The USPTA Middle States 2011 Winners - USPTA divisions

The USPTA Middle States 2011 Winners - USPTA divisions

USPTA Middle States Division

On The Line

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2 President’s Message

3 USPTA Middle States 2011 Winners Continued

4 USPTA Tennis Buying Show to be Held at Saddlebrook Resort

5 District President’s Tips

6 Our Full Certification Test will be held August 12

Summer 2011

The USPTA Middle States 2011 Winners

The USPTA Middle States 2011 award winners gather with Chris Evert and Tim Irwin,

Executive Director USPTA Middle States

Rookie of the Year:

Karin Ptaszek-Kochis

• Tennis Professional and Full

Time Mom

• Number 1 ranked tennis player in

Denmark and ranked 263 on pro


• Won 4 national Championships

for BYU Hawaii

• Tennis Professional at Tennis

Addiction Sports Club

High School Coach

of the Year:

Bill Sember

• Head Coach of Friends Central and

President of USPTA Middle States


• Went 17-1 in the League in 2011

• Third year winning the FSL League out

of the past four years.

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Executive Board


Bill Sember


Regional Vice President

Wilson Pipkin


First Vice President

Bill Kurtain


Second Vice President

Anthony J. DeCecco


Director of Membership

Becky Desmond



David Price



Beth Ann Myers


Awards Chairman

Tom Sweitzer


District Presidents

Suburban Philadelphia

Kyle Hawthorne



Suresh Ramamurthi


Western Pennsylvania

Enrico Campi


Central Pennsylvania

Jenni Goodling



Jackie Roe


New Jersey

Bruce Levine


Greater Philadelphia

Harold Conway


Collegiate Liason

Michael Harper


Testing & Education

Mark Centrella


Executive Director Tim Irwin





Bill Sember

Change is one thing you can always count on 100% of

the time! As our organization is going through leadership

changes and the democratic process is at work, it is important

for all of us to keep the “Main Thing, the Main

Thing.” With the election coming up it is important for

all of our members to make an informed decision. There

are two websites that give varying perspectives

( and on

the election process and candidates. We encourage you to

visit both and make an informed decision.

In Middle States we really took a stand not to persuade

our members either way. I know where I stand personally

but my personal opinion will not be pushed on our division.

Myself and our board of Directors are available if

you have any questions or concerns.

We all have a role to play and it’s important for all of

us to keep focused on serving our communities. Are we

doing the very best we can to bring this game to the

youngest and the oldest? Has QuickStart become a part

of your programs? If not? Why not? Have you begun to

teach the techniques required for playing senior tennis

over 50? The beauty of our sport is that it does encompass

a lifetime. Keep doing what you can do to improve your

programs. If you have some ideas that you believe are

worth sharing, please contact our Executive Director, Tim

Irwin at to share them in our

next newsletter. It is my privilege to serve you as President.

2 On The Line—Summer 2011

The USPTA Middle States 2011 Winners (Continued from page 1)

USPTA Middle States Division

Pro of the Year:

Larry Zerbe

• Established the FIT (Fromuth Initiative

Tennis) Program – introduced every

5th grader in Reading to Tennis.

• Received the USTA National Junior

Tennis and Learning Program of the

Year as Director.

• Coached the 12 & Under USTA

Sectional Champions and the 14 &

Under USTA District Champions

Hall of Fame:

Larry Hampton

USPTA Norman Bramall

Service Award:

Wilson Pipkin

• 23 years as Director of Tennis at

Hempfield Rec

• Director of the USTA Women’s

Challenger Professional Tournament

held in May at Hempfield Rec

• Served as USPTA Middle States Div

President and presently as Regional

Vice President

• 30 plus years as Director of Tennis at DuPont Country Club

• USTA Middle States Hall of Fame Inductee and DTA Hall of

Fame Inductee

• Served as President of the USPTA Middle States Division

Tim Irwin, Executive Director USPTA

Middle States and Larry Hampton


The United States Professional Tennis Association’s Tennis

Buying Show will be held Sept. 22 at the Saddlebrook Resort in

Wesley Chapel, Fla., during the World Conference on Tennis.

Booth space is still available for the largest national tennis-only

buying show.

The buying show is part of the larger World Conference, which

begins Sept. 19. More than 1,500 tennis-teaching professionals,

industry leaders and representatives, media and manufacturer representatives

are expected to attend. Manufacturers are encouraged

to submit booth registrations early to guarantee their space since

the buying show sells out each year. To obtain booth reservation

forms, visit and click on the

buying show menu tab or call John Dettor at 713-978-7782 or

e-mail him at

Exhibitors include tennis equipment, apparel and footwear

HEAD is the


Racquet Racquet







USPTA’s Tennis Buying Show to be held

at Saddlebrook Resort

USPTA will host silent auction during buying show –

companies, marketers and wholesalers of hard and soft goods,

video analysis, Web-based programs and software, teaching aids,

court surfacing and lighting, awards, educational materials,

nutrition bars and vitamins, and more.

In addition, the USPTA Silent Auction will be held during the

buying show. Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on a

variety of exciting items. Past items have included video-analysis

systems, autographed racquets by current and former ATP and

WTA tour players, weekend getaways at spectacular resorts and

much more. The auction benefits the USPTA foundation, and is a

USPTA Lessons for Life event. Anyone interested in donating

an item for the auction can visit

and click on silent auction under the special events menu tab to

obtain a donation form or call John Dettor at 713-978-7782. All

donations are greatly appreciated.





n decide between


and defeat


or Tomas omas Berdych


t only rely

heir instinct.

HEAD has designed





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4 On The Line—Summer 2011


From Jenni Goodling


Jenni is the Central Pennsylvania District President for the

USPTA Middle States. Jenni is the Director of Tennis at the

Outdoor Country Club and also teaches at the Wisehaven

Tennis Center. Jenni played extensively throughout the

Take a second (serve)

Do you suffer from second-serve yips? Three important elements to remember on

the second serve are time, imagination, and relaxation. Time: Don’t rush a second

serve; bounce the ball a few times and make sure you’re comfortable and balanced.

Imagination: Take a second to visualize the path of the ball. In your mind’s eye, it

should travel 3 or 4 feet above the net and land comfortably in the box. Relaxation:

Finally, relax your serving hand and exhale as you swing. If you stick with this threepart

plan, your confidence and serving percentage will increase.

Yellow Light

Many players slow down their strokes as they anticipate contact with the ball. To hit

consistently and powerfully, you need to accelerate as you hit through the ball. Here’s a

tip to keep you in the right frame of mind: As the ball approaches, imagine you’re

driving up to a yellow light and you want to get by it before it turns red. Increase your

swing speed from the moment you start moving your racquet forward and past the

point of contact and your strokes will be more consistent and powerful.

Answer the Call on Overheads


Don't be a victim

Many people miss overheads because they’re simply not ready for them. Often a

player’s first thought is to mimic a service motion, which takes too long and results in

mistimed shots. To make the correct first move on an overhead, imagine you’re

answering a phone call. Lift the phone–your racquet–straight up to your ear. This will

minimize your racquet movement and give you plenty of time to prepare for a smash.

USPTA Middle States Division

juniors, collegiate and professional tours including several

Wimbledon’s, US Open’s, French and Australian Open’s.

Jenni loves to train players of all age levels and abilities.

Too many players act like victims when they return serves. They stand

in the same place at the baseline and let the server fire away. While the

server has a free swing at the ball, a returner can influence the server's

delivery. If you change your position once in a while, the server will

notice and try to react to your movement. So don't always return from

the same spot. You might throw your opponent off with a new position.


New Member With a Unique Set of Skills

From Philadelphia

I would like to take the time to welcome

Joel Irwin to the USPTA. Joel recently completed

his certification and decided to join me

and my staff at Penn Oaks Racquet Club. Joel

has been involved with tennis practically his

whole life. In high school he decided to play

football and was soon recruited by Kutztown

University. Joel received many accolades while

he played for Kutztown but most important to

me he was named captain of the team.

Joel has been helping with the adult and junior

summer camps. During these last few weeks

I have noticed his tremendous leadership skills. I

believe that there are three basic components to

a good junior tournament training program: 1)

Drills: honing and perfecting skills through repetition.

2) Match Play: working on patterns and

strategies in a pressure situation. 3) Conditioning:

improving strength, speed, and endurance

to go the distance.

I asked Joel if he could lead the conditioning

part of our program. I thought with his football

background it might be the right fit. It was a

perfect fit! Joel knows just how to push each

student enough to bring out their best. He is an

awesome motivator and he knows how to mix

his tennis background with his football background

for the perfect mix. Other members of

our staff have commented to me how inspired

they are when they witness Joel training the


Joel has expressed to me how he wants to

use his experience and passion that he learned

from football to train high level local juniors in

tennis. I think Joel is well on his way and I look

forward to helping him grow and achieve his


Kyle Hawthorne

USPTA Suburban Philadelphia

District President

Tennis in the

Streets in


On May 13, 2011 more than 20

USPTA pros came together to volunteer

for Tennis in the Streets. On

hand was one of the event's creators–

Larry Hampton, long time USPTA

member. This year it was a “Tennis

Across America” event. Every year

for the past 17 years inner city children

from Wilmington, Delaware are

invited to Rodney Square to be

introduced to the game of tennis,

most of them for the first time. This

year we served over 650 children.

Tennis in the Streets was once again a

huge success because of the USPTA

pros that volunteered their time to

this worthy event.

Jackie Roe, USPTA MS Delaware

District President

6 On The Line—Summer 2011

USPTA Middle States Division


Our Full Certification Test will take

place at Greenville Country Club in

Delaware, August 12. For registration

call 1-800-USPTA-4U. This is both

Upgrade testing or Full testing.

Thanks again.


Middle States Division

190 Lukens Mill Drive

Coatesville, PA 19320

Bruce Levine, New Jersey District President, teaches a Tennis

Across America Clinic at Hempfield Rec after their USTA

Women’s Challenger Tournament directed by Wilson Pipkin,

USPTA MS Regional Vice President.

Wilson Pipkin with a

pro player from the

USTA Challenger held

at Hempfield Rec in


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