Expedition equipment - Exped.com exped


Expedition equipment - Exped.com exped

Drybag wide

Smaller liners designed

to fit the spaces of split

packs. Easy handling

with dual stiffeners,

roll-n-fold closures with

secure and fast buckles

and grab handles.

Factory taped seams.

Bright colors offer

perfect background

for easy visibility of



Coated 70D Taffeta

nylon with water

column of 10,000 mm

Color, size, volume

(closed), weight:

L: orange

35x40x25 cm


22 l / 1340 in 3

200 g / 7 oz

XL: yellow

45x40x25 cm


42 l / 2560 in 3

240 g / 8 oz

Shrink Bags

Waterproof bags that

truly save space and

protect gear against

water, dust, mildew

and insects. So easy to

use: stuff bulky gear;

fold closure 4x; open

lower valve; compress

bag to squeeze out the

air; close the valve;

secure the closure.

Combine with Pumptube

to quickly inflate Exped


Specs (volume closed):

XS/20 yellow

35x40x25 cm


22 l / 1340 in 3

175 g / 6.2 oz

S/40 terracotta

45x40x25 cm


42 l / 2560 in 3

190 g / 6.7 oz

M/80 light blue

80x40x30 cm


80 l / 4800 in 3

235 g / 8.3 oz


Incredibly versatile

Drypack integrates an

Exped mesh sack, a

comfortable shoulder

harness (3D spacer

mesh), and an Exped XL

Fold Drybag. Result: a

waterproof 20 l daypack.

Size and weight:

43x26 cm / 17x10“

370 g / 13 oz

Black with red XL bag

Drypack Carrier

As above without the

XL drybag. Versatile and

lightweight. Use at the

beach, as a summit or

collecting bag, or as a

canyoneering bag. Mesh

fabric permits quick

searches when speed is


Size: As above

Weight: 240 g / 8 oz


Drypack Lite

Incredibly lightweight

drypack with a roll

top closure and an

adjustable shoulder

harness. Use as a simple

waterproof daypack or as

a shoulder bag.


PU coated Taffeta

nylon with 10‘000 mm

water column.

Size and weight:

42 x 24 cm / 17 x 10“


105 g / 3.7 oz


14 l / 854 in 3

Waterproof Compression


Waterproof fold drybag

PLUS three horizontal,

compression straps. Use

to stuff sleeping bags

and clothing. Adjustable

straps compress the

pack to its smallest size.

Narrow shape lashes

easily to a backpack.


70 denier, coated Taffeta

nylon with 10,000 mm

water column.

Specs (volume closed):

S: 42x20 cm


13 l / 793 in 3

115 g / 4.0 oz

M: 52x22 cm


19 l / 1159 in 3

145 g / 5.1 oz

L: 65x28 cm


36 l / 2196 in 3

190 g / 6.7 oz



Waterproof Tele-

Compression Bag

Similar to the Waterproof

Compression but with

four vertical compression

straps. Still perfect for

packing bulky items,

Tele‘s compress to a flat

or round shape. Largesize

can even double as

a simple daypack!


70 denier, coated Taffeta

nylon with 10,000 mm

water column.


S: 165 g / 5.8 oz

M: 195 g / 6.9 oz

L: 255 g / 9.0 oz

Size and volume:

same as Compression



Mosquito Net Storage


Same accessory

included with Exped

sleeping bags. Storage

for sleeping bag or

protection from biting

pests. No-See-Um poly

mesh. Black.

Size and weight:

80x55x25 cm


85 g / 3.0 oz

Mosquito Netting

Face Protector

Protect your face and

head with a No-See-

Um polyester netting

sack. Also makes a nice,

storage bag.

Size and weight:

40x30x30 cm


35 g / 1.2 oz

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