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4-7 The Terracotta Army of Xi’an

8 Musea Maaseik/RAM and

Pharmacy museum

9 Musea Maaseik/Treasury

10 Van Eyck Exhibition

11 John Selbach Museum

12-13 Limburg Shooters’ Festival

20-21 Discover an age-old trade

28-30 Group excursions and


Maaseik, so much

to discover!

Maaseik and its neighbouring communities Opoeteren and

Neeroeteren offer a surprisingly wide range of experiences and

activities for nature enthusiasts, culture vultures, sports addicts

and lovers of life. This brochure tells you more about what you

can see and do in and around Maaseik in 2008 – 2009.

Our unique hub offers hours, even days, of walking and

cycling pleasure in unspoiled scenery. Welcoming pavement

cafés, numerous restaurants, distinctive hotels and ample

shopping make Maaseik a very attractive place to visit. Not

to mention our diverse cultural offerings! Did you know that

the world-famous Chinese Terracotta Army of Xi’an will be

staying in Maaseik this year?

Our Tourism Maaseik team will be

delighted to help you plan your own stay

in this very friendly part of Belgium!

Mariëtte Janssen

Portfolio holder for tourism, museums, local

economy, land management and agriculture


> nature

18-19 Hand in hand through

Kempen and Maasland

> shopping

14-15 Find your dream dress


> recreation

16-17 Pedal through green


24-27 Take a trip on the Maas

31 Noliko Maaseik

Volleyball Club

32-33 Theme packages





contact us

Find out what Maaseik has to

offer. Just drop by or call for

more information on accommodation,

maps, walking itineraries and

much more. See you soon.

> hospitality

34-36 Our hotels

37-40 Other overnight options

41 Accommodation at

a glance


A unique meeting with an

old-age culture

Exclusive in

Belgium and


Xi’an’s Terracotta

Army occupy


Soon you’ll be able to mingle with the world-famous

Terracotta warriors of Xi’an, China right here in Maaseik. This

year Musea Maaseik at the Minderbroederskerk (Minorite

church) plays host to 14 original figures from the enormous

army commissioned by the first emperor of China to protect

him in the afterlife. The man-sized terracotta warriors were

discovered by chance in 1974 in Shaanxi province by a

farmer who was drilling a well on his land. It is now a Unesco

World Heritage Site that attracts millions of visitors every

year. This year you can admire these celebrated warriors and

a treasure trove of exceptional grave gifts in Maaseik!

Painted cavalryman and kneeling archer Gilded bronze parts of a chariot

Treasures of the first emperors

of China

A unique and spectacular exhibition!

At more than two millennia old, the Terracotta Army was one of the greatest

archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century. These unique

figures and the exceptional grave gifts from the Qin and West Han

dynasty that accompany them are only exceptionally allowed to leave

China. Musea Maaseik is therefore very proud to present these incomparable

specimens of Chinese heritage 1 October 2008 through 31

March 2009!

Each unique warrior has its own facial

features, hairstyle, posture and clothing.

The figures are an average 1.86 m

(6ft 1in) tall and weigh ±300 kg.

> culture 05

culture 06

Saddled up terracotta horse and golden tiger

Find out all about the origins

of the Chinese Empire

The Terracotta Army is made up of foot soldiers, cavalrymen, archers and

charioteers who guarded the tomb of Qin Shi Huang Di (the emperor who

ordered the building of the Great Wall of China).

Archaeologists also uncovered unique grave gifts around the grave. The

exhibition’s 14 figures and more than 200 special grave gifts show what

people believed about the afterlife during the Qin and subsequent West

Han dynasties.

The immortal cavalryman in jade and terracotta servant

Musea Maaseik/

Minorite church

Boomgaardstraat, 3680 Maaseik

Tel 089 56 86 73

Fax 089 56 05 61


Opening hours

1 October 2008-31 March 2009

Mondays to Sundays, 10 am till 6 pm

Late evening opening Saturdays,

6 pm till 9 pm


25 - 26 December 2008


> Adults: 15

> Groups (>15 persons, reservations

required), teachers, students

and over 65s: 12

> Children (aged 6-15 years) and

school groups: 5

All amounts include admission,

cloakroom, audio guide and toilets.

Guides available during the late

evening opening!


Maaseik, well worth a visit!

culture 08

Musea Maaseik

RAM and



The fully renovated Regional Archaeology

Museum opens its doors again at the beginning

of March. RAM has a unique collection

that will fire the imagination of every visitor.

The life of people in and around Maaseik is

presented chronologically, from the Stone,

Bronze and Iron Ages through the Roman

era to the Middle Ages.

Outstanding archaeological finds are

brought to life in interactive digital media

and displays, while children can follow their

very own archaeological museum route!

As of September/October 2008 the

entrance to the museum will be via Den

Ketel – In den Oraniënboom on the market

square. That will herald the start of the

conservation and restoration of the oldest

private pharmacy in Belgium. You will be

able to follow the work onsite and ask the

restorers anything you like!

You can also visit the exclusive exhibition

The Terracotta Army of Xi’an at the

Minderbroedersklooster, 1 October 2008

through 31 March 2009.

The combination of this brand new museum

complex and original exhibition policy is set

to make Musea Maaseik a leading cultural

centre in Euregio.

Musea Maaseik/RAM and


Lekkerstraat 5, 3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 56 68 90

(till 1 March: 089 56 05 43)

Fax 089/56.05.61



Middle Ages

central theme:

death culture

AV7 LCD monitor:



Middle Ages

central theme:

faith / origins of

the town

Emergency exit

Agnus Dei, portrets by

Jan and Hubert van


Roman Era

central theme:

novelties indoors and out


Fully equipped Roman soldier

with backdrop drawing

Model Roman villa

with contents

Scenery Middle Ages

Large picture

Maria Immaculata



AV6 LCD monitor:

pottery making

Children’s millstone

Opening hours:

1 March-30 June:

Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am till 5 pm

1 July-31 December:

Mondays to Sundays, 10 am till 5 pm


Mondays (except July-December/Easter

Monday and Whitsun Monday), 25-26

December. Exceptionally closed Sunday

2 March 2008 (Halfvastenstoet)

Ice Age

central theme:

textiles / clothing /

use of wood

AV5 LCD monitor:






Bronze Age

central theme:

metal from nature

AV4 LCD monitor:

Axe handles

(old course of the Maas)

Ivory display case

AV10 LCD monitor

Late Middle Ages

central theme: order and

authority / trades

Stained glass window

Nicolaas Otten from Wurfeld

chapel, dark foil surround

Scenery New Stone Age

central theme: food strategy and

change of lifestyle


Lottery drum


Bakery Museum


17th century herb and flower garden

The herb garden is based on a 17th century monastery

herb garden, during the time of the Pharmacy,

with an explanation of the medicinal power

of the herbs. Reference is made among other

things to the potted herbs in the cupboard of this



2 January-29 February 2008

Ticket only valid for the Treasury:

> Adults: 2

> Groups (>8 persons), over 65s: 1

> Children (aged 8-18 years): 1

From 1 March 2008

Museum Pass (Regional Archaeological

Museum + Treasury):



main entrance

Scenery Middle Stone Age

central theme: food strategy (hunting and gathering)

AV1-using the hand axe

Glass display case Old Stone Age

central theme: influence of climate on flora, fauna and dwellings

Back wall

Illustration of surrounding area in cold and

warm times

17th century cesspool



information desk

Glass passage (2008)

Printed carpet, text and

pictures on the glass walls


A special garden bench with picture and texts

affords one an opportunity to take a break over a

cup of tea.

> Adults: 4

> Groups (>8 persons), 65+: 3

> Children (aged 8-18 years): 2

From 1 September 2008

(subject to change)

Museum Pass (Regional Archaeological

Museum + Pharmacy + Treasury):

> Adults: 5

> Groups (>8 persons), over 65s: 4

> Children (aged 8-18 years): 2

17th century Pharmacy (2008)

• authentic interior

• multimedia information

Cloakroom lockers




Information desk /

cash register

Museum store

Museum entrance (opens 2008)

• museum store

• information desk / cash register cloakroom

• lockers, buggy storage

• entrance to herb garden and Pharmacy

Guided tours

Adults should reserve with the

Tourism Service on 089 81 92 90

Schools are free but please reserve

at the Museum Service on

089 56 68 90

(till 1 March 2008: 089 56 05 43)

Special access needs catered for

Musea Maaseik


Discover Limburg’s most

important Treasury!

Sint-Catharina church is worth a visit in itself. Note the

wonderful stuccowork on the ceiling and the 17th century

portico altar. Not forgetting this neoclassical church’s exclusive


Browse through the Codex Eyckensis

The easy-to-use DVD presentation allows you to peruse the pages of the Codex

Eyckensis, the oldest evangelical book in the Benelux, which is protected for posterity

in the treasury. You will also see the oldest remaining Anglo-Saxon textiles

in Europe, silverware, and superb reliquaries, including those of Saints Harlindis

and Relindis, which are carried to Aldeneik church in a procession every 25 years

(next procession in 2022).

Opening hours:

2 January-30 June:

Tuesdays through Sundays, 1 pm till 5 pm

1 July-31 December:

Mondays through Sundays, 1 pm till 5 pm


Mondays (except July-December/

Easter Monday and Whitsun

Monday), 25-26 December.

Exceptionally closed Sunday 2 March

2008 (Halfvastenstoet)


January-March 2008

Ticket only valid for the Treasury:

> Adults: 2

> Groups (>8 persons), over 65s: 1

> Children (aged 8-18 years): 1

From 1 March 2008 (subject to change)

Museum Pass (Regional Archaeological

Museum + Treasury):

> Adults: 4

> Groups (>8 persons), 65+: 3

> Children (aged 8-18 years): 2

Musea Maaseik/Schatkamer

Kerkplein, 3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 56 68 90


> culture 09

From 1 September 2008

Museum Pass (Regional Archaeological

Museum + Pharmacy + Treasury):

> Adults: 5

> Groups (>8 persons), over 65s: 4

> Children (aged 8-18 years): 2

Guided tours

Adults should reserve with the Tourism

Service on 089 81 92 90

Schools are free but please reserve at

the Museum Service on 089 56 68 90

(till 1 March 2008: 089 56 05 43)

culture 10

Van Eyck


All works of the renowned

brothers in one room!

Groups are welcome to the Van Eyck Exhibition in the agreeable

17th century Capucienen church (built in 1635 and

extended in 1956). Maaseik has always been well disposed

to its world-class sons. A statute of the brothers was erected

on ‘Belgium’s most beautiful market’ way back in 1864.

Look and learn

Besides actual-size slides and photos of all paintings, an original Xray

of the central panel of The Lamb of God and copies of Aelman

and Kraewinkels, there are also lots of interesting details on the

origin, craft and works of these Flemish masters. You would normally

have to travel the world to see these oeuvres. Now you can see

everything in Maaseik!

Van Eyck Exhibition

Capucienenstraat 23, 3680 Maaseik

Tel 089 56 68 90, fax 089 56 05 61



Guided groups only: 1

Tip: individuals can join a guided Van

Eyck walk every Sunday throughout the

year. The walk includes a visit to the

exhibition (2-4 pm).

Price: 3 (see p.30)

Attractive park west of Sint-Gertrudis church

The Roman-gothic Sint-Anna church in Aldeneik

Find out about Aldeneik’s history

but don’t trip over the sorceress’s stone...

Aldeneik’s Roman-gothic Sint-Anna church boasts a long and diverse history.

The first structures date from the 730s when the local saints Harlindis

and Relindis built a convent. Some 1270 years later the exterior of the

church has been fully restored, while the interior is home to some remarkable

pictures and objects of interest. The remains of old murals and a floor slab

incorporated into the wall, which goes by the name ‘the sorceress’s stone’

according to an old legend, would fire anyone’s imagination. If you’re curious

too, call the tourism service now to arrange a guided tour.

Rest and reflection in Heppeneert

Be sure to visit the remarkable village of Heppeneert. Every house is built

on the west side of the road along the Maas levee. Heppeneert’s parochial

church has been a busy place of pilgrimage since 1883. The scent of burning

candles and hundreds of votive tiles accentuate the typical ambience

of Sint-Gertrudis church. The 16th century figures constitute the most

important artistic elements of the interior, including the retable fragment of

Sint-Jan Evangelist and BVM of Rest. The attractive park west of the church

is home to the small chapels of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Highly recommended

for those that wish to find some peace and quiet for reflection.

The John Selbach Museum will open to the public in

the former Ursulinen convent on Boomgaardstraat in the

course of 2008. The local authority and the John Selbach

Foundation have agreed on building a new main entrance

for those with special access needs, which will make the

museum truly open to all.

The museum gives visitors the opportunity to see a large

yet unconventional collection, with furniture, dolls and toys

alongside paintings.

Romance in the kitchen, W. van Mieris

(17th century)

Romanticism in

four centuries

of painting

Two departments

The Painter and his model, F. de Braekeleer

(19th century)

The first department accommodates the extensive collection of paintings spanning

four centuries from the 16th century to the early 20th century. Subjects

include interiors, cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes, still lifes, animals and

human portraits. As such, visitors make a cultural journey through time as they

move through the museum – in more ways than one. That sense of travelling

through time is enhanced by the series of rooms furnished in various styles, from

Renaissance to Biedemeier.

Dolls Museum

Hostess Corinne’s Dolls Museum is also housed in the former monastery. The

museum came to Maaseik after having been in Maastricht for 10 years. The collection

comprises more than 400 dolls, the oldest from 1780, the youngest from

1950. Besides wooden dolls, there are also dolls made out of papier mâché, wax,

fabric and biscuit porcelain. Again, the route takes visitors on a journey through

time. We move through rooms with 17th and 18th century decors, kitchens and

salons. As well as dolls, there are plenty of accessories to admire, including furniture,

services, toys made of tin, teddy bears, trains and other bits and bobs.

> culture 11

Opening hours:


Wednesdays through Saturdays:

11 am till 5 pm


Wednesdays through Saturdays:

11 am till 4 pm

Info: Tourism Maaseik 089 81 92 90

Groups (< 20 persons) are asked

to reserve


One ticket for the whole complex providing

access to both departments

Children (up to 12 years) (when accompanied

by an adult): 3

Adults: 6

Over 65s, groups (< 20 persons),

concessionary pass holders: 5

Don’t miss the annual

Shooters’ Festival!

6 July: Old Limburg

Shooters’ Festival

The biggest shooters’ festival in Limburg, ‘De oaje

Limburger’, returns on the first Sunday of July as per tradition.

This 6 July we will see more than 160 rifle clubs and

guilds march through the streets of Opoeteren-Maaseik,

after the local Sint-Dionysius Royal Rifle Club won last

year’s meet. Experience suggests that the festival will

attract some 40,000 people. Including you, we hope!

Prayer and parade of flags

The official opening of the festival is scheduled for noon. After the obligatory

speeches and the moderator’s short prayer comes the gorgeous parade of flags.

Every rifle club sends a delegation to honour the European, national and provincial


Procession and march-past

The participants then begin a two-kilometre procession, a colourful pageant you

won’t want to miss! Shooting clubs and guilds from all over Limburg march in military

get-up, guild costume or imaginary uniform as the traditional protectors of the

church, the people and the mother country. A jury of experts judges whether rows

are straight, and arms and legs are in accord. At the end of the procession, in front

of the seats of honour, the shooters march in the traditional parade step.

Who’s the best?

The clubs compete in various disciplines on the competition grounds around the

party marquee, including drilling, drum bands in the ring, the solo contest and flagwaiving,

under the watchful gaze of the jury.

Cherry on the cake

The pinnacle of this unique historical cultural event is of course the shooting contest

on the festival field. Each club nominates a team of six shooters, who shoot

three times at a target made up of small black squares at the top of a pole using

a heavy rifle. The team that hits the most squares wins the contest and is entitled

to organise the Old Limburg Shooters’ Festival next year.

> culture 13

The draught beer is served by the metre in

the refreshments marquee, while live music is

offered in the party marquee. There is plenty

of food on offer too, and even a dance floor

for those that feel like limbering up.

VZW OLS 2008, OLS centrum

Schoolstraat 13

3680 Opoeteren Maaseik

Tel +32 89 86 46 03

Find your dream dress

Maaseik is the perfect day out: stress-free shopping,

a bite to eat and a touch of culture.

Quality and affordability

Stroll through Maaseik’s shopping streets and you will immediately note that

quality and affordability are what our town is all about. These twin attributes have

always driven our success. Bosstraat recently became fully pedestrianised, so you

can saunter, select and buy at your leisure.

Friendly and patient

The hospitality of people from Limburg is famed and the traders in the town centre

uphold that reputation too. You will appreciate their friendliness and patience. Add

the spectacular ambience of the market square and you are assured a wonderful


Food-lovers welcome too

There are numerous restaurants and pubs on the gorgeously restored market

square, watched over by Jan and Hubert van Eyck. ‘Small but beautiful’ is certainly

apposite here.

The new shopping and apartment complex Hepperstaete

> shopping 15

The new shopping and apartment complex

Kolonel Aertsplein

Explore our new


Hepperstaete and

Kolonel Aertsplein

shopping centres

Pedal through green Maaseik

If you’re wondering if there are still places in Flanders that

have not succumbed to the dictatorship of cars, you should

get along to the Kempen and Maasland regional park, which

includes the best of what twelve municipalities of northeast

Limburg have to offer, all accessible by signposted cycle

paths. Maaseik is a great starting point, offering a number

of routes. So what are you waiting for? Hope to see you


500 km of dedicated cycle paths!

You’d have to look hard to find a 1000 km network of cycle paths, 50% of which is

off limits to cars, anywhere else. Get yourself a cycling map from Tourism Maaseik

and follow one of the clearly numbered trails, each of which are interconnected

by a series of junctions, so you can change direction on a whim. Head for the

water mills, taking the Zuid-Willemsvaart hunting path and following the Maas to

the Spaanjerd. Or if you’re looking for more excitement, take the smuggler’s route

across the border to the Netherlands.

Accommodation and packages

Hotels in Maaseik offer a host of special packages. p g Tourism Maaseik can tell you y

more. For our own packages, see pp 32-33. 33. See pp 34-41 for our accommodation


Cycle maps

• Crossing-border Cycle Route Network Kempen empen and Maasland: the Euregional

version: These maps lead you through the e Belgian Regional Landscape

Kempen and Maasland, as well as through gh the border region Dutch Limburg.

• Crossing border Legend Route Maaseik k (42.5 km).

• Statues along the Maas (56.5).

• Biking route along farms (24 km).

• Cycle paths in Limburg

(published by Tourism Limburg).

• Biking in the track of the Goat Riders


• NEW: explore the water mills

along Bosbeek

Two maps are also available for the

horsedriving and horse-riding route network! rk!

Rent a bike

You can rent a bike in the centre of town at Tourism Maaseik for 7.50 7.50 7 a day

(return by 5 pm). See p 44 for opening hours.

Remember to reserve on 089 81 92 90

> recreation 17

Easy to read cycles maps and extensive

signing ensure your trip is a success.

Visit or call

089 32 28 10 for information

on the most up-to-date

cycle maps

Hand in hand through

Kempen and Maasland

Walkers and ramblers will certainly find plenty to take their

fancy in Maaseik. There are both interesting town walks and

treks through unspoiled nature. Even extending over several

days. The Kempen and Maasland regional park has a wide

array of footpaths covering an area of 72,000 ha. So remember

to pack your boots!

The best of Maaseik

Tourism Maaseik publishes an extensive, illustrated town guide in association with

the Maaseik guide association. The town guide provides a detailed description and

a convenient plan covering the best of Maaseik. If you’re interested in the town’s

geology, you may want to pick up a copy of F. Keijers’s “Steengoed Maaseik”. Only

available in Dutch.

20,000 ha of pure nature!

The signed footpath network takes through more than

20,000 ha of nature and woodland. The beautiful

Tösch-Langeren route starts at Wurfeld castle.

Heerenlaak too

The Heerenlaak gravel extraction site opened to the

public in September 2007. An extensive footpath network

takes nature-lovers through this unique Limburg

peninsula, which has its own special place in our tourism

and recreation offering.


“Stadswandeling Maaseik” and

“Steengoed Maaseik”: 3

Walking maps:

Tösch-Langeren (mid 2008)

5 walking maps for Hoge Kempen

national park (box 10)

and 7 walking maps for

Kempen-Broek (box 13)

> nature 19

Visit or call

089 32 28 10 for information

on the most up-to-date

walking maps

Discover an age-old trade

Oeter valley mills

Water mills rule along Bosbeek and Oeterbeek. Twelve of

the sixteen original mills are still in good or very good working

order, making this creek one of the most productive in

the province. Whether they were used to grind grain into

flour or to saw wood, the mills are testament to an illustrious

past that will appeal to young and old alike.

Klaaskens mill

Wurfelder mill and the

interior of Neer mill

Neer mill

Dorper mill

The oldest Bosbeek mill sits in the shadow of Sint-Lambertus church. This grain

mill was first put into operation as early as 1330. The timber and loam structure

made way for the existing building in 1859. A guide will be happy to tell you how

grain was turned into flour here. You can also watch how the millers work.

Klaaskens mill

Built in 1548, this oilseed mill is still a very interesting visit. Extended in 1916 to

become the only saw mill powered by water in Flanders, the mill has now been

restored to its original conditions. Take the guided tour to see planks sawed in

the traditional way. The former baking house is now a café for cycle enthusiasts.

Wurfelder mill

This well preserved water mill was milling local grain as early as 1560 and

remained in operation until 1863. It was also a paper mill for a time, which can

be seen from the ventilation hatches. They were most likely used to dry the newly

produced paper. The wooden cogs used until the end of the fifties remain today.

The mill is still in private hands, but considering its good condition it certainly

warrants a visit.

Dorper mill

This buckwheat mill is undoubtedly the oldest mill in Opoeteren. Together with

Sint-Dionysius church and Bosbessen square it is one of the village’s top-drawer


Time has gnawed at the structure, which was built in 1530 and rebuilt in 1859,

but the exterior and interior is still intact. The building is currently used to store

cattle feed, but the mill is still in working order.


Explore the water mills

along Bosbeek by bike

> culture 21

Opening hours:

Neer mill

May, June and September:

Every first and third Sunday y

of the month, 2 pm till 5 pmm

1 July-31 August:

Saturdays and Sundays, 2 pm till 5 pm

Klaaskens mill

1 May-30 June and 1-14 September:

Saturdays and Sundays, noon till 8 pm

Miller’s explanation: 1, 3 and 5 pm

1 July-31 August:

Mondays to Sundays, noon till 8 pm

Closed Wednesdays.

Miller’s explanation: 1, 3 and 5 pm


Klaaskens mill and Neer mill:

1 each



1 cm = 1 km

0 1 2 3 4 5 km





Water mill



Rural tourism


Water sports

Nature reserve

Information office

Place of interest

Hollow, marshland, woodland

Walk departure point


Skating rink

Shopping centre

Maaseik on the map

Maaseik Neeroeteren







Take a trip on the Maas

Plain sailing for water lovers!

Original party on the water

Add an extra dimension to your family party or company outing, on board De Paep

van Meinecom II. This cruiser can take groups of 25 to 100 people for trips to

the old settlement Stevensweert, the white town of Thorn or Maasbracht. There

is plenty to keep you amused on the way! Lunch, press conference, office party,

reception, cocktails... the gangway is down, the horn sounds. Welcome on board!

The Cannes of Limburg

We also have that Mediterranean ambience. Since 1980 d.v. Maaslandse

Recreatiecentra, or Marec for short, has operated the two biggest inland marinas

in Europe.

‘De Spaanjerd’ in Ophoven-Kinrooi has room for 990 yachts. ‘Heerenlaak’ in

Aldeneik-Maaseik is home to around 430 smaller but faster boats. Both marinas

are equipped with jetties that rise and fall with the height of the river. Marina visitors

are certainly pampered. ‘Heerenlaak’ has two fully equipped camping sites.

The Sporta water sports centre offers many different kinds of water-bound fun.

> recreation 25

More info


Maaslandse Recreatiecentra d.v.


B-3640 Ophoven

Tel. 089 56 75 03

Fax 089 56 75 05

e-mail: -

ecreation 26

Sports packages at Sporta Beachclub Maaseik

Maaseik waterskiing

and wakeboard


Waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding,

slider, water fun.

Advance bookings necessary:

Equipment and wetsuits available

Leeuwerikstraat 80

3680 Maaseik

089/56 53 05

More about Sporta

Tel. 089 56 77 61, fax 089 56 85 36

or write to Sporta Beachclub

Maaseik for a free brochure. For room

bookings and info, email Tourism

Maaseik at

Heerenlaakweg 68,

3680 Maaseik.

Sporta Beachclub

Beachclub Maaseik holiday centre can accommodate up to 78 guests. There are

15 rooms for four to six persons with separate shower and toilet, including two

rooms for those with special access needs. There are also two separate shower

rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a separate dining and relaxation room.

Sporta Beachclub is also a great place to experience a fun day of sports or

relaxation. Sporta has a wide range of sports packages for groups, companies

and schools. The magnificent private sandy beach is an ideal place to relax in or

by the water. If you’d rather get active, there are plenty of courses for beginners

and advanced learners alike, in windsurfing, optimist sailing, kayaking, canoeing,

beach volleyball, BMX, archery or teambuilding activities.

Activities are open to holiday centre guests and non-guests alike.

Sporta provides all equipment and special clothing (life vests and wetsuits).

Trained, experienced supervision is also provided.

Sporta arranges a host of sports contests and courses for all-comers in July and

August (Mondays to Fridays).

Visit and find out exactly what you can do!

ecreation 27

SPORTA BEACHCLUB > prices 2008

Groups (from 15 persons)

–12 year +12 year

BED1 Children Adults

Night (room for 4–6 persons) per person 12.60 15.40

Less than 4-6 persons in a room per person 15.80 18.55

Single per person 19.00 22.85

Suppl. for 1 night in the weekend per person 6.35 7.75

Suppl. for groups of less than 15 persons per person 3.15 3.15

EXTRAS: bed sheets 5.00

1 Discount for registered youth clubs (–12 years = 10%, +12 years = 5%)


Supplied by external caterer. Guests are responsible for domestic chores

(laying/clearing tables, washing up)

Breakfast (cornflakes and yoghurt) per person 3.85

Light lunch = snack (afternoons) per person 5.60

Packaged lunch per person 5.60

Hot meal (evenings) per person 8.40

Barbecue x2 per person 9.30

Barbecue x3 per person 10.85

Barbecue x4 per person 12.30

Kitchen rental (if you prefer to cook yourself)

per day 70.00

Not always possible

per breakfast 31.50

per meal 36.50

2 Price includes water with hot meals and coffee with other meals

BEVERAGES (compulsory) 3

Soft drinks: Cola, Cola Light, Fanta, Ice tea, Sprite, still and

sparkling water

20cl bottle 0.90

Beers: Primus 25cl bottle 0.90

Kriek Lindemans 25cl bottle 1.15

Palm 33cl bottle 1.15

Tongerlo brown 33cl bottle 1.35

Tongerlo triple 33cl bottle 1.60

Wines: Red 75cl bottle 5.50

White (Pinot Blanc) Aldeneik wine 75cl bottle 8.00

White (Pinot Gris) Aldeneik wine 75cl bottle 8.50

3 You may provide your own beverages only for special activities. In these cases, a 2.00 per

day per person surcharge.


You can book the entire Beachclub for your exclusive use. Groups up to 60 persons

(incl. kitchen). The absolute limit is 78 persons.

One night 930.00 night

Two or more nights 625.00 night

Extra bunk bed 18.00 night

culture 28

group excursions

Information and reservations:

Chantal or Maddy

Prices depend on your choice of museum, the number of people in your

group and the chosen date. We will be delighted to put together a personal

quote for you.

Maaseik-Thorn boat trip

Your guide welcomes you in Maaseik

around 10 am for a boat trip on the

Maas to Thorn. Coffee and special

Maaseik biscuits on board. In the white

town of Thorn in the Netherlands you

can explore the old centre and the

magnificent abbey church. After a full

midday meal in Maaseik you visit the

attractive market square and one of

the interesting museums (see pp 8-

11). The day ends with a short tour

through the surroundings by coach or

tourist train.

Art and nature in


After coffee and flan (vlaai) in

Neeroeteren your guided tour gets

underway with a visit to Exelmans art

gallery (regular exhibitions and a wonderful

sculpture garden). You will then

visit beautiful St.-Lambertus church.

After a full midday meal you explore

Oeterdal covered wagon, stopping on

the way at Klaaskens mill.

Wine and dine

You start with coffee and a special

Maaseik biscuit (knapkoek) before setting

off for Aldeneik and a guided tour

of Aldeneyck vineyard (tasting included).

After a full midday meal you visit

the ‘Bonaparte’ traditional chocolate

and praline factory, before a short tour

through the surroundings.

Round trip to Thorn or Stevensweert

De Paep van Meinecom II takes you

on a special trip on Marec lakes. This

cruiser has 60 covered seats and 40

places on the sundeck. In July and

August De Paep operates a fixed timetable

to Thorn and Stevensweert. A

great day out.

Fixed timetable Wednesdays,

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

in July and August:

Return ticket

De Spaanjerd-Thorn:

Adults 6.50

Children 5

De Spaanjerd-Stevensweert:

Adults 4

Children 3.50

No advance bookings.

De Paep van Meinecom II round trip

De Spaanjerd (Ophoven) Stevensweert Thorn

1:30 pm 1:50 pm 2:30 pm

3:30 pm 3:50 pm 4:30 pm

5:30 pm 5:50 pm 6:30 pm

Ideas for groups

(only in dutch)

Our comprehensive brochure for groups

is packed with ideas for office outings,

family parties, nature exploration and

school trips.

Ask for a free copy from Tourism


Tourist train

> culture 29

A platinum train takes passengers on

a tour of the region. Two of the three

carriages can be heated. The third

carriage has a pneumatic platform and

space for two wheelchairs. The loudspeaker

system ensures that the guide

is audible throughout the train.

In May, June and September the tourist

train operates every Sunday at 2 pm,

3 pm and 4 pm. In July and August it

operates daily at 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm

(subject to demand).

Want to reserve our

plucky little train for

a special occasion?

Weddings, office parties, promotional

stunts and more. Climb aboard!

Tourist train

125 for the first hour, incl. driver, VAT

and insurance (Belgium).

Each additional hour: 99

Half day (4 hours): 395

Full day (8 hours): 740

Additional charge of 59 per hour for

trips beyond the boundaries of Maaseik

Shuttle train:

Adults (from 12 years): 2.50. Children

(6-12 years): 1. Children aged 6 years

and under travel free!

culture 30

Leuke Fun day dagtrips trips and en

toffe tips in tips and in around en rond


Kruisheren church

Built in 1767, Kruisheren church is the

only church in Limburg with a rococo

interior. Tours led by official guides

every Sunday between 3 pm and 5:30

pm May to September.

Price: free


Gidsenbond Maaseik:

Tel. 089 56 14 25

or 089 56 50 84

Guided theme walks

(for individual visitors)

An official guide from Tourism Maaseik

(Town Hall, Markt 1) leads a theme

walk through the town at 11 am every

first Sunday of the month May to

September. Our guides look forward to

seeing you!

Price: free

Themes this year:

• Dialect walk

• Maaseik: military town

• Maasland Renaissance in Maaseik

• Art deco in Maaseik

• Abbey walk

• Van Eyck walk

• Goat riders walk

• Famous people from Maaseik

• Chapel walk

• Streets and façades

• The houses behind the names


Tourism Maaseik

Tel. 089 81 92 90

In the footsteps of the

van Eyck brothers


A walk through the old centre of

Maaseik, following the trail of the

town’s most famous artists: the van

Eyck brothers. Entrance to the van

Eyck exhibition is included. This walk is

led by an official guide.

Every Sunday between 2 pm and 4 pm

from the Tourism Maaseik office.

Price: 3 per person,

Pay at the Tourism Maaseik office.

Reservations recommended at the

Tourism Maaseik office.

Tel. 089 81 92 90

Treasure hunt with cart


Crisscross the centre of Maaseik with

treasure chest and cart on the trail of

the statue that matches each object in

the treasure chest. Make good use of

the treasure map!

Great for children up to 12 years of

age. One adult per cart is required.

Every day when the Tourism Maaseik

office is open.

Price: 3 for 1 adult and

2 per child

20 deposit for the cart

Special surprise for every child at the


Madame Tussaud’s


An exhibition of life-size wax nativity

figures with very detailed faces and

wonderful clothing. These works of art

were made almost a century ago by

Sister Bernandine. Her figures have

found homes in Washington DC, the

Vatican and the Netherlands. This nativity

scene is open to the public during

Christmas and New Year at Kruisheren

Church, Bosstraat in Maaseik.

Christmas and New Year

at Kruisheren Church, Bosstraat.

Price: free


Noliko Maaseik

Volleyball club

Noliko Volley Maaseik ‘s fabulous performances have earned

the club a strong reputation throughout Europe. This has

also helped make Maaseik a familiar name across the continent.

Maaseik Ambassador in Europe

Maaseik is a name that many volleyball fans are very familiar with. The town’s volleyball

club has become a great ambassador for Maaseik in Europe, on a par with

any other Belgian sports club.

If you would like to get to know the town and Noliko Volley Maaseik better, this

package is just what you’re looking for:

• Guided tour of Maaseik town

• Dinner at Noliko Volley Maaseik’s business club AgorA

• Business seat in the sports hall for a top game

• Night at a hotel in Maaseik

Noliko Maaseik’s results speak for themselves:

> Ten national titles

> Ten national cups

> Two silvers and two bronzes in European competition

> recreation 31

More about Noliko

For bookings, prices and

information contact:

Noliko Maaseik

Sportlaan 10

B-3680 Maaseik

Tel. +32 89 56 26 78

Fax +32 89 56 10 59


or contact Toerisme Maaseik


ecreation 32

Theme packages

You’re assured a couple of days relaxation in a pleasant

green setting when you book one of our packages. Or

maybe you’d rather get a birds-eye view? It’s your call.

Cultural package

Choice of one or two nights including welcome drink and breakfast at one of the

hotels listed on page 33. You also receive a copy of Stadswandeling Maaseik (one

brochure per couple). Only available in Dutch, French and German.

Note: the museum supplement depends on when you stay and which museums

you choose.

Entrance = Group rate for museums as well as the exhibition

‘Xi’an’s Terracotta Army’.

Museum opening times are stated in the brochure.

Hot air ballooning over Maasland

Get ready for a breathtaking trip. You pitch in with all the preparations before

taking off over the Maasland region. There’s a surprise waiting for you after your

soft landing.

The trip lasts one hour. Mornings between 6 am and 7 am or evenings between

7 pm and 8 pm (depending on the season).

Departure point: the field opposite Maaseik tennis courts and the mosque


Worth knowing:

Hot air ballooning is highly

dependant on the weather

conditions. Only the pilot can

decide whether a flight is possible

or not. This is important

for your safety. A flight may

be cancelled on a given day

or the departure point moved

(even somewhere outside

Maaseik) due to the wind


Miles and miles of invitingly flat cycle paths and not a car in sight

‘Get fit biking’ cycling package

One or two nights at a hotel in Maaseik, including breakfast, welcome drink and

one cycling map (Grensoverschrijdend Fietsroutenetwerk Kempen and Maasland

+ Grensoverschrijdende Legenderoute). Book a three-course meal or gastronomic

dinner for a supplement.

Rent a bike from Tourism Maaseik: 7.50/day/bike (until 5 pm).

Price pp in


1 night 2 nights








Wilgenhof 46.50 89 23.50 30 40

Lux 46.50 89 28.50 25 55 (incl. drinks)

Aldeneikerhof 56.50 109 28.50 40 44

Kasteel Wurfeld 64 124 26 35 49.90

Van Eyck 84 164 51 35 42.50

Price pp in


1 night 2 nights








Wilgenhof 202.50 245 22.50 30 40

Lux 202.50 245 27.50 25 55 (incl. drinks)

Aldeneikerhof 212.50 265 27.50 40 44

Kasteel Wurfeld 220 280 25 35 49.90

Van Eyck 240 320 50 35 42.50

Price pp in


1 night 2 nights








Wilgenhof 48 90.50 25 30 40

Lux 48 90.50 30 25 55 (incl. drinks)

Aldeneikerhof 58 110.50 30 40 44

Kasteel Wurfeld 65.50 125.50 27,50 35 49.90

Van Eyck 85.50 165.50 52,50 35 42.50

Theatre or the movies?

Ask for a leaflet with theatre and movie listings at Achterolmen or

Neeroeteren cultural centre.

Culture Centre ‘Achterolmen’: tel. 089 56 99 56

Culture Centre Neeroeteren: tel. 089 86 31 88

> recreation 33

Belgium’s oldest

private pharmacy in


Due to reopen in

September 2008.

Watch the furniture restorers

from behind a glass partition.

hospitality 34

Our hotels

Our hoteliers are delighted to welcome you to Maaseik.

They will give you a taste of that famous Maaseik hospitality.

Hotel Wilgenhof

New 8-room hotel run by the Schaefer family at Wurfeld in peaceful

woodland. Ideal for walking and cycling, the hotel is also located on the

Kempen and Maasland cycling route. After an energetic day you can relax

in a luxury room, with bathroom, TV, radio and phone. Ask about renting the

sauna and whirlpool. Drinks are served on the patio in the evening.

Kapelweg 51, Wurfeld,

Tel. 089 56 57 09

GSM 0475 52 44 66,

Fax 089 56 54 72




Room with whirlpool



Packed lunch

Extra bed: -12 jaar: night

+12 jaar: night

Hostellerie Lux

Located in the Oeter valley on the edge of the forest. This relaxing green

setting on the Kempen and Maasland cycle network (45–47) is a boon for

walkers and cyclists alike.

The five rooms are luxuriously furnished. Hostess Annemie Buntinx prepares

a breakfast buffet every morning, while chef Eddy Engles cooks a

culinary meal in the evening. Ask about one of our packages, like Romantic

Oeter Valley. An outstanding base for exploring Maaseik (7 km).

St.-Lambertuskerkstraat 2,


Tel. 089 86 89 42

Fax 089 86 81 77




Third person supplement

Five-course dinner including drinks

Full-board supplement

Half-board supplement

Hotel Aldeneikerhof

At this renovated nineteenth-century mansion opposite Aldeneik’s Roman

church (no ringing bells) you will enjoy the informal Limburg hospitality

of the van Dinter family. Far from the madding crowd, this charming hotel

nestled in peaceful, protected Aldeneik (about a mile from Maaseik) has 8

comfortable, tastefully furnished rooms and a large garden with patio. Mari

van Dinter will be delighted to serve you the best gastronomic and regional

dishes. Aldeneikerhof, where culinary enjoyment in stylish surroundings

really counts. We wish you a pleasant stay. Ask about our cultural and

cycling packages, seminars, parties and more.


Extra bed


Children’s bed

Three-course gastronomic dinner

Four-course gastronomic dinner

Party menu for 8–80 persons

Cycle storage

Packed lunch

Secure parking for cars and bikes

> hospitality 35

Hamontweg 103, Aldeneik

Tel. 089 56 67 77

Fax 089 56 67 78


Fully renovated bathrooms with

all home comforts.

hospitality 36

Hotel Van Eyck

A fully renovated 4-star hotel in the middle of Maaseik’s market square.

It’s a pearl on the banks of the Maas that exudes pure luxury and

elegance. The warmly furnished rooms are all equipped with sumptuous

bathroom, cosy sitting area and work desk. You start the day with a

full breakfast buffet; midday there’s a cool glass and a tasty bite in the

stylish brasserie or on the sun-drenched patio. The restaurant treats you

to a host of surprising gourmet creations! The hotel also has a pleasant

lounge, wireless internet and guest parking.

If you’d like to treat yourself to a weekend’s cycling, walking or simple

relaxation, Hotel Van Eyck offers the ideal blend of Limburg hospitality

and class.

Markt 48, 3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 86 37 00,

Fax 089 86 37 01




Superior room double

Superior room single

‘Van Eyck’ double suite

‘Van Eyck’ single suite

Three-course gastronomic dinner

Four-course gastronomic dinner


• FREE cycle storage

• No pets allowed

Hotel Castle Wurfeld

Who doesn’t dream of spending a night or two in a castle?

This impressive castle hotel, whose premises date from 1640, has 33

rooms equipped with all modern comforts: TV, radio alarm clock, phone,

safe, en suite bathroom with bath/shower, toilet and hairdryer.

It is the ideal location for a romantic stay, with a very good restaurant.

Beautiful 2.5-hectare park. Castle Wurfeld is on the cycle network between

junctions 27 and 45 and the departure point for the Wurfeld walk.

Kapelweg 60, Wurfeld

Tel. 089 56 81 36,

Fax 089 56 87 89


Superior double

Standaard double

Superior single

Standard single

Three-person room

Four-person room

Room with balcony

Extra bed

Children’s bed

Breakfast included in the room price.

Three-course dinner / half-board

Five-course gastronomic dinner

Four-course surprise dinner

Six-course surprise dinner

All-in menu

(aperitif, four-course dinner, half a bottle of

house wine, one coffee per person)

Bottle of house wine

No dogs allowed


• FREE cycle storage

• FREE car parking




‘De Sjeiven Dörpel’ apartments

5 apartments in the Aldeneik countryside along the Maas on the Kempen

and Maasland cycle path (25).

Leeuwerikstraat 74, Aldeneik

Tel. 089 56 12 13

Fax 089 61 47 73

Apartment for six persons:

2 bedrooms + 1 bed sofa + kitchen

+ bathroom

Apartment for four persons::

1 bedroom + 1 bed sofa + kitchen

+ bathroom

15 June to 15 September

6 persons


Weekend (3 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

4 persons


Weekend (3 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

6 persons


Weekend (3 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

4 persons


Weekend (3 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

Day price (if available)

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons

5 persons


Farm holidays ‘Venderhof’ (Maaseik)

Venderhof is a U-shaped Maasland farmstead first referred to way back

in the sixteenth century. This holiday home accommodates eight people

(three bedrooms, each with two single beds and one sofa bed for two).

Situated in rural surroundings two kilometres from the centre of Maaseik,

on the Kempen and Maasland cycle network (25).

The former servants dwelling has been fully renovated, carefully preserving

of authentic details.

Ven 48, 3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 56 86 88


> hospitality 37

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)

Week (Friday-Friday)

Midweek (Monday-Friday)

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)

Week (Friday-Friday)

Midweek (Monday-Friday)

• Car parking and protected cycle


• No pets allowed

• Booking deposit 40%

hospitality 38

Farm holidays



Dairy cattle farm in the middle of an orchard

and fields two kilometres from the centre,

large park, playfield and lush countryside.

Visitors are welcome to participate in the

farming activities and life.

Sint-Jansberg 41, Maaseik

Tel. 089 56 33 25



Week in July / August

Week in low season

Linen supplement

End of visit cleaning supplement

40% booking deposit


Children (up to 12 years of age)

Farm holidays

‘Moskou’ (Neeroeteren)

Renovated farm situated close to ‘Den

Tösch’ nature reserve in a peaceful area

with no through traffic.

Not a working farm.

Grotlaan 145, Neeroeteren

Tel. 089 86 71 61




Week in high season

Week in low season

Midweek (4 nights)

Linen supplement

End of visit cleaning supplement

40% deposit



The furnished studio has its own entrance

hall (with washing machine and dryer),

kitchenette and sitting area, sleeping

arrangements, bathroom: in short, all the

comforts you need. Suitable for 2-4 persons.

Situated on Maasland cycle path

(25). The historic village of Aldeneik is

within walking and cycling distance of

Maaseik’s cafés, restaurants, shops and


Marc Colson

Aldeneikerweg 47a, Maaseik-Aldeneik

Tel. +32(0)89 56 42 28

GSM: +32(0)473 280 450


Weekend from

Week from

Contact us about longer stays.

• No linen or towels available.

• Guests are responsible for cleaning.

Apartment ‘Muscari’

New apartment with sitting area and two

bedrooms, one large one and a smaller

one with bunk beds. Fully equipped kitchen

with fridge, microwave, dishwasher etc.

Bathroom with shower.

Mia Vankerkom

Maasweg 8, 3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 56 59 59

Per person with breakfast

Per person no breakfast

• 10% discount on every night your stay over

three nights.

• Children under 6 years of age FREE.

Rural tourism


Comfortable four-person studio (±30 sq m)

with own entrance on the first floor of

newly built premises. Sitting area, four

single beds, kitchen and bathroom, with private

patio on the ground floor, garden cycle

storage and parking. Situated in Aldeneik

(± 2 km from Maaseik) close to the Maas

and on the Kempen and Maasland cycling

network (25).

Leeuwerikstraat 63, Aldeneik

Tel. 089 56 48 96


Prices studio (regardless of the number of persons)

Weekend (2 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

Week (7 nights)

Weekend (2 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

Week (7 nights)

End of visit cleaning supplement

Booking deposit 50 %

Farm holidays

‘De Geisterse Hei’


Dairy cattle farm nestled between quiet

fields and woodland. Visitors are welcome to

participate in the farming activities and life.

Tienderstraat 120, Neeroeteren

Tel. 089 86 65 92









Linen supplement

End of visit cleaning supplement

40% deposit



Children (up to 12 years of age)

‘Het Poezenhuis’

Large room with washbasin, shower and

toilet, TV, Senseo espresso machine and

mini-cooler. Parking available. Space for

bikes inside. Close to Wouterbron natural

swimming pool. Includes breakfast (on the

first-floor patio when the weather’s good).

Free use of the patio on the ground floor.

Adjacent to Vallei van de Bosbeek nature

reserve at the back. No pets allowed

(home to six cats).

No smoking!

Dornestraat 18, 3680 Opoeteren-Dorne

Tel. 089 30 78 89



Per person

> hospitality 39

‘Het Smoutebolleke’

Fully equipped three-bedroom holiday home

with children’s bed, dishwasher, microwave,

washing machine, dryer, stereo and TV.

Garden at the back with furnished covered

patio, barbecue, playfield and garage.

Onstwedder Margien

Smoutweg 4, Opoeteren

Tel. 089 75 58 25 or 0476 49 87 55

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)

Week (Friday-Friday)

Mid-week (Monday-Friday)

hospitality 40


Vakantieverblijf “Lakerdijk” is located in picturesque

Aldeneik on the Maas, right on the

cycle network (the eighth wonder of the world)

with some great walks in the vicinity. The

guest accommodation with its own entrance

is equipped with sanitary facilities, kitchen,

television, coffeemaker and more. Private parking

for visitors, with secure bike storage in a

locked garage. Relax on your own private patio,

equipped with furniture and barbecue.

Leeuwerikstraat 37, Aldeneik

Tel. 089 56 73 44


Weekend (2 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

Week (7 nights)


Weekend (2 nights)

Midweek (4 nights)

Week (7 nights)

Linen and towels included.

Guests are responsible for cleaning. Alternatively,

guests can pay a cleaning supplement of 20.

‘De Klaproos’

Four studios with equipped kitchen, shower

and toilet. Each studio accommodates up

to four persons. De Klaproos is two kilometres

from historic Maaseik and on both

the Kempen and Maasland cycle network

(26/46) and the Flanders cycle path

(Lt7b). Heerenlaak water sport and recreation

area is five kilometres away.

Heppeneert 35, 3680 Maaseik-Heppeneert

Tel.: GSM +32(0)479 47 70 20

email: (.com and .nl)


Night (one person)

Night (two persons)

End of visit cleaning supplement

for stays longer than two nights

Packed lunch

Linen supplement

10% discount from the third night. Single supplement

10. Booking deposit 50%, bikes to rent,

parking, protected cycle storage, no pets allowed,

• no smoking.

• Recognised cycle label.

‘Op ’t Busselen’

Fine holiday home for 8 persons situated in

the centre of Opoeteren, with a back garden

adjacent to the beautiful Vallei van de

Bosbeek nature area. 100 m from the cycle

network (37) in the middle of an extensive

walking area.

Schoolstraat 11, 3680 OPOETEREN

Tel. 089 56 31 09


Prices (for 6 persons)

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)

Week (Friday-Friday)

Midweek (Monday-Friday)

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)

Week (Friday-Friday)

Midweek (Monday-Friday)

Linen supplement

End of visit cleaning supplement

Extra night pp

High season: 20

Low season: 15

Booking deposit: 40%

An oasis of relaxation surrounded by

the green estates of ’t Gremelsloo.


Renovated farmstead situated in peaceful

countryside five kilometres from the centre

of picturesque Maaseik. You will start to

relax on the journey through a rural landscape

of fields, winding roads and extensive

estates in which the restored farmstead is

nestled. The five rooms (12 beds in total)

are equipped with en suite toilet and shower

(one room has a bath). Guests have complimentary

access to sauna, whirlpool and

outdoor swimming pool.

Dhr. Mark Deluyker, Krekershofweg 24

3680 MAASEIK, Tel.: 0477 77 22 28


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

5 persons


Four-course gastronomic dinner

Packed lunch

Special deals for groups of up to 12 persons.

Accommodation at a glance

Recognised hotels

















WILGENHOF Kapelweg 51, Wurfeld tel. 089 56 57 09 of GSM 0475 52 44 66 fax 089 56 54 72 8 0 8 ••• ••• •••

HOSTELLERIE LUX St.-Lambertuskerkstr. 2, Neeroeteren tel. 089 86 89 42 fax 089 86 81 77 5 0 5 •••••••• •

ALDENEIKERHOF Hamontweg 103, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 67 77 of 089 56 47 77 fax 089 56 67 78 8 0 8 • • • • • • •

KASTEEL WURFELD Kapelweg 60, Wurfeld tel. 089 56 81 36 fax 089 56 87 89 32 0 32 ••• ••••••• •

VAN EYCK Markt 48, Maaseik tel. 089 86 37 00 fax 089 86 37 01 27 5 27 •••••••••• •

Recognised camping sites – caravan parks

HEERENLAAK 1 Heerenlaakweg 100, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 68 42 95 95 0 •• • ••••• •

HEERENLAAK 2 Heerenlaakweg 100, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 68 42 248 248 0 •• ••••••• •

DE LEEUWERIK Leeuwerikstraat 80, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 43 33 GSM 0496 54 40 87 125 123 2 •••• •••••••

‘t EILANDJE Komweg 11, Neeroeteren tel. 089 86 38 28 67 62 5 ••• ••••• •

ZAVELBOS Kattebeekstraat 1, Opoeteren tel. 089 75 81 46 of fax 089 75 81 48 120 80 40 •••• ••••••••

BOOMGAARD 1 Leeuwerikstraat 75, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 41 80 61 60 1 •• • ••••

LEEUWERIKHOF Leeuwerikstraat 72, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 43 60 108 100 8 •• • •••• •

MEINECOM Leeuwerikstraat 86, Aldeneik tel. 0031 622 132 912 34 33 1 •• • •••• •

Other accommodation



























VENDERHOF Ven 48, Maaseik tel. 089 56 86 88 • 1 • 8 •

SINT-JANSHOEVE Sint-Jansberg 41, Maaseik tel. 089 56 33 25 • 1 • • 6 •

DE GEISTERSE HEI Tienderstraat 120, Neeroeteren tel. 089 86 65 92 • 1 • • 6 • •

MOSKOU Grotlaan 145, Neeroeteren tel. 089 86 71 61 • 1 • 6 • •

ALDENEIKERHOEVE Alddeneikerweg 47a, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 42 28 GSM 0473 28 04 50 1 • 4 • •

MUSCARI Maasweg 8, Maaseik tel. 089 56 59 59 1 • • 4 •

PLATTELANDSTOERISME Leeuwerikstraat 63, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 48 96 1 • 4 •

DE SJEIVEN DÖRPEL Leeuwerikstraat 74, Aldeneik tel. 089 56 12 13 5 • 24 •

HET POEZENHUIS Dornestraat 18, Opoeteren tel. 089 30 78 89 1 • • 2

DE KLAPROOS Heppeneert 35 tel.: +32(0)479 47 70 20 4 • • 8 •

LAKERDIJK Leeuwerikstraat 37, Maaseik tel. 089 56 73 44 1 4 •

DE WOUTERBRON Kasteelstraat 15, Opoeteren tel. 089 85 42 08 15 • ••• 6 •••••

BEACHCLUB Heerenlaakweg 68, Maaseik tel. 089 56 77 61 ••• 86 •

KREKERSHOF Krekershofweg 24, Maaseik tel. 0477 77 22 28 5 • • • 12 • • •

OP ’T BUSSELEN Schoolstraat 11, Opoeteren tel. 089 56 31 09 1 • 8 •

DE WARRE Ketelstraat 77, Neeroeteren tel. 089 85 23 16 of fax 089 85 43 63 4 •• 56 • •








‘t Eilandje

> hospitality 41


youth holidays,

camping sites

Selected authorised sites and

temporary camps are available.

See the list on page 42.

All bookings

Tourism Maaseik

Stadhuis, Markt 1

3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 81 92 90

Fax 089 81 92 99




De Zandhoek

Bergeinde 64, Opoeteren

Mr & Mrs Pantelis

Leustraat 18, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 78 54 or 09 231 86 76


Flipper +

Wouterbos 1+2

Meurenstraat, Opoeteren

Mrs Baeten

Dilserweg 9, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 66 46



Mr Janssen

Fabrieksweg 2, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 38 76

Chiroheem Opoeteren


Mr Daniëls

Fortstraat 39, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 72 64


Chiroheem Neeroeteren

Martin Op ’t Roodt

Houwstraat 62, 3680 Neeroeteren

Tel. 089 20 54 01


Houtenveld 1 + 2

Mr Essers

Houtenweg 21, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 43 35


Driege 1 + 2 + 3

Mrs Hellings – Depre

Roosterbergstraat 36, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 48 96



Mr Leon Moors

Dilserweg 30, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 48 09


Hut and field on Driepaalweg.

Zavelbos Camping

De Start

Mr & Mrs Van Alken

Beukenlaan 27 A, 3680 Neeroeteren

Tel. 089 86 51 79


Schutterslokaal Dorne

Mr Jos Janssen

Daalstraat 14, 3680 Opoeteren

Tel. 089 85 60 27 or 0478 36 28 42




Flamingo Trout Fishing

Neeroeterenstr. 8

B-3680 Maaseik - Opoeteren

Tel. 089 86 30 92

Bergeinde Trout Fishing

Vossenstr. 1

B-3680 Maaseik - Opoeteren

Tel. 089 85 53 56

S&G Sportstables

Volmolenstr. 9

B-3680 Maaseik - Opoeteren

Tel. 0479 44 36 25

0477 22 50 56

Holiday accommodation

De Warre

De Warre stables/

holiday accommodation

Ketelstraat 77

3680 Neeroeteren

Tel 089 85 23 16

Fax 089 85 43 63


Natural swimming pool

De Wouterbron

Dornestraat 4

(Correspondence: Kasteelstraat 15)

B-3680 Maaseik - Opoeteren

Tel. 089 85 72 14


Zavelbos Camping

Kattebeekstr. 1

B-3680 Maaseik - Opoeteren

Tel. 089 75 81 46, Fax 089 75 81 48




Solterbosstraat 38, 3680 Neeroeteren

GSM: 0495 21 58 74




Carnival: International Halfvastenstoet (02/03)

International jumble haggle and antique market (10-12/05)

Bokkerieje: cycling in Maasland (25/05)

Historic Carriage Parade (08/06)

European Ceramics Market (29/06)

Deireleire Fieste (11-13/07)

Bergse Feeste (18/07)

International Painter’s Market Neeroeteren (21/07)

Oeterfeesten (01-03/08)

Hartbufkes Preuve (08-10/08)

Heifieste (14-17/08)

Knapkoekfeest, music event with

Euregio parade (07/09)

Call Tourism Maaseik 089 81 92 90

for a detailed events calendar

Tourism Maaseik is not responsible for any changes to the calendar.


Tourism Maaseik

Stadhuis, Markt 1

3680 Maaseik

Tel. 089 81 92 90

Fax 089 81 92 99

Tel. from abroad:

+32 89 81 92 90



Service, Tourism

Opening hours

January - February 2008:


weekdays 9-12 and 13-17

weekends and public holidays: 11 am till 3 pm

March-December 2008:


weekdays: 9 am till 5 pm

weekends and public holidays: 10 am till 12:30 pm and

1:30 pm till 5 pm


1 and 2 January, 2 March (International mid-lent parade)

25 and 26 December

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