Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2010 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts



Riga, Head of the Delegation JÇnis Stradi¿‰

Akademijas laukums 1, Riga, LV 1050, Latvia

Latvian Academy of Sciences

Phone +371 67213663

Fax +371 67821153



The European–Latvian Institute “Eurolat” (hereinafter – Institute) took its current name in

March 2006, after the transformation of the European – Latvian Institute for Cultural and

Scientific Exchange “Eurolat”, founded in 1993. According to the Statutes of the Institute,

it is an association of scientists without rights of a juridical person that functions within the

structure of Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS). The Institute functions as a link between

LAS and EASA and in its action joins and encourages the main tasks of EASA. The Institute

performs the following tasks:

- developing an action plan in accordance to the plans and prospective projects of EASA,

- solving questions connected with the work of the Delegation of Latvia ,

- running the European Prize (Felix Prize) scheme,

- organizing scientific conferences, workshops and the publishing of printed materials

The Institute was sad to announce the death of Professor Uldis Viesturs (1936-2010),

member of EASA since 1993, who was, together with J. Stradi¿‰, the first curator of the

Institute. Professor U. Viesturs was also the very first from Latvia, who became acquainted

with F. Unger in the fall of 1990 and invited him to visit the Baltic countries.


The Institute holds a conference and the Felix prize ceremony every second (third) year.

The reporting year was the “off” year. In 2010, the members of Institute were engaged in

several of scientific events in Latvia and in the Baltics. Of particular importance were:

The 24 th International Baltic Conference on the History of Science in Tallinn in October

2010. A presentation The European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Its Impact on Latvia,

jointly authored by J. Stradi¿‰ and A. Draveniece, was submitted to the conference. This

material has been prepared for publishing, in 2011, in a peer-reviewed international

research journal The Proceedings of the Institute for European Studies, Journal of Tallinn

University of Technology.

The 12 th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation, held by the Lithuanian Academy of

Sciences in Vilnius in November. This time the theme was “Science and Society”. These

conferences always include the meeting of the presidents of the Baltic academies of sciences.

Professor J. Stradi¿‰ made a presentation Beginnings of the Intellectual Entente of

the Baltic States (1920-1935-1940) during which he referred to the contribution of the

EASA to publishing the 7th conference materials in the Annals of EASA (Vol. 30, No. 10,

2001 Towards a Baltic Europe).


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