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Rest and relaxation in the

Region of Kings


Dear Tourist,

You are holding in your hand a guide book

that was published as a result of the

co-operation of the key tourism attractions

and service providers of the region. To

ensure that we provide a high quality

service we have compiled this information

for our visitors.

With the help of this leaflet we recommend

ourselves and other services and the

attractions of the region, be it in Veszprém,

by Lake Balaton or in the Bakony Hills.

The programmes and leisure activities listed

in this guide will help you to choose the

destinations that interest you regardless of

the weather. We are certain that you will

find events in our region that are exciting

this year, the Year of Cultural Tourism.





We hope our leaflet will prove to be a useful

tool for planning your week-long holiday

or weekend break in the Veszprém area.

With the coupons at the back of the leaflet

you are entitled to discounts when visiting

attractions or using services so make sure

you use the opportunity!


Chrystal Baths

Veszprém where history

welcomes you



Directorate of

Veszprém County




Several legends involve Veszprém as it is believed

to have been the favourite residence of our first

ruler Géza and later his son István I and his wife

Gizella. The city consisted only of the castle

around the year 1000 had its heyday during the

reign of the first royal couple who established

the bishopric and funded the construction of the

St Michael’s Cathedral and the nunnery in

Veszprémvölgy. This latter place is believed to

be where the gown that bishops wore for the

crowning of Hungarian kings was woven. The

building that is the Archbishop’s Palace today

was erected on the site of the former royal palace.

Veszprém – the origin of the name

The name of the city was Bezprem originally,

which is a compound noun of Slavic origin,

meaning ‘uneven’. The initial B has changed to V

later on so Bezprem has become Veszprém. The

explanation of the name by King Matthias’s historian

Bonfini recalls the memory of Queen

Gizella, he claimed Gizella cried “Vessz, prém!”

(Away with the fur!) meaning she was willing to

give up her expensive fur coat to contribute to

the building costs of St Michael’s Cathedral.

Another popular theory suggests that the city

got its name from the German name of the

White Well of the city, “Weissbrunn”.

There is no clear evidence

that Queen Gizella

was actually crowned in

Veszprém. It is a known fact

however that she donated

her crown to the church

here and with that she

made Veszprém the town of

Queens in the readings of

today’s historians.

A law from 1216 also reinforced

the authority of the



Statue of King St Stephen

and Queen Gizella

St George





Queen Gizella


St Michael's


bishops to crown the queens. The cult of the

beatified queen is still being reinforced, not only

with her relics kept in St Michael’s Cathedral

but also by the historic Gizella Days Festival

held every year.

Both the castle and the city have seen destruction

and reconstruction during the centuries:

not only fires, earthquakes and plagues

have caused damage but also the Hungarian nobility

fighting for power. The then only higher

education institution of the country (13th century)

was not spared either.

Later, in the 16th century Veszprém was

razed almost to the ground as a result of the

Turkish attacks. St George’s Chapel is one of

the marvels of the city even in its ruined state

and it is claimed to be the place of Prince St

Imre’s oath to celibacy.


Advice: When walking up to the lookout

point at the end of Vár Street do not rush past

St George’s Chapel, it is well worth a visit!













5 7



8 9

Dubniczay Palace –

László Károly Collection




The ruins of the St Catherine nunnery

are well-known as the canonised Princess

Margaret of the Árpád House lived here for 6


People who played a role in building the

city are still fondly remembered. Bishop Albert

Vetési, the renaissance scholar who

formed the city into a cultural centre, has

written his name into the history books of

Veszprém. The design of the castle we can see

today started to form in the 18th century

during the term of Bishop Márton Padányi

Bíró. The most renowned architect of the

time, Jakab Fellner designed several of the

buildings belonging to the Church. Builder

József Tietharth earned his reputation during

the same period; his work is preserved in several

buildings in the castle including the Dubniczay

Palace. According to a local tradition

several of the buildings in Veszprém are still

identified by the name of the former owners

or persons who commissioned them: some

examples are the Bíró-Giczey, the Simoga, the

Dravecz and the Tejfalussy Houses.

The city’s structure has been changing

since the end of the 19th century; new buildings

have been erected, streets opened, the

manufacturing industry settled in, and civic

Brick Collection –















associations were formed. With the flourishing

civic development of Veszprém the number of

inhabitants rose from 10,000 to 70,000 due

to the socialist urbanisation politics in the

second half of the 20th century. Housing

estates were built around the former old

town and the socialist realism style city centre

was established in this period. The most

visible example of this process is the gigantic

20-storey building in Kossuth Street erected

on the place of old civic houses.

The University of Pannonia, founded in

1949 as the Technical University has become

a centre of higher education with its numerous

faculties. As Veszprém cannot be considered

as an industrial centre, the city has been

looking focusing on the cultural and academic

spheres since the political changes in 1990. As

a result, the city has become a school and university

town with its two higher educational

institutions and more than 10,000 students

attending the 10 secondary schools.

The square surrounded by the Baroquestyle

buildings is the venue of the largest cultural

events such as the Gizella Days, the

Veszprém Festival and the Veszprém

Summer Festival. The programmes of the

Kabóciádé Family Festival organised by the

local puppet theatre are

also held in the city centre.

Families with children are


recommended to visit the

Town centre Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo

in the Betekints Valley,

underneath the Viaduct,

the symbol of the city.


Modern Art Gallery –

Vass László Collection

Fire Lookout


Advice: You can download

this graphic map from our

website in 8 languages or

ask for a copy in our office

where you can get useful

information and find a range

of Veszprém souvenirs. •





Veszprém has been a centre of religion since

the early middle ages. As a result the Castle area

in Veszprém houses several religious treasures in

the buildings and museums. One of Hungary’s

most magnificent Baroque-style palaces was built

here in 1776, designed by the architect Jakab

Fellner. The building which is now the Archbishop’s

Palace has a splendid hallway and a

beautiful dining room. Its library boasts more

than 60,000 books.

Adjacent to the building we find the 13th

century Gothic-style Gizella Chapel with

Byzantine life-size frescoes of the apostles.

Queen Gizella who enjoyed staying in the

area is considered to be the founder of the

St Michael’s Cathedral. Ancient documents

list the basilica as the first and oldest cathedral in

Hungary. Hungarian queens became the “owners”

of the cathedral of the city, hence the connotation

of Veszprém as the city of queens.

The tombstones of two famous Veszprém

bishops, Péter Beriszló and Márton Padányi Bíró

can be found in the crypt of the cathedral.

Among the rich collection in the Queen Gizella

Museum we can find the replica of the gown used

at crowning ceremonies and also the cloak that

according to tradition Bishop Albert Vetési wore

for the crowning of Beatrix, King Matthias’ wife.

The ruins of the round church where St George’s

skull bone had been kept can also be found in

the castle. This round church was where St Imre,

King István’s son, took an oath of celibacy.

Ecclesiastical buildings and exhibitions

Látogatható open egyházi to the épületek public include: és kiállítóhelyek

(nyitva tartás: május 1-október 15-ig naponta, vö.: alább)

• St Michael’s Cathedral

Open every day 10-17

• Archbishop’s Palace

Open 10-17, closed on Mondays

• Queen Gizella Museum

Open 10-17, closed on Tuesdays

• Gizella Chapel

Open 10-17, closed on Tuesdays

• St George’s Chapel

Open 10-17, closed on Tuesdays

• Piarist Church

Open 10-17, closed on Mondays

Opening hours may vary, for information ring +36-88/426-088.

(Open every day between 1st May and 15th October, for details see below)

Advice: In the Archbishop’s Palace you can see unique

items such as Queen Elisabeth’s inlaid saloon furniture

and dressing table, and the framed silk handkerchief

hanging on the wall of the chapel that St István’s relics

which the Holy Right Hand was wrapped in.


Laczkó Dezső Museum

In 2006 this museum was awarded the honour of

being the “Museum of the Year” in the category of

national and regional museums. The permanent

exhibition titled ‘Spirit in the object, in the place,

in the picture’ displays artefacts from the county

collected throughout the millennia. The past

unfolds in the front of the visitor, reflected in

people’s life.

The museum’s new permanent exhibition, the

Scenic Library and Knowledge Archive opens on

27th June, 2009.

Information:Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday

15 March – 14 October: 10 - 18;

15 October – 14 March: 12 - 16

Tel.: +36-88/788-191 • Tel./fax: +36-88/426-081

Bakony House, Veszprém

One of the first exhibition venues in Hungary

was built as a replica of a typical mansion of a

Presbyterian minor noble family, funded by

donations in 1935. The exterior depicts a typical

Bakony building.

Information: Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 3.

Tel.: +36-88/788-191 • Tel./fax: +36-88/426-081

Roman villa-farm and ruins

This is the largest Roman villa in Transdanubia that

has been famous for the archaeological finds since

the 18th century. Temporary exhibition displaying

findings from Öskü opening 1st May, 2009.

Information: 8248 Nemesvámos-Baláca

Tel.: +36-88/265-050

Veszprém is the home of the Museum of the

Hungarian Construction Industry, the exhibition of

equipment and history of the trade as well as an

archive. It consists of the following units:

Fireplace Maker’s House

Veszprém, Szent István u. 7., Tel.: +36-88/578-310

Listed building with unique fireplaces, temporary

exhibitions and an upper garden.

Open all year round on weekdays 8-15, or by



Veszprém, Vár u. 29., Tel.: +36-88/406-767

The most complete collection of engraved bricks

from the history of Hungary, situated in the

southern wing and the cellar of the Dubniczay

Palace, refurbished in 2006.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10-18, in the winter time


Open-Air Collection

Veszprém, Házgyári u. 1., Tel.: +36-88/406-470

Machines, tools, masterpieces on display.

Open all year round on weekdays 8-15, or by


Advice: 2009 sees the opening of the Scenic

Library and Knowledge Archive in the Laczkó

Dezső Museum which promises to be a multifunctional

room displaying the museum as an

exhibition space and a knowledge archive.

7 •




The House of Arts is situated in the Baroque-style buildings by

the Castle Gate. Attractions:

Modern Gallery – Vass László Collection

The Vass Collection is the most significant of its kind

exhibiting the works of constructionist artists. The art works of

Jenő Barcsay, Pál Deim, István Haraszty as well as Josef Albers,

Jesus Rafael Soto and Max Bill are on display.

The galleries also offer temporary exhibitions. The Irish-

American painter Sean Scully’s exhibition can be visited

between 24. July-11. October 2009. Scully was born in Dublin

and moved to London with his family. He studied arts at

London’s Croydon College of Arts (Croydon College today), at

Newcastle University and at Harvard University in the US. His

masterpieces can be found in the greatest museums of the


Dubniczay Palace – László Károly Collection

The art collector Károly László focuses on three distinct

periods of arts history of the 20th century: the avantgarde

trends of the 1910s-1920s, the period between the two world

wars and the new artistic carreers of the past 50 years. His

collections comprises works of art from István Beöthy, Sándor

Bortnyik, László Moholy-Nagy, József Rippl-Rónai as well as

Marcello Morandini, Thilo Maatsch, Francis Picabia.

The Castle Gallery of the Dubniczay Palace houses temporary

exhibitions such as „Beauty-Value-Elegance” – Hungaricum

from Veszprém County, which is the exhibition of the Herend

Porcelain Manufacture between 20. June and 31. August.

Csikász Gallery

The gallery gives home to temporary exhibitions, aiming

to introduce and present contemporary creative arts. The

exhibition „Beauty and Quality”, (5. June- 30. August), will

display the works of artists who graduated from the Hungarian

Academy of Creative Arts in or around 2000.

Fire Tower or „Lookout Tower”

The 48 metres tall round tower, which remained from the

13th century castle, was extended in height and fortified later

on for defensive purposes. The old Fire Station was built next to

it in 1814 to add to its effectiveness. The clock of the tower plays

conscription music composed by the Veszprém composed Antal

Csermák every hour.

Excellák Video Festival

The EXCELLÁK Video Festival is going to take place on

27. June, on the Night of the Museums, in the old (longest

serving) castle prison. Freeing the building of the prison, which

was in use till 2003, on the Night of the Museums may become

a symbolic event. Visitors can watch various video projects using

the unique setting of the cells.


Art Gallery – Vass László Collection

Veszprém, Vár u. 3-7. Tel.: +36-88/561-310

Open every day 10-18

Dubniczay Palace – László Károly Collection

Veszprém, Vár u. 29. Tel.: +36-88/560-507

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10-18

Csikász Gallery

Veszprém, Vár u. 17.

Open every day 10-18

Fire Lookout Tower

Veszprém, Vár u. 9.

Open every day 10-18

House of Arts

Veszprém, Vár u. 17. Tel.: +36-88/425-204



After a walk in Veszprém what could be a more pleasant

evening entertainment than a theatre performance, as we

all know since Shakespeare said that “all the world’s a stage

and all the men and women merely players”...

When listing all the varied and high quality cultural life

of the City of Queens we must not forget the stage that

means the world to some. Veszprém is proud to be the home

of three theatres.

The Pannon Theatre will complete their 8th season

in a ‘stone theatre’ in May 2009. Their performances are now

held at the SÉD Film Theatre due to their increasing popularity,

but a number of their performances can be seen

outside Veszprém, sometimes in the castles and fortresses of


The Pannon Theatre will stage the Third Veszprém Spring

Festival between 1 and 30 March 2009. Between 18 and 24

May you can enjoy performances from the Festival of Dance

and in the summer the Theatre invites people to view the

spectacular programmes of the Füred Fest by Lake Balaton.

The Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém celebrated its 100th

anniversary in 2008. The theatre keeps the ever popular

Hyppolit, the Butler on show also for March; the stage

version of Dezső Kosztolányi’s classic Édes Anna, Wasserman’s

Cuckcoo’s Nest as well as Bulgakov’s piece Moliere will

also be performed. For the people favouring music and

dance performances the musical show SingSingSing will

provide great entertainment, performed by the favourite

artists of the Veszprém audience and also by actors and

actresses from Székesfehérvár.

The pieces Mother Holle and the Fearsome Greek Knight will

entertain the younger audiences.

The Kabóca Puppet Theatre provides entertainment

for the youngest audiences. The theatre invites the kindergarten

and junior school children to see the new season’s

performances (Dragon Tale, Oz, the Great Magician, Tales

from the Box and Wolfie) at the end-of-the month

matinee shows or to visit the Puppet Den Exhibition. The

Kabóca House offers the young ones (1-3 years) the Day

after Day baby theatre performances as well as crafts and

dance workshops. The traditional programmes of the

Puppet Theatre such as Puppet Performance Conference

(27-28 February), the Kabóciádé Family Festival (19-21

June) and the Fairy Tale Festival (25-27 September) will

all take place in 2009 as well.

Advice: Keep checking our website

for the dates of the Summer programmes and

open-air performances.





The Veszprém Zoo, the second in Hungary,

celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008. Its

inhabitants such as Suzy the elephant, Döme

the bear and Böbe the chimp were famous all

over the country.

The Zoo still has plenty of stars like Pabló

the rhino, Alfréd, the patas monkey or Frutti,

the red vari just to name a few.

At the moment there are about 600

examples of 150 species resident in the Zoo,

the two areas of which are only separated by a

200 metres walk and can be visited with the

same ticket. The better known part in the

Fejes Valley shows a classic Zoo with animals

representing the fauna of several continents.

The Zoo, as a member of the Association of

the European Zoos and Aquaria, participates in

several international programmes aiming to

save endangered species. Due to this visitors

can see animals such as the Sri Lankan panther,

Sumatran tiger, Iberian wolf, Bolivian squirrel

monkey, Madagascar lemur, tapir, gelada baboon

and the scimitar-horned oryx that is already

extinct in the wild. The other area of the Zoo,

the African Savannah established in 2007 is also

very popular. This is the largest zoo enclosure

of its kind in Hungary covering almost one

hectare, and is home to zebras, blue wildebeasts,

antelopes and a square-lipped rhinoceros.

Visitors can find the domestics animals

and a petting zoo next to the Savannah.

Falconry demonstrations and pony-riding

are offered to enhance the visitor experience;

educational sessions and guided tours are also

available for groups.

2009 is the Year of the Chimpanzees in

the Veszprém Zoo. Opening in the spring, the

new building called Chimpanzee World can

house up to 20 primates in most modern

conditions meeting the highest zoo standards

as well as the tourists’ expectations. The Zoo

is worth a visit in 2009.

Veszprém Zoo

is open every

day throughout

the year.


Kittenberger Kálmán

Növény- és Vadaspark Szolgáltató Kht.

8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger u. 17.

Tel.: +36-88/566-140

Fax: +36-88/327-002

Advice: Visitors can watch the feeding of the

various animals such as the varis, kattas, impalas

and carnivorous birds several times during the

day. During the show feeding times you can

enrich your knowledge of the animals with the

information provided by the keepers.


2./Sárcsíkút Forest School and Educational Path

The educational path gets you aquainted with the

Hubertus Forest School, the forest of Kab Hill and the

basics of forestry. The environment of the Sárcsíkút

reservoir and spring is a worthy target for excursions

in its own right.

1./Eplény Forest for Excursions:

The forest offers both walkers and ramblers a good time and useful

activities throughout the year. Two educational paths, a 3950 metres

and a 4180 metres long, an exercise course with 10 stops as well as

play and relaxation areas can be found in Eplény Forest, and you can

admire its beauties from an 8m high lookout tower.

3./Alsópere Arboretum and Park Hotel

The Arboretum offers relaxation as well as a chance to learn about

trees. Our hotel offers a unique experience for relaxation by the

Arboretum, in a romantic environment deep in the Bakony. The

hotel offers 14 en-suite rooms with 33 beds. Those looking for active

relaxation can play tennis, go cycling in the forest and see unique

natural formations while out walking.

4./Pintérhegy Country Park

The 5000 m long educational path through the forest is

easily accessible on foot and by car. The path not only

offers the experience of rambling in the forest but also

information about the morphology and geology of the

landscape, the flora and fauna typical of the area and

about forestry and game keeping.

5./Gulya Hill Forest Park

People arriving at the park or the Veszprém Zoo by car or by coach can use the car park at

the south side of the forest. Alongside the educational path starting in the forest, two areas

have been developed where various events and programmes involving

large numbers of participants can be hosted. Next to these we can find

a playground, a sports field and two lookout towers. In the valley of

the old shooting range picnic areas and a playground can be found for

your enjoyment. Sports enthusiasts can use the running track, the horse

riding and the cycle paths without disturbing each other, and there is

also a separate area for people wanting

to let their dogs off their leashes. The

area is within easy reach of the upper

entrance of the zoo.

HM VERGA Veszprém Forestry Ltd.

Veszprém, Jutasi u. 10. POB. 54. • Tel.: +36-88/591-510

Advice: A beautiful panorama

opens to the Castle and the

slopes of the Bakony from the

lookout towers. Take a photo!

You can find the attractions and accommodation provided

by HM VERGA Veszprém Forestry Ltd using the same

number on the map on the next 2 pages.





Made by: Tájoló '98 Térképészeti Iroda Bt. • Székesfehérvár

13 • • • • • •



The settlements of the southern slopes of the

Bakony, rich in traditions and legends, are most

inviting. They greet visitors with beautiful landscapes

amongst the hills, beautiful architechture,

living folk traditions, gastronomic delights, clean

spring waters as well as varied programmes.

The industrial town of Ajka lies on the slope of

the Southern Bakony, offering a special mix

of rich traditions and the characteristics of a

modern settlement. The refurbished Town Beach

and Swimming Pool and a campsite await visitors

in the town’s park.

Ajka Mining Museum

(Park Forest, Csingervölgy) • Tel.: +36-88/312-836

Original buildings – engine house, shaft house,

blacksmith’s workshop

– underground

storage areas, Power

Plant Jubilee Memorial

House, Dinosaurs

and Fossils Exhibition

welcoming visitors.

Local history Museum

(Templom Hill) • Tel.: +36-88/312-612, 210-252

Ajka Chrystal Museum – Glass Factory

(Alkotmány u. 4.) Tel.: +36-88/510-520

The largest manufacturer in the glass industry

where you can also see the various phases of


Halimba is well-known in Hungary for the cleric

Dr Miklós Szalai, the founder of “Halimbárium”

and the bauxite mined just outside the village. Due

to the special microclimate we can enjoy the fresh

air and the scent of the herbal plants growing in

the area from early spring to late autumn. The

excellent places for excursions and fishing which

can be reached along the hiking, riding or cycling

paths, like the Mill

Hill Park and the

swamp nature reserve

all offer great

leisure activities. For

detailed information


The traditional listed folklore buildings of

Magyarpolány remind us of the busy lives of

the people of the Bakony; the varied programmes

of the Arts Workshop also highlight that. The

stations of the cross are a worthy backdrop for

the well-known traditional Passion Play performed

at Whitsun. The Hosszú Hill is the only place in

the Bakony where you can visit vineyards and

press houses.

Kislőd is famous for keeping its German traditions

alive, its folk crafts (wood carving, crocheting,

bee keeping) as well as its rich ecclesiatical collection.

Besides the 17th century Baroque-style

church, the chapel and the stations of the cross,

the natural beauties such as the Three Springs

Leisure Park, the Csurgó Well and the educational

path leading to Úrkút are also worth a visit.

Úrkút, embraced by hills and forests, invites us to

discover the treasure of a nature reserve, the

ancient limestone of Csárda Hill, unique in Hungary.

Besides these natural beauties the Svabic-

Germanic traditions still practiced also offer great

entertainment. The folk crafts such as wood

carving and pálinka brewing will also give an insight

into the past of the village.

Városlőd is situated in the valley of the Torna

Creek surrounded by forests. The 4,000-year-old

village includes treasures such as the picturesque

fishing lake, the Iglauer Park decorated with special

pine trees that also serves as accommodation,

and the Route of European Culture. The stations

of the cross, the Roman Catholic church built

on the ruins of a Carthausian monastery and

the Városlőd

Pottery wellknown

in Hungary

are all

worth a visit.

Advice: The No 8 main road

offers easy and quick access by

car but it is more fun to

discover the region by bike!

Bicycle hire in Halimba and



Herend Porcelain is a prime example of the best

of the Hungarian industrial arts and also the nation’s

treasure. Porcelain lovers have always

wondered how these fine pieces of porcelain are

made?... Are all the items really hand painted?

The mission of the

Herend Porcelain

Manufactory – besides

creating high

quality hand made

and painted porcelain

– includes disseminating

knowledge about

this unique manufacturing

procedure that

requires special skills

and experience as

well as preserving the traditions of ceramic arts.

Until recently it was a rare privilege to be able

to see the moments of creating Herend Porcelain,

as the workshops of the Herend Porcelain

Manufactory were there to provide space for

artistic creation and

detailed finishing and

not for the curious

eyes of the public. To

serve the latter, the

Porcelanium Visitor

Centre opened in

1999 and visitors can

learn in detail about

the making of the

world famous luxury

porcelain in an entertaining way. The film shown

in the Minimanufacture is a short journey

through time to tune the visitors in to the world

of Herend. After that, the experienced masters

demonstrate their art in the showrooms.

After the visit to the world of porcelain the

Apicius Restaurant and Café awaits the visitors.

In the restaurant the meals are served on

Herend Porcelain; amongst the delicacies you

can find the excellent dishes based on the

recipes of the Roman gourmet chef Apicius,

with the necessary ingredients of goose liver,

olives and special mixes of herbs.

The café offers a wide range of special teas and

coffees. Every kind of tea and coffee is served in

a different style and patterned cup.

The Porcelanium Visitor Centre also houses the

two-storey Victoria Brand Shop where you can

buy the special Herend Porcelain items. Opposite

the visitor centre, the Porcelain Museum

allows you to get to know the history of the

development of the manufacture.

Further information:

Tel.: +36-88/523-190, +36-88/523-231

Address: Porcelanium Visitor Centre

8440 Herend, Kossuth Lajos u. 137-139.

Opening hours:

14 April – 25 October

Monday-Sunday: 9 - 17

3 February – 11 April

27 October – 19 December

Tuesday-Saturday: 9 - 16

Closed on Sundays and Mondays • •

15 •


We are pleased to welcome our dear guests to

the newly refurbished town beach, pleasure baths,

campsite and swimming pool, situated in the

wonderful environment of the town park of Ajka,

covering 2 hectares. The pleasure bath ensures

great entertainment with its 6 heated pools of

1700 m² water surface, with the following features

and services:

• Sitting bath:

- Neck showers

- Shower massage

- Sit-in whirlpool

- Hydro-massage

- Whirlpool beds

- Underwater massage

• Pleasure pool:

- Lazy river

- Whirlpool beds

- Neck showers

- Mushroom waterfall

• Swimming pool:

- 25 metres long, 1.7 m

metres deep, 5 lanes

• Diving pool:

- Two towers 3.6 metres

high and a trampoline

• Children’s pool:

- Children’s slide

- Hedgehog

- Squirting snake


• Slides:

- Rafting

Tube (yellow)

- Anaconda (red)

- Family (blue)

• Services:

- Playground

- Sun terrace

- Beach volleyball

- Child friendly services

- Sporting equipment


- Children’s programmes

at the weekends

in the summer

- Private health care

related services

In the covered swimming

pool a 33 metres

long swimming pool

with 8 lanes, a children’s

pool and sauna offer

active relaxation at

reasonable prices.

Opening hours:

Swimming pool: all year round, 12-20 hours

Beach, pleasure bath: 15 May-31 August 9-20 hours

(pleasure features working between 10-19 hours)

For most recent prices and more information

visit our website or phone: • Tel.: +36-88/211-330

Be our guest!


Sobri Jóska Bakony Adventure Park - Kislőd

The Sobri Jóska Adventure Park is situated

20 kms from Veszprém, along the No 8 main

road at Kislőd. It offers great entertainment for

the whole family at the heart of the Bakony in

picturesque surroundings.

Guests can go fishing or have a go on one of

the longest wire rope courses in Hungary, the

young ones can play in the willow maze or conquer

the castle built in the woods. If you are

tired or hungry you may wish to visit the picnic

and relaxation areas in the forest or try the

Hungarian specialities of our restaurant. Everyone

in search of active relaxation is welcome,

we promise you an unforgettable experience.

Our services include:

• Restaurant

• Car park

• Accommodation

• Island bar

• Family occasions,


• Summer camp

• Survival adventures

• Horse riding


• Fishing tuition

• Team building

• School trips

Adventure park:

• Mountainbike course

• Horse riding

• Playground

• Archery

• Boating for children

• Trampolines

• Laser fight

• War of numbers

• Fishing

• Cycling tours

• Wire rope course

• Football pitch

• Beach volleyball court

• Foot tennis pitch


Tel.: +36-70/501-8939, +36-30/946-2872




Wire rope course in the forest



War of



Szombathely-Budapest line

Camp site

Big sliding










course for children



Bowling alley

Football pitch

Boating for children


Sunbather and Foot tennis

angling terrace/islet



Island bar

Beach Beach volleyball











Settlements between the Balaton and the Bakony

The Veszprém Small Region is situated in the heart

of the Central Transdanubia Region, between the

Balaton and the Bakony. The area is bordered by

the southern slopes of the Bakony in the north, by

the Balaton in the south and by the Balaton Highland

in the west, therefore the natural landscape

has a strong influence on the tourism potential of

the area.

The small region can also be called the hinterland

of the Balaton. The area consists of 20 settlements

with the county seat Veszprém in the centre,

which is also the central point of the Veszprém


The settlements of Szentgál, Herend, Bánd, Márkó,

Hárskút, Hajmáskér, Sóly, Királyszentistván,

Vilonya, Papkeszi are situated along the No 8

main road, whereas Nemesvámos, Veszprémfajsz,

Tótvázsony, Hidegkút,

Nagyvázsony, Pula,

Vöröstó, Mencshely and

Barnag can be found

along the road to


The Veszprém Small

Region offers a variety

of tourism attractions.

The world famous

Herend porcelain is on

display in the Herend

Porcelain Museum. The Veszprém Zoo is famous

Europe-wide. Nagyvázsony is an attraction

of national importance, with its equestrian

programmes in the summer and the Duma-

Völgy-HumorVár comedy 10-day programme,

performed by the

stars of the Duma-

Színház (ChatTheatre)

and the Showder

Klub as well as and

other comedians.

The ruins of Essegvár

in Bánd and Balácapuszta

by Nemesvámos

offer colourful

attractions. Village days are held in nearly all the

settlements throughout the summer.

For sport enthusiasts we recommend the cycle

routes connecting the area to the Balaton Cycle


Information: Veszprém Small Region

Multi-purpose Association

8200 Veszprém, Vörösmarty tér 4.

Tel.: +36-88/560-852


This historic settlement lies on the boundaries of

the Bakony Hills and the Balaton Highland. Several

monuments of national importance can be found

in Nagyvázsony. Its 15th century Kinizsi Castle is

among the most significant Hungarian castles; it

used to be the home of Pál Kinizsi, King Matthias’s

soldier. A hostel operates next to the castle

museum. Adjacent to the castle we find the Post

Museum displaying the history of the postal

services and the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

giving visitors a taste of the characeristics and

operation of the once flourishing Vázsony guilds.

We can also find the Zichy Mansion and the ruins

of a Pauline monastery in Nagyvázsony. As well

as visiting the cultural heritage attractions, tourists

can taste some of the finest wines. Horse riding,

cycling, hiking, hunting and archery enthusiasts can

enjoy their sport in the beauties of the landscape.

Several programmes attract visitors to the village.

In the summer, medieval tournaments are staged in

the castle where the modern day Kinizsi knights


Nagyvázsony has been part of the Valley of Arts as

the Valley Gateway since 2007. During the festival

the village hosts the DumaVölgy-HumorVár 10

evening entertainment, performed by the stars of

the DumaSzínház (ChatTheatre) and the Showder

Klub as well as and other comedians.

The military culture and the chivalry of the knights

also play an important role in the programmes of

the village and the castle.

Kinizsi Castle and Tourist Hostel - Nagyvázsony

Open: March-October 2009

Pre and late season: Tuesday to Sunday 10-17,

Ticket Office closes at 16.30

High season: Every day 10-18


1 July-20 August 11 and 3 pm every day

Entrance fees:

Adult: 600 HUF

Concessions: 400 HUF

Concession for large family card holders:

1,600 HUF per two adults + one infant child.


The refurbished tourist hostel adjacent to the Kinizsi Castle reopened

in spring 2006, ideal for visitors wishing to go walking, hiking

or just to relax in a peaceful environment. It offers secure parking, a

closed garden and is only 15 minutes away from Lake Balaton.

Open: April to October (or if pre-booked outside the high season)

Accommodation for 38 people in 6-6-7-7-12 bedded rooms. Most

rooms are en-suite. Prices: from 2500 HUF pppn depending on the

season. Meals can be arranged by pre-booking. Special prices for

groups and travel agencies.

Information and bookings:

+36-88/264-786, +36-30/479-5013 • Fax: +36-88/515-212

Schumacher House:

Open: May to September 10-17 (Closed on Mondays).

Entrance fees: Adult: 300 HUF, concessions: 150 HUF.





From castle to castle...!

Stamp collecting


Dear Castle Fans!

We are launching a stamp collection competition called CASTLE

TOURS on 1st of March.

The aim of the competition is to collect the 7 individual stamps of the

nominated castles of Veszprém County in the special CASTLE TOURS

I. special edition guide within three years.

Those participating in CASTLE TOURS I. will be entered into

a draw for great prizes at the end of the year. For details visit the website.

Ferenc Nagy, captain of Castle Csesznek

Information: +36-88/436-110



Along the No 82 road connecting Veszprém

and Győr, winding through the Bakony, on the

Castle Hill we can find the picturesque ruins of the

Gothic-style Csesznek Castle built in the 13th

century. The 700-year-old castle had its heyday

in the 15th century during the reign of King

Sigmund, when the Garai family had the small

castle with an inner turret transformed into a

Gothic-style knight’s castle.

The castle played an important military role in

the country for the first time during the fights

against the Turks (after the fall of Veszprém Castle

in was built into the primary defence system), and

again later during the Rákóczi freedom fights. The

last owners, the Eszterházy family had it extended

to a Baroque-style castle by the mid-18th century.

The 1810 earthquake caused significant damage

and the fire caused by lightening in 1820 led to the

final downfall of the castle. The castle is still one of

the most romantic medieval castles in the country,

popular with hikers. The ongoing upkeeping

and reconstruction works do not prevent the

visiting of the castle.

The programmes of CSESZNEK SUMMER offer

open-air events and varied entertainment for

The Castle is open for visitors all year round!

Gate opening at 09 (and at 10 in the winter

between 1 November and 1 March).

Gate closing around 19 from spring to autumn and

an hour before dusk in the winter!

Entrance fees: Students and pensioners: 150 HUF,

Adult: 300 HUF.


all ages and for the whole family. Besides rock

concerts (EDDA, Omega, Republic, P.mobil, etc.),

rock operas, musicals (István the King, Stars of

Eger, Somewhere in Europe, Loft, etc), events such

the Blues Festival, On the Wings of a Hawk

Musical Show, Turkish Pipe Festival, Castle Song

Evenings, Historic Archery Competition on

Zsigmond Day as well as the all-day Medieval

Historic Carnival and Medieval Games are staged

in the scenic Csesznek Castle and the nearby

“Quarry” Open-Air Stage seating up to 7000


Information: Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110 •

(The programmes of CSESZNEK SUMMER for this year are

listed among the programmes in the Bakony at the end of the





The Veszprém Arena is one of the

most modern sport and events venues in Hungary,

only 10 minutes by car from Lake Balaton,

in the beautiful historic city of Veszprém.

Seating up to 5,000 people,

2,000 m 2 surface, 650 m 2 entrance hall

Exclusive interior design

Professional sound and light equipment

International sporting events

Star guests Conferences

Spacious car park Helipad

Be our guest and bring along your

family and friends as well!

Wishing you a great

time in

where you can smell the scent of the Balaton

at dawn and that of the Bakony at dusk! Ticket Info: +36-88/688-504 • E-mail

: •


Zirc is the highest town in Hungary from sea

level, embraced by the hills and forests of the

Bakony. The Cistercian monks put the settlement

on the map in 1182, and the abbey rebuilt in the

18th century still determines its image.

Due to its rich past Zirc offers a variety of

attractions. The basilica minor and the historic

library give visitors an insight into the history and

arts of the Cistercians, while the Museum of

Natural Sciences teaches us about the fauna of the

Bakony. The life and work of the town’s famous

Antal Reguly and the folk art of the area are

exhibited in the Reguly Antal Museum and Folk

Art Workshop. The only Collection of Artefacts of

Agricultural Engineering in the Transdanubia region

displays rare equipment and tools used in

agriculture as well as photos both from Hungary

and Europe. The 20 hectares of the Arboretum

founded by the Cistercians house a fish pond,

numerous rare plants as well as several hundred

years old trees.

The attractions, varied cultural programmes,

the hiking routes into the High Bakony starting

from the ‘0 km hiking boot’ and the hospitality of

the locals make the town a popular destination.

The train line between Győr and Veszprém

running through Zirc offers spectacular views of

the Cuha Valley, one of the most breath taking

parts of the Bakony.


The capital of the Bakony

Collection of Artefacts of

Agricultural Engineering • Szabadság u. 10.

Open: 1 September – 30 June 7-14 hours

(at other times by appointment)

Entrance fees: Full price 200 HUF, concessions 100 HUF

Guided tours can be arranged

Information: +36-88/595-000

József Rábai •

Abbey • Rákóczi tér 1.

Open: Monday to Saturday 9-17 hours,

Sundays 11-17 hours

Entrance fees: Full price 200 HUF,

student and OAP concessions 100 HUF

Free guided tours

Information: +36-88/593–643 •

Arboretum • Damjanich u. 19.

Open: 15 March – 30 April 9-17 hours

1 May – 31 August 9-19 hours

1 September – 15 November 9-17 hours

or by appointment (min. 15 persons)

Admission fee: adult: 550 HUF

concessions: 450 HUF

child: 250 HUF


Tel.: +36-88/414-569, +36-87/555-291 •

Bakony Museum of Natural Sciences

Rákóczi tér 1. and 3-5.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday

15 March –14 November 9-17 hours,

15 November – 14 March 10-16 hours.

Entrance fees: Full price 500 HUF, concessions 250 HUF

Pre-booked guided tours: 3,000 HUF

Information: +36-88/575-300, +36-88/575-301

Reguly Antal Historic Library • Rákóczi tér 1.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday

15 March – 14 November 9-12 and 13-17 hours,

15 November – 14 March 10-12 and 13-16 hours.

Entrance fees: Full price 500 HUF, concessions 250 HUF

Free guided tours

Information: +36-88/539-800 •

Reguly Antal Museum and

Folk Art Workshops • Rákóczi tér 10.

Open: Monday to Saturday 9-17 hours,

Sundays 10-12 and 14-16 hours.

Entrance fees: full price 250 HUF, concessions 130 HUF

Free guided tours for groups

Information: +36-88/415-422

Várpalota is 90 kilometres from Budapest and

half way between Székesfehérvár and Veszprém.

The town lies on the slopes of the Bakony and

is within 30 minutes of Lake Balaton. The 14th

century Thury Castle situated in the centre is

an emblem of the town. The castle, still in

remarkable condition, was once one of the

strongholds of the Transdanubian defence line

during the wars against the Turks.

The castle courtyard is used as a venue for

cultural events from spring to autumn. A hiking

route leads from the medieval castle through

Várvölgy to the castle

at Bátorkő, erected

on a rock deep in the

forest of the Bakony.

These are the ruins

of what was once

Pusztapalota, King

Matthias’s hunting

mansion. We recommend

a visit to the

Synagogue as well as

to the Zichy Mansion

designed by the famous

Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl in the 19th

century. This building now houses the Trianon

Museum displaying the natural and historic

treasures of the Carpathian Basin as well as the

memorabilia related to the 20th century Peace


Várpalota is bordered by lakes in the south and

the forests of the Eastern Bakony in the north.

The beautiful landscape and the fresh air offer


an ideal place for relaxation. Discovering the

secrets of the forest and watching the animals

provide excellent programmes and entertainment

for families with children, hikers and

cyclists. Taking a cave tour in the third deepest

cave of Hungary offers a challenge. The height

difference between the entrance and the end

is -204 metres and in some places you can spot

stalactites as well. No special alpine technical

skills are required to walk though the cave.

In Várpalota you can also learn about the

magical world of bees by visiting a bee farm

where you can also taste honey. Visitors can

take part in opening a hive so that they can see

the bees in close up. Finding the queen is a great


Further information:

Tourist Information Point

8100 Várpalota, Szent István u. 1.

Tel./Fax: +36-88/787-835 •

25 •



A merry message from the hundreds of years of past

to the lovers of the Hungarian Sea

The town of 13,500

inhabitants is the

centre of the northeast

of Lake Balaton

and the original spa

centre of Hungary.

Balatonfüred aims

to preserve its historic

and cultural traditions and make the most

of its natural environment. The objectives of the

city’s development include creating cultural values

as well as preserving and raising awareness

of the national culture. The redesigned historic

centre and the

excellent cultural

programmes are

important pillars of

the image of Balatonfüred.

The spa gained

its reputation from

the mineral springs

by the lakeside. The mineral water was first

used for drinking and from the 1730s onwards

for bathing. The healing powers of the water are

still used in the Heart Specialist Hospital to

treat cardio and vascular diseases. The heyday

of the spa was in the Reform age of the mid-

19th century when it was frequented by the

great figures of the country. A theatre was built

here in 1831 and the first steam ship on the lake

started running in 1846. A small pergola was

erected above the Kossuth Spring in the

middle of Gyógy Square in 1853. The plaques

along the Panteon keep the memories of the

writers, artists and scientists who played an

important role in the life of the town alive. The

best-known part of the town is the Tagore

Promenade named after the Nobel Prize

winner Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. He

was the first to plant a tree in the adjacent

Indian Alley, followed by high ranking politicians

of the Indian Republic. A number of Nobel

Prize winners and

other famous people

linked with

the Salvatore Quasimodo


Competition continued

the tradition

of tree planting.

With the redevelopment of the Reform Age

historic centre the traditions of the era have

been revived. Balatonfüred has recently won

several prizes for its cultural achievements and

urban development, including the title Hungarian

Town of Culture in 2009. The traditional

and new events offer more and more

people the opportunity to find programmes

matching their interests. Balatonfüred welcomes

every visitor, artists and lovers of culture.

Information: Tourinform/Balatonfüred

Tourism Association

8230 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy u. 1.

Tel.: +36-87/580-480 • Fax: +36-87/580-481


…the place for water-based experiences, relaxation and entertainment!

The aquapark of Balatonfüred is situated

merely 500 metres from the Lake and 122 kms

from Budapest. It can be reached by the No 71

road from the Füred Marina and from the railway

and bus stations via Horváth Mihály Street

towards Tihany.

In the summer 12 slides (large ones and

children’s) and wave pools, two beach volleyball

pitches, water competitions and kiddies’

programmes offer entertainment for the whole


The 32°C warm indoor and outdoor pools

include lazy river and underwater massage

features and in the wellness world the steam and

bio saunas, aroma therapy steam cabins, ice cave,

tepidarium and a 10°C submerging pool serve

the needs of our visitors for relaxation and



8230 Balatonfüred, Fürdő u. 35.

Tel.: +36-87/581-430, Fax: +36-87/581-432 •

27 •


The land of the echo, lavender and goat-nail shells

The only pensinsula of Lake Balaton attracts

roughly a million visitors throughout the year due

to its beautiful location, geological formations,

historic monuments and flora and fauna.

The Benedictine Abbey, which also hosts

concerts in the summer and exhibitions and other

cultural events from autumn to spring, celebrated

its 950th anniversary in 2005. The museum of

the abbey welcomes visitors with temporary


Among its attractions you can find the monks’

houses carved into the side of the old fortress, the

cells, the chapel and refectory carved into the rock

by Greek Orthodox hermits between the 11th

and 14th centuries.

The most beautiful 20th century stations of the

cross were built by public donations within a few

years starting in 1926. The Romanesque crypt with

three domes commissioned by King András I in

1055 (at the same time as the founding of the

monastery) is the only preserved royal burial

chamber in Hungary. The king who died in 1060 is

buried here. A copy of the foundation deed of the

abbey, which is also the oldest document in

Hungarian, can also be found here. Several legends

are linked to Tihany.

The oldest Balaton Guide from 1848 claimed

the tourists to Balatonfüred took an excursion to

Tihany to listen to the echo as the wall of the

church on the Echo Hill would clearly repeat a

quickly uttered 15-syllable sentence.

The Tihany Echo remarked by various poets

has gradually become weaker since the 1860s

although on clear evenings with no wind it would

still repeat our words.


Museums, exhibitions

Doll Museum

Visszhang u. 4. • Tel.: +36-87/448-431

Open: 12 April – 31 May: 10 – 17

1 June – 31 August: 10 – 19

1 Sept. – 30 Sept.: 10 – 17

Entrance fees: Adult: 400 HUF

Student, Pensioner: 300 HUF

School groups: 200 HUF

Benedictine Abbey and Museum

I. András tér 1. • Tel.: +36-87/538-200

Open: 1 April – 30 April: 10 – 17

1 May – 30 Sept.: 9 – 19

1 Oct. – 31 Oct.: 10 – 17

1 Nov. – 31 March: 10 – 16

Entrance fees: Adult: 700 HUF, Child, pensioner: 300 HUF

Open Air Ethnographic Museum

Pisky sétány 12. • Tel.: +36-87/714-960

Open: 1 May – 30 September: 9 – 18

Entrance fees: Adult: 350 HUF, Student: 250 HUF

Groups (adult) 10 people or over: 250 HUF

Hungarian Kings Wax Museum

and Pirate Museum

Kossuth u. 35. • Tel.: +36-30/9468-220

Open: 1 March – 30 Sept. Every day 10 – 18

1 Oct. – 28 Febr.: open to group if pre-booked

Entrance fees: (including the guided tour):

School and pensioner groups: 400 HUF

Children, student and pensioner: 800 HUF

Adult/groups: 800 HUF/1.200 HUF

Marcipan Museum

Batthyány u. 17. Tel.: +36-30/216-8191

Open: 1 April – 31 October Every day 10 – 18

Entrance fees: Adult 280 HUF, Student: 180 HUF

Hungarian History (Audiovisual attraction)

Postaköz 1. Tel.: +36-30/864-8373

Open: Every day 11 – 17

Entrance fees:

Adult: 500 HUF, Pensioner: 400 HUF, Student: 250 HUF

Our poet Sándor Endrődi called the

landscape that our villages are part of the

Balaton Riviera. We who live here believe

that this is the best location for relaxation.

Our overnight guests are entitled to a free BALATON RIVIERA

tourist card which will give them 10-100% discounts at our

beaches and certain tourism service providers.

Tourists using the cards will enter a draw for

valuable prizes at the end of the summer.


Spend your holiday here and win a car!

Main events in 2009

Almond Festival in the five villages 17-19 April

Whitsun Showjumping and Horse and Carriage Competition – Lovas, 1 June

International Harley-Davidson Festival – Alsóörs, 10-14 June

Bagpipe Festival – Alsóörs, 20 June

Gastronomic Journey in Felsőörs – Felsőörs, 20 June

Lovas Days – Lovas, 3-5 July

Jubilee Endrődi-Jókai Literary Bean Soup Day – Alsóörs, 18 July

Village Days – Felsőörs, 24-26 July

Csopak Days and Wine Festival – Csopak, 14-23 August

End of Summer Festival – Alsóörs, 19-22 August

Grape and Scarecrows Day – Csopak, 12 September

Show jumping – Lovas, 13 September

Village days and harvest procession – Paloznak, 25-27 September

Farewell-to-the-Year Week – Lovas, 23 December - 2 January

Balaton Riviera Tourism Association • 8228 Lovas, Fő u. 9. (open all year)

Tel.: +36-70-371-8501 • •

Tourinform Alsóörs (15.06-31.08.) 8226 Alsóörs, Sirály Park 1.

Tel.: +36-87-575-000 •

Tourist Information Centre (15.06-31.08.) 8229 Csopak, Kossuth u. 1.

Train station • Tel.: +36-88/788-486 •

Our offices provide the

following services:


restaurants, wine bars,


other services,

programmes and

information. •



Most of the passenger transport on the lake

is done by 24 motorised boats and a yacht with

the capacity of 25 people. The 4 ferries operating

between Szántód and Tihany bridge the

northern and the southern shores of the lake

and are used by hundreds of thousands of

passengers and vehicles. Our passenger boats call

in at 22 marinas of Balaton. Most excursion boats

carry tourists to see the sights of the Tihany

peninsula and the Badacsony wine region.

Apart from the scheduled boats we also

operate pleasure boats, disco boats and special

service boats. Boats hosting events and providing

highest quality hospitality are becoming more

popular every year. Our fleet is able to host

events seating up to several hundred people with

full hospitality arrangements.

Our company operates the largest chain of

marinas along the lake consisting of 10 larger and

11 smaller marinas at the moment.

Welcome on Board!

• Liners- and Ferries

• Pleasure boats, pleasure boats

with programmes

• Retro discoboats

• Children’s boats

• One day boat trips to Tihany and

Badacsony (winetasting)

• Family- and company events with

on-board entertaintment

• Shipcharter

• Yachtports around Lake Balaton

• Shoreline Hotel and Campsites

- Hotel Móló – Siófok

- Sellő Camping – Balatonboglár

- Hattyú Camping – Balatonszemes



from May till 13rd September

Pleasure boats

from 4th July till 23rd August

Pleasure boat, Disco boat, Children’s ship, Sunset

tour, Tihany tour

from 4th July till 23rd August

Tihany: Pleasure boat

Tihanyrév: Disco boat

Csopak: Pleasure boat

Alsóörs: Pleasure boat, Sunset tour

Balatonalmádi: Pleasure boat, Sunset tour

Balatonkenese: Pleasure boat, Sunset tour,

Children’s ship

Information: H-8600 Siófok, Krúdy sétány 2.

Tel./Fax: +36-84/310-050





The romantic stories of highwaymen are

not legends but reality in Almádi. The scene

of a well-known story was the 19th century

pub popular amongst highwaymen on the

boundary of the village, called Torgyöpi Inn.

The pub was built on the boundary of the

then Veszprém and Zala counties so one

half of the table in the middle was in one

county and the other belonged to the

other, and even the well was situated on the

boundary. The guards warned about the law

officers approaching so the highwaymen

moved to the other side of the table, where

the policemen entering the pub had no


The Ruler Árpád

settled with his companion

in the East

Balaton region, near the

1000 year old settlement.

The name Almádi

was first mentioned in

1401 in a church document

and is presumed to come from the name

of an ancient Hungarian general.

In 1883 the Almádi Bath Limited Company

was established. After the filoxera epidemic

of the time the grape production started to

decline, and the settlement started to

develop based on the old wine cellars.

Balatonalmádi was famous for its sporting

events until the 1930s. The spa culture and

sailing were flourishing which attracted not

only sports people but also the Nobel Prize

winning scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi,

beauty queens as well as the world famous

novelist Claire Kenneth.

Those interested in

architecture should

visit the Romanesque

– early Gothic-style

fortress church from

the Árpád era in

Vörösberény, and

children might find

the old 375 steam

train displayed in

its original location

interesting. Visitors can also see rare church

relics in the Holy Right Chapel such as the

golden mosaic from Buda Castle or a

fragment of St István’s right arm.

Another memory from Buda is kept in the

Pinkóczi Cemetery where the last captain of

the castle, Jób Kompolthy is buried.

Guests are greeted in the town by four

beaches operating in the summer, rich

cultural programmes and events throughout

the year, footpaths, comfortable accommodation

and gastronomic delights in the

restaurants and inns. The excellent wines of

the Balaton Highlands, the thousand

flavoured riesling, the ancient juhfark and

several fine reds also attract visitors.

You are very welcome in our town

so give in to the temptation! Have a

great time with us and live the wonders

of the beautiful scenery and traditional

hospitality all year round.


Tourinform Balatonalmádi

8220 Balatonalmádi, Városháza tér 4.

Tel./Fax: +36-88/59-40-80

Balatonkenese and Balatonakarattya form

the eastern gateway of the Hungarian Sea.

From the edge of the high shores a

picturesque panorama opens to the eastern

basin of the lake.

Kenese’s history goes back more than

1,000 years. The highest point of the shore is

200 m above sea level, where a red obelisk

was erected in 1927 to commemorate the

poet Lajos Soós. Ever since it has been called

the Soós Hill. The caves carved into the side

of the high shore remind us of historic times

when the locals had to hide in these caves

from the Tatars and later the Turks. The

objects and artefacts found in the caves are

displayed in the Ethnographic Museum.

Balatonkenese is proud of its typical flora

of the Soós Hill, the cambre tataria which

used to be widely spread in the Great Plain

and the Mezőség area of Transylvania. The

plant almost disappeared in the 19th century,

nowadays it grows in colonies only here in


in the whole of

Europe. It was

declared as a

protected species

here in the 1960s.

The almost 12 kms

long shore offers


beaches and

modern marinas

for people loving


The eastern gateway of the Hungarian Sea is open to you as well…

water sports. As part of our visitor friendly

service parking is free and reduced price

entrance tickets to the beaches are available

in the afternoons. The Ethnographic Museum

at 6 Kossuth Street with its permanent and

temporary exhibitions is open all year round.

Groups can book a visit by ringing


Our programmes attract thousands of

visitors every year; the most popular ones

are the Cambre Tataria Festival in the spring,

the Balaton Gate Opening, the National

Lecsó Festival and the colourful events of the

Akarattya Days.

Come and visit us and have a great time!


Tourinform Balatonkenese

8174 Balatonkenese, Táncsics u. 24.

Tel./fax: +36-88/594-645




Period - Location Programme Organiser - Information

1-30 March


on more locations

3rd April - 31st May


Csikász Gallery

15-19 April


17-19 April


Aula of Pannon University

18th April


1st May


Roman Villa-Farm and Ruins

1st May - 15th October


Queen Gizella Museum

1st May - 15th October


Queen Gizella Museum

2nd May - 19th July

Veszprém, Modern Gallery - Vass

László Collection

7-10 May


10th May


Óváros tér

18-24 May


on more locations

31st May


Gulya Hill

5th June - 30th August


Csikász Gallery

7th June


St Margaret church

19-21 June


on more locations

Veszprém Spring Festival

Exhibition of paintings by Marcel Kelemen

“Spring Games” Cultural and

Sports Festival (for children)

12th Veszprém Travel Fair

Veszprém Run for the Zoo!

Opening of the Finds from Öskü

temporary exhibition

St Paul the Apostle of People exhibition

Hungarian saints and the beatified


Exhibition of paintings by Jenő Barcsay

Gizella Days

Gizella Days – Folk Arts and Crafts Fair

The Festival of Dance

Whitsun on Gulya Hill

“Beauty and Quality” exhibition

Sunday Evening Organ Concert

Kabóciádé Family Festival

Pannon Theatre

Tel.: +36-88/563-200

House of Arts - Veszprém

Tel.: +36-88/425-204

Szépország Festival Agency


Tourism Office of Veszprém County

Tel.: +36-88/545-045

Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo

Tel.: +36-88/566-140

Museum Directorate of Veszprém County

Tel.: +36-88/788-191

Archbishoprical Office


Archbishoprical Office


Modern Gallery - Vass László Collection

Tel.: +36-88/561-310

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Pannon Theatre

Tel.: +36-88/563-200

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Kabóca Puppet Theatre


The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.

20th June - 31st Agust


Dubniczay-Palace - László Károly

Collection - Castle Gallery

20th June


20th June

Veszprém, Castle Prison

Vár u. 19.

21st June


St Margaret church

27th June



27th June


Laczkó Dezső Museum

3-5 July


5th July


Parking place of Hotel Veszprém

5th July


St Margaret church

9-12 July

Veszprém, on more locations

14-18 July

Veszprém, on more open-air stages

of the city centre

19th July


St Margaret church

22-26 July

Veszprém Castle

(in the case of rain:

Veszprém Arena)

24th July - 11th October


Modern Gallery - Vass László


31st July - 3rd August



8th August


Veszprém, Castle Stage

“Beauty-Value-Elegance” – Hungaricum from

Veszprém County – Exhibiton of the Herend

Porcelain Company as part of the events celebrating

the 1,000 years of Veszprém County

Night of the Museums 2009

EXCELLÁK Video Festival as part of the

Night of the Museums Programmes

Sunday Evening Organ Concert

Midsummernight Celebrations in the Zoo

Opening of the Scenic Library and

Knowledge Archives

Dubniczay Palace - László Károly


Tel.: +36-88/560-507

Museum Directorate of Veszprém


Tel.: +36-88/788-191

House of Arts - Veszprém


Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo

Tel.: +36-88/566-140

Laczkó Dezső Museum

Tel.: +36-88/788-191

Veszprém Rally

Folk Arts and Crafts Fair

Sunday Evening Organ Concert

Chronoswiss 2009 Old Timer Festival

Street Music Festival

Sunday Evening Organ Concert

Veszprém Fest

Exhibition of the paintings of Sean Scully

Summer Festival in Veszprém – Vivace

International Choir Festival, Folk Crafts Fair

(2nd August)

Sing Sing Sing – Spectacular dance

and musical-show

Veszprém County Chamber of

Commerce and Industry Market


Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111


Veszprém Festival Agency

Tel.: +36-88/443-314

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprémi Ünnepi Játékok Kft.

(Veszprém Fest Ltd.)

Tel.: +36-88/444-454

Modern Gallery - Vass László Collection

Tel.: +36-88/561-310

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Petőfi Színház •

Tel.: +36-88/424-235

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.



10-12 August


Óváros tér

14-16 August


Court of the Allianz Hall,

Court of the VEAB Hall

16th August

Veszprém, St Margaret church

17-21 August


19th August

Veszprém Castle

20th August



20th August 10-17.00


Laczkó Dezső Museum

4th September - 29th November


Dubniczay Palace - László Károly

Collection - Castle Gallery

5th September - 1st November


Csikász Gallery

9th September - 1th November


Cellar Gallery, Vár u. 13.

19-20 September

Herend, Baláca, Veszprém, on more


25-27 September


Veszprém Summer Festival – Best of the

World Nights

Veszprém Summer Festival – Musical


Sunday Evening Organ Concert

CELL-CUP Handball Festival

Veszprém Summer Festival - Veszprém

Folklore Event

St Steven’s Day Celebrations

Every nook and every cranny - Veszprém

in the light of its 1000-year history

Exhibition of works by intermedia artist

Gábor Áfrány

Exhibition by photographer

Lajos Keresztes

Exhibition by sculptor László Koller

Days of the Cultural Heritage

St Michael’s Day – Thousand years of

Veszprém County

8-12 October


Veszprém's Community Centre Veszprém Games International Children’s

(VMK), Csermák Antal Music School,


HEMO, Veszprém Aréna - Sports and

Event Hall

30th October

Laczkó Dezső Múzeum Autumn Festival of Museums

29th November - 24th December


Óváros tér

23th December

Veszprém, Castle

The Scent of Advent

Nativity Plays

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Tourinform Veszprém

Tel.: +36-88/404-548

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Veszprém's Community Centre (VMK)

Tel.: +36-88/429-111

Museum Directorate of Veszprém County

Tel.: +36-88/788-191

Dubniczay Palace - László Károly Collection

- Castle Gallery

Tel.: +36-88/560-507

House of Arts - Veszprém

Tel.: +36-88/425-204

House of Arts - Veszprém

Tel.: +36-88/425-204

Tourinform Veszprém

Tel.: +36-88/404-548

Tel.: +36-88/404-548

Szépország Festival Agency


Museum Directorate of Veszprém County

Tel.: +36-88/788-191

Tel.: +36-88/404-548

Tel.: +36-88/404-548

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.


Period - Location Programme Organiser - Information

10th March - 10th May


Rege Café

11th April


Ethnographic Museum

2nd May


Coast of the Inner-Lake

16-17 May


Entrance of the Harbour

29-31 May


Kisfaludy stage

30-31 May


on more locations

30th May - 18th June


Törökház (Turkish House)

31st May


Akasztó Hill

5-7 June


Blaha Restaurant and Koloska Valley

13rd June


13th June - 1st July


Community House

20th June


Coast of the Inner-Lake

20th June


Rákóczi park

20th June - 16th July


Törökház (Turkish House)

20-27 June


Anna Grand Hotel, Kisfaludy stage,


25-28 June


Kisfaludy stage, Tagore sétány


Photography exhibition by Benedictine


Easter Celebrations

Goat-Nail Shell Festivities

Opening of the

Sailing Season – Sailing Competition

Festival of Ages

6th Cambre Tataria Festival and 6th

Naughty Pancake Day

Exhibition of works by painter

Julianna Holányi

Whitsun Festivities

and Children’s Day

18th Jókai Days and Bean

Soup Cooking Competition

Horse Cavalcade

Exhibition by Emil Csizmadia

Lavender Festival

June Festival

Exhibition by painter Győző Somogyi

Guitar Festival

Balaton Fish and Wine Festivities

Benedictine Abbey

Tel.: +36-87/538-200

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tourism Association

of Tihany

Tel.: +36-30/7497-177

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tel.: +36-70/374-0453

Community Centre

Tel.: +36-87/538-022

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tel.: +36-30/270-7864

Tel.: +36-30/213-0785

Community Centre

Tel.: +36-87/538-022

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tel.: +36-70/374-0453

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.



26-28 June 20.30


Benedictine Abbey

26-28 June


27th June


Szabadstrand (Beach)

27 June - 10 July


Csopak Gallery

2-10 July


Kisfaludy stage, Open-air stage

3-5 July


3-5 July


Balaton, Vitorlás tér

5 July


Coast of Inner-Lake

10 July


Roman Catholic Church

10-12, 17-19 July


on more locations

10 July - 15 August

20.30 (Friday-Saturday) Tihany

Open-air Stage

10 July - 15 August


Balaton Leisure and Conference Centre

11-24 July


Csopak Gallery

18 July - 13 August


Törökház (Turkish House)

24-26 July


Anna Grand Hotel and Vitorlás tér

24-26 July


25th July


Reformed church

25 July - 7 August


Csopak Gallery

Young Organists Convention

Peter and Paul Day Festivities

Opening of the Season

Exhibition by painter

Géza Irázi Ökrös

Balatonfüred Art Festival,

Hungarian Theatre Days

Hundred-colours Dance Convention

41st Blue Ribbon Sailing Competition

and Festival

(Hungarian Sailing Association)

Equestrian Day


7th Opening of the

Balaton Season Celebration

Tihany Summer Theatre


Exhibition of the

Paloznak Embroidery Club

Exhibition of the

Hungarian Atelier of Paris

184th Anna Ball and

accompanying events

Almádi Days / Beer – Bread Festival

Concert by organist Xavér Varnus

Exhibition by the

Csopak Arts Colony

Benedictine Abbey

Tel.: +36-87/538-200

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tel.: +36-30/568-4710

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Hungarian Sailing Association

Tel.: +36-1/460-6925

Anikó Csuti

Tel.: +36-30/2587-534

Tel.: +36-30/213-0785

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tourinform Tihany

Tel.: +36-87/448-804

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tel.: +36-30/568-4710

Tel.: +36-70/374-0453

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tel.: +36-30/568-4710

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.

31 July - 2 August


Visszhang domb (Echo Hill)

1st August


1st August


Vörösberény Almond Festival

7-23 August


8 - 21 August

Csopak, Csopak Gallery

8 - 30 August


Tagore sétány (promenade)

14 - 16 August


Rákóczi park, Körszínpad (Round stage)

15 - 30 August


Community House

7-23 August


Széchenyi park

27 - 30 August


4 - 5 September


Anna Grand Hotel, Tagore sétány


5th September


12th September


12-13 September


Coast of the Inner-Lake

18-19 September


Vásárcsarnok parkoló

(Parking place of the market)

19th September

Balatonkenese, Community House

Táncsics u. 24.

25-27 September


Anna Grand Hotel, Kisfaludy stage

24-25 October


Visszhang-domb (Echo Hill)

Street Festival

National Folklore Fair

Blacksmiths’ Convention

6th Almádi Wine Festival

Exhibition by painter Julianna Holányi

Balatonfüred Wine Festival

Akarattya Days

Exhibition by Mária Petrás

5th Jubilee National Lecsó Festival

2nd Almádi Pálinka Days

Salvatore Quasimodo International

Poetry Competition and Awards


6th Oriental Bellydancing Gala

Balatonalmádi Harvest Festivities

Harvest Festivities

Harvest Festivities

Autumn in Kenese –

Harvest Festivities

Romantic Reform Age

Ziege Fish Festival

Community House

Tel.: +36-87/538-022

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Tel.: +36-20/203-6135

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Tel.: +36-30/568-4710

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tel.: +36-30/213-0785

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tel.: +36-20/483-8780

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Tel.: +36-88/542-515

Community House

Tel.: +36-87/538-022

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Tourinform Balatonkenese

Tel.: +36-88/594-645

Tourinform Balatonfüred

Tel.: +36-87/580-480

Community House

Tel.: +36-87/538-022

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.




Period - Location Programme Organiser - Information

25-27 April


2nd May from 10.00

Csesznek Castle and its precincts

8th May

Zirc, Arboretum

9-10 May

Csesznek and its precincts

23rd May

Várpalota, Thury Castle and its precincts

27th May - 1st June


28-31 May

Várpalota, Cseri Parkerdő (forest park)

29-31 May


29-31 May, 5-6 June 21.00


31st May 16.00

Zirc, Abbey

12-14 June

Várpalota, Gál Gyula Sports Hall

20th June 19.00

Zirc, on more locations

27th June


Csesznek Castle and Csesznek village

28th June 16.00

Zirc, Abbey

3-4th July

Zirc - Tündérdomb (Tündér Hill)

18th July


Csesznek ”Kőbánya” Open Air Stage

24th July - 2nd August


25th July


Cssznek ”Kőbánya” Open Air Stage

25-26 July


26th July


Zirc, Abbey

St George’s Day Shepherds’ Festivities

Zsigmond Day Historic Archery


Obstacle Race on the Day of Birds and


No Motor Rally – non-motorised hiking


Day of Hunting Culture

Ajka Days

Tel.: +36-20/2854-668, +36-88/264-011

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110

Tourinform Zirc: Tel.: +36-88/416-816

Arboretum: Tel.: +36-88/414-569

Tel.: +36-88/595-530

Tourist Information Point

Tel.: +36-88/787-835

Új Atlantisz Multipurpose Small-Regional


Tel.: +36-88/200-710

Pannonia Festival

Polány Whitsun Regional Folk Art


Polány Passion Play

Organ concert

Expo – International Exhibition and Fair

Night of the Museums

From castle to castle … ! – Thousand

years of Veszprém county. Event at

Csesznek: Medieval Historic Carnival

Organ concert

19th “Zirci BULI” Festival of Families and


16th EDDA mega concert …

the greatest!

Gateway to the Valley: Duma Völgy -

Humor Vár, Showder Klub comedy nights

On the Wings of the Hawk…! Musical

Historic Review with Miklós Varga and

Gyula Vikidál

Balaton Region Bike Festival Maraton

Race (26 July at 11 am)

Organ concert

Local Government of Magyarpolány Tel.: +36-88/503-820

Passion Association Tel.: +36-30/385 9529

Tourinform Zirc Tel.: +36-88/416-816,


Tourist Information Point

Tel.: +36-88/787-835

Tourinform Zirc Tel.: +36-88/416-816

Bakony Museum of Natural Sciences


Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110

Tourinform Zirc Tel.: +36-88/416-816,


Tourinform Zirc Tel.: +36-88/416-816

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110

Tel.: +36-20/2854-668, +36-88/264-011

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110

Tourinform Zirc

Tel.:+36-88/416-816, +36-20/482-4755

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.

31 July - 9 August


1st August 10.00

Csesznek, Csesznek Castle and

”Kőbánya” Open-air stage

7-8 August

Hajmáskér, Open-air stage

7-8 August

Tótvázsony, Millennium Park

7-8 August

Zirc Sport estate

7-9 August


Thury Castle and its surroundings

8th August 19.00

Csesznek Castle

9th August

Hajmáskér, Open-air stage

9th August

Hajmáskér, Open-air stage

15th August 19.00

Csesznek Castle

19th August 21.00


”Kőbánya” Open-air stage

20-23 August


30th August 16.00

Zirc, Abbey

4-6 September


19-20 September

on more locations

25-27 September


27th September


27th September 16.00

Zirc, Abbey

15 October - 30 November


on more locations

29th October


29 November - 24 December


Herend Summer Festival –

Herend Culture and Traditions

Preservation Association


Hajmáskér Village Days

Savanyó Jóska Days

XI. Brigand-Days in Bakony Hills

Matthias the Righteous

– Renaissance Festival

X. Turkish Pipe Festival

Rock & Blues Festival

Stock-Car Derby - part of the

National Championship

Castle Song Evenings

István the King (rock opera) for the 9th

time in Csesznek! Starring Sándor Tóth

(Hungarian Theatre) and József Kalapács

(ex Pokolgép Band). FIREWORKS

Ajka Summer Festival

Organ Concert

Várpalota Days, Events linked to the

1000-year-old Veszprém County

programmes, Krúdy dinner

Cultural Heritage Days

St Michael’s Day Marha(nagy)hajtás,

Harvest Festivities

Harvest Festivities

Organ concert

Autumn Festival of Museums

50 years of Ajka town – Events

organised by the Új Atlantisz Multipurpose

Small-Regional Association

Nagyvázsony Advent – Live Nativity

Cultural and Tradional Association of


Tel.: +36-88/261-822

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110


Tel.: +36-88/587-470

Association of the Youth in Tótvázsony

Tourinform Zirc, Tel.: +36-88/416-816

Tourist Information Point

Tel.: +36-88/787-835

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110


Tel.: +36-88/587-470


Tel.: +36-88/587-470

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110

Csesznek Programme Office

Tel.: +36-88/436-110

Új Atlantisz Multipurpose Small-Regional

Association •

Tel.: +36-88/200-710

Tourinform Zirc, Tel.: +36-88/416-816


Tourist Information Point

Tel.: +36-88/787-835 •

Tourinform Zirc, Tel.:+36-88/416-816

Bakony Musuem of Natural Sciences

Tel.: +36-88/575-300

Tel.: +36-20/2854-668, 88/264-011

Association of the Youth in Tótvázsony

Tourinform Zirc, Tel.: +36-88/416-816

+36 20/482-4755

Tourinform Zirc, Tel.:+36- 88/416-816

Bakony Musuem of Natural Sciences

Tel.: +36-88/575-300

Új Atlantisz Multipurpose Small-Regional

Association •

Tel.: +36-88/200-710

Tel.: +36-20/2854-668, 88/264-011

The organisers reserve the right to alter the programmes, please use the contact details provided for information.




Árpád Panzió és Étterem

Betekints Hotel**** és Étterem

Biotourist Vendégház

Chianti Étterem - Trattoria Chianti

Erdei Vendéglő és Panzió

Fejesvölgy Kisvendéglő

Gizella Hotel*** és Étterem

Gourmandia Étterem

Hotel Jade

Hotel Magister

Hungária Étterem

Íráskép Galéria

Kabóca Bábszínház és

Gyermek Közművelődési Intézmény

Két Lotti Villa Gyógypanzió

Kittenberger Kálmán

Növény- és Vadaspark

Kuszi Kerékpár Szaküzlet

Művészetek Háza

Oli e Gino Étterem és Pizzéria

Oliva Étterem Grillkert és Panzió***

Pannon Várszínház

Petőfi Színház

Promedicum Panzió

Szépország Rendezvényiroda és


TAPÓ Fogadó*** és Királyi Étterem

Veszprémi Fesztivál Iroda Kft.

Villa Medici Hotel**** és Étterem

We recommend ourselves...

Members of the Veszprém Tourism Association:

Published by:,




Veszprémi Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft.

8200 Veszprém, Vár utca 4.

Tel./fax: +36-88/404-548

Kruppa-Jakab Éva,

Dr. Lőrincz Katalin

Eckert László

Prospektus Nyomda, Veszprém


Veszprém City of County Rank

Veszprém Aréna Sports and Event Hall

Kittenberger Kálmán

Növény- és Vadaspark (Zoo)

Veszprémi Turisztikai Egyesület

(Veszprém Tourism Association)


Reguly Antal



8420 Zirc, Rákóczi tér 1.

Tel.: +36-88/539-800

Sobri Jóska Bakony Adventure Park - Kislőd

Tel.: +36-70/501-8939, 30/946-2872

Szalai Miklós

Memorial House

– Halimba

8452 Halimba, Petőfi S. u. 16.

Tel.: +36-88/237-003


Inn –


8446 Kislőd, Kossuth u. 1.

Tel.: +36-88/246-933

House of

Arts –


8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 17.

Tel.: +36-88/425-204

Tourinform Veszprém –

Tourist Information Centre

and Souvenir Shop

Zirc - Arboretum

Balaton Upland

National Park


8420 Zirc, Damjanich u. 19.

Tel.: +36-88/414-569, 87/555-291

Passion Play –



29-31 May and

5-6 June at 21.00

Passion Association

Tel.: +36-30/385-9529



Point - Várpalota

8100 Várpalota, Szent István u. 1.

Tel./Fax: +36-88/787-835




8400 Ajka, Városliget

Tel.: +36-88/211-330




8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger u. 17.

Tel.: +36-88/566-140

8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 4.

Tel.: +36-88/404-548


Veszprém where history welcomes you

By handing this coupon at the

ticket office an adult visitor is

entitled to a reduced ticket for

450 HUF (instead of 550 HUF)

on one occasion.

25% discount for groups of

20 people or more to the

Polány Passion Play as well as

a free ticket for the organiser.

Reduced price ticket:

1500 HUF.

Souvenir from Várpalota!

Come and see us during your

visit to Várpalota and in return

for this coupon, we will give

you and the members of your

family unique Várpalota gifts.

15% off the family

ticket price on production

of this coupon.

On production of this coupon

you are entitled to 290 HUF

off the family ticket price.

-100 Ft




-290 Ft

Come to see the TIC and exchange this coupon

for a free Veszprém postcard!

50% off the entrance fee on

production of this coupon;

which makes the full price

ticket 250 HUF and for

students and pensioners

it is free.

20% discount of the ticket

price on production of this

coupon, which then

becomes 400 HUF.

20% off the entrance fee

to the Szalai Miklós

Memorial House.

5% off meal prices in our

restaurant on production of

this coupon.

20% off admission fees

to the exhibitions

at the House of Arts.







The coupon is valid for one use only until 31 January 2010. One coupon may be used at a time and it may not be used in conjunction with

any other special offers. Only original coupons from the guide book may be used.

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