Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts



In 2010, the Class V (Social Sciences/Law and Economics) of the European Academy of

Sciences and Arts organized several conferences and published numerous conference


From 13 - 14 January 2010, a symposium called „Death and the dead body. An international

and interdisciplinary view onto the autopsy“ took place in Zurich. The symposium was

held under the patronage of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in cooperation

with the University of Zurich and the VW Foundation, Key Issues in the Humanities, project

group „Death and the dead Body“, visit The dean

of the Class V, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Tag, also professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure

Law and Medical Law at the University of Zurich, was in charge of the organizational and

substantial leadership of the symposium. The financing was carried out by the procurement

of third-party funds. The subject of the symposium referred to the fundamental

change of social dealings with death and its significance in modern culture. As an example

of how social dealings with death and its significance can change, the clinical autopsy

can be named. The numbers of autopsies have decreased dramatically in several countries.

The reasons therefore are diverse and meaningful also for the handling of death in

society generally seen. The symposium of the 13th and 14th January 2010 offered a deepened,

interdisciplinary and international perspective. The contributions of the conference

were the following: The European perspective onto the autopsy from a medical point of

view (Prof. Dr. mult. h.c. Felix Unger, Salzburg), Legal aspects of the autopsy under Swiss

Law (Prof. Dr. Brigitte Tag, Zurich), Penologic/Legal aspects of the autopsy under German

Law (Prof. Dr. Tatjana Hörnle, Berlin), The autopsy under the Law of the Russian Federation

(Prof. Dr. Anna Serebrennikova, Moscow, written contribution), The autopsy under

Hungarian Law (Prof. Dr. Eva Kereszty, Budapest), The autopsy under Italian Law (Prof. Dr.

Luigi Foffani, Modena), The autopsy under Turkish Law (Prof. Dr. Yener Ünver, Istanbul),

The human body as raw material (Martina Keller, Hamburg), The costs of dying (Prof. Dr.

Peter Zweifel, Zurich), Grandma’s Body, Daddy’s Corpse and the metamorphosis of the

lately deceased into “dead bodies” (Prof. Dr. Barbara Duden, Hanover), What’s the meaning

of “individual dying”? (Prof. Dr. Claudia Wiesemann, Göttingen), The use of the dead

body from a historical point of view (Prof. Dr. Valentin Groebner, Lucerne), The medicine

and the body (Prof. Dr. Ursula Streckeisen, Berne), Dead people on stage (Univ. Prof. Dr.

Manfred Wagner, Vienna). Among the active participants (presentations/moderations)

there were seven members of the EASA. Furthermore Dr. Marcel Studer, Vice-president of

the foundation Switzerland of the EASA und honorary senator of the EASA participated as

well. The president of the University of Zurich held the welcoming speech. A conference

proceeding from the symposium was published at Campus Verlag, edited by Brigitte Tag

and Dominik Gross, titled “Dealing with the dead body. Autopsy and the dead body in an

international and interdisciplinary perspective”, 2010.


In addition, a conference of the teachers in Medical Law concerning the “Beginning of Life

in the mirror of Medical Law” took place in Zurich from 13 - 15 May 2010. The conference


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