Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts




In October 2010 (20-22), the first phase of the forth project the Swiss Foundation had launched

since its beginning was realized, with good success. The project («Rules and the

Arts») is devoted to fine arts, music and literature. It is studying internal and societal rules

guiding the process of artistic creation. The project is a fruit of close cooperation between

the Foundation and members of the Institute of Art Sciences at the University of Bern, and

the Berne University of Arts. At a three-days symposium international and Swiss experts

referred to artistic works as a basis to discuss the existence, the validity, and the effects

of rules in the arts. Theoretical, politico-cultural as well as aspects of production and

reception were studied in a group of approximately 30 participants. In a public event,

more than hundred guests followed part of the discussions and productions. – Phase 2 is

now devoted to a publication, while phase 3 (2012) will again be open to public dispute

and discussion, including the presentation of the publication.

The Council started to consider and study a fifth project. The (temporary) working title

reads «Religious convictions and the secular constitutional state. The function of religions

in deliberative democracy».


The main effort will be directed towards the conclusion of the fourth and the development

of the fifth projects.


The development of the international financial situation has not been very favourable, although

by the end of 2010 the influence on the capital has not been too bad.– Part of the

fortune was used for the projects. There has not been any inflow.

The Foundation received quite a number of requests of support. It accepted only 2 of

them, both stemming from inside the European Academy. Considering the Foundation's

limited financial potential, the Council maintained its decision to restrict expenses to the

own projects and administration. External applications of support will not be considered.


The Foundation still follows the essential objectives of the European Academy of Sciences

and Arts, with interdisciplinarity, interculturality, internationality, tolerance and projects with

relation to the arts remaining the major guidelines.

Beat Sitter-Liver


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