Who are the girls at Excelsior? - Excelsior Youth Center


Who are the girls at Excelsior? - Excelsior Youth Center

Who are the girls at Excelsior?

Quick Facts:

• Last year 358 girls were served. Of the clients

who discharged, 94% successfully completed

Excelsior’s treatment program and returned to a

less restrictive environment. Through Excelsior’s

educational and treatment programs, the girls

are learning healthier lifestyles and constructive

decision-making skills.

• Forty-eight percent of Excelsior’s residents

come from Colorado with the majority of those

from the Denver metropolitan area.

• Of the out-of-state population, the vast

majority came from cities throughout

California including Los Angeles, San Francisco

and Sacramento. Other states include Virginia,

Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Illinois.

• The referring agencies include: human

services/social services 58%; school districts

50%; mental health agencies 18%; probation

13%. Most (54%) of Excelsior’s clients are

court ordered.

• The ethnicity of our high-risk students:

47% Caucasian; 23% Hispanic; 14% African

American; 14% Multiracial; 1% Asian; 1%

Native American.

• When asked their religious preference the girls

answered: Christian 58%; None 40%; Jewish

1%; other 1%.

Excelsior employs more than 324 people

including: Licensed Masters and Bachelors

degreed therapists and group care staff,

Recreation Therapists, Psychiatrists, Consulting

Psychologists, School Principal, Colorado

Licensed Teachers, Educational Diagnosticians,

Registered Nurses and administrative and

support staff.

• 204 community members volunteered 1,900

hours at EYC serving in various ways.

Major Accomplishments This Year:

• The beautiful new Teen Center was a buzz of

year round activity each evening and weekend.

Classes included yoga, cooking, dance, arts n’

crafts. Movie nights were particularly popular.

Annual Report

• Wellness Initiative: Girls and staff met regularly

for exercise and nutritional advice. They utilized

the new elliptical machines, exercise bikes and Wii

Fit in the Teen Center.

• Outdoor Swimming Pool provided a venue for

summer swim classes, life saving instruction and

recreational swimming throughout the season.

• Bully Proofing continued at Excelsior as the

campus-wide bully-proofing program empowered

the girls’ awareness. The effective program

continues to positively impact improved behavior

throughout Excelsior.

July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009

• Enhanced drug abuse prevention programs

served every Excelsior client this past year. Results

show marked improvement in the girlsattitudes and

behaviors in the community

• Ever Upward: Love & Laughter- Excelsior’s

annual May fundraising gala honored 4 Triumphant

Women: Angela Schneider-Barkus, Lisza Gulyas, Jill

Farquhar, Angie Austin and Hostess, Edie Marks.

Presenting sponsor of the gala

was Land Rover

Denver East. GIRLS

ONLY, featured at

the Denver Center

for the Performing

Arts, entertained

the crowd.

What brought them to Excelsior?

Most of the clients came from a detention facility (24%), a psychiatric hospital (19%)

or another residential treatment center (11%). Other living conditions included group

and foster homes, shelters and 23% of them came from living with their families.

• Their backgrounds may include 28 different issues though the highest ranking

incidents include: depression 78%; assaultive behaviors 69%; runaway 69%; victims

of sexual abuse 50% and victims of physical abuse 47%. Fifty-four percent of the girls

had a history of drug abuse. The clinical personality diagnoses includes 62% conduct

disorder and 41% demonstrated symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

• The girls received treatment and education at Excelsior for an average of 12.5 months

before being discharged.

• After the average 12.5-month stay at Excelsior, 94% of the girls discharged to a less

restrictive setting.

Where did they go?

• Returning to their families represented

the vast majority at 40%. Moving to a

group home or foster home were 26% and

transitioning to emancipation was 6% of

the girls.

High School Progress:

Excelsior’s High School reports

increased standardized test scores

for those students who remained

here long enough to take two annual

exams. At Excelsior, school attendance

is mandatory resulting in a marked

improvement in daily classroom grades.

• From August 2008 through May 2009 at

three high school graduation ceremonies 19

girls graduated from Excelsior High School.

Excelsior Scholarships: Last year, fifteen

former Excelsior students from around the

country received financial assistance from

Excelsior Youth Center to further their

academic success. One student received the

Daniels Fund Opportunity Scholarship II, which is designated for students

from Excelsior Youth Center who attend the Community College of Aurora.

Other scholarships include the Tori B. Schmitt Scholarship, William Gregory

Scholarship, Lawton Scholarship and Schramm Scholarship.

Annual Report : Fiscal Year • July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009







Fee for Service


Revenue Expenditure

June 30, 2009


Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 1,982,083

Accounts Receivable, Net 1,551,403

Property and Equipment, Net 6,567,213

Investments 14,610,968

Scholarship Fund 373,559

Other Assets 202,175

Total Assets $ 25,287,401

Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts Payable $ 380,823

Accrued Payroll and Benefits 1,471,108

Long-Term Debt 2,935,000

Other Liabilities 143,674

Total Liabilities 4,930,605

Net Assets

Unrestricted Fund 13,373,865

Property and Equipment, Net 6,567,213

Restricted Assets 415,718

Total Net Assets 20,356,796

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ 25,287,401

Independent Auditors: Corder & Engle , P.C., Denver, Colorado

A full audit is available upon request.

Note: The above figures include the combined net assets of

Excelsior Youth Center and The Excelsior Youth Foundation.

Excelsior Youth Center

15001 East Oxford Avenue • Aurora, Colorado 80014

Phone: 303.693.1550 • Fax:303.693.8309 • www.excelsioryc.org

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