even dim the lights. A wall mounted

cradle is supplied to ensure you always have a location to store the

remote when not in use.

Airflow three blade fans

Airflow has introduced two new

three blade ceiling sweep fans

also with the convenience of

remote control. Fans are available

in a traditional white electric colour

to suit all types of décor, while a

stainless steel version is a popular

addition for more contemporary



Catalogue Numbers


White Remote Control Ceiling

Sweep Fan


Stainless Steel Remote Control

Ceiling Sweep Fan

PDL Five and four blade fans

PDL’s remote controlled fans are

available in three new models.

These include a premium five

blade fan with Satin Bronze body

with black and silver blades as

well as two four blade models

in white or stainless steel. A

reversing switch on the fan motor

allows you to run the fan in reverse

during winter to prevent warm

air collecting at the ceiling and

circulate it around the room.

Matching accessories

Both fan ranges are matched

by an extensive list of new

accessories including new

Oyster or Clipper lighting fittings,

designed to accommodate energy

efficient compact fluorescent

globes (not supplied). The fans

have been pre-wired to allow the

quick attachment of these light

fittings to the bottom of the fans.

For higher ceilings, a full range of

down rods are available in hang

sure and J-hook configurations

ranging from 700mm and

1200mm lengths in white and

stainless steel colours.

Catalogue Numbers


Modena Satin Silver/Black

1300mm reversible, timber blade,

aluminium body, prewired with

light kit and infrared remote

control, hangsure


White Aluminium, Four blade

1200mm reversible,


Stainless Steel, four blade

1200mm reversible

Catalogue Numbers

Down rod


1200mm (48”) Down rod

SS – hang sure


1200mm (48”) Down rod

SS J-hook


700mm (30”) Down rod

SS – Hang sure


700mm (30”) Down rod

SS – J-Hook






Oyster light fitting kit


Oyster light kit; white


1200mm (48”) Down rod


Clipper light fitting kit


Clipper light kit; white


Clipper light kit; SS




Sarel Adaptable Enclosure

Innovative Adaptable Enclosures

If you require rugged, flexible

adaptable boxes for commercial

or industrial applications Clipsal’s

innovative new range of adaptable

boxes has you covered. The

entire range of adaptable boxes

are manufactured from premium

quality materials and packed with

design features that benefit the


Sarel Adaptable Enclosures are

available in a range of sizes and

packed with superior features and

benefits such as ultra fast quarter

turn fixing screws, convenient

internal fixing points and a clever

hinge, which prevents the lid

from being lost or stolen. Design

features such as these provide

you with a fast fit-off, saving you

valuable time and money.


Programmable tariff rate

Show Greenhouse Gas (GHG)


Easy to read LED display

Colour-coded interface

10A & 15A models available


Ultra fast quarter turn lid fixing


Clever hinge prevents lid from

being lost or damaged.

IP55 environmental protection.

Concealed corner fixing points –

retains IP55 rating.

Insulating screw covers.

Rear entry conduit knockout


UV stabilised.

High Quality European design.

Halogen free.

Manufactured from selfextinguishing



Convenient additional internal

fixing points.

Fixing lugs (sold separately).

Operating temperature -30°C

to 60°C.

Colour – Grey RAL 7035.

TUV certification – EN60670.

IK07 (2J) impact protection.

Ez Energy Audit

Add energy auditing to your business offering

With one of the highest take-ups of technology in the world, it’s no

wonder that we spend $50 billion on energy usage per year. And

with the price of electricity increasing each year, everyone wants to save

a dollar. You can capitalise on this by adding energy auditing to your list

of services with Clipsal’s new EzAudit Energy Audit Tool.

The EzAudit is a power usage meter, which measures the amount

of electricity consumption that common everyday appliances are

using. You can now easily, accurately and safely analyse many of the

power consumption characteristics of mains operated appliances. As

an energy auditing tool, you can measure and record the amount of

electrical energy drawn by an appliance, project hourly, quarterly or

annual running costs, and estimate greenhouse gas emissions produced

by operating the device.

Finally you can have some control over your high electricity accounts,

while at the same time helping the environment

The EzAudit is perfect for helping your residential and commercial

customers identify key areas of energy wastage and then offer them

energy savings solutions using timers and sensors and other energy

saving products. Market yourself as an ecosmart contractor.

Easy to Use!

Plug into outlet

Plug in appliance

Analyse and measure

Record and Report

What does EzAudit


Power (Watts) – Instant,

Maximum, Minimum

Cost ($) – Instant, Hourly,

Quarterly, Yearly

Energy (kWh) – Instant, Hourly,

Quarterly, Yearly

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(kg) – Instant, Hourly, Quarterly,


Volts – Instant, Maximum,


Amps – Instant, Maximum,


Power Factor


05045, 05047, 05050, 05053,

05057 & 05059

EZAUDIT - 10A version

EZAUDIT15 - 15A version

EZPOUCH - Soft Carry Case


Clipsal High and Low Bay Lights

Powerful Commercial Lighting

Clipsal’s High and Low Bay

Light range are the best

option for most commercial

applications, providing quality light

and superior energy efficiency,

making them ideal for operating

over long periods.

Low Bay Lights:

Clipsal Low Bay Lighting is

the perfect lighting solution for

medium ceiling height industrial

applications. Metal halide lamp

technology provides optimum

colour rendering and superior

energy efficiency.

Clipsal Low Bay Lighting is also

supplied complete with glass lens

and wire guards making them

suitable for all low bay lighting




Easy mounting system

Powder coated steel


Control gear mounted on

removable tray

Large terminal connectors

Wire mesh as standard

Glass sealed front as standard


Easy access and ventilated

gear housing

E40 porcelain lamp holder

Elliptical coated lamp included

Uniform lighting distribution

for medium ceiling heights.


High Bay Lights:

Clipsal High Bay Lights are ideal

for general industrial lighting

applications and use metal halide

lamp technology to provide

optimum colour rendering and

energy efficiency.

Clipsal High Bay Lighting is

available with aluminium reflectors

for greater optical control or acrylic

reflectors to achieve upward

lighting control, providing you

with the perfect high bay lighting


Features - Quicksmart

Maintained model

Easy to install

Wall or ceiling mounting, single

or double sided and complete

with all “running man” decals

in one box

Electronic dual rate constant

current charging system 3.6V


Viewing distance 24m

High temperature nickel metal

hydride batteries

Complies with AS/NZS2293

1x18 LED lamps

(20,000hr lamp life).


Reflector ribbed aluminium

Integral metal halide control



Easy access and ventilated

gear housing

Flex and plug supplied and


E40 porcelain lamp holder

Elliptical coated lamp included

Suspension hook supplied

Uniform lighting distribution

for high ceiling heights

Acrylic models offer vertical

and upward lighting

Acrylic drop lens available

(only suitable for acrylic


Clipsal Exit and Emergency Lighting

Clearly Leading the Way

Clipsal’s Exit and Emergency

Lighting range is the best

option to safely guide people

out of buildings, office spaces or

department stores.

Clipsal Exit and Emergency Lights

use advanced lamp technology,

utilizing LED lamps which provide

unsurpassed energy conservation

with extended lamp life.


Clipsal Exit and Emergency Lights

are easy to install and the modern

design sets them apart from any

other exit and emergency lighting

on the market. There are two

choices available, Quicksmart and

Wafer. Quicksmart is designed for

fast installation on walls or ceilings

while the Wafer’s ultra slim design

is suitable for architectural exit




Features - Wafer

Slim edgelite design flush with


Supplied with flex and plug


Easy to install

Osram LED lamps and long

lamp life only 2.2W

Electronic continuous current

charging system 3.6V 60mA

Viewing distance 24m

High temperature nickel metal

hydride batteries

Complies with AS/NZS2293.

LED strip light technology


50,000hr lamp life

Clipsal Fluorescent Lighting

See the Light in Energy Savings

Offer your customers an

economical lighting solution

with Clipsal Fluorescent Lighting.

Clipsal’s Fluorescent Lighting

range is ideal for any application

where constant lighting for long

periods of time is required, while

consuming a minimal amount of


This range is suitable for

residential, commercial and

industrial applications, and

provides optimum lighting for

the lowest investment and

running cost. In addition, Clipsal’s

Fluorescent Lighting range can be

surface mounted, conduit or chain

mounted to suit your customers


Clipsal Floodlights

Bright Light Solutions

Clipsal Floodlights are perfect for any application where you require

expansive illumination from one or more light sources. The Clipsal

Floodlight range offers extremely efficient operating costs with long lamp

life and good colour rendering.

Ideal for any residential or commercial project, Clipsal’s Floodlight Range

comes in two lamp technologies for various floodlighting applications:

Tungsten Halogen Floodlight:

Clipsal’s Fluorescent Lighting

range is available with T8, T5,

PL or CFL lamps and can be

provided with various dimming

solutions to suit your project

needs. Should you require

analogue, digital, DSI or DALI

lighting control contact your

nearest Clipsal Representative.


Body formed in steel white

powder coating

Polycarbonate end caps and

lamp holders

Recessed starters

Colour 840 lamps included


Diffused models with pattern

12, formed acrylic

Clipsal’s Tungsten Halogen Floodlights are suitable for residential lighting

purposes. The main advantage with tungsten halogen lighting is its

ability to provide instant bright light when turned on and it does not

require a cooling off period before switching on again.

Metal Halide Floodlights:

Clipsal’s Metal Halide Floodlights offer the latest in lamp technology

using a discharge gas lamp operated by control gear within the


Metal halide floodlights are ideal for applications where lighting is left on

for long periods, while providing great energy saving benefits and long

lamp operating hours.

Easy twist lock gear tray for

fitting cover without tools

Range of reflectors and wire

guards to suit

End to end mounting

possible with pre formed

cable entry punch-outs

Large terminal blocks for

looping applications

Control options available for


Emergency inverters on


Supplied with B2 energy

saving ballasts or high

frequency non-dimming


T5 models supplied with

electronic high frequency

non-dimming ballasts

Wide body project battens

suitable for industrial and

retail applications.


Die-cast body painted black

Reflector specula aluminium

Toughened front glass

Integral control gear

(MH models)

HPF0.9 (MH models only)

Stirrup nut protection cap

(MH models only)

Easy installation and lamp

replacement with drop down

glass front plate held with

stainless steel or aluminium

latches (MH models)

Asymmetric reflectors

(MH models only)

IP54 and IP65 ratings

Lamps included.



CHF150 and


FL250 and



Clipsal Exterior Lighting

Stylish, Durable Outdoor Lighting

Clipsal now offer exterior

lighting that is ideal for any

residential or commercial outdoor

application. The new Clipsal

Exterior Lights are available in two

ranges, exterior bulkheads and

decorative lighting, so there is sure

to be a style to suit your needs

and requirements.

Bulkhead Exterior


Clipsal Bulkhead Exterior Lights

come in round, oval and conical

styles and are manufactured from

marine grade 304 stainless steel

with an IP 44 rating.

Clipsal Bulkhead Exterior Lights

are also compatible with CFL

lamps, so you’ll save energy and

money and enjoy the convenience

a long lamp life of 8000 hours.



Die-cast aluminium


Powder coated body

Frosted glass lens

E27 ceramic lamp holder

IP44 weatherproof rating.



Clipsal Downlights

Shed Light in Style

Downlights are fast becoming

the most stylish way to

shed light for many applications.

Now an integral part of any well

designed interior, downlights not

only illuminate a room, but can

also be used to create dramatic

lighting effects.

IRC Downlights:

Clipsal’s IRC Downlights provide

the same lumen output as a

50-Watt dichroic lamp. However

they only use 35-Watts of power,

offering a 30% energy saving,

while providing the same 5000

hour lamp life as a dichroic lamp.

CFL Downlights:

Clipsal’s CFL Downlights are

unique to the Australian lighting

market and achieve 40 lumens

per Watt. This range of downlights

is the real answer for energy

conservation without sacrificing

aesthetics or size.

Clipsal LED Lighting

The Latest in Lighting Technology

Clipsal’s LED Lighting utilises the latest electronic lighting diode

technology, which provides an extremely long lamp life, exceeding

50,000 hours. White and blue LEDs provide the pure colours, which

is not possible to achieve with other light sources and allow them to

operate at very low power consumption.

Because LED lighting has no filaments they never require replacing and

are very compact in size, while offering high resistance to vibration or


Exterior Wall Lighting:

Clipsal Exterior Wall Lights are

available in two ranges with

energy saving halogen or CFL

lamp options. Both ranges are

manufactured from marine grade

304 stainless steal and are IP 44

rated, offering superior resistance

to dust and water.

Features - Halogen

12V 1x20W and 2x20W low

voltage dichroic halogen

IP65 rating

Marine grade 304 stainless


Clipsal’s Metal Halide Downlights

are designed specifically for the

display lighting market, using

metal halide lamp technology to

provide high lumen output with a

low operating cost.

Features and Benefits:

Stair/Wall Low Level Lighting

IP65 Rated Lighting

Cabinet Lighting

12V Strip Kits

12V Marker Lights.

Features - Compact


1 or 2x7 or 9W GX53 T2 CFL

lamps non-dimming (lamps

not included)

Mains voltage

Very low operating costs

IP44 rating


L880WH 506WH

Energy Solutions

Kill the Bill

Energy Solutions, previously known as EES, is Clipsal’s new

programme responsible for delivering energy solutions into the

commercial market.

If you’re a contractor undertaking a lighting fit-out or refit of a

warehouse, factory or open plan office, we urge you to tap in to our

resources to offer your clients an energy efficient lighting service that

saves them energy and reduces their running costs

Clipsal Energy Solutions can help you win that next commercial project

with an energy audit and also assist with the lighting specification and

design, installation and warranty program. It doesn’t matter if the lighting

project is for new construction or a retrofit building, improved energy

use, lower operating costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and

achieving a higher NABERS energy rating are our specialty.

Win the business on the promise of saving your client’s money in

reduced energy bills and we will help you deliver the goods.

413,TR Surface Socket

Clearly the best

More often than not, surface sockets are installed in tight fitting

ceiling spaces, which is why the 413 TR Surface Socket is

designed to make your job just that little bit easier.

Clipsal’s 413 Surface Socket is now available with a clear body so you

can simply view the wiring without having to remove or disturb the

installed socket. It is perfectly suited to residential installations, where

the socket outlet is used as a junction for multiple switching or other

complex wiring configurations.

The 413,TR Surface Socket is equally suited to commercial installations,

as it enables the installer to have a clear view of how each outlet has

been wired, making it ideal for simple fault finding. 413,TR

600SM Surge Protector

Stop the Surge!

Protect your expensive electrical equipment from energy surges

and spikes with a Surge Protector. Voltage pulses of even very

low energy can produce interference and damage to modern electrical


The 600SM Surge Protector Module provides protection from small

to moderate energy surges and spikes, which propagate through the

mains circuit due to indirect lightning strikes, switching highly inductive

loads (large motors), noise from control devices, etc.

Typically the 600SM Surge Protector Module is used in a 695X Switched

Socket, however it is compatible with any 600 Series product with a

spare module aperture. Simply snap the module into the aperture and


KW/2 Reflectors (Cut

Your Kilowatts in Half)

The KW/2 specular material is

an advanced technology that is

formed into engineered reflectors,

to provide superior optical and

performance properties of lighting

luminaires. Exclusive to Clipsal,

and in use since 1992, the KW/2

material has demonstrated lighting

energy savings of up to 60%,

in over 1,000 projects across


Catalogue Numbers


T-bar troffer with KW/2 reflector

and single 36W T8

Features and Benefits:

LED indicator – surge

protection is available while

the indicator window is


PDL 600 Series modular


Clearly labelled flying lead

terminals – for ease of wiring.

Selectable colour-matched

cover plates.

Complies with AS/NZS 3100.


(Diffusers sold separately)



C-Bus ® Saturn Stainless Steel Wall Switches

The world’s best looking switch

Clipsal Saturn Stainless Steel

in now available across the

C-Bus range! Featuring a brushed

metal finish faceplate, with a

clip-on design that eliminates

unsightly screws. Wall switches

are available in 2,4 6-button

and DLT (Dynamic Labelling

Technology) T

wall switches and

can be matched with the Stainless

Steel C-Touch Colour and Black

& White Mk11 Touch Screens

and the single zone and 4 zone

C-Bus Thermostats. They are an

excellent addition to contemporary

homes and designer commercial

environments such as offices and


C-Bus ® 30 Mechanisms

A Simple Switch to C-Bus

Now you can conveniently turn

any Clipsal grid plate that

fits a 30M aperture into a C-Bus

switch, thanks to the C-Bus 30

Mechanism (30 Mech).

The C-Bus 30 Mech switch is

available as either a Master,

Master with IR capability or

Slave configuration. The required

Master can accommodate up to

three Slaves. The Slaves clip into

adjacent 30M apertures on the

grid plate.

The C-Bus 30M series offer all the

features found in the latest C-Bus


Fits any Clipsal grid plate

with a 30M aperture (sold


Available as Master and Slave


Master mechanisms can

accommodate up to three


Master available in IR or non-

IR models.

Programmable as on, off,

toggle, dimmer, timer, scene

control and custom functions.


Features and Benefits:

Brushed stainless steel finish

Smart, framed design

Available in 2 button, 4

button, 6 button and 5

button DLT

switches. These features include

dual-colour LEDs (selectable

blue or orange) as well as scene

control. The Master with IR is

compatible with all C-Bus infrared

remotes offering four extra virtual

keys that operate with the remote


Terminating the C-Bus cable to

the C-Bus 30 Mech Master is

performed using the innovative

fly lead. The fly lead provides a

method to easily connect and

disconnect the mechanisms

during installation and


Nightlight feature.

Fall back level option to dim

indicator at a set time after

the last button press.

Programmed via Learn Mode

or the C-Bus Toolkit software.

Master draws 18mA from the

C-Bus network.

Labelling option for each

button. (Master supplied with

pre-printed labels.

Available in white only.

Catalogue Numbers


(C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch,

Stainless Steel Fascia, 2 button)


(C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch,

Stainless Steel Fascia, 4 button)


(C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch,

Stainless Steel Fascia, 6 button)


(C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch,

Stainless Steel Fascia, 5 button


2032VH grid C2033VH grid C2032 grid 31VHWP grid

5031NMMIRL 5031NMML 5031NMS

Catalogue Numbers


(C-Bus 30 Mechanism Master)


(C-Bus 30 Mechanism Master + IR)


(C-Bus 30 Mechanism Slave)





SC2032VH grid

C-Bus ® Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Relay

Switch extra low voltages

The C-Bus 8 Channel Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Relay is purposedesigned

to provide C-Bus with the ability to switch extra low

voltages and signal wires. Powered from C-Bus and housed in a dust

proof enclosure, the C-Bus ELV Relay offers eight single-pole, double

throw (changeover) relay contacts.

Each of the contacts is rated to switch current loads up to 2 Amps,

including inductive loads such as the coils of irrigation solenoids and

electric door strikes. Pulse control of devices such as garage doors,

vehicle access gates and certain blind and curtain motors can easily be

achieved with the C-Bus ELV Relay.

The changeover contacts are perfect for controlling ELV air-conditioning

dampers with “power to on, power to off” requirements and are also

suitable for “power to on, spring return” air-conditioning damper


The enclosure is designed for surface mounted installations and is

designed to handle higher operating temperatures, such as in garden

sheds where irrigation control often occurs.

Mounting holes and keyhole mounting options are provided with a

reversible lid for the chosen orientation. In addition, all terminal blocks

are removable and clearly marked, while local override buttons are

provided for testing purposes.

Features and Benefits:

Complements the C-Bus

Multi-Room Audio (MRA)


Nominal 6 or 8 ohm speaker

also suitable for any audio


Holographix speaker is similar

in size to a downlight

In-ceiling speakers come

complete with back boxes to

maximise and control bass

response whilst keeping out


In-ceiling speakers are

available in white (can be

painted to match the décor)

Outdoor speakers contain a

marine grade waterproof, all

weather enclosure

Outdoor speakers are

available in black or white


Features and Benefits:

8 x single pole, double throw

(change over) relays.

Powered from C-Bus, draws


Contacts rated 2A (AC3) @

30V d.c. max or 30V a.c. RMS.

Catalogue Numbers


C-Bus 8 Channel ELV Relay

Catalogue Numbers


(Krix Holographix Speakers,

Pair, In-ceiling, 3 inch full range,



(Krix Hemispherix Speaker,

Single, In-ceiling, 4 inch 2-way,



(Krix Atmospherix Speaker,

Single, In-ceiling, 5 inch 2-way,



(Krix Aquatix Speakers, Pair,

Outdoor, 5 inch 2-way, White)


(Krix Aquatix Speakers, Pair,

Outdoor, 5 inch 2-way, Black)


(Krix Tropix Speakers, Pair,

Outdoor, 6.5 inch 2-way, White)


(Krix Tropix Speakers, Pair,

Outdoor, 6.5 inch 2-way, Black)

Relays can operate in pairs.

Local override buttons.

Temperature rated to 50°C.

IP5x rated enclosure (dust


Removable terminal blocks.

Clipsal Krix Premium Speaker Range

C-Bus never sounded so good

Clipsal has now partnered with Krix to add high end speakers to its

C-Bus Multi Room Audio offering so that your C-Bus customers

can enjoy a premium sound solution, perfect for home theatre, multiroom

audio and outdoor applications.

The addition of the Krix name, Australia's premier manufacturer of

consumer stereo and home theatre loudspeakers, now speaks volumes

for the C-Bus’ Multi Room Audio credibility. Krix supplies its speakers to

over half the commercial cinemas throughout Australia.

5600K03-WE 5600K02-WE





Epic organiser

A single, simple connection panel for every digital device

quick peek into the luggage of the modern traveller typically reveals

A a collection of electronic devices. You might find a laptop computer,

a digital camera, an MP3, a portable DVD player, PDA and more. Few

hotels or motels are equipped to allow guests to get the most from their

gadgets. Typically, outlets are scattered around a room and are difficult

for guests to reach. Now, thanks to Clipsal’s innovative EPIC Organiser,

can offer consultants, architects and specifiers a customised solution

that is compatible with all guest devices.

Epic is available in a choice of three fascia finishes (two to five gang) and

seven connection modules including single GPO, S-Video, HDMI/USB,

RJ45 and more. Epic also offers you fire rated wall-boxes for hotels,

pre-terminated in-wall cables to reduce installation time and one metre

fly leads that are used to connect devices to the wall plate.

Masthead amplifier

Give your antenna signal a serious boost

Multiple TVs in the home weaken the antenna signal potentially

creating a poor quality reception on each TV.

To combat this Clipsal’s new Masthead Amplifier increases the strength

of signals received to a level greater than the losses in the distribution

system. The amplifier gain determines the level of signal increase,

enough to provide an acceptable signal level to all televisions in the


The amplifier simply attaches to the existing antenna mast via a u-bolt

clamp and comes with a power supply and adaptors to inject power

from your normal wallplate back up to the masthead amplifier via the

existing coaxial cable.

The amplifier is compatible with both analogue and digital antennas and

is fully weatherproof to deliver many years of reliable service.

Clipsal Punchdown Tool & Blade

Terminate patch panels perfectly

The Clipsal range of data communications products stands alone as

the most instantly recognisable on the market today. Their design

is like no other right down to their data jack design. That’s why Clipsal

recommends that when terminating data cables to jacks that you use

the new punch down tool and blade to avoid the risk of damage to the

patch panels.

The tool consists of a handle with a spring mechanism inside. To use the

punchdown tool, insert the conductor into the slot on the rear of your

RJ45 connector, insert the tool on top of the conductor and press hard

on the tool. This requires a bit of pressure until, with an audible snap,

the wire is stripped and contact made as it is pushed down between

the two punchdown block blades. Terminate the job right, the first time,

every time.


Epic is easy to order:

Choose modules to suit the

services you need; i.e. HDMI,

USB, audio, VGA etc.

Choose your fascia; white

glass, black glass or metal


Pick your wall grommet

See Clipsal Trade Product Guide

and Epic Organiser brochure

#19858 for complete product list

and catalogue numbers.

Product features:

Digital and analogue



Fully Shielded

F-type connections

UHF/VHF combiner, 35dB

UHF, 18dB VHF,

Comes with power supply

Features and Benefits:

Moulded grip for ease of use

Spare blade housed within

the tool

Positive and Negative gain


Blade is double ended

Catalogue Numbers


Punchdown tool blade Category 6


Tool Blade Replacement

Select the wallbox to match

your fascia and modules

Select appropriate in wall

cables to suit your modules

Select one metre fly leads to

connect your AV devices to


Catalogue Numbers


Masthead Amplifier, Fully

Shielded F-Type, 35dB UHF, 18db

VHF, comes with Powerpack and





Catalogue Numbers


HDMI,30 Series mechanism,

Straight Rear connection, White


HDMI,30 Series mechanism,

Angled Rear connection, White

Features and Benefits:

HDMI adaptors suits all

Clipsal wall plates

Delivers full HD picture to

your TV

Choice of straight or angled

rear connection

Telephone Accessories and ADSL2+ Filters

For all telephone and home office needs

Australians are in love with the

internet. In fact, almost 70%

or 43 million Australian homes are

now online. And with the uptake

of broadband increasing by more

than 20% each year since 2007,

more households are screaming

out for telephone and internet


That’s why we’ve made it quick

and easy for you to drop into

your wholesaler and grab all

the telephone accessories and

ADSL2+ Filters you need.

There are more than 30 products

in the range, including cable

stripping and crimping tools,

splitters, couplers, cords, cable

and more. It’s all available in

hangsell packaging for quick and

easy selection.

HDMI Adaptors

Make your HDMI adaptors look good from any angle

Australians are investing big dollars in high definition TV with many of

them choosing to wall mount their big screens, preferring the clean

and uncluttered look this offers. Although the wall mounted look is hard

to beat, no one likes to see exposed cables “dangling” between the TV

and the video source. Clipsal has responded to this by producing some

options to offer your clients a neat and streamlined means of concealing

the cable.

Our new 30 Series straight and angled HDMI adaptors are designed

to install behind the TV as well as the video source. Both straight and

angled HDMI Adaptors fit into standard Clipsal wall plates. The straight

adaptor is designed for conventional installations where there is ample

space behind the wall plate.

The angled adaptor is designed for installations where rear termination

space is restricted and cable needs to be routed to the top or bottom.


Product features:

Suit 610/611 telephone points

Full range of splitter, couplers,

cord & cable

Filters are all ADSL2+

Filters are Telstra approved

All products are a-tick


Crimping & stripping tools

Customer benefits:

Easy to install

Plug & play in most occasions

Full Clipsal warranty





When no adaptors are


When you dont want to spend

time re-terminating cables, our

new Bull Nose wall plate will

allow you to run your existing

cables through the wall while still

providing a neat and streamlined

installation. Simply install a bull

nose wall plate out of view behind

the TV and video source.

Catalogue Numbers


Bull nose Wall plate - allows

pre-terminated cables to connect

direct to TV






56 Series Covers

Innovators not imitators

They say imitation is another form of flattery and at Clipsal Australia we know this all too well. At Clipsal

we never rest on our laurels, and while others are busy copying we're busy getting better with the new

generation 56 Series switchgear. We have listened to contractors and the user by taking a good look at

design and engineering improvements to make installation and access easier and to improve overall product

endurance. So what do you get?

The first thing you’ll notice is the new switch design. It’s 2% larger, ideal for gloved operation. We’ve increased

its padlock area (8mm shank) and lowered its position to reduce dirt build up. The next thing you’ll notice is

the larger socket flap and gasket design. The flap opens a further 43% than before making it easier to plug

into and it’s actually 25% stronger than its predecessor so it can put up 25% more impact resistance in those

tougher environments. The latch spring has been redesigned so it will last and last.

Keen eyes will notice that we’ve done away with stickers and replaced them with permanent printing on the

enclosure itself. This will never wear away and your customers in the food industry won’t have to worry about

stickers peeling off and falling into places where they shouldn’t.

We guarantee our IP66 rating. How? Because our single piece rear gasket is co-injected. It won’t shrink in

harsh environments or create a potential safety hazard.

Our new 56 Series Switchgear covers are fully backwards compatible so you can fit them to existing bases. It’s

not a problem. The range is currently available in Chemical Resistant White and Orange, with Grey

options soon.


Guaranteed IP66 Rating

Superior durability

Tougher than ever

Ergonomic latch

Prominent and raised ON/OFF

switch marking that will never

wear away

56 Series DOL Starters – Series 2

Smart at work

Our 56 DOL Motor Starters have always been known for being

extremely hard workers. But now they’re working smarter for you

too. The new Series 2 range is packed with features to make your job

easier when you’re on the tools.

The T base mounted control gear is no longer hard wired to the cover.

This T makes it easier for you to inspect the terminals and will save you

time should you need to replace the cover. We’ve also given you more

room inside the enclosure. That extra space will allow you to terminate

cables just that little bit easier. There’s no compromise on power either

as we now offer you switched versions from 1 Amp upwards.

But we’ve saved the best for last. Our Series 2 DOL Starters now have

world famous Telemecanique control gear. No matter how hard or

tough the environment is, these contactors ensure permanent, quality

tightening of the cable conductors to provide a stronger and safer long

term connection. Reliable and compact and easy to install, you won’t

find better than these.


Co-injected single piece rear


Pivot bungs removed for

added durability

Redesigned socket flap – 25%


Redesigned latch spring –

more durable and easier to

operate to aid plug installation

Permanent laser marked


Co-injected socket gasket,

prevents shrinkage in harsh


Larger area for switch 8mm

padlock shank

Chemical resistant versions


Features and Benefits:

Base mounted control gear

No longer hard wired to cover

More room for wiring


Switched versions now go to


Now with world renowned

Telemecanique control gear.

Chemical resistant spare

covers available.

See Clipsals 56 Series Catalogue

for complete product list and

catalogue numbers.

See Clipsals 56 Series Catalogue

for complete product list and

catalogue numbers.



Catalogue Numbers


4kW, 9A AC3, 25A AC1.

Supplied with LRD05 0.63 -

1.0A overload


Colours available:

Chemical resistant Orange

(RO), Electric Orange (EO),

Chemical Resistant White (RW)

and Grey (GY)

Three Phase Plugs

Hard case 56 Series

It’s a tough hard world out there. That’s why you need the new Clipsal

56 Series Quick Connect Terminals (plug and connectors) for all 10A &

20A single and multi-phase heavy machinery applications.

The handles are ergonomically designed to suit the hand of an average

adult and are available in straight and angled designs for various

industrial uses making them very easy to use. The plug retainer has

been designed to allow a wider lock ring for simple removal from ‘any’

socket outlet.

Features and Benefits:

Ergonomic handle promotes

correct plug use

Better cable entry set up

negates the need for the

“onion ring” sealing

Screwless assembly utilizes

latching spring allows for

speed, simplicity, product

strength and improved


56 Series 240V plugs

Extra tough plugs

Industrial plugs are the unsung heroes of the work force. Through habit we expect them to survive impacts

against hard surfaces, being run over by trolleys, and being yanked against doorways and away from

machinery. In other words they need to be tough. Our new and improved 250V Single Phase Plugs and socket

connectors are our toughest yet.

The new plugs are made from high quality industrial grade resin to provide superior impact and UV resistance.

The locking ring is held captive on the plug front to create a single piece. This ensures the plug’s IP66 rating.

It is perfect for any application where you need protection from dust and water. The internal mechanisms are

made from stainless steel and brass to ensure constant and reliable operation. Whatever the conditions. the

new design features smooth, clean lines to minimize food and waste build-up, ideal for food industries.

And then there’s the improved installation features. All plugs have the reliability of a cord clamp and the

convenience of rear M20 rear thread and cable entry for terminals. To help you terminate the wires we’ve

designed a hinged cord clamp that swings out of the way. And to make sure the cables stay put we’ve

included captivated screws. These can not be lost.

Catalogue Numbers


250V 10A - 3 Flat pins


250V 10A - 2 Flat pins and round



250V 15A - 3 Flat pins


250V 20A - 3 Flat pins

A stronger cord clamp and

body sleeve connection

Wider lock ring, easier to

unscrew from sockets

Colours available:

Chemical resistant Orange

(RO), Electric Orange (EO),

Chemical Resistant White (RW)

and Grey (GY)


250V 10A - 2 Parallel flat pins


32V 15A Extra low voltage 2 pin



110V 10A - 2 Round live pins and

flat earth

The optional Quick Connect Terminals and gland are 50% faster to

install than conventional industrial plugs. Compared with traditional

“screw-in” terminals, the Quick Connect design uses a latching spring

to secure cables far more reliably. The innovative snap-shut body means

that assembly is screwless. The latching spring clip stays down once it is

pressed, so it is just a simple ‘press and twist.’ This results in a stronger

body and sleeve connection. The join will not come apart or become

loose from machinery vibration or other causes.

Catalogue Numbers

Add QC to part number when




250V 10A - 3 Round pins


250V 10A - 3 Flat pins


250V 15A - 3 Flat pins


South Australian Meter Box

SA Meter box isolators now with lock off facility

Due to recent wiring regulations by ETSA Utilities, South Australia's

primary electricity distributor, we’ve made some important new

changes to our 230DRAS meter boxes.

These now include a new meter isolator lock off facility in the off position

only with sealing facilities for single customer installations, specifically

designed to meet the new ETSA Utilities requirements (S&IR –

ref. clause 5.5.1).

There are two models available, the 230DRAS1MI and 230DRAS2MI

offering various size meter panels.


Catalogue Numbers


21 Module switchboard and

single meter box, Complete with

230MIC163, H612 x W410 x



21 Module switchboard and

multiple meter box, Complete

with 230MIC163, H860 x W410 x


230 Series Victorian Meter Box

Meters ahead for installation and safety

Our new Clipsal 230 Series of Exterior Victorian meter and Combined

meter/Switchboard enclosures are designed for easy installation

and consumer safety, with a range of functional options to suit any


Constructed from robust, spot welded Galvabond, the boxes have an

attractive merino beige painted outer finish. The doors can be held open

at 100 degrees and are easily removed if required. Our special hinge

design helps door location and is therefore easy to replace. Ventilation

louvres are designed to suit IP23.

970RM/120 Surge Arrestor

High discharge surge arrestor

The new 970RM/120 is a new addition that offers a higher discharge


and sensitivity as well as a fast reaction time to ensure

efficient and reliable levels of surge protection. This new model is

designed to withstand the current impulse many times over. Just two

modules wide, the new 970RM/120 offers you the protection you need

without taking up valuable switchboard space. It’s also fast and easy

to install. The removable module allows quick replacement without the

need to disconnect wiring.

230MIS Meter Isolator Enclosure

Supersized meter isolator enclosure

The new 230MIS meter isolator enclosure is just what you need for

installing small groups of circuit breakers. It has a 3 module wide

capacity yet because it is longer in size allows you ample room to install

16mm² consumer mains cables to bend into miniature circuit breakers.

The device is suitable for current limitation and mains isolation.

Catalogue Numbers


42 Module switchboard and

meter box


Imax: 120kA (8/20)

In: 60kA (8/20)

Up < 2.1kV

Uc: 340Va






Moduline TAL Plus

Control Your Cabling

Moduline TAL PlusTM skirting

ducts represent the latest

design evolution and development

in the Moduline cable duct range.

It is the first truly universal skirting

duct available in Australia, offering

superior features and benefits

such as incorporating separate

compartments for power and

voice/data cables, an additional

“drop in” barrier to convert from

two to three divisions.

Features and Benefits:

Extruded aluminium body.

Quality powder coated or clear

anodised finish to exposed


Drop-in duct lids

manufactured from rust proof

steel and finished in thermally

bonded vinyl veneer, powder

coat or clear anodised finish.

“Clip-in” aluminium extruded

lid provides a superior finish.

Tool removable “clip-in” lid

provides extra security.

One duct body design

makes specification and

ordering easier.

Pre punched lid covers

for service outlets provide

ease of fit off.

Internal shrouds provide

segregation and secure

fixing of outlets.

2.4m lengths for easy


Available in black, opal grey

and white colours or natural

anodised finish.

Easy peel protective film

to prevent damage to the

coated finish.

Performa Mesh Cable Trays

High Performas in any environment

Moduline’s Performa Mesh Cable Trays provide an ideal solution to

route power and data cables in industrial and commercial building


The Performa mesh range is manufactured from high grade steel or

stainless steel with the option of electro-zinc, bi-chromatic and hot dip

galvanized coatings, providing superior corrosion resistance.

Performa Mesh Cable Trays are also available with a range of

accessories and components such as lids, wall dividers, joints, custom

profiles and brackets for all sizes.

GRP Cable Management Systems

Corrosion resistant composite technology

If you’re about to price an industrial job or in discussions with the

project engineer for a major project, then you need to seriously take a

look at Moduline’s new Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Series of

composite cable trays, duct, cable ladders and accessories.

The new GRP Series cable trays incorporate the innovative Cabsys

tray system. The Cabsys system has been carefully designed to

provide Cable Ducting which combines high performance with ease

of installation and maintenance. For areas where extreme corrosion

resistance, zero halogen properties or hygiene is the overriding factor.

The GRP Channel Support Systems are the perfect accompaniment to

other Moduline industrial support products and are ideal for mounting

other industrial service items such as pipework and ducting. The GRP

Series are manufactured from Fibastrut, which offers high rigidity

coupled with a superior load bearing to weight ratio, while being totally

resistant to a wide range of corrosive agents.

Features and Benefits:


High loading capacity

Quick fit coupler

Fast fix brackets

Reduced installation time

Features and Benefits:

Low whole life costs

Corrosion resistant and

maintenance free

Low installation costs

Strong yet lightweight

Easy to cut and handle on site

Reduced installation time

GM and GN Series



Saturn Fan

Controller & Dimmer

Page 3

Sarel Adaptable


Page 7

Stainless Steel

Wall Switches

Page 12

56 Series


Page 16

56 Series



Page 16



Page 3

C-Bus ® 30


Page 12


Page 7



Page 17

Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd

A member of Schneider Electric

Head Office

33-37 Port Wakefield Road,

Gepps Cross, South Australia 5094


Contact us

National Customer Care Enquiries:

1300 2025 25

National Customer Care Facsimile:

1300 2025 56

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Eclipse Impress

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Extra Low

Voltage Relay

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Three Phase


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& Victorian

Meter Boxes

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Modena Aged

Care Solutions

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Krix Premium


Page 13


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International Enquiries

International Sales and Marketing


Schneider Electric (NZ) Ltd

38 Business Parade South, Highbrook,

East Tamaki, Manukau 2013,


Telephone + 64 9 829 0490

Facsimile + 64 9 829 0491


Clipsal Customer Care

Freephone 0800 652 999

Freefax 0800 101 152





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Mast Head


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TAL Plus

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Surface Socket

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Down Tool

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Page 15

Performa Mesh

Cable Trays

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The identified trademarks and copyrights are the property of Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd unless otherwise noted.

Remote Control

Ceiling Sweep Fans

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600SM Surge


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Resistant GRP

Page 19

You can find this brochure and many others

online in PDF format at:

Follow the links off the home page or access

the following page directly:

Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change

specifications, modify designs and discontinue items

without incurring obligation and whilst every effort is

made to ensure that descriptions, specifications and

other information in this catalogue are correct, no

warranty is given in respect thereof and the company

shall not be liable for any error therein.


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