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Evotec Munich

Evotec Munich

PAGE State of the art

PAGE State of the art proteomics technologies Support development of targeted drugs Cellular Target Profiling ® Subproteomic Cellular Target Profiling ® 3 Target discovery Target ID & validation Scaffold selection / HT screens Screening Early stop-loss decision for scaffold selection On/off target profiling Mode of Action analysis (KinAffinity ® , Epigenetics Target Profiling ® ) Response Prediction Biomarker Assays H2L LO Preclinic PhI/II Cellular Profiling to accompany H2L Selectivity analysis of lead compounds PTM signatures as predictive biomarkers Omics Technologies (Phosphoproteomics, Acetylomics)

PAGE 4 Cellular Target Profiling Revelation of a compound’s cellular target spectrum • Determinates a compound‘s proteome-wide binding affinities in any cell line or tissue of choice • State-of-the-art chemical proteomics facilitates unbiased native profiling against endogenously expressed, full length proteins in the presence of cellular co-factors and complex partners • Adresses previously unavailable targets in combination with phenotypic screens and thus broadens the available chemical space for drug discovery • Leads to compounds with a relevant efficacy profile, ready for in vivo POC studies • Extensive, non-target class restricted track record in target deconvolution and profiling of various small molecule compounds (e.g. kinase inhibitors, antibiotics, epigenetic drugs, small molecules targeting metabolic enzymes, ligases, reductases, transferases, heat shock proteins, cyclooxygenases)

Evotec Munich
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