IP Surveillance Concept

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN


Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN


How It All Began

Back in 1999, our original goal was simply to

design a web cam that could publish images

directly onto the web via ISDN without the

necessity of an additional computer. As shown

by the many installations worldwide, we very

quickly achieved this, but the innovative potential

was so strong that a new video-based security

concept sprang from the original idea.

All Inclusive

The MOBOTIX camera is not just a camera in

the traditional sense of the word; about

the only thing it has in common with a

normal camera is that it sends images

from one location to another. The camera

is connected as easily as a network printer

with each camera containing all features that

distinguish today's CCTV systems:

• recorder with long-term storage functionality,

• event control using integrated sensors,

• integrated video management system,

• video sensor for motion detection,

• ISDN phone and call management,

• software management for multiple cameras.

Web Technology

Setting up the camera, viewing live images and

searching for stored alarm image sequences

does not require any additional

software; all that is

required is a web browser

(Internet Explorer™, Netscape™,

etc.). Regardless

of the amount of users or

cameras of a surveillance

system, there are no software licensing fees and

every PC can be the control center.

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

Whether for industrial use (IP65

and VDE-certified), weatherproof

on top of a mountain without additional

heating, or in a bank (UVVcertified),

the MOBOTIX system has proven itself

dependable and reliable time and again in

extremely varied conditions. German Engineering

at its best!

Investment In The Future

Since the MOBOTIX system does not use video

digitizers or hardware image encoders, it can be

programmed to comply with all standards - even

standards that do not exist today. This is done

by simply downloading and installing the free

upgrades available on the MOBOTIX web site.

Ask our customers and they will confirm that

MOBOTIX stands for Innovative Development

and Value For Money.

Note: All images in this brochure are original

images from MOBOTIX cameras.

MOBOTIX factory Kaiserslautern


Network CCTV & Web Cam

MOBOTIX has redefined video. Live

images on the web, industrial

monitoring, traffic control, site

surveillance or bank recorder —

MOBOTIX cameras are connected

like a network printer so you can

view live and stored images immediately

on any PC without having

to install additional software.


Live image and latest events

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN

The Difference


From viewing ski slopes on the web to capturing

event-activated images at the entrance to an

underground garage — all you need is either an

ISDN or network connection,


everything else is in

the camera itself.

Additional power

supply, weatherproof

housing and special

software are generally not required.

Network Load

Do network cameras overload your network? In

most cases — yes, but not with MOBOTIX. The

MOBOTIX system incorporates the complete

image processing and video management systems

in the camera itself and only uses the network

when storing externally a pre-determined

alarm sequence or image. Even sending high

resolution live images (640x480) at the highest

frame rate only takes up about 2% of a 100 Mbps

network and thanks to its internal buffer system,

the camera can even bridge network failures.


If you have ever had to climb up a mast (e.g. on a

ski lift) several times to adjust or replace a camera,

you will appreciate a camera

that does not have any mechanically

moving parts.

There is no freezing-in of a

lens' auto iris and panorama

vision is achieved by using

several inexpensive cameras

rather than a mechnical swivel drive. The lenses

are computer-adjusted and set at the factory to

deliver brilliant color images year-in, year-out.

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

~ 2% of a 100 Mbit network using MxPEG format

On the Spot

- Avoid backlight! - is a sentence you won´t see

anywhere in a MOBOTIX manual. The new sunsafe

CMOS image sensor combined with the

freely definable exposure zones allow recording

clear images in varying lighting conditions from

direct sunlight in

landscapes to

glaring sunlight

through a window

in a bank or store.

Double Vision

With a MOBOTIX, it is possible to simultaneously

view the zoom image and the wide-angle view

thanks to its two lenses with integrated image

sensors, either side-by-side or as picture-inpicture

(PIP). Also, since MOBOTIX cameras do

not have any moving parts, maintenance

intervals are considerably longer than for

systems with mechanical zoom.

MOBOTIX camera on the Zugspitze



MOBOTIX cameras are known for

brilliant color images. One of the

camera's strong points is its perfect

handling of backlight scenes. Since

no moving parts, e.g. auto iris or

drives are used, their reliability is

unsurpassed which qualifies them

for heavy-duty use in hard-to-access



Direct sunlight behind tree

MOBOTIX camera at Hensa Werft

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN

MOBOTIX camera in Bad Ischl

Monitor the World

The Remote Concept

Enabling remote viewing of live or stored images

and events from far-flung locations is still at the

heart of the MOBOTIX design concept. Whether

checking on security at the

company premises or at

home or checking on

weather conditions at the

golf course or the marina,

simply dial into the

camera via RAS and Euro-

ISDN (where available) and access the camera

and all its control functions directly from

your PC.


A DSL connection and a fixed IP address

allow for immediate global access to the

camera via Internet and the multi-user

password system provides a high level of

security. If you do not require live images

but want images transferred to a web site at

regular intervals (by FTP), the camera will do this

via network or ISDN connection to the Internet.


The MOBOTIX system comes straight out of the

box complete with its own weatherproof housing

(IP65, -20° to +60°C, -4 to +140°F), wall mounting

bracket and swivel

joint for uncomplicated

external installation,

the camera

power can be supplied

from the Euro-ISDN

socket. The lenses

have been adjusted, focused and locked at the

production plant to prevent problems arising

from vibration.

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

without Euro-ISDN use Internet line (DSL, cable modem)

without Euro-ISDN use direct supply or power over ethernet cable

And Action!

To constantly keep

you in the picture

while something is

taking place, the

MOBOTIX system

can send you images when an event is triggered

by one of the sensors (PIR motion detector, microphone,

signal input) or movements are detected

in pre-defined areas (video motion windows).

Precision Timing

Whether you want to store

images at regular intervals

between 08:00 and 17:00 Monday

to Friday, between 11:00 and

15:00 on Saturday and not at all

on Sunday or on specific days of

the week in certain months of

the year, the integrated

MOBOTIX time tasking can

organize image transfer accurately and reliably.


Remote Image Transfer

Live on the Internet or on a website–

everything is possible via network or

by dialing up from a PC with Euro-

ISDN card. And since versatility is

built into the camera, it can send

images time or event-controlledeven

via email. All camera features

are remote-controlled; even upgrading

the camera software is done

using an ISDN or network connection.


Integrated video motion detector

Tele and wide-angle as picture-in-picture

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN

Recording And Editing


Take the example of a hotel garage where there

are maybe 100 vehicles coming and going in a

24-hour period. It wouldn't make sense to have

continuous 24-hour recording of an empty

entrance only to

waste precious

time playing back

the tape in order

to locate events.


system is ideally

suited for this

situation since it can be programmed to record

only on event, recording and archiving these

images while engaging a pre-defined alarm to

a PC at the reception or control desk.

Direct Storage

With up to 36 MB of internal storage, approximately

600 event images (e.g. cars) in highquality

640x480 resolution can be stored directly

in the camera itself. This once more highlights

why we are talking about the MOBOTIX system

(and not just a ""camera"") because it controls

the monitoring, processing and archiving of the

images internally, without a DVR or file server.

The Rest Of The Story

Sometimes the event

image itself does not

tell us all we need to

know about the circumstances

leading up to

the event and what

happened afterwards.

In order to capture this

information, the system can be configured to store

up a sequence before the event and after.

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

No Boundaries

If you find out after installation (due to lack of

foresight or increased demand) that you need

more cameras in your system, the solution is an

easy one: simply plug the desired number of

MOBOTIX cameras into your network. And if

additional storage capacity is desired, you can

upgrade your system with readily available,

reliable and cost-effective IT components.


Playback of recorded

images is

controlled by the

camera's video

management system,


of whether the

images originate

from within the camera or from an external source

and is accessible from any PC on the network,

even when the camera is recording.

Event trigger e.g. by integrated passive IR sensor


Safe And Sound Via The Net

A MOBOTIX camera is in itself a

complete network CCTV system with

full recording and playback

capabilities. Expanding the system

by adding cameras is always an

option, and if additional storage

capacity on the file server is required,

simply upgrade the system to the

terabyte level using standard IT



Recording using two sensor areas

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN


The Glare Phenomenon

Glare (or backlight) compensation is a term often

used in conjunction with cameras. What is usually

referred to, however, is the type of glare compensation

that brightens the darker areas of an image

but is of little practical use in conditions of shifting

light. The MOBOTIX system on the other hand

makes use of freely definable exposure zones to

determine the proper exposure setting.

Practical Usage

This original image taken from a bank scene

clearly shows the sunlight glaring through the

window opposite the bank teller. This would

""blind"" a normal camera lens and render the

areas at the front of the image (faces, etc.) too

dark to be of use. By setting an exposure zone

in the lower half of the scene, the MOBOTIX

system excludes the window area from

exposure measurement, resulting in a clear view

of the area you want to see. As the MOBOTIX

system does not rely on an auto iris it delivers

more reliable results than other cameras.

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

MOBOTIX camera is certified for use in german banks (UVV-Kassen, No. 023509)

Flexible Response

The MOBOTIX exposure

zones are freely definable

throughout the

image area using the

remote administration

functions. This example

clearly shows the difference

between an

image taken without

exposure zones (top)

and images with exposure

zones set on

each side of the door

(center) and directly in

the doorway (bottom).

The exposure zones are

so flexible and precise that they can even be set

to exclude the glare from individual street lamps

when monitoring a street scene.

Better Than Auto Iris


In practice, glare compensation is

one of the main strengths of the

MOBOTIX system, rendering it unique

in the marketplace. Achieving this

was only possible by using new CMOS

image sensors while omitting an auto

iris in the camera. The flexibility of

the exposure zones ensures glare

compensation even in conditions of

varying light.


no exposure zone (whole image)

Exposure zone in the center

Exposure zone (right and left)

Freely definable camera frames

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN

Remote Surveillance


The MOBOTIX Network CCTV concept allows

direct management of multiple cameras in a

network without additional video management

systems or software

installation. All the

software required for

the management of a

multiple camera system,

long-term storage

and alarm sequencing

is integrated

into the camera itself

and can be accessed

(without plug-ins) using

your browser. The

graphic user interface

of the video player not

only provides playback, forward and reverse, but

also a search feature to locate events that

occurred at a specific time, day, month or year.

Multi View

The MOBOTIX user interface also simplifies the

viewing of multiple cameras and the integration

of live and/or stored events with images pulled

directly from the

Internet. Partitioning

the screen is as

flexible and powerful

as the rest of the

MOBOTIX system. In

the case of an alarm

being triggered, images

can be configured to automatically enlarge,

highlight or sound an audio alarm. The example

shown here features a live image (large) with the

last four detected events shown as thumbnails

on the left-hand side.

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

Flexible Control Center

In the MOBOTIX system, any PC on the network

can serve as control center since no part of the

system relies on a central component. The

management of the

system is carried out by

the cameras from the

browser-based control

center. Even the longterm

storage of images

and events can be

dispersed over various

file servers and geographical


Fits Right In

The integration of the

MOBOTIX system into

higher-level surveillance systems like building or

airport management systems is a tested reality

that highlights the system's openness and

flexibility thanks to its network interface (http-API).

MOBOTIX Network CCTV Concept

Without having to rely on centralized

components but having the ability

to allocate the image data as

required, the MOBOTIX system is

robust and resistant to network

failures. Any PC on the LAN can view

live images, play back or search for

events, and you can customize the

screen space according to your



with backup in a 19“ cabinet

Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN

Built To Last

Off the Shelf


The MOBOTIX system utilizes a cost-effective By adding the flash option, the camera's internal

means for long-term image and data storage – storage capacity can be expanded to up to 2 GB,

the file and data servers that are on hand in

every office and industrial en-

giving you the capability of storing up to 40,000

vironment. The system reads,

writes, and deletes the images

just like a regular PC on your

workgroup's file server –

without any additional software

installation. This solution is

Standard PC

with Browser



Standard storage

RAID drives & backup

faster than an FTP-upload and

will allow you to scale

Standard LAN

Ethernet Cat 5/7




• server performance,

• storage capacity,

Video management software

Standard file server


• data security,

• and reliability

only in MOBOTIX Camera

to the application requirements using available separate alarm events or 5 hours video in high-

and proven brand name IT products.


Adding a standard RAID system to the server will

further increase the accessibility and reliability to

quality 640x480 format without requiring moving

parts (hard disk) or an additional power supply.

a degree superior to that of traditional digital

image recording devices while making the

system virtually limitless where storage capacity


is concerned. Since

every camera ma-


nages and pro-

MOBOTIX Network Storage


Netpower (

cesses its own

images and

Since MOBOTIX cameras store event

video clips directly on standard file


cameras can be

servers, storage limitations applicable

grouped to use

to DVRs are not an issue. Also, by different file ser-

incorporating standard IT compovers,

the decentranents,

MOBOTIX provides the best

lized MOBOTIX solution provides unmatched

possible mix of reliability, scalability

reliability of the system as a whole.

and data security available. Thanks

to the camera's internal buffer

system, short-term network or server

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems

failures are bridged seamlessly.

Power Backup • Made in Germany


Camera Network CCTV Recorder Alarm Sensor Telephone Webcam ISDN

wide angle lens

2 x buttons

6 x LEDs

Company Profile

IP-Surveillance „All-in-one“

MOBOTIX develops and manufactures ISDN/

network cameras for user-friendly video

surveillance and web cam solutions for IP networks.

MOBOTIX is pioneering IP video

surveillance and is the market leader for network

camera technology in German-speaking countries.

Professional around the world

On a global level, you will find MOBOTIX systems

monitoring dams in Japan, vacation homes in

Hawaii, banks and sewage treatment plants in

Germany, TGV tunnels in Belgium, research

stations in Antarctica, palaces in Dubai, train

lines in Germany and print shops in Israel. The

multitude of certifications MOBOTIX cameras

have obtained, such as IP65 or UVV, is witness

to the product's professionalism.

Technology Leadership

At CeBIT 2003 trade show in Hannover,

MOBOTIX unveiled the first 1.3 megapixel

camera, clearly demonstrating the world-wide

technology leadership in the arena of

ISDN/network cameras.


wall mount


M1D - Outdoor version

approx: 142 x 170 x 155 mm

zoom lens & 2nd

image sensor

IR motion



digital telephone


& in/out

rain and sun shield

MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems • Made in Germany

M1Di - Indoor version

approx: 142 x 142 x 138 mm

Ethernet (RJ45)

pan & tilt joint


MOBOTIX is renowned for high image quality

and high-resolution images as well as for the

reliability of its IP65-certified cameras, especially

in extreme weather conditions. Another unique

feature of MOBOTIX cameras is the low network

load of 1 Mbps for high-resolution (640 x 480)

live stream video, attributed to MOBOTIX's patent

pending MxPEG video compression technology.

History and Experience

MOBOTIX is a public company, which is firmly

footed on the experience of Dr. Hinkel and Klaus

Borchers. As founders of QUADRIGA, a laser

device manufacturer now belonging to Trimble

Inc., Sunnyvale, Dr. Hinkel and Mr. Borchers

constructed and produced fully automatic

construction site lasers for BOSCH, WÜRTH and

other companies. MOBOTIX is the result of their

research and know-how in manufacturing

devices that sport optical, mechanical and

electronic components.

Leading Technology


MOBOTIX is pioneering IP video

surveillance and is the market leader

for network camera technology in

German-speaking countries.

MOBOTIX was founded in 1999 by

Dr. Ralf Hinkel and is a privately held

company. For the year 2002, revenue

increased by 150% with an overall

export rate of 45%.



Bad Kreuznach





13 km




Luxemburger Straße 6

D-67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany

Tel.: +49 (631) 30 33 103

Fax: +49 (631) 30 33 190


==> see website for international partners & offices













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