Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


product and process demands and quality standards, in other words “water fit-for-use”.

The four main industries involved are: Paper, Food, Chemistry and Textile .

The director of IoS, Dr. Peter Wilderer, acts a co-editor of the Journal of Sustainability

Science, a journal published by Springer. It is the aim of the journal to convey knowledge

about the interactions within and between global, societal, and human systems, the complex

mechanisms that lead to degradation of these systems, and concomitant risks to

human well-being and security.

IoS supports the activities of Access to Sustainable Knowledge (ASK-EU) which offers

high quality technical knowledge in the scope of environmental technology and management.

National and international experts are presented by their profile with reference to

further knowledge assets (

IoS, through his director, Dr. Peter Wilderer, took a leadership role in the development of a

Treatise on Water Science published by the Elsevier publishing company in February 2011.

The Treatise is to be understood as a major reference work (encyclopaedia). It consists of

4 volumes dedicated to: Management of Water Resources, Hydrology, Aquatic Chemistry

and Microbiology, Water Supply, Sanitation and Recovery, and water for Industry.


The activities of the Institute are being financed by donations and by coverage of project

specific costs by partner institutions such as the Technical University of Munich, the

Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern and the Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Health.


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