Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


place, including the comprehensive presentation of IACSEE current and foreseen activities

given by Prof. Ljubi‰a Rakiç, Vice-President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,

coordinator of IACSEE project activity.

The Conference ended at 18.20h.

Regarding the activities as a follow up to the Conference, the publication of the

Proceedings including full papers of all the speakers, is actually being in print. Once published

it will be distributed to the participants, as well as to the science policy authorities on

the international level, European Commission, organizations and national authorities of the

CEI member states. Since it would reflect a comprehensive view given from each of the authors

in the field of their expertise and practice, it could serve as a strategic guide in further

shaping and developing of competitively oriented science policies both at regional and

national level. The Declaration is also produced, adopted unanimously by the Conference

participants, defining the actual state of the matter and drawing appropriate recommendations

in this respect. The Declaration has been included in the Proceedings book. The

Declaration, i.e. conclusions drawn from the Conference has been widely publicized to relevant

international addresses, including science policy makers.

The conclusions and recommendations drawn from the Conference may be formulated as such:

- To encourage better cooperation of scientific institutions in the region

- To recognize the topics of regional interest in the area of research and development

- To encourage EU to build scientific focal points in the region

- To notify the role of the national academies in policy advise to policy makers

- To apply for appropriate R&D funding to EU and other institutions

- To encourage R&D leading to patent production

- To encourage regional network of R&D institutions also in view of joint funding

- To generate joint projects leading to increased competitiveness of the region

- To encourage members of CEI to do interdisciplinary research in next generation biofuels

- To encourage CEI member states to allocate larger amounts of funds to R&D also in view

of optimiz

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