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Letter from the Publisher

With summer approaching, the event calendar is exploding.

There are so many great happenings to check out this month

that will be fun for the whole family. Plus, check out the huge

listing of summer concerts.

I am so excited about the Eventful Cook Off on June 2nd. I

can't wait to see who brings home the bacon trophy. If you can't

make it, we'll have full coverage of the event in the July issue.

June is a great month to dust off the grill and get the back yard ready for a barbeque.

Whether you are celebrating dads or grads, we've got you covered for great

entertaining. Plus, we have some great ideas to make Father's Day special.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...especially mine!

Thank you for being Eventful!


Rebecca Bertoldi


Rebecca Bertoldi

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Networking in June

Professional Women of Westchester

Monday, June 3 from 6-8 p.m.

Morton's The Steakhouse,

9 Maple Ave., White Plains

$15 pp/members; $20 pp/non-members

Cash Bar; MUST Register to Attend

The Greater Mahopac-Carmel

Chamber of Commerce

Business Before Breakfast

Tuesday, June 10 at 8 a.m.

Olympic Diner, Route 6, Mahopac

$15 pp; RSVP 845-628-5553

Professional Women of Putnam

The Power of Email Marketing

Wednesday, June 12 from 6-9 p.m.

Rt. 6 Taphouse@ 728 Route 6, Mahopac

$15 pp: hors d'oeuvres; Cash Bar.

Brewster Chamber of Commerce

June Dinner Meeting

Wednesday, June 20 at 6 p.m.

Thai Elephant 2 Restaurant, Patterson

$30 pp: Hors d'ourves, Cash Bar, Dinner

845-279-2477 •

Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

June Networking Meeting

Monday, June 24 at 6 p.m.

Mohansic Grill & Lounge @

1500 Baldwin Rd., Yorktown Heights


The Greater Mahopac-Carmel

Chamber of Commerce

June Dinner Meeting

Tuesday, June 25 at 5:30 p.m.

Putnam Golf Course

187 Hill St., Mahopac

Cash Bar; $35 pp. RSVP: 845-628-5553




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4 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Hit the Spot:

By Nicole Gallagher

I am always looking for inspiration when

it comes to my job as a local “foodie.” Sampling

new foods, checking out new places

or looking back to some things I may have

missed in an old location is a great gig for a

food junkie. From fine dining to everyday

family-style eateries, we hit them all.

A few months back I kept reading promotions

all over Facebook from a local

man named Angelo Notaro -- a.k.a. “Big

Ang” -- who had spearheaded the First

Hudson Valley Pizza Fest. The event was

held at Arbor Ridge Catering in Hopewell

Junction, where people from all over came

out in droves to sample and judge local pizza.

I love local food contests for one reason;

real people casting a vote for real places. I

love hearing about the little guys, the momand-pops,

a dining location where people

within the county can actually go to grab a

bite to eat. One category, in particular, caught

my attention; “Best Sauce,” which was awarded

to Gappy’s of Carmel.

For over 10 years, Gappy’s Pizza has been

craved by those living in and about the Carmel-based

hot spot at 1323 Route 52. Gappy’s

is a hopping location, featuring traditional

Italian pizza, which accompanies Italian cuisine.

The key to any successful meal is always

the “secret sauce.” The secret sauce is what

makes the hand-tossed dough and melted

gooey cheese so flavorful. For generations,

pizza has made its mark as the

cost-effective, go-to food that is available

nearly everywhere, can be eaten in hand,

is fun to share with friends and great to

eat cold as leftovers.

So I wanted to know, what other dishes

•restaurants & reviews•

Go-Go Gappy’s Pizza

does Gappy’s serve with this delicious sauce?

So I decided to call a few friends and take a

journey to sample some sauces for myself,

to see what you the people voted for and to

see what Gappy’s had going on with the new-

found title of “Best Sauce” winner. This journey

had me and my best foodie friends ordering

like we were never going to eat again. We

kicked our meal off with the HV Pizza Fest

sauce winning pizza pie and continued on to

many newfound favorites.

The first thing we noticed; the dine-in

menu was affordable, which is always a great

start. Our young waitress offered us suggestions

and we took all of her advice. I love

when the waitstaff backs the food without

hesitation. She claimed the chicken supreme

was the best; chicken served with peperon-

cini’s and red bell pepper in a garlic sherry


We all agreed she was correct and the

sauce was quite tasty. A nightly special that

makes it to the special board is often is always

worth a try, and the Seafood Pasta, a

hefty bowl of mussels, clams, shrimp and

lobster in a red sauce over pasta, was on

the money. To my pleasant surprise, a pizza

place that can make a tasty bowl of fish

equals good times. We got to enjoy a meal

of “real” food while my children enjoyed

their pizza.

Gappy’s offers over two dozen different

kind of pizzas, including gluten-free. We

all agreed with those who voted in the HV

Best Pizza contest, “The Grandma’s pie” was

topped with exquisite sauce. We used the

pizza as an appetizer. Don’t pass over the subs

and rolls. Our table’s favorite was the veggie

roll, which was packed with lightly breaded

eggplant, spinach, broccoli and cheese, and

served with a thick marinara sauce.

About the place: our dining pals, along with

all our kids, completely enjoyed the laid-back

surroundings, and a no-fuss meal experience

perfect for a busy Monday night. We did all

notice that the take-out section was hopping,

which is always available.

In fact, Gappy’s is open seven days a week

(Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.;

Friday through Saturday, 11 a.m. – 2

a.m.; Sunday noon to 9 p.m.) with both

indoor and outdoor seating, as well as

a bar-type area to enjoy a quick meal

or slice. Alcohol is served on premises.

Weekly specials and catering are available.

Find Gappy’s on Facebook today or

call 845-878-0800. 5

•restaurants & reviews•

Who's Got It: Ice Cream Sundaes

Sweet Sundaes: 845-628-3035; 953 Rt.

6, Mahopac

Scoops 'N More: 845-225-5267; 88 Gleneida

Ave., Carmel

Twist Frozen Yogurt Bar & Sweet Shop:

914-302-2600; 2022 Saw Mill River Rd.,

Yorktown Hts.

King Kone Treats: 845-878-4666; 3119

Rt. 22, Patterson

Red Rooster Drive-In: 845-279-8046;

1566 Rt. 22, Brewster

Frozenberry: 845-809-5323; 116 Main

St., Cold Spring

Johnny Gelato; 845-225-0076; 1100 Rt.

52, Kent Town Centre, Kent;

Fro-Yo Fusion: 845-803-8174; 606 Rt. 6,


Uncle Louie G's Italian Ices: 845-803-

8531; 924 South Lake Blvd., Mahopac;

Heinchon's Old Farm House Homemade

Ice Cream: 845-878-6262; Rt. 22,


Moo Moo's Creamery: 845-204-9230;

32 West St., Cold Spring;

Burgers s Wraps s Tacos

Salads s Soups s and More!

Weekend Breakfast s Delivery


4 Cherry Lane, Mahopac

Readers’ Choice:



Longford’s Own-Made Ice

Cream: 914-935-9469; locations

in Rye and Greenwhich, CT,

plus local shops;

Rocnroe's Pop Shop: 914-747-

9797; 11 Wheeler Ave., Pleasantville;

Lighthouse, Ice Cream and

Coffee: 914-502-0339; 127 West

Main Street at the Hudson Harbor,


Zora Dora's Micro Batch Ice

Cream and Paletas: 646-206-

3982; 201 Main St., Beacon;

Adams Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor:

845-454-4330; located in

the Poughkeepsie Adams Fairacre

Farms Market, 765 Dutchess

Turnpike, Poughkeepsie; www.


Go Go Pops: 845-809-5600; 64

Main St., Cold Spring;

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6 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

•restaurants & reviews•

BBQ Sauce

By Donna Massaro

It’s hard to put my finger on when BBQ

sauce was discovered. Sauces go back

thousands of years. Many large companies

claim that they had the first BBQ

sauce. From what I could find, in Atlanta,

Ga.-based BBQ company, bottled and

sold their sauce in 1909. Heinz, which is

a well-known name, didn't release their

BBQ sauce until 1940.

Bar-b-queing is one of the most popular

ways of cooking in the summer time.

Friends and family gather, large slabs of

meat are basted and marinated for days,

and then thrown on the grill. There are

BBQ sauce competitions, trophies given

out and money to be won. People take

their Bar-b-queing pretty seriously. It is

one of the largest industries. Just take a

look at the shelves in your local grocery

store. How do you even begin to choose?

Different regions are known for different

sauces. In the United States the

northern regions are typically tomato-


Freight House

based sauces while the southern

regions are vinegar and mustard.

The Caribbean throws

some jerky flavorings in and the

Japanese add teriyaki and soy.

Most of the BBQ sauces you

purchase have one of the oldest

ingredients included in their recipe

and that is Louisiana hot sauce. It has

been around since 1868.

So this unique sauce with so many different

variations is a mystery of where it

truly started but has been around for a

long time. I suggest buying a few from

the store and have a little taste test. Make

sure to check for the most natural and

healthiest ingredients, and stay away from

high fructose corn syrup. And if you decide

to make your own there are many,

many different recipes to choose from.

But I wouldn’t ask your neighbor, I’m sure



609 Route 6, Mahopac, NY

Mon. - Fri.: 9am - 7pm, Sat. & Sun: 10am - 3pm



he’s got that recipe locked up somewhere

for know one to find.

I did, however, come across this recipe,

which claims to be the oldest recipe on

record dating back to the early 1900s. I

have not tried it, but encourage you to do

so and write to me to let know what you

think. I'd

love to hear about it.

Mrs. Howard's BBQ Sauce - Ca. 1913


¼ pound butter (room temperature)

¼ cup water

1 teaspoon dry mustard

1 teaspoon tabasco sauce

Dash of cayenne pepper

Chopped parsley

2 tablespoons ketchup

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons vinegar

½ teaspoon onion salt

1 tablespoon tomato sauce

Combine all ingredients until well


Add half of your BBQ sauce to a large

zippered plastic bag with your ribs and

let it marinate for at least one hour -

overnight would be best.

Store the other half for cooking your

meat. Be sure to dispose of the sauce in

the bag after its been used.

Recipe from

A Healthy Array of Tasty Treasures

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Asian Chicken Salad

As the weather begins to get warmer,

I find fewer reasons to turn the

oven on. I also gravitate towards lots

of fruits and vegetables thrown into

meals. This Asian chicken salad is the

perfect combination of chicken and

vegetables with a light dressing and a

lot of crunch. The best part is, the only

thing you actually cook… is the chicken!

Really easy. You can also use a large

convection oven if you don’t want your

kitchen oven on. It works just as well.

What you will need:

4 chicken thighs (bone in, skin on

or off)

Drizzle of vegetable oil

Rotisserie chicken seasoning

2 red peppers, seeded and diced

1 cup green beans

1 cup cooked sweet peas

3 scallions, chopped

A few tablespoons toasted white sesame

seeds, for garnish

For dressing:

1 cup olive oil



American Farm-to-Table Cuisine

•restaurants & reviews•

1/3 cup light soy sauce

3 Tbsp sesame oil

3 Tbsp honey

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

¼ - ½ cup creamy peanut butter



512 Clock Tower Drive, Brewster, New York 10509

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place

chicken on a baking sheet and rub with the vegetable

oil. Sprinkle rotisserie chicken seasoning

on each chicken thigh

and rub into the meat. If

you can’t find rotisserie

seasoning, use whatever

spices you enjoy. I use

chicken thighs because

they tend to be a lot

moister than a chicken

breast. That’s my opinion.

By all means, you

can use chicken breast

if you like them better.

I leave the skin on, even

though I pull it off after,

because I love crispy,

roasted chicken skin.

Guilty pleasure. Don’t



with Theresa Narvesen


tell anyone!

The chicken goes in the oven for 35-40 minutes

until golden brown and very moist. Test it

to be sure it’s cooked all the way through. Remove

the thighs from the oven and allow them

to rest and cool completely.

Meanwhile, prepare all your veggies. Chop

the red peppers and green beans into bite size

pieces. I like to keep all chicken and veggies

roughly the same size in this dish. They’re a lot

easier to eat. In a bowl, combine the peppers,

green beans, sweet peas, chopped scallions, and

a few tablespoons of sesame seeds. Mix it all

together. When the chicken has cooled, shred

from the bone and chop into bite size pieces.

Mix with the vegetables in the bowl. Easy so

far? Good! You’re almost done! Time to make

what will soon be one of your favorite dressings.

In a bowl large enough for whisking, combine

the olive oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, honey,

garlic, ginger, and peanut butter. Use some

muscle and mix it all together with a whisk. The

peanut butter is hard to break down at first, but

if you use a whisk it makes it a lot easier. Now,

you can add some dressing and toss with the

salad, or you can serve individual salads and

add dressing to each portion. Sprinkle the top

with sesame seeds and dig in. If you love sesame

seeds as much as I do, add a bit more when

no one is looking. It will be our little secret.

*Cook’s note – This recipe makes a lot of dressing,

so get creative and use it on another salad,

steamed veggies, or even as a marinade!



616 Route 6, Mahopac


Take Out & Catering

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8 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

•restaurants & reviews•

Cooking with Kids Dessert for Dad

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

With the summer swelter ahead, scores

of youngsters will be screaming for ice

cream, so get them started with a twist by

kicking off summer with an ice cream dish

made especially for Dad this Father’s Day.

Making homemade ice cream is easy as

making ice. With only a few simple ingredients,

it will keep kids of all ages entertained

(or craving a sample), even the little

ones. This homemade dessert will also be

a fun activity, teaching your little ones a little

science along the way. They'll learn that

adding salt to ice makes the ice melt slowly,

which lowers the melted water's temperature

enough to turn ordinary cream into

ice cream! Fun, educational and yummy

… how could you not do this today.

Things You Will Need

(makes approximately two scoops of

soft-serve ice cream)

1 resealable plastic freezer bag, 1-gallon


1 resealable plastic bag, 1-pint size

Ice cubes

Sea salt or kosher salt

2 tbsp. white sugar

1 cup half-and-half cream

Vanilla extract


Fill gallon bag with ice (¼ bag). Sprinkle

3 tablespoons sea or kosher salt on top of


Place 1 cup of half-and-half cream, a

heavy 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and 2 tablespoons

of white sugar in a pint-size plastic

bag. Seal the bag.

Place the pint-size bag (make sure it is

closed well) inside the gallon-size freezer

bag. Add more ice, enough so that the

smaller bag is surrounded by ice. Sprinkle

3 more tablespoons of salt on the ice. Seal

the freezer bag.

Kids get ready to shake, shake, shake the

bag. Gently shake the freezer bag back and

forth (about 5 minutes). Monitor progress

to make sure the bag’s seals stay closed.

Take out smaller bag clean off with paper

towel; be sure to do this very well so

that the salt doesn’t get into the bag. Dish

out homemade ice cream, top with favorite

toppings and serve.

One Side Note: The bag can get cold, so

grab your mittens or even a pillow case to

protect little hand from getting too cold.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads — Enjoy!

Family Fun in Putnam Valley

Putnam Valley Town Park 156 Oscawana Lake Road & Town Park Lane • 845-526-3292

2013 FREE Summer

Concert Line Up

June 15th “Almost Famous” Classic Rock 7 -10 p.m.

June 29th “Sundown Band” Southern Rock

7 -10 p.m.

July 13th “U2 Nation” 7 -10 p.m.

July 27th Car Show 3 - 7 p.m. with music by

“Silver Creek Band” & “The Suburban Brothers”

August 10th Country Artist, “Tracey DeLucia” 6 p.m.

and Honky Tonk Band, “Wastin’ Bullets”

7:30 p.m.

& “Nite Shade” 9 p.m.

FREE Hot Dog

at Any Summer Concert with this Flyer.

2013 Season Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

2013 Sunset Series is Sponsored by:

Heritage Funeral Home-Agnes,

Candace & Courtney Powe

Kappas Pumps & Plumbing

Northern Westchester Putnam

Physical Therapy

Putnam Valley Rotary

Putnam Valley Pharmacy

Sam Oliverio-Putnam County Legislator

The Beading Den

Hollowbrook Travel

Putnam Valley Senior Club

Putnam Valley Florist

Once Upon a Time Preschool

& Child Care Center

Shear Sensation

Caitlyn’s Fight

PV Lions Club

WANT UPDATES? Find us on Facebook: Putnam Valley Sunset Series 9

By Kerry Barger

Dads may be a dime a dozen, but your

dad is one of kind -- and the countdown

to Father’s Day is growing nearer and

nearer. While it may be a little too late

to scour the Internet and get something

special shipped to your home, there’s still

time to gather up some creativity for a

DIY Dad project.

From cards and trinkets and gifts to

keepsakes, there are many ways to express

your love and appreciation for

Dad, with a little help via a trip to the local

craft store or even with the materials

from your own home. So grab some glue,

get a little crafty, and check out these

projects for this year’s Father’s Day.

The Mustache Man Mug

Visit your local hardware store and

grab a handful of black paint sample

cards. Trace a mustache of any kind --

handlebar, Fu Machu, goatee -- and cut

out your man-scape of choice with a pair

of scissors. With a dab Krazy Glue, paste

the ‘stache near the top of the rim, preferably

parallel to a drinker’s upper lip.

Now Dad can enjoy a cool cup-of-Joe

without the worry and irritation from his

5 o’clock shadow.

Big Gulp Drink Coasters

Dads are infamous for having a onea-kind,

special drink, be it a soda, juice,

or adult beverage (or all three.) Carefully

•kids corner•

DIY Dad Projects for Father's Day


Kid Escape

The only way to jump,

bounce, slide and play!

Right off 684 & Rte 22

Bounce House

Arcades • Parties


16 Mount Ebo Rd. South

Brewster, NY 10509

remove the label from a bottle of soda,

juice or beer bottle. Paste the piece, consisting

of equidistant sides (with Krazy

Clue) atop square felt, glass or plastic. No

rings on the coffee table, no problems.

The Mancake

The best present comes from the stomach

-- ergh, heart. Feed the inner need of

your Dad by preparing him the perfect

mancake (or pancake, for short.) Create

mini pancakes using colored icing to

mimic the lacing and lines of a baseball,

basketball or football. Feeling creative?

Shape your mancakes into a tie and use

crazy patterns to impress even the most

white-collared dads.

Candy Bow Tie

This one’s easy -- satisfy the sweet

tooth of your Dad by buying some of his

favorite candies in bag form. Tie a rubber

band tightly to the center of the bag, so

it’s cinched just like a bow tie in the middle.

Plant these tasty treats throughout

your the house -- especially in the spots

your dad visits the most, for a full day of

daddy fun.

Plant the Seeds

Each of our fathers has a secret green

thumb, so why not celebrate this planting

prowess with a custom made planter?

Pick a crazy-colored planter (or paint one

your father’s most coveted color) and attach

a tie made specifically of his tastes

-- crazy polka dots, stripes and other patterns

to show off your father’s funky flare

and provide a home to his favorite flora.

Graduation Cakes

Order a


Cake for

Any Special


Call Today!

845.278.2555 •

10 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Father’s Day Fun

By Heather Clark

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th this year.

Here are some fun things to do with your dad

this Father’s Day.

For the sporty dad, there are always minor

league baseball games like the Hudson Valley

Renegades at Dutchess Stadium or the

Bridgeport Bluefish at the Ballpark at Harbor

Yard. For information on games and rain

outs or to find a minor league baseball team

in your area visit the minor league baseball

website: Batting cages are

also a good idea. Challenge dad to a home

run derby, or bring him out for a golf outing

and challenge him to a game.

For the dad who spends his day doing yard

work, try planting an herb garden with him.

Herb gardens are fun and easy to do. Just

visit a local garden center and pick up some

herbs. You can also purchase planters at the

gardening centers. When you return home,

clear a space for the planters and just plant

the herbs. These herbs can be used in some of

your family’s favorite meals. Planting flowers

is another fun outdoor activity to do.

Summer Never

Tasted So Good

Melchner Family

Owned & Operated

Since 1969

There are various zoos around the area that

you could take the day to explore. The Bear

Mountain zoo is an inexpensive trip that

costs $2 for adults and $1 for children! The

Bear Mountain Zoo is the home of a couple

of bears, a coyote and a pair of playful otters.

The zoo is open from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

7 days a week. For more information on this

zoo please visit their website:

. The Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport

is another great zoo to visit. The Beardsley

Zoo is the home of tigers, sloths and some

wolves. The zoo is open 7 days a week from 9

a.m. until 4 p.m. Adult tickets are $12, children

and seniors are $10 and children under

3 years old are free. For more information on

the Beardsley Zoo visit their website: www. .

If your dad’s into culinary this Father’s day

make it all about food! Cook up your dad’s

favorite meals with him. Maybe even add

your own special touches to make his favorite

meals even greater!

Does your dad enjoy crafts? Enjoy some

carpentry or painting. Making birdhouses is

Stop in Today at



to Create Your


Summer Fun


897 South Lake Blvd.,

Mahopac, NY 10541


a fun way to bond. Maybe even make a house

for the family pet. Painting a picture could

also add to dad’s special day.

Father’s Day is an entire day dedicated to

the best men in our lives. It is a great day

to show how much you love and appreciate

everything your dad does. Hope these tips

helped. Have a Happy Father’s Day!


Fine Jewelry LLC

We Buy to Resell, Not to Scrap

*Cash Paid*


Cell 914-213-8749

171 Main St., Cold Spring, NY

Hours: Thurs - Fri: 10am - 4pm

Sat - Sun: 10am - 5:30pm 11

By Sarah Brianna

The weather is getting warmer which

means more and more people will be dealing

with sunburns. Besides premature

signs of aging, excessive sunburns can lead

to skin cancer which is the number one

type of cancer in the United States. Many

people believe common myths about sun

protection that can also lead to multiple

sunburns. It is very important to protect

yourself from the power of the sun and understand

what that really entails.

When you think of skincare for the sun

the most commonly used term is SPF. SPF

refers to the Sun Protection Factor scale,

which is used to protect the skin from UVB

rays. Ultraviolet Rays come in two forms

UVB and UVA. Ultraviolet A rays are

long-wave rays that cause aging of the skin.

When these rays affect you it can cause age

spots or other forms of damage to the skin.

The Ultraviolet B rays are short-wave rays

and they are what cause the burning of

the skin. SPF only protects against UVB

rays. When searching for a sunscreen you

should look for something that has UVA/

UVB broad-spectrum protection.

Many types of sunburn can be caused

my insufficient SPF protection. People often

don’t understand how the numbers

work with a SPF sunscreen. It is a matter

of understanding a very simple math equation.

The calculation for finding out the

effectiveness of an SPF for a person is to

multiply how long it takes an unprotected

person to burn by the SPF number. For

•beauty & style•

Facts on Keeping Your Skin Protected From The Sun

We Shoot,

You Score!

Event and Sports Photography

Packages for all Budgets

Call Today!

example, if a person takes 20 minutes to

turn red and they apply SPF 15 it is going

to take 300 minutes before they burn. My

rule of thumb is to reapply sunscreen at

least every two hours. When you’re in the

sun often perspiration can cause the sunscreen

to break down and be less effective.

The more you reapply the better protected

your skin is.

Okay so you have read this, followed my

steps, and still managed to get sunburned.

How did that happen? The American public

often doesn’t apply enough sunscreen.

The correct amount of protection you


Weekend & Evenings Hours by Appointment

should use is enough to fill a standard shot

glass. Usually there is enough sunscreen

in a bottle to last 5 to 7 times in the sun.

Not the entire summer! If you happen

to get sunburned I recommend leaving

the sun immediately and applying fresh

aloe vera. This African plant is perfect for

soothing and healing minor sunburns. Often

people head straight to the store and

purchase some sort of after sun product

containing aloe vera. I strongly recommend

against this. Typically those over the

counter products contain alcohol, which is

the worst thing to put on a burn. You want

to keep the burn hydrated and alcohol will

only dry it out. To help ease the pain of a

burn try applying cold compresses on and

off every 15 minutes. If you get a burn that

blisters you should seek help from a medical

professional before applying anything


Now that we have straightened out the

facts for summer skincare it should be

much easier choosing the right product to

keep you protected. Just remember these

key points and you should be fine. Choose

a product with SPF that will protect against

UVA/UVB damage. Use a number that

will keep you protected longer. The higher

the number SPF the better! Use one ounce

per application, about enough to fill a shot

glass. If you burn, use aloe vera plant to

soothe and heal the burn. With these simple

points you should be fully prepared for

a summer of fun in the sun!

12 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Putnam County

Ready to Golf?

Rediscover One of Putnam's Finest Courses


Putnam County Golf Course

(845) 628-4200

187 Hill St., Mahopac, NY 10541

For More Fun in Putnam County, call 845-808-1015, Find us on Facebook and Twitter or Visit

tnam County Golf Course, formerly known as Putnam National is now open for



What’s a tell-tale sign of summer?

The sound of music drifting along

a warm breeze! Music is often described

as the universal language since everyone

can create it and use it as a tool to commu-


nicate their feelings and emotions. The summer

is a great time of the year to sit out on a nice

green lawn, relax on a towel or a blanket and

enjoy beautiful and great music or get up and

dance to the funky sounds of your favorite art-

in the

ists. Music festivals are a great way to introduce

kids to the many genres of music and the many

instruments used to create the music they listen



The Putnam Valley Parks and Recreation will

host the 2013 Sunset Series Concert events

at 156 Oscawana Lake Road in Putnam Valley

at the Leonard Wagner Memorial Town Park.

The events are sponsored by the Putnam Val-


ley Parks & Recreation Department. Sunset

Series provides an opportunity to share some

fun, food, music and more with friends and

neighbors. The stage is set up on a spacious

field, where folks can bring chairs and blankets,

as well as seating in the pavilion area where af-

By Heather Clark

fordable fare is always served. Check the website

at or call, 845-

526-3292 for more details.

If you enjoy Latin or jazz music

and baseball, then the 2013 Ridge

Hill Summer Concert Series opening

performance is definately for

you. The kick off to the concert series

will feature Bernie Williams

and his All-Star Band. The former

Yankee has released quite a few albums

that embrace his Puerto Rican

heritage and life-long love of music.

This concert is free to the public

on Thursday, June 27th at 6 p.m. at

Westchester’s Ridge Hill. The rain

date for this performance will be

July 1st.

The Alive @ Five Concert Series

in Stamford offers different performances

with music ranging from

country to alternative rock. The

lineup for this year’s Alive @ Five

Concerts start up on June 20th with

the alternative rock band the Wallflowers.

Some of the acts include

The Mavericks, Ryan Cabrera and

Howie Day. The series takes place

on Thursday evenings at 5 p.m. in

Columbus Park. There will be no

concert on the evening of July 4th.

The concerts will be held rain or

shine. There is a $15 attendance fee

for each concert. Children aged 12

and under are free but must enter

Putnam Valley Summer Concert Series - before 7 p.m. and cannot leave and

reenter the concert. For more information regarding

rules and other performances please go


Hyde Park hosts an annual concert series

called "Music in the Parks" at Vanderbilt National

Historic Site and Staatsburgh (Mills State

Park). All of the concerts will be held outside

and are free of charge. The series starts off on

Wednesday, June 5th at 7 p.m. with Hyde Park

Schools at Mills Mansion. Some other acts

include The Big Band Sound, Saints of Swing

and Four Guys in Disguise. For the full lineup

and more information regarding the Music in

the Parks series visit

In case of rain,

please call 229-8086 before 4 p.m. to check for

a rain location.

Rye Playland hosts plenty of concerts over

the summer. You can take a ride on the famous

Dragon Coaster and listen to some great music

from a large variety of artists. Currently they

only have a few acts lined up but there will be

more announced soon. On June 2nd, Conor

Maynard, a pop artist from England, will take

the stage. On July 20th the electo-pop-rock

band Midnight Red will be performing. On

August 10th the Kidz Bop Kids will perform a

wide variety of today’s hit music. More concerts

will be held at Playland but have yet to be announced.

For more information visit the Playland


On Sunday June 2nd K-104.7, the hit radio

station of the Hudson Valley, will be holding

their annual KFEST at Dutchess Stadium. Famous

popular culture acts such as The Wanted,

One Republic and Cher Lloyd will be sharing

the stage for this all-day event. Tickets are $45

each and can be won through the radio station.

For more information regarding the concert

visit the K-104.7 website

Get there fast because tickets are limited.

On Sunday, June 2nd at 7 p.m. Singer Natalie

Merchant and the Kalmia Sting Quartet will

share the stage with some local women singers

to bring attention on the major problem of domestic

violence in the Hudson Valley. The local

singers include Amy Helm, Simi Stone, Elizabeth

Mitchell and Yungchen Lhamo. The concert

will raise funds for the Washbourne House

of Ulster County and Grace Smith House of

Dutchess County. The concert will be held in

the Sosnoff Theater and tickets will be $40, $65,

$80 and $250. The $250 tickets are special benefit

tickets that include a post-performance reception

with the artists. For more information

and to purchase your tickets please fishercenter.

On Sunday June 9th at 4 p.m. in St. Mary’s

Church in Wappingers Falls, the Interfaith

Music Festival will be held. The theme for this

year’s festival will be “Let All God’s Children

14 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Sing” and is being dedicated to the memory of

the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School

in Connecticut. “Let All God’s Children Sing”

is the name of the song that the Interfaith Children’s

Choir will be performing. The Adult

Interfaith Choir will perform many selections

from various faith traditions. Directors Polly

James, Cantor Rena Shapiro, Barbara Davis are

back to make this festival even more special.

An original piece composed and arranged by

Gretchen Gould will be debuted in tribute of

the lives lost in December at Sandy Hook Elementary

School. This piece is based on children’s

songs and traditional works of requiem

from the Christian tradition. Some of these

songs will be sung in Latin, while others will be

performed in English. St. Mary’s Choir, directed

by Theresa Fox, will also join the Interfaith

Choirs. For more information regarding this

event please visit their website

If you are environmentally-conscious and

love music, then this may be the festival for you.

The Clearwater Music and Environmental

Festival will be held on June 15th and June 16th

this year in beautiful Croton-on-Hudson. This

festival brings people from all over the country

to honor the Hudson River through songs,

education and action. The Clearwater Festival

was started on one man’s desire to return the

Hudson River to its natural beauty. After more

than 40 years, the concert has taught people to

respect the River and to take care of the natural

world around them. The lineup and ticket

prices are yet to be announced but for more information

please visit their website

The Hudson Valley Society for Music will

present their 14th annual Hudson Valley

Bachfest. On Saturday, June 15th at 2 p.m.

the Young Performers’ Concert will be held at

Cornwall Presbyterian Church. This is a free

event but donations are greatly appreciated.

The “Main Event” will take place at Christ Episcopal

Church. The BachFest Orchestra will be

performing at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for general

admission and children under 12 are free.

For more information please visit the Hudson

Valley Society of Music’s website at

The Westchester Broadway Theatre will

host The Duprees. On June 18th, The Duprees

will be performing at 6:15 p.m. Come and enjoy

The Duprees’ most memorable songs such

as ‘You Belong To Me’, ‘Take Me As I Am’, ‘My

Own True Love’, and ‘Please Let Her Know’.

There will be an opening comedian. Each ticket

is $80 (plus tax) per person.

On Saturday, July 13th at 11:30 a.m. Nassau

Coliseum will be hosting the Vans Warped

Tour 2013. This concert is highly recommend-


ed for fans of techno and rock music. The concert

will feature bands such as Allstar Weekend,

Black Veil Brides, blessthefall, Bowling For

Soup, Forever the Sickest Kids, the Summer Set

and many, many more artists will be there. For

tickets visit the Coliseum website coliseum-ny.

com and for the full lineup of artists visit the

Warped Tour website at www.vanswarpedtour.


In Nassau County, Wantagh Park presents

the Summer Concerts Under the Stars series.

Starting on July 12th SixGun, a premier

Country/Rock band in the tri-state area. On

July 19th the hybrid band Banooba will take

the stage with their mix of funk, jazz, reggae

and rock. Both concerts are free of charge and

will begin at 7:30 p.m. Both concerts take place

in Wantagh Park in southeast Nassau County.

For more information please visit

If jazz is your thing, the Hudson Valley Jazz

Festival is for you! Starting on August 8th until

August 11th, enjoy a wide array of jazz artists

from around the area including Jeff Ciampa,

Mark Egan, Terry Silverlight David Mann,

Fred Hersch, Dave Lievman, The Mike Jackson

Trio and many more. Opening night will be on

August 8th on the Village Green in Warwick

featuring Jeff CIampa, Mark Egan and Terry

Silverlight David Mann. The concert will begin

at 7 p.m. For more information about the Jazz

Festival please visit their website

The Mid-Hudson Civic Center offers some

concerts throughout the summer. On Monday;

June 3rd they will host Earth, Wind & Fire at 8

p.m. The Civic Center will also host the Super

Soul Fest 2013 with acts such as Melba Moore,

The Blue Notes and The Intruders. The Super

Soul Fest will take place on Saturday; July 13th

at 8 p.m. For tickets and more information regarding

these events visit the Civic Center website

On June 26th the Caramoor Center for Music

and the Arts will host Dancing at Dusk: Swing

Night with Dandy Wellington and His Band.

This event is for all ages! This is the fifth season

of the concert. It is inspired by the Big Band Era

of Jazz. Dandy Wellington and His Band will

get you moving and grooving to the golden age

of jazz in New Orleans. Children can dance to

the music, talk to the musicians, get to know

the instruments used and ask questions. The

concert will take place at 5 p.m. Tickets cost $10

for adults and $5 for children. Another Dancing

at Dusk Event is the Dancing at Dusk : Salsa

Night with the Funky Guajiros. This event will

be held on July 10th. Bring your beach blankets

and chairs, although you will not be using

them for long, and enjoy singing and dancing.

This event is also designed for children where

they can interact with the musicians and have

a great time! The concert starts at 5 p.m. Tickets

are $10 for adults and $5 for children. The

Dancing at Dusk Events strongly encourage the

whole family to get up, dance and even bring

their own instruments to join the fun! For more

information regarding these events please visit

the Arts of Westchester website.

On June 29th the Caramoor Center will host

the American Roots Music Festival. Some performers

include The Stray Birds, Heritage Blues

Quartet and Spuyten Duyvil. There are a lot of

activities for the children too! Bring a blanket

or your beach chair and enjoy the sweet sound

of music. The concert begins at 12 p.m. and

ends at 6 p.m. Ticket prices are $25 for adults

and $12.50 for children. For more information

please visit the Arts of Westchester Website.

The Caramoor Center for Music and the

Arts will host the 20th Anniversary Caramoor

Jazz Festival. Since 1993 the Festival has presented

the finest jazz musicians from superstars

to upcoming artists. The Jazz Festival still offers

a wide variety of Jazz acts from the new up and

coming artists to the world renowned. There

is reserved seating and the ticket cost ranges

from $15 to $55. The Festival starts at 2 p.m.

Do not hesitate! Reserve your seats today! For

information on ticket sales and other information

regarding the 20th Anniversary Caramoor

Jazz Festival Please Visit the Arts of Westchester


The Arts of Westchester website has a calendar

of different concerts and festivals that you

and your family can enjoy. The concerts and

festivals range from jazz to folk tunes. For information

regarding more of the concerts and

festivals taking place in Westchester county

visit the website

Music is used around the world as an art form

and a way of communication. Children can use

their imaginations to create worlds using music

as a medium. Not to mention, concerts are a

perfect date night activity! Do not hesitate and

call, click and go to these amazing festivals and

concerts offered throughout the region. 15

Money Management Tips

Your Momma Would Love

5Prepared by MetLife, Delivered courtesy of Michael Bucci, Financial Advisor, Metlife

Guys and gals…listen, when you’re

in your twenties, probably at your

first job, stuggling to make ends

meet, saving for your future may be

the least of your concerns. Even with

decades of work ahead of you, however,

in these uncertain times, saving

for your future, even retirement, isn’t

something you can afford to put off.

Wondering where to start? Here

are five financial tips every young

adult should consider to help manage

money and better prepare for the


1) Invest in your future. These

days, technology changes in the blink

of an eye. To make certain you’re not

blindsided, make it a point to make

ongoing career education a priority.

Doing so will not only enhance your

skills, but increase your professional

potential. The more varied and flexible

your skills, the more attractive

you may be to prospective employers.

2) Start saving now for later.

The uncertainty of today’s workplace

may mean that your professional life may

be interrupted by short or long periods

of change. Therefore you may face periods

of unstable income so creating an

emergency fund to cover several months’

worth of living expenses can help you

manage these transitions. You may also

use this savings for other opportunities,

such as starting your own business or

continuing your education.

3) Save early and often for retirement.

Retirement may seem very far off

right now. But today, saving for your retirement

is your responsibility, and it will

take discipline, diligence and lots of time

to make it happen. With employer-sponsored

401(k) plans, the responsibility of

saving rests on your shoulders, so make

time and compound interest your allies.

4) Let retirement funds accumulate.

If you change jobs often in your

working years, consider rolling over your

account into an Individual Retirement

Account (IRA) or new company retirement

plan. Although it may be tempting

to cash in the account, especially if you

have accumulated only a small amount,

be careful: doing so makes it immediately

taxable and you may also incur an

early withdrawal penalty. A greater concern

is that you may be unable to make

up for time already spent to accrue these


5) Use credit wisely. Credit card

companies frequently target young adults

with the lure of “easy money.” While

credit cards offer convenience (it’s

virtually impossible to conduct some

transactions, such as reserving airline

tickets, without one), they also have

the potential to create debt problems.

Because payments can be stretched

far into the future, overspending on

credit can create an illusion of wealth.

Paying off the balance each month is

the best way to control credit.

Plan Now for the Future

Remember, the funds you accumulate

during your working years may

be your primary source of retirement

income. Although no one knows what

the future will bring, a little discipline

and common sense over time can

help you better manage your current

and future financial affairs.

Pursuant to IRS Circular 230,

MetLife is providing you with the

following notification: The information

contained in this brochure is not

intended to (and cannot) be used by

anyone to avoid IRS penalties.You

should seek advice based on your particular

circumstances from an independent

tax advisor.

The foregoing discussion is general

in nature and not intended as specific

advice. Neither MetLife nor its representatives

are engaged in rendering tax,

accounting or legal advice. A qualified

professional should be consulted regarding

the effect of such considerations on

the matters covered in this publication.

For information on MetLife insurance

or other financial products and services,

please contact Michael Bucci, Financial

Advisor with MetLife, 565 Taxter Rd,

Suite 625 in Elmsford, NY 10523, at 914-

879-8415, email:, or

website (

16 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

The 7th Annual Secret Garden Tour,

voted "Best Garden Tour" in the Hudson

Valley, will be held on Saturday, June

8, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in New

York's historic Putnam County.

The day-long event is a self-guided

driving tour to the best and most beautiful

private and public gardens in Putnam

County, just one hour from New

York City and centrally located to the

entire tri-state area and Hudson Valley.

Gardens will be open in Mahopac, Kent,

Carmel, Garrison, and Cold Spring. New

this year - new gardens, not previously

featured on the tour in Garrison, Cold

Spring, and Carmel.

This country driving tour will bring

you to private homes and renowned sites

with formal gardens, perennial flowering

landscapes, pastoral fields and vistas, gorgeous

roses, water gardens, and herb and

flowering vegetable gardens throughout

•be eventful•

Take A One-Day Vacation

to Putnam County's Secret Garden Tour

Putnam County. Once you arrive at the

garden destinations, home owners will

guide you through their properties, telling

the history of the gardens and answering

questions about plantings and


The legendary Boscobel House & Gardens

in Garrison (

will open its gardens to tour attendees.

Stonecrop Gardens (

in Cold Spring, with its 63 acres of alpine

gardens, bog garden, woodland and water

gardens, cliff rock garden and an enclosed

English-style flower garden, will

also be open for this year's tour and will

offer free entry to tour attendees.

This year's tour sponsors include:

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union,

Unilock - Designed to Connect, Suburban

Carting, Putnam County Tourism,

and Hudson Valley Magazine.

This is a rain or shine event. Advance

ticket prices are $30. Advance tickets

may be purchased online at

All major

credit cards are accepted.

Day of event tickets will be sold starting

at 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. at two

locations: PARC, 31 International Blvd.,

Brewster, NY or the Butterfield Library,

10 Morris Ave. (Route 9D), Cold Spring,

NY. Day of event tickets are $40 each.

Based in Brewster, NY, Partners with

PARC is a 501 c (3) charity which raises

funds to support children and adults

with developmental disabilities in Putnam

County, NY. Support of our fundraisers

and events supports people in

need and contributions are tax deductible,

as allowed by law.

For more information, call 845-

278-7272, ext. 2287 or log onto


Listed at


Listed at


24 Wayacross Rd. Mahopac, NY

27 Worthington Ct., Carmel, NY

Listed at


16 Katonah Rd., Carmel, NY

Listed at


Commercial Property

956 Washington St., Peekskill, NY


Guardian Realty Center

has been chosen by the

Putnam County Government

to market their Properties!

Stay Tuned!

Call us to receive new alerts on the properties.

Guardian Realty Center

(845) 603-6303

40 Rodcris Dr., Mahopac, NY

Listed at


Listed at


7 Lakeview Dr., Holmes, NY

60 Campus Rd., Peekskill, NY

Listed at

$239,900! 17

The Talent and Voice

of Jedd Taylor

By Faith Ann Butcher

You may not be able to recognize him

if you saw him walking down the street,

but he may seem familiar to you once

you heard him speak. Jedd Taylor of Patterson

has been a radio personality for

over 30 years. He has been on-the-air for

stations in Connecticut and New York,

including WHUD which airs his radio

show “Our 70s Show” on Sunday nights

from 8 to 11 p.m.

In recent years Taylor has taken on

projects beyond his radio show. He has

become a voiceover actor for commercials.

The transition makes sense, but

Taylor admits he never contemplated it

until someone suggested it to him.

“It is funny when you are in radio you

focus on radio,” said Taylor. “Then someone

said I should do some other things

so I tried my hand at doing a voiceover

for a commercial on an internet station.”

When Others Quit ...

We’re Just

Getting Started

Auto Accidents

Dog Bites

Construction Accidents

Wrongful Death

Faulty Products

Legal Malpractice

All Personal Injury Matters

995 Main Street, Fishkill, NY 12524


15 Plattekill Avenue

New Paltz, NY 12561


Taylor was hooked.

He even built a recording

studio in

his house. Now he is

looking to move on

to television commercials.

His voice is not the

only vessel Taylor

uses to express his

creative juices.

Taylor has helped his friend Artie Kornfeld,

one of the creators of the original

Woodstock Festival, retell his tale in the

book “Piped Piper of Woodstock.”

“Artie is my best friend and I served

as the project coordinator for his book,”

said Taylor.

In addition to being one of the founders

of Woodstock Kornfeld is a notable

songwriter whose credits include “Dead

Man’s Curve.”

J. Peter Collins

Feldman, Kleidman & Coffey

The two also work on “The Spirit Show

with Artie Kornfeld” which airs on Tuesday

nights at 10 p.m. on

Taylor serves as the show’s producer and

executive director.

The show provides new bands or musical

groups who have not been signed a

chance to be heard.

“We go out and find them and listen to

their music. If we like them then we put

them on the show,” said Taylor.

To learn more about Taylor visit

When it comes to Personal Injury Law The Devil’s in the Details ...

Feldman, Kleidman & Coffey is a different kind of law firm. We’ve been successful with cases that other firms have

turned down and our cases have broken new ground that other attorneys hadn’t considered. That’s because we’re willing

to look below the surface at the smallest details, which non trial lawyers may not perceive.

At Feldman, Kleidman & Coffey, we prepare for every case as if we we’re going to trial, because most personal injury

cases are won or lost during the planning stage. You will meet with an attorney who will take the time to dig into every

nuance of your case, to consider every potential angle, and to investigate all the possibilities.

If you want a firm representing you who is relentless about getting the details right, give us a call.

Call for a



18 Eventful Magazine - June 2013


Options for

Backyard Entertaining

By Lesley Kyle

June is the official kick-off month for

the summer season: graduation ceremonies

and Father’s Day are just some

of the traditional celebrations we observe

this time of year. What better way to gather

friends and family around you to celebrate

the summer than a backyard get-together?

Remember how that old song goes: “Summertime

– and the livin’s easy....” Planning

a backyard event can be fun – and easy too!

Here are some ideas and tips to start you

down the road to planning and hosting an

enjoyable and memorable backyard summer


Keep Party Planning Simple

Who needs more stress? Summer is the

time to slow the tempo down, to relax and

enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer

days. Start with a comprehensive to-do

list. A variety of free mobile productivity

apps such as Evernote, Springpad and

Trello are available in Android, iPhone and

iPad formats to de-stress your party planning

process. A pen and paper will capture

your entertaining ideas and list of things to

do just as well. Organizing your thoughts

– and your party plans – will lead to a relaxing

and pleasant experience for you and

your guests.

The heat of the day tends to set in between

noon and 3 p.m., so it’s best to

schedule your entertaining plans to take

place in the morning (think brunch),

late afternoon or evening. Seek backyard

spots that offer shade for guests who need

a break from the heat. Provide plenty of

seating for guests and garbage cans for

trash. Disposable dishware and glassware

are an economical and clean up-friendly

way to share the delicious food and beverages

you’ll be sharing with your guests.

Available in an endless array of colors and

made from a variety of different materials,

disposable dishware can be found at local

supermarkets and party planning outlets.

Consider a theme for your backyard entertaining

experience: the Fourth of July, a

pool party and even the traditional backyard

barbecue are all good choices. Nail

down your guest list and prepare the invitations;

websites such as allow

you to send customized invitations via

email to your guests for free. This handy

online planning tool also enables party

hosts to track RSVPs for invited guests.

You might also offer your guests a rain

date just in case those summer rain clouds

dare to darken your doorstep! If you decide

against a rain date, be prepared with

a back-up plan to welcome, entertain and

feed and water your guests inside your


Fun Outdoor Activities –

for Kids and Adults Alike!

Remember the game Red Rover from

your school days? Tag, hide and seek,

horseshoes and badminton are also good

child- and adult-friendly summer game

choices. If children are invited to your

outdoor event, be certain to plan some

kid-friendly activities to keep them safely

engaged. Hire a babysitter for the duration

of the event so that both you and their parents

can relax with the knowledge that the

kids are safe, supervised and occupied.

At least one week prior to your outdoor

event, walk through your backyard to identify

and fix or remove any obstacles or dan-

gers that may injure your guests. It is best to

walk the space during the same time when

your party will take place. You’ll see your

backyard through the same eyes as your

guests and you may even identify some

party challenges long before guests begin

to arrive. This advance walk-through will

also provide you with a chance to visualize

any additional equipment you may need

to make your party a great success:

chairs, tables and umbrellas, for example.

Mow your lawn just a day or two before

your event takes place; party day isn’t the

day when you want Murphy’s Law to strike

by way of a random summer rain shower

or lawn mower malfunction.

Food and Beverage Know-How

Warmer temperatures demand lighter

fare, starting with drinks. Water should

be plentiful to keep guests hydrated. Consider

offering your guests a festive punch

or concocting a new, special beverage designed

specifically for your event! Beer,

sangria, wine spritzers and fruity libations

are also popular on a hot summer day.

Bubbly drinks like club soda, prosecco,

champagne and cava, an inexpensive sparkling

wine from Spain, are light and refreshing.

Be sure to have a selection of diet

and regular sodas and juices on hand for

kids and those who are looking for a nonalcoholic


At the center of every backyard party is

the grill. Large or small, gas or charcoal,

the opportunities to explore different preparations

with beef, chicken, fish and even

vegetables are limitless. Paired with fresh

salads from your backyard garden or even

continued on next page 19

Backyard Entertaining, Con't

the local farmers’ market or grocery store, your meal will sing with

the flavors of summer. Desserts should also be light and refreshing

while also being tolerant of summer temperatures. Be mindful of

the time your food spends outside in the warm weather and position

food and beverages in a shaded area wherever possible. Planning

on trying a new recipe for your upcoming backyard party?

Prepare a dry-run batch prior to the day of your event to ensure it’s

just as perfect as you expect it to be. Don’t forget the watermelon,

which tolerates the heat well and is always a crowd-pleaser!

It’s Showtime!

On the day of your backyard event, take one final stroll through

your backyard to ensure that your planning has paid off! Prepare

or purchase plenty of ice to cool your beverages and fire up the grill

shortly before you start serving the food you’ve prepared. Don’t

forget the sunscreen and insect repellent! You don’t want your

guests to leave your fabulous get-together with sunburn and mosquito

bites foremost on their minds. A variety of products from bug

sprays to tiki torches to citronella candles will keep those pesky sixlegged

creatures at bay. Your guests will appreciate this considerate

touch. And most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy the time with

your guests – and reap the rewards of your thoughtful planning and

hard work.

Find more tips for your home online



help save lives.


More aCCurate


help save lives


With their superior clarity and accuracy, digital mammograms can detect tumors sooner in some women, meaning treatment can begin

sooner, which is always better. And at Putnam Hospital Center, our Imaging Center offers patients the latest digital mammography

technology. It’s just one reason we’ve been designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.

For daytime, evening, weekend and even same-day appointments with our board certified radiologists, call (845) 279-5711,

extension 2428 or 2429, today.

670 Stoneleigh Avenue, Carmel, NY 10512

(845) 279-5711, Ext. 2428/2429

20 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Putnam County

Secret Garden Tour

Sat., June 8, 2013 ~ 10am to 4pm

10 of the Best Private Gardens

in Putnam County featuring:

* Formal Gardens * Perennial Flowering Landscapes *

*Pastoral Fields & Vistas * Water Gardens * Gorgeous Roses *

PLUS Boscobel Gardens in Garrison & Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring

For Day Trip Ideas in Putnam County,

call 845-808-1015, Find us

on Facebook and Twitter or Visit

845-278-7272, ext. 2287

What do You Know About Mental Illness?

• Did you know that 1 in 4 adults,

about 57.7 million Americans, experience

a mental health disorder

in any given year? One in 17 lives

with a serious mental disorder

such as schizophrenia, major depression

or bipolar disorder. One

in ten children lives with a serious

mental or emotional disorder.

About 18.7 percent of adults or an

estimated 40 million individuals

live with anxiety disorders such as

panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive

disorder (OCD), stress disorder

(PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder

and phobias.

• Did you know that one-third of

adults and one half of children with a

diagnosable mental disorder receive

mental health services in a given


• Did you know that individuals living

with a mental illness face an

increased risk of chronic medical

conditions and adults with a serious

mental illness die 25 years earlier

than other Americans?

• Did you know suicide is the eleventh-

leading cause of death in our

country and the third leading cause

of death for people ages 10-24 years?

90 percent of those who die by suicide

have been diagnosed with a serious

mental illness.

• Did you know that 24 percent of

state prisoners and 21 percent of local

jail inmates have a recent history

of a mental health disorder?

• Did you know that 50 percent of

high school students with a mental

disorder age 14 and older drop out

of high school? It is the highest drop

rate of a disability group.

• Mental illness is medical condition,

(such as heart disease, diabetes and

cancer) that disrupts an individual’s

thinking, feeling, mood and ability

to relate to others and daily functioning.

• Mental illness can affect individuals

of any age, sex, race, religion or

income. The illness is not caused by

someone’s style of living, character

or upbringing.

• As people become familiar with their

illness, they begin to recognize their

own unique patterns of behavior. If

an individual recognizes these signs

and seeks effective care and timely

care, they can often prevent relapses.

However, mental illness has no cure

and treatment must be continuous.

• The good news is that most people

diagnosed with a serious mental

illness can find relief from their

symptoms by actively participating

in an individual treatment plan

and begin the journey of recovery.

Recovery is a process and not an

event and everyone’s recovery is different.

Recovery also involves attaining

and maintaining physical health.

• The downside is that mental health

funding for services and care have

been drastically cut and continue to

be the target of our federal and state

legislatures. These reductions have

noticeably had an effect on research

and treatment. It is without saying,

has had an effect on not only on individuals

but also society’s attitude

and behavior.

NAMI Putnam (National Alliance on

Mental Illness) is involved in advocating

and educating our community about

mental health issues. We invite families,

friends and those diagnosed with a mental

health disorder to attend our monthly

speaker series held on the third Wednesday

of every month at the Mahopac Library

from 6:45 to 9 p.m.

In addition, NAMI Putnam offers a

free twelve week education program,

Family to Family, for those families and

friends who have a loved one diagnosed

with a serious mental illness. NAMI Putnam

also offers to the general public NA-

MI’s In Our Own Voice Program. This

program is a valuable resource because it

puts a face on people living successfully

with a mental illness.

For additional information please contact

NAMI Putnam at 845-278-7600 ext.

246 or visit us on our website: www.nami.


“You are not alone”

22 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Putnam County

'Fashion as Art: A Matter of Taste'

An exhibition

of artworks by

Roger Derrick

Mitsu Miyawaki

Donna Blais

Ronnee Peters

The Late Robert Herrmann

June 7 - 30th Gallery 3 • Opening Reception Friday, June 7th, 6-9 pm

66 Main Street • Cold Spring • NY 10516

845-809-5838 • Thurs-Sunday 12-6

For More Fun in Putnam County, call 845-808-1015, Find us on Facebook and Twitter or Visit

•be eventful•

'Fashion as Art: A Matter of Taste'

Opening Reception Friday, June 7th, 6-9 pm

For those who see art as belonging solely in galleries

and clothes only as something to wear, June

in Cold Spring will be a revelation - and a special


From June 7th -30th, Fashion boutique Art to

Wear Too and Gallery 66 NY are co-sponsoring

a month-long series of fun events that will

include many of our local merchants, and

will focus on “Fashion as Art.” Among the

events scheduled, there will be two fashion


“Living Sculpture” – On June 23rd, Gallery

66 NY will present a most unusual

combination of items and events. While focusing

on artist-designed apparel, the show

will also feature couture created from coffee

bean sacks, a display of stunning Japanese

kimonos, edible wearable art, an

outfit made of glass – and a life-size


“Drawn to Fashion” – On June

29th, SkyBaby Studio, 75 Main St.,

will host a collaboration featuring the

art and fashions of Indigo Chic, Hudson

Outfitters and Art to Wear Too.

The clothing is all wearable and chic,

BUT the show will have a unique interactive

component: As our models pose

in a wide variety of outfits, performance

artist Jaanika Peerna will create one of her

fabulous works by actually drawing on a live model!

“Fashion as Art” month will also offer:

- a children’s “mini-fashion show,” to be held at Gallery

66 NY.

- a fashion-related display of original teen art,

to be displayed in the windows of our Main

Street merchants.

- “artful clothing” made from everyday

objects, as provided by our local vendors

and teens led by experience fashion and

costume designer Marilyn Heberling will

create fanciful displays to include such

things as: Pet collars and leashes become

elegant belts, kitchen utensils shine

as fashion accessories, and outfits are

transformed into art works, as frozen

yogurt is drizzled on them in delicious


- a display of fashion accoutrements from

wartime will be exhibited at the Putnam History


“Fashion as Art” will run from June

7th through June 30th, with an opening

reception to be held on Friday, June

7th, 6-9 PM, at Gallery 66 NY, 66 Main

Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516. Come

partake in what promises to be an exciting

month of unusual exhibits and


For more information, call 845-

265-4469, arttoweartoo@gmail.

com, 845-809-5838,,

gallery66ny, or www.facebook/coldspringarts.

24 Eventful Magazine - June 2013


By Heather Clark

Fireworks light up the night sky with bright colors and beautiful

displays of light and sound. Fireworks are typically used on

the Fourth of July to signify that America is a free country. Some

places shoot off fireworks just to kick off the summer!

The Hudson Valley Renegades light up the night sky after home

games. The fireworks start after most of the home games.

Throughout the summer, Rye Playland has magnificent firework

shows bi-weekly. The dates that these fireworks will be displayed

are to be announced. Keep an eye on the Playland website

to find out about more upcoming events and firework displays.

The Playland website is

The Kensico Dam in Valhalla hosts and annual music fest and

fireworks show around the Fourth of July. The time and date of

the festival is to be announced but check the Westchester Parks


Every year at the Riverfront Green in Peekskill they host a

beautiful array of fireworks on the Fourth of July. They begin

when the sun sets but it is best to get there a lot earlier in the day

so you can find parking and a great spot to see the fireworks.

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer

and the birth of our country. Keep checking your local recreation

offices and websites to find more places to see beautiful and

amazing fireworks this summer.

As of print time, these were the only listings available. Visit www. for the most up-to-date fireworks schedule.

95 Gleneida Avenue

Carmel, New York 10512


Fax: 845-225-0844

Peaceful Divorces DO Exist

The Law Offices of

Joan Iacono

81 Pondfield Road

Bronxville, New York 10708

Telephone: 914-961-0565

Fax: 914-961-3333

Toll Free: 888-855-6208

A Collaborative Divorce

allows for a peaceful resolution

without seeing the inside of a court room.

Call Today for Help with Your Divorce.

We're Here for All of Your Family's Needs:

Family law

Divorce and property division

Complex divorce

Collaborative divorce

Child support and custody

Probate and estate administration

Real estate transactions and litigation

Litigation and personal injury representation

Environmental law 25

Artist spotlight david henningsen

26 Eventful Magazine - June 2013





ovies and television


have minutes

to get grab a person and engage them.

Articles have words, sentences and paragraphs

to work with. A photo on the other

hand has a single frame.

David Henningsen, a 57-year-old Patterson

resident, has shot for Christian Dior,

Women’s Wear Daly and numerous fitness


He is able to capture the emotion and

energy in a given moment. He is able to

build trust between not only him and the

subject, but him and the viewer as well.

While Henningsen credits his education

at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts

Boston and at M.I.T., where he studied in

the advanced visual studies program, it is

his innate ability to take the ordinary and

give it that little push into overdrive that

allows the beauty of a scene to come alive.

This is true in his commercial, fashion,

portrait, wedding and nature photography.

Henningsen recently had his photos displayed

in an exhibit at the Southeast Cultural


The photos, which were of The Great

Swamp National Wildlife Sanctuary, could

have been mistaken as having been taken

in exotic locales far from the Hudson Valley.

What intrigued Henningsen was the

ability to capture these photos in the same

town he lays his head each night.

“I could get on an airplane and I could

go shoot the Grand Canyon,” said Henningsen.

“Part of the lure for the Great

Swamp was that I did not have to get on

an airplane. People may not consider it to

be exotic or amazing view because it happens

to be where we live. But if you take

the time and skill you can create a body of

work or have some sort of experience that

brings the real beauty of a subject out.”

Henningsen even compared parts of the

Great Swap with the Amazon River.

“It is not a massive, but it has that level of

deep nature or wildlife sanctuary,’ he said.

Henningsen’s style is more artsy than the

National Geographic, documentary-style.

“I love to over exaggerate the colors,”

Henningsen said. “When you actually see a

photo on a wall, what ever interaction you

have with it, however it makes you feel, is

really only the tip of the iceberg. There is

so much that had to go into it or support

that goes unseen.”

Although there are major differences between

shooting people and nature photos,

Henningsen has no preference toward either


“I could never compartmentalize one

thing or another,” he said. “I would never

pick between the two. They are both necessary.”

Henningsen added. “I am in my heart,

truly a people person. I love meeting

people. Yet for as much as I like human

interaction, I am just as likely to go get a

backpack and go hiking in the woods or go

camping.” Of course no matter where Henningsen

is going his camera is along for the


“It is just part of who I am,” he said.

To see more of Henningsen’s work, visit 27

Shop Your Local Cold Spring Chamber Members

media design

design & marketing

for all types of media

King Lear 2013, Stephen Paul Johnson and

Jessica Frey Photo: Travis Magee









Photograph by Rob Penner

Hudson Valley

Shakespeare Festival





Performing at BOSCOBEL

Garrison, New York

Boscobel House & Gardens

Boscobel House & Gardens

Mansion Tours, Snapping Turtle Walk, Yoga

Mansion How to

Mansion Tours, Get

Tours, Snapping Tipsy

Snapping Turtle in the Walk, 1800s, Yoga, Turtle Shakespeare, Shakespeare,

Walk, Big Yoga Band

How Cold to Get Spring Tipsy in Farmers’ the 1800s, Cold Market, Spring Farmer’s Big Band Market

How to Get Tipsy in the 1800s, Shakespeare,

Cold Visit Spring Farmers’ Market, for Details

Big Band

Visit for Details

The Gift Hut

Unique Gifts, Wooden Toys, Games

and Puzzles for the Whole Family

Featuring Eco Friendly and

USA Made Products

86 Main Street

Cold Spring, New York 10516

Visit us: Friday 11AM - 5PM

Saturday and Sunday 10AM - 6PM

845-278-7272, ext. 2287

At Flowers by April we love

creating florals for all of your special events,

in fact, that is all we do.

Our creativity and attention to detail means

that your special day will be successful.

We are committed to excellence

in everything we do.

Proudly serving the Hudson Valley

and surrounding areas.


Contact us:


By Ray Gallagher

Anyone who has ever met Mahopac/

C.W. Post graduate John Praino knows

one thing about the man: His motor is

non-stop. Energetic and motivated are

just two of the words often used to describe

the passionate athletic trainer,

who pairs with equally driven partner

Billy Felice as they team up on the first

floor at Bad Mikey’s Gym at 571 Route

6 in Mahopac where they train local

athletes and everyday folk to be the best

they can be.

Using the patented "Training For Warriors"

system and founder Martin Rooney’s

methods, Praino and Felice have just

opened shop in early May at Bad Mikey’s

joint, where bad meets good in the form

of exotic exercise, mixed martial arts,

boxing and circuit training to Putnam


After meeting at the Mahopac-based

Freight House Café over a fitness tête-àtête

a few years back, Praino and Felice

spent the last couple of years as vagabond

trainers, traveling across portions

of northern Westchester and Putnam

County, lugging equipment

from site to site and doing

anything they could to establish

a reputation as viable

athletic trainers.

Word had spread and the

two have finally settled into

a thriving location. Felice,

certified by the National

Strength and Conditioning

Association, and Praino,

certified by the International

Sports Sciences Association

with a BS in exercise

philosophy, train athletes

of all ages; from 8 to 88, including

the Mahopac football

team, several members

of the John Jay lax team as

well as professional athletes

like CJ Riefenhauser (Tampa

Bay Rays AA baseball).

“They did an awesome job

of preparing and improving


Training For Warriors (Mahopac)

Opens Shop at Bad Mikey’s

Trainers Billy Felice and John Praino have

taking their TFW methods to new heights

at Bad Mikey's Gym on 571 Rt. 6 in Mahopac

where there's something for everyone.

our football team,” Mahopac senior captain

James Kelleher Jr. said. “And they are

two great guys, to boot.”

Whether you're a beginner or a hardcore

athlete, there’s something for everyone

between the Training For Warriors

staff and the folks at Bad Mikey’s; from

combat cardio conditioning to warrior

cardio classes, warrior weight training,

sports performance training and kid’s fit


“If you want to build strength, improve

conditioning, lose fat and gain muscle,

Training For Warriors Mahopac will deliver

results,” said Praino. “We encourage

people to start their own personal fitness

journey and challenge them to bring out

the warrior within.”

Praino and Felice rise at the crack of

dawn each day, with the sole principle

of sculpting better bodies with a mindover-matter

mentality. They are open five

days a week (Mon - Thu: 5:30 am - 8:00

pm; Sat: 5:30 am - 8:00 pm) and provide

a flexible, low-priced rate that won’t

drain your wallet.

“We’ve got something for everyone,”

Praino said, “from the guy or

girl who wants to push their

body to the limit, to people

who are just getting started. We

are just so excited to train people,

to change the way they live

their lives and create a healthier


Visit them at

or call John (914)

714-9068 or Bill (914) 629-

7449 to help hatch a plan that

puts you back in good health.

The Training For Warriors

system is a physical and mental

training program originally

created for fighters by Martin

Rooney more than 10 years ago.

This training program utilizes

ongoing evaluation and feedback

to adapt specific strength

and conditioning protocols to

best fit a warrior’s needs. 29


Jesseca And Jaclyn’s Family Fun Day

For Celiac Awareness — June 9, 2013

On June 9, 2013, from 12-4 pm, Jesseca

and Jaclyn’s Family Fun Day for Celiac

Awareness will be held at Camp Kiwi in

Carmel, NY. All money raised will benefit

the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia


Please join us for a fun-filled day of

swimming, boating, bounce houses, tennis,

mini golf, batting cages, face painting

and more!!!

You can also enjoy a DJ, gluten free vendor

fair, raffles with great prizes and a catered

gluten free BBQ!

Featured on

Our 70’s Show

on 100.7FM WHUD

Over 30 years

of Quality Voice -Over



Narration, Training

Videos, DJing

and Radio Host

Contact Jedd Taylor Today!

(914) 804-0487

Pre-purchased tickets are only $30 per

person (children 3 and under are free).

Please visit,

jessecaandjaclynsfamilyfunday/, for more

information, registration forms, or to

make a donation.

We hope you can join us for this wonderful

fundraiser to help raise awareness

for celiac disease! If you have any questions

or would like additional information,

please contact Alicia Cochran at or Melissa Crea at

Westchester/Putnam Youth Symphony

On Sunday, June 9th the Westchester/

Putnam Symphony will be performing a

specially commissioned concerto, which

was written for them and for one of Peekskill's

amazing violinists, Daisy Jopling.

Daisy is a world-renowned classical rock

violinist originally from England and she

is collaborating with the WP Youth Symphony

for this special event. The Concerto

for Violin, Rock-Band and Orchestra was

written by the fabulous composer Tristan

Schulze from Austria. The concerto will be

performed at the Paramount Hudson Valley

Theater in Peekskill.

Make Your Dirty Roof Look New!

Remove Algae, Moss, Mold, Lichen and Rust **


100% Effective

Ladies Golf Classic

On Monday, June 17th Ann’s Place, The

Home of I Can, cancer support services

and resource center, will hold its Annual

Ladies Golf Classic at Richter Park in Danbury,

CT. Ladies looking for a round of golf

to support a great cause – or anyone interested

in sponsoring this fundraising event

– is invited to participate. $175 player fee

includes greens fee, cart, skill prizes, continental

breakfast, lunch at the turn, and

awards banquet. Players will compete for

net & gross individual prizes. A variety of

exciting raffle and silent auction items will

be offered. All proceeds of the event benefit

Ann’s Place cancer support services.

Sponsors are needed now more than

ever, and start as low as $50! As a sponsor,

your business has the opportunity to

build awareness and exposure; convey the

image of a company that gives back to the


Ann’s Place, The Home of I CAN provides

comfort and support to those living with

cancer and to their loved ones. All services

are provided free of charge. I CAN, Inc. is a

501(c) 3 non-profit agency.

2 year


warranty! *

100% Safe


Roof Cleaning

House Washing

Concrete Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Glove

Call Today for a FREE Estimate


* excludes rust **additional fees apply

30 Eventful Magazine - June 2013


Happy 3rd Anniversary to Jumpin' Jeepers

Jumpin' Jeepers of Mahopac was pleased to announce

the celebration of their 3rd anniversary

under new management.

"We are thankful to Mahopac and the surrounding

communities for their support of our vision

and implementation of an indoor play space dedicated

to healthy child development and fun play",

said owner Suzanne Calligan-Courtien. Under

the leadership of Jennifer Rowe-Behun, Suzanne

Calligan-Courtien, and their spouses Chris and

Ryan, Jumpin' Jeepers has earned a reputation for

great fun, caring team members, and responsiveness

to children and parent's needs.

A formal ribbon cutting took place last month

to commemorate this occasion.

For more information about events, booking

a birthday party or visiting them for open play,

please call 845-621-4922 and visit them online at

Holistic Methods for Stress

Reduction Seminar

Offered at Putnam Hospital Center June 1st

A special seminar offering “Holistic Methods for

Stress Reduction” will be held at Putnam Hospital

Center on Saturday, June 1, from 10 am to 12 pm in

the Michael T. Weber Conference Room.

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. Learn methods for

managing stress holistically, including guided imagery

and acupressure techniques you can use anywhere.

The free program will be presented by Putnam

Healing Arts Mag Treanor, RN, certified hypnotherapist,

EFT and Reiki practitioner, and Michelle Vitner,

LPN, Reiki practitioner.

Registration is required by calling 845-279-5711,

Ext. 6263, or emailing

Oral Cancer Screening

Offered at Putnam Hospital Center

Free oral cancer screening, sponsored by Putnam

Dental Associates, will be held at Putnam Hospital

Center on Wednesday, June 5th, from 5:30 to 7:30

pm, in the hospital’s Wagner Cancer Pavilion.

The screening will consist of visual inspection of

the mouth and palpation of lips, cheek and tongue.

Appointments are required and space is limited so

register early. To register, please call 845-279-3720 or


Photo by Nicole Gallagher

to benefit the

Celiac Disease Center

at Columbia University

2nd Annual

Jesseca & Jaclyn's Family

Fun Day for Celiac Awareness

Sunday, June 9, 2013

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

825 Union Valley Road, Carmel, NY 10512

Tel: 845-277-3876

Gluten free BBQ will be

included in the price!

Family fun day includes:

Swimming, paddleboats, tennis,

mini golf, food vendors, bounce

houses, raffles, and so much

more…..(be sure to bring

a bathing suit and towel!)

12:00 pm

Welcome & Registration

12:45 pm

Remarks from Peter Green, MD & Amy DeFelice, MD

1:00 to 4:00 pm

Eat, drink and have fun!!!

For additional information please contact:

Alicia Cochran at 914-433-0983 or Melissa Crea at 914-980-6953

or visit our website:

Camp Kiwi

Fun Times Ahead 31

•pay it forward•

The Muddy Puddles Project

A Celebration of Kids Being Kids in Honor of Those That Can’t

Ty Louis Campbell, also known as SuperTy, often talked about jumping

in muddy puddles. It was the thing he wanted to do most when

his cancer was cured. Five-year-old Ty lost his battle to brain cancer

in October 2012 after fighting more than two years. In celebration of

Ty’s life, his parents, Dr. Louis and Cindy Campbell, are launching The

Muddle Puddles Project, with the goal of inspiring parents to let their

children have more fun in honor of children, like Ty, who spend their

childhood unable to embrace the simple joys of being a kid.

“When Ty was first diagnosed, I needed an outlet to be able to process

what was happening to Ty, and keep our friends and loved ones

updated on his progress. I started chronicling Ty’s fight with cancer on

my blog and on Facebook,” said Cindy Campbell. “In true Ty fashion,

he captured the hearts of millions of people, and since Ty passed away,

those followers have posted thousands of photographs chronicling

times when they have stepped back to let their kids enjoy messy, carefree

fun in Ty’s honor. It’s thanks to Ty and everyone captured by my

astounding little boy that this project has come to fruition.”

The Muddy Puddles Project encourages parents everywhere to

photograph their kids jumping in puddles, getting messy with finger

paints, playing with

glitter, anything and

everything they can

think of as long as it

is fun and messy, and

post the images to

The Muddy Puddles

Project website. One

hundred percent of

the proceeds gained

from the $5 fee to post

pictures will be directed

to The Ty Louis

Campbell Foundation, also founded by the Campbells to raise funds

and awareness that will directly support pediatric cancer research.

Muddy Puddles is a labor of love for the Campbells, who watched Ty

fight for half of his life to overcome a rhabdoid tumor, a rare, aggressive

and often terminal brain cancer specific to pediatrics. However, during

the two-and-one-half years that Ty battled the disease, and while his

treatment ultimately paralyzed him; he never lost his smile, his laughter

or his singular desire to take a running jump into a big, messy, mud

puddle. It is that spirit, will and intense desire to enjoy life that inspired

this initiative.

“Ty never stopped striving to beat cancer, and he never gave in when

treatments destroyed his quality of life,” reflected Louis Campbell.

“When Ty lost the ability to walk, he would scoot. When he could no

longer play with his toys, he happily read through toy catalogs. When

he could no longer eat solid food, he found joy in blue lollipops. It’s Ty’s

indomitable spirit – the reason we call him SuperTy – that we want to

honor with The Muddy Puddles Project.”

Muddy Puddles Event Planned for August

The first annual Muddy Puddles “Mess Fest,” a celebration of all

things messy and delightful, is scheduled for August 10, 2013 at Camp

Kiwi, Mahopac, NY. Events will include a giant mud jumping contest,

whipped cream pie-tosses, food fights and splatter paint, among many

other kid-friendly activities.

For families that do not live in the area, the Campbells encourage

parents everywhere to host a Muddy Puddles afternoon in their neighborhoods.

A toolkit, which outlines the steps for hosting an event, can

be downloaded to help others run a successful Muddy Puddles birthday

party, neighborhood block party or slow weekend get-together.

This toolkit, along with information about the first annual “Mess Fest”

can be found on The Muddy Puddles Project website.

About SuperTy: We call him SuperTy because he was our little fighter.

He was a charismatic and magnetic little boy who captured the hearts

of thousands, and continues to do so even now. After fighting valiantly

for half his life, fists blazing, Ty was finally freed from suffering once and

for all when he became a beloved angel on October 17, 2012. His eternal

spirit lives on in hearts of everyone he touched, and his story continues

to impact others.

About Pediatric Cancer: Pediatric cancer happens completely at random

and it doesn’t discriminate. There is no known cause or prevention

for most childhood cancers. Pediatric cancer is the number one cause of

death by disease among children, claiming the lives of more children each

year than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis and diabetes combined.

32 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

•eventful rewind•

2013 Putnam Cycling Classic in Cold Spring, NY 33

•eventful rewind•

34 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

•eventful rewind•

Photos by Nicole Gallagher 35

Bliss Dairy Bar & Grill

10 Cherry Lane, Mahopac


Brewster Chamber of Commerce


16 Mount Ebo Road South

Suite 12A, Brewster

Brook Farm Veterinary Center

2371 Route 22, Patterson


Clock Tower Grill

512 Clock Tower Dr., Brewster


Crossroads Deli

616 Route 6, Mahopac


Cold Spring Area

Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 36, Cold Spring


J. Peter Collins

Feldman, Kleidman & Coffey, LLP

995 Main St., Fishkill


914 245-3100,

Freight House Cafe

609 Route 6, Mahopac


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This issue of Eventful Magazine is made possible by the advertisers listed below.

Please support them whenever you can, and remember to say “You saw it in Eventful.”

Guardian Realty

559 Route 6N - Unit #3, Mahopac


Healy's Corner Restaurant

474 Route 52, Lake Carmel


H.G. Fairfield

H. G. Fairfield Arts Center

for the Environment Inc.

31 Sodom Road, Brewster


The Law Offices of Joan Iacono

95 Gleneida Ave., Carmel

81 Pondfield Road, Bronxville

Toll Free: 888-855-6208

Josephs Fine Jewelry

171 Main St., Cold Spring


Kid Escape

16 Mt. Ebo Road South, Brewster


Mahopac Marine

897 South Lake Blvd., Mahpac


Old Faithful Pump Co.


Picture That, LLC


Professional Women Groups

Putnam and Westchester Chapters

Putnam County Golf Course

187 Hill St., Mahopac


Putnam County Tourism

40 Gleneida Ave., Carmel


Putnam Hospital Center

670 Stoneleigh Ave., Carmel


Putnam Valley Recreation

156 Oscawana Lake Rd., Putnam Valley


Putnam Septic

Carmel — 845-225-1118

Jedd Taylor


Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock

963 Route 6, Mahopac


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36 Eventful Magazine - June 2013


Business Networking: See page 4.

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support:

Support Connection offers various support

groups. Visit

2013 Emerging Artists Exhibit: Featuring

the work of students from Brewster, Mahopac

& Haldane High Schools from April

19 through May 10 at Putnam Arts Council

at Belle Levine Art Center at 521 Kennicut

Hill Rd. in Mahopac. Public Reception and

Awards will be held April 19 from 6-8p.m.

Gallery Hours are Tuesday-Friday, 11a.m.-3

p.m.; Sunday, 1-4 p.m. or by appointment.

For info, call 845-803-8622 or 845-216-0636

or visit

Saturday, June 1

Recycled Materials Art Workshop: Help

keep our town of Southeast NY beautiful.

One way to protect our environment is

to recycling. When we recycle and reuse

we will also save the earth's natural

resources. Join us and help to beatify

Southeast one craft at a time. Using a

range of materials from colored paper

to leather scraps, ribbon and fabric,

participants will create a unique

piece of art. All material is donated

by local businesses who would otherwise

throw away all their redundant

stock. $7 class fee.10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

at Southeast Museum, 67 Main St, Brewster,

NY, 10509. Call: 845-279-7500.

The Humanitarian Award Dinner: The

Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester’s

signature fundraising event, will take place

on Saturday, June 1 at Lexus of Mount Kisco

and will honor Jim and Ashley Diamond

as Humanitarians of the Year. Contact The

Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester

for more information, (914) 666-8069.

Clay and Sculpture Workshop: After visiting

the new exhibit “Lincoln: The Emancipation

Proclamation, “featuring a maquette

by sculptor Charles Keck, join us to create

sculptural works using clay that is left to dry

naturally in the air. Location: Southeast Museum,

67 Main St, Brewster, NY 10509. Fees:

$7.00. Reservation call 279-279-7500

ArtBeat, the Village of Brewster's sidewalk

art show, returns for its third season

and organizers are planning to make this a

community-centered event from 11 a.m. to

3 p.m.. ArtBeat will be held on June 1st, July

6th and August 3rd. The June and July events

will be an 'ArtBeat and a Picnic' at the Walter

Brewster House in the center of downtown

Brewster. The public is invited to bring their

blankets and lunches and relax on the great

lawn of the Walter Brewster House amidst

•community calendar•

art, history, and music. For more info visit:

Ready, Set, Sell 2013!: A Coffee Talk and

Selling in Today’s Market. Bring your questions

and we will provide the answers. A

local real estate market review and what it

takes to sell in today's market. Please register

for this program at John C. Hart Memorial

Library, 1130 Main Street, Shrub Oak, NY,

10588. Contact the John C. Hart Memorial

Library, (914) 245-5262 x 227. More info at:

Sunday, June 2

Eventful Bacon Cookoff: Gather the family

and head down to the Eventful Bacon

Cook Off and enjoy an afternoon of great

food, fun and the Putnam Valley Carnival.

Contestants Include: Marc Cicchiello of

Bliss Dairy Bar & Grill; Tommy Bucci

of Bucci Brother's Deli; Rich Parente

of Clock Tower Grill; James Russell of

Crossroads Deli; Ryan Healy

of Healy's Corner Restaurant;

Jarrod Pittelli of Route 6 Tap

House. For info, call 845-231-

0512 or visit www.eventfulcookoff.


Hike Teatown Hill: Take a hike

with Elissa Schilmeister, Teatown educator,

to look for snakes and other critters

that enjoy the sunlit slopes and shrubby habitats

of the hillside from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Free

for members; $5pp for nonmembers. Teatown

Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley

Road, Ossining, NY, 10562, USA More Info

visit or contact Mary Haley,

914-762-2912 x110, teatown@teatown.


20th Annual Fine Arts & Craft Fair: 20th

Annual Fine Arts & Craft Fair from 11 a.m.

- 4 p.m. at CVS Plaza Main Street, Fishkill.

Come One, Come All for Music, Entertainment,

Food and great shopping. Visit: www.


or contact Jess Schleicher at


A Day at Camp: A day of camp fun at

Camp Herrlich to benefit Imagination Station

2 from 1 to 4 p.m. Camp Herrlich is

located at 101 Deacon Smith Hill Rd, Patterson,

NY. For more info visit:

or contact 845-878-6662.

A Lifelong Journey: A Lifelong Journey

invites established and emerging working

artists 75 and over to bring two pieces of

original fine art, two and/or three-dimensional,

created in the past 5 years and not

previously exhibited with PAC, for inclusion

in this exhibit. The opening reception takes

place Sunday, June 2, 2-4pm in our gallery

space, at the Belle Levine Art Center, 521

Kennicut Hill Rd. in Mahopac.Contact: 845-


Sunday Concert Series: Anne Tormela

comes from the Manhattan Lyric Opera

and will tell stories of some favorite Operas

through commentary and song. Prepare

to enjoy a well-crafted and beautifully performed

event. No registration, doors open at

1:45 for general seating, 2 p.m. show starts.

John C. Hart Memorial Library, 1130 Main

Street, Shrub Oak, NY, 10588;

Monday, June 3

YOGA with a View: This extremely popular

program at Boscobel, 1601 Route 9D,

Garrison, NY, provides the perfect opportunity

to connect with the outdoors while, at

the same time, gaining a sense of good health

and wellbeing. Spectacular views entice the

senses as you stretch and pose overlooking

the Hudson River from the lawns at Boscobel,

truly one of the most picturesque and

serene settings in the Hudson Valley. (Attendees

are encouraged to bring their own

mats and water.) $17 Walk-in. Program runs

from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. through September

9. 845-265-3638

Tuesday, June 4

25th Pierre Larouche/ Jim Smith Memorial:

25th Pierre Larouche/ Jim Smith Memorial

Golf and Tennis Invitational benefiting

the Child Abuse Prevention Center of NY at

Ardsley Country Club, Ardsley on the Hudson.

10 a.m. golf and tennis registration, 5

p.m. cocktails and 6 p.m. dinner, auction and

awards. $1,800 per golf foursome. $450 per

single entry golf. * (Price Includes one caddy

per foursome.) Tennis and dinner for the discounted

rate of $200 per player. Child Abuse

Prevention Center of NY, 914-997-2642.

Understanding Medicare Coverage:

Bernadette Pacific, of Medi-Claims Specialist,

discusses important details you need to

know about Medicare from 11 a.m. to noon

at Patterson Library, 1167 Route 311, Patterson,

NY, 12563. Learn about the changes in

the Medicare system, Part A & B coverage,

costs and how Medicare works with supplemental

insurance. There will be a Q&A period

at the end of the workshop. Registration

required, space is limited. To register or for

more information, visit us online at www. and click on calendar or

call 845-878-6121 x10. Free program.

Wednesday, June 5

Generations at Work: “Generations at

Work: Managing a Multi-Generational 37

Workforce” by Putnam Community Service

Network at Mahopac Library, 668 Route 6,

Mahopac from 9 a.m. to noon. The workshop

that will focus on understanding the

four generations in the workforce: Traditionalists,

Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen

Y: who they are, what they want and how to

leverage their diverse talents. This program

is a partnership between PCSN, United Way

and PACE University. The $30 registration

fee is requested by May 29th and can be done


shtml. For additional information please call

914-997-6700 ext. 740 or by email: mluna@

Thursday, June 6

Painting Fabric Workshop: Paint a T-shirt

or Sweat-shirt (bring one to paint on, paints

supplied). Led by Melissa Feinberg at John

C. Hart Memorial Library, 1130 Main Street,

Shrub Oak, beginning at 6 p.m. Contact John

C. Hart Memorial Library, 914-245-5262 x

227, to reserve.

Open Mic: Open Mic Night, every Thursday,

at Healy's Corner Restaurant, 474 Route

52, Carmel, NY. Begins at 8 p.m. More info at or contact (845) 306-


Friday, June 7

Celebrity Breakfast with Ron Darling:

Come and welcome the 2013 Danbury Westerners

as we start our 19th season in the

NECBL at 7:30 a.m.. Our special guest is

former NY Met and current SNY

announcer Ron Darling. Reservations

are required; table of ten is

$300. Sponsorship opportunities

are also available. Please contact

Paul Schaffer (

for additional


"Fashion as Art": "Fashion

as Art" will run from

June 7 through June 30, with an opening reception

to be held on Friday, June 7th, 6-9

PM, at Gallery 66 NY, 66 Main Street, Cold

Spring, NY 10516. Come partake in what

promises to be an exciting month of unusual

exhibits and events! For more information,

call 845-265-4469, arttoweartoo@gmail.

com, 845-809-5838,

“The Spirit of Color Reception:” “The

Spirit of Color” opens with a reception

with the artist on Friday, June 7, from 6 to

8 pm. The exhibition is on view from June

7th through June 30th at the Marina Gallery

located at 153 Main St. in Cold Spring.

For more information contact the Marina

Gallery at 845-265-2204. Gallery hours are

•community calendar•

Thursday -- Sunday from 12-6, but appointments

to view the work can be arranged at

other times.

Be Social: Be Social reception starts at 6:30

p.m., dinner begins at 7:30 p.m at City Center

Danbury, Ives Street, Danbury, CT. Silent

auction and performance. Wear cocktail attire.

Tickets $75. More info at be_social-eorg.


Saturday, June 8

19th Annual Snapping Turtle Walk: Join

us at Boscobel’s Belvedere overlooking the

Hudson River bright and early where members

of the Constitution Marsh staff will give

a dramatic presentation about the habits and

history of snapping turtles and to introduce

live specimens to the audience from 7:30-

9 a.m. After, guests may walk Boscobel’s

grounds in search of nesting females. Rain or

shine. Complimentary coffee, juice and donuts

included. Don’t forget your camera! $12

adults, $8 child age 6-14, 6 and under free.

Boscobel is located at 1601 Route 9D, Garrison,

NY. 845-265-3638

Spring Canoe Trips: An Adventure

through the magical wilderness of the Great

Swamp. Explore every twist and turn of the

river, learn about the special biodiversity and

values of this nationally significant wetland

in your own backyard. A great chance to see

herons and other birds, turtles, and if we

are lucky a beaver or otter! Special 1/2 day

(4 hrs+) for Birders. Starts at Patterson Environmental

Park, off Front Street in the

Patterson Hamlet. Departures at 9

AM, Noon and 3 PM. Adult Members:

$27 / Children (6 to 14 years

old): $ 14 Adult Non-Members

$32/ Non Member Children

(6 to 14 yrs. old): $16. Reservations

are a must and

space is limited so make

your reservations early!

E-Mail Liz Cowan at

and mention Canoe

trips in the subject line or call 845-878-6104

and leave a message with your callback information.

(Again on June 15).

Putnam County Secret Garden Tour: A

tour of the best and most beautiful private

gardens in Putnam County. This awardwinning,

country driving tour will bring

you to private homes and sites with formal

gardens, perennial flowering landscapes,

pastoral fields and water gardens throughout

Putnam County. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are

$30 advance, $40 on the day of the tour. A

benefit for children and adults with developmental

disabilities. For information and reservations,

call 845-278-7272, ext. 2287 or log


TurtleFest!: June is turtle

time in the Hudson Valley.

Join Teatown Lake

Reservation for crafts,

stories, turtle lore and

more! Teatown Lake

Reservation, 1600

Spring Valley Road,

Ossining, NY. Mary

Haley, 914-762-

2912 x110, teatown@ Free for members; $5pp for nonmembers.

Picture This! Saturday Story Time: This

is a monthly story time at Katonah Art Museum

series featuring great children's stories

and illustrations. La Famiglia Pizza guy Tony

talks about making pizza and reads stories

about good food. From 10:30 to 11:30 am

at Katonah Museum of Art , 134 Jay Street,

Katonah. Contact 914-232-9555.

Wooden Toy Train Workshop: In honor of

Grand Central Terminal’s 100th Anniversary,

and Brewster’s role in the transformation

of transportation, join us and have fun making

old-fashioned toys trains at the Southeast

Museum, 67 Main Street, Brewster. Working

with wood glue and paint, learn to make simple

toys that children played with long ago.

Come and play with museum’s replicas of

antique wooden toys was well as seeing the

museum’s collection of toys. 10:30 a.m. and 1

p.m. Fees: $7. Reservation call 845-279-7500.

Garden Party and Auction: Join Danbury

Museum for a lively silent and live auction in

the beautiful gardens of Colleen Plimpton’s

Bethel, CT home. This museum benefit is a

joint venture of the Friends of the Danbury

Museum and the Museum Authority. 3 to 6

p.m. Tickets are $20 each, limited in number

and must be purchased in advance. Please

call 203-743-5200 or use the Donate Paypal

link on our website, www.danburymuseum.


Sunday, June 9

Brewster VFW’s Breakfast Fundraiser:

The Brewster VFW’s breakfast fundraiser is

from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Post, located at 262

Peaceable Hill Road, Brewster. The fundraising

breakfasts are held on the second Sunday

of each month, from Sept. through June. It’s

a great meal at a great price, and a wonderful

chance to socialize with friends and neighbors.

The menu includes scrambled eggs,

waffles, pancakes, made-to-order omelets,

bacon, sausage, potatoes, baked goods, oatmeal,

juice, milk, coffee and tea. Adults/$10,

young adults/$5 and children under 12/free.

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38 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

Reservations are not required, and all are

welcome. 845-279-6969.

Fostering Workshop/Open House: At 10

a.m. New Rochelle Humane Society Shelter

Manager Dana Rocco will be holding a free

one hour workshop describing the New Rochelle

Humane Society’s foster care program.

Learn about the cats and dogs that typically

need foster care. Find out what type of fostering

is right for you and how to get started.

NRHS volunteers will also be on hand to

share their fostering experiences. From 10am

to 1pm visit the New Rochelle Humane Society

for our Open House and meet our dogs

& cats, tour the shelter, enjoy complimentary

baked goods, shop for shelter merchandise,

have your pet microchipped. New Rochelle

Humane Society is located at 70 Portman

Rd, New Rochelle, NY, 10801. Contact; New

Rochelle Humane Society at 914.632.2925.


category/new s-events/

Woofstock2013: Friends of Sycamore Dog

Park in cooperation with The Putnam Arts

Council presents Woofstock2013 at Sycamoer

Park, 790 Long Pond Road, Mahopac. Join

us for a day of peace, doggy love and walk

n roll! A park-wide event, rain or shine for

family and furry friends. Arts and crafts fair,

local vendors, animal rescue groups, doggy

demonstrations, music, children's entertainment,

photo booths, food and more. Special

musical guest Mahopac's own teen rock sensation

Dead End!!! For more information

visit us on Facebook, Twitter or

Gary Chattman & Friends!: Gary Chattman,

the author of Coming Of Age (Bar/Bat

Mitzvah without Hebrew School): If I Should

Die Before I Wake (Novel about teen identity);

The Quixotic Teacher (Novel about one

teacher's quest for sanity in a world of ridiculousness...including

nonsensical standardized

testing) will appear in concert with

some of his friends and piano students. At

the John C. Hart Memorial Library, 1130

Main Street in Shrub Oak, he will explain,

through music, about his books. For more

information email: For

the whole family, no registration, doors open

at 1:30 for general seating. More info at www.

Tuesday, June 11

E-Reader Workshop: Our staff will answer

your questions and demonstrate how

to use your Nook or Kindle at this e-Reader

workshop. Learn how to download books

and how to use Overdrive for free access to

hundreds of titles! Registration preferred,

walk-ins welcome if space allows' 11 a.m. to

•community calendar•

12 p.m. To register or for more information,

visit us online at

and click on calendar or call 845-878-6121

x10. Free program. Held at Patterson Library,

1167 Route 311, Patterson.

Monday, June 10

Stroller Tours at Katonah Museum of

Art: From 9 to 10 a.m. there are special

Friday morning before-hours gallery tours

and refreshments. New moms, dads, grandparents

and caregivers with children under

18 months are invited to explore different

aspects of the current exhibition through

interactive tours, discussions and artistic activities.

Breakfast snacks provided by Tazza

Cafe. Katonah Museum of Art, 134 Jay

Street, Katonah. Contact at 914-232-9555, or


Wednesday, June 12

Stress Management Workshop: The

Mental Health Association in Putnam County,

Inc, in partnership with the Mahopac

Public Library, is pleased to announce a series

of Stress Management Workshops. The

third will be held on Wednesday, June 12th

from 9:45am-12:45pm at Mahopac Public

Library. Featured presenters are Mag Treanor,

RN-Certified Hyponotherapist, EFT &

Reiki Practitioner and Michelle McAuliffe,

LPN-Reiki Practitioner, BA Cross Cultural

Healing Practices. They will be introducing

and demonstrating techniques for Reiki,

EFT & Healing. The program will close with

a dramatic acting exercise facilitated by Jim

McGuire, M.A. Theatre-Storyteller. Workshop

is free however, pre-registration is required.

For more information or to register

online, please visit

or call (845) 628-2009, ext. 100.

Support for Breastfeeding Moms: Free

Breast Feeding Support Groups being offered

by the Putnam County Department

of Health the 2nd Wednesday of each

month from 10:00am to 12:00pm

at the Cornerstone Park Building,

1 Fair Street, in Carmel.

Experienced Maternal Child

Health Nurses who are also

Certified Lactation Consultants

will provide information

and support. Pregnant women

and new mothers welcome.

No registration necessary. Dropins

welcome. For more information,

please call (845) 808-1390 ext. 43150

and ask for Rebecca, Jean or Diane.

Thursday, June 13

Earring Making Workshop: Led by Joan

Lloyd at John C.. Hart Library. Make earrings

for yourself and for a Battered Women’s Shelter.

Optional: Bring any old bead jewelry that

you can recycle into earrings! If you have any

jewelry making tools, bring them along too.

For Adults & Teens, please register for this

program. John C. Hart Memorial Library,

1130 Main Street, Shrub Oak. Contact (914)

245-5262 x 227.

Fundraising Gala: Paws for a Heart NRHS

Fundraising Gala Dinner on Thursday, June

13 at 6:30 pm at the beautiful Glen Island

Harbour Club in New Rochelle. The 2013

Honoree is Jill Rappaport, Devoted Animal

Advocate and TODAY Show Correspondent.

There will be great silent and live auctions as

well as prizes, raffles and games. You will be

treated to a fabulous meal and an open bar.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the

Help Heal Fund, which provides support for

medicine and surgery for very sick or injured

animals, giving them an opportunity to find

forever homes. New Rochelle Humane Society,


Friday, June 14

Summer Kickoff BBQ: The Knights of

Columbus is having a start to summer kickoff

BBQ at 10 Fair Street, Carmel. Chicken,

Burgers, Dogs, Corn, Sides & More. Donation:

$20 Adults; $10 Kids 6-13; Kids under

6 Free; adult admission includes $5 raffle

ticket. All proceeds benefit the charitable activities

of our Council. For info, contact Darren

Higgins at 845-225-6318 or kofc6318@ or visit

Saturday, June 15

Father's Day at Tilly Foster Farm: Archery

demonstrations and lessons, Home

Depot wood workshop, old fashion games

and fishing & lure designing. Plus hay rides

and pony rides at Tilly Foster Farm, 100

Route 312, Brewster, NY. (845) 363-6623.

Breeding Birds: Summer is almost

here and it's breeding

season for the birds. Join

Charlie Roberto on his quest

for birds nesting and raising

their young at Teatown

from 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. for this

free program. Held at Teatown

Lake Reservation, 1600

Spring Valley Road, Ossining.

For info or to register, contact

Mary Haley at 914-762-2912 x110


Spring Canoe Trips: An Adventure

through the magical wilderness of the Great

Swamp. Explore every twist and turn of the

river, learn about the special biodiversity and 39

values of this nationally significant wetland

in your own backyard. A great chance to see

herons and other birds, turtles, and if we are

lucky a beaver or otter! Special 1/2 day (4

hrs+) for Birders. Starts at Patterson Environmental

Park, off Front Street in the Patterson

Hamlet. Departures at 9 AM, Noon

and 3 PM. Adult Members: $27 / Children

(6 to 14 years old): $ 14 Adult Non-Members

$32/ Non Member Children (6 to 14 yrs.

old): $16. Reservations are a must and space

is limited so make your reservations early!

E-Mail Liz Cowan at cowanpatterson@aol.

com and mention Canoe trips in the subject

line or call 845-878-6104 and leave a message

with your callback information.

Leather Workshop: Leather hides and

skins of animals were widely used by the colonist

for clothing, bags and other necessities.

Discover the fun of leather crafting and learn

to carve, punch and finish a leather bracelet.

Also learn the story of the 'Leatherman' who

in the 1800s, wearing a head-to-toe leather

suit walked between Connecticut and Hudson

rivers and slept in cave shelters. Held

at Southeast Museum, 67 Main St, Brewster

from 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Fees: $7; Reservations

at 845-279-7500.

Life in the Lake: What lives in Teatown

Lake? Pick up a net and join Erin Baker

down at the boathouse to find out! Free for

members; $5pp for nonmembers; 11 a.m. -

12 p.m. Held at Teatown Lake Reservation,

1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining. For info

or to register, contact Mary Haley at 914-

762-2912 x110 or

Live Music with Robbie Rigo: Elegant

dining while listening to Robbie Rigo Live.

Reservations requested. Held at Travelers

Rest, Route 100, Ossining; 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. For

more info, contact Tina Langner at 914-941-

7744 or or visit

Kids Night Out: Drop the kids off (or stay

and hang out) for 3 hours of gymnastical fun!

One child: $20; Two children: $35; Three

children: $50. Held from 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. at

Vega Gymnastics, 3 Day Road, Carmel. For

info, call 845-306-7530.

Sunday, June 16

Fathers Day Champagne Brunch: Head

to the Walter Brewster House, 43 Oak Street,

Brewster for a special Father's Day Brunch.

$25 per person; 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Visit for


Monday, June 17

Putnam Hospital Center Golf Tournament:

Putnam Hospital Center Golf Tour-

•community calendar•

nament Monday, June 17, 12 noon shotgun

start, Trump National Golf Club-Hudson

Valley in Hopewell Junction. Sponsored by

Northeastern Anesthesia Services to benefit

the hospital. For golf and sponsorship information,

call 845-230-4763. Held at Trump

National Golf Club - Hudson Valley, 178

Stormville Rd., Hopewell Jct. For info, call


Everything Bridal Expo: Everything Bridal

Shows presents the 2013 Summer Bridal

Extravagnaza! Come meet with over 25 of

the areas top Wedding Professionals to help

you create the wedding of your dreams. Admission

is free! Held from 7:00 p.m. - 9:30

p.m. at The Radisson Hotel, One Radisson

Plaza, New Rochelle. For info, contact Mike

Borzell at 1-800-334-4448, michael@everythingbridalsh or visit

Wednesday, June 19

Trivia Night: Head to Healy's Corner Restaurant

for trivia night at 8 p.m. For info, call

845-306-7087, e-mail HealysCorner@gmail.

com or visit Held at

Healy's Corner Restaurant, 474 Rt. 52, Carmel.

Thursday, June 20

Support for Breastfeeding Moms: Free

Breast Feeding Support Groups being offered

by the Putnam County Department of

Health the 3rd Thursday of each month from

10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Putnam County Department

of Health, 1 Geneva Road, Brewster,

NY, beginning April 18. Experienced

Maternal Child Health Nurses who are also

Certified Lactation Consultants will provide

information and support. Pregnant women

and new mothers welcome. No registration

necessary. Drop- ins welcome. For more

information, call 845-808-1390 ext.

43150 and ask for Rebecca, Jean

or Diane.

Hudson Valley UFOs: The

history of UFO sightings from the

1930s to the present, as contained in the

book 'In the Night Sky' and the documentary

of the same name, by Linda Zimmermann. 7

p.m. For the whole family. To register for this

program, call 914-245-5262, ext. 227. Held at

John C. Hart Memorial Library, 1130 Main

Street, Shrub Oak. Visit

for info and more events.

Saturday, June 22

Beaks and Bills: Is there a difference between

and beak and a bill? Meet a few of Teatown's

beaked and billed friends to see for

yourself. Free for members; $5pp for non-

members. 10 - 11 a.m.; held at Teatown Lake

Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining.

For info, contact Mary Haley at 914-

762-2912 x110, or visit

Sunday, June 23

Family Tour of Wildflower Island: Enjoy

a guided family tour of Teatown Lake Reservation's

unique two-acre wildflower sanctuary.

Please note this program is for families

with children ages 8 and over. Program fee:

$4pp for members; $6pp; 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.;

held at Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600

Spring Valley Road, Ossining. For info, contact

Mary Haley at 914-762-2912 x110,

or visit

Bug Out at Cliffdale: Head out to the

fields to catch, study and release some of the

nature preserve's six-legged friends. Meets

at Teatown's Cliffdale Farm, Teatown Road,

Croton-on-Hudson. Free for members; $5pp

for nonmembers. 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.; held at Teatown

Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley

Road, Ossining. For info, contact Mary Haley

at 914-762-2912 x110, teatown@teatown.

org or visit

Monday, June 24

John Jay 2nd Annual Golf Tournament-

Fundraiser: The 2013 John Jay

Patriots Ice Hockey Golf Tournament

will be held at Beekman

Golf Course, 11 Country Club

Road, Hopewell Jct. The golf course

is beautifully designed by nationally

renowned golf architect, Robert Trent

Jones, with scenic views and selectively

challenging holes. Join us at 9 a.m. for a

great day of golf and to help raise funds

for the John Jay Ice Hockey Club program.

You’re participation will help high

school athletes pay for expenses that the

school district does not cover, including:

ice costs, hotels, meals, and travel for

overnight tournaments. Our program is

entirely self-supporting and we appreciate

any help we can get. For more info, call

1-888-964-3911, opt. 2 or visit www.JJPuck.


"Color and Line in Motion: Paintings

and Sculpture" by Frederick Wardy: On

exhibition are Frederick Wardy’s abstract expressionist

gouache on paper and acrylic on

canvas works. These consist of gestural and

painterly strokes and thinner gestural lines.

The works radiate strong color, often with

the substantial use of primaries. Sometimes

the colors interact harmoniously; sometimes

there is disharmony. The exhibition is on

Continued page 42

40 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

King Lear 2013, Stephen Paul Johnson and

Jessica Frey Photo: Travis Magee

2nd Annual

John Jay Patriots

Ice Hockey



Monday, June 24, 2013

The John Jay Hockey Team Needs Your Support

18 Hole ‘Scramble’

Registration begins at 9 a.m.

Shotgun Golf Start at 10 a.m.

Continental Breakfast will be available

A boxed lunch of sandwich and beverage with your choice of turkey, ham or roast beef.

Reception/Dinner & Auction from 2 to 5 p.m.

JJPUCK Challenge for a

Hole-In-One $15,000,

Prizes for Closest to the Pin & Tournament Winners,

Sports Autograph Memorabilia, Restaurant & Store Gift,

Certificates from local businesses,

Golf Clubs, Gift Baskets, John Jay Apparel, Chinese Auction and Much More!

Beekman Country Club

11 Country Club Road, Hopewell Junction, NY • (845) 226-7700

Sign Up Today!

Register Online at:

For more Info Email:

Hudson Valley

Shakespeare Festival





Performing at BOSCOBEL

Garrison, New York 41

view from June 7th through June 30th, Gallery

66 NY is located at 66 Main Street, Cold

Spring, NY. For more information, call 845-

809-5838 or go to

“Symmetry and Beauty:” “Symmetry and

Beauty” by Edward Yashin, an artist that is

also an architect and that profession informs

his work. A master of technique when representing

buildings, he also takes liberties to

enhance their lines with the illusion of scaffolding

surrounding their perimeters, punctuating

their symmetry and beauty. Light and

shade create dramatic effects and communicate

the feel and sense of the city the building

is placed within. Mysterious figures appear in

windows and doorways, dressed for a night

of intrigue or whatever meaning the viewer

transfers onto their personage. A very rare

opportunity to see the work of an artist who

lives and works in the Ukraine. The exhibition

is on view from June 7th through June

30th, with an artists reception on Friday,

June 7th, from 6 to 9 PM. Gallery 66 NY is

located at 66 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY.

For more information, call 845-809-5838 or

go to

Tuesday, June 25

Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester's

11th Annual Golf Invitational: Hospice

& Palliative Care of Westchester (HPCW)

will host its 11th Annual Golf Invitational on

Tuesday June 25, 2013 at Westchester Hills

Golf Club. All proceeds from the event will

benefit HPCW's continuing effort to provide

comfort, care and compassion to every individual

and family facing a serious or lifelimiting

illness. Registration begins at 10:30

a.m. with brunch/lunch. A shotgun start will

follow at 12:30 p.m. A cocktail reception, to

include dinner and an awards ceremony will

follow at 5:00p.m. Ticket prices are $400 per

golfer and $1,600 per foursome. For ticket

purchases and sponsorship packages, contact

Holly K. Benedict at 914.682.1484 x122.

Westchester Hills Golf Club, 401 Ridgeway,

White Plains. For info and tickets, contact

Holly K. Benedict at 914-682-1484, ext. 122.

Wednesday, June 26

Theatre Blast Workshop: Theater Blast

Week – (1 Week Session) for age 7 years and

up, June 24 – June 28 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Exciting and unique summer camp. Kids

learn the basics of Improv, Storytelling and

Stagecraft while having more fun than the

law should allow! Imagination sets the limits

as we play theater games, create stories and

whacky character skits. Whatever you got,

bring it – Singing, Dancing or Playing the

•community calendar•

Tuba! Our days will include working with

crafts and fun outdoor activities. Last day we

we’ll show off our amazing new skills in an

informal performance for friends and family.

Tuition: $275; Sibling discount: 10%;

Limit 20 students. Held at The Pied Piper

Youth Theater, 275 White Pond Road, Stormville.

To sign up, call 845-878-9780 or email

Thursday, June 27

Patterns in Polymer Clay Workshop:

Led by Robin Hoffman. Find out all about

this versatile material in a class for adults

and teens grade 6 and up. We will

create pendants and beads using

polymer clay and some basic

tools. Discover the best

way to prepare, handle, and

bake clay in your home

oven to achieve beautiful,

long-lasting results. Learn

several basic decorating

techniques as well as the

principles of good jewelry design.

Get a materials list when you

register. Register for this program. 7

p.m.; held at John C. Hart Memorial Library,

1130 Main Street, Shrub Oak. For info call

914-245-5262 x 227 or visit

Friday, June 28

Adult Trivia Night: Join us for a great

night of Trivia. Come solo or bring a group

of friends and play to win great prizes. Ages

18 and over only please. Kids ages 3+ can stay

for Fun Friday with Miss Jenn while their

parents play. Kids must be registered, space

is limited. Registration preferred for adults,

walk-ins welcome if space allows. To register

or for more information, visit us online at and click on calendar

or call 845-878-6121 x10. Free program.

7 p.m. - 9 p.m. at Patterson Library, 1167

Route 311, Patterson.

John Gorka Live: John Gorka has been

active in the folk music scene since the

1970s, when he got his start in the coffeehouses

around Moravian College in eastern

Pennsylvania. Dubbed a leader of the New

Folk movement, Gorka toured around the

country and world and played with artists

like Suzanne Vega, Cliff Eberhardt, Christine

Lanvin, and Mary Chapin Carptenter, among

others. He has been described as "a 'bridge'

artist...who passes along musical tradition

while showcasing his own modern voice...a

great writer who knows how to put a tune to

a tale." From 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. at The Purple

Crayon, 52 Main Street, Hastings-on-Hudson.

For more info, contact Sarah Hinawi,


or visit

Saturday, June 29

"Drawn to Fashion:" SkyBaby Studio, 75

Main St., Cold Spring will host a collaboration

featuring the art and fashions of Indigo

Chic, Hudson Outfitters and Art to Wear

Too. The clothing is all wearable and chic,

BUT the show will have a unique interactive

component: As our models pose in a wide

variety of outfits, performance artist Jaanika

Peerna will create one of her fabulous

works by actually drawing

on a live model! For more

information, call 845-265-

4469, arttoweartoo@gmail.

com or visit

Rabbit Frolic: Hippity-hop

over to Teatown

to frolic with the bunnies.

Met Tess, Bitsy and Buster

and have a hopping good time!

Please note this program is for 3-4

year olds accompanied by a caregiver. Free

for members; $5pp for nonmembers. 1 - 2

p.m.; held at Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600

Spring Valley Road, Ossining. For info, contact

Mary Haley at 914-762-2912 x110,

or visit

How To Get Tipsy in the 1800s: A Presentation

on Historic Cocktails by Jason

Grizzanti of the Warwick Valley Winery &

Distillery. How did our early 19th-century

ancestors ìbelly up to the barî? Join us under

the Pavilion in Boscobelís picturesque

West Meadow for a presentation by Master

Distiller, Jason Grizzanti. Jason, Co-owner

of the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery,

will demonstrate various liquors and

brandies and how to mix popular 1800s libations

with them all. Jason is one of the

most experienced artisan distillers in the

New York region. Having trained at Cornell

University, the Seibel Institute in Chicago

and Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, Jason

has unique expertise in grain and fruit

fermentation, practical distillation, as well

as distillery-design. Advance ticket purchase

required. $35/person (21+) Includes presentation,

cocktail samples, cheese & crackers.

Please drink responsibly. Held at Boscobel,

1601 Route 9D, Garrison from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Call 845-265-3638 for info.

Events subject to change, call ahead. For

the most up-to-date listings or to submit your

own event, visit

42 Eventful Magazine - June 2013

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