The Engaged University - European University Association

The Engaged University - European University Association

The Engaged University

Shaping Inclusive and Responsive

University Strategies

31 August – 1 September 2011

Southampton, United Kingdom

A conference organised by:

Hosted by:

With the support of:

Engaging in Lifelong Learning:

Shaping Inclusive and Responsive University Strategies

Hanne Smidt


Andrée Sursock


The Engaged University – Shaping Inclusive and

Responsive University Strategies

Southampton 31st August – 1 September 2011

A project implemented by:

With the support of Lifelong Learning Programme of the

European Commission

Framework conditions change quickly (EUA)

Many reasons to engage…

Employment and work

Demography and social structure

Well-being and happiness

Migration and communities

Technological change

Poverty reduction

Citizenship and belonging

Crime and social exclusion; and

Sustainable development

Schuller and Watson: Learning Through Life. Inquiry into the Future for Lifelong Learning

Bristol University: What an Engaged University is about

Such a university is:

engaged with the public about its research and scholarship because it is proud of its work

and because it values openness and accountability

engaged with the public because it believes that it can be valuable to researchers to hear

other people’s perspectives and points of view

engaged with the ways people lead their lives and keen to provide a variety of convenient

routes through which they can join the University

engaged with other organisations’ need for staff who are heading for the top of their


engaged with the needs, interests and aspirations of the city of Bristol and its region

engaged with people’s concerns about research and keen to widen debate about the

application of research to include public voices.

Three aspects of lifelong learning

Toward a student-centred learning approach

Widening access and participation

Addressing lifelong learning in a regional context

Toward student-centred learning

▫ Three separate cycles,

supported by

modularisation and clearly

defined learning outcomes

▫ Pedagogical and curricular


Supporting students’

learning in a life long



Close link between SCL and WP

Addressing lifelong learning in a

regional context

The development of lifelong learning:

The adaptation stage

The organisational stage

The cultural stage

Framework conditions for Lifelong


Diversifying student populations

Diversifying Services to learners

Diversifying education provision

Diversifying partnerships

The engaged university (revisited)

The engaged leadership

Persistent challenges for Engaging in

Lifelong Learning

Embedding concepts of widening participation and lifelong

learning in institutional strategies

Adapting study programmes to ensure that they are designed to

widen and attract returning adult learners

Providing appropriate guidance and counselling services

Recognising learning – in particular prior learning

Establishing sustainable internal and external partnerships

Recommendations for strategic


Initiate discussions on the LLL institutional policy and engaging

in wide consultation with colleagues to create consensus

Showcasing good practices that support an integrated LLL


Defining indicators and initiating data collection related to LLL

Recognising that changes take time…

Thank you for your attention

Hanne Smidt & Andrée Sursock


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