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Expedition equipment - Exped.com exped

1,0m / 39"

1,65m 65"

0,95m / 37"

4,05m / 160"

1,22m / 48"

2,1m / 83"

1,15m / 45"

1,55m / 61"

0,85m / 33"

1,1m / 43"

1,15m / 45"

0,75m / 30"


Capacity: 2-3 adults


Minimum*: 7.7 # / 3.5 kg

Packaged: 8.8 # / 4 kg

Area: Floor: 38 ft2 / 3.5 m2 Vestibule: 30 ft2 / 2.8 m2 Materials**:

Rainfly: PU-coated, flame retardant

and UV-resistant, ripstop polyester.

Canopy: UV-resistant, flame retardant

ripstop polyester Floor: PU-coated,

taffeta nylon. Poles: DAC Featherlite SL

7001-T6 9 mm

Packed size:

17x8’’ / 42x20 cm

Setup time: 2 minutes

Colors: Green Terracotta

Andromeda Extreme:

Similar to Andromeda, but rainfly is

made from 2-sided silicone coated

ripstop nylon; untaped seams.

Weight: Minimum*: 7.5 # / 3.4 kg

Packaged: 8.6 # / 3.9 kg

Colors: Green Terracotta

Andromeda Footprint:

Taffeta nylon with 3,000 mm water

column protects tent and vestibule.

Doubles as tarp. 1.1# / 500 g.

* fly, cabin, poles

** for exact specifications refer to page 9


“Flat sleeve technology” makes Andromeda very aerodynamic, strong, and super

tight. A cavernous vestibule makes it an incredible storm shelter, but even with all

its features and size, it‘s amazingly easy to use!


+ Andromeda Extreme: aerodynamic and spacious!

> Innnovative, flat

pole sleeves reduce

resistance to wind,

snow and driving rain

(compared to raised

sleeves), all with the

same easy setup of other

Exped tents. To further

add strength, seams are

double sewn and taped.

d >


> An easily adjusted,

tension pole pocket

is simple to use, even

in low light or rough

weather. Insert a pole

into its pocket and pull

the strap to tension.

Made with very simple

materials, the pocket

is field repairable and



a >





< c

> Multi-Use: Canopy

is easily unhooked and

pushed back to create

extra floor space, or it

separates easily for use

as a lightweight bug

shelter. Used alone,

the rainfly offers great

shelter when reduced

weight or large storage

is needed.

a > Huge vestibule - large enough to hide a bicycle!

A multitude of loops allows a line to be strung

inside Andromeda, and two people can sit

comfortably in the dry vestibule in the event of

bad weather.

b > Easy setup with Exped’s unique flat sleeves. Poles

slide easily from outside the fly and seat into

convenient, adjustable pockets. And to make it

even easier, the inner canopy comes pre-attached.

With 4 stakes, setup is complete in just a few


c > For ventilation and views, windows can be opened

completely from inside and are reinforced with

mosquito netting to stop the bugs. The venting

also helps minimize condensation in rain. Window

supports keep ports open at all times and conceal

small sections of pole repair tube.

d > Storm proof: Flat pole sleeve technology makes

the tent more aerodynamic and strengthens the

pole sleeve seams. For bad weather conditions,

Andromeda includes numerous loops and

premounted guy lines, stored in Cord Stuffsacks.

Double guy line loops grip the pole sleeves to

prevent flapping of the fly in windy weather.

e > Easy handling, day or night: zippers have color

coded, reflective, and glow-in-the-dark pulls that

operate easily with one hand.

f > Doors operate easily with one hand, and the

exterior door is faced with mosquito netting!

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