Through Thing. - veeDUB

Through Thing. - veeDUB

Whatever your

thing may tie.

Say, for example, you're a carpenter who likes to fish and hunt.

And you're looking for a vehicle that can take your tools to the job,

and your gear to the woods.

A vehicle that's rugged enough to take you where you want

to go-even if that means leaving the road behind.

Well, we've got just the thing.

The Thing.

With back seats that fold down for extra storage space. Removable

top and doors, and a windshield that snaps down for dune buggy

fun. A double-jointed rear axle to keep the wheels in contact with

the ground, even over the roughest terrain. Four wheel independent

suspension to smooth out the bumps. High ground clearance and

special protection for rough terrain use. And of course, an

air-cooled, rear-mounted engine for extra traction.

The Thing offers all this, plus gas economy: 21 miles per gallon:"

And that is some thing.

"DIN 70030.


Paint Finish.




And scuffs and

scratches are

less visible.

The See-Through Thing.

Sloping Hood. ----­

Designed so

that you can see

more of what's

ahead. A

must when

traveling the

hills and dunes.

Front & Rear


Rugged. heavy duty

bumpers with ---tow-eyes.


the abuse of

off-road driving.

Trailing arm


Springing by

rugged torsion

bars. Torsion bars

enclosed in a

tubular casing to

protect against

off-road obstacles.

Stabilizer bar

maximizes road


Front Luggage




storage for spare

tire, tools and

luggage. Opens

from inside

the car to

provide additional



When the top

Is open, the

windshield can

be folded forward

and rested in

retaining clips

located on the

front hood. For

off-road dri\,ina



is quick and



damper in the

linkage to cushion

road shock.

Dual Hydraulic

Braking System.

Large diameter

brake drums for

good stopping

action. Separate

circuits for front

and rear with

brake warning




Heavy duty clear

plastic side

windows with

vent flaps can be

installed or

removed easily.

combined with

short overhang

front and rear

makes The

Thing the ideal

car for rough

terrain and bad

roads. (With its

smooth platformtype


the control

cables, rods and

brakelines are

well protected.)

Four seater,


equipment. Both

front seats can

be adjusted fore

and aft and

backrest tilt can

be adjusted.

Here's how to make the most

of a good thing. With accessories.

Say you like to go fishing.

You'll want to bring a boat, right?

So we designed a trailer hitch

especially for The Thing. And even

when you're getting away from it

all, you'll want to hear some

music and news. So choose from

our w ide selection of radios and

tapeplayers. Then, you might

want your Thing to gleam a little.

Chrome wheel covers ought

to do it.

And there's more. Look

through this list, and ask

a salesman to help you plan

your own special Thing.

The Thing.

We make it special. You

make it your own.

1. The Top.

2. Luggage Rack.

3. Electric Winch.

4. Spare Tire Carrier.

5. Chrome Wheel Covers.

6. Roll Cage.

7. Trailer Hitch.

8. Bumper Overriders.

9. Sport Horn Set.

10. Fog Lamps.

11. Front Push Bar.

12. Radios.

13. Sports Gearshift Lever.

14. Tunnel Console.

15. Chrome Wheels.

16. Sports Shifter.

17. Steering Wheel Cover.

18. Air Conditioner.




Engine: Type

No. Cylinder




SAE Net H.P.

Max. Torque, SAE Net

Compression Ratio

Transmission & Differential: Type

No. of Speeds

Gear Ratios



& Suspension:

Electrical System:








33-1 8·5601 0 Printed in U.S.A.


Independent Suspension-Front

Independent Suspension-Rear

Service Brakes

Rated Voltage



Overall Width

Overall Height

Track: front/ rear

Ground Clearance

Luggage Space

Top & Cruising Speed

Fuel Consumption (DIN 70030)


Wheels-Rim Size

Shipping Weight

Gross Vehicle Weight

4 cycle, air-cooled, rear-mounted

4 cyl. opposed

3.37 in.

2.72 in.

96.66 cu. in.

46/4000 R.P.M.

71 ft. lbs./2800 rpm


Fully synchronized, transaxle

4 Forward, 1 Reverse

4.125:1 /3.78/ 2.06/ 1.26/ 0.93/ R 3.78

Single Disc, Dry

Semi-unitized. Platform type w/ center tube

Torsion bars with trailing arms

Torsion bar with trailing arm & diagonal arms

Dual tandem, drums front & rear

12 volt, 45 amp. battery

30 amp.

94.5 in.

64.6 in.

63.8 in.

53.3/ 54.5 in.

7.9 in. at max. payload

5.4 front/ rear 5.3 (cu. ft.)

68 mph.

21 mpg. U.S.

185 SR x 14 Mud & Snow Radial

5JK X 14



Blizzard White

Sunshine Yellow

Pumpkin Orange

Avocado Green

Laminated safety glass windshield.

Two-speed windshield wipers

plus pneumatic windshield washer

with fingertip control mounted

on steering column. Dual outside

mirrors. Four-way emergency

flashers. Back-up lights. Front

& rear side marker reflectors. Safety

rim wheels. Tool kit. Dual hydraulic

brake system with transistorized

warning light. Angled ignition key.

Non-repeat starter switch. Ignition/

steering/ starter lock. Recessed door

handles. Telescopic steering column.

Energy absorbing steering wheel.

Combination directional signals,

headlight dimmer switch on steering

column. Sequenced headlight switch.

Variable intensity instrument lighting.

Padded Instrument panel, sunvisors,

lap belts (4). Anti-corrosive primers

and 3 coats of paint (semi-gloss).

All-steel semi-unitized body. Side

jacking ports. Dual exhaust. Tow-eye

mounted in heavy-duty bumpers front

& rear. Stabilizer front. Double-jointed

rear axle. Roller-type steering with

hydraulic damper. Lever-type

emergency brake. Skid plates under

engine assembly. Adjustable front

seats & backrest. Fold-down rear

seats with steel back for sturdy

luggage floor. Rubber floor mats.

Ashtray. Removable side windows

and doors. Convertible top. Hinged

front windshield.

All specoflcations subject to change without notice.

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