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Splendour and Glory

Art of the Russian Orthodox Church

Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam

Expo: 19/3/2011 - 16/9/2011

[NL] De Nieuwe Kerk - Hermitage A'dam

V. Boele

Paperback | 280 x 240 mm | 336p | throughout col & bw ill.

ISBN: 9789078653257 | Eng. ed. | March 2011

€ 31,50 [BE] / € 29,95 [NL] / € 31,50 [INT]



Rights: W

From 19 March to 16 September Splendour and Glory will provide the first overview in the Netherlands of the time-honoured spiritual and artistic traditions of the Russian

Orthodox Church. More than 300 religious artefacts - icons, fresco fragments, robes, paintings, historical books and gold and silver objects associated with Christian

worship - form the tangible evidence of this rich and enduring sacred institution.

Religion has played an essential role in Russian society, from the Church's earliest beginnings in 988, when Grand Prince Vladimir officially adopted Orthodox Christianity

as his state religion, until the present. After this 'baptism', the Orthodox faith spread rapidly throughout the realm, adding an extra dimension to church history and art


The exhibition walls will be richly filled with icons, large and small, centuries old and world famous. Icons are sometimes called windows on eternity, for they are believed to

reveal a piece of heaven. Their beauty is without parallel. Attention will focus on the origins and development of Russian icon painting, with Kiev as its birthplace; examples

from various schools will also be displayed, each with their own stylistic characteristics.

Photos of important churches and monasteries in traditional religious centres such as Novgorod and Pskov reveal the flowering of monastic and ecclesiastical life. In

addition to disseminating the Orthodox faith, monastic institutions played a highly significant role in secular society: monasteries often served political and economic

interests while the nuns in convents assumed a range of social tasks. Many objects bear images of saints, of which there are many in the Russian Orthodox Church. The

most revered of these is the Mother of God, followed by St Nicholas whose name day is celebrated twice in Russia, in the spring (22 May) and in the winter (19 December).

The tremendous artistic riches of the Russian Orthodox Church are emphasised by a wealth of magnificent religious treasures from the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth

centuries, when Moscow was the centre of church and art. The exhibition concludes with church art from St Petersburg, religious heart of Russia from 1703 to 1917 and

controlled by the powerful tsars. The Russian Orthodox Church's great importance to both the tsars and the imperial army is clearly demonstrated by Splendour and Glory.

Text and (moving) images visualise and illustrate major themes such as origins and tradition, medieval Russia and the earliest religious centres, and the spread of

Christianity in Russia. Attention is also paid to the Church's suppression by the Soviet regime and its renaissance in the wake of the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991.

For six months the Hermitage Amsterdam will be suffused with the spiritual ambiance of ten centuries of exceptional Russian art.


The Making of the MAS

(Eng. ed)

The New Antwerp Museum MAS has chosen four significant themes around

Antwerp's connections to the rest of the world, themes about people, about

their connections to each other and to the rest of the world. They appeal to

everyone and affect every one of us.

Demonstration of power (floor +4) with the collections Prestige and


Metropolis (floor +5) with the collections Here and elsewhere.

International port (floor +6) with the collections Trade and shipping.

Life and death (floors +7 and +8) with the collections Men and gods,

the under- and upperworld.

This book on the Making of the MAS focusses on the building and it's

architecture (Architecten Neutelings), urbanisation, scenography

(B-architecten), and the 4 museums that will be brought together in this new

museum and landmark.

[BE] BAI - MAS Books

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 200 p | throughout col.ill.| May 2011

€ 35,00 [BE] | € 35,00 [INT]


Rights: not NL

Five Centuries of Images

Masterworks of the MAS

A prestigious exhibition. "Masterworks of the MAS. 5 Centuries of Images"

takes a closer look on the evolution of image culture from the Middle Ages

until now, using masterpieces from the Antwerp collections.

The economical success from the Antwerp harbour generates an important

turning point in 16th and 17th century art. Not only the rich and clerical order

works of art, also the bourgeois class get interested in buying art. A creative

boost is the logic consequence. In the exhibition and catalogue the old

masters such as Jan van Eyck, Peter Paul Rubens and Jacob Jordaens are

confronted with contemporary artists such as Luc Tuymans, Jan Fabre and

Koen van den Broek.

[BE] BAI - MAS Books

Expo: 17-5-2011 - 31-12-2012, MAS, Antwerpen

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 240 p | throughout col.ill.| May 2011

€ 39,95 [BE] | € 39,95 [INT]


Rights: not NL


Magritte - Catalogue Raisonné. Vol. VI:

Oil Paintings, gouaches, drawings. New attributions -

Newly discovered works

Sara Whitfield

Een onmisbaar instrument voor al wie zich wil verdiepen in het oeuvre

van een van de grootste Belgische schilders van de 20ste eeuw.

Een catalogue raisonné is nooit voltooid. Steeds weer worden nieuwe

werken ontdekt, zijn er nieuwe toeschrijvingen, duikt nieuwe informatie op

over reeds gepubliceerde werken of over het leven van de kunstenaar. Eén

jaar na de heruitgave van de toonaangevende monografie van David

Sylvester en 18 jaar na de publicatie van de catalogue raisonné van het

oeuvre van Magritte (1992) onder leiding van diezelfde auteur, vult het

Mercatorfonds de catalogus aan met een zesde volume. Het is

samengesteld door Sarah Whitfield en is de vrucht van vele jaren onderzoek

in de lijn van de eerste vijf delen. Ook hier bevatten de notities een schat

aan aanvullende informatie. Elke notitie wordt geïllustreerd met

kleurenreproducties van het werk in kwestie, aangevuld met vergelijkend


L'outil de travail indispensable à quiconque souhaite approfondir l'oeuvre

d'un des plus grands peintres belges du xxe siècle.

Un catalogue raisonné n'est jamais achevé. De nouvelles oeuvres sont

découvertes, de nouvelles informations sur des oeuvres déjà publiées et sur

la vie de l'artiste font surface. Un an après la réédition de la fameuse

monographie de David Sylvester et 13 ans après la publication du volume 5

du catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre de Magritte (1997) sous la direction de ce

même auteur, le Fonds Mercator actualise celui-ci en lui ajoutant un sixième

volume. Ici aussi, pour chaque oeuvre, les notices apportent une foule

d'informations complémentaires.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

-previously announced-, co-ed Menil Foundation, Houston

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 325 x 245 mm | 144 p | 120 col.ill.| May 2011

€ 50,00 [BE] | € 50,00 [NL] | € 47,17 [INT]


Rights: only BE


Peintre - Poète

L'Espace culturel ING et les Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, en

collaboration avec la Fondation Miró de Barcelone, présentent une

exposition de quelque 120 peintures, gravures, sculptures et dessins qui

illustrent la prédominance du caractère poétique dans l'oeuvre de Miro.

L'exposition et le catalogue qui l'accompagne, publié aux éditions Fonds

Mercator, sont focalisés sur la production du peintre catalan à partir de la

célèbre série des Constellations exécutée au début de la Seconde Guerre


[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Expo: 24/03/2011 - 19/06/2011, ING Bruxelles

Paperback with flaps | French ed. | 258 x 210 mm | 208 p | 120 col.ill.| March


€ 34,95 [BE] | € 34,95 [NL] | € 32,97 [INT]


Rights: W, not F

Entre Paradis et Enfer

Mourir au Moyen Âge

L'ouvrage met en lumière 1000 ans de mort, d'inhumation, de deuil et de


Le Moyen Âge, époque violente par excellence dans l'imaginaire populaire,

avait un rapport particulier à la mort. Donnée à facettes multiples et

passionnantes, elle était une composante quotidienne de la vie entre le VIe

et le XVIe siècle. Présente dans toutes les strates de la société de l'époque,

la recherche ne pouvait

être que multidisciplinaire : l'histoire de l'art, l'archéologie, la sociologie, la

théologie et la médecine légale sont donc utilisés dans cet ouvrage. Divisé

en quatre grands chapitres (les causes de la mort, l'accompagnement des

mourants et les rituels funéraires, la topographie de la mort, de la mort à la

résurrection), l'ouvrage dresse le portrait de ce qu'était la mort au Moyen

Âge. Il met en lumière 1 000 ans de mort, d'inhumation, de deuil et de

souvenir avec cette constante : l'aspiration de l'homme à conserver son

statut social et spirituel après la mort. Au travers des pages, on pourra

admirer des peintures, des sculptures, des monuments funéraires, des

reliquaires, des manuscrits, des memento mori, mais aussi des armes, des

instruments de torture, des squelettes, des offrandes funéraires. Tant

d'objets destinés à surmonter la mort qu'à l'infliger.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Expo: 1/12/2010 - 24/4/2011. Also available: Dutch (NL) ed (isbn

9789061539582), Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxelles

Hardback | French ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 240 p | 250 col. & bw ill.| Dec. 2010

€ 39,95 [BE] | € 37,69 [INT]


Rights: W, not F

De Kracht van Zilver

Etnische sieraden uit de collectie Smith-Hutschenruyter

De tentoonstelling De kracht van zilver toont de collectie

Smith-Hutschenruyter, een bijzondere verzameling van bijna 600 etnische

zilveren sieraden afkomstig uit een gebied dat zich uitstrekt van Marokko tot

China. Ieder sieraad vertelt zijn eigen krachtige verhaal, of dat nu gaat over

verblindende schoonheid, verfijnd vakmanschap, hoge economische waarde

door gewicht en zilvergehalte, of over geloof in magische spirituele krachten

die de mens kunnen bijstaan in het dagelijks leven. Daarbij roepen de

armbanden, riemen, kettingen, hoofdsieraden en enkelbanden bewondering

op vanwege hun schoonheid en het hoge vakmanschap waarmee ze zijn


[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Expo 16/2/2011 - 22/5/2011, Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam

Hardback | NL ed. | 270 x 235 mm | 192 p | 100 col.ill.| Feb. 2011

€ 35,95 [BE] | € 35,95 [NL] | € 33,92 [INT]


Rights: W, not F

Image(s) of a Collection

Musée de la Photographie Charleroi

Met meer dan 80.000 foto's en 3 miljoen negatieven is het Musée de la

Photographie van de Franse Gemeenschap in Charleroi het grootste

fotografiemuseum van Europa. Deze publicatie schetst de geschiedenis van

de fotografie aan de hand van een driehonderdtal foto's uit de unieke

verzameling van het museum. De foto's bestrijken de periode van 1840 tot

vandaag en zijn zorgvuldig geselecteerd, niet alleen voor hun

representatieve waarde voor de verzameling, maar ook voor hun technische

kwaliteiten en hun esthetische of historische waarde. Louis Ghémar en

Bettina Rheims, schitterende anonieme foto's, bekende en minder bekende

werken, portretten, landschappen, artistieke beelden, documentaire of

journalistieke foto's. de diversiteit van de fotografische kunstvormen staat

centraal in deze gids van de geschiedenis van de fotografie. Dit werk is de

eerste grote publicatie gewijd aan het Musée de la Photographie en schetst

de geschiedenis van het museum vanaf zijn oprichting in 1975 tot de huidige

instelling met wereldfaam.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Hardback | Eng./ Fr./ NL ed. | 230 x 170 mm | 352 p | 300 col. & bw ill.| Jan.


€ 39,95 [BE] | € 39,95 [NL] | € 37,69 [INT]

£ 0,00 [UK]


Rights: not F, not Ch, not CA

Les Peintres du Large de Nieuport par Coxyde à

la Panne


Rik Sauwen

Aan de Westkust - het gebied tussen IJzermonding en Franse grens - is de

ontwikkeling van het toerisme trager op gang gekomen dan elders aan onze

kust en dat was een zegen voor kunstenaars van alle slag. Met de grootste

gedrevenheid hebben zij de onvatbare diversiteit van het zeeklimaat

weergegeven, met empathie het harde bestaan van de vissersbevolking

beschreven, op kleurrijke wijze de vakantiesfeer aan zee bezongen.

Ondanks twee Wereldoorlogen bleven steeds nieuwe kunstenaars het

gebied opzoeken: sommigen als vakantiegangers, anderen op blijvende

wijze. Het waren literatoren zoals Emile Verhaeren, Willem Elsschot of Jean

Cocteau, schilders zoals Louis Artan of Paul Delvaux, beeldhouwers zoals

George Grard of Roel D'Haese, en ook componisten zoals Charles Gounod.

Meer dan honderd jaar artistieke activiteit heeft De Panne, Koksijde,

Sint-Idesbald, Oostduinkerke en Nieuwpoort op de kaart gezet van de

kunstgeschiedenis, op uiteenlopende en verrassende wijze.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek


Expo: summer 2011. Also available: Nl. Ed. ISBN 9789058563750,

Nieuwpoort, De Panne

Hardback | French ed. | 300 x 240 mm | 176 p | 250 col.ill.| June 2011

€ 39,00 [BE] | € 39,00 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Belgium is Design. Design for Mankind

6e Triënnale voor Vormgeving | Triennale du design |

Design Triennial

Valcke Johan, Coirier Lise, Foulon Francoise, a.o.

Design Vlaanderen organiseert in het najaar van 2010 voor de 6e keer de

Design Triënnale. De tentoonstelling Belgium is Design. Design for Mankind

vindt plaats in Grand-Hornu en schetst een sterk verhaal van Belgisch

design. 100 ontwerpen van diverse Belgische ontwerpers en designstudio's

werden geselecteerd op

basis van 10 essentiële waarden: gevoelsleven, milieubewustzijn, efficiëntie,

eenvoud, intimiteit, spel, mobiliteit, veiligheid, overdracht en samenleven.

Design wordt bekeken vanuit een maatschappijgerichte invalshoek, rekening

houdend met haar impact op de mensheid, in een steeds veranderende

context. Het boek Belgium is Design. Design for Mankind, dat gebaseerd is

op de tentoonstelling, brengt, naast een aantal inleidende essays, de 100

geselecteerde ontwerpen in beeld.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek

Expo:21/11/2010 - 02/03/2011, Grand-Hornu Images

Hardback | Eng./ Fr./ NL ed. | 300 x 240 mm | 256 p | 250 col.ill.| Nov. 2010

€ 39,90 [BE] | € 39,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL


Thalen & Thalen

Jaap Thalen & Rob Thalen

Zilverwerk was door de eeuwen heen een bron van inspiratie voor heel wat

kunstenaars. Religieus zil-verwerk heeft het vak tot ongekende hoogten

ge-bracht, maar in de loop van de 20e eeuw werden de opdrachten

schaarser. Steeds meer ateliers moesten de deuren sluiten en al snel

verdween monumentaal zilverwerk op de achtergrond. Gaandeweg lieten

ook de opleidingen te wensen over.Het is de droom van vader Rob en zoon

Jaap Thalen om opnieuw het allermooiste te maken: objecten,

ge-bruiksvoorwerpen, kunstobjecten in zilver zoals die al heel lang bijna niet

meer te vinden zijn. Monumentale creaties waarvoor zowel het oude

vakmanschap als de meest geavanceerde technieken vereist zijn. Hun

ont-werpen krijgen vorm in het Belgische Francorchamps en worden

wereldwijd naar waarde geschat.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek

Hardback | E/ F/ NL/ G ed. | 225 x 225 mm | 240 p | 100 col.ill.| Nov. 2010.

€ 34,00 [BE] | € 34,00 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Florever Wherever

'Florever Wherever' presents about 15 complete wedding stories in 15

different countries. All weddings are decorated by world famous and

top-class florists, all of them being spokespersons for the floral wedding

traditions of their country. This high end publication will show about every

aspect of this unforgettable day: the bridal bouquet, corsages, bridesmaids,

car decoration, town hall and/or church decoration, table arrangements,

wedding party ...

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 290 x 240 mm | 180 p | 300 col.ill.| April 2011

€ 59,90 [BE] | € 59,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Ikebana Through the Seasons

Mit Ingelaere-Brandt

Na het succesvolle Ikebana Today (2006) en Contemporary Ikebana (2008)

vervolledigt Stichting Kunstboek haar Ikebana-trilogie met Ikebana through

the Seasons. Ikebana through the seasons keert terug naar de essentie van

de kunst en focust op de diversiteit van de schikkingen doorheen de

seizoenen, het groeiproces van de planten en de wisselwerking tussen de

creaties en hun natuurlijke omgeving. Traditionele onderwerpen, maar vaak

met een verrassend eigentijdse invulling. Voor het samenstellen van dit

boek en de selectie van de werken deed Stichting Kunstboek opnieuw

beroep op een internationaal team van specialisten en vertegenwoordigers

van de belangrijkste stromingen binnen Ikebana. Ikebana through all

seasons is een must voor alle liefhebbers van Ikebana en een bron van

inspiratie voor wie gepassioneerd is door florale schoonheid.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 290 x 240 mm | 208 p | 200 col.ill.| March 2011

€ 59,90 [BE] | € 59,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Life3 - Plant Arrangements

Tomas De Bruyne, Per Benjamin & Max van de Sluis

Plant Arrangements is the eighth and final volume in the successful series

Creativity with Flowers by Life3 designers Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne

and Max van de Sluis. Life3 arranges floral ornamentations with fresh green

and blooming plants, focusing on the lifespan of the arrangement. Plant

Arrangements will provide you with original and long-lasting floral

decorations for a variety of occasions, from bold, natural-looking containers

for sun-drenched patio tables, to stylish and carefully manicured

centrepieces for any special get together. The designers of Life3 allow

florists around the world to share in their expertise and ideas. They introduce

the expressiveness of floral design, each from his own recognizable and

individual style. They take the reader on a journey through the history of the

floral table piece and share their views on the future of this arrangement.

Life3 shows you all the tricks and techniques to make it your own, in an

extensive series of step-by-step photos, with comments and personal

thoughts on design, technique and the emotional aspect of the work. Go

backstage with this inspirational book and learn from the masters!

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 230 x 230 mm | 96 p | 200 col.ill.| Jan. 2011

€ 29,90 [BE] | € 29,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

David Ragg


David Ragg & Phil Rowley

David Ragg is a third generation florist, following in the footsteps of his

mother and grandmother. Surrounded by flowers from a very young age, he

understands the simple beauty of one of nature's most wonderful creations,

the flower. His philosophy and view on floral design are uncomplicated.

Working with flowers should be fun, inventive and exciting and the finished

product must stimulate and generate reaction. Contemporary floral design is

not about forcing issues and concepts, but about letting the natural beauty of

flowers speak for themselves and declare their own personality. In 2000

David Ragg became Interflora florist of the year, he was a competitor for the

UK in the Interflora World Cup and in the UK Europa Cup. As a three-times

Gold Medal Winner for Professional Floristry at the Chelsea Flower show,

David's business has been raised to the higher ranks in the floral industry.

He travels the globe teaching and demonstrating his skills. This new

monograph showcases David's range and creative talent.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 330 x 245 mm | 96 p | throughout col.ill.| June 2011

€ 39,90 [BE] | € 39,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Yuko Takagi: Monograph

Yuko Takagi & Satoshi Shiozaki

Dat Japan synoniem staat voor verfijning en minimalisme bewijst het werk

van bloemsierkunstenares Yuko Takagi. De subtiliteit van haar fijnzinnige

creaties, die met zorg en precisie samengesteld zijn, getuigt van eenzelfde

esthetiek als de traditionele Ikebanakunst. Takagi's ontwerpen zijn tijdloze

meesterwerkjes, die de bloemen in hun essentie en ontdaan van alle franje

tonen. Naast haar studies aan de Jane Packer Flower School en de

Hana-ami Gestaltungsschule in Tokyo, vervolmaakte Takagi haar opleiding

tijdens verschillende internationale seminaries, onder meer bij de Duitse

grootmeester Gregor Lersch. Ondertussen runt Yuko met succes haar eigen

school voor floraal design en reist ze als demonstratrice de wereld rond.

Internationale erkenning kwam er met een aantal prestigieuze prijzen; zo

kaapte Takagi verdiend de 'Golden Leaf' weg in Stichting Kunstboeks

International Floral Art 2006/2007. In deze bijzondere monografie bundelt

deze vaandeldraagster van de Japanse esthetiek voor het eerst een aantal


[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 330 x 245 mm | 96 p | 100 col.ill.| May 2011

€ 39,90 [BE] | € 39,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Royal Delft

Pim van den Akker

De Koninklijke Delftsche Aardewerkfabriek 'De Porceleyne Fles Anno 1653'

(Royal Delft) is de toonaangevende producent van het authentieke

Delftsblauw sieraardewerk en modern aardewerk. De onderneming is

daarnaast actief als kennis-centrum voor keramiek en ontvangt jaarlijks ruim

140.000 bezoekers die het ambachtelijke produc-tieproces van Delfts

aardewerk komen bezichtigen. Royal Delft en bloemsierkunstenaar Pim van

den Akker slaan de handen in elkaar voor dit inspire-rende kijkboek. Tijdloze

topstukken uit de collectie Delfts Blauw worden verrassend eigenzinnig

aangekleed en geherinterpreteerd door floraal designer Pim van den Akker.

Pims oog voor detail, zijn gevoel voor compositie en bovenal zijn originele

creaties werpen een ander licht op deze eeuwenoude Hollandse erfenis. Het

vergankelijke en het tijdloze, gevat in een schitterend en bijzonder boek.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng./ NL ed. | 330 x 245 mm | 96 p | 75 col.ill.| Dec. 2010

€ 39,90 [BE] | € 39,90 [INT]


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL

Moniek Vanden Berghe

Monografie / Monography

Moniek Vanden Berghe

Moniek Vanden Berghe louter als floraal ontwerpster bestempelen zou haar

veelzijdige talent oneer aandoen. Na een opleiding in de schilder- en

beeldhouwkunst, keramiek en grafische vormgeving vond Moniek haar ware

passie in de florale kunst. Haar natuurlijke gevoel voor vorm en kleur,

contrast, textuur en structuur, resulteerde dan ook in een

hoogstpersoonlijke, elegante en eigentijdse schikstijl. Meest bekend voor

haar trendsettende bruidswerk, wat resulteerde in de zeer gesmaakte

Flowers in Love reeks, toont Moniek Vanden Berghe zich in deze eerste

grote monografie van een meer persoonlijke kant. Vezels, twijgen, vruchten,

bladeren en bloemen worden door Monieks vaardige handen tot een

organisch geheel gekneed, wat nu eens resulteert in fijnzinnige

miniatuurtjes, dan weer in grootschaliger extravagante creaties. Schitterend

in beeld gebracht door fotograaf Kurt Dekeyzer wordt deze monografie niet

alleen een inspirerend en authentiek document maar ook een prachtig

kunstboek van een heel persoonlijke signatuur.

[BE] Stichting Kunstboek (Floral art)

Hardback | Eng./ Fr./ NL ed. | 245 x 330 mm | 96 p | 100 col.ill.| May 2011

€ 39,90 [BE] | € 39,90 [INT]

€ 47,50 [Belles Lettres] (MEV: 11/05A)


Rights: not UK, not US, not NL


Mini Celebrity Bible

Philippe De Baeck

This new publication in our Mini Bible series takes a look at people who left

an indelible mark on the last sixty years. From pop and music culture

through movies and politics: the whole of stardom is covered.

This is a celebration of the celebrities of yesterday and today in more than

350 pages of amazing black & white and colour photography.

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 210 x 172 mm | 384 p | throughout col.ill.| April 2011

€ 19,95 [BE] | € 18,82 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

Extreme Locations

Birgit Krols

Welcome to the realm of Extreme Locations, a stunning, 500-page illustrated

book filled to the brim with the world's most amazing hotels, bizarre bars,

eccentric restaurants and extreme venues. Sleep underwater, grab a drink in

a tree, dine in the air or party in an igloo - going down the rabbit hole isn't

just for Alice anymore. This richly illustrated 500-page book will show you a

glimpse of the most amazing and unusual locations in the world.

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Paperback | Eng./ Fr./ NL ed. | 245 x 245 mm | 500 p | throughout col. & bw

ill.| April 2011

€ 35,00 [BE] | € 33,02 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

In his Footsteps

Famous Fathers and Celebrity Children

Birgit Krols

Simply being the son or daughter of someone famous doesn't guarantee

success, and in order to step out of the shadow of your well-known dad, you

have to muster up more than good genes. Nevertheless, some celebrity

fathers are so inspirational, they entice their brood to choose very similar

career paths. In His Footsteps sheds light on the most famous father-son

and father-daughter combinations in the world of sports, politics,

entertainment, business, science, art and literature, such as Muhammad and

Laila Ali, John and Julian Lennon, George H.W. and George W. Bush,

Ferdinand and Ferdinand Jr. Porsche, and Donald and Kiefer Sutherland.

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Hardback | Eng./ Fr./ NL ed. | 290 x 245 mm | 160 p | throughout col.ill.| April


€ 35,00 [BE] | € 33,02 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

The Kiss

The Most Notorious Kisses of all Times

Birgit Krols

A kiss is never just a kiss. First kisses, stolen kisses, farewell kisses,

motherly kisses, gay kisses, kisses of betrayal or regret. each and every kiss

has its own moment, its own reasons and its own heroes. This book

showcases the most romantic and notorious kisses in films and tv-shows,

literature, music, the arts and real life.

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 200 x 200 mm | 160 p | throughout col.ill.| Jan. 2011

€ 19,95 [BE] | € 18,82 [INT]

Also available: NL ed: De Kus, ISBN: 9789079761630


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

The Good - The Bad

The 100 greatest heroes and villains in the history of Film

Fien Meynendonckx

From super-evil bad guys like Lex Luthor, to the heroic actions of Indiana

Jones. In the movies, we find them all: the gangsters and the coppers, the

psycho's and the superheroes. The book features more than 120 of the

greatest heroes and villains in the history of film, complete with pictures of

the actors playing them, a short introduction and memorable moments and

quotes. And to avoid confusion: every character gets a score in 10, to

establish his 'good-or evilness'.

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 194 x 235 mm | 216 p | throughout col.ill.| 2011

€ 24,95 [BE] | € 23,54 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

The Dirty Scrapbook

Activities for Adults

Sayuri Ogawa & Claire Richet

An exciting new antidote to boredom, the Dirty Scrapbook, a collection of

cheeky activities for grown-ups, is loaded with dirty, flirty fun! The erotic

connect the dots, sexy spaces for doodling, cheeky cut-outs,

color-by-numbers Kama Sutra, and more, promise to reconnect the most

stressed-out and world-weary among us to the giggling teenager within. Get

ready to spice up your day with this unique, portable 'performance space'

that lets you indulge your artistic impulses and most vivid fantasies anytime,

anywhere, and anyhow!

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 135 x 220 mm | 160 p | throughout bw ill.| April 2011

€ 16,95 [BE] | € 15,99 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

Destination Rome

Philippe De Baeck

Rome, the eternal city, is marked by ages of history and culture. It's not just

Italy's capital and largest city, it's a city of great emperors, famous popes

and masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Raphael.

From stunning art and architecture to picturesque streets and little piazza's,

from great masters of ancient times to the latest fashion and design: the

unequalled charisma of Rome is captured in 300 pages of stunning

photographs and interesting quotes.

[BE] Tectum Publishers

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 185 x 250 mm | 300 p | throughout col.ill.| April 2011

€ 25,00 [BE] | € 23,58 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

Living in great style in Knokke - Zoute

Beautiful homes in Belgium's most exclusive coastal city

Fabienne Vastapane

Knokke, the most exclusive seaside resort in Belgium, is a mere 100

kilometres (65 miles) from the capital of Europe - Brussels. With its broad

and sandy beaches, its eight-kilometre (five-mile) seawall, a beautiful nature

reserve and an enormous variety of options for relaxing, it is a true paradise.

In the exclusive garden districts the architecture and surrounding natural

scenery combine to form a harmonious whole. You will struggle to find as

many brilliant interiors elsewhere as you can find in Knokke-Le Zoute!

Magnificent homes lie secluded on the beautiful seawall, along serene little

pathways and in stately lanes: from grand villas and charming apartments to

cosy farmsteads. Knokke guarantees a wide range of styles - both traditional

and contemporary, intimate and sparse and restrained and exuberant.

Fabienne Vastapane has selected the most extraordinary of these interiors

for this sublime photobook.

[BE] VdH Books - Editions VdH

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 297 x 297 mm | 228 p | 291 col.ill.| April 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 55,00 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Version française: ISBN 9789490979027 - Nederlandse editie: ISBN



Rights: [not IT] [not UK] [not S-Eur]



Kitchen Aid. Das Blender-Kochbuch

Rund um die Uhr

Veerle De Pooter. Photography by Tony Le Duc

Freuen Sie sich beim Aufwachen schon auf frisch zubereitete

Frucht-Smoothies. Bereiten Sie Ihre eigenen Gemu¨sesuppen, Dressings

und Dips zu. Oder mal zur Abwechslung ein leckerer, selbstgemachter

Brotaufstrich? Und zum Abendessen vielleicht ein tolles Hu¨hnerleberparfait

oder koÅNstliche Hummerku¨chlein - oder möglicherweise vielleicht lieber

einen vegetarischenr Burger und zum Nachtisch griechische Nussecken?

Last but not least: Ihre selbstgemixten Cocktails erhalten den letzten Pfiff mit

zerstossenen Eiswu¨rfeln. Und das alles gelingt Ihnen problemlos mit Ihrem

neuen KitchenAid (R) ArtisanT Blender, einem echten Alleskönner!

Dieses Kochbuch enthält insgesamt 48 appetitanregende Rezepte. Somit

profitieren Sie optimal von Ihrem Blender - jeden Tag, rund um die Uhr.

[BE] Minestrone

Hardback | German ed. | 200 x 1650 mm | 128 p | throughout col.ill.| June


€ 17,50 [BE] | € 17,50 [INT]


Rights: W

ART Brussels 2011


Rights: W

The 29th edition of the contemporary art fair Art Brussels takes place from

Thursday 28 April to Sunday 1st May 2011. 167 galleries from 26 countries

and works by more than 1300 artists offer an insight of the current

international contemporary art scene.

[BE] Art Brussels

Expo: 28/4/2011 - 1/5/2011, Brussels Expo

Paperback | Eng./ Fr./ NL ed. | 220 x 220 mm | 420 p | full colour col.ill. |

April 2011

€ 25,00 [BE] | € 26,50 [NL] | € 25,00 [INT]

Jef Verheyen

Le Peintre Flamant



Dirk Pörschmann

A quarter of a century after his untimely death,Verheyen's abstract paintings

are re-examined, interpreted and accorded their place in the history of art.

The production of the book has led to the rediscovery of a painter who had

fallen into oblivion. Here, unpublished texts and letters and a wealth of

photographs bring Verheyen's creations back to life.


Paperback | German ed. | 230 x 230 mm | 256 p | throughout col.ill. | Sept.


€ 45,00 [BE] | € 45,00 [INT]

English ed.: isbn 9789461170064

Gery De Smet

See Something Say Something


Rights: W

Philippe Van Cauteren

[BE] Schoonheid voor het Volk

Hardback | Eng./ NL/ Russ. ed | 295 x 210 mm | 350 p | throughout col.ill. |

July 2010

€ 45,00 [BE] | € 49,50 [NL] | € 46,70 [INT]

Bruno Vekemans




Rights: W

Bruno Vekemans


[BE] Stockmans - Devos

Expo: 1/10/2010 - 5/12/2010, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana

Hardback | E/ F/ NL/ Sp. ed. | 240 x 300 mm | 248 p | 170 col.ill. | Oct. 2010

€ 60,00 [BE] | € 63,50 [NL] | € 60,00 [INT]

La Collection Boch

Le Souffle de Prométhée

Vanessa Bebronne, Ludovic Recchia et Benoît Schoonbroodt

Cet ouvrage présente 50 faïences remarquables fabriquées dans les ateliers

de la manufacture Boch Frères entre 1843 et aujourd'hui. Ces oeuvres sont

présentées dans le cadre d'une exposition annonçant l'ouverture en 2015 du

Centre de la Céramique de la Communauté française baptisé Keramis et

installé à La Louvière sur le site de cette entreprise. Ces oeuvres n'ont

jamais été montrées au public et sont parfois inédites. Parmi celles-ci,

quelques oeuvres remarquables de la période dite de la « Chambre des

peintres » (1870-1900) dont une pièce exceptionnelle de 2,2 mètres de

hauteur témoigneront de la maîtrise des peintres sur faïence à la fin du XIXe

siècle. Parmi les plus connus, des vases du célèbre Charles Catteau ainsi

que plusieurs compositions murales monumentales de style Art Déco créées

par son successeur, Raymond-Henri Chevallier. La sélection mettra aussi

l'accent sur les créations d'après-guerre comme les fantaisies dues à l'esprit

débridé d'Ernest D'Hossche et les expérimentations de l'entreprise en

matière de design industriel.

[BE] Musée Royal de Mariemont

Paperback | French ed. | 230 x 165 mm | 122 p | throughout col.ill.| Jan.


€ 20,00 [BE] | € 21,00 [NL] | € 20,00 [INT]

€ 21,95 [Belles Lettres] (MEV: 11/05A)


Rights: W


Verre Art Deco

L'Atelier de Charles Catteau et le Modernisme en Belgique

Christophe Bardin, Isabelle Lecocq, Pierre Loze

Charles Catteau a été l'un des plus grands créateurs de l'Art Déco en

Belgique. Sa réputation dans le domaine de la céramique l'a amené à créer

des décors pour l'industrie verrière. Quelques-uns de ses élèves comptèrent

ainsi parmi les meilleurs créateurs de gobeleteries implantées à Manage

(Scailmont), Familleureux (Gobeleterie nationale) et Houdeng-Goegnies

(Verreries du Centre). Durant les années 1920, ces entreprises ont introduit

des ouvres luxueuses dans leurs catalogues. Les travaux exceptionnels de

ces entreprises sont comparés à d'autres du Val Saint Lambert et des

verreries de Boom (entre Malines et Anvers).

Outre le catalogue de plus de 150 ouvres remarquables produites entre

1925 et 1937, l'ouvrage compte des essais de spécialistes sur l'histoire des

verreries, l'histoire du vitrail, l'enseignement du verre et de la céramique, les

techniques verrières et de la place de l'art verrier belge au sein de l'Europe.

Auteurs : Christophe Bardin, Isabelle Lecocq, Pierre Loze, Daniel Massart,

Anne Pluymaekers, Yves Quinif, Ludovic Recchia et Isabelle Verhoeven.

[BE] Musée Royal de Mariemont

Paperback | French ed. | 275 x 220 mm | 250 p | 200 col.ill.| April 2011

€ 40,00 [BE] | € 42,40 [NL] | € 40,00 [INT]

€ 48,00 [Belles Lettres] (MEV: 11/05B)


Rights: W


The Congo Collector

Jozeph Schelfhout

Dit boek toont de belangrijkste werken van de kunstcollectie van Jozef

Schelfhout die hij van 1959 tot vandaag verzamelde. Bij het verzamelen

werd hij bijgestaan door de bekende antiquair in Kinshasa. Mijnheer Minga,

een Kubaprins, die ook raadgever was voor het museum van Afrikaanse

kunst. Hij kocht ook werken bij pater Soleau Marcel en pater Léon

Verwilghen. Het grootste deel van de tentoongestelde stukken dateert van

de eerste helft van de 20ste eeuw. U vindt er een mooie ivoorverzameling,

vooral de SONGYE en de LEGA, een verzameling houtsnijwerk van de


- KUBA, alsook de LEGA verzameling die toebehoorde aan Pater Léon


[BE] Vision

Expo: 31/10/2010 - 16/01/2011, Scharpoort, Knokke

Paperback with flaps | NL/ Fr ed. | 220 x 280 mm | 176 p | throughout col.ill.|

Oct. 2010

€ 45,00 [BE] | € 47,70 [NL] | € 45,00 [INT]

£ 58,00 [UK]


Rights: W

Ode au Grand Art Africain

Les Statues meurent aussi

Ouvrage réalisé par Primedia et Tribal Art Management à l'occasion de

l'exposition 'Ode au grand africain : les statues meurent aussi', célébrée à la

Monnaie de Paris dans le cadre du Parcours des mondes 2010.Une

exposition autour du film de Présence Agricaine réalisé par Alain Resnais et

Chris Marker. Le film ne manque pas de surprendre. Il s'agit là d'Alain

Resnais et de Chris Marker et d'un sujet brulant, censuré à sa sortie en

1953 : la création artistique et le talent des peuples colonisés. Il fallait de

l'audace à cette époque pour le réaliser.

[BE] Vision

Expo: 8/9/2010 - 2/10/2010, Monnaie de Paris

Paperback with flaps | French ed. | 220 x 280 mm | 176 p | throughout col.ill.|

Oct. 2010

€ 45,00 [BE] | € 47,70 [NL] | € 45,00 [INT]


Rights: not F


The Wirtz Gardens

(2nd reprint)

Patrick Taylor. Photographs: Marco Valdivia

The first book about the work of this landscape architect, with a selection of

both private and public gardens.

Jacques Wirtz started his practice in 1948 and is now succeeded by the next


The published work, apart from residential assignments in Belgium and

abroad, also contains less known public parks, such as the Avenue Roi

Albert II in Brussels and the Carrousel gardens in Paris, as well as more

recent work, such as the Ainwick Castle gardens in the UK.

[BE] Wirtz International

Set of 2 hardback Volumes | Eng. ed. | 320 x 270 mm | 612 p | 490 col.ill.|

Feb. 2011

€ 149,00 [BE] | € 149,00 [INT]

€ 176,00 [Belles Lettres] (MEV: )


Rights: (US: DAP)

Jean-Dominique Burton. Porto-Novo

Cité rouge, esprit du lagon | Red City, Spirit of the Lagoon

Jean-Dominique Burton

À travers ses photographies de Porto-Novo, capitale historique du Bénin,

Jean-Dominique Burton nous révèle une cité porteuse d'histoire et porteuse

d'avenir : elle est aujourd'hui à la fois apaisée et vibrante, immortelle mais


L'archéologie d'une ville se trouve soit dans les murs, soit dans le souvenir.

Les deux s'entretiennent. Les murs se préservent, se relèvent, se

conservent. Les souvenirs se transmettent par la mémoire des familles, par

les conteurs, les légendes.

Partir à la découverte de Porto-Novo, capitale historique du Bénin, à la suite

de Jean-Dominique Burton, c'est percevoir aussi bien l'urgence de cette

mémoire à conserver, que la modernité de cette vie qui enfle et évolue.

Cette réalité contemporaine c'est celle d'une ville africaine qui se développe

et qui prépare ses lendemains baignée dans une histoire riche de ses

contrastes. Dans cent ans, Porto-Novo sera une ville ultra moderne

uniquement si son histoire et son identité sont préservées. Ce témoignage

en image nous donne à voir toute la vie, la force et la beauté sur laquelle il

lui faudra veiller.

Through his photographs of Porto-Novo, Benin's historic capital,

Jean-Dominique Burton shows us a city steeped in history but also turned

towards the future: it is equally vibrant and at peace, undying but at risk. A

city's foundation lies both in its architecture and its memories. Each must be

cared for. Constructions can be supported, can be rebuilt and preserved.

Memories are kept within families, by story-tellers and through legends.

[BE] Fondation Zinsou

Hardback | Eng./ Fr. ed. | 300 x 300 mm | 120 p | 95 col.ill.| March 2011

€ 38,00 [BE] | € 38,00 [INT]

€ 0,00 [Belles Lettres] (MEV: )

£ 0,00 [UK]


Rights: W


Le Pays des Petites Routes en Ardèche

Bernard Plossu

Dans ce livre, Le Pays des petites routes. Bernard Plossu, artiste et

arpenteur du monde, photographie les crêtes, les chemins, les châteaux, les

villages d'Ardèche, du Mézenc au Tanargue, de Saint-Pierreville à

Vals-lesbains. Ce travail révèle une vérité de nos paysages maintenant

inscrite dans l'unité d'une oeuvre intimiste et poétique.

[BE] Editions Yellow Now

Paperback | French ed. | 210 x 165 mm | 208 p | 150 duotone ill. | May 2011

€ 28,00 [BE] | € 29,72 [INT]


Rights: W

Sur les traces de l'Art Nouveau en Ukraine, Kiev

et Lviv

Youri Biryulov

Ce guide fera découvrir au touriste, grand public ou spécialiste, le

patrimoine architectural et artistique des villes ukrainiennes de Kiev et Lviv,

à travers un mouvement artistique international : l'Art Nouveau. L'intérêt du

guide tient dans son mode de présentation : bilingue, il est écrit en français

et en ukrainien. Il propose, en guise d'introduction, un aperçu historique,

culturel et artistique des villes concernées.


Paperback | French/ Ukrain ed. | 290 x 245 mm | 320 p | throughout col.ill. |

Oct. 2010

€ 29,50 [BE] | € 31,00 [NL] | € 29,50 [INT]


Rights: W, not CANADA


Eco-Friendly Architecture

Jacobo Krauel

This brilliant collection brings together some of today's most prestigious

architects, whose work in sustainable architecture has helped define this

fascinating and vital field. Breathtaking creativity combines with maximum

efficiency in a host of projects, all accompanied by texts and floor plans from

the architects themselves, as well as full color photographs that bring the

work to life. Sustainable & Green architecture will surely be an invaluable

inspiration to all those interested in this field, whether professionals,

students or architecture enthusiasts.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 430 col.ill.| March 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Future Architecture

Eduard Broto

This book is packed with a wealth of mind-blowing and innovative proposals

which will surely define the residential architecture of the future.

Internationally renowned architects together with emerging young

professionals present an extensive selection of projects including:

conventional vertical dwellings, buildings for specific groups and residential

complexes. All the projects come to life on the page through excellent full

color photographs and are clearly explained by the architects themselves

with texts and floor plans. The works in this book, provide stimulating

answers, ingenious solutions, unexpected points of view and proposals that

will without doubt influence the conception of residential architecture.

[ES] Links

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 220 x 220 mm | 300 p | 290 col.ill.| Jan. 2011

€ 35,00 [BE] | € 37,00 [NL] | € 35,00 [INT]


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Houses Now 3

Carles Broto

25 spectacular houses are presented in this, the third volume of the brilliant

Houses Now series. This publication takes us behind the houses' façades

into the minds of the contributing architects, leaving no facet unexplored.

Undeniably contemporary, these projects were all chosen for their ability to

inspire and break away from the norm. Hundreds of color photographs and

floor plans bring the reader closer to the featured projects, while explanatory

texts contributed by the architects themselves offer invaluable insight into

the minds behind the buildings. An inspirational selection of projects make

this book an indispensable reference for all those interested in small-scale

residential architecture.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 260 x 240 mm | 240 p | 350 col.ill.| March 2011

€ 34,00 [BE] | € 36,00 [NL] | € 34,00 [INT]


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Materials. Innovation & Design

Dimitri Kottas

New Building Materials is a display of what can be achieved with today's

wealth of innovative materials. A wide variety of materials that, for example,

can reduce a project's environmental impact or which make it more

affordable or more versatile. Clearly divided into different categories, the

information provided offers architects and designers alike an essential tool

for attaining the results that best suit their clients' needs and requirements.

Full color photographs and texts that provide detailed explanations regarding

the properties of each material will serve as inspiration to professional

architects in search of new ideas to enrich their work.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 520 col.ill.| Feb. 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

-previously announced-


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Apartment Buildings Today


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Carles Broto

This collection displays the best in today's residential architecture. A

selection of the world's most prestigious architects present their recent

creations for apartment buildings, from supremely innovative and

avant-garde proposals, to those that attempt to create spaces whose

personalities adapt to their contents. Top names in architecture such as

Christian de Portzamparc, Herzog & de Meuron, Ten Arquitectos and

Philippe Gazeau provide invaluable insight into their work through

explanatory texts.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 439 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Architecture & Construction in Wood


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Dimitris Kottas

A superb selection of wooden constructions. The collection has been

carefully chosen to present some of the finest examples of wooden

architecture today. The latest techniques and imaginative proposals, from

prominent architects on the international scene, will offer readers inspiration

to apply to their own projects. Full-color photos and concise explanatory

texts provide the architects' perspectives for each construction and make

this volume an essential book in the collection of any architect or student.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 428 col.ill.| 183 bw ill. | April


€ 45,00 [BE] | € 47,70 [NL] | € 45,00 [INT]


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Architecture & Construction in Concrete

Dimitris Kottas

This volume is bursting with fantastically innovative ideas for using concrete

in architecture. Full-color photographs and detailed explanatory texts allow

readers to clearly understand how each project was put together. This is a

publication that no professional in the field should do without.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 433 col.ill.| 186 bw ill. | May


€ 45,00 [BE] | € 47,70 [NL] | € 45,00 [INT]

Architecture Today


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Eduard Broto

The projects used for this collection present the very best in today's

contemporary architecture. This is a breathtaking selection that oozes

creativity and serves as inspiration for architects and students of architecture

around the world. Iconic buildings that are emblematic of the times feature

alongside lesser known projects, but which are no less creative or surprising.

Full color photographs and floor plans beautifully illustrate the selected

works and are accompanied by indepth explanations.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 453 col.ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

New Facades


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Face up to facades--with full information on dozens of construction

materials.Priceless guide to creating the public face of any building!

Stunning color photographs plus detailed technical information! What gives a

building its personality? Its facade, of course. New Facades offers an

exhaustive study of the public face of buildings, from first idea to final

execution. Each chapter focuses on a specific material, exploring the design

possibilities and construction details of each one.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 492 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Apartment Buildings

Plan Atlas


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Carles Broto

Top names in architecture, as well as young, emerging architects, provide

invaluable insight into their work through explanatory texts, accompanied by

full color photographs and floor plans. This volume is sure to delight and

inspire all those with an interest in this field of architecture, whether

professional or otherwise.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 300 x 240 mm | 600 p | 250 col.ill.| 1250 bw ill. | April


€ 60,00 [BE] | € 63,60 [NL] | € 60,00 [INT]

New Home Extensions


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Jacobo Krauel

This book presents a selection of superb home extensions from some of

today's leading architects, as well as emerging talents in the field. A wealth

of ideas is delivered to the reader through full-color photos and clear and

concise texts from the architects themselves, which offer valuable insight

into the projects on display. This will surely be an indispensable source of

information and inspiration for anyone interested in this area of architecture,

whether professionals, students or enthusiasts.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 260 x 240 mm | 256 p | 421 col.ill.| 198 bw ill. | March


€ 35,00 [BE] | € 37,10 [NL] | € 35,00 [INT]

Roof Design


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

This book includes a fascinating selection of roofs, from the most classical to

the most avant- garde, all of which lend style as well as functionality to the

buildings they crown. The featured projects provide a thorough, up-to-date

study of trends in roof design, according to their type, materials used and the

respective characteristics they provide. Works by leading architects are

included, as well as some by up-and-coming new talent, all of them fully

illustrated with plans and building details.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 480 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Shops Now


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Jacobo Krauel

Leading designers and architects showcase their finest projects to create a

dazzling compendium of ideas full of imagination, while at the same time

intelligently designed for a specific purpose: to sell the products. Explanatory

texts accompany striking, full-color photographs which highlight all facets of

each and every one of the featured projects. This is truly an essential book

in the collection of all professional designers, students and enthusiasts alike.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 428 col.ill.| 192 bw ill. | April


€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,30 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Superb Wood Houses


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Carles Broto

These works feature a wide range of different uses of wood in home

construction. Included are sophisticated residences, contemporary homes,

and small but remarkable wood cabins. Outstanding photographs

accompany the working plans and a clear text, provided by the designers

themselves, to achieve an optimal communication of these buildings' main

features, the materials used and their defining characteristics.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 260 x 240 mm | 240 p | 426 col.ill.| 196 bw ill. | March


€ 35,00 [BE] | € 37,10 [NL] | € 35,00 [INT]

Staircase Design


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

This volume comprises a complete study of stair design and construction,

from technical details to the realization of the projects. The examples

featured have been selected from the work of renowned international

architects and that of emerging, young talent in the field. The architects

themselves take readers through these innovative solutions in this

fascinating realm of architecture. The information provided includes precise

details concerning the width, height and shape of steps, their structural


[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 488 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Transport Facilities


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

This book offers the reader a superb selection of today's finest examples in

the field of transport architecture. Carefully considered projects proposed by

renowned architects and designers provide effective

solutions for over-crowded airports, busy train stations and major transport

links. All projects are beautifully illustrated with full color photographs

accompanied by detailed explanations from the architects themselves. This

will undoubtedly be an invaluable reference for all those interested.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 437 col.ill. | Jan. 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

Unusual Hotels


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Dimitri Kottas

This book presents a wide range of hotels; modern temples for tourists or

business travelers, all of which have opened recently in different parts of the

world. This is a dynamic and colorful collection of some of the most

forward-looking and inspiring designs in the world, from the studios of

modern architecture's leading names. Each project is thoroughly

documented with the designers' own notes and explanations, sketches, floor

plans and glossy full-color photographs.

[ES] Links

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 220 x 220 mm | 300 p | 430 col.ill.| 184 bw ill. | March


€ 35,00 [BE] | € 37,10 [NL] | € 35,00 [INT]

Interior Design


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Carles Broto

This book presents a selection of the most interesting proposals in interior

design, showing a return to more humanized concepts, based on the

profound relationship between human beings and the space they inhabit.

Readers will be delighted by the diverse range of solutions featured, which

attempt to strike a balance between function and aesthetics, between the

essential and the non-essential. Floor plans, technical specifications,

materials used and commentaries on each project are included, all provided


[ES] Links

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 260 x 240 mm | 240 p | 333 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 34,00 [BE] | € 36,00 [NL] | € 34,00 [INT]

Innovative Ideas for Shop Windows


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Techniques and approaches to the projects are illustrated with full-colour

photography and demonstrate how a carefully studied design can transform

an unremarkable display into a dazzling delight for the senses. This title is a

must-have for professionals designers, design students, store buyers and

anyone with an interest in this exciting area of design.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 260 x 240 mm | 240 p | 500 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 34,00 [BE] | € 36,00 [NL] | € 34,00 [INT]

New Exhibition Design 2


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Jacobo Krauel

This volume contains some of today's most creative and innovative trade

show designs. Renowned international architects have contributed their

finest work, which pushes the boundaries that define this fascinating and

ever-evolving area. Full color photographs, plans, sketches and detailed

explanatory texts provide excellent insight into each of the featured projects.

For architects and designers in the field, as well as students, this book will

surely be an invaluable source of inspiration.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 284 x 242 mm | 300 p | 438 col.ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 55,00 [BE] | € 58,50 [NL] | € 55,00 [INT]

-previously announced-

Creative Calendar Collection


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Basheer Graphic Books

A calendar is a tool that helps us not to lose sight of our commitments and

daily activities and knowing how important calendars play a part in our lives -

Creative Calendar Collection comprises of many interesting specially

selected calendars of all design and range from across the globe. These

designs pushes limits of both aesthetically and conceptually. With calendars

contributed by various designers and studios Creative Calendar Collection

is a good keep.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 210 x 290 mm | 256 p | 490 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 45,00 [BE] | € 47,70 [NL] | € 45,00 [INT]

Magic Branding


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH, SC

Designer Books

From logo design, to its applications in exhibition, advertisement, brochure,

stationery, website, gifts, and other collateral designs, designers can help

their clients to build the brand image through anything. This book will show

you how the products, shops, and companies develop distinct image and

attract people's attention under designers' hands.

[ES] Links

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 210 x 270 mm | 272 p | 510 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 45,00 [BE] | € 47,70 [NL] | € 45,00 [INT]


Art and craftsmanship in fashion design

Annette Duburg, Rixt van der Tol, Karin Schacknat

This book is an orderly manual that opens up an area that functions as an

interesting, supplementary design niche within today's fashion design.

Collected by two Dutch experts in this craftsmanship: Annette Duburg and

Rixt van der Tol.

It includes the historical context of draping, contemporary examples by

fashion designers, a large section on all aspects of draping (of all clothing

components on the most common variations) and the use of draping by

well-known fashion designers from 1900 to the present day.

Draping is a three-dimensional design and production technique that

generates a considerable degree of freedom in terms of design. Freedom in

restraint, as the fabric has to envelop a dress stand and because the design

has to be readable and able to be transferred to a pattern. Draping is a

technique frequently used in couture.

Draping - Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design will be presented at the

symposium Beyond Green II, World Fashion Centre Amsterdam on

November 12th 2008.

[NL] d'Jonge Hond

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 260 x 190 mm | 248 p | 1000 col. & bw ill.| March


€ 39,95 [BE] | € 37,69 [INT]

£ 36,95 [UK]



Rights: not NL, UK (PgUK)



Hoppé Portraits

Society, Studio and Street

Terence Pepper & Phillip Prodger

Emil Otto Hoppé (1878-1972) was one of the most important and influential

photographers of the first half of the twentieth century. Featuring previously

unpublished work, this richly illustrated book firmly re-establishes Hoppé as

'The Master'recognised by his peers. With a selection of strikingly modernist

portraits as well as early photojournalist studies, this groundbreaking survey

explores Hoppé's rich contribution to the history of portrait photography.

Resident in Britain from 1900, Hoppé began his photographic career in 1907

and soon developed a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic for

photographing eminent figures from the worlds of literature, politics and the

arts. Sitters include Jacob Epstein, Henry James, Vaslav Nijinsky, Karsavina

and Margot Fonteyn, Somerset Maugham, George Bernard Shaw and

members of the British royal family. Less well known are his sensitive

studies of ordinary people - such as cleaners, maids, and street vendors -

that Hoppé made on location as well as in his London studio from the 1920s

onwards. His photo-stories of the early 1930s, including A dog hospital in

Croydon and Inside a taxi-cabmen's shelter, were taken for the new

picture-led reportage magazines such as Weekly Illustrated. These

masterful observations had a significant impact on later photographers and

predate the growth of photojournalism during and after the Second World

War. Following extensive conservation and organisation, the Hoppé

photographic archive has been recently reunited with letters and

biographical documents held by his estate. This impressive survey

showcases 150 of Hoppé's remarkable portraits, as well as discussing new

research into his life and work.

[UK] National Portrait Gallery

Expo: 17/02/2011 - 30/05/2011, National Portrait Gallery, London

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 230 mm | 176 p | 150 bw ill.| Febr. 2011

€ 44,50 [BE] | € 43,50 [INT]


Rights: BE, G, A, CH, LUX, not NL

Ida Kar

Bohemian Photographer

Clare Freestone & Karen Wright

'Miss Kar is one of the most distinguished and gifted photographers in

England.' Bryan Robertson, Whitechapel Gallery, 1959 Ida Kar: Bohemian

Photographer charts Kar's life (1908-74) and career from her first studio in

Cairo in the late 1930s to her move to London in 1945, where she was

introduced to the British art world through the family of Jacob Epstein and

her husband Victor Musgrave. Her first solo exhibition in London, Forty

Artists from London and Paris,at Musgrave's Gallery One in 1954, included

perceptive and sympathetic studies of the artists Stanley Spencer,

Tsugouharu Foujita, Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray and Le Corbusier. Fully

illustrated throughout and featuring previously unseen archive material, this

beautiful book shows Kar's work from the 1950s, which led to her 1960

Whitechapel retrospective. It includes literary subjects such as Iris Murdoch,

Doris Lessing, Colin MacInnes and T.S. Eliot, and portraits of Jean-Paul

Sartre, Andre Breton and Georges Braque taken during visits to Europe. Her

later work includes the photo-essay Le Quartier St Ives (Tatler, 26 July

1961), featuring Patrick Heron, Peter Lanyon, Barbara Hepworth and Terry

Frost, and her documentary portraits of Soho bohemia in the 1950s and

early 1960s, including coffee bars, art galleries and protests. Kar's portrait of

Fidel Castro in Cuba of 1964, demonstrates her political interests and her

engagement in promoting her work. Published to accompany a major

exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 10 March-19 June 2011.

Features previously unpublished archive material highlighting Kar's

significance as a pioneering woman photographer and her Armenian


[UK] National Portrait Gallery

Expo: 10/03/2011 - 19/06/2011, National Portrait Gallery, London

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 230 mm | 160 p | 50 col.ill.| March 2011

€ 36,95 [BE] | € 35,95 [INT]


Rights: BE, G, A, CH, LUX, not NL

Photographic Portrait Prize 2010

Lucy Davies

This book provides a unique opportunity to see an inspiring range of portraits from contemporary photographers

selected from over 6,300 submissions. The works included are not only about the subjects - people who appear

intriguing, defiant or relaxed - but also reveal the outstanding skills of the photographers, whose intelligence and

diligence enables them to capture both a moment in time, and to convey something of the spirit of those

photographed. Fully illustrated in colour throughout, the book features all the selected entries from this year's

competition, as well as comments and insights from the judges. The 2010 judging panel will comprise of Sandy

Nairne, Director, and Terence Pepper, Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, London, plus a

selection of high-profile figures from the world of photography. The catalogue includes interviews with the

prizewinners by Richard McClure that give further insight into the photographers behind the portraits.

[UK] National Portrait Gallery | Nov. 2010 | Paperback | 280 x 220 mm | 72p | 60 col.ill.| ISBN: 9781855144316

| Eng. ed. | € 22,95 [BE] / € 22,95 [NL] / € 22,95 [INT]

Rights: BE, G, A, CH, LUX, not NL


Joan Miró

The Ladder of Escape

Matthew Gale & Marko Daniel


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Joan Miro's paintings are among the most widely recognized of any modern

artist, reproduced everywhere from books to t-shirts and Spanish tourist

posters. Drawing on new scholarship from an international range of experts,

and accompanying the first exhibition in Britain for nearly half a century to

show work from throughout Miro's career, "Joan Miro: The Ladder of

Escape" throws new light on the life and career of one of the greatest artists

of the 20th century.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: 14/04/2011 - 11/09/2011, Tate Modern, London

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 290 x 245 mm | 240 p | 200 col.ill. | April 2011

€ 52,50 [BE] | € 53,95 [NL] | € 50,90 [INT]



Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Iria Candela

In this accessible survey of the artist's life and career, Iria Candela explains

the complex roots and darker shades that lie behind the evolution of Miro's

work, from the culture of his Catalan homeland to his exposure as a young

man to the latest experiments of the avant-garde in Paris and the rise of

Fascism in Spain. For anyone wanting to explore the visual legacy left by

the artist who declared that he wanted to 'assassinate painting', this vividly

illustrated book is the perfect guide.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: 14/09/2011 - 11/09/2011, Tate Modern, London

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 210 x 168 mm | 80 p | 60 col.ill. | April 2011

€ 10,00 [BE] | € 10,80 [NL] | € 10,00 [INT]

Joan Miró

The Ladder of Escape


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Matthew Gale & Marko Daniel

Joan Miro's paintings are among the most widely recognized of any modern

artist, reproduced everywhere from books to t-shirts and Spanish tourist

posters. Drawing on new scholarship from an international range of experts,

and accompanying the first exhibition in Britain for nearly half a century to

show work from throughout Miro's career, "Joan Miro: The Ladder of

Escape" throws new light on the life and career of one of the greatest artists

of the 20th century.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: 14/04/2011 - 11/09/2011. Hardback ed. available: ISBN

9781854379405, Tate Modern, London

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 290 x 245 mm | 240 p | 200 col.ill. | April 2011

€ 37,50 [BE] | € 38,50 [NL] | € 36,32 [INT]



Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Alison Smith

Watercolour has long been seen as a distinctive part of the British cultural

heritage, with British artists widely acknowledged to be among its greatest

exponents. Featuring classic works by artists including Turner, Girtin and

Samuel Palmer, this book features watercolours by modern and

contemporary artists including Anish Kapoor and Terry Frost. This visually

stunning book casts new light on an outstanding artistic tradition.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: 16/02/2011 - 21/08/2011, Tate Britain, London

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 265 x 215 mm | 192 p | 170 col.ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 35,95 [BE] | € 37,50 [NL] | € 35,38 [INT]

Woman War Artists

Kathleen Palmer


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Women war artists have acted as witnesses to many of the major conflicts of

the twentieth century, from the First and Second World Wars to the current

engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. From women's representations of the

"Blitz" and the liberation of Belsen to contemporary icons like Rachel

Whiteread's Holocaust Monument in Vienna, Kathleen Palmer explores the

unique contribution made by women artists to our understanding of war.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: May - August 2011, Imperial War Museum, London

Paperback with flaps | Eng. ed. | 220 x 180 mm | 96 p | 100 col. & bw ill. |

May 2011

€ 19,50 [BE] | € 19,95 [NL] | € 18,82 [INT]

John Martin

My Autobiography


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Martin Myrone

Beginning with his youth in Newcastle where he was apprenticed to a

coach-builder, it recounts his initial struggles in London and the eventual

recognition accorded to his vast, apocalyptic paintings and stunning

engravings, ending with the civic works he devoted himself to in later years.

The reader is left in awe of Martin's determination and drive, satisfied, as he

hoped we would be, that he spoke truthfully when he claimed I have never

been an idle man.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: 21/09/2011 - 15/01/2012, Tate Britain, London

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 155 x 110 mm | 48 p | 6 bw ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 7,50 [BE] | € 7,95 [NL] | € 7,50 [INT]

Richard Dadd

Art and Madness in the Nineteenth Century


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Nicholas Tromans

The most brilliant young artist of his generation, Richard Dadd (1817-1886)

made his name with a sequence of minutely executed fairy paintings of huge

imaginative power. In the first fully illustrated account of Dadd's life and

career, the author examines Dadd's artistic legacy and uses his life as a

case history to investigate the relationship between art and the treatment of

mental illness in the 19th century. In doing so he overturns many myths.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 210 mm | 208 p | 100 col.ill. | July 2011

€ 37,50 [BE] | € 38,50 [NL] | € 36,32 [INT]

Susan Hiller

Ann Gallagher


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Susan Hiller was born in the United States in 1940. Rather than attending art

school she studied anthropology, moving to London in the early 1960s

where she became an artist. Comprehensive and extensively illustrated, this

book will cover Hiller's entire career. Also reprinting key, previously

published responses to Hiller by critics, this will be the most thorough and up

to date survey of this extraordinary artist yet published.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 275 x 220 mm | 192 p | 200 col.ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 37,50 [BE] | € 38,50 [NL] | € 36,32 [INT]

Gabriel Orozco

Modern Artists Series


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Jessica Morgan

Beginning with an investigation of his early influences, Jessica Morgan

traces Orozco's artistic development, concentrating particularly on his

exploration of different materials and media. With more than 100 colour

illustrations, six key works examined in depth and a new interview with

Orozco, this is the perfect introduction to one of the most creative and

stimulating artists at work today.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 270 x 210 mm | 128 p | 100 col.ill. | Jan. 2011

€ 22,50 [BE] | € 23,50 [NL] | € 22,17 [INT]

Gabriel Orozco



Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Edited by Ann Temkin

Gabriel Orozco was born in Veracruz in Mexico in 1962. Since the early

1990s, his career has been characterised by constant surprise and

innovation. He roams freely and fluently between drawing, photography,

sculpture, installation, and painting, creating a body of work that resists

categorization. Ranging from subtle interventions in the landscape to

meticulously executed sculptures and quick snapshots, art intermingles with

reality and ideas inseparable from experience.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Expo: Spring 2011, Tate Modern, London

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 305 x 241 mm | 256 p | Feb. 2010

€ 37,50 [BE] | € 38,50 [NL] | € 36,32 [INT]

The Vorticists

Manifesto for a Modern World


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Vorticism was a brief-lived but explosive art movement that emerged in

London on the eve of the First World War. Its adherents were determined to

break decisively with the art of the past and express the dynamism of the

modern world. Vorticism swiftly forged its own identity, helped by Wyndham

Lewis's radical and influential journal Blast. Vorticist painting was

characterised by zig-zagging diagonal forms that were fully abstract yet still

displayed a sense of three-dimensional space.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 275 x 220 mm | 192 p | 120 col.ill. | Jan. 2011

€ 37,50 [BE] | € 38,50 [NL] | € 36,32 [INT]

Expo: 22/6/2011 - 18/9/2011

G - An Avant-Garde Journal

of Art, Architecture, Design and Film, 1923-1926


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Michael Jennings & Detlef Mertins

The journal "G," launched at the suggestion of the founder of the De Stijl

movement, Theo van Doesburg, and produced by the artist and filmmaker,

Hans Richter, was published in Berlin between 1923 and 1926. The

radicalism of the ideas published within "G" were matched by its design and

typography. For the first time the journal is translated and reproduced in full,

so that its vivid, polemical language is set alongside its bold and innovative

layouts that have lost none of their visual impact.

[UK] Tate Publishing

€ 37,50 [BE] | € 38,50 [NL] | € 36,32 [INT]



Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Peter Kennard

@earth is as revolutionary in form as it is in content. It contains no words:

instead it tells its story in the universal language of photomontage, long the

favoured medium of radical artists. In turn challenging, shocking, unsettling

and poignant, @earth makes a powerful statement about the impending

eco-crisis, the arms race and the injustices of the power structures

dominating today's world.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 176 x 125 mm | 192 p | 160 col.ill. | May 2011

€ 14,95 [BE] | € 15,50 [NL] | € 14,62 [INT]

Man Ray in Paris


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Erin C. Garcia

American artist Man Ray (1890-1976) spent the most productive years of his

career, during the 1920s and 1930s, in Paris. While he considered himself a

painter first and foremost, he also worked in a range of media including film,

sculpture, and collage. However, it is for his achievements in the field of

photography, from groundbreaking innovations to evocative, surrealist


and iconic portraits, that he is best known today.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 241 x 191 mm | 128 p | 99 col.ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 22,50 [BE] | € 21,65 [INT]

Expanded Cinema

Art, Performance, Film


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

A.L. Rees, David Curtis, Duncan White & Steven Ball

The term 'Expanded Cinema' encompasses film, video, performance and

multiple-projection. While video in the gallery has received much attention

recently, "Expanded Cinema" looks at many kinds of experiment beyond the

gallery space. Well informed and rigorously researched, the book is lively

and inclusive in tone and diverse in content. It will appeal to students, artists

and lecturers involved in the study and practice of video, film and media art,

as well as interested general readers.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 246 x 189 mm | 320 p | 100 col.ill. | May 2011

€ 29,95 [BE] | € 31,00 [NL] | € 29,25 [INT]

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Lewis Carroll. Illustrated by Tove Jansson

Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has continuously delighted

readers, young and old, for more than a century. A perfect gift for any child,

this stylish, must-have version of Carroll's unforgettable fantasy is perfect for

confident young readers to read alone, or is ideal for sharing as a bedtime

read with an adult.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 233 x 150 mm | 112 p | 12 col.ill.| 50 bw ill. | March


€ 19,50 [BE] | € 19,95 [NL] | € 18,82 [INT]

The Book with a Hole


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Hervé Tullet

"The Book with a Hole" blasts a hole through the middle of the book itself.

Sometimes the Hole is an eye the reader can look through, sometimes it is a

mouth and the reader's fingers make the teeth! The next minute it is a plate

(with food drawn by the reader on a sheet of paper behind the book), an

obstacle to jump across or a saucepan. It's crazy! It's a Book with a Hole!

Packed full of Tullet's zany drawings and inventive ideas, this is bound to

enchant children of all ages.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 320 x 275 mm | 96 p | throughout col. & bw ill. | March


€ 13,50 [BE] | € 13,95 [NL] | € 13,16 [INT]

All Around the World


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Géraldine Cosneau

"All Around the World" is a charmingly illustrated journey of discovery

through different environments: ocean, forest, jungle, desert and the Arctic.

With eight large fold-out scenes and hundreds of charming reusable

stickers, this book lets every young child discover a whole new world of

adventure and fun, and make it their very own.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 190 x 310 mm | 50 p | throughout col.ill. | Feb. 2011

€ 13,50 [BE] | € 13,95 [NL] | € 13,16 [INT]

Including 400 re-usable stickers

The Hunting of the Shark


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Lewis Carroll & Tove Jansson

Remarkably, amid the success of Tove Jannson's Moomin books, her

unique edition of "The Hunting of the Snark" was forgotten, and has been

unavailable for over fifty years. Now, for the first time, these beautiful

illustrations are matched with Lewis Carroll's original English text, so that

readers can encounter this wonderful adventure afresh through the eyes of

one of Europe's finest illustrators.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 190 x 120 mm | 64 p | 18 bw ill. | March 2011

€ 19,50 [BE] | € 19,95 [NL] | € 18,82 [INT]

Mr. Benn

Red Knight


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

David McKee

Following the welcomed re-release of "Big-Top Benn" comes another

addition to the immensely popular collection of original Mr Benn adventures.

In this delightful story, Mr Benn finds himself transported into a medieval

world where he assists an unfortunate dragon whose role as firelighter to the

king is threatened by a greedy matchmaker. McKee's original artwork will

entrance children of all ages in what is sure to become a cult classic for yet

another generation of readers.

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 225 x 225 mm | 48 p | throughout col.ill. | May 2011

€ 13,50 [BE] | € 13,95 [NL] | € 13,16 [INT]

London Walks!


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH


London is a labyrinth of streets, a whirlpool of impressions. To appreciate it,

the best method is to jump right in. Best appreciated on foot, London shares

its charms with those who strike out on their own. With Badaude as your

companion, we can't guarantee you won't get lost along the way, but we defy

you not to enjoy the process!

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 225 x 165 mm | 56 p | 48 col. & bw ill. | June 2011

€ 12,95 [BE] | € 13,95 [NL] | € 13,16 [INT]

Noisy Neighbours


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Ruth Green

This amusing story is illustrated with the colourful screen-prints that have

made Ruth Green one of the leading illustrators of her generation. The

different animal characters are framed within decorative branches and

flowers, the prints' bold colours creating striking contrasts as each page is


[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 246 x 189 mm | 32 p | throughout col.ill. | March 2011

€ 10,50 [BE] | € 10,95 [NL] | € 10,33 [INT]

Your Sketchbook Your Self


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

Felicity Allen

Clear, punchy, packed with illustrations and information, "Your Sketchbook

Your Self" is the essential tool to inspire creativity in students, teachers and

aspiring artists alike. Here, for the first time, is all the advice, support and

inspiration needed to start and maintain a sketchbook. The book is

illustrated both with pages from the author's sketchbook and examples from

the sketchbooks of many well-known artists, both historic and contemporary,

including Turner, Picasso, David Hockney...

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 270 x 210 mm | 48 p | 60 col.ill. | March 2011

€ 8,95 [BE] | € 9,50 [NL] | € 8,96 [INT]

Tate Desk Diary 2012

(now includes a names & addresses section)


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 210 x 180 mm | 144 p | 54 col.ill. | July 2011

€ 19,50 [BE] | € 19,50 [NL] | € 19,50 [INT]

Tate Calendar 2012 (30x30)


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

[UK] Tate Publishing

Paperback | Eng. ed. | 300 x 300 mm | 25 p | 12 col.ill. | July 2011

€ 14,95 [BE] | € 14,95 [NL] | € 14,95 [INT]

Tate Pocket Diary 2012


Rights: BE, NL, G, A, CH

[UK] Tate Publishing

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 155 x 110 mm | 144 p | 12 col.ill. | July 2011

€ 19,50 [BE] | € 19,50 [NL] | € 19,50 [INT]



Rights: not NL,UK, US, F

Unesco World Heritage Cultural Sites

Volume 1

No matter how remote or ancient, these sites belong to all human beings,

especially children! On these pages kids will uncover the mystery of the giant

Moai figures, discover the beautiful landscape and quiet grace of the

temples of ancient Kyoto, explore the spectacular gardens and architecture

of the Alhambra, and visit the breathtaking terrain of the Grand Canyon, the

truly unique animal life of the Galapagos Islands, and many more of the

world's greatest treasures.


Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 32 p | throughout col. & bw ill. | April


€ 12,95 [BE] | € 12,22 [INT]


Rights: not NL, UK, US, F

Unesco World Heritage Natural Sites

Volume 1

No matter how remote or ancient, these sites belong to all human beings,

especially children! On these pages kids will uncover the mystery of the giant

Moai figures, discover the beautiful landscape and quiet grace of the

temples of ancient Kyoto, explore the spectacular gardens and architecture

of the Alhambra, and visit the breathtaking terrain of the Grand Canyon, the

truly unique animal life of the Galapagos Islands, and many more of the

world's greatest treasures.


Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 32 p | April 2011

€ 12,95 [BE] | € 12,22 [INT]


Rights: not NL, UK, US,F

Unesco World Heritage Cultural Sites

Volume 2

No matter how remote or ancient, these sites belong to all human beings,

especially children! On these pages kids will uncover the mystery of the giant

Moai figures, discover the beautiful landscape and quiet grace of the

temples of ancient Kyoto, explore the spectacular gardens and architecture

of the Alhambra, and visit the breathtaking terrain of the Grand Canyon, the

truly unique animal life of the Galapagos Islands, and many more of the

world's greatest treasures.


Hardback | Eng. ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 32 p | throughout col. & bw ill. | April


€ 12,95 [BE] | € 12,22 [INT]

Why that Face

Saria Tagliaferri & Alberto Spada

Inspired by Alberto Spada's drawings, inventive author Saria Tagliaferri

made a collection of children's books, dealing with diverse basic aspects of

human life, such as teeth, emotions or professions. Page after page, the

Mockimonsters tell the incredible story of baby dentures, of how our faces

show our feelings, and why we wear different hats. Colorful images, the

apparent simplicity of the unique design in combination with these different

issues make this new collection of board books a must for parents and kids!


Hardback | Eng. ed. | 160 x 160 mm | 20 p | throughout col.ill.| April 2011

€ 7,95 [BE] | € 7,50 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

Why that Hat

Saria Tagliaferri & Alberto Spada

Inspired by Alberto Spada's drawings, inventive author Saria Tagliaferri

made a collection of children's books, dealing with diverse basic aspects of

human life, such as teeth, emotions or professions. Page after page, the

Mockimonsters tell the incredible story of baby dentures, of how our faces

show our feelings, and why we wear different hats. Colorful images, the

apparent simplicity of the unique design in combination with these different

issues make this new collection of board books a must for parents and kids!


Hardback | NL ed. | 160 x 160 mm | 20 p | throughout col.ill.| Sept. 2011

€ 7,95 [BE] | € 7,50 [INT]


Rights: not NL, not UK, not US, not F

Emile Claus et la vie rurale

+special price+


Rights: W, not F

Robert Hozee

Emile Claus fut le principal représentant de l'impressionnisme en Belgique.

L'exposition, qui rassemble les meilleures oeuvres d' Emile Claus, met en

lumière les thèmes centraux de son art: les travailleurs agricoles, les moeurs

villageoises, la vie au bord du fleuve et le paysage. Son oeuvre est

confrontée à celles de contemporains belges comme Alfred William Finch,

Léon Frédéric, Constant Permeke, Constantin Meunier et Théo Van


[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Special price: 24,95 euro instead of 34,95 euro, Musées des Beaux-Arts,


Hardback | French ed. | 280 x 230 mm | 192 p | 170 col.ill. | March 2009

€ 24,95 [BE] | € 23,54 [INT]

Bruegel, Memling, Van Eyck

La Collection Brukenthal +special price+


Rights: W, not F

Jan de Maere, Nicolas Sainte Fare Garnot

Cette exposition événement sur la collection Brukenthal, l'une des plus

prestigieuses collections d'Europe centrale, rassemble un choix

exceptionnel d'une cinquantaine d'oeuvres flamandes, italiennes,

hollandaises et allemandes des plus grands maîtres du XVe siècle au XVIIe

siècle : de Jan Van Eyck à Jacob Jordaens, en passant par Pieter Bruegel,

Hans Memling, David Teniers, Le Titien ou encore Lorenzo Lotto. Le Fonds

Mercator a le privilège de publier le catalogue de cette prestigieuse


[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Special price: 24,95 euro instead of 49,95 euro, Musée Jaquemart-André,


Hardback | French ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 192 p | 90 col.ill. | Oct. 2009

€ 24,95 [BE] | € 23,54 [INT]


Rights: UK: Thames


Art and Cultures from the African Heartland +special price+

Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers

Ubangi, in central Africa, is a region where roads and influences meet. This

vast country, which extends along the banks of the River Ubangi, is roughly

bounded by Lake Chad in the north, by the Congo river in the south, by the

Cameroonian border in the west and by the Sudanese border in the east.

The sculpture of Ubangi remained for a long time, and quite unjustly,

unrecognized. This work describes and compares the astonishing artistic

lineages which flourish in this region.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Special price: 60 euro instead of 99,95 euro, Africamuseum, Berg en Dal

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 297 x 245 mm | 288 p | 350 col.ill. | Oct. 2007

€ 60,00 [BE] | € 56,60 [INT]

Les Primitifs italiens

Splendeurs du musée d' Altenbourg +special price+



Rights: W, not F

Cette collection (du baron Allemand Bernard von Lindenau) doit son

importance au fait que les deux principales écoles du 13e au 15e siècle y

sont représentées: celle de Sienne par des oeuvres de Lippo Memmi, Pietro

Lorenzetti et Sano di Pietro, et celle de Florence, par Fra Angelico, Lorenzo

Monaco, Masaccio et Filippo Lippi e.a. Les oeuvres témoignent de la

richesse et de la diversité de trois siècles de peinture italienne.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Special price, Musée Jaquemart-André, Paris

Hardback | French ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 192 p | 100 col.ill. | March 2009

€ 24,95 [BE] | € 23,54 [INT]

Antoon Van Dyck

Portraits +special price+


Rights: not F, not NL

Alexis Merle du Bourg

Le musée Jacquemart-André retrace les grandes étapes de la carrière

d'Antoon Van Dyck à travers un genre où il excella : l'art du portrait. En

rassemblant les toiles les plus marquantes des grands musées européens

et américains, cette exposition met à l'honneur un peintre auquel les musées

français n'ont jamais consacré d'exposition à caractère monographique.

Elève de Rubens et inspiré par l'école italienne, il met au point son propre

style à mi-chemin entre l'héritage de son maître et le modèle du Titien.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Hardback | French ed. | 280 x 240 mm | 184 p | 100 col.ill. | Oct. 2008

€ 24,95 [BE] | € 23,54 [INT]

Special price: 24,95 euro instead of 45,- euro

Opium. La fée noire

+special price+

Ferry M. Bertholet


Rights: not F

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Special price: 29,95 euro instead of 49,95 euro, Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Hardback | French ed. | 310 x 255 mm | 208 p | 450 col.ill. | May 2007

€ 49,95 [BE] | € 47,12 [INT]


Rights: W, not F

La Chine sous toit

Anciennes maquettes d'architecture du Musée du Henan +special


Nicole De Bisscop

Le Musée du Henan, en Chine, dispose d'un véritable trésor de maquettes

d'architecture qui ont été découvertes dans les tombes d'éminents Chinois

enterrés entre le iie siècle avant J.-C. et le xviiie siècle. Elles reproduisent

différents types de bâtiments : complexes résidentiels, fermes fortifiées,

tours, entrepôts, théâtres, pagodes et tonnelles, mais aussi demeures

modestes, cuisines, moulins, puits, porcheries et latrines. Les matériaux les

plus couramment utilisés sont la terre cuite et le grès.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Special price: 19,95 euro instead of 39,95 euro, Musées Royaux d'art et

d'histoire, Bruxelles

Hardback | French ed. | 290 x 240 mm | 272 p | 200 col.ill. | Oct. 2007

€ 19,95 [BE] | € 18,82 [INT]


Trésors anciens & nouveaux de Wallonie

Ce Curieux Pays Curieux: La Wallonie +special price+

Rights: not NL

Laurent Busine

Des gisants, des transis, des encensoirs, des vies de saints, savamment

organisés selon le tracé de plans de basilique. Et encore, rien de

chronologique dans cette chasse opérée parfois dans des trésors d'église

d'habitude obstinément clos. Pas même de thème fédérateur, sinon

l'émotion de cet humanisme qui éclot, entre le xiie et le xvie siècle, dans la

sensuelle carnation des sculptures d'albâtre de Jacques Du Broucq, dans la

joie intime des miniatures divines de l'orfèvre Hugo d'Oignies.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

(NLed.: 9789061538097). Special price: 15 euro instead of 39,95 euro,

Bozar, Bruxelles

Hardback | French ed. | 270 x 210 mm | 256 p | 250 col.ill. | Feb. 2008

€ 15,00 [BE] | € 14,15 [INT]


Saint Augustine

Monk, Bisshop and Doctor of the Church +special price+

Rights: W, not F

Tarsicius J. Van Bavel, Bernard Bruning, L. Van Eeckhoudt

Augustine of Hippo was a multi-facetted character: intellectual and mystic,

scholar and father of the Church, bishop of a prosperous harbour town and

monk, philosopher and biblical thinker. Writings like The City of God and

Confessions have formed part of world literature for centuries. Augustine

was the first to talk extensively about himself, thus placing the human being

at the heart of the story. This iconographic tradition constitutes the guiding

thread in the book.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 325 x 245 mm | 320 p | 250 col.ill. | Dec. 2007

€ 29,95 [BE] | € 28,25 [INT]

Special price: 29,95 euro instead of 69 euro

James Ensor

Collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp


Rights: not NL

Herwig Todts

Few artists of the late nineteenth century produced an oeuvre which is more

bizarre, ironic, profound, and rich in interpretive possibilities than that of the

Belgian painter James Ensor. His unusual motifs, which became

unmistakable symbols of the absurdity of existence, influenced both German

Expressionists and French Surrealists. This volume shows all the works from

the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

[BE] B.A.I.

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 220 x 230 mm | 144 p | throughout col.ill. | Dec. 2008

€ 15,00 [BE] | € 15,00 [INT]

Special price: 15 euro in stead of 25 euro

Les Paruriers

Bijoux de la Haute Couture +special price+


Rights: not UK (T&H), not US, not F(Actes Sud)

Florence Müller, Patrick Sigal

Dans l'ombre des grands couturiers du monde, des hommes et des femmes

travaillent, souvent dans l'anonymat, pour élaborer des bijoux uniques

destinés à mettre en valeur les créations de mode. Sans s'imposer de

limites sur le plan des matériaux ou de tout autre aspect du processus de

création, les paruriers de la haute couture réalisent des prototypes et des

pièces uniques. Dans ces laboratoires créatifs, naissent sans cesse de

nouvelles idées qui alimentent l'avenir de la mode.

[BE] Fonds Mercator/ Mercatorfonds

+special price: ¿ 24,95 in stead of ¿ 59,-, Mac's Grand Hornu

Hardback | French ed. | 270 x 230 mm | 272 p | 400 col.ill. | Oct. 2006

€ 24,95 [BE] | € 23,54 [INT]


Rights: not NL

Constant Permeke, Gustave De Smet, Frits Van

den Berghe

Collection of the Museum of fine arts, Antwerp

Leen de Jong, Nanny Schrijvers

The Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp has about 30 works of Permeke in her

collection, 18 of Gustave De Smet and 8 of Fritz Van Den Berghe. 56 high

quality paintings and drawings. Since their youth, the three artists form a trio,

the pioneers of the Flemish Expressionism.

[BE] B.A.I.

Hardback | Eng. ed. | 220 x 230 mm | 96 p | throughout col.ill. | Sept. 2008

€ 15,00 [BE] | € 15,00 [INT]

Special price: 15 euro in stead of 25 euro


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