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New Books Autumn 2013 - Faber and Faber

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Original Fiction

6 In Times of Fading Light

7 The Other Lives of Greta Wells

8 Tampa

10 Red or Dead

12 The Love Object

13 The Marble Season

14 Ace, King, Knave

Original Crime and Thrillers

16 Kitty Peck and the Music

Hall Murders

17 Claire Dewitt and the Bohemian


18 Lie Still

19 Coercion

20 The Death of Lucy Kyte

21 The Cry

22 Night Train to Jamalpur

23 Where the Dead Men Go

24 If You Were Here

25 And When She Was Good

26 Blue is the Night

27 Kill and Tell

Original Non-Fiction

30 What a Wonderful World

32 Churchill’s Bomb

34 Napoleon: Soldier Of Destiny

36 Storming the Eagle’s Nest

37 Holloway

38 Report from the Interior

40 Swing Low

41 Untangling the Web

42 God Bless the Nhs

44 Project Rainbow

46 The Secret Footballer

47 Racing Hard

48 Afterliff

50 Adventures with the Wife in Space

51 Big Questions and Instant Answers

Original Poetry

54 Train Songs

56 Poetry Please

57 Six Bad Poets

58 1914: Poetry Remembers

60 The Water Stealer

61 Holding On Upside Down

62 Ramayana

64 Drawings

Original Drama

68 Stage Blood

70 Appomattox

71 Uncle Vanya

72 Rebecca Lenkiewicz Plays 1

73 The Turn of the Screw

74 Rats’ Tales

75 Berenice and Bajazet

75 The Orphan of Zhao

76 Quietly

76 The Dead

77 Hero

77 In The Republic of Happiness

78 Constellations

78 Jumpy

79 No Quarter

79 Quartermaine’s Terms

Original Music

82 Musorgsky and his Circle

84 A Pianist’s A–Z

85 Hildegard of Bingen

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88 Birth School Metallica Death

90 Yeah Yeah Yeah

91 The #Meatliquor Chronicles

92 Petit Mallegories

93 Lost in London

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96 The World is Ever Changing


100 The Dream of the Celt

100 Y

100 Silent House

100 Kimberly’s Capital Punishment

101 This Is How You Lose Her

101 How the Trouble Started

101 The Temporary

102 Gone Again

102 Back From The Dead

102 Eleven Days

103 Danny Boyle

103 Winter Journal

103 The Pinecone

103 Age of Assassins

104 Ban This Filth!

104 The Graves are Walking

104 Up the Republic!

104 The Story of the World Cup: 2014

105 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your

Socks Off

105 Big Questions From Little People . . .

Answered By Some Very Big People

105 I Can Make You Hate

106 The Orators

106 Letters from Iceland

106 The Customs House

106 The Death of King Arthur

107 Everybody Loves Our Town

107 Prince

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108 Schroder

108 The Red Moth

108 This Is How You Lose Her

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112 The Sonnets

112 Walking Home

112 Testaments Betrayed

113 Jacques and his Master

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Eugen Ruge

A #1 bestseller in Germany, with

350,000 copies sold in hardback.

Winner of the German Book Prize


Translated by award-winning Anthea


A sweeping story of one family over

fifty years and four generations in

East Germany.

In Times of Fading Light begins

in 2001 as Alexander Umnitzer,

who has just been diagnosed with

terminal cancer, leaves behind his

ailing father to fly to Mexico, where

his grandparents lived as exiles in the


The novel then takes us both

forward and back in time, creating a

panoramic view of the family’s history:

from Alexander’s grandparents’ return

to the GDR to build the socialist

state, to his father’s decade spent

in a Gulag for criticising the Soviet

regime, to his son’s desire to leave

the political struggles of the twentieth

century in the past.

With wisdom, humour and great

empathy, and drawing on his

own family history, Eugen Ruge

majestically traces the stories of both

this particular family and the GDR,

while exploring the tragic intertwining

of politics, love and family under the

East German regime.

In Times of Fading Light


978 0 571 28857 1


Trade Paperback


‘Outstanding . . . A fascinating inside view of

the GDR.’

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



eugen Ruge was born

in the Urals and studied

mathematics in Berlin.

Before leaving the GDR for

the West in 1988 he was

a writer, contributing to

documentaries made at the

state-owned DeFA studios.

since 1989 he has been

writing and translating for

theatres and broadcasters,

and periodically teaches at the

Berlin University of the Arts.

In Times of Fading Light is his

first novel.

Andrew Sean


From the critically acclaimed author

of the award-winning bestseller

The Confessions of Max Tivoli and

The Story of a Marriage comes

the rapturously romantic story of

a woman who experiences three

alternate lives – and discovers that

nothing can protect her frorm the

unpredictability of love and the

consequences of even her most

carefully considered choices.

The Other Lives of Greta Wells



978 0 571 29539 5





‘The premise of this novel isn’t that a woman

travels through time; it’s that “the impossible

happens once to each of us.” What this

wonderful novel teaches us is how magic


John Irving

Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 29540 1




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



Andrew sean Greer is the

author of the novels The Story

of a Marriage, The Confessions

of Max Tivoli, and The Path of

Minor Planets, as well as the

story collection How It Was for

Me. He lives in san Francisco,






Alissa Nutting


Celeste Price is an eighth-grade

English teacher in suburban Tampa.

She is attractive. She drives a red

Corvette. Her husband, Ford, is

rich, square-jawed and devoted to

her. But Celeste has a secret. She

has a singular sexual obsession

– fourteen-year-old boys. It is a

craving she pursues with sociopathic

meticulousness and forethought.

Within weeks of her first term at a

new school, Celeste has lured the

charmingly modest Jack Patrick

into her web – car rides after dark,

rendezvous at Jack’s house while

his single father works the late shift,

and body-slamming encounters in

Celeste’s empty classroom between

periods. It is bliss.

Celeste must constantly confront the

forces threatening their affair – the

perpetual risk of exposure, Jack’s

father’s own attraction to her, and

the ticking clock as Jack leaves

innocent boyhood behind. But the

insatiable Celeste is remorseless.

She deceives everyone, is close to no

one and cares little for anything but

her pleasure.

With crackling, stampeding,

rampantly sexualized prose, Tampa

is a grand, satirical, serio-comic

examination of desire and a scorching

literary debut.

‘Nutting is a highly touted young fiction

writer, but don’t be deceived by her nice,

friendly demeanor. Inside her lurks a

demented soul – in a good way.’

Las Vegas Review of Books



978 0 571 30332 8





Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 30334 2




UK, Commonwealth excluding

Canada and EU exclusive

Alissa nutting is an assistant

professor of creative writing

at John Carroll University. she

is the author of the awardwinning

collection of stories,

Unclean Jobs for Women and

Girls. Her work has appeared

in the New York Times, oprah,

Tin House, Fence and Bomb,

among others. this is her first








David Peace

Red or Dead

Red or Dead: an epic fiction which

breaks the mould about the man

who broke the mould; Bill Shankly,

perhaps the first truly great football

manager of the modern sporting age,

and certainly the most unique.

In 1959, Liverpool Football Club were

in the Second Division. Liverpool

Football Club had never won the FA

Cup. Fifteen seasons later, Liverpool

Football Club had won three League

titles, two FA Cups and the UEFA

Cup. Liverpool Football Club had

become the most consistently

successful team in England. And the

most passionately supported club.

Their manager was revered as a

god. Destined for immortality. Their

Praise for The Damned Utd:

manager was Bill Shankly –

His job was his life. His life was

football. His football a form of

socialism. Bill Shankly inspired

people. Bill Shankly transformed

people. The players and the

supporters. His legacy would

reveberate through the ages.

In 1974, Liverpool Football Club and

Bill Shankly stood on the verge of

even greater success. In England and

in Europe. But in 1974, Bill Shankly

shocked Liverpool and football.

Bill Shankly resigned. Bill Shankly

retired. Red or Dead is the story of

the rise of Liverpool Football Club

and Bill Shankly. And the story of the

retirement of Bill Shankly. Of one man

and his work. And of the man after

that work. A man in two halves. Home

and away. Red or dead.

‘Probably the best novel ever written about

sport . . . Peace may have come closer to

understanding Clough than any biographer.’

Rick Broadbent, The Times



978 0 571 28065 0





Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 28068 1




World all languages, excluding


David Peace – named in 2003

as one of Granta’s Best of

Young British novelists –

was born and brought up in

Yorkshire. He is the author of

the Red Riding Quartet (1974,

1977, 1980 and 1983) which

was adapted into a three part

Channel 4 series that aired in

spring 2009, GB84 which was

awarded the James tait Black

Memorial Award, and The

Damned Utd. Tokyo Year Zero,

the first part of his acclaimed

tokyo trilogy, was published

in 2007, and the second part,

Occupied City, in 2009.







Edna O’Brien

Collected together for the first time

in one beauitful volume are the

stories of an expert practitioner of the

shorter form. Spanning five decades

of writing, The Love Object takes

the most memorable and successful

stories from collections like A

Scandalous Woman and Saints and

Sinners; stories that have bewitched

generation after generation.

Referred to by Harold Bloom in the

New York Review of Books as ‘the

short story master’, Edna O’Brien’s

stories are a cumulative portrait

of a nation, seen from within and

without. Here you will find stories

about families, feuds, love and land;

enchantment, disenchantment, and

throughout, the manifold bonds of

love. Here are stories about the

tension between country and city

life, the instinct towards escape and

nostaglia for home; and always in

shimmering, potent prose.

In 2011, Edna O’Brien’s exquisite

talents as a short story writer were

acknowledged with the award of the

world’s most prestigious prize for the

form, the Frank O’Connor Prize. The

stories in The Love Object illustrate

with glorious range, discipline and

sometimes abandon, a career’s

worth of creativity from a writer of

unparalleled courage and vision.

The Love Object

Collected Stories


978 0 571 27028 6




‘Edna O’Brien writes the most beautiful,

aching stories of any writer, anywhere.’

Alice Munro

UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



since her debut novel, The

Country Girls, edna o’Brien

has written more than twenty

works of fiction along with

biographies of James Joyce

and Lord Byron. she is the

recipient of many awards

including the Irish Pen Lifetime

Achievement Award, the

American national Art’s Gold

Medal and the Ulysses Medal.

Born and raised in the west

of Ireland, she has lived in

London for many years.



Marble Season is the new semiautobiographical

novel by acclaimed

cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez, author

of the epic masterpiece Palomar,

and co-creator of the groundbreaking

Love and Rockets comic book series,

along with his brothers Jaime and


In his first book with Faber,

Hernandez tells the untold stories

of these American comic legends’

youth, and portrays the reality of life

in a large family in suburban 1960s

California. Told largely from the point

of view of middle child Huey – who

stages Captain America plays and

treasures his older brother’s comic

book collection almost as much as

his approval – Marble Season deftly

follows these boys as they navigate

their cultural and neighbourhood


Set against the golden age of the

American dream and the silver age

of comics, and awash with popculture

references – TV shows, comic

books, superheroes and music –

Marble Season subtly details how

their innocent, joyfully creative play

changes as they grow older and

encounter name-calling, abusive

bullies and the value judgements

of others. A coming-of-age story

both comic and moving, it will have

timeless resonance for children and

adults alike.

Marble Season


978 0 571 30336 6




‘Gilbert Hernandez is one of the greatest

American storytellers.’

Junot Díaz

UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive






Gilbert Hernandez, ‘one of the

great craftsmen of modern

comics’ (New York Times), was

born in oxnard, California. He

has won numerous awards for

his stories, including the Kirby

Award, Inkpot Award, Harvey

Award, and the United states

Artists Literature Fellowship.

He lives in Las vegas, nevada,

with his wife and daughter.





Maria McCann

Ace, King, Knave

Behind doors is another story.

Behind doors you can do what you


A powerful, gripping novel about the

dark underside of eighteenth-century

England, from acclaimed historical

novelist Maria McCann.

Sophia – rational, demure and hiding

a ‘little weakness’ – has recently

married the charismatic Mr Zedland.

But Zedland has secrets of his own

and Sophia comes to suspect that

her marriage is not what it seems.

In cramped rooms in Covent Garden,

Betsy-Ann shuffles a pack of cards.

A gambler, dealer in second-hand

goods, and living with a grave robber,

her life could not be more different to

Sophia’s – but she too discovers that

she has been lied to.

As both women take steps to

discover the truth, their lives come

together through a dramatic series

of events, taking the reader through

the streets of 1760s London: a

city wearing a genteel civility on

its surface but rife with hypocrisy,

oppression and violence underneath.

‘A powerfully imagined, beautifully

written and viscerally atmospheric story of

superstition and family division.’

Sunday Times on The Wilding



978 0 571 29758 0





Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 29759 7




UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive

Maria McCann is the author

of As Meat Loves Salt (Fourth

estate, 2001), an Economist

Book of the Year, and The

Wilding (Faber, 2010) which

was longlisted for the orange

Prize and chosen as a Richard

and Judy Book Club choice.

she has also contributed to

various anthologies, most

recently to Why Willows Weep

(october 2011) and Beacons

(edited by Gregory norminton,

which will appear in 2013).








Kate Griffin

Limehouse, 1880: Dancing girls are

going missing from Paradise – the

criminal manor run with ruthless

efficiency by the ferocious Lady


Seventeen-year-old music hall

seamstress Kitty Peck finds herself

reluctantly drawn into a web of

blackmail, depravity and murder

when The Lady devises a singular

scheme to discover the truth. But

as Kitty’s scandalous and terrifying

act becomes the talk of London, she

finds herself facing someone even

more deadly and horrifying than The


Bold, impetuous and blessed with

more brains than she cares to admit,

it soon becomes apparent that it’s

up to Kitty and her stagehand friend,

Lucca, to unravel the truth and ensure

that more girls do not meet with a

similar fate.

But are Kitty’s courage and common

sense and Lucca’s book learning

a match for the monster in the


Their investigations take them from

the gin-fuelled halls and doss houses

of the East End to the champagnefuelled

galleries of the West End.

Take nothing at face value: Kitty

is about to step out on a path of

discovery that changes everything . . .

Kitty Peck and the

Music Hall Murders


978 0 571 30269 7




World All Languages




Kate Griffin was born within

the sound of Bow bells,

making her a true-born

cockney. she has worked as

an assistant to an antiques

dealer, a journalist for

local newspapers and now

works for the society for

the Protection of Ancient

Buildings. Kitty Peck and the

Music Hall Murders, Kate’s first

book, won the Stylist / Faber

crime writing competition.

Kate’s maternal family lived

in victorian Limehouse and

her grandmother told her

many stories of life around the

docks. she lives in st Albans.

Sara Gran

The eagerly awaited second book in

the Claire DeWitt series, featuring

‘one of the genre’s most original

characters in years . . . as if David

Lynch directed a Raymond Chandler

novel’ (CNN).

When Paul Casablancas, Claire

DeWitt’s musician ex-boyfriend,

is found dead in his home in San

Francisco’s Mission District, the

police are convinced it’s a simple

robbery. But, as Claire knows,

nothing is ever simple. With the help

of her new assistant Claude, she

follows the clues, finding possible

leads to Paul’s fate in other cases

– a long-ago missing girl and a

modern-day miniature horse theft in

Marin. As visions of the past reveal

the secrets of the present, Claire

begins to understand the words

of the enigmatic French detective

Jacques Silette: ‘The detective won’t

know what he is capable of until he

encounters a mystery that pierces his

own heart.’

Just as City of the Dead was

acclaimed for its unique heroine and

powerful atmosphere – ‘mesmeric

. . . unlike any other crime novel you’ll

read this year’ (Guardian) and ‘the

most unusual, intelligent thriller I’ve

read for years (Sophie Hannah) –

Claire DeWitt and The Bohemian

Highway is an extraordinarily powerful

and moving mystery novel from a rare


Claire DeWitt

and the Bohemian Highway


978 0 571 25922 9


Trade Paperback





‘With Claire DeWitt and the City of the

Dead, Sara Gran has pulled the traditional

female sleuth into the twenty-first century

with a novel that’s smart and hip, dark and

funny. I can’t wait for the next one.’

Alafair Burke

UK and Commonwealth excluding




sara Gran is the author of five

critically acclaimed novels,

including Claire DeWitt and the

City of the Dead, Come Closer

and Dope. she also writes for

film and tv (including tnt’s

Southland) and has published

in The New York Times, The

New Orleans Times Picayune,

and USA Today.








Keep your friends close, and your

enemies closer.

A New Town

Clairmont, Texas is home to some

of the South’s most wealthy and

established families. When Emily

Page and her husband Mike move

there from New York City, so Mike

can become the new sheriff, they

believe that it’s a place where they

can build a new life for themselves.

A New Start

Pregnant Emily is soon invited to a

prestigious lunch hosted by local

doyenne Caroline Warwick. There she

meets Clairmont’s rich housewives,

but soon discovers that under the

veneer of respectability lie shifting

loyalties and dangerous secrets.

A Troubled Past

When Caroline Warwick disappears,

Emily wonders if any of the well-bred

Southern ladies in Caroline’s circle

could have wanted her harmed. What

was the hold that Caroline had over

them and what was Caroline herself

trying to hide?

As Emily begins to search for clues

about Caroline’s disappearance,

secrets from her own troubled past

start to come to light. Have her

problems followed her to Clairmont,

or is there something more sinister

going on closer to home?

Lie Still


978 0 571 29902 7




‘Playing Dead is an accomplished thriller,

with twists that cut like barbed wire.

Sure-footed, suspenseful, and full of heart.’

Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author

UK and Commonwealth excluding




Julia Heaberlin is an awardwinning

journalist who has

worked for such newspapers

as the Fort Worth Star-

Telegram, the Detroit News

and the Dallas Morning

News. Her first thriller, Playing

Dead, was described by Meg

sardiner as ‘sure-footed,

suspenseful and full of heart’

and by the Sunday Times as

‘[an] impressive first novel’.

Julia lives in texas near

Dallas/Fort Worth with her

journalist husband and son.

Chris Ewan

‘And just as your plan is developing,

so you’re evolving, too. You’re

changing in ways you never would

have thought possible before. But

that’s acceptable to you. You’re

prepared to do whatever it takes . . .

Why? Because you’re the specialist.

And that’s how you’re going to


What do you do if your fiancée goes

missing, presumed taken?

If you’re Daniel Trent, a highly-trained

specialist in hostage negotiation, the

answer is simple: You find out who

took her and you make them talk.

But what if your chief suspect is

kidnapped? How do you get him

back quickly – and alive?

Set in Marseille, Coercion is a

fast-paced thriller that pitches the

reader into Daniel’s world, as he tries

desperately to secure the release of

Jérôme Moreau from a ruthless gang

in order to interrogate him on the

whereabouts of his fiancée. When

things don’t go according to plan

however, Daniel must use all his skills

and instincts to find the answers he’s

looking for, but will he be in time?




978 0 571 29957 7








‘Chris Ewan soars to a new level with this

dark, absorbing thriller. It combines a tense

emotional switchback with an expertly

controlled narrative and characters you care

about. Chris Ewan is an author to watch –

and enjoy.’

Andrew taylor on Safe House

Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 28797 0




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive

Chris ewan is the awardwinning

author of The Good

Thief’s Guide to . . . series of

mystery novels, described by

the Sydney Morning Herald

as ‘crime writing at its best’.

His debut, The Good Thief’s

Guide to Amsterdam, won the

Long Barn Books First novel

Award and is published in ten

countries, and Amsterdam,

Paris, Vegas and Venice,

have all been shortlisted for

CrimeFest’s Last Laugh Award.

Born in taunton in 1976, he

now lives in the Isle of Man

with his wife, Jo, and their







Nicola Upson

Josephine Tey is brought face to

face with her own ghosts when she

inherits a remote Suffolk cottage from

her godmother, the actress Hester


Red Barn Cottage stands close to

the site of one of England’s most

notorious nineteenth-century murders,

and holds a time-capsule of secrets

that Josephine must unravel to solve

the mysteries of Hester’s life – and

her death. As she gets closer to the

truth, Josephine is horrified to realise

that the cottage has the power to

destroy the peace of a village still

stained by the shame of its past.

Moving between Suffolk, London and

Inverness, between the popular world

of melodrama and the painful crimes

at its heart, The Death of Lucy Kyte

is both an intriguing insight into the

dilemmas of Tey’s personal life and a

disturbing story of obsession, abuse

and deceit.

The Death of Lucy Kyte


978 0 571 28772 7


Trade Paperback


UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



nicola Upson was born in

suffolk and read english at

Downing College, Cambridge.

she has worked in theatre and

as a freelance journalist, is

the author of two non-fiction

works and is the recipient of

an escalator Award from the

Arts Council england.

Her debut novel, An Expert

in Murder, was the first in a

series of crime novels whose

main character is Josephine

tey - one of the leading

authors of Britain’s Golden

Age of crime writing.

she lives with her partner in

Cambridge and spends much

of her time in Cornwall, which

was the setting for her second

novel, Angel with Two Faces.

Two for Sorrow, the third book

in the Josephine tey series,

was followed by Fear in the


‘Nicola Upson’s Josephine Tey mysteries are

a class above the usual crime fiction.’

Independent on Sunday



He’s gone.

And telling the truth won’t bring him

back . . .

‘Someone’s stolen my baby!’ When

Joanna shouts for help on a lonely

roadside in Australia, it sets off a

police investigation that will become

a media sensation and dinner-table

talk across the world.

The search for baby Noah takes on

a life of its own as rumours begin

to circulate online and it turns out

everyone has something to hide. Guilt

eats away at Joanna’s sanity and she

and her partner slowly turn against

each other. Finally Joanna starts

thinking the unthinkable: could the

truth be even more terrible than she

suspected? And will it take another

death to finally make things right?

The Cry is a dark psychological

thriller with a gripping moral dilemma

at its heart and characters who will

keep you guessing on every page.

The Cry


978 0 571 28770 3







‘Everybody should read everything that

Helen FitzGerald has written. She is dark,

clever, highly inventive . . . I literally could not

put [The Donor] down.’ Great Reads Pick

World All Languages




Helen FitzGerald is one of

thirteen children and grew

up in victoria, Australia. she

now lives in Glasgow with her

husband and two children.

Helen has worked as a social

worker for over ten years. she

has published three previous

novels with Faber: Dead Lovely

(2007), My Last Confession

(2009) and The Donor (2011).








The new book in the much-loved

‘Jim Stringer Steam Detective’

series takes Jim from Calcutta to the

mountain resort of Darjeeling, as he

tries to solve a deadly mystery on the

East Indian Railways . . .

North East India, 1923. On the

broiling Night Mail from Calcutta to

Jamalpur, a man is shot dead in a

first class compartment. Detective

Inspector Jim Stringer was sleeping

in the next compartment along. Was

he the intended target? Jim should

have known that his secondment

to the East Indian Railway, with

a roving brief to inspect security

arrangements, would not be the

working holiday he had hoped for.

The country seethes with political

and racial tension. Aside from the

Jamalpur shooting, someone is

placing venomous snakes – including

giant king cobras – in the first class

compartments of the railway.

Jim also has worries on the home

front: his daughter has formed a

connection with a Maharajah’s son,

who may in turn have a connection to

Jim’s incredibly rude colleague, the

bristling Major Fisher. Jim must do

everything he can to keep his family

safe from harm, as he unravels the

intrigues that surround him . . .

Night Train to Jamalpur


978 0 571 28409 2




World English Language




Andrew Martin is a journalist

and novelist. His critically

praised ‘Jim stringer’ series

began withThe Necropolis

Railway in 2002. the following

titles in the series, Murder

at Deviation Junction and

Death on a Branch Line, were

shortlisted for the CWA ellis

Peters Historical Crime Award

and, in 2008, Andrew Martin

was shortlisted for the CWA

Dagger in the Library Award.

The Somme Stations won

the 2011 CWA ellis Peters

Historical Crime Award.

‘Martin handles this theme with the skill

of such illustrious predecessors as

Graham Greene – and there is no higher

praise than that.’

Daily Express on The Baghdad Railway Club



After three years in the wilderness,

hardboiled reporter Gerry Conway

is back at his desk at the Glasgow

Tribune. But three years is a long

time in newspapers and things have

changed – readers are dwindling,

budgets are tightening, and the Trib’s

once rigorous standards are slipping.

Once the paper’s star reporter,

Conway now plays second fiddle to

his former protégé, crime reporter

Martin Moir.

But when Moir goes AWOL as a big

story breaks, Conway is dispatched

to cover a gangland shooting. And

when Moir’s body turns up in a

flooded quarry, Conway is drawn

deeper into the city’s criminal

underworld as he looks for the truth

about his colleague’s death. Braving

the hostility of gangsters, ambitious

politicians and his own newspaper

bosses, Conway discovers he still

has what it takes to break a big story.

But this is a story not everyone wants

to hear as the city prepares to host

the Commonwealth Games and the

country gears up for a make-or-break

referendum on independence.

In this, the second book in the

Conway Trilogy, McIlvanney explores

the murky interface of crime and

politics in the New Scotland.

Where the Dead Men Go


978 0 571 23985 6


Trade Paperback


‘An authentic, atmospheric

and ambitious debut.’

val McDermid on All the Colours of the Town

World English Language







Liam McIlvanney is stuart

Professor of scottish studies

at the University of otago,

new Zealand. He is a regular

contributor to the London

Review of Books. He is the

author of the novel All the

Colours of the Town and

editor, with Ray Ryan, of the

non-fiction title The Good of

the Novel.






Alafair Burke

An unidentified woman rescues a

young pickpocket from the tracks

of a subway station seconds before

an oncoming train’s arrival. When a

video of the incident briefly emerges

it unlocks a mystery that goes back

over a decade.

When McKenna Jordan, a magazine

journalist investigating the story of

the heroic woman, finds the video

footage, she thinks she recognizes

her as Susan Hauptmann. But Susan

disappeared without a trace ten

years earlier, having just introduced

McKenna to her future husband,

Patrick. McKenna’s complex search

for her missing friend forces her to

unearth secrets that lie deep in all

their pasts.

A sublimely plotted mystery and a

devastating thriller about marriage,

private security and journalistic

scandal, If You Were Here further

underlines Dennis Lehane’s assertion

that ‘Alafair Burke is one of the finest

young crime writers working today’.

If You Were Here


978 0 571 29965 2




‘The plot of an Alafair Burke thriller doesn’t

just rip from the headlines. She’s one step

ahead of them.’

Harlan Coben

UK, Commonwealth excluding

Canada and EU exclusive



Alafair Burke’s books include

her samantha Kincaid

series, the standalone

thriller Long Gone, and her

highly acclaimed series

starring nYPD Detective ellie

Hatcher, the most recent

of which, Never Tell, was a

Kindle bestseller. A former

Deputy District Attorney in

Portland, oregon, Alafair is

now a Professor of Law at

Hofstra Law school, where

she teaches criminal law and

procedure. If You Were Here

marks her debut on the Faber

list, and will be followed by

a new ellie Hatcher novel in




Heloise: single mum, runs her own

business, avoids attention, keeps her

private life to herself.

But it is also a precarious life –

because Heloise’s business is one

that takes place in discreet local hotel

rooms, and for the right money she

could be the woman of your dreams.

And now her carefully constructed

world is under threat - her once

oblivious accountant is asking loaded

questions; her longtime protector is

hinting at new, mysterious dangers;

and, one county over, another socalled

suburban madam has been

found dead in her car.

With nothing quite as it seems,

Heloise faces a midlife crisis which

threatens both her own life and that

of her son.

And When She Was Good


978 0 571 29965 2







‘When the barrier between Heloise’s two

lives starts to crumble, the results are

mesmerizing. Lippman writes with clarity

and power’

stephen King

UK, Commonwealth excluding

Canada and EU exclusive



Laura Lippman has been

awarded every major prize

in crime fiction. since the

publication of What the Dead

Know, each of her hardcovers

has hit the New York Times

bestseller list. A recent

recipient of the first-ever

Mayor’s Prize, she lives in

Baltimore, Maryland, and new

orleans with her husband,

David simon, their daughter,

and her stepson.






Eoin McNamee

In the third and final novel of his

acclaimed Blue Trilogy (following

2001’s Booker longlisted The Blue

Tango and 2010’s Orchid Blue), Eoin

McNamee goes back to the early

career of Lance Curran.

1949. Lance Curran is set to

prosecute a young man for a brutal

murder in the ‘Robert the Painter’

case, one that threatens to tear

society apart. In the searing July

heat, corruption and justice vie as

Harry Ferguson, Lance Curran’s

fixer, contemplates the souls of men

adrift, and his own fall from grace

with the beautiful and wilful Patricia.

Within three years, Curran will be a

judge, his nineteen-year-old daughter

will be dead, at the hands of a still

unknown murderer, and his wife Doris

condemned to an asylum for the rest

of her days.

In Blue is the Night, it is Doris who

finally emerges from the fog of deceit

and blame to cast new light into

the murder of her daughter – as

McNamee once again explores and

dramatises a notorious and nefarious


Blue is the Night


978 0 571 27860 2


Trade Paperback


‘McNamee diagnoses establishment

cover-ups . . . examining long-forgotten

misdemeanours among the country’s elite in

gorgeous, merciless prose.’

Daily Telegraph

‘A magnificent writer.’

Declan Hughes, Irish Times

World English Language




eoin Mcnamee’s novels

include Resurrection Man, later

made into a film, The Blue

Tango, which was longlisted

for the Booker Prize, and

Orchid Blue, described by John

Burnside in the Guardian as

‘not only a political novel of

the highest order but also that

rare phenomenon, a genuinely

tragic work of art.’ He lives in


Adam Creed

In this fifth novel of Creed’s

acclaimed series, the rich and vicious

history of East End gangs and

battling immigrants comes to life in

a dizzying puzzle of two crimes that

span two centuries.

A reformed Sicilian criminal, Carmelo

Trapani, has been kidnapped, and

Staffe’s search for the the aged

Carmelo leads him all the way back

to a terrible act at the Battle of Cable


Meanwhile, Staffe’s own loyal servant,

DS Pulford, is in Pentonville awaiting

trial for the murder of Jadus Golding,

the very man who attempted to

murder Staffe, leaving wounds from

which Staffe is still recovering, and

it would suit some in the heirarchy

to see Pulford go down. Can Staffe

save Carmelo without leaving Pulford

to the political vultures?

As he battles to find the man

who murdered his own assailant,

pressures also mount from within and

Staffe’s heart falters – in every way.

His job is on the line and when he

least expects it, his own past puts a

gun to his head.

Hailed as ‘London’s answer to The

Wire’, Kill And Tell takes the Staffe

series up a notch and into the very

highest echelon of contemporary

crime writing.

Kill and Tell


978 0 571 27860 2


Trade Paperback


World English Language







Adam Creed was born in

s alford and read PPe at

Balliol College, oxford. He

abandoned a career in the City

to study writing at sheffield

Hallam University, following

which he wrote in Andalucia

then returned to england to

work with writers in prison.

He is now Head of Writing

at Liverpool John Moores

University and Project Leader

of Free to Write. Kill and Tell is

the fifth novel in the D. I. staffe

series, which also includes

Suffer the Children, Willing

Flesh, Pain of Death and Death

in the Sun.









Marcus Chown

What a Wonderful World

One Man’s Attempt to Make Sense of Everything

Why do we breathe? What is money?

How does the brain work? Why

did life invent sex? Does time really

exist? How does capitalism work –

or not, as the case may be? Where

do mountains come from? How do

computers work? How did humans

get to dominate the Earth? Why is

there something rather than nothing?

In What a Wonderful World, Marcus

Chown, bestselling author of

Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You

and The Solar System app, uses

his vast scientific knowledge and

deep understanding of extremely

complex processes to answer simple

questions about the workings of our

everyday lives. Lucid, witty and hugely

entertaining, it explains the basics

of our existence and of our world,

stopping along the way to show us

why the Atlantic is widening by a

thumb’s length each year, how money

permits trade to time travel, why the

crucial advantage humans had over

Neanderthals was sewing and why

we are all living in a giant hologram.

‘Chown writes with ease about some of the

most brain-bending of concepts and makes

you really think about science. He is at his

most admirable when he is tackling the

subjects that many others avoid.’

BBC Focus on We Need To Talk About Kelvin



978 0 571 27839 8




Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 27840 4




World All Languages

Marcus Chown is an

award-winning writer and

broadcaster. Formerly a radio

astronomer at the California

Institute of technology in

Pasadena, he is currently

cosmology consultant of the

weekly science magazine

New Scientist. He is the author

of the bestselling Quantum

Theory Cannot Hurt You, The

Never Ending Days of Being

Dead, Tweeting the Universe

and The Magic Furnace. He

also wrote The Solar System,

the bestselling app for iPad,

which won the Future Book

Award 2011. Marcus Chown

has also written a work for

children, Felicity Frobisher and

the Three-Headed Aldebaran

Dust Devil.









Churchill’s Bomb

A Hidden History of Science, War and Politics

Churchill’s Bomb reveals a new

aspect of the great wartime leader’s

life, so far completely neglected

by historians: his relations with

his nuclear scientists, and his

management of Britain’s policy on

atomic weapons.

Graham Farmelo, the author of

the celebrated and prize-winning

biography of Paul Dirac, argues that

Churchill was far more interested in

science than he appeared to be. He

made brave efforts to understand

the exciting and sinister new world

opened up by quantum physics

in the 1920s and ’30s, and wrote

repeatedly about the coming of

unimaginably dangerous new

explosives. Britain then was the world

leader in nuclear research.

‘A monumental achievement.’

Michael Frayn on The Strangest Man

But when the awful possibility of

actually building an atomic bomb

raised its head, Churchill made

crucial errors that ensured Britain’s

exclusion from the Americanled

project. He neglected an

offer by Roosevelt to give Britain

equal footing on the project and

marginalized the real elite of British

science, relying instead on the

counsel of Frederick Lindemann, a

wayward Oxford physicist hungry

for power and resentful of scientists

more brilliant than he was. As a

result, Britain lost its leadership of

this cutting-edge science and was

denied access to the latest research.

Churchill allowed himself to be

fobbed off with emollient words from

the notoriously evasive American


In this original and controversial

book, Graham Farmelo shows a new

and less flattering side to Britain’s

most celebrated twentieth century



978 0 571 24978 7




World excluding US




Graham Farmelo is senior

Research Fellow at the

science Museum, London, and

Adjunct Professor of Physics

at northeastern University,

Boston, UsA. He edited

the bestselling It Must be

Beautiful: Great Equations of

Modern Science in 2002. His

biography of Paul Dirac, The

Strangest Man, won the 2009

Costa Biography Prize and

the 2010 Los Angeles Times

science Book Prize.







Michael Broers

Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny

This is the first life of Napoleon, in any

language, that makes full use of the

new version of his correspondence

compiled by the Fondation Napoléon

in Paris, these documents replace

the sanitized compilation made under

the Second French Empire as a

propaganda exercise by his nephew,

Napoleon III. All previous lives of

Napoleon have relied more on the

memoirs of others than on his own

uncensored words.

Michael Broers’s biography draws

on the thoughts of Napoleon himself

as his incomparable life unfolded.

It reveals a man of intense emotion,

but also of iron self-discipline; of

acute intelligence and immeasurable

energy. Tracing his life from its

dangerous Corsican roots, through

his rejection of his original identity,

and the legendary military encounters

of his early career, it tells of the

sheer determination, ruthlessness

and careful calculation that won him

the precarious mastery of Europe

by 1807. After the epic battles of

Austerlitz, Jena and Friedland, France

was the dominant land power on the


Here is the first life in which Napoleon

speaks in his own voice, but not

always as he wanted the world to

hear him.


978 0 571 27343 0




World All Languages




Michael Broers is Professor

of Western european History

at oxford University. He is

the author of, among other

books about revolutionary

and napoleonic europe, The

Napoleonic Empire in Italy,

1796–1814, winner of the

Grand Prix napoléon prize,

2006, and of Napoleon’s Other

War: Bandits, Rebels and

their Pursuers in the Age of








Jim Ring

The first full account of a pivotal

theatre of the Second World War.

How did the Alps, Europe’s lofty and

majestic playground, become its


From the Fall of France in June 1940

to Hitler’s suicide in April 1945, the

swastika flew from the peaks of the

High Savoy in the western Alps to the

passes above Ljubljana in the east.

The Alps as much as Berlin were the

heart of the Third Reich.

‘Yes,’ Hitler declared of his

headquarters in the Bavarian Alps,

‘I have a close link to this mountain.

Much was done there, came about

and ended there; those were the best

times of my life . . . My great plans

were forged there.’

With great authority and verve, Jim

Ring tells the story of how the war

was conceived and directed from the

Fuhrer’s mountain retreat, how all the

Alps bar Switzerland fell to Fascism,

and how Switzerland herself became

the Nazi’s banker and Europe’s spy

centre. How the Alps in France, Italy

and Yugoslavia became cradles of

resistance, how the range proved

both a sanctuary and a death-trap for

Europe’s Jews – and how the whole

war culminated in the Allies’ descent

on what was rumoured to be Hitler’s

Alpine Redoubt, a Bavarian mountain


Storming the Eagle’s Nest

Hitler’s War in the Alps


978 0 571 28238 8




‘Jim Ring’s book cannot be bettered.’

Daily Mail on How the English Made the Alps

World All Languages




Jim Ring is an author and

film-maker. Four of his titles

are being reissued in Faber

Finds: Erskine Childers; How

the English Made the Alps;

We Come Unseen: The Untold

Story of Britain’s Cold War

Submariners; Riviera: The Rise

and Rise of the Côte d’Azur.




Donwood and

Dan Richards

Holloway – a hollow way, a sunken

path. A route that centuries of footfall,

hoof-hit, wheel-roll and rain-run

have harrowed deep down into


In July 2005, Robert Macfarlane and

Roger Deakin travelled to explore

the holloways of South Dorset’s

sandstone. They found their way into

a landscape of shadows, spectres

and great strangeness.

Six years later, after Deakin’s early

death, Macfarlane returned to the

holloway with the artist Stanley

Donwood and writer Dan Richards.

The book is about those journeys and

that landscape – and a map of the

holloway’s finding is not contained

within it.



978 0 571 30271 0




UK and Commonwealth






Robert Macfarlane is the

author of Mountains of the

Mind, The Wild Places and The

Old Ways.

stanley Donwood is an artist.

He has produced record

covers for Radiohead and has

exhibited worldwide.

Dan Richards is a writer. His

first book, The Beechwood

Airship Interviews, features

champagne, arson, cold baths,

demolition and chainsaws.




& MeMoIR

Paul Auster


Report from the Interior

Paul Auster’s most intimate

autobiographical work to date.

In the beginning, everything was

alive. The smallest objects were

endowed with beating hearts . . .

Having recalled his life through the

story of his physical self in Winter

Journal, internationally acclaimed

novelist Paul Auster now remembers

the experience of his development

from within, through the encounters

of his interior self with the outer


From his baby’s-eye view of the

man in the moon to his childhood

worship of the movie cowboy Buster

Crabbe to the composition of his

first poem at the age of nine to his

dawning awareness of the injustices

of American life, Report from the

Interior charts Auster’s moral, political

and intellectual journey as he inches

his way toward adulthood through the

post-war fifties and into the turbulent


Auster evokes the sounds, smells,

and tactile sensations that marked

his early life-and the many images

that came at him, including moving

images (he adored cartoons, he was

in love with films), until, at its unique

climax, the book breaks away from

prose into pure imagery: The final

section of Report from the Interior

recapitulates the first three parts, told

in an album of pictures.

At once a story of the times and the

story of the emerging consciousness

of a renowned literary artist, this fourpart

work answers the challenge of

autobiography in ways rarely, if ever,

seen before.


978 0 571 30368 7






Export Trade Paperback

978 0 571 30370 0





UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive

Paul Auster is the bestselling

author of Winter Journal,

Sunset Park, Man in the Dark,

The Brooklyn Follies, The

Book of Illusions and The New

York Trilogy, among many

other works. In 2006 he was

awarded the Prince of Asturias

Prize for Literature and

inducted into the American

Academy of Arts and Letters.

Among his other honours are

the Independent spirit Award

for the screenplay of Smoke

and the Prix Medicis etranger

for Leviathan. He has also

been shortlisted for both the

International IMPAC Dublin

Literary Award (The Book

of Illusions) and the Pen/

Faulkner Award for Fiction

(The Music of Chance). His

work has been translated into

more than thirty languages. He

lives in Brooklyn, new York.



& MeMoIR





& MeMoIR

Miriam Toews

This absorbing and imaginative

memoir of manic depression by one

of Canada’s bestselling authors is

being reissued by Faber.

One morning Mel Toews put on his

coat and hat and walked out of town,

prepared to die. A loving husband

and father, faithful member of the

Mennonite church, and immensely

popular schoolteacher, he was a

pillar of his close-knit community.

Yet after a lifetime of struggle, he

could no longer face the darkness of

manic depression. With razor-sharp

precision, Swing Low tells his story

in his own voice, taking us deep

inside the experience of despair. But

it is also a funny, winsome evocation

of country life: growing up on farm,

courting a wife, becoming a teacher,

and rearing a happy, strong family

in the midst of private torment.

A humane, inspiring story of a

remarkable man, father, and teacher.

Swing Low


978 0 571 27869 5




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



Miriam toews (pronounced

tâves) was born in 1964 in

the small Mennonite town of

steinbach, Manitoba. she has

published four novels and

a memoir of her father, and

is the recipient of numerous

literary awards including the

Governor General’s Award,

the Mcnally Robinson Book

of the Year Award (twice),

and the Rogers Writers’ trust

Fiction Prize. In 2007 she

made her screen debut in the

film Luz silenciosa. she was

nominated for Best Actress at

Mexico’s Ariel Awards for her


‘Miriam Toews’s memoir of her father’s

troubled life is audacious, original and

profoundly moving.’

Globe and Mail

Aleks Krotoski

The truth about life in the age of the

internet, from award-winning social

psychologist Aleks Krotoski.

The world wide web is the most

revolutionary innovation of our time.

In the last decade, it has utterly

transformed our lives. But what real

effects is it having on our social


What does it mean to be a

modern family when dinner table

conversations take place over

smartphones? What happens to

privacy when we readily share our

personal lives with friends and

corporations? Are our Facebook

updates and Twitterings inspiring

revolution or are they just a symptom

of our global narcissism? What

counts as celebrity, when everyone

can have a following or be a

paparazzo? And what happens to

relationships when love, sex and hate

can be mediated by a computer?

Social psychologist Aleks Krotoski

has spent a decade untangling the

effects of the web on how we work,

live and play. In this groundbreaking

book, she uncovers how much

humanity has – and hasn’t – changed

because of our increasingly codependent

relationship with the

computer. In Untangling the Web,

she tells the story of how the network

became woven in our lives, and what

it means to be alive in the age of the


Untangling the Web


978 0 571 30366 3


Trade Paperback


Published with

Guardian Books

World all languages




& MeMoIR

Aleks Krotoski is an

academic and journalist who

writes about and studies

technology and interactivity.

she is currently a visiting

Fellow in the Media and

Communications Department

at the London school of

economics and Political

science, and Research

Associate at the oxford

Internet Institute. Aleks writes

for the Guardian and Observer,

and hosts tech Weekly, their

technology podcast. In 2010

she presented the emmy-

and Bafta-winning BBC2

series Virtual Revolution,

about the social history of the

World Wide Web. Her writing

appears in Nature, BBC

Technology, New Statesman,

MIT Technology Review and

the Telegraph. she is also the

new Media sector Champion

for UKtI, the government

department that promotes

British businesses around the







Roger Taylor

God Bless the NHS

The Hard Truth Behind the Current Crisis

The National Health Service,

described by Nigel Lawson as

Britain’s only ‘national religion’, has

never been more popular. So why

is the government so desperate to

reform it?

Last year, the Office of National

Statistics reported higher public

satisfaction with the NHS than at

any time since its foundation. In a

2012 survey of developed countries,

the UK showed the highest public

support of its health system.

Politicians can hardly be surprised,

then, when their plans for reforms

are met with public dismay and

professional fury.

2012 saw one of the most bruising

political battles ever fought over the

future of the NHS. The twenty-twomonth

fight to push the NHS and

Social Care Act through parliament

prompted the most widespread

political campaign by doctors since

Aneurin Bevan established the

NHS in 1948. It cost the Coalition

government dearly and shredded the

reputation of the Secretary of State

for Health.

So why did they do it? God Bless the

NHS looks at the ideology behind

the current reforms and the reasons

why the government decided to

take on the nation’s most treasured

institution. Roger Taylor looks

objectively at those who support and

oppose the new system, at the patchy

history of attempts to reform the NHS

and the likelihood of success this

time round.

‘So what is really going on? Why do we keep

dismantling and rebuilding the NHS? The

aim of this book is to unpick exactly how

we got into this curious position. I want to

uncover the real reasons that, at a time of

crisis elsewhere, the government has decided

to spend a great deal of money and even

larger amounts of political capital fixing

perhaps the only thing in Britain that people

didn’t feel was broken.’


978 0 571 30364 9


Trade Paperback


Published with Guardian Books

World all languages



Roger taylor has worked

for the Financial Times and

is co-founder and director

of research at Dr Foster, an

organisation that exists to

make healthcare data better

and improve the quality of











with William


Project Rainbow

The Rise of British Road Cycling

Project Rainbow is the inside story

of British sporting success – the

four-year campaign that led to Mark

Cavendish’s world road race title in


Twenty years ago, British road cycling

was in the doldrums: today it is at the

top of the world thanks to Bradley

Wiggins’s Tour de France win, Mark

Cavendish’s road world title and

the dominance of the British squad,

Team Sky. Cycling has become that

rare beast, a story of British sporting

success built from the bottom up.

Project Rainbow is the story of this

sport’s meteoric rise, told by one of

its key figures.

As GB Elite Road Coach and

Team Sky’s Performance Manager,

Rod Ellingworth is one of the most

important men behind the rise of road

cycling in this country. Here, for the

first time, one of the chief architects

of this amazing journey tells the story

of both teams’ advance to the top of

the road cycling world.

‘A master psychologist – cycling’s answer

to Brian Clough.’

Mark Cavendish



978 0 571 30349 6





Trade Paperback


978 0 571 30350 2




UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive

Having represented GB from

1989 until his retirement in

2001, Rod ellingworth founded

and ran the GB Cycling

Academy. then, alongside

Dave Brailsford and Fran

Millar, he was instrumental

in creating team sky in

november 2008.

William Fotheringham has

been the Guardian’s cycling

correspondent since 1994.

He has covered 22 tours

de France and four olympic

Games and his published

work includes the best-selling

biographies Put Me Back On

My Bike: In Search of Tom

Simpson and Merckx: Half-

Man, Half-Bike. Most recently,

he co-wrote Bradley Wiggins’s

bestselling memoir My Time.








The paperback edition of the original


Who is The Secret Footballer? His

identity is jealously guarded by just

a handful of people. But whoever he

is – and whoever he plays for - he is

always honest, always fearless and

always opinionated.

This genuine story of one player’s

career is a unique combination of

considered analysis, tell-all gossip

and the joys and frustrations that

only someone who plays the game

at the highest levels can really feel.

From the realities of racism and

depression, to the pleasure and pain

of sky-high salaries and the scandals

of Christmas parties, The Secret

Footballer reveals everything you

need to know about the beautiful

(and not so beautiful) game.

The Secret Footballer


978 0 571 30360 1




‘A recklessly honest read that pairs guilty

pleasure gossip with a moral compass, as

TSF is force-fed a lifestyle that comes with

being a Premier League footballer.’


Published with Guardian Books

World All Languages





The UK’s leading cycling journalist

looks back at a tumultuous time in the

history of the sport.

Few British schoolchildren of

the seventies can have been as

obsessed with the Tour de France as

William Fotheringham, who smuggled

copies of Miroir du Cyclisme into

lessons to read inside his books.

He saw the Tour for the first time in

1984, avidly following that year’s race

on television in the Normandy village

where he lived.

Since joining the Guardian in 1989,

William Fotheringham has been at the

forefront of British cycling journalism.

Here he reflects on the events of the

last twenty-three years - the triumphs,

the tragedies and the scandals that

have engulfed the world’s most

demanding sport. Key articles from

his career are annotated with notes

and reflections. What would he have

said if he’d known then what we all

know now about Lance Armstrong?

Which cyclists and teams were not

all they seemed? And which victories

still rank as the greatest of all time?

This is the definitive collection of

cycling reporting.

Racing Hard

20 Tumultuous Years in Cycling


978 0 571 30362 5


Trade Paperback



Published with

Guardian Books

World all languages





William Fotheringham began

writing about bike racing in

1988 and was covering the

tour de France within two

years, one of maybe half a

dozen British journalists on

the race. He spent much of

the 1990s writing for Cycling

Weekly and Cycle Sport,

combining that with work for

the Guardian, who talked him

into covering the tour for them

in 1994. on the sports desk

in the Guardian he covered

rugby as well as cycling,

reported on the World Cup in

2003. His first full-length book,

Put Me Back on My Bike, was

published in 2002.





John Lloyd

and the friends of

Douglas Adams


The iconic best-selling comedy

classicThe Meaning of Liff by

Douglas Adams and John Lloyd has

been continuously in print for three

decades. To mark its 30th anniversary

Faber will publish a brand new

volume of the hilarious dictionary of

‘things that there should be words

for but aren’t’.

Birtle n.

To make something worse by trying to

improve it.

Hinton Waldrist n.

One who persistently returns to a

subject no one else is interested in.

Melcombe Horsey n.

The collective noun for a group

of Sloane Rangers skiing with no

trousers on and bras over their


For more than ten years, John has

been squirreling away new examples

of this delightful genre and has now

enlisted the help of Douglas’s friends

and relations to help him collate a

new collection. Contributors will

include Polly Adams (Douglas’s

daughter), novelist Jon Canter (one

of Douglas’s oldest friends and the

unsung third man behind The Deeper

Meaning of Liff), and numerous

others too famous to mention.


978 0 571 30169 0




World All Languages




John Lloyd has a broadcasting

background. As a radio

producer he devised The News

Quiz and To the Manor Born

before moving to television

to start Not the Nine O’Clock

News, Spitting Image,

Blackadder and QI. If pressed,

he’d concur with Heraclitus:

‘abundance of knowledge

does not teach men to be








Neil Perryman

I love my wife. I love Doctor Who. I

believe my wife loves me. My wife

does not love Doctor Who. I think I

can make her change her mind.

In January 2011, Neil Perryman set

out on an insane quest to make his

wife watch every episode of Doctor

Who from the very beginning, even

the ones that didn’t exist anymore. In

doing so, he accidentally created an

internet phenomenon, a blog called

Adventures with the Wife in Space.

There were tears and laughter.

Adventures with the Wife in Space

goes behind the scenes of this wildly

successful blog to tell the story of

one fan’s lifelong obsession with

Doctor Who and his decision to

share his passion with the woman

he loves, even if that means baffling

Tom Baker on QVC, spilling a pint

over a UNIT soldier, and landing his

wife with her very own stalker in the

process. The book will be published

to tie-in with the Doctor Who 50th

Anniversary celebrations.

Adventures with

the Wife in Space

Life with Doctor Who


978 0 571 29810 5




World All Languages




neil Perryman fell in love with

Doctor Who when he was 3

years old and 40 years later,

he still can’t stop thinking

about it. neil has also been

responsible for a number of

popular websites over the last

10 years, including ‘tachyon

tv’ and ‘Behind the sofa’

(which is still listed under the

Guardian’s tv & Radio blog’s

‘site We Like’, even though it

hasn’t been updated for two

and a half years). He lives in

County Durham with sue and

her daughter, nicol.

Edited by


Elwin Harris

For anyone who has ever been

stuck trying to answer a child’s

question, Big Questions from Little

People and Instant Answers is the

perfect solution. With over 300 real

questions from primary school aged

children, the book will offer bite-sized

answers from experts – digestible in

under 60 seconds.

Find out what a soul is, how to squirt

milk from your eyelids and why, if

water is transparent, clouds are not.

Following the huge success of

Big Questions from Little People

Answered by Some Very Big People

published in Autumn 2012, this new

volume will also include quizzes and

favourite facts sections, making it a

perfect gift for families. Two thirds of

the royalties from the book will go to

the NSPCC.

Big Questions

and Instant Answers


978 0 571 30193 5






‘After reading Big Questions . . . I was

reminded of the limitless range of my own

ignorance. The things most people don’t know

you could put in a book. And Faber have.’

Daily Telegraph

UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



Gemma elwin Harris is a

magazine editor and writer

who has worked in new

York, sydney, Bologna, Milan,

Paris, London and edinburgh.

she has written for Time

Out London and new York,

The List, Gourmet Traveller

and many in-flight titles. In

a previous life she was an

advertising creative. Big

Questions from Little People

was her first book, inspired by

two curious nieces.









Edited by

Don Paterson

and Sean


Train Songs

Wordsworth was the first laureate of

locomotives: in fact he railed against

them, and against the consequent

opening up of the Lakes to holiday

hordes (‘On the Projected Kendal and

Windermere Railway’). His dismay

was echoed down the decades by

disturbed ruralists, and yet the train

has become part of our psychic

landscape: some of the best-loved

English poems – Edward Thomas’s

‘Adlestrop’, or Philip Larkin’s ‘Whitsun

Weddings’ – have celebrated

carriages, platforms and waiting

rooms, while locomotion has inspired

some of the most characteristic

poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and

Stevenson, Hardy and MacNeice,

Betjeman and Auden (whose

‘Night Mail’ was written to accompany

a 1930s GPO documentary about

the postal express from Euston to


Co-edited by two of our most

distinguished poets, Train Songs

offers a round tour – from

Wordsworth to Hugo Williams and

beyond – starting from the poetry

of departures and brief encounters,

but taking in the American Blues,

the troop trains of two world

wars and the addiction to speed

which characterised the European

revolutions. Trains have carried the

freight of history from the Industrial

Revolution onwards – the Armstice

in 1918 was signed in a railway

carriage, the death camps were

organised around train timetables –

and the poetry of the train shows how

the train in all its forms has exercised

a unique hold upon our collective


‘This is the night mail crossing the border,

Bringing the cheque and the postal order . . .’

W. H. Auden


978 0 571 21776 2




World All Languages




Don Paterson was born in

Dundee in 1963. He is the

author of Nil Nil (1993),

God’s Gift to Women (1997)

– winner of both the t. s.

eliot Prize and the Geoffrey

Faber Memorial Prize – and

Landing Light (2003), which

won both the t. s. eliot Prize

and the Whitbread Prize for

Poetry. Rain, his most recent

collection, won the Forward

Prize for Best Collection in

2009, the same year that he

was awarded the Queen’s

Gold Medal for Poetry.

sean o’Brien is a poet, critic,

broadcaster, editor and

professor of creative writing

at newcastle University.

His many books include

a verse version of Dante’s

Inferno, a novel, Afterlife,

and seven prize-winning

poetry collections. the most

recent, November (2011) was

shortlisted for the t. s. eliot,

Forward and Griffin poetry








BBC Radio 4’s Poetry Please is the

longest-running broadcast of verse

anywhere in the world. First aired

in 1979, the programme, a request

show which broadcasts to two million

listeners a week, has become a

unique record of the country’s bestloved

poems over the decades since

its inception.

The BBC has looked back through its

rich archive of recordings to produce

a poll of the most asked for and most

broadcast pieces ever: it is those

poems that this anthology brings

together here. A showcase, in effect,

for the nation’s favourite verse, Poetry

Please is a treasure trove for our

most requested and most listened to

poems of all time.

It is a compelling invitation for readers

of all ages and backgrounds to

celebrate the verse that we care so

much about: from new readers to old,

from schools to reading groups, this a

book for giving, a book for cherishing.

Poetry Please


978 0 571 30328 1




World All Languages






Six Bad Poets is the new, hilarious

farce-in-verse from 2009 Costa Book

of the Year winner, Christopher Reid.

It follows the exploits of a group

of hapless bards, more intimately

connected than they themselves

can possibly know, in their attempts

to navigate the hazards of London

literary society. Reid’s colourful cast

includes an ageing ex-offender, a

lecherous academic, a fading grande

dame and her underachieving best

friend, and two young graduates,

one as feckless as the other is

ambitious. Hard as each may try,

the poets’ attempts at literary and

social advancement are continually

hampered both by fate and by a

variety of personal shortcomings,

ensuring that their story accelerates

irrevocably towards comic

catastrophe and collapse.

Six Bad Poets is a delicious romp

through a world that the author has

observed closely over many years,

and from which he reports with

merciless accuracy, zest and humour.

Six Bad Poets






World All Languages






Christopher Reid is the author

of a number of books of

poems, including A Scattering

(winner of the Costa Book of

the Year Award) and The Song

of Lunch (both 2009). From

1991 to 1999 he was Poetry

editor at Faber and Faber, and

worked with ted Hughes on

such books as Tales from Ovid

and Birthday Letters. He is now

a freelance writer and lives

in London. His most recent

collection is Nonsense (2012).





Edited by

Carol Ann


1914: Poetry Remembers

The First World War holds a unique

place in the nation’s history; the

poetry it produced, a unique place

in the nation’s hearts. To mark its

centenary in 2014, the Poet Laureate,

Carol Ann Duffy, has engaged some

of the most eminent poets of the

present to choose the writing from

the Great War that touched them

most profoundly: their choices are

here in this powerful and moving

assembly. But this anthology is more

than a record of war writing. Carol

Ann Duffy has commissioned these

same poets of the present to look

back across the past and write a

poem of their own in response to the

war to end all wars.

‘For real poetry Carol Ann Duffy

is hard to beat.’


Whether as a reader your interest

is in the Great War or the great war

poets, or whether it is in the poetry

of today, this anthology will hold a

special place in your affections, as it

remembers and recalls – and through

its commissioned work, renews and

honours – the engagement between

poetry and this most terrible of



978 0 571 30214 7




World All Languages




Carol Ann Duffy was born

in Glasgow and grew up in

stafford. she won the 1993

Whitbread Award for Poetry

and the Forward Prize for Best

Collection for Mean Time.

The World’s Wife received

the e. M. Forster Award in

America, while Rapture won

the t. s. eliot Prize 2005.

she is currently Professor

of Contemporary Poetry at

Manchester Metropolitan

University. Her most recent

volumes are New and

Collected Poems for Children

(2009) and The Bees (2011),

which won the Costa Poetry

Award. she is Poet Laureate.









The Water Stealer is the fourth

collection by Maurice Riordan, a

writer of precise searching originality.

These poems report on worlds both

robust and delicate, from boisterous

pub-bluff to the oxygen bubble of

an exquisite underwater spider.

Whether situated in the quiet lanes

of his native County Cork or amid

the bustle of his adopted London,

Riordan’s poems exist between many

states, poised at once in the grip of

both activity and stillness, concerned

with speaking and listening to what

he hauntingly describes as ‘the

unwonted quiet’. There are tributes

to the departed and the living, the

befriended and the estranged; there

are also conversations with poets, in

memory and in translation, from the

Spanish and from the Irish.

The collection concludes with ‘The

Pilgrim’ – that hovers eerily ‘in patrol

of the edges’, wherever they may be

located. But just as these poems can

be sage, they are also mischievous,

fun-loving, gregarious creatures who

like nothing better than to sing or to

joke at your ear. The Water Stealer

is a book full of invention and delight,

whose hypnotic stories remind us of

the variousness and the enchantment

of the world.

The Water Stealer


978 0 571 30245 1




World All Languages




Maurice Riordan was born in

1953 in Lisgoold, Co. Cork.

His first collection, A Word

from the Loki (1995), was

nominated for the t. s. eliot

Prize. Floods (2000) was a

Book of the Year in both the

Sunday Times and Irish Times.

The Holy Land (2007) won

the Michael Hartnett Award.

He lives in London and has

taught at Imperial College and

Goldsmiths College. He is

currently Professor of Poetry

at sheffield Hallam University.

Linda Leavell

Marianne Moore (1887 –1972) has

been heralded as America’s greatest

poet of the modernist movement. Her

volume Collected Poems won the

National Book Award and the Pulitzer

Prize in 1952 and the Bollingen Prize

in 1953.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Moore

eventually found her way to New

York with her mother whom she

continued to live with until her

mother passed, a familial devotion so

intense that William Carlos Williams

complained that it was ‘pathological’

and prevented her from marrying any

‘literary guys’. Moore never married.

Linda Leavall is the first biographer

to be granted access and freedom

to quote from Moore’s archives.

More than just a standard biography,

Leavall re-examines Moore’s body of

work to complement and enlighten

the biography.

Through Moore’s poems and letters

from T. S. Eliot, William Carlos

Williams, and many others, Leavall

has written what is sure to be the

definitive biography of Moore.

Holding On Upside Down

The Life of Marianne Moore


978 0 571 30182 9




UK and Commonwealth






Linda Leavell is a Professor

emerita of english at

oklahoma state University.

Her first book, Marianne

Moore and the visual Arts:

Prismatic Color (LsU 1995),

won the sCMLA book award

and her articles on Moore

have appeared in various

publications, among them

American Literary History and

twentieth Century Literature.





Daljit Nagra


The Ramayana is one of the great

epics of the ancient world. Attributed

to Valmiki, thought to be India’s first

poet, its origins date back thousands

of years when it was first committed

to Sanskrit.

Since then, generations of children

the world over have grown up with

its story of Rama’s quest to recover

his wife Sita from her abduction by

Raavana, the Lord of the Underworld.

The tale has been celebrated in many

languages and has spread to many

other countries including Nepal, Tibet,

Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia,

Malaysia and Indonesia. It is used as

a Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Islamic, Sikh

as well as a secular text, and lives

in many art forms, too: in drama and

dance, in sculpture and painting, in

prose and in poetry.

Daljit Nagra was captivated by the

versions his grandparents regaled

him with as a child. Now an awardwinning

poet of dazzling gifts, he has

chosen to bring the story to life in a

vivid and enthralling version of his


Accessible and engaging, and

bursting with energy, Nagra’s

Ramayana is a distillation and an

animation for readers of all ages,

whether familiar with or entirely new

to this remarkable tale.


978 0 571 29487 9




World All Languages




Daljit nagra was born and

raised in West London, then

sheffield, and currently lives

in Willesden where he works

in a secondary school. His

first collection, Look We Have

Coming to Dover!, won the

2007 Forward Prize for Best

First Collection and was

shortlisted for the Costa

Poetry Award. In 2008 he won

the south Bank show / Arts

Council Decibel Award. Tippoo

Sultan’s Incredible White-Man

Tiger Toy-Machine!!! was

shortlisted for the t. s. eliot

Prize 2011.







Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings

Introduction by Frieda Hughes

In 1956 Sylvia Plath wrote to her

mother, Aurelia Plath: ‘I feel I’m

developing a kind of primitive style

of my own which I am very fond of.

Wait til you see. The Cambridge

sketch was nothing compared to


Sylvia Plath cited art as her deepest

source of inspiration but, while her

poetry is celebrated around the

world, her drawings are little known.

This volume brings together drawings

from 1955 to 1957, the period she

spent on a Fulbright scholarship

from the US at Newnham College,

Cambridge. During this time she

married Ted Hughes and travelled

with him to Paris and Spain.

First published as a catalogue for

an exhibition at the Mayor Gallery,

the tiny drawings in pen and ink are

exquisitely observed. They include

Parisian rooftops, trees and churches.


978 0 571 29521 0




World All Languages




sylvia Plath (1932–63)

was born in Boston,

Massachusetts, and studied

at smith College. In 1955 she

went to Cambridge University

on a Fulbright scholarship,

where she met and later

married ted Hughes. she

published one collection

of poems in her lifetime,

The Colossus (1960), and a

novel, The Bell Jar (1963).

Her Collected Poems, which

contains her poetry written

from 1956 until her death, was

published in 1981 and was

awarded the Pulitzer Prize for


Frieda Hughes, daughter of

sylvia Plath and ted Hughes,

is a poet, writer and painter.

she has published five

poetry collections and seven

children’s books and was The

Times poetry columnist. she

regularly exhibits her paintings

in London and at her private

gallery in Wales.













Stage Blood

In 1971, Michael Blakemore joined

the National Theatre as Associate

Director under Laurence Olivier.

The National, still based at the Old

Vic, was at a moment of transition

awaiting the move to its vast new

home on the South Bank. Relying

on generous subsidy, it would need

an extensive network of supporters

in high places. Olivier, a scrupulous

and brilliant autocrat from a previous

generation, was not the man to deal

with these political ramifications.

His tenure began to unravel and,

behind his back, Peter Hall was

appointed to replace him in 1973.

As in other aspects of British life, the

ethos of public service, which Olivier

espoused, was in retreat.

Having staged eight productions

for the National, Blakemore found

himself increasingly uncomfortable

under Hall’s regime. Stage Blood

is the candid and at times painfully

funny story of the events that led to

his dramatic exit in 1976. He recalls

the theatrical triumphs and flops,

his volatile relationship with Olivier

including directing him in Long Day’s

Journey into Night, the extravagant

dinners in Hall’s Barbican flat with

Harold Pinter, Jonathan Miller and

the other associates, the opening of

the new building, and Blakemore’s

brave and misrepresented decision to

speak out. He would not return to the

National for fifteen years.

‘Michael Blakemore has every right to

consider himself a grandee of British theatre

. . . his memoirs are by turns wise, bitchy and

scrupulously honest.’

Daily Telegraph

‘Blakemore writes with wit, feeling and




978 0 571 24137 8




World English Language




Working first for fifteen

years as an actor, Michael

Blakemore then became

Associate Director of the

national theatre in 1971.

He has directed new plays

by Peter nichols, Arthur

Miller, David Hare, Peter

schaffer, Don DeLillo, David

Mamet, Woody Allen and

Michael Frayn. extensive

work on Broadway led to

an unprecedented double

at the 2000 tony Awards:

Best Director of both a play,

Copenhagen, and a musical,

Kiss Me Kate. He has written

and directed two films. His

books are the novel, Next

Season, and his memoir,

Arguments with England,

which finishes where Stage

Blood begins.









4th March, 1865: On the night of his

second inauguration, a few weeks

before his assassination, Abraham

Lincoln meets the veteran black

abolitionist Frederick Douglass to

discuss the prospect of extending the

vote to black men who have served in

the Union armies.

4th March, 1965: In the White

House, Lyndon Johnson, anxious to

introduce a new Voting Rights Act, is

briefed by his sinister and ‘unfirable’

FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, on

the imminent Selma to Montgomery

march, to be led by Dr. Martin Luther

King, Jr.

Appomattox premiered at the Guthrie

Theater, Minneapolis, on 5 October




978 0 571 29945 4




‘A big, bold play about race in America . . .

It takes chutzpah for a British dramatist to

tackle such a subject, but Hampton has pulled

it off . . . As Hampton’s epic reminds us, the

idealistic hopes expressed at the end of the

American civil war have still to be realised –

and race remains a potent and living issue.’


World English Language




Christopher Hampton was

born in the Azores in 1946.

He wrote his first play, When

Did You Last See My Mother?

at the age of eighteen. since

then, his plays have included

The Philanthropist, Savages,

Tales from Hollywood, Les

Liaisons Dangereuses, White

Chameleon and The Talking

Cure. He has translated

plays by Ibsen, Molière,

von Horváth, Chekhov and

Yasmina Reza (including Art

and Life x 3). His television

work includes adaptations of

The History Man and Hotel du

Lac. His screenplays include

The Honorary Consul, The

Good Father, Dangerous

Liaisons, Mary Reilly, Total

Eclipse, The Quiet American,

Carrington, The Secret Agent

and Imagining Argentina, the

last three of which he also

directed, and A Dangerous

Method, based on his play The

Talking Cure. Appomattox was

first presented on the McGuire

Proscenium stage of the

Guthrie theater, Minneapolis,

UsA, in september 2012 as

the centrepiece of a major

retrospective of his plays and




in a version by



‘It’s often said that the best of the

Chekhov plays is the one you’ve seen

most recently. Uncle Vanya doesn’t

have a suicide, like The Seagull, or an

adulterous couple and a duel more

or less indistinguishable from murder,

like Three Sisters; nor does it seem to

announce the end of an era, like The

Cherry Orchard: all it has is a series

of ludicrously bungled attempts at

murder and suicide and adultery.

Perhaps these failures are what

makes it feel the saddest and most

truthful of these great tragi-comedies,

in which, possibly unique to all drama,

not a single word seems redundant or

out of place.’

From the author’s introduction.

Christopher Hampton version of

Uncle Vanya premiered at the

Vaudeville Theatre, London, in

October 2012.

Uncle Vanya


978 0 571 30051 8






‘Christopher Hampton’s version is limpid,

faithful, sharp and reminds us that Chekhov’s

characters are forced to confront the painful

reality of their existence.’


‘An unalloyed joy.’

Sunday Telegraph

World English Language










The Night Season

‘The Night Season is

unusual; no politics, no

issues, no history – just a bold

attempt to grapple with the

messy nature of living. It’s also

delightfully, rudely funny.’

Financial Times

Shoreditch Madonna

‘A strong absorbing work, full

of passion, pathos and sly

humour, set in the hip art scene

of London’s East End

. . . There is a rare combination

of pain, wit and originality in

Lenkiewicz’s writing.’

Daily Telegraph

Her Naked Skin

‘It is shocking to think that

this is the first full-length work

by a woman to be seen on the

Olivier stage . . . Lenkiewicz’s

play plants a defiant feminist

flag on the Olivier stage.’


The Painter

‘An intimate portrait of

Turner. . . Understated and

quietly superb.’

Independent on Sunday

Plays 1

The Night Season; Shoreditch Madonna; Her Naked Skin;

The Painter


978 0 571 30291 8




World English Language




Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s The

Night Season premiered at

the national theatre in 2004,

received the Critics’ Circle

Most Promising Playwright

Award and was nominated for

the Charles Wintour Evening

Standard Award and the

susan smith Blackburn Award.

Her Naked Skin premiered at

the national theatre in 2008,

the first play by a living female

playwright to be staged on the

olivier. other plays include

The Painter (Arcola theatre),

The Typist (Riverside studios),

The Lioness (the tricycle),

That Almost Unnameable

Lust, Shoreditch Madonna,

Blue Moon over Poplar (soho

theatre), A Soldier’s Tale

(old vic), Invisible Mountains

(national theatre education),

Faeries (Royal opera House),

Justitia (Peacock theatre)

and adaptations of Ibsen’s An

Enemy of the People (Arcola

and Manhattan theatre Club,

UsA) and Ghosts (Arcola).

For BBC Radio 4: Fighting

For Words, Caravan of Desire,

Sarah and Ken (special

Commendation for the

tinniswood Award), Dracula

and The Winter House.

Henry James

adapted for

the stage

by Rebecca


– You must love them as though they

were your own. It is the only way to

look after children.

– I will.

– I would. If I could. But I simply

can’t. Do you understand?

A young governess is given charge

of two orphans on a remote estate.

Miles and Flora charm their new

guardian with poetry and song. A

chilling history of the house and its

former inhabitants surfaces as the

governess unearths evils and tries to

protect the children.

Henry James’s classic ghost story is

adapted for the stage by Rebecca

Lenkiewicz. The Turn of the Screw

premiered at the Almeida Theatre,

London, in January 2013.

The Turn of the Screw


978 0 571 30032 7




World English Language










Carol Ann

Duffy and

Melly Still

Rats’ Tales brings together original

stories by Poet Laureate Carol Ann

Duffy with dark and enchanting

folktales from around the world. Each

is told in Duffy’s magical prose. Melly

Still has adapted these fables for the

stage. Both versions are published

here in celebration of the power of


Rats’ Tales premiered at the Royal

Exchange Theatre, Manchester, in

November 2012.

Rats’ Tales


978 0 571 29904 1




‘In Carol Ann Duffy’s compendium of

verminous fables, you are certainly never

far from a fiendish plot twist, a thrilling

metaphor or a dazzling feat of theatrical

invention . . . Rats’ Tales is the perfect

nightmare before Christmas.’


World All Languages




Carol Ann Duffy was born

in Glasgow and grew up in

stafford. she won the 1993

Whitbread Award for Poetry

and the Forward Prize for

best collection for Mean Time.

The World’s Wife received

the e. M. Forster Award in

America, while Rapture won

the t. s. eliot Prize 2005.

she is currently Professor

of Contemporary Poetry at

Manchester Metropolitan

University. Her most recent

volumes are New and

Collected Poems for Children

(2009) and The Bees (2011),

which won the Costa Poetry

Award. she is Poet Laureate.

Melly still has worked as

a director, choreographer,

designer and adaptor for

many companies, including

the national theatre,

Glyndebourne, the RsC,

Bristol old vic, Hampstead

and the Young vic. she has

been nominated for olivier

and tony awards (best director

and best design). Her work

has travelled throughout the

UK, europe, scandinavia,

the Far east the Us and

Broadway. Rats’ Tales is the

latest of many collaborations

with Carol Ann Duffy.

Jean Racine in

a new version by

Alan Hollinghurst

Berenice and Bajazet

James Fenton

The Orphan of Zhao


978 0 571 29908 9




In Berenice all three principals are

pushed to the brink, not of revenge

but of self-murder. Many tears are

shed, but not a drop of blood.

Bajazet is Racine’s most violent

drama. The claustrophobic setting,

within the harem at Constantinople,

seems to license a violence of

emotion as well as deed. Violent

too are the reversals of fortune, and

the terrifying acceleration towards


Alan Hollinghurst’s translation of

Berenice premiered at the Donmar

Warehouse, London, in October

2012 and Bajazet, at the Almeida

Theatre, London, in 1990.


978 0 571 30035 8




In the aftermath of the massacre of

a clan, an epic story of self-sacrifice

and revenge unfolds as an orphan

discovers the truth behind his


Sometimes referred to as the

Chinese Hamlet, The Orphan of Zhao

in a new adaptation by James Fenton

premiered at the Swan Theatre,

Stratford-upon-Avon, in November




World English Language




‘Lays bare the intense human

drama at its heart.’

Sunday Telegraph

World English Language




‘An emotionally piercing

marvel . . . James Fenton’s

adaptation winds with poetic

freedom round the ancient


The Times

‘A tightly crafted narrative

which leaves us hungry for

more. The authenticity of the

language never once falters.’





Owen McCafferty


James Joyce in a

dramatisation by

Frank McGuinness

The Dead


978 0 571 29943 0




Do you want to know why I’m here?

Northern Ireland are playing Poland

on the TV. Jimmy and Ian, two middleaged

Belfast men, are meeting

tonight for the first time.

Owen McCafferty’s Quietly

premiered at the Abbey Theatre,

Dublin, in November 2012.

‘Viscerally honest play with

gripping writing.’

Irish Mail on Sunday


978 0 571 30212 3




The year is 1904 in the city of Dublin.

Gretta and Gabriel Conroy attend the

Morkan sisters’ annual dinner on the

Feast of the Epiphany and the last day

of Christmas. An evening of laughter,

music and dance ends for Gabriel in

an epiphany of his own.

Recognised as a masterpiece, The

Dead, the short story from James

Joyce’s Dubliners, is dramatised

by Frank McGuinness. The play

premiered at the Abbey Theatre,

Dublin, in December 2012.

World English Language




‘The most powerful theatrical

production I have had the

privilege of seeing . . .

McCafferty’s script is

perfectly taut . . . This play is

extraordinary and completely


Metro Herald

‘McCafferty skilfully avoids

sensationalism or a simplistic

resolution. . . The ripple effects

of history roll on.’


UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive



E. V. Crowe


Martin Crimp

In the Republic of Happiness


978 0 571 30056 3




We can only do this, if we go by

the book. Announcing you’re gay to

minors is not in the book. That’s in

the other book.

Danny’s gay, a primary school

teacher, and he’s not afraid of

anything. His colleague Jamie’s

straight, and thinks Danny needs to

be careful.

Hero by E. V. Crowe premiered at

the Royal Court Theatre, London, in

November 2012.


978 0 571 30177 5




– What’re you doing here Robert?

– Well to be frank with you, I’ve

really no idea. I thought I would just

suddenly appear, so I did. I suddenly


A family Christmas is interrupted by

the unexpected arrival of Uncle Bob.

Who is he? Why has he come? Why

does his wife stay out in the car? And

what is the meaning of his long and

outrageous message? All we can be

sure of is that the world will never be

the same again.

A provocative roll-call of

contemporary obsessions, In the

Republic of Happiness premiered at

the Royal Court Theatre, London, in

December 2012.



World English Language




World English Language








Nick Payne


April De Angelis



978 0 571 30196 6




Winner of the Evening Standard

Award for Best Play 2012.

Constellations premiered at the Royal

Court Theatre, London, in January

2012 and transferred to the Duke of

York’s Theatre, London, in November.


978 0 571 29912 6




Hilary once protested at Greenham.

Now her protests tend to focus on

persuading her teenage daughter to

go out fully clothed.

A frank and funny family drama

questioning parental anxieties and

life after fifty, Jumpy by April De

Angelis premiered at the Royal Court

Theatre, London, in October 2011

and transferred to the Duke of York’s

Theatre, London, in August 2012.

World English Language




‘Easily the best West End

show of the year.’

Time Out

‘Payne illuminates the music

of chance . . . Truly stellar.’

Evening Standard

‘Here [Nick Payne] makes a

quantum leap with a work

that can stand comparison

with Tom Stoppard, Michael

Frayn and Caryl Churchill at

their best.’

Daily Telegraph

World English Language




‘The funniest new play the

West End has seen in ages. It’s

not only funny, it’s painfully

acute; and its wit is of a piece

with its insight.’

Daily Telegraph

Polly Stenham

No Quarter

Simon Gray

Quartermaine’s Terms


978 0 571 30179 9




You were brought up on mythology.

Hollow mythology. That’s why you’re

all stuck, all angry, a prince in the

wrong story. A prince with a black


Fleeing a world he has rejected,

Robin finds solace in his music and

the sanctuary of his remote family

home. But as his kingdom begins to

crumble around him, how far will he

go to save it and at what cost?

Polly Stenham’s No Quarter

premiered at the Royal Court Theatre,

London, in January 2013.


978 0 571 30301 4




‘Superficially, it is a light

comedy about a group of

educated, often eccentric

English characters in an

academic backwater in the

early sixties. But though

the jokes are excellent, the

piece cuts deep. There are

Strindberg-like glimpses

of wretchedly unhappy

marriages and, as in Ibsen,

a sense of chickens coming



World English Language




World English Language




home to roost. But the primary

impression here is of an

English Chekhov. As in the

plays of the Russian master,

the characters talk a lot, but

they rarely listen, still less

understand, so they are often

at cross-purposes. And like

The Seagull, the long time

scheme in Quartermaine’s

Terms – it spans several years

– creates a poignant sense of

transience and mortality.’

Daily Telegraph









Stephen Walsh

Musorgsky and his Circle

A Russian Musical Adventure

An accessible and thought-provoking

biography of Musorgsky and his

circle, creators of some of the bestknown

and most admired Russian

music of the nineteenth century.

The extraordinary group of Russian

composers who came together in

St Petersburg in the 1860s – long

known as ‘The Mighty Handful’, or

mogya kuchka, better translated as

‘the great heap’ – gave rise to one

of the most fascinating and colourful

stories in all musical history.

Praise for Stravinsky: The Second Exile:

Stephen Walsh, author of a major

biography of their direct successor,

Stravinsky, has written an absorbing

account of Musorgsky and his

circle – Borodin, Cui, Balakirev

and Rimsky-Korsakov. With little or

no musical education they created

works of lasting significance –

Musorgsky’s Boris Godunov,

Borodin’s Prince Igor and Rimsky-

Korsakov’s Scheherazade. Written

with deep understanding and

panache, Musorgsky and his Circle,

is highly engaging and a significant

contribution to cultural history.

‘One of the best books ever written about

a musician.’

tim Page, Washington Post


978 0 571 24562 8




UK and Commonwealth excluding




stephen Walsh is a Professor

of Music at Cardiff University,

and the author of several

books on music. the first

volume of his major biography

of stravinsky – Stravinsky:

A Creative Spring – won the

Royal Philharmonic society

prize in 2000. volume two

– Stravinsky: The Second

Exile – was chosen by the

Washington Post as one of

the ten best books of 2006.

He was deputy music critic

of the Observer from 1966

to 1985. He now reviews for website and

broadcasts regularly for BBC

Radio 3.







Alfred Brendel

‘This book distils what, at my

advanced age, I feel able to say

about music, musicians, and matters

of my pianistic profession.’

Ever since Alfred Brendel bid farewell

to the concert stage after six decades

of performing, he has been passing

on his insight and experience in the

form of lectures, readings and masterclasses.

This reader for lovers of the

piano distils his musical and linguistic

eloquence and vast knowledge, and

will prove invaluable to anyone with

an interest in the technique, history

and repertoire of the piano.

Erudite, witty, enlightening and

deeply personal, A Pianist’s A to Z

is the ideal book for all piano lovers,

musicians and music aficionados:

rarely has the instrument been

described in such an entertaining and

intelligent fashion.

A Pianist’s A–Z

A Piano Lover’s Reader


978 0 571 30184 3




‘Everything he writes demonstrates the

acuteness of his intelligence as well as the

depth of his sensibility.’

Anthony storr, Independent on Sunday





Alfred Brendel was born

in 1931 in Wiesenberg and

now lives in London. He is

universally acknowledged as

one of the world’s leading

pianists, and although he has

bidden farewell to the concert

stage he continues to give

master-classes and readings.

He is also the author of

several books, including Alfred

Brendel on Music (Robson

Books), The Veil of Order and a

volume of poetry – One Finger

Too Many – both published

by Faber.



Best known today as a fine

composer, the twelfth-century

German abbess Hildegard of Bingen

was also a religious leader and

visionary, a poet, naturalist and writer

of medical treatises. Despite her

cloistered life she had strong, often

controversial, views on sex, love and

marriage too – a woman astonishing

in her own age, whose book of

apocalyptic visions, Scivias, would

alone have been enough to ensure

her lasting fame.

In this classic and highly praised

biography – first published by

Headline in 2001 – distinguished

writer and journalist Fiona Maddocks

draws on Hildegard’s prolific writings

to paint a portrait of her extraordinary

life against the turbulent medieval

background of crusade and schism,

scientific discovery and cultural

revolution. The great intellectual gifts

and forceful character that emerge

make her as fascinating as any figure

in the Middle Ages.

More than 800 years after her

death, Pope Benedict XVI has made

Hildegard a Saint and a Doctor of

the Church (one of only four women).

Fiona Maddocks has provided a short

new preface to cover these tributes

to an extraordinary and exceptional


Hildegard of Bingen

The Woman of Her Age


978 0 571 30243 7




‘This entertaining book is a revelation.’

Daily Telegraph

World All Languages




‘Resonating with wit and fairness’




Fiona Maddocks is chief music

critic of the Observer. she was

founder editor of BBC Music

Magazine and has worked in

television and radio as well

as newspapers. she lives in








Brannigan and

Ian Winwood

Birth School Metallica Death

Volume I

Unarguably one of the world’s

biggest bands, Metallica have sold

in excess of 100 million albums and

won seven Grammys. Their journey

from scuzzy Los Angeles garages

to the stages of the world’s biggest

stadia has been an epic and often

traumatic one, and one of the few

truly great rock ‘n’ roll sagas.

No music writers have been afforded

greater access to Metallica over

the years than Paul Brannigan and

Ian Winwood, two former editors of

Kerrang. Having conducted hundreds

of hours of interviews with the band,

they have between them gained

an unparalleled knowledge of the

group’s history and an insiders’ view

of how their story has developed:

they have ridden in the band’s limos,

flown on their private jet, joined them

in the studio, been invited to the

quartet’s ‘HQ’ outside San Francisco

and shared beers and stories with

them in venues across the globe.

There are countless memorable

stories about the band never before

seen in print: tales of bed-hopping

and drug-taking and car-crashes and

fist-fights and back-stabbing that

occur when you mix testosterone and

adrenaline, alcohol and egomania,

talent and raw ambition.

Perceptive, emotionally attached,

and intellectually rigorous, Birth

School Metallica Death will be the

essential and definitive story of this

extraordinary band. Volume I takes us

from the band’s inception through to

the recording and eve of release of

their seminal, self-titled, 1991 album.



978 0 571 29413 8





Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 29414 5




UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive

Paul Brannigan and Ian

Winwood are two of the UK’s

foremost music writers.

A former Kerrang! editor,

Brannigan is the author of the

Sunday Times bestseller This

Is A Call: The Life And Times

Of Dave Grohl, while Winwood

has written for Rolling Stone,

the Guardian, Mojo, Kerrang!,

NME and the BBC.





Bob Stanley

The complete story of the modern

pop era: the era of vinyl, the Top 40,

the NME, Smash Hits and Top of the

Pops – when pop music defined pop


Modern pop began in 1952 when

the first British chart was published

and the first 7” singles were released.

It ended (perhaps) in 1995 when

Robson and Jerome reached the top

of the charts with the first number

one not to be available on vinyl since

1953. The internet age ushered in the

death rites of over 40 years of pop.

Yay Yeah Yeah describes the journey

that leads from ‘Rock Around the

Clock’ to ‘Crazy in Love’. Raw,

thrilling, surprising and sometimes

downright dangerous, the Pop

moment almost always clocks in

under 3:30 and is initially, immediately

recognised by a teenage listener.

Billy Fury. Chuck Berry. Sonny and

Cher. The Troggs. Glen Campbell.

Bee Gees. Roxy Music. Chic. Slade.

Sex Pistols. Adam and the Ants. Pet

Shop Boys. New Order. Madonna.

Yeah Yeah Yeah documents the rich

soundtrack of the last six decades

as it has been heard on radios and

jukeboxes across the land.

Audacious and addictive, Yeah Yeah

Yeah is a one-stop pop shop for the

music lover everywhere.

Yeah Yeah Yeah

The Story of Modern Pop


978 0 571 28197 8


Trade Paperback


World All Languages




Bob stanley worked for the

NME and Melody Maker in the

late eighties before forming

the group saint etienne with

sarah Cracknell and lifelong

friend Pete Wiggs. His first

book, Match Day, a collection

of football programme artwork

co-edited by Paul Kelly, was

published in 2008.


Papoutsis and

Scott Collins

this is not a cookbook.

Do not try this at home.

There are many ways to cook a

burger, to mix a drink, to serve some

fries. Yianni Papoutsis and Scott

Collins, the men behind #MEATliquor

and #MEATeasy share their unique

experiences on the wildest frontiers

of burger culture in this their first

(and perhaps only) book, The

#MEATliquor Chronicles.

‘My name is Legion, for we are Many’,

was the famous response delivered

to Jesus by a not-so-famous demon.

From New Cross to Marylebone

to their newest venture in Hoxton

Market, Yianni and Scott have blazed

a demonic trail through the the burger

world over the past three years

bringing followers and naysayers in

their wake.

Starting out with the adventures they

had in the original #MEATwagon,

back in 2009, The #MEATiquor

Chronicles lays disrespectful waste

to the accepted notion of what a

cookbook associated with a famous

restaurant can and might be. Yes,

there are recipes; and yes you can

faithfully learn how to reproduce

the infamous #MEATliquor ‘Grog’.

But this is a book with a story. And

pictures. With a mission to offend.

And Yianni and Scott have welcomed

DBC Pierre in-house to help

them reconstruct the improbable,

implausible and downright nasty

things that have happened to them

on their journey from South London

reprobates to haute cuisine enfant



The #MEATliquor Chronicles

Chapter and Verse



978 0 571 30299 4





‘It’s no secret that the fat in a #MEATliquor

burger melts at a lower temperature because

their cattle lies down with virgins.’

DBC Pierre

Export Trade Paperback


978 0 571 30300 7






Yianni Papoustis: Carnivore.

scott Collins: Alive (just).




DBC Pierre

If rape or arson, poison or the knife

Has wove no pleasing patterns in

the stuff

Of this drab canvas we accept as

life –

It is because we are not bold


Charles Baudelaire

The debut collection of short

fictions, philosophical vignettes,

and aphoristic interludes from the

Man Booker Prize winning author of

Vernon God Little.

If you are familiar with the explosive

End Times Trilogy (Vernon God

Little, Ludmila’s Broken English,

Lights Out in Wonderland) by DBC

Pierre, you will be well-acclimatised

to the heady heights traversed in this

collection. Drawing on memoir and

a life lived in pursuit of sensation,

but always ignited by the flame of

fiction, Petit Mal take us further into

the imagination of one of the most

radically original prose stylists of the

past decade.

Accompanied by dozens of

illustrations and photographic

‘evidence’, the stories here inhabit

worlds defined by appetite, excess

and transcendence. Whether through

food, drink, sex, drugs, or a fantastic

cocktail of all four, the impulse in this

book is towards epiphany. And the

inevitable hangover that follows. But

even that (or those) in the world of

DBC Pierre can be nourishing.

Petit Mal

Notes Towards a Decadent Manifesto


978 0 571 29838 9




‘Pierre shreds the pretentious sophistication

and fake joyousness of our Michelin-starred

palaces, driving them to the ultimate

conclusions of hedonism with a ferocity

worthy of de Sade.’

Alan Warner, Guardian

World All Languages




DBC Pierre won the Man

Booker Prize and Whitbread

First novel Award for his

debut, Vernon God Little. He

lives in County Leitrim, Ireland.

Michael Smith

Strolling through this wide sweep,

gazing across the fleet of trains

bound for Paris or Brussels, the

powder-blue steel vaulting soaring

above them, the inside of a giant

whale’s ribcage, a hymn to the

infrastructure of our hyper-connected

age; like Jonah swallowed up by it

all, by the hum of the giant extractor

fans, the deep hum at the heart of it

all – back here, home again, lost in

London . . .

With a property portfolio consisting

of a beach hut in Essex, and a career

as evanescent as it is unprofitable,

the narrator of Lost in London is a

flâneur fallen on hard times, a creative

bewildered by the slick speed of the

digital age, watching as the sculptors

and painters and bon viveurs begin to

slip away and the advertising hipsters

take over old stomping grounds.

From the nights in old Soho, where

an anonymous green door was

the gateway to a decadently dingy

paradise, to the days amid the shabby

post-industrial elegance of Hackney’s

canalside warehouses, this is a

nostalgic love song to the drifters,

the artists, the glamorous misfits, the

degenerate waifs and the barmaidenchantresses

of the capital’s

backstreets and shadowy corners.

Lost in London


978 0 571 23580 3


Trade Paperback


‘A masterpiece of gutter romanticism.’

Tatler on The Giro Playboy

World English Language





Michael smith is a writer,

film-maker and broadcaster.

He is the author of two works

of fiction, The Giro Playboy and

Shorty Loves Wing Wong, and

has written features for the

Guardian, the Observer, the

Idler and Dazed and Confused,

amongst others. He has made

a number of short films for

BBC2’s The Culture Show. His

short film Lost in London was

premiered at the Barbican

Centre, London in June 2012.









Nicolas Roeg

The World is Ever Changing

Nicolas Roeg began his film career

as a cameraman, working for such

masters as François Truffaut and

David Lean. His explosive debut

as a director with Performance

established an approach to filmmaking

that was unconventional and

ever-changing, creating works such

as Don’t Look Now, The Man Who

Fell to Earth, Walkabout, Bad Timing,

Insignificance, and, more recently,


Having reached eighty years of age,

Roeg decided to pass on to the next

generations the wealth of wisdom

and experience he has garnered over

fifty years of film-making.

The groundbreaking enhanced

ebook version will feature video

interviews with the author and clips

from his greatest movies, as well as

two original short films directed by

Nicolas Roeg.

‘There are constellations and stars shining

within them, but for me none burned

brighter than Nic Roeg . . . the films from

Performance to Eureka are at least on a par

with the giants of movie-making anywhere

in the world . . . fierce, uncompromising,

iconoclastic, dazzlingly original, he is British

film’s Picasso.’

Danny Boyle


978 0 571 26493 3


Trade Paperback


World All Languages




and enhanced










978 0 571 27575 5




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive


978 0 571 28340 8




UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 27595 3




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, Australia, New Zealand,

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan,

Nepal and Bangeladesh


978 0 571 28899 1




World All Languages

Mario Vargas Llosa

The Dream of the Celt

‘This epic and often poetic novel delivers

powerfully, giving a more rounded and

authentic sense of one person’s inner life and

complexities than many biographies.’

Giles Foden, Guardian

Marjorie Celona


‘An evocative look into what makes a family,

and what makes a home, and how they are

undeniably helixed together.’

Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin

Orhan Pamuk

Silent House

‘Inspired and impassioned . . . A microcosm of

a country on the verge of a coup.’

New York Times Book Review

Richard Milward

Kimberly’s Capital


‘Dark and surreal yarn . . . a deliciously

playful, marvellously adventurous fuck-you of

a novel; a confident and assured effort from one

of the country’s most inventive young writers.’

David Clack, Time Out Book of the Week

Junot Díaz

This Is How You Lose Her

‘An absolute treat – slangily inventive,

infectiously exuberant stories about love and

infidelity among the Dominican-American

community in New Jersey.’

Guardian Books of the Year

Robert Williams

How the Trouble Started

‘An unsettling story about responsibility and

about the reshaping of memory that takes place

as we grow up.’


Rachel Cusk

The Temporary

‘Breathtaking, fascinating and believable . . .

The Temporary would be worth reading for its

self-regarding, utterly thoughtless anti-heroine

alone, yet Cusk’s interpretation of menial

office existence and her understanding of its

psychology is also piercing.’

Financial Times


978 0 571 29421 3




UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 28855 7




World All Languages




978 0 571 27211 2




UK and Commonwealth excluding








978 0 571 29661 3




World All Languages


978 0 571 27152 8




UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 29053 6




World English Language

Doug Johnstone

Gone Again

‘A major discovery . . . intense . . .

insightful . . . fresh.’


Peter Leonard

Back from the Dead

‘Clever plotting and blood and guts characters.’

Michael Connelly

Stav Sherez

Eleven Days

A Carrigan and Miller Novel

‘Clever, multi-layered . . . masterful.’

Daily Mirror

Amy Raphael

Danny Boyle

‘Captures a mercurial, optimistic and driven

individual in full career flight.’


Paul Auster

Winter Journal

‘An examination of the emotions of a man

growing old . . . Auster is unsparingly honest

with himself.’

Financial Times

Jenny Uglow

The Pinecone

‘This outstanding book reintroduces us to the

“Charlotte Brontë of wood and stone” whose

vision transformed a Cumbrian chapel into a

breathtaking church . . . a quiet masterpiece: a

book to savour and treasure.’

Miranda seymour, Sunday Times

Michael Newton

Age of Assassins

A History of Conspiracy and Political Violence, 1865–1981

‘Excellent . . . Carefully researched and

engagingly written, Newton’s book pulls off the

difficult trick of feeding our insatiable curiosity

about assassinations while taking a strong

moral stand against them.’

Sunday Times


978 0 571 30186 7




World All Languages





978 0 571 28324 8




UK and Commonwealth excluding





978 0 571 26951 8




UK and Commonwealth, EU



978 0 571 22045 8




World English Language






978 0 571 28151 0




World All Languages


978 0 571 28442 9




UK and Commonwealth excluding






978 0 571 28901 1




World All Languages




978 0 571 27450 5


Trade Paperback


Ben Thompson

Ban This Filth!

Letters from the Mary Whitehouse Archive

‘Hilarious but timely selection of letters from

the Mary Whitehouse archive.’

Sunday Times Must Read

John Kelly

The Graves Are Walking

‘An engrossing chronicle of an historic tragedy

that forever changed Ireland, Britain and

America. Kelly conveys the rawness of Irish

suffering with a powerful intimacy.’

Amanda Foreman

Edited by Fintan O’Toole

Up the Republic!

Towards a New Ireland

‘Philosophical, thoughtful and nuanced

reflections . . . there is also in the book a

dignified and humane intelligence that makes

it an original and constructive contribution to

the literature of Ireland in crisis.’

Diarmuid Ferriter, Irish Times

Brian Glanville

The Story of the World Cup


‘Most football writers fall into two categories:

those who have been influenced by Brian

Glanville, and those who should have been.’

Patrick Barclay, Sunday Telegraph

John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

and James Harkin

1,227 QI Facts To Blow

Your Socks Off

A buffet groaning with mouth-watering nuggets from QI’s

first ten years.

Gemma Elwin Harris

Big Questions

from Little People . . .

Answered by Some Very Big People

‘There are some seriously big brains on hand

– including Sir David Attenborough, Richard

Dawkins, Noam Chomsky and Miranda Hart

– to answer 100 questions from children.’

Daily Telegraph

Charlie Brooker

I Can Make You Hate

‘Brooker’s work is strangely liberating . . . he

will enrich your life and make you laugh –

a lot.’



978 0 571 29794 8




World All Languages


978 0 571 28852 6




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive


978 0 571 29774 0




World All Languages








978 0 571 28353 8


Trade Paperback


UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 28352 1


Trade Paperback


UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 28811 3




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive


978 0 571 29841 9




UK and Commonwealth excluding

Canada, EU exclusive

W. H. Auden

The Orators

When The Orators was originally published in 1932 it was

described by Poetry Review as ‘something as important

as the appearance of Mr Eliot’s poems fifteen years ago’.

W. H. Auden

and Louis MacNeice

Letters from Iceland

When Auden and MacNeice travelled in Iceland together

in 1936, the verse, prose, letters and notes they recorded

would appear the following year as Letters from Iceland.

Andrew Motion

The Customs House

‘‘Compelling, simple and mysterious’

sean o’Brien

Simon Armitage

The Death of King Arthur

‘Armitage, on top form, renders [Arthur]



Mark Yarm

Everybody Loves Our Town

A History of Grunge

‘Exhilarating . . . The rise of grunge was a part

of the music industry’s last hurrah and this

book skilfully documents the inside story of

that one final, fantastically excessive thrash

before the wheels came off for ever.’

Rob Fitzpatrick, Sunday Times

Matt Thorne


‘This is a worthy endeavour, and Thorne

brings an exhaustive knowledge and attention

to detail to the task . . . If you’re as much a fan as

Thorne, you’ll be in heaven.’

Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph


978 0 571 24987 9




UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 23248 2




World All Languages







978 0 571 29706 1




UK and Commonwealth excluding



978 0 571 27846 6




World All Languages


978 0 571 29422 0




UK and Commonwealth excluding



Amity Gaige


‘Seldom has such a daring concept for a novel

been grounded in such an appealing character.’

Jonathan Franzen

Sam Eastland

The Red Moth

‘For those who like their tales told in the John

Buchan style, with a shot of vodka downed and

a fully loaded Webley at the ready.’

Independent on Sunday

Junot Díaz

This Is How You Lose Her

‘An absolute treat - slangily inventive,

infectiously exuberant stories about love and

infidelity among the Dominican-American

community in New Jersey.’

Guardian Books of the Year





Jeet Thayil


Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2012.

‘A blistering debut that can indeed stand

proudly on the shelf next to Burroughs

and De Quincey.’


William Shakespeare

The Sonnets

Released alongside the successful app for Apple iPad,

all of Shakespeare’s sonnets are read by an all-star cast

including Kim Cattrall, Stephen Fry, Sir Andrew Motion,

Simon Russell Beale, Fiona Shaw, Sir Patrick Stewart,

David Tennant and Dominic West.

Simon Armitage

Walking Home

‘A wonderful book.’

Jeanette Winterson, Books of the Year, The Times

‘It’s a book as likable as the poet himself, funny,

curious and tenderly observed.’

Country Life

Milan Kundera

Testaments Betrayed

‘This collection of essays, like its predecessor

The Art of the Novel, is a joy to read, and in

its wealth of ideas puts many a more sober

academic treatise to shame.’

Literary Review




Read by Robertson Dean

978 1 782 11013 2

£14.99 (inc. VAT)

UK and Commonwealth

including Canada





Read by various

978 1 782 11118 4

£7.99 (inc. VAT)



Produced with Illuminations,

The Arden Shakespeare and

Touch Press


Non fiction


Read by Simon Armitage

978 1 782 11033 0

£ 13.99 (inc. VAT)

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada





Read by Graeme Malcolm

978 0 857 86964 7

£13.99 (inc. VAT)

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


Milan Kundera

Jacques and His Master

Milan Kundera’s deliciously witty and entertaining play,

translated by Simon Callow, is an homage to Diderot’s

novel Jacques le Fataliste.




Read by Simon Callow

and David Timson

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Iain Pears


Arcadia is a great multi-layered story

of history and time. It is conceived

and written for digital publication and

will be first released in a purpose-built

app for mobile devices built by Faber

and Iain Pears in partnership.

The novel, whose characters’ lives

intersect in vivid time-slip stories, is

the first of its kind. It mixes genres,

periods and styles and can be

read in different ways. Readers

may approach each narrative as a

traditional linear story; or they may

follow the episodes of each tale on a

cross-linear path. They can read, or

leave out, sections as they choose.

Different ways of reading create

different relationships between

the characters, and a different

understanding of how stories can be


Hardback and ebook editions of

Arcadia will follow in March 2014.


978 0 571 30160 7

App for iPad and iPhone

World English Language







Philip Larkin

Faber Voices

Seamus Heaney

Faber Voices


978 0 571 30148 5


Fixed Format Layout ebook

The best way to experience the

poetry of Philip Larkin on your iPad.

Faber Voices lifts classic poems off

the page, bringing together audio

recordings of great poets reading

their own work with an editor’s

selection of their poems. A wonderful

and intimate experience for poetry

lovers, Faber Voices are also an

invaluable resource for those studying

or exploring these works for the

first time. This selection allows you

to appreciate the poems as never

before, in a beautifully clean design,

with options to read and listen to

the poet simultaneously. This is how

poetry for iBooks should be.

See each poem exactly as it was

intended, in a fixed format with no

erroneous line breaks.


978 0 571 30149 2


Fixed Format Layout ebook

Experience the ultimate Heaney

selection, made exclusively for this


The full list of poems:

Death of a Naturalist, Mid-Term

Break, Personal Helicon, Bogland,

The Tollund Man, A Constable Calls

(from Singing School), Exposure

(from Singing School), Sunlight

(from Mossbawn: Two Poems in

Dedication), The Strand at Lough

Beg, Casualty, Lightenings viii (from

Squarings), A Sofa in the Forties.




World English Language

Hear every poem as it should be

heard, read by the poet at the tap of a

finger. Experience the ultimate Larkin

selection, made by his editors and

estate exclusively for this ebook.

The full list of poems:

MCMXIV, At Grass, Days, Mr

Bleaney, Afternoons, Vers de Société,

The Trees, Church Going, The

Explosion, The Whitsun Weddings,

An Arundel Tomb.

Philip Larkin was born in Coventry in

1922. He was the best-loved poet of

his generation, and the recipient of

innumerable honours, including the

Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry.




World English Language

Seamus Heaney was born in County

Derry in Northern Ireland. Death

of a Naturalist, his first collection

of poems, appeared in 1966

and since then he has published

poetry, criticism and translations –

including Beowulf (1999) – which

have established him as one of the

leading poets now at work. In 1995

he was awarded the Nobel Prize

in Literature. District and Circle

was awarded the T. S. Eliot Prize

in 2006. Stepping Stones, a book

of interviews conducted by Dennis

O’Driscoll, appeared in 2008. In

2009 he received the David Cohen

Prize for Literature. Human Chain was

awarded the 2010 Forward Prize for

Best Collection.

Ted Hughes

Faber Voices

Wendy Cope

Faber Voices


978 0 571 30150 8


Fixed Format Layout ebook

Experience the ultimate Ted Hughes

selection, made by his editors and

estate exclusively for this ebook.

The full list of poems:

Wind, Six Young Men, Whiteness,

October Salmon, Ravens,

Bride and Groom Lie Hidden for

Three Days, The Thought-Fox, The

Jaguar, Hawk Roosting, Pike, Full

Moon and Little Frieda, A Childish

Prank, Lovesong, The Harvest Moon,

Night Arrival of Sea-Trout, Untitled

[‘Waving Goodbye’],


978 0 571 30151 5


Fixed Format Layout ebook

Experience the ultimate Cope

selection, made exclusively for this


The full list of poems:

Flowers, Defining the Problem, Loss

Some More Light Verse, Favourite,

Another Unfortunate Choice, A

Christmas Poem, Kindness to

Animals, Names, The Uncertainty of

the Poet, In the Rhine Valley, After the

Lunch, Valentine, Bloody Men, The

Christmas Life, By The Round Pond,

Haiku: Looking out ..., Timekeeping,

Differences of Opinion (i) He Tells

Her, On A Train, A Nursery Rhyme

as it might have been written by





World English Language

Ted Hughes (1930-1998) was born

in Yorkshire. His first book, The

Hawk in the Rain, was published in

1957 by Faber and Faber and was

followed by many volumes of poetry

and prose for adults and children. He

received the Whitbread Book of the

Year for two consecutive years for his

last published collections of poetry,

Tales from Ovid (1997) and Birthday

Letters (1998). He was Poet Laureate

from 1984, and in 1998 he was

appointed to the Order of Merit.




World English Language

Wordsworth, A Nursery Rhyme as it

might have been written by T. S. Eliot,

Waste Land Limericks, A Policeman’s

Lot, An Attempt at Unrhymed Verse.

Wendy Cope was born in Erith, Kent.

After university she worked for fifteen

years as a primary-school teacher in

London. Her first collection of poems,

Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis,

was published in 1986. In 1987 she

received a Cholmondeley Award for

poetry and in 1995 the American

Academy of Arts and Letters Michael

Braude Award for light verse. Two

Cures for Love: Selected Poems

1979–2006 was published in 2008.



Various Poets

The Forward book of poetry

showcases the best of contemporary

poetry published in the British Isles

over the last year, including the

winners of 2013’s hotly contested

Forward Poetry Prizes.

The anthology – the 22nd of its

kind – is introduced by Jeannette

Winterson. If you buy only one poetry

book this year, this deserves to be it.

The Forward book of poetry 2014


978 0 571 304974




“The best way of encountering the richness

that new poetry has to offer.”

Daily Telegraph

World All Languages







Bringing Great Writing

Back Into Print

Dedicated to republishing outstanding books that have

fallen out-of-print, since its launch in 2008 Faber Finds

now boasts over 1000 titles.

Among the gems Finds has unearthed and will offer for reading pleasure

in late 2012/early 2013 are Zoo, Louis MacNeice’s rare and cherishable

illustrated prose work from 1938, in which the poet reflects on the

wonders of London Zoo in Regent’s Park; and David Stacton’s People of

the Book, an enthralling novel of the Thirty Years War, which has been

hailed as ‘a book to put on the shelf with Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War

and Tolstoy’s War and Peace.’ Other eagerly-awaited revivals include

Stick It Up Your Punter!, the uncut story of the Sun newspaper by Peter

Chippindale and Chris Horrie, newly updated to the Leveson Inquiry;

and also updated and back in print for the first time since September 11

2001, John Rentoul’s superlative biography Tony Blair: Prime Minister.

Those partial to historical scandal will feast on Giles St. Aubyn’s

Infamous Victorians and The Year of Three Kings: 1483 by Giles St Aubyn;

while those wondering where Great Britain went wrong will find

answers in Paul Addison’s Now The War is Over and Lord Blake’s The

Decline of Power.

As ever there are new (re)discoveries for everyone in Faber Finds!


120 121


InDex InDex


1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off, John Lloyd,

John Mitchinson and James Harkin, 105

1914: Poetry Remembers, edited by Carol Ann Duffy, 58


Ace, King, Knave, Maria McCann, 14

Adventures with the Wife in Space, Neil Perryman, 50

Afterliff, John Lloyd and the friends of Douglas Adams, 48

Age of Assassins, Michael Newton, 103

And When She Was Good, Laura Lippman, 25

Appomattox, Christopher Hampton, 70

Arcadia, Iain Pears, 116

Simon Armitage, The Death of King Arthur, 106;

Walking Home (audio), 112

W. H. Auden, The Orators, 106; Letters from Iceland, 106

Paul Auster, Report from the Interior, 38; Winter Journal, 103


Back from the Dead, Peter Leonard, 102

Ban This Filth!, Ben Thompson, 104

Berenice and Bajazet, Jean Racine in a version by

Alan Hollinghurst, 75

Big Questions and Instant Answers,

edited by Gemma Elwin Harris, 51

Big Questions From Little People,

edited by Gemma Elwin Harris, 105

Birth School Metallica Death, Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood, 88

Michael Blakemore, Stage Blood, 68

Blue is the Night, Eoin McNamee, 26

Paul Brannigan, Birth School Metallica Death, 88

Alfred Brendel, A Pianist’s A–Z, 84

Michael Broers, Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny, 34

Charlie Brooker, I Can Make You Hate, 105

Alafair Burke, If You Were Here, 24


Marjorie Celona, Y, 100

Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya, 71

Marcus Chown, What a Wonderful World, 30

Churchill’s Bomb, Graham Farmelo, 32

Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway, Sara Gran, 17

Coercion, Chris Ewan, 19

Scott Collins, The #MEATLiquor Chronicles, 91

Constellations, Nick Payne, 78

Wendy Cope, Faber Voices, 119

Adam Creed, Kill and Tell, 27

Martin Crimp, In the Republic of Happiness, 77

E. V. Crowe, Hero, 77

The Cry, Helen FitzGerald, 21

Rachel Cusk, The Temporary, 101

The Customs House, Andrew Motion, 106


Danny Boyle, Amy Raphael, 103

April De Angelis, Jumpy, 78

The Dead, James Joyce in a version by Frank McGuinness, 76

The Death of King Arthur, Simon Armitage, 106

The Death of Lucy Kyte, Nicola Upson, 20

Junot Díaz, This Is How You Lose Her, 101; (international edition), 108

Stanley Donwood, Holloway, 37

Drawings, Sylvia Plath, 64

The Dream of the Celt, Mario Vargas Llosa, 100

Carol Ann Duffy (ed.), 1914: Poetry Remembers, 58; Rats’ Tales, 74


Sam Eastland, The Red Moth (international edition), 108

Eleven Days, Stav Sherez, 102

Rod Ellingworth, Project Rainbow, 44

Everybody Loves Our Town, Mark Yarm, 107

Chris Ewan, Coercion, 19


Faber Voices, Philip Larkin, 118

Faber Voices, Seamus Heaney, 118

Faber Voices, Ted Hughes, 119

Faber Voices, Wendy Cope, 119

Graham Farmelo, Churchill’s Bomb, 32

James Fenton, The Orphan of Zhao, 75

Helen FitzGerald, The Cry, 21

William Fotheringham, Project Rainbow, 44; Racing Hard, 47


Amity Gaige, Schroder (international edition), 108

Brian Glanville, The Story of the World Cup: 2014, 104

God Bless the NHS, Roger Taylor, 42

Gone Again, Doug Johnstone, 102

Sara Gran, Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway, 17

The Graves are Walking, John Kelly, 104

Simon Gray, Quartermaine’s Terms, 79

Andrew Sean Greer, The Other Lives of Greta Wells, 7

Kate Griffin, Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders, 16


Christopher Hampton, Appomattox, 70; Uncle Vanya, 71

James Harkin, 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off, 105

Gemma Elwin Harris (ed.), Big Questions and Instant Answers, 51;

Big Questions From Little People, 105

Julia Heaberlin, Lie Still, 18

Seamus Heaney, Faber Voices, 118

Gilbert Hernandez, The Marble Season, 13

Hero, E. V. Crowe, 77

Hildegard of Bingen, Fiona Maddocks, 85

Holding On Upside Down, Linda Leavell, 61

Alan Hollinghurst, Berenice and Bajazet, 75

Holloway, Robert Macfarlane, Stanley Donwood

and Dan Richards, 37

How the Trouble Started, Robert Williams, 101

Ted Hughes, Faber Voices, 119


I Can Make You Hate, Charlie Brooker, 105

If You Were Here, Alafair Burke, 24

In the Republic of Happiness, Martin Crimp, 77

In Times of Fading Light, Eugen Ruge, 6


Jacques and his Master (audio), Milan Kundera, 113

Henry James, The Turn of the Screw, 73

Doug Johnstone, Gone Again, 102

James Joyce, The Dead, 76

Jumpy, April De Angelis, 78


John Kelly, The Graves are Walking, 104

Kill and Tell, Adam Creed, 27

Kimberly’s Capital Punishment, Richard Milward, 100

Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders, Kate Griffin, 16

Aleks Krotoski, Untangling the Web, 41

Milan Kundera, Testaments Betrayed (audio), 112;

Jacques and his Master (audio), 113


Philip Larkin, Faber Voices, 118

Linda Leavell, Holding On Upside Down, 61

Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Plays 1, 72; The Turn of the Screw, 73

Peter Leonard, Back from the Dead, 102

Letters from Iceland, W. H. Auden and Louis MacNeice, 106

Lie Still, Julia Heaberlin, 18

Laura Lippman, And When She Was Good, 25

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Dream of the Celt, 100

John Lloyd, Afterliff, 48; 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off, 105

Lost in London, Michael Smith, 93

The Love Object, Edna O’Brien, 12


Robert Macfarlane, Holloway, 37

Louis MacNeice, Letters from Iceland, 106

Fiona Maddocks, Hildegard of Bingen, 85

The Marble Season, Gilbert Hernandez, 13

Andrew Martin, Night Train to Jamalpur, 22

Owen McCafferty, Quietly, 76

Maria McCann, Ace, King, Knave, 14

Frank McGuinness, The Dead, 76

Liam McIlvanney, Where the Dead Men Go, 23

Eoin McNamee, Blue is the Night, 26

The #MEATLiquor Chronicles, Yanni Pastoulis and Scott Collins, 91

Richard Milward, Kimberly’s Capital Punishment, 100

John Mitchinson, 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off, 105

Andrew Motion, The Customs House, 106

Musorgsky and his Circle, Stephen Walsh, 82


Daljit Nagra, Ramayana, 62

Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny, Michael Broers, 34

Narcopolis (audio), Jeet Thayil, 112

Michael Newton, Age of Assassins, 103

Night Train to Jamalpur, Andrew Martin, 22

No Quarter, Polly Stenham, 79

Alissa Nutting, Tampa, 8


Edna O’Brien, The Love Object, 12

Sean O’Brien (ed.), Train Songs, 54

Fintan O’Toole (ed.), Up the Republic!, 104

The Orators, W. H. Auden, 106

The Orphan of Zhao, James Fenton, 75

The Other Lives of Greta Wells, Andrew Sean Greer, 7


Orhan Pamuk, Silent House, 100

Yanni Pastoulis, The #MEATLiquor Chronicles, 91

Don Paterson (ed.), Train Songs, 54

Nick Payne, Constellations, 78

David Peace, Red or Dead, 10

Iain Pears, Arcadia, 116

Neil Perryman, Adventures with the Wife in Space, 50

Petit Mallegories, DBC Pierre, 92

A Pianist’s A–Z, Alfred Brendel, 84

DBC Pierre, Petit Mallegories, 92

The Pinecone, Jenny Uglow, 103

Sylvia Plath, Drawings, 64

Plays 1, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, 72

Poetry Please, 56

Prince, Matt Thorne, 107

Project Rainbow, Rod Ellingworth with William Fotheringham, 44


Quartermaine’s Terms, Simon Gray, 79

Quietly, Owen McCafferty, 76


Jean Racine, Berenice and Bajazet, 75

Racing Hard, William Fotheringham, 47

Ramayana, Daljit Nagra, 62

Amy Raphael, Danny Boyle, 103

Rats’ Tales, Carol Ann Duffy and Melly Still, 74

The Red Moth (international edition), Sam Eastland, 108

Red or Dead, David Peace, 10

Christopher Reid, Six Bad Poets, 57

Report from the Interior, Paul Auster, 38

Dan Richards, Holloway, 37



InDex InDex


Jim Ring, Storming the Eagle’s Nest, 36

Maurice Riordan, The Water Stealer, 60

Nicolas Roeg, The World is Ever Changing, 96

Eugen Ruge, In Times of Fading Light, 6


Schroder (international edition), Amity Gaige, 108

The Secret Footballer, 46

William Shakespeare, The Sonnets (audio), 112

Stav Sherez, Eleven Days, 102

Silent House, Orhan Pamuk, 100

Six Bad Poets, Christopher Reid, 57

Michael Smith, Lost in London, 93

The Sonnets (audio), William Shakespeare, 112

Stage Blood, Michael Blakemore, 68

Bob Stanley, Yeah Yeah Yeah, 90

Polly Stenham, No Quarter, 79

Melly Still, Rats’ Tales, 74

Storming the Eagle’s Nest, Jim Ring, 36

The Story of the World Cup: 2014, Brian Glanville, 104

Swing Low, Miriam Toews, 40


Tampa, Alissa Nutting, 8

Roger Taylor, God Bless the NHS, 42

The Temporary, Rachel Cusk, 101

Testaments Betrayed (audio), Milan Kundera, 112

Jeet Thayil, Narcopolis (audio), 112

The Turn of the Screw, Henry James in a version

by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, 73

This Is How You Lose Her, Junot Díaz, 101;

(international edition), Junot Díaz, 108

Ben Thompson, Ban This Filth!, 104

Matt Thorne, Prince, 107

Miriam Toews, Swing Low, 40

Train Songs, edited by Don Paterson and Sean O’Brien, 54


Jenny Uglow, The Pinecone, 103

Uncle Vanya, Anton Chekhov in a version

by Christopher Hampton, 71

Untangling the Web, Aleks Krotoski, 41

Up the Republic!, edited by Fintan O’Toole, 104

Nicola Upson, The Death of Lucy Kyte, 20


Walking Home (audio), Simon Armitage, 112

Stephen Walsh, Musorgsky and his Circle, 82

The Water Stealer, Maurice Riordan, 60

What a Wonderful World, Marcus Chown, 30

Where the Dead Men Go, Liam McIlvanney, 23

Robert Williams, How the Trouble Started, 101

Winter Journal, Paul Auster, 103

Ian Winwood, Birth School Metallica Death, 88

The World is Ever Changing, Nicolas Roeg, 96


Y, Marjorie Celona, 100

Mark Yarm, Everybody Loves Our Town, 107

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Bob Stanley, 90



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