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October 2011 - Western Quebec School Board

October 2011 - Western Quebec School Board

October 2011 - Western Quebec School

Present Carla Aubrey – Teacher Rep Colin Bunge – PPO Rep Diane Carman – Chair Carol Connolly – Parent Committee Rep Marco DeFranco – Teacher Rep Wakefield Elementary School Governing Board Meeting Minutes October 11, 2011 Wakefield School Steve Ehrlich – Treasurer Sari Kline – Secretary Rolla McIntosh – School Principal Sylvie Pouliotte – Teacher Rep Regrets Coleen Gifford – Daycare Rep Carly Woods – Staff Rep # Item Discussion Action Proceedings 1 Adoption of Agenda 2 Approval of Sept. Minutes New Business 3.1 Voice of the public 3.2 3.3 Submission to teach violin Wireless internet access in new campus Error noted on agenda with respect to date of minutes. Motion to approve agenda with correction: Colin. Seconded: Sylvie. CARRIED Motion to approve minutes: Sari. Seconded: Carla. CARRIED No observers or members of the public were in attendance. Tobie Slippert has submitted a request to teach violin to Wakefield students on Tuesdays at lunch and/or after school, for 45-60 minutes. This would be an additional extra-curricular activity to be offered to Wakefield students, similar to the guitar program offered by Marc Fleury. Rolla advised that more space will become available November 1 to potentially accommodate this service. A police check would be required. This would only be feasible at the end of the day as there would not be enough time for a lesson at lunch. Potential risks of these types of ventures were discussed. The school would expect the instructor to arrive on time and contact parents & school if they are late or can’t attend. A parent has questioned whether the new building has wireless access as the parent had concerns regarding safety for small children. Rolla has advised her that the new building does not have wireless access; neither does the main building. If/when the building extension is approved, wireless access will need to be considered. Diane to communicate with Tobie to determine feasibility. Table until next meeting.

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