Untitled - Excelsior Hotel Ernst


Untitled - Excelsior Hotel Ernst


Cheeks of monkfish in nutbutter spilled

on lime gel with veal of Carpaccio

and Fourme´d´Ambert-Espuma Euro 26

Foie gras terrine on dried fruit jam

with pointed cabbage and brioche Euro 28

Pan –fried scallops

under the pecan nut crust

on blood orange jelly

and Quinoa with passion fruit emulsion Euro 25

Soups and Entrees

Crustacean cream soup

with lobster and tarragon Euro 14

Essence of oxtail

with own insert and truffle Euro13

Stewed cheeks of Iberico pork

on root vegetables and potato straw Euro 21

Pan fried turbot

with langoustine, ratatouille

Fish Dishes

and red Carmague-rice Euro 36

Loup de mer with saffron spume,

bottarga on blossoms vegetables

and variation of lentils Euro 34

Meat Dishes

Tenderloin of US-Beef on truffled

black salsify vegetables

roused mini mushrooms and

red wine-shallots doughnuts Euro 37

Saddle of fawn

brussel sprouts, bunches of grapes, bacon

and gingerbread dumplings in a napkin Euro 36

Saddle, sweet bread and

sausage of Eifler -Ur lamb

on yellow beans potpourri

with pickled cocktail tomatoes

and la Ratte potatoes Euro 35

Münsterländer-goose with glazed chestnuts

on braised raisin apples, red cabbage with apples

and potato dumplings Euro 42

-prior reservation required-


Lukewarm Taleggio in courgette coat

on poached spice –pineapple Euro 13

Selection of French pure milk cheese

with assortment of chutneys Euro 12


of the “Black Forest cake”


in creamy, crispy and frozen form Euro 12

Tarte of figs

on Tonka bean parfait

with jelly and truffle of Guiana chocolate Euro 13

Pickled Cidre vanilla apple

filled with gratiné of pecan nut

on caramel nougat ice cream Euro 10

Stewed Macis pumpkin

on ricotta cream and honey chocolate comb

with blueberry sorbet Euro 14

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