Press Release - F-Cell

Press Release - F-Cell

Press Release

f-cell trade fair in Stuttgart: energy solutions with hydrogen

and fuel cells

The f-cell fuel cell trade fair is growing by leaps and bounds. Exhibitors

have already reserved twice as much exhibition space as last year. The

combined industry conference and trade fair will take place at the trade

fair centre (Messe Stuttgart) in Stuttgart from 8 to 10 October 2012.

Exhibitors will be presenting solutions for all fuel cell applications as well

as hydrogen production and storage technologies.

Stuttgart (eos) – “Roughly 100 exhibitors have registered to date. The f-cell trade fair

from 8 to 10 October 2012 will be twice the size of last year’s show,” notes Peter

Sauber, Managing Director of Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH,

which is organizing the industry forum comprising a trade fair and a conference in

cooperation with Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS). “The decision

to combine the presentation with the Battery+Storage trade fair and the move to the

trade fair grounds in Stuttgart has paid off.” The f-cell event has attracted a host of

new exhibitors from Germany and other European countries. The show will also

feature a joint Canadian stand for the first time this year, with four companies

represented. The e-mobil BW TECHNOLOGIETAG will complement the event with

presentations by other European exhibitors from France, Flanders, Denmark and

elsewhere. Another unique feature of this year’s event will be the research and

development stand set up by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, at

which research institutes and universities will be presenting their most recent

contributions as providers of new impulses for economic development. Fuel cells and

components, mobile, stationary and portable fuel cell applications, test rigs and

research and development will be the main aspects covered by exhibitors in the field

of fuel cell and hydrogen technology.

Stationary energy-supply solutions

Fuel cell heating systems are causing quite a stir in the field of building energy supply,

as will be demonstrated, for example, by EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG at its

stand (2D16). Within the context of the German government-funded “Callux” project,

the energy supplier is involved in efforts to develop market-ready fuel cell heating

systems, and has already installed more than seventy such systems in Baden-

Württemberg. “In cooperation with producers, including Vaillant, Baxi Innotech and

Hexis, we will be informing visitors about the current state of the art and presenting the

newest generation of equipment systems for this energy solution of the future,” explains

Uwe Fritz, Managing Director of EnBW Vertrieb GmbH.

250-Kilowatt to 2.8-Megawatt power plants equipped with molten carbonate fuel cells

are the focus of interest in the presentation by FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH (Stand

1E14). “In addition to electricity, they produce high-quality heat, which can be used in

air-conditioning systems or fed into a district heating network, for example,” says

Andreas Frömmel, the company’s commercial director. “The system works with an

autothermal reforming process that produces the hydrogen required by fuel cells from

natural gas, biogas or sewage gas. Depending on the specific purpose, some of the gas

obtained can be used for fuel cell vehicles, such as forklifts, for example.”

Fuel cells for a wide range of applications

Numerous exhibitors are presenting holistic approaches as well as interesting solutions

for stationary, portable and mobile applications. balticFuelCells GmbH of Schwerin (Stand

2F15) addresses system integrators from all fields of application with its “SuSy300” fuel

cell subsystem. “Each roughly palm-sized SuSy module delivers 300 watts of electrical

power. Power output can be adjusted as needed for a given application simply by linking

multiple modules together,” explains Stephan Möller from balticFuelCells GmbH.

Customers benefit from the advantages of a plug-and-play principle and need no special

fuel cell know-how themselves. The technical advantage of the small individual module:

“The required power output is available just 2.5 seconds after the unit is activated. That

eliminates the need for heavy, expensive buffer batteries in mobile or stationary

applications, for example,” notes Stephan Möller. Now that the SuSy modules have been

standardized, it is possible to produce larger quantities, which will lower the price – as

the manufacturer hopes – to well below 1,000 EUR per module within the foreseeable


Experience electromobility live

The various links in the electromobility value chain will be on display at the trade fair.

Daimler will be represented as an OEM along with numerous suppliers and component

manufacturers, including Lapp Kabel and HylionTec, to name just two examples. EnBW is

also closely concerned with a range of issues of relevance to future mobility. The

presentation will focus on the hydrogen refilling infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles as

well as the diverse activities of EnBW in the field of electromobility.

Visitors can experience electromobility hands-on at the Ride&Drive event at the trade

fair plaza, where they will have an opportunity to test-drive battery- and fuel cell

powered electric vehicles. The list of Ride&Drive partners currently includes EnBW as

well as Daimler, Proton Motor / Smith Electric Vehicles and Honda.

Hydrogen as an energy storage medium

The role of hydrogen as an energy storage medium in the new energy economy is a

theme that runs like a continuous thread through the f-cell trade fair and conference.

Hydrogen can be produced on a sustainable basis from water through electrolysis with

“surplus” wind or solar power. In this way, energy can be stored in large quantities and

later used to refill vehicles, fed into the natural gas network or reconverted to electricity

by fuel cells. Concepts for hydrogen production and storage will be presented by the

Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Stuttgart, H-TEC Systems of Lübeck,

FutureE Fuell Cell Solutions GmbH of Nürtingen, Hydrogen Energy GWL GmbH of

Frankfurt, WS Reformer GmbH of Renningen, the Canadian Hydrogenics Corporation as

well as the Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Fraunhofer Institut für Solare

Energiesysteme ISE, of Freiburg, among other firms and institutes.

Further information

The f-cell and Battery+Storage conferences as well as the e-mobil BW

TECHNOLOGIETAG (10 October 2012), will take place concurrent to the f-cell and

Battery+Storage trade fairs. A complete list of exhibitors, a visitor registration form

and the f-cell and Battery+Storage conference programmes are available online at Additional information about the Battery+Storage trade fair can be

found at The programme for the e-mobil BW

TECHNOLOGIETAG is provided at

Stuttgart, 28 September 2012

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For further information and photographs please contact:

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Messen und Kongresse GmbH

Lena Jauernig

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Press contact:

Eike Ostendorf-Servissoglou

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Scenes from the f-cell trade fair 2011

Photos: Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH / Photographer: Dennis Scharlau

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