New Books Spring 2012 - Faber and Faber

New Books Spring 2012 - Faber and Faber

New Books

Faber and Faber

January – June 2012


Original Fiction

6 Capital

8 The Chemistry of Tears

10 Skios

12 The Street Sweeper

13 Narcopolis

14 The Spider King’s Daughter

15 Drifting House

17 In the Orchard, the Swallows

18 The Revelations

19 The Big Music

19 Brooklyn Heights

20 Sound

21 Time On My Hands

22 Open City

23 The Mill for Grinding Old

People Young

24 The Expats

25 The Baghdad Railway Club

26 Siberian Red

27 Fear in the Sunlight

28 Voices of the Dead

29 A Dark Redemption

30 Death in the Sun

31 Hit & Run

Original Non-Fiction

34 You Can’t Say That

36 Aftermath

38 Point Man

40 Ordinary Dogs

41 Blood on the Altar

42 The Challenge

43 The Death of Mao

44 Empire of the Clouds

45 The Science of Love and Betrayal

46 Tweeting the Universe

47 The Solar System

48 This is Not the Way

49 Running with the Kenyans

50 Celtic

51 766 and All That

52 Keeping Up with the Germans

53 India Rising

54 The Ultimate Book of

Heroic Failures

55 Stewart Lee! ‘If You Prefer a

Milder Comedian Please Ask

For One’ EP

56 How To Leave Twitter

57 Comedy Rules

58 Unnovations

59 Scenes from an Impending


Original Poetry

62 Jubilee Lines

64 The Death of King Arthur

65 Poems of James Fenton

66 The Complete Poems of

Philip Larkin

67 Collected Poems of

Samuel Beckett

68 The Poems of Basil Bunting

69 The Letters of T. S. Eliot

70 New Selected Journals

of Stephen Spender

71 Sir Thomas Wyatt

72 Gerard Manley Hopkins

72 Percy Bysshe Shelley

73 Christina Rossetti

73 John Donne

74 The Poetry of Simon Armitage

75 Faber and Faber Poetry

Diary 2013

76 The Forward Book of Poetry 2012

77 Poems of the Decade

Original Drama

80 South Downs and Mere Fact,

Mere Fiction

81 Richard Nelson Plays 2

82 Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

82 Greenland

83 And I and Silence

83 Gogol’s Government Inspector

84 American Trade

84 The Village Bike

85 Farewell to the Theatre

85 Jumpy

Original Music

88 Death of a Polaroid

90 Mother, Brother, Lover

91 The Doors

92 Here Comes Everybody

93 How Soon is Now

94 Will Oldham on Bonnie

Prince Billy

95 Music as Alchemy

Original Film

98 Writing in Pictures

Original Children’s

102 Justin’s Jokes

103 Mysteries According to Humphrey

104 My Great Big Birthday Bash!

105 My Treasure Hunt Trouble!

106 The Dreaded Noodle-Doodles

107 Mystery Horse

108 Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior

109 The Fury

110 The Things We Did for Love

111 The Glimpse

112 Pulse: A Siren book

113 Jasper and the Green Marvel

113 Snakes’ Elbows

114 Rag Bag Friends

115 The Rabbit Rescue

115 Treasure Island Trouble


Paperback Fiction

118 On Canaan’s Side

118 Gillespie and I

118 Smut: Two Unseemly Stories

118 The Meeting Point

119 Saints and Sinners

119 The Emperor of Lies

119 Long Time, No See

119 The Possessions of Doctor Forrest

120 Cedilla

120 Irma Voth

120 Saving Agnes

120 The Path of Minor Planets

121 The Storm at the Door

121 The Devil’s Mask

121 The Ground is Burning

121 The History of History

122 Three Miles

122 Hate: A Romance

122 Is Just a Movie

122 City of the Dead

123 The Somme Stations

123 Bloodland

123 White Death

123 An Evil Eye

Paperback Non-Fiction

124 No Angel

124 You Can’t Say That

124 The Children of Lovers

124 Now All Roads Lead to France

125 Ian Fleming’s Commandos

125 If Walls Could Talk

125 The West End Front

125 Explorers of the Nile

126 Mission to China

126 Venetian Navigators

126 Divided Houses

126 You’re Looking Very Well

127 The Ultimate Book

of Heroic Failures

127 I Was Douglas Adams’s Flatmate

127 A Shadow Falls

127 Ghosts of Spain

128 When I Am Playing With My Cat,

How Do I Know She Is Not

Playing With Me?

Paperback Film

128 Tough Without a Gun

128 Sean Penn

128 Steven Spielberg

Paperback Poetry

129 Human Chain

129 Family Values

129 Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible

White-Man-Eating Tiger


129 Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets

130 High Windows

130 Poems of Philip Larkin

130 River

130 Remains of Elmet

Paperback Music

131 Retromania

131 Listening to Van Morrison

Paperback Children’s

131 The Sleeping Army

131 Meet My Folks

International Editions

132 Burned

132 Gillespie and I

132 On Canaan’s Side

132 Irma Voth

133 An Evil Eye

2 3

Faber Digital

136 The Waste Land

138 Faber Academy

139 Faber Finds

140 Index

142 Contacts








Pepys Road: an ordinary street in

the Capital. Each house has seen a

hundred years of fortunes made and

lost, of hearts broken, of first steps

and last breaths. Today, through each

letterbox, drops a card with a simple


We Want What You Have.

At forty, Roger Yount is blessed with

an expensive wife, two almost equally

expensive small sons and a job in the

City. His hoped-for Christmas bonus

of a million pounds might seem

excessive, but with second homes

and nannies to maintain, it’s starting

to look more like a necessity.

Elsewhere in the capital, Zbigniew

has come from Warsaw to indulge the

affluent in their interior decoration

whims. Freddy Kano, teenage football

sensation, has left a two-room shack

in Senegal to follow his dream.Traffic

warden Quentina has exchanged

political activism in Zimbabwe for

encounters with enraged motorists.

For them all, this non-stop city offers

the chance of a different kind of life.

Epic in its scope, and yet intimate and

contemplative, Capital is a novel filled

with humour, compassion and truth.



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


978 0 571 234608



John Lanchester’s The Debt

to Pleasure, Mr Phillips and

Fragrant Harbour have won

several prizes and been

translated into more than

twenty languages. His memoir,

Family Romance, was published

in 2007 to great acclaim. He is

married and lives in London.

‘Comedy which is rich and humane . . .

a delight from first page to last.’

Allan Massie, Scotsman, on Mr Phillips

Export Trade Paperback

978 0 571 234615


6 7



Peter Carey

The Chemistry of Tears

An automaton, a man and a woman

who can never meet, a secret love

story, and the fate of the warming

world are all brought to incandescent

life in this hauntingly moving novel

from one of the finest writers of our


London 2011, Catherine Gehrig,

conservator at the Swinburne

museum, learns of the unexpected

death of her colleague and lover of

thirteen years. As the mistress of

a married man she has to grieve in

private. One other person knows

their secret, the director of the

museum, who arranges for Catherine

to be given a special project away

from prying eyes. Mad with grief,

the usually controlled and rational

Catherine discovers a series of

handwritten notebooks telling the

story of the man who originally

commissioned the extraordinary and

eerie automaton she has been asked

to bring back to life.

With a precocious new assistant,

Amanda, at her side, she starts to

piece together both the clockwork

puzzle and the story of the

mechanical creature which was

commissioned in nineteenth-century

Germany by an English man, Henry

Brandling, as a ‘magical amusement’

for his consumptive son. Having been

asked to leave his home by his wife,

Henry turns his hurtful departure into

an adventure that he records for his

young child.

But it is Catherine Gehrig, in a

strangely stormy and overheated

London nearly two hundred years

later, who will find comfort and

wonder in reading Henry’s story. And

it is the automaton, in its beautiful,

uncanny imitation of life, that will

link two strangers confronted with

the mysteries of life and death, the

miracle and catastrophe of human

invention and the body’s astonishing

chemistry of love and feeling.



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


978 0 571 279975



‘Carey is an extraordinarily clever, able

writer. He is one of the writers, personally

speaking, that I feel most pleased to be alive

at the same time as. It is like being alive at

the time Dickens was writing, I think he is

that good.’

Andrew Motion

Twice winner of the Booker

Prize, Peter Carey’s most recent

novel, Parrot and Olivier in

America, was described by

the New Yorker as ‘a comic

masterpiece’ and by the Sunday

Times as ‘an exhilarating tourde-force’.

It was shortlisted for

both the Man Booker Prize and

a National Book Award in 2010.

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978 0 571 279982


8 9

© Ashley Gilbertson



Michael Frayn


A story of mislaid indentity,

misdirected passion and

miscalculated consequences, from

the master of farce Michael Frayn.

On the sunlit Greek island of Skios,

the Fred Toppler Foundation’s annual

lecture is to be given by Dr Norman

Wilfred, the world-famous authority

on the scientific organisation

of science. He turns out to be

surprisingly young and charming –

not at all the intimidating figure they

had been expecting. The Foundation’s

guests are soon eating out of his

hand. So, even sooner, is Nikki, the

attractive and efficient organiser.

Meanwhile, in a remote villa at the

other end of the island, Nikki’s old

school-friend Georgie waits for the

notorious chancer she has rashly

agreed to go on holiday with, and

who has only too characteristically

failed to turn up. Trapped in the villa

with her, by an unfortunate chain of

misadventure, is a balding old gent

called Dr Norman Wilfred, who has

lost his whereabouts, his luggage, his

temper and increasingly all normal

sense of reality – everything he

possesses apart from the flyblown

text of a well-travelled lecture on the

scientific organisation of science . . .



UK, Commonwealth and

EU exclusive

‘One of our sharpest novelists and most

amusing (and thoughtful) of playwrights.’

Peter Lewis, Daily Mail


978 0 571 281411



Michael Frayn was born in

London in 1933 and began his

career as a journalist on the

Guardian and the Observer.

His novels include Towards

the End of the Morning, The

Trick of It and A Landing on

the Sun. Headlong (1999) was

shortlisted for the Booker

Prize, while his most recent

novel, Spies (2002), won the

Whitbread Novel Award. His

fifteen plays range from Noises

Off to Copenhagen and, most

recently, Afterlife. My Father’s

Fortune, a memoir about his

father, was shortlsted for the

Costa Biography Award 2011.

He is married to the writer

Claire Tomalin.

Export Trade Paperback

978 0 571 281428


10 11

© Ekko von Schwichow

Elliot Perlman The Street Sweeper

On the crowded streets of New York

City there are even more stories than

there are people passing each other

every day . . . only some of these

stories survive to become history.

Lamont Williams, recently released

from prison and working as a

hospital janitor, strikes up an unlikely

friendship with a patient, an elderly

Jewish Holocaust survivor who starts

to tell him of his extraordinary past.

Meanwhile Adam Zignelik, the son

of a prominent Jewish civil rights

lawyer, is facing a personal crisis:

almost forty-years old, his longterm

relationship is faltering and his

academic career has stalled. It’s only

when one of his late father’s closest

friends, the civil rights activist William

McCray, suggests a promising

research topic that the possibility of

some kind of redemption arises.

Dealing with memory, racism and the

human capacity for guilt, resilience,

heroism, and unexpected kindness,

The Street Sweeper spans over fifty

years, and ranges from New York to

Melbourne, Chicago, Warsaw and

Auschwitz, as these two very different

paths – Adam’s and Lamont’s – lead

to one greater story.





978 0 571 236848



‘A colossal achievement . . . Perlman is a

brilliant storyteller. His narrative structure is

intellectually dashing and reading [Seven

Types of Ambiguity] is an endlessly

pleasurable navigation.’

Kate Kellaway, Observer

Trade Paperback




UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, Australia

and New Zealand

Elliot Perlman is the acclaimed

author of a collection of short

stories and two novels, Three

Dollars, the film adaptation of

which was released in 2005,

and Seven Types of Ambiguity,

which was a ‘New York Times

Notable Book’ and a national

bestseller in France, where it

was described as ‘one of the

best novels of recent years, a

complete success’ (Le Monde).

A barrister, he lived in New York

for many years and currently

lives in Melbourne.


978 0 571 275762



Jeet Thayil

Wait now, light me up so we do this

right, yes, hold me steady to the lamp,

hold it, hold, good, a slow pull to start

with, to draw the smoke low into the

lungs, yes, oh my . . .

Shuklaji Street, in Old Bombay. In

Rashid’s opium room the air is thick.

A beautiful young woman leans to

hold a long-stemmed pipe over a

flame. Around her, men sprawl and

mutter. Here, people say that you

introduce only your worst enemy to


Outside, stray dogs lope in packs.

Hookers call for custom as their

pimps slouch in doorways. There

is an underworld whisper of a

new terror: the Pathar Maar, the

stone killer, whose victims are the

nameless, invisible poor. There are

too many of them to count in this

broken city.

Narcopolis is a rich, chaotic,

hallucinatory dream of a novel that

captures the Bombay of the 1970s in

all its compelling squalor. With a cast

of pimps, pushers, poets, gangsters

and eunuchs, it is a journey into a

sprawling underworld written in

electric and utterly original prose.

Trade Paperback





UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


Jeet Thayil was born in Kerala,

India, in 1959 and educated

in Hong Kong, New York and

Bombay. He is a performance

poet, songwriter and guitarist,

and has published four

collections of poetry. He is the

editor of The Bloodaxe Book

of Contemporary Indian Poets

(2008). He currently lives in

New Delhi.

‘Completely fascinating and told with a

feverish and furious necessity, Narcopolis

cultivates for us a glorious world which is

simultaneously fantastical yet highly realistic.

Jeet Thayil has written a work we can place

on our book shelves next to Roberto Bolaño,

next to G.V. Desani and Hubert Selby.’

Alan Warner









A heart-wrenching debut novel from

a young Nigerian writer.

The Spider King’s Daughter is a

modern-day Romeo and Juliet set

against the backdrop of Lagos, a

city torn between tradition and

modernity, corruption and truth, love

and family loyalty.


978 0 571 268894



Seventeen-year-old Abike Johnson

is the favourite child of her wealthy

father. She lives in a sprawling

mansion in Lagos, protected by

armed guards and ferried everywhere

in a huge black jeep.

A world away from Abike’s mansion,

in the city’s slums, lives a seventeenyear-old

hawker struggling to make

sense of the world. His family lost

everything after his father’s death

and now he runs after cars on the

roadside selling ice cream to support

his mother and sister.

When Abike buys ice cream from

the hawker one day, they strike up

an unlikely and tentative romance,

defying the prejudices of Nigerian

society. But as they grow closer,

revelations from the past threaten

their relationship and both Abike and

the hawker must decide where their

loyalties lie.

Trade Paperback




World All Languages



The Spider King’s Daughter

Chibundu Onuzo was born

in Nigeria in 1991 and is the

youngest of four children. She

is currently studying History at

King’s College, London. When

not writing, Chibundu can be

found playing the piano or


Until this moment, she had been a lonely girl

in a large car. If I thought it odd that she

only bought ice cream from me, though up

to six of us might flock to her window,

I didn’t let it bother me.


978 0 571 276189



Krys Lee

In the tradition of Chang-rae Lee’s

Native Speaker and Jhumpa Lahiri’s

Interpreter of Maladies, Drifting House

is an unforgettable work by a gifted

new writer.

Alternating between the lives of

Koreans struggling through seventy

years of turbulent, post-World War

II history in their homeland and the

communities of Korean immigrants

grappling with assimilation in the

United States, Krys Lee’s haunting

debut story collection, Drifting House,

weaves together intricate tales of

family and love, abandonment and

loss on both sides of the Pacific.

In the title story, children escaping

famine in North Korea are forced

to make unthinkable sacrifices to

survive. The tales set in America

reveal the immigrants’ unmoored

existence, playing out in cramped

apartments and Koreatown strip

malls, from the abandoned wife in

‘A Temporary Marriage’, who enters

into a sham marriage to find her

kidnapped daughter, to the makeshift

family in ‘At the Edge of the World’

which is fractured when a shaman

from the old country moves in next


Trade Paperback




UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


Drifting House

‘What wonderful and haunting worlds

Krys Lee illuminates – a goose for a goose

father, a sympathetic wife made bold by her

husband’s infidelity – all facets of a Korea

and a Korean America made new by this

exciting writer’s entrancing vision.’

Janice Y. K. Lee, author of The Piano Teacher



Krys Lee was born in Seoul,

South Korea, raised in California

and Washington, and studied in

the United States and England.

She was a finalist for Best

New American Voices in 2006,

and her work has appeared in

The Kenyon Review, Narrative

Magazine, California Quarterly,

Pacific Ties, The Korea Times,

and Asia Weekly. She divides

her time between South Korea

and the United States. Read her

blog at

or follow her on Twitter








A novel of displacement and

discovery from one of Egypt’s most

exciting new voices in fiction.

Brooklyn Heights, the fourth novel

by award-winning Egyptian author

Miral El-Tahawy, revolves around the

character of Hend, an Arabic teacher

and would-be writer in her late

thirties, who emigrates to the United

States from Cairo with her eight year

old son after the painful break-up of

her marriage.

Hend and her son arrive in Brooklyn

during the presidential elections of

2008. She dreams of change, selffulfillment

and the possibility of love.

She becomes involved in the lives

of other immigrant women in her

community and through their shared

experiences begins an odyssey

of self-discovery shaped by her

memories of childhood and of her

coming of age during a dramatically

changing political era in Egypt.


978 0 571 280025



Recently awarded the 2010 Naguib

Mahfouz Medal for Literature, and

short-listed for the International Prize

for Fiction, popularly known as the

Arabic Booker, Brooklyn Heights is

an insightful and mesmerizing work

of fiction which describes afresh the

immigrant experience.

Trade Paperback




Brooklyn Heights

‘A novel of displacement and exile

par excellence.’

Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature Judging Panel

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


Critically acclaimed Egyptian

author Miral al-Tahawy was born

in Sharqiya in the Egyptian

Delta into a Bedouin family

of the al-Hanadi tribe. The

youngest of seven children, she

is now an Assistant Professor

in the Department of Foreign

Languages and Literature, and

Director of the Arabic program

at Appalachian State University

in North Carolina. Her previous

works The Tent (1998), Blue

Aubergine (2002), and Gazelle

Tracks (2009) have collectively

been translated into many

languages. Brooklyn Heights is

her first novel to be published

in English.


978 0 571 279272



Peter Hobbs

In the foothills of a mountain range

in northern Pakistan is a beautiful

orchard. Swallows wheel and dive

silently over the branches, and the

scent of jasmine threads through

the air. Pomegranates hang heavy,

their skins darkening to a deep

crimson. Neglected now, the trees are

beginning to grow wild, their fruit left

to spoil on the branches.

Many miles away, a frail young man

is flung out of prison gates. Looking

up, scanning the horizon for swallows

in flight, he stumbles and collapses

in the roadside dust. His ravaged

body tells the story of fifteen years of

brutality – the repeated beatings that

have marked his journey to manhood.

Just one image has held and

sustained him – the thought of

the young girl who had left him

dumbstruck with wonder all those

years ago, whose eyes were lit up

with life. But they were children

then, and knew nothing of love, or of


A tale of tenderness in the face

of great and corrupt power, In

The Orchard, The Swallows is a

heartbreaking novel written in prose

of exquisite stillness and beauty.

Trade Paperback




World All Languages



In the Orchard, the Swallows

Peter Hobbs grew up in

Cornwall and Yorkshire, and

lives in London. His debut

novel, The Short Day Dying,

was published by Faber in

2005. It was shortlisted for

the Whitbread First Novel

Award, the IMPAC Award, the

John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and

won a Betty Trask Prize. It was

also shortlisted for the 2007

International IMPAC Dublin

Literary Award. A collection

of stories, I Could Ride All Day

In My Cool Blue Train, was

published in 2006.

‘A book of great beauty, and steel. Peter

Hobbs gets under the skin of Pakistan’s

power structures, its favourite love stories,

and the breathtaking quality of its Northern

landscape - and he does so in prose that is

astonishingly taut and evocative.’

Kamila Shamsie




Alex Preston





978 0 571 277582



A group of young people are

searching for meaning in a dark and

directionless world. The Course,

a religious movement led by a

charismatic priest, seems at first to

offer everything the friends have been

looking for: a community of bright,

thoughtful, beautiful people.

As the novel opens, the friends

have been elevated to the position

of course leaders. This is a crucial

moment for the Course – it is about

to expand into America and any

misstep on their part will jeopardise

the entire operation.

As they manoeuvre the new recruits

deeper into the Course, money, sex

and God collide, threatening to rip

their friendship apart.

This gripping novel of ideas lays bare

a world where the advancement of a

movement becomes more important

than the lives of its followers. It also

asks the question: if God is allforgiving,

does that justify any sin?

Trade Paperback




The Revelations

World English Language



Alex Preston was born in

1979. He lives in London with

his wife and two children. His

first novel, This Bleeding City,

won the Spear’s as well as the

Edinburgh Festival first book

prize, was selected as one of

Waterstone’s New Voices 2010

and has been translated into

twelve languages. Alex is a

regular panelist on the BBC

Review Show and writes a

fortnightly column in the New

Statesman, as well as journalism

for GQ, the Observer, the

Independent and the Telegraph.

He studied English under Tom

Paulin at Hertford College,

Oxford. For more information

please visit Alex’s website:

‘A moving and powerful debut - the best

fictional evocation of the despair of

materialism so far.’

Oliver James, on This Bleeding City





Kirsty Gunn





The hills only come back the same: I

don’t mind . . . begins Kirsty Gunn’s

The Big Music, a novel that transports

us to a different understanding of

how fiction can affect us.

Presented as a collection of found

papers, appendices and notes, The

Big Music tells the story of John

Sutherland of ‘The Grey House’, who

is dying and creating in the last days

of his life a musical composition that

will define it. Yet he has little idea

of how his tune will echo or play

out into the world – and as the book

moves inevitably through its themes

of death and birth, change and stasis,

the sound of his solitary story comes

to merge and connect with those

around him.

In this work of fiction, Kirsty Gunn

has created something as real as

music or as a dream. One emerges

at the end of it altered and changed.

Not so much a novel as a place the

reader comes to inhabit and know,

The Big Music is a literary work of

undeniable originality and power.

UK and Commonwealth



The Big Music

Kirsty Gunn published her

first novel with Faber in 1994

and since then has written

five works of fiction, including

short stories and a collection

of fragments and meditations.

Translated in over twelve

territories, her books have been

broadcast, turned into film,

and are the recipient of various

awards, including Scottish Book

of the Year.

‘It is marvellous . . . The suspense is

wonderfully managed and the writing is

magic. I felt joy at every word.’

John Carey on The Boy and the Sea

‘Made me feel like a teenager again.


John Burnside on The Boy and the Sea




Tom Wolf

A wildly imaginative and inventive

debut novel; the fictional soundtrack

to Generation Y.

Set on the Jersey Shore over the

course of one long summer, Sound

is the story of Cincy, a young man

who returns, somewhat reluctantly,

to his childhood town and takes up

a job as a boatyard manager. The

town is saturated with nostalgia

and melancholy for Cincy, and as

he attempts to oversee the eclectic

employees at Trenton’s, he struggles

to find meaning in a place that seems

only to offer mundanity – until one

day he meets Vera, and suddenly his

purpose becomes clear.

A poignant love affair with an

incredibly atmospheric setting,

Cincy’s search for meaning and his

battle to get the girl are brilliantly

evoked using the form of a musical

score, with the reader ‘hearing’

the book as it is read: dialogue,

thought, backgrounds, heartbeats

and a hip-hop soundtrack are layered

throughout the pages.

A haunting and emotive story,

enriched by a highly unusual new

form, Sound rings out with a simple,

understated clarity.





978 0 571 272273



Trade Paperback




World excluding US & Canada




Lyrics by Cincy Stiles

Recorded, Produced and Arranged by Tom Lynman

Tom ‘T. M.’ Wolf was born

and raised on the Jersey

Shore. His writings on music,

technology, culture and law

have appeared in PopMatters,

Stylus, Okayplayer, the Stanford

Technology Law Review,

Undercover Magazine (UK)

and The Foundation: A Mixtape

Magazine. He is currently a

third-year student at the Yale

Law School. Readers can follow

him on Twitter: @tom_tm_wolf.

She caught my eye for the first time,

waiting in a pool of light at the far end

of the canopy.


978 0 571 272204



Giorgio Vasta

Palermo, Sicily, 1978. The Christian

Democrat leader Aldo Moro has just

been kidnapped in Rome by members

of the notorious Red Brigades. Two

months after his disappearance on

9th May, Moro is found dead in the

boot of a car.

A trio of eleven-year-old schoolboys,

Nimbo, Raggio and Volo, avidly

follow the news of the abduction

as their admiration for the brigatisti

grows. When the boys themselves

resolve to abduct a classmate and

incarcerate him in a makeshift

‘people’s prison’ the darkness within

their world, and the world of the

novel, becomes all-pervasive.

Time On My Hands was shortlisted

for the Italian Booker Prize, Il

Premio Strega, in 2008 and has been

translated into many languages.

A vivid and hellish description of

Sicily in the late seventies and an

extraordinary journey into a world of

fierce absolutism, Time On My Hands

is an unforgettable novel from one

of the most arresting new voices to

arrive from Italy.

Trade Paperback




World English Language



Time On My Hands

Giorgio Vasta was born in

Palermo in 1970 and now lives

and works in Turin. A former

editor at the publishing house

Einaudi, his stories have

been published in various

anthologies. Time On My Hands

is his first novel.

‘Without question one of the most

important novels to emerge from Italy

the past ten years.’

Ian Thomson, Times Literary Supplement




Teju Cole





978 0 571 279425



The past, if there is such a thing, is

mostly empty space, great expanses of

nothing, in which significant persons and

events float. Nigeria was like that for me:

mostly forgotten, except for those few

things that I remembered with outsize


Along the streets of Manhattan,

a young Nigerian doctor wanders

aimlessly. Walking releases Julius

from the tightly regulated mental

environment of work, and gives

him the opportunity to process his

relationships, his recent break-up with

his girlfriend, his present, his past. He

is navigating the busy parts of town,

but the impression of countless faces

does nothing to assuage his feelings

of isolation.

Julius criss-crosses social territory

as well, encountering people from

different cultures and classes who

will provide insight on his journey

– a journey which will take him to

Brussels, to the Nigeria of his youth,

and into the most unrecognisable

facets of his own soul.

A haunting novel about national

identity, race, liberty, loss, dislocation,

and surrender, Teju Cole’s Open City

seethes with intelligence. Written in

clear, rhythmic prose that lingers, this

book is a mature, profound work by

an important new voice.

Open City

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UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


Teju Cole was brought up in

Nigeria and moved to the

USA in 1992. He is a writer,

photographer and professional

historian of early Netherlandish

art. Open CIty is his first novel.

He lives in New York City.

‘If Baudelaire was a young African,

wandering the streets of contemporary

New York, this is the book he’d write. A

melancholy, beautiful meditation on modern

urban life, it has echoes of W. G. Sebald and

Walter Benjamin and reveals Teju Cole as

one of a talented new generation of global

writers, at home in the world.’

Hari Kunzru


978 0 571 281831





In the cold dawn of Christmas Day

1897, Gilbert Rice, 85-years-old and

in failing health, recounts his journey

into manhood in a city on the cusp of

great change.

Belfast in the 1830s was a city in

flux. Industrialisation led to a rapid

increase in population as workers

flocked to the newly created jobs.

Gilbert, a young man with prospects,

begins work at the Ballast Office,

supervising Belfast Port.

In a city that still resonates with

the unspoken legacy of the 1798

Rebellion, Gilbert begins to question

the injustices that he sees. An

aristocratic clique controls a town

simmering with sectarian tensions.

When he meets Maria, a Polish exile

from Russian persecution, he is

drawn into a love affair that will drive

him to make a stand.

The Mill for Grinding Old People Young

is a brilliantly imaginative and moving

historical novel. It evokes a vanished

city that resonates powerfully with

our contemporary anxieties.

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World All Languages



The Mill for Grinding

Old People Young

Glenn Patterson is the author

of seven previous novels and

a memoir, Once Upon a Hill:

Love in Troubled Times. He has

written plays for Radio 3 and

Radio 4 and is the co-writer of

Good Vibrations (BBC Films),

based on the life of Belfast

punk impresario Terri Hooley,

which is due for release in 2012.

A collection of his journalism,

for among others the Guardian,

Sunday Times and Irish Times,

was published in 2006 as

Lapsed Protestant. He lives in


‘Glenn Patterson is Northern Ireland’s prose

laureate. His writing is as compelling as it is


Will Self








Chris Pavone

Discover the must-read thriller for

summer 2012.

When her husband accepts a new

job in Luxembourg, Kate Moore

thinks she is leaving her top-secret

life in the CIA behind. It’s the perfect

opportunity for her family to start

again as expatriates in a genteel,

European city with a new home, new

friends and a new life.

But when Kate and her husband,

Dexter, are befriended by another

American couple, Julia and Bill,

Kate can’t help but sense that they

may not be who they say they are.

Charming and sociable, they are also

vague about their past in ways that

Kate, as ex-CIA, knows intelligence

operatives have to be. With Dexter

immersed in work – where he is

developing a top secret banking

security system – Kate is left to try

and unravel the deception for herself.

She begins to monitor them,

mirroring their clandestine

investigation even as they become

closer friends, going out in the

nightclubs of Paris and skiing in the

Alps. For Kate, it’s essential that she

find out if her past has come back to

haunt her family, to see what loose

end she may have left undone…

A debut to remember, Chris Pavone’s

The Expats will keep you enthralled

and guessing until the very end.



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


978 0 571 279142



The Expats

All of us have secrets . . .

© Nina Subin

Export Trade Paperback

978 0 571 279166


Chris Pavone grew up in

Brooklyn, graduated from

Cornell, and was an editor at

book-publishing houses in New

York for fifteen years. In 2008,

he moved with his wife and

boys to Luxembourg for two

years, before they returned to

New York.


978 0 571 249619









Baghdad 1917. Captain Jim Stringer,

invalided from the Western Front, has

been dispatched to investigate what

looks like a nasty case of treason.

He arrives to find a city on the point

of insurrection, his cover apparently

blown – and his only contact lying

dead with flies in his eyes.

As Baghdad swelters in a particularly

torrid summer, the heat alone

threatens the lives of the British

soldiers who occupy the city. The

recently ejected Turks are still a

danger – and many of the local Arabs

are none too friendly either.

For Jim, who is not particularly good

in warm weather, the situation grows

pricklier by the day. Aside from his

investigation, he is working on the

railways around the city. His boss is

the charming, enigmatic Lieutenant-

Colonel Shepherd, who presides over

the gracious dining society called The

Baghdad Railway Club – and who

may or may not be a Turkish agent.

Jim’s search for the truth brings him

up against murderous violence in a

heat-dazed, labyrinthine city where

an enemy awaits around every


World English Language



The Baghdad Railway Club

‘Iconoclastic, entertaining and often

devastatingly witty.’

Barry Forshaw, Independent




Andrew Martin is a journalist

and novelist. His much-loved

‘Jim Stringer’ series began with

The Necropolis Railway in 2002.

The third and fourth books in

the series, Murder at Deviation

Junction and Death on a Branch

Line, were shortlisted for the

Ellis Peters Historical Crime

Award and, in 2008, Andrew

Martin was shortlisted for the

CWA Dagger in the Library



Sam Eastland





It is September 1939. The Second

World War has begun.

Even as the fighting rages in Poland,

Stalin’s long time obsession with the

missing treasure of Tsar Nicholas II

is rekindled when an informant in an

isolated Gulag, deep in the wastes of

Siberia, offers – in exchange for his

freedom – to reveal the location of

Colonel Kolchak, the man entrusted

by the Tsar with hiding his gold from

the Bolsheviks.


978 0 571 260676



When Stalin learns that the informant

has been knifed to death he summons

his chief investigator, Pekkala, to the

Kremlin and orders him to solve the


To accomplish his mission, Pekkala

must return to Borodok, the same

notorious Gulag where he spent

many years as a prisoner. There, he

must pose as a prisoner in order to

unravel the mystery.

But when Pekkala returns to the

brutal world of the Gulag he

discovers that he is not immune

to the ferocious paranoia of Stalin


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Siberian Red

World excluding US



Sam Eastland’s Inspector

Pekkala series (Eye of the Red

Tsar, The Red Coffin, Siberian

Red etc) is the creation of Paul

Watkins, who has been a Faber

author for more than 20 years.

Paul Watkins published his first

novel, Night Over Day Over

Night, at the age of 23 and has

since published 14 more books,

which have been translated

into 18 languages. They include

Calm at Sunset, which won the

Encore Prize and was made

into a film, Archangel, which

won the Holtby Prize from the

Royal Society of Literature, The

Story of my Disappearance and

The Forger, both of which are

currently being made into films.

As well as works of fiction,

he also wrote The Fellowship

of Ghosts, a travel account

of hiking in the mountains of

Norway, and the best-selling

memoir of boarding school life,

Stand Before Your God.

Watkins is the son of Welsh

parents and the grandson of

a London Police Detective. He

was educated at the Dragon

School, Eton and Yale and lives

in the Northwoods of Maine.

“A writer of astonishing variety and range.”

Tobias Wolff

‘Eastland is for those who like their tales told

in the John Buchan style, with a shot of

vodka downed and a fully-loaded Webley

at the ready.’

Independent on Sunday


978 0 571 246281



Nicola Upson

Summer, 1936. Josephine Tey, joins

her friends in the holiday village of

Portmeirion to celebrate her fortieth

birthday. Alfred Hitchcock and his

wife, Alma Reville, are there to sign

a deal to film Josephine’s novel, A

Shilling for Candles, and Hitchcock

has one or two tricks up his sleeve to

keep the holiday party entertained –

and expose their deepest fears.

But things get out of hand when one

of Hollywood’s leading actresses

is brutally slashed to death in a

cemetery near the village. The

following day, as fear and suspicion

take over in a setting where nothing –

and no one – is quite what it seems.

Several years later, another horrific

murder, again linked to a Hitchcock

movie, drives Penrose back to

the scene of the original crime to

uncover the shocking truth.

Fear in the Sunlight is the fourth

detective novel following the life

and work of Golden Age writer,

Josephine Tey. Tey’s book, A Shilling

for Candles, was filmed by Hitchcock

as Young and Innocent. As well as

giving an insight into its adaptation,

the novel explores the personal

and professional relationship of

Hitchcock and his wife, Alma Reville,

looks at some of the darker sides of

the film industry; and pays tribute to

Clough Williams Ellis, the remarkable

creator of Portmeirion.

Trade Paperback




UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


Fear in the Sunlight

Nicola Upson was born in

Suffolk and read English at

Downing College, Cambridge.

She has worked in theatre and

as a freelance journalist, and is

the author of two non-fiction

works and the recipient of an

Escalator Award from the Arts

Council England. Her debut

novel, An Expert in Murder, was

the first in a series of crime

novels whose main character

is Josephine Tey. She lives with

her partner in Cambridge and

spends much of her time in

Cornwall, which was the setting

for her second novel, Angel with

Two Faces, which was followed

by Two for Sorrow.

‘Any crime aficionado should make room for

Nicola Upson’s novels in which the real-life

author Jospehine Tey investigates murders

in the thirties.’

Daily Telegraph









Peter Leonard

Detroit, 1971.


978 0 571 271498



Harry Levin, scrap metal dealer and

holocaust survivor, learns that his

daughter has been killed in a car

accident. Travelling to Washington

DC, he’s told by Detective Taggart

that the diplomat, who was drunk,

has been released and afforded

immunity; he will never face charges.

So Harry is left with only one option

– to discover the identity of this man,

follow him back to Munich and hunt

him down.

The first of a two-hander, Voices of

the Dead is a classic cat-and-mouse

thriller. Told with swagger, brutal

humour and not a little violence, it

follows a good man who is forced to

return to the horrors of his past.

Voices of the Dead will be followed in

Spring 2013 by Back from the Dead.

Trade Paperback




Voices of the Dead

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


Peter Leonard’s debut novel,

Quiver, was published to

international acclaim in 2008,

and was followed by Trust Me in

2009 and All He Saw Was the

Girl in 2011.

‘Lean and tight . . . one of those novels

you don’t read so much as glide through,

grinning and snorting.’

Guardian on All He Saw Was the Girl

‘Leonard gets better and better . . . There’s

the hot-plate sizzle of brilliantly written

dialogue, succinct description . . . crisp

characterisation . . . and an impeccable eye

for detail. Tremendous stuff, really.’

Uncut on All He Saw Was the Girl


978 0 571 244867



Stav Sherez

From the author of two highly

acclaimed thrillers (The Black

Monastery and The Devil’s Playground)

comes the first of a striking new

police procedural series.

A Dark Redemption introduces DI

Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller

as they investigate the brutal rape

and murder of a young Ugandan

student. Plunged into an underworld

of illegal immigrant communities,

they discover that the murdered girl’s

studies at a London College may

have threatened to reveal things that

some people will go to any lengths to

keep secret . . .

Unflinching, inventive and intelligent,

A Dark Redemption explores a sinister

case that will force DI Carrigan to

face up to his past and DS Miller to

confront what path she wants her

future to follow.

Trade Paperback




World English Language



A Dark Redemption

Stav Sherez is a freelance

journalist and the author of two

previous novels. The Devil’s

Playground (2004), his debut,

was described by James Sallis

as ‘altogether extraordinary,

it introduces a major new

talent’, and his second novel

The Black Monastery (2009),

was described as ‘dynamite

fiction’ in the Independent and

‘spectacular’ by Laura Wilson in

the Guardian.

‘This is an outstanding book in every

conceivable way. As a crime novel it’s near

faultless . . . Funny, freakish, disturbing

and all too true.’

Nick Stone, author of Mr Clarinet and Voodoo Eyes









Adam Creed

In Almagen, a small village in

the Andalucian mountains, Staffe

nurses himself back from the brink

of death, and is becoming a part

of the community. One day his

friend, Manolo, takes Staffe to visit

Almeria and tells him about a body

that has been found buried in an old


Staffe becomes inexorably drawn to

the case and befriends a journalist,

Raul, who presents the killing as a

simple case of drug-trafficking gone

wrong, but it soon emerges that

this murder mirrors the methods of

torture used during Spain’s brutal

civil war.


978 0 571 274970



When Raul plunges to his death in a

drunken car crash, Almagen’s own

secret past slowly rises to the surface,

bringing with it an expatriate ménage

of a famous British artist, a Vietnam

war vet, and a beautiful German


Between the sierra and the sea,

everyone seems to want to bury

the past – except Staffe, whose new

life is threatened as he refuses to

abandon his investigation. The closer

the unseen enemy gets, the more

Staffe’s own past haunts him – as he

gets closer than ever to the man who

murdered his parents.

Trade Paperback




Death in the Sun

‘Creed writes with a gritty realism

that doesn’t let go.’

Simon Beckett

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


Adam Creed was born in

Salford and read PPE at Balliol

College Oxford. He abandoned

a career in the City to study

writing at Sheffield Hallam

University, following which

he wrote in Andalucia then

returned to England to work

with writers in prison. He is now

Head of Writing at Liverpool

John Moores University and

Project Leader of Free to Write.

Death in the Sun is the fourth

novel in the D. I. Staffe series,

which also includes Suffer the

Children, Willing Flesh and Pain

of Death.


978 0 571 270453





You hit someone. You run. But what if

you have to go back?

Driving home from a party with his

girlfriend and brother, all of them

drunk and high on stolen pills, Billy

Blackmore accidentally hits someone

in the night. In a panic, they all

decide to drive off.

But the next day Billy wakes to find

he has to cover the story for the local

paper. It turns out the dead man was

Edinburgh’s biggest crime lord and,

as Billy struggles with what he’s done,

he is sucked into a nightmare of guilt,

retribution and violence.

From the author of the highly

acclaimed Smokeheads, Hit & Run is

another pitch-black psychological

thriller. Taut and pared down, in the

tradition of the great noir novels, it is

a dizzying portrait of a young man’s

freefall towards psychosis.

Trade Paperback




Hit & Run

World All Languages



Doug Johnstone is the

author of three novels, most

recently Smokeheads (2011),

described in The Times as ‘a

hugely atmospheric thriller

soaked in the spirit of life’.

Writer in residence at the

University of Strathclyde, he

is also a freelance journalist, a

songwriter and musician, and

has a PhD in nuclear physics. He

lives in Edinburgh.

‘Smokeheads will have you laughing and

wincing in equal measure as – thanks to the

passion with which Johnstone writes about

his main subject – you are left punch-drunk

by the whisky fumes that rise from the page.’

Laura Wilson, Guardian














You Can’t Say That


It goes without saying that Ken

Livingstone’s memoir will be

controversial. But it is also a frank,

gripping and moving autobiography.

Livingstone is one of the most

idiosyncratic and effective politicians

of the last fifty years, whose direct,

plain-speaking style and personality

have allowed him to survive longer

than any of his contemporaries –

often in the teeth of hostility from his

own party. Here is his unmistakable

voice, by turns passionately sincere

about social justice, wickedly droll

and gossipy, and surprisingly wistful

about people he has known and


Whether describing his difficult

childhood in working class South

London, his love of nature or his

battles with Margaret Thatcher and

Gordon Brown, Ken Livingstone

is never less than fascinating. His

stories of deals and intrigues in

committee rooms and council

chambers are eye-opening, and he

is frank about his relationships with

party bosses whose instinct was often

to run a mile from him.

You Can’t Say That is also revelatory

about how things get done in big

cities: Livingstone has been a

great reforming city leader, whose

achievements range from the

introduction of the congestion charge

and related environmental policies

to major changes in the integration

of London’s transport networks.

His campaigns against racism and

homophobia and for women’s rights

made him a hate figure in the 1980s,

but much of what he was arguing

then is now the common sense of all

decent politicians. And he played a

central role in bringing the Olympics

to London.

No matter what you think of him,

this is a book that has to be read in

order to understand how Britain has

changed since the 1960s.


978 0 571 280384







Ken Livingstone is former Mayor

of London.

‘He is the only truly successful left wing

British politician of modern times.’

Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

World English Language








Rachel Cusk


Life After Marriage

Aftermath, Rachel Cusk’s major

new work of non-fiction, is a series

of meditations on the mid-lives of


Using her own life as a starting point,

Rachel looks at the issues that arise

for a woman in the years after she

has lived the defining experiences of

feminity. She writes about marriage,

separation, motherhood, work,

money, domesticity and love. Cusk

considers the kinds of generational

knowledge the contemporary woman

harbours, the terrors or expectations

that have been passed down to her

and that are refracted through the

modern transformation of female


Aftermath is written in the personal/

political mode that characterised A

Life’s Work, Cusk’s acclaimed book

about becoming a mother. In some

ways, this is a sequel to that book – a

searingly honest account that is sure

to inspire debate.


978 0 571 277650







Rachel Cusk was born in 1967

and is the author of seven

novels: Saving Agnes, which

won the Whitbread First Novel

Award, The Temporary, The

Country Life, which won a

Somerset Maugham Award,

The Lucky Ones, which was

shortlisted for the Whitbread

Novel Award, In the Fold,

Arlington Park, which was

shortlisted for the Orange Prize

and The Bradshaw Variations.

Her non-fiction books are

A Life’s Work and The Last

Supper. In 2003 she was chosen

as one of Granta’s Best of

Young Novelists.

‘What shines in Rachel Cusk’s writing

is the precision of her observation . . .

she can pinpoint something profound

with the merest detail.’

Carol Birch

© Adrian Clarke

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive









The most dangerous job in the British

army – but the hardest part is coming

home . . .

The point man leads the patrol into

battle, looking for signs of danger. He

is the first to face ambushes, hidden

bombs and snipers. Few survive long.

Between 2007 and 2008, 20-year-old

Kenny Meighan was the longestserving

point man in Helmand

province. An exceptionally skilful

and brave private, he was lucky

to make it home alive. But in his

hometown in Essex, where prospects

are bleak and his father still suffers

from the nightmares of his own war

experience, Kenny’s struggle is far

from over.

Mark Townsend, Home Affairs Editor

of the Observer, tells Kenny’s story,

based on extensive interviews with

him and his family. Through this

gripping true story, Point Man gives

a vivid sense of the reality of life for

a young soldier, while exposing the

wider political implications of the

war. Shocking and hard-hitting, Point

Man deserves to be read.


978 0 571 272426







Mark Townsend is Home Affairs

Editor of the Observer. He

has won numerous awards

including Press Gazette

Specialist Reporter of the Year

and British Environmental

Journalist of the Year. His

reports from Afghanistan,

which Point Man is based on,

were judged runner-up in the

features category of the 2007

Foreign Press Association (FPA)

awards. The following year he

was part of the Observer team

that won an FPA award for their

investigation into Iraqi honourkillings.

He lives in London.

Men can ‘take point’, ‘walk point’, ‘do

point’, ‘be point’, but it all amounts to the

same thing: high-end risk.

World All Languages










Eileen Battersby has, for more

than two decades, been one of the

most distinguished reviewers and

supporters of the art of fiction in

these islands. Originally from the

USA, her work in the Irish Times

has championed many neglected

international writers and has

subjected established reputations to

fearlessly honest assessment. But

in this, her first full-length book, she

has produced a haunting work about

her relationship with two mongrel

dogs – animals who were her close

companions for over twenty years

and who she credits with changing

her life.

Ordinary Dogs stands apart from

the sentimental genre of pet

books. Battersby describes instead

a friendship, a lifelong emotional

interaction, with two wise and kindly

members of another species. The

first of her dogs she saved from death

in a dog pound; the second selected

her and the dog who was to be his

friend, quietly forcing himself into

their lives. The trio travel to England

while the author is scrabbling for

work; they endure the failure of

human entanglements that are, by

comparison with theirs, evanescent.

They explore Ireland together

and survive illness and accident,

and at each stage of their journey

these two very un-ordinary dogs

seem to see and understand more

than a conventional view of their

capabilities would allow.

Written with lacerating honestly

and passion, Ordinary Dogs is

an unforgettable homage to one

of humanity’s deepest and most

enduring relationships.


978 0 571 277834







Ordinary Dogs

‘Eileen Battersby is the finest

fiction critic we have.’

John Banville

World All Languages



Born in California, Eileen

Battersby is an Irish Times staff

arts journalist and the paper’s

Literary Correspondent. Fourtime

winner of the National

Arts Journalist of the Year

award, she lives in the country

with her daughter, Nadia,

and their horses, dogs and

cats. Her ambition is to breed

and/or produce an Olympic




World All Languages


Tobias Jones

A journey through the deep south of

Italy in search of a serial killer and his


Blood on the Altar is the true story of

a 16-year-old girl who went missing

in 1993 in a church in the centre of

Potenza. Elisa Claps had met a young

man, Danilo Restivo, one Sunday

morning and was never seen again.

Her family were convinced that

Restivo, a strange local boy with a

fetish for cutting women’s hair on the

back of buses, was responsible. But

Restivo was inexplicably protected by

local big-wigs: by his Sicilian father,

by a doctor with links to organised

crime, by the priest of the church

who had vices of his own. Years went

by and Elisa’s family could find only

false leads.

By 2002 Restivo had moved to

Bournemouth. In November that

year his next door neighbour was

murdered and mutilated and strands

of hair put in both of her hands.

But once again, the police could pin

nothing on him. It was only in 2010,

when Elisa’s decomposed body was

found in the same church where she

had gone missing, that the pieces of

the jigsaw began to fit together.

A sequel to the bestselling The Dark

Heart of Italy, Blood on the Altar is

more than just a gripping true crime

story. It’s a portrait of Basilicata, the

most remote and fascinating region

in Italy; it’s an investigation into why

Italy appears to offer impunity to the

powerful; it’s a hunt for a serial killer;

and most of all it’s an appreciation

of one courageous and determined

family who refused to accept the

injustice of Italian society.


978 0 571 274932



Export Trade Paperback

978 0 571 274949


Blood on the Altar

A Journey in Search of a Serial Killer

‘The core of Italy is all here,

laid bare . . . brilliant.’

Guardian on The Dark Heart of Italy




Tobias Jones is the author of

two travel books, The Dark

Heart of Italy and Utopian

Dreams. His novel, The Salati

Case, was the first in a series

featuring the Italian private

detective Castagnetti. Jones

has written and presented

documentaries for the

BBC and for RAI, and is a

columnist for the Observer and

Internazionale. He runs a small

‘woodland shelter’ in Somerset

with his wife and three children.







In the summer of 1812 Britain stood

alone, fighting for her very survival

against a vast European Empire.

Only the Royal Navy stood between

Napoleon’s legions and ultimate

victory. In that dark hour America

saw its chance to challenge British

dominance: her troops invaded

Canada and American frigates

attacked British merchant shipping,

the lifeblood of British defence.


978 0 571 273195



War polarised America. The south

and west wanted land, the north

wanted peace and trade. But America

had to choose between the oceans

and the continent. Within weeks

the land invasion had stalled, but

American warships and privateers

did rather better, and astonished the

world by besting the Royal Navy in a

series of battles.

Then in three titanic single ship

actions the challenge was decisively

met. British frigates closed with

the Chesapeake, the Essex and the

President, flagship of American naval

ambition. Both sides found new heroes

but none could equal Captain Philip

Broke, champion of history’s greatest

frigate battle, when HMS Shannon

captured the USS Chesapeake in

thirteen blood-soaked minutes.

Broke’s victory secured British control

of the Atlantic, and within a year

Washington, D. C. had been taken and

burnt by British troops.

Andrew Lambert, Laughton Professor

of Naval History in the Department

of War Studies at King’s College,

London, brings all his mastery of the

subject and narrative brilliance to

throw new light on a war which until

now has been much mythologised

and little understood.





World All Languages



The Challenge

Britain Against America in the Naval War of 1812

‘One of the most eminent naval

historians of our age.’

Amanda Foreman

Andrew Lambert is Professor

of Naval History at King’s

College, London. His books

include Nelson: Britannia’s God

of War, Admirals: The Naval

Commanders Who Made Britain

Great and Franklin: Tragic

Hero of Polar Exploration. His

highly successful history of the

British Navy, War at Sea, was

broadcast on Channel 5.


978 0 571 243990







James Palmer

In the summer of 1976, Mao lay

dying, and China was struck by a

great natural disaster. The earthquake

that struck Tangshan, a shoddily built

mining city, was one of the worst in

recorded history, killing half a million


But the Chinese Communist rulers

in Beijing were distracted, paralysed

by in-fighting over who would

take control after Mao finally died.

Would Mao’s fanatical wife and her

collaborators, the Gang of Four, be

allowed to continue the Cultural

Revolution, which had shut China

off from the world and reduced it to

poverty and chaos?

Or would Deng Xiaoping and his

reformist friends be able to take

control and open China up to the

market, and end the near permanent

state of civil war? Palmer recreates

the tensions of that fateful summer,

when the fate of China and the world

were in the balance - as injured and

starving people crawled among the

ruins of a stricken city.

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


The Death of Mao

The Tangshan Earthquake

and the Birth of the New China

James Palmer lives in Beijing.

He has interviewed many

survivors of the Tangshan

earthquake and of the

Communist Party struggles of

that crucial year. His first book,

The Bloody White Baron, was

published in 2008.

‘An enjoyable, exciting biography that

recounts the crimes and conquests of

a monster compellingly, colourfully

and with cinematic relish.’

Simon Sebag Montefiore on The Bloody White Baron











978 0 571 278893



This lavishly illustrated edition of

Empire of the Clouds, the bestselling

story of Britain’s once glorious

aviation industry, brings a muchcelebrated

book alive with vibrant

images of some of the most

remarkable aircraft that have ever

flown. Rare colour photographs

capture the sheer excitement of these

gleaming machines in their heyday.

In 1945, Britain was a world leader in

the design and building of jet aircraft.

And how extraordinary these aircraft

were over the next ten years. The

sleek Comet, the first jet airliner. The

awesome delta-winged Vulcan, a

bomber that could be thrown about

the sky like a fighter. The Hawker

Hunter, the most beautiful fighter-jet

ever built, and the Lightning, which

could zoom ten miles above the

clouds in a couple of minutes and

whose pilots rated flying it as better

than sex.

By the early 1960s, the designers, the

intrepid test pilots and the legendary

companies they worked for – Avro,

Hawker, Vickers, de Havilland

were gone or facing a bleak future.

A heroic and distinguished industry

was coming to an end, and now these

magnificent planes are treasured

museum pieces.

James Hamilton-Paterson captures

that astonishing era of inventiveness

in a compelling story that fuses his

own memories of being a schoolboy

planespotter with a rueful history of

Britain’s loss of self-confidence and






Empire of the Clouds

Illustrated Edition

World All Languages




James Hamilton-Paterson is the

author of Gerontius, winner of a

Whitbread Prize; Seven-Tenths:

The Sea and its Thresholds;

Playing With Water; and the

wild comic trilogy Cooking

With Fernet Branca, Amazing

Disgrace and Rancid Pansies.

‘Empire of the Clouds is a splendid,

meticulous and stylish story of wonderful

machines and the men who made them . . .

It is a very British tale indeed.’

Michael Bywater, Independent


978 0 571 253449







Robin Dunbar

A brilliant and sparkling exploration

of the extraordinary nature of

romantic love – from the frontline of

cutting-edge scientific research.

Falling in love is one of the strangest

things we can do – and one of the

things that makes us uniquely human.

But what happens to our brains when

our eyes meet across a crowded

room? Why do we kiss each other,

forget our friends, seek a ‘good sense

of humour’ in Lonely Hearts adverts

or try (and fail) to be monogamous?

How are our romantic relationships

different from our relationships with

friends, family or even God? Can

science help us, or are we better off

turning back to the poets?

Basing his arguments on new

and experimental scientific

research, Robin Dunbar explores

the psychology and ethology

of romantic love and how our

evolutionary programming still

affects our behaviour. Fascinating and

illuminating, witty and accessible,

The Science of Love and Betrayal is

essential reading for anyone who’s

ever wondered why we fall in love

and what on earth is going on when

we do.

World All Languages



The Science of Love

and Betrayal

Robin Dunbar is currently

Professor of Evolutionary

Anthropology at Oxford

University and a Fellow

of Magdalen College. His

principal research interest is

the evolution of sociality. He

was elected a Fellow of the

British Academy in 1998. His

books include The Trouble with

Science, ‘an eloquent riposte

to the anti-science lobby’

(Sunday Times), and Grooming,

Gossip and the Evolution of

Language. The Human Story

was described as ‘fizzing

with recent research and new

theories’ in the Sunday Times

and ‘punchy and provocative’

by the New Scientist. How

Many Friends Does One Person

Need?: Dunbar’s Number and

Other Evolutionary Quirks was

published in 2010.

‘A marvellous work of popular science.’

Malcolm Gladwell on Grooming, Gossip and the Pursuit of Language







and Govert







978 0 571 278435



In 140 pages, two masterly

popularisers present 140 explanations

of the biggest questions in physics –

in the form of 10 or so tweet-length

descriptions per page. The results

are both entertaining and brilliantly

informative. Not a word is wasted.

The reader is not patronized and

learns something on every page. If

only all science writing could be so

precise and so economical.

And only science writers of a very

high calibre could achieve such

compression. Marcus Chown has

known the Dutch writer Govert

Schilling for twenty years. Schilling

pioneered this very swift form of

explanation in a Dutch newspaper,

and suggested to Chown that they

collaborate on bringing it to a wider

audience. Tweeting the Universe is the






Tweeting the Universe

Very Short Courses on Very Big Ideas

World All Languages



Marcus Chown is the author of

the bestselling Quantum Theory

Cannot Hurt You, The Never

Ending Days of Being Dead and

The Magic Furnace. He is the

cosmology consultant for New

Scientist. He also wrote The

Solar System, the bestselling

app for iPad, which won the

Future Book Award 2011.

Govert Schilling has published

widely on astronomical topics.

Three of his books have been

translated into English: The

Hunt for Planet X, Evolving

Cosmos and Flash! The

International Astronomical

Union named Asteroid 10986

Govert after him in recognition

of his work on popularizing


‘The finest cosmology writer of our day.’

Matt Ridley on Marcus Chown


978 0 571 277711





From the author of the bestselling

Solar System iPad app, a glorious

full-colour guide to our planetary






Marcus Chown leads us on a grand

tour through the incredible diversity

of planets, moons, asteroids, comets,

and spacecraft that surround the Sun

in our cosmic backyard. Illuminating

his insightful and surprising text are

a wealth of beautiful images and

diagrams, printed in full colour, richly

detailed and accurately based on real

scientific data.

A perfect gift for anyone with an

interest in astronomy, The Solar

System allows the imagination to

roam free from Mercury to Pluto and


World excluding US



iPad version available

The Solar System

Marcus Chown is an awardwinning

writer and broadcaster.

Formerly a radio astronomer

at the California Institute of

Technology in Pasadena, he is

currently cosmology consultant

of the weekly science magazine

New Scientist. He is the author

of the bestselling Quantum

Theory Cannot Hurt You, The

Never Ending Days of Being

Dead and The Magic Furnace.

He also wrote The Solar System,

the bestselling app for iPad,

which won the Future Book

Award 2011. Marcus Chown

has also written a work for

children, Felicity Frobisher and

the Three-Headed Aldebaran

Dust Devil.

‘Touch Press and Marcus Chown bring

the Solar System into our laps allowing

us to explore our home and planetary

neighbours … [they] truly make learning

fun and inspiring.’

Wired on the Solar System for iPad











A rich, controversial and stimulating

overview of the Jewish people by

Rabbi David Goldberg.

Few subjects invoke such passion

as the history and current situation

of Jews in Western societies. David

Goldberg, a progressive Rabbi with

many years’ experience of dealing

with other faiths and other Jews,

takes the most difficult issues of this

fraught relationship and confronts

them head on. He argues that it

is wrong to equate anti-Semitism

with anti-Zionism, that it is far more

difficult to be a Muslim in twentyfirst

century Britain than it is to be

a Jew, that Israel is far too often

treated sentimentally and that the

identification of Israel with the

Holocaust – memorializing the latter

and sacralising the former – has had

baneful effects. His discussion of the

perennial question, ‘who is a Jew?’, is

equally trenchant: he rejects all strict

rabbinic criteria, proposing a much

more expansive version of Jewish


Forthright, challenging and witty,

This is Not the Way will spark debate,

criticism and delight in equal



978 0 571 271610







This is Not the Way

Jews, Judaism and the State of Israel

World All Languages



Rabbi Dr David J. Goldberg

OBE is minister emeritus of

the Liberal Jewish Synagogue,

London. He is the author

and editor of several books,

including Aspects of Liberal

Judaism and The Divided Self:

Israel and the Jewish Psyche


‘David Goldberg’s vivid, provocative

and witty book should be required reading

for anyone who cares about the future

of the Jewish people, and the peace of

the Middle East.’

Max Hastings


978 0 571 274055





After years of watching Kenyan

athletes win the world’s biggest

races, Runner’s World contributor

Adharanand Finn set out to discover

just what it was that made them so

fast – and to see if he could keep up.

Packing up his family, he moved from

Devon to the small town of Iten,

in Kenya, home to hundreds of the

country’s best athletes. Once there

he ventured out onto the dirt tracks,

running side by side with Olympic

champions, young hopefuls and

barefoot schoolchildren. He ate their

food, slept in their training camps

and interviewed their coaches. And

at the end of it all, there was his

dream, to join the best of the Kenyan

athletes in his first marathon, an epic

race through lion country across the

Kenyan plains.

With global attention on both the

London Marathon in April 2012 and

the London Olympics in the summer,

there has never been a more exciting

time to experience what it is really

like to train and race with the stars of

distance running.

Trade Paperback




UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


Running with the Kenyans

Discovering the Secrets

of the World’s Greatest Runners



Adharanand Finn is an editor

at the Guardian and a freelance

journalist, writing regular

features for the Guardian, the

Independent and Runner’s

World. He is a former junior

county cross-country runner

and recently won a 10k in

Exeter, Devon, where he and

his family usually live. Follow

his journey on http://www.


or @adharanand.

Kenya is the mythical homeland of longdistance

running, a Mecca that, for the last

40 years, has been home to an astonishing

number of the world’s greatest runners. This

is the story of my pilgrimage along that long

dirt track in to the heart of running.







There is no other football club in the

world like Celtic. Kevin McCarra’s

brilliantly researched and eloquent

‘biography’ of the club explains why.

Celtic: A Biography in Nine Lives

takes its structure from nine key

individuals associated with the club

since its inception, and touches

on aspects of each person’s life to

explore key themes in the club’s

history. From John Glass, their

tenacious first President, and Willie

Maley, who played in Celtic’s first

match against Rangers in 1888, to

the legendary Jock Stein, who led

the club to European glory in 1967,

and Martin O’Neill, the most popular

and successful manager since Stein,

Kevin McCarra explores the history

and recounts the flavour of this most

unique football instituton.

Featuring interviews with Henrick

Larsson, Gordon Strachan, Roy

Keane, Dermot Desmond, Martin

O’Neill, Neil Lennon and Tommy

Burns, Celtic: A Biography in Nine Lives

is a book that captures the drama of

Celtic’s history while also exploring

the paradoxes that give the club its

engrossing and vivid identity.



World All Languages



978 0 571 234356




A Biography in Nine Lives

Trade Paperback

978 0 571 275809


Kevin McCarra writes on

football for the Guardian.


978 0 571 277810



Edited by

Paul Johnson

and Matthew


The Ashes 2010–11 saw the coming

together of old foes in Australia’s

backyard. Back in freezing, snowy

England, untold numbers huddled

around their TV sets to watch the

struggle into the early hours of

the morning. But for many, the

joy was only complete with the

accompaniment of’s

Over by Over.





Around the globe they joined in from

unlikely locations, offering witty

observations and stories of emotional

drinking and marital strife as the

series built to an astonishing climax.

Could England really be about to

crush Australia – in a manner not

witnessed for a generation?

There were Cook’s runs, all 766 of

them; Anderson’s wickets; Prior’s

catching and the power of Pietersen.

There were established stars like

Graeme Swann and Andrew Strauss,

unpredicted stars like Tim Bresnan,

spasmodic stars like Mitchell

Johnson and fading stars like Paul

Collingwood and Ricky Ponting.

Now 766 and All That allows us to

savour again the sweet taste of

that absolute victory – exactly as it

happened, over by over.

World English Language



766 and All That

Over by Triumphant Over –

How England Won the Ashes









In 1996, in the middle of watching an

ill-tempered football match between

England and Germany, Philip

Oltermann’s parents tell him that

they are going to leave their home

city Hamburg behind and move to


A number of worrying questions

arise. How will English schoolboys

take to a lanky 16-year-old German?

Do they think and do things

differently? And are there values that

English and German people share?


978 0 571 240173



In search of answers, Oltermann

interweaves memoir and history

to look at ten historical encounters

between English and German people

from the last 200 years: political

summits and football matches;

chance meetings between poets and

film stars, terrorists and philosophers.

Helmut Kohl tries to explain German

cuisine to the Iron Lady, Theodor

Adorno clashes with A. J. Ayer over

jazz, Dada artist Kurt Schwitters

re-discovers German Romanticism in

the Lake District, and Joe Strummer

has an unlikely brush with the

Baader-Meinhof gang.

What emerges is nothing less than

an alternative national story for

the two countries: not one marked

by military conflict and diplomatic

hostility, but by secret influences,

constant dialogue and comical


Trade Paperback




World All Languages



Keeping Up with the Germans

A Personal History of Anglo-German Relations

Philip Oltermann was born in

Schleswig-Holstein but moved

to England when he was 16. He

has written for several English

and German newspapers

and magazines, including

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Granta

and the Guardian, where he now

works as an editor.



UK and Commonwealth


Oliver Balch

India is on the up. Historically derided

as the lumbering elephant of Asia,

this vast sub-continent has quickened

its pace. The economy is booming.

Tens of millions have been pulled

out of poverty. Software and service

companies abound. Millionaire

entrepreneurs are springing up at

every turn. Bollywood is going global

and Indian expats are flooding back

home. What’s more, these changes

are occurring within the world’s

largest democracy – a far cry from

neighbouring authoritarian China.

But who and what lies behind India’s

apparent ascendency?

In Oliver Balch takes the voices

and stories of everyday Indians

and presents a fresh, vivid, highly

personalised account of the changes

as they are unfolding.Travelling the

length and breadth of the country,

Balch leads readers off the tourist

trail and onto the streets of modernday

India. From cricket stadiums and

shopping malls to rural schools and

shanty towns, the book blends the

best of reportage and travel writing

to get under the skin of this nation in


India’s march into the twentyfirst

century is full of tensions

and uncertainties. But it is also

brimming with optimism and hope. In

describing their hopes and exploring

their fears, India Rising unpicks what

makes this vast nation tick and asks

where it’s heading.


978 0 571 280094



Export Trade Paperback

978 0 571 259250


India Rising

Travels in Modern India

‘Balch’s writing is impassioned,

vivid and illuminating.’

Financial Times on Viva South America



Oliver Balch is a UK freelance

journalist specialising in

business and world affairs.

He work has appeared in a

wide range of international

publications, including the

Guardian, the Financial Times,

Conde Nast Traveller and The

Traveller. His first book, Viva

South America! was shortlisted

as ‘Book of the Year’ at the UK

Travel Press Awards.





Stephen Pile

Anyone can be a success, but it takes

real and original genius to foul up big

time. These are the all-time greats,

Gods in the field, surreal artists,

who spurn mere drab success (‘I’m

a winner, Lord Sugar’) to explore

the vast, magical, life-enhancing

possibilities of getting it wrong.

These are the immortals.

Stephen Pile, President of the Not

Terribly Good Club of Great Britain

and author of The Book of Heroic

Failures, returns after a quarter of a

century’s intensive study to celebrate

the most spectacular advances in the

golden age through which we have

just lived.


978 0 571 277285



World records have been shattered.

The most calls to the lifeboat services

by a single vessel during a single

voyage is up to 11 and the most

attempts to murder a spouse without

his noticing there is a problem is now

a highly impressive seven. Here is the

worst ever Broadway play and the

worst football team on the planet, not

to mention the worst mugger, who

left his victim $250 better off, and

the holidaying rugby team of fiftysomethings

from Dorset who, due to

a mis-translation, ended up playing

the top team in Romania live on state

TV. Happily, Syria has its first ever

entry, setting a new world all-comers

record for the driver who got most

lost under Sat-nav direction.





The Ultimate Book

of Heroic Failures

World All Languages



Stephen Pile is the founder

president of the Not Terribly

Good Club of Great Britain.

It is a grave misreading of the human

predicament to think that everything will be

a success. Sanity and happiness come from

embracing catastrophe and applauding it.

This is the ultimate book to make you feel

better about the world around you.


978 0 571 279845



Stewart Lee





In this short, EP-style follow-up

to How I Escaped My Certain Fate,

Stewart Lee describes the events

leading up to his show If You Prefer A

Milder Comedian Please Ask For One.

Following his hugely acclaimed TV

comeback ‘Comedy Vehicle’, Lee

finds himself in search of ideas for

a new Edinburgh show. On a long

walk across London, he endures a

coffee shop humiliation involving a

loyalty card which suggests itself as

a framing device. Later that month,

thanks to Jeremy Clarkson’s casual

slur against Gordon Brown and the

appearance of a well-meaning young

comedian in an advert, a show is


Featuring a transcript of the show

fully annotated with footnotes, the

If You Prefer A Milder Comedian

EP confirms Stewart Lee as the

most original, daring and brilliant

comedian of his generation.

World All Languages



Stewart Lee! The ‘If You

Prefer a Milder Comedian

Please Ask For One’ EP

Stewart Lee began stand-up in

1988 at the age of 20, and won

the Hackney Empire New Act of

the Year award in 1990. In 2001

he was asked to co-write the

libretto for Jerry Springer: The

Opera, which went on to win

four Olivier awards. His most

recent stand-up shows have

been If You Prefer a Milder

Comedian, Please Ask for One

(2009) and Vegetable Stew

(2010). The second series of the

Bafta-nominated Stewart Lee’s

Comedy Vehicle appeared on

BBC2 in spring 2011.

‘Never has anyone made me feel so close to

the terrifying and occasionally exhilarating

insanity that is stand-up comedy.’

Sam Mendes, Observer




Grace Dent




Three years ago columnist and

author Grace Dent joined new social

networking site Twitter, mainly to

have a place to dump her surplus

one-liners, rant about terrible TV

and post mildly amusing pictures

of her cat wearing glasses. But as

every ‘re-tweet’ and ‘Follow Friday’

saw her number of followers soar

by thousands, Grace found herself

centre-stage in an all-consuming,

highly addictive social networking

revolution. One in which the gags,

gossip, scandal and backstabbing

literally never stop.


978 0 571 277742



Here Grace takes a hilarious, acerbic

look at what’s really going on in

Twitterworld: who’s actually tweeting,

who’s really reading your tweets and

what’s behind the 140-character lies

they tell. She looks at the highs and

grotty lows of Twitter addiction:

the shameless social climbers, the

friends you’ll make and the ones you

can’t get bloody rid of, the barefaced

bragging, the shameful celeb-stalking,

the truth about ‘twanking’, twitter

cliques, angry ‘twitchfork mobs’ and

dealing with trolls.





How to Leave Twitter

My Time as Queen of the Universe

and Why This Must Stop

World All Languages



Grace Dent is a popular

columnist, author and

broadcaster. She’s a regular

contributor to the Guardian,

‘Grace Dent TV-OD’ and a G2

columnist. Her Marie Claire

column ‘Graceland’ appears

monthly. Grace has written

eleven bestselling novels for

young adults, translated into

twelve languages. Diary of a

Snob was recently acquired

by Nickelodeon. She’s also a

regular face and voice on British

TV and radio, on shows such

as The Culture Show, Film 2011,

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe,

The Apprentice: You’re Hired

and the Lauren Laverne Show

on BBC6 Music. Grace lives,

mainly behind a laptop, in East

London. She is originally from

Carlisle (‘The Manhattan of the

North’). Currently she is trying

to leave Twitter.

I’ve spent New Years’s Eve on Twitter.

It was better than going out.


978 0 571 277957





150 essential rules from an awardwinning

master of comedy.





Jonathan Lynn last had a proper

job in 1966. Since then, whether

as the award-winning co-writer of

Yes Minster and Yes Prime Minister,

Hollywood movie director, producer,

novelist or actor, much of his life

has been devoted to making people

laugh. A host of hugely enjoyable

examples drawn from Lynn’s varied

and successful career bring these

rules to life, covering everything from

inspiration, collaboration and the

Seven Deadly Sins to the perils of

unmotivated comic business, pitching

screenplays in LA, sexist jokes and

lunch with the Inland Revenue.

Along the way, we meet a cast

of luminaries including Leonard

Rossiter, John Landis, Nigel

Hawthorne, Paul Eddington, Jack

Rosenthal and Jonathan’s longtime

co-writer, Antony Jay. As we

travel with him from his first digs

in Coventry to the sushi bars of

Hollywood, Comedy Rules offers an

enlightening journey into the world

of comedy and an indispensible

companion to the elusive art of its


World All Languages



Comedy Rules

From the Cambridge Footlights to Yes Prime Minister

Jonathan Lynn’s prolific career

spans more than four decades

as a director, screenwriter and

actor. His many films include

Clue, Nuns on the Run (both

of which he also wrote), My

Cousin Vinny, The Distinguished

Gentleman and The Whole

Nine Yards. With Antony Jay,

he wrote the BAFTA awardwinning

TV political comedy

Yes Minister followed by Yes

Prime Minister; also the novels

The Complete Yes Minister

and The Complete Yes Prime

Minster, which sold over a

million copies, and Mayday. The

stage play Yes Prime Minister

opened in 2010 to great critical


‘Jonathan Lynn brings his wealth of wisdom

and experience to this book. It is wonderfully

laugh-out-loud entertaining.’

Sheila Hancock

‘A terrific read, a masterclass in comedy. To

anyone starting out, writing, performing, or

producing, Comedy Rules is a gem. Finally,

perhaps most importantly, it is absolutely

hilarious. Terribly funny.’

Robbie Coltrane









The truly disgusting yet oddly

plausible comic rarity – back in print

at last.

From Charlie Brooker, celebrated

author of TV Go Home, comes a

comic spoof of the consumerproduct

catalogues that once

arrived like an unwanted rash from

newpapers and magazines. Modelled

on those catalogues that were so

welcome as they spilled from your

weekend newspapers in a magfall of

bizarre information, this is a timeless

celebration of triumphantly useless

and inappropriate consumer choices.

Unnovations is illustrated throughout

in the shape and style of catalogues

that offer you the chance to buy

machines that stamp your initials

onto golf balls or allow you to warm

you slippers electronically before

putting them on. An array of toys,

gadgets, handy-helps and objects

the like of which haven’t been seen

since Inquisitional torture went out

of fashion: it’s a classic vision of a

consumer paradise gone very weird



978 0 571 275243



Trade Paperback





World All Languages



Charlie Brooker has worked as

a writer, journalist, cartoonist

and television and radio

presenter. Recent television

credits include: You Have Been

Watching, Screenwipe, which

won a Royal Television Society

award, and Newswipe. Charlie

also wrote and produced

Dead Set, a BAFTA-nominated

satirical horror drama for

Channel 4. Other TV writing

credits include the 11 O’Clock

Show and the Brass Eye

Paedophilia Special. Charlie

is well-known for his weekly

columns in the Guardian

and won The Press Awards’

Columnist of the Year 2009.

‘Brooker’s work is strangely liberating . . .

he will enrich your life and make

you laugh – a lot.’

Nicholas Lezard, Guardian


978 0 571 277704





You are cordially invited . . .





At the behest of his soon-to-be wife,

Adrian Tomine set out to create a

wedding favour for their guests that

would be funnier and more personal

than the typical chocolate bars and

picture frames. What started out as

a simple illustrated card soon grew

into a fully-fledged comic book: a

collection of short strips chronicling

the often absurd process of getting


A loose, cartoony departure from

Tomine’s previous work, Scenes from

an Impending Marriage is a sweetnatured,

laugh-out-loud skewering

of the modern marriage process,

including hiring a DJ, location

scouting, trips to the salon, suit

fittings, dance lessons, registering for

gifts, and managing familial demands.

The most personal and

autobiographical work of Tomine’s

career, Scenes from an Impending

Marriage is a charming, delightful

document of the little moments

leading up to the big day.

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada



Scenes from an

Impending Marriage

A Prenuptial Memoir

‘Tomine is, trust me, superb.’

Sam Leith, Daily Telegraph

Born in Sacramento in 1974,

Adrian Tomine is the author

of the acclaimed series Optic

Nerve, which has been running

since 1991. His work has also

appeared in the New Yorker

and Esquire, among other

publications. His books include

Shortcomings, which was

awarded the Gold Medal at the

2008 Independent Publisher

Book Awards and was a 2007

New York Times Notable Book,

Summer Blonde, and Sleepwalk,

all of which are published by

Faber in the UK.

‘Visually stunning . . . absolutely essential.’

Independent on Sunday









Edited by

Carol Ann


Jubilee Lines

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of

Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to

the throne, Poet Laureate Carol Ann

Duffy brings together a dazzling array

of contemporary poets (sixty in fact)

to write about each of the sixty years

of Her Majesty’s reign.

An all-star line up – which includes

such celebrated writers as Simon

Armitage, Gillian Clarke, Wendy

Cope, Geoffrey Hill, Jackie Kay,

Michael Longley, Andrew Motion,

Don Paterson and Jo Shapcott,

alongside some of the newest young

talent around – each address a

moment or event from their chosen

year, be it of personal or political

significance or both. Through a series

of specially commissioned poems,

Jubilee Lines offers a unique portrayal

of the country and times in which we

have lived since 1952, culminating

in an essential portrait of today: the

way we speak, the way we chronicle,

the way we love and fight, the way we

honour and remember.

Brilliantly introduced and edited

by Carol Ann Duffy, Jubilee Lines is

an unforgettable commemoration:

not only a monarch’s reign but of a

way of living for generations of her



978 0 571 277056







‘For real poetry Carol Ann Duffy

is hard to beat.’


Carol Ann Duffy was born

in Glasgow and grew up in

Stafford. She won the 1993

Whitbread Award for Poetry

and the Forward Prize for best

collection for Mean Time. The

World’s Wife received the E. M.

Forster Award in America, while

Rapture won the T. S. Eliot Prize

2005. She is currently Professor

of Contemporary Poetry at

Manchester Metropolitan

University. Her most recent

volumes are New and Collected

Poems for Children (2009) and

The Bees (2011). In 2009 she

was appointed Poet Laureate.

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The Alliterative Morte Arthure – the

title given to a four-thousand line

poem written sometime around

1400 – was part of a medieval

Arthurian revival which produced

such masterpieces as Sir Gawain

and the Green Knight and Sir Thomas

Malory’s prose Morte D’Arthur. Unlike

Gawain, whose plot hinges around

one moment of jaw-dropping magic,

The Death of King Arthur deals in the

cut-and-thrust of warfare and politics:

the ever-topical matter of Britain’s

relationship with continental Europe,

and of its military interests overseas.

The outcome is announced in

the poem’s title, but along the

way there are as many challenges

for the translator as are faced by

its protagonist – not least how to

manage the alliterative line while

doing justice to the mass of riotous

life which courses through the

narrative’s veins: channel crossings,

battle formations, naval engagements,

rearguard actions and forays; but

also courtly protocols, partings,

swoonings, and dream sequences

remarkable for their private glimpses

into the mind of the once and future


Simon Armitage is already the

master of this alliterative music, as

his earlier version of Sir Gawain and

the Green Knight (2006) showed. His

new translation restores a neglected

masterpiece of story-telling, by

bringing to life its entirely medieval

mix of ruthlessness and restraint.





UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


The Death of King Arthur

A New Verse Translation

of the Alliterative Morte Arthure

Simon Armitage was born in

West Yorkshire and is Professor

of Poetry at the University

of Sheffield. A recipient of

numerous prizes and awards,

he has published ten collections

of poetry, including Selected

Poems (2001), Seeing Stars

(2010), and his acclaimed

translation of Sir Gawain and

the Green Knight (2007). A

broadcaster and presenter,

he also writes extensively for

television and radio, is the

author of two novels and the

bestselling memoir All Points

North. In 2010 he received the

CBE for services to poetry.


978 0 571 273829







James Fenton

This new selection, made by the

author himself, is a gathering from

four decades of work by a writer

described by the Observer as ‘the

most talented poet of his generation’.

Winner of both the Queen’s Gold

Medal and the Whitbread Prize for

Poetry, James Fenton has given

readers some of the most memorable

lyric verse of the past decades, from

the formal skill that marked his debut,

Terminal Moraine, to the dramatic and

political monologues of The Memory

of War and Children in Exile, through

to the unforgettable love poems of

Out of Danger and his most recent

work: Poems is an essential selection

by, as Stephen Spender put it, ‘a

brilliant poet of technical virtuosity’.


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


James Fenton was born in

Lincoln in 1949 and educated

at Magdalen College, Oxford

where he won the Newdigate

Prize for poetry. He has

worked as political journalist,

drama critic, book reviewer,

war correspondent, foreign

correspondent and columnist.

He is a Fellow of the Royal

Society of Literature and was

Oxford Professor of Poetry for

the period 1994–99. In 2007,

James Fenton was awarded the

Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry.

‘Passionate and personal; Fenton’s poems

can also be extremely funny and violent;

they are always full of the pleasures

of the language.’

Paul Theroux




Philip Larkin

Edited by

Archie Burnett





978 0 571 240067



This entirely new edition brings

together all of Philip Larkin’s poems.

In addition to those in Collected Poems

(1988), and in the Early Poems and

Juvenilia (2005), some unpublished

pieces from Larkin’s typescripts and

workbooks are included, as well as

verse (by turns scurrilous, satirical,

affectionate, and sentimental) tucked

away in his letters. The manuscript

and printed sources have been

scrutinized afresh; more detailed

accounts than hitherto available of

the sources of the text and of dates

of composition are provided; and

previous accounts of composition

dates have been corrected. Variant

wordings from Larkin’s typescripts

and the early printings are recorded.

For the first time, the poems

are given a comprehensive

commentary. This draws critically

upon, and substantially extends, the

accumulated scholarship on Larkin,

and covers closely relevant historical

contexts, persons and places,

allusions and echoes, and linguistic

usage. Due prominence is given to

the poet’s comments on his poems,

which often outline the circumstances

that gave rise to a poem, or state

what he was trying to achieve.

Larkin played down his literariness,

but his poetry enrichingly alludes

to and echoes the writings of many

others; Archie Burnett’s commentary

establishes him as a more complex

and more literary poet than many

readers have suspected.





The Complete Poems

World All Languages



Philip Larkin was born in

Coventry in 1922 and was

educated at King Henry VIII

School, Coventry, and St John’s

College, Oxford. As well as

his volumes of poems, which

include The Whitsun Weddings

and High Windows, he wrote

two novels, Jill and A Girl in

Winter, and two books of

collected journalism: All What

Jazz: A Record Library, and

Required Writing: Miscellaneous

Prose. He worked as a librarian

at the University of Hull from

1955 until his death in 1985. He

was the best-loved poet of his

generation, and the recipient of

innumerable honours, including

the Queen’s Gold Medal for

Poetry, and the WH Smith


Archie Burnett is co-director

(with Christopher Ricks) of the

Editorial Institute and Professor

of English at Boston University.

He has edited the scholarly

Oxford editions of The Poems

of A. E. Housman (1997) and

The Letters of A. E. Housman



978 0 571 249848





Edited by

Seán Lawlor and





UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive



Collected Poems

John Pilling Samuel Beckett was born

It was as a poet that Samuel Beckett

launched himself in the little reviews

of 1930s Paris, and as a poet that he

ended his career.

The Collected Poems is the most

complete edition of Beckett’s poetry

and verse translations ever to be

published, as well as the first critical

edition. It establishes a significant

new canon, and the commentary

draws on a wide range of published

sources, manuscripts and Beckett’s

extensive correspondence.

The notes place each poem in

context, detailing the history and

circumstances of its composition;

they indicate significant variants and

help explain obscure turns of phrase

and allusions (frequently sourced

to Beckett’s notebooks); they also

identify resonances between poems

and across Beckett’s work as a whole.

The commentary is written in a lively

and engaging style and is intended

equally for the general reader, the

student of modernism and the

Beckett specialist alike.

‘The best of it speaks, or

rather whispers, to the inner

ear. Like the prose, with

which they have so much

else in common, the poems

are instantly striking and

mysteriously persistent

in the mind and even the


Derek Mahon



in Dublin in 1906. He was

educated at Portora Royal

School and Trinity College,

Dublin, where he graduated

in 1927. His made his poetry

debut in 1930 with Whoroscope

and followed it with essays

and two novels before World

War Two. He wrote one of his

most famous plays, Waiting

for Godot, in 1949 but it wasn’t

published in English until 1954.

Waiting for Godot brought

Beckett international fame

and firmly established him as

a leading figure in the Theatre

of the Absurd. He received the

Nobel Prize for Literature in

1961. Beckett continued to write

prolifically for radio, TV and the

theatre until his death in 1989.

Seán Lawlor is a research fellow

at the Beckett International

Foundation at the University of

Reading. His Making a Noise to

Drown an Echo: Quotation and

Allusion in Samuel Beckett’s

Early Poetry 1929–35 will be

published by Continuum in


John Pilling is Emeritus

Professor of English and

European Literature at the

University of Reading, and

former Editor of the Journal

of Beckett Studies. His books

include Beckett Before Godot

(1997) and A Samuel Beckett

Chronology (2006).


Basil Bunting

Edited by Don Share




Basil Bunting is one of the most

important English poets of the

twentieth century, admired early on

by Ezra Pound and Louis Zukofsky,

and acknowledged since the 1930s

as a major figure in the Modernist

movement. Faber published a

substantial selection of his verse

in Pound’s Active Anthology (1933),

but Bunting’s reputation was

confirmed only decades later with

the publication of his masterpiece,

Briggflatts, in 1966.


978 0 571 235001



Bunting’s work was published

haphazardly throughout most of

his life, and in many cases he did

not oversee publication. This is the

first critical edition of the complete

poems, and offers an accurate text

with variants from all printed sources.

Don Share annotates Bunting’s often

complex and allusive verse, with

much illuminating quotation from

his prose writings, interviews and

correspondence. He also examines

Bunting’s sources (including Persian

literature and classical mythology),

and explores the Northumbrian roots

of Bunting’s poetic vocabulary and

use of dialect.

Don Share’s important work of

literary scholarship offers, for the first

time, an edition commensurate with

the achievement of this neglected

modernist master.





The Poems

‘His poems are the most important

which have appeared in any form

of the English language since

T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.’

Hugh MacDiarmid

World English Language



Born in Northumberland in

1900, Basil Bunting moved to

Paris in the 1920s and later

followed Pound to Italy. He lived

thereafter in Berlin, Tenerife,

America, Persia – working as a

music critic, sea captain, RAF

officer, Times correspondent

and Chief of Political

Intelligence in Tehran. In 1954

he returned to Northumberland,

and worked for several years as

a sub-editor on the Newcastle

Evening Chronicle before his

death in 1985.

Don Share is Senior Editor of

Poetry (Chicago), and was

formerly Poetry Editor of

Harvard Review and Curator of

the Woodberry Poetry Room at

Harvard University.


978 0 571 140855



T. S. Eliot

Edited by

John Haffenden





In the period covered by this richly

detailed collection, which brings the

poet to the age of forty, T. S. Eliot

was to set a new course for his life

and work.

The demands of his professional

life as writer and editor became

more complex and exacting. The

celebrated but financially-pressed

periodical he had been editing since

1922 – The Criterion: A Literary

Review – switched between being a

quarterly and a monthly, before being

rescued by the fledgling house of

Faber & Gwyer. In addition to writing

numerous essays and editorials,

lectures, reviews, introductions

and prefaces, his letters show Eliot

involving himself wholeheartedly in

the business of his new career as a


His Ariel poems, Journey of the Magi

(1927) and A Song for Simeon (1928)

established a new manner and vision

for the poet of The Waste Land and

‘The Hollow Men’. He also published

two sections of an exhilaratingly

funny, savage, jazz-influenced play-inverse

(subsequently brought together

as Sweeney Agonistes), and struggled

to translate the remarkable work

Anabase, by St.-John Perse, which

was to be a signal influence upon his

own later poetry.

This correspondence with friends and

mentors vividly documents all the

stages of Eliot’s personal and artistic

transformation during these crucial

years, the continuing anxieties of

his private life, and the forging of his

public reputation.

World Excluding US



Letters of T. S. Eliot

Volume 3: 1926–28



Thomas Stearns Eliot was born

in St Louis, Missouri, in 1888.

He came to England in 1914

and published his first book

of poems in 1917. He received

the Nobel Prize in Literature in

1948. Eliot died in 1965.

John Haffenden is Emeritus

Professor of English Literature

at the University of Sheffield,

Senior Research Fellow of the

Institute of English Studies,

University of London, and a

Fellow of the British Academy.

His publications include a

biography of the American

poet John Berryman; editions

of the works of William Empson

including the Complete Poems

(2000); and an award-winning

two-volume biography of

Empson (2005, 2006). He was

General Editor of Letters of T. S.

Eliot, volumes 1 and 2 (2009).






978 0 571 237579





Edited by Lara Feigel

and John Sutherland

Stephen Spender wrote almost a

million words of journal entries

between his September Journal

in 1939 and his death in 1995. In

choosing from these voluminous

journals for the new edition, the

editors have tried to provide a picture

of the various lives Spender brought

together in autobiographical form.

The earlier 1985 edition of the

Journals was overseen by the author,

and it privileged his thoughts about

poetry – his own and other people’s.

The new edition includes the final ten

years of Spender’s life and provides

access to the more intimate thoughts

and feelings of the private man,

but equally documents his life as a

public intellectual who played a part

in shaping the European literary and

intellectual culture of his age.

As we look back on the dramatic

events of the twentieth century, we

find that Spender was involved in

many of them: the reconstruction

of Germany and the construction

of Europe (as Unesco’s first Literary

Councillor), the development of

the cultural Cold War (as editor of

Encounter), the founding of Israel, the

anti-Vietnam movement in America.

The Journals provide a personal

version of sixty turbulent years of the

twentieth century, hovering between

diary, autobiography and history.





New Selected Journals


World English Language




‘Private faces in public places

Are wiser and nicer

Than public faces in private places.’

W. H. Auden, dedication to Stephen Spender, 1932

Stephen Spender was born in

1909. His first book, Poems, was

published by T. S. Eliot at Faber

and Faber in 1933. He went

to Spain during the Civil War.

With Cyril Connolly he founded

Horizon in London in 1939 and

Encounter with Irving Kristol

in 1953. He spent much time in

the USA where he was Visiting

Professor at several universities.

He was awarded the Queen’s

Gold Medal for Poetry in 1971,

and was knighted in 1983. His

oeuvre includes numerous

volumes of poems (concluding

with Dolphins in 1994),

plays, translations, novels,

short stories, essays on art

and literature, criticism, and

journals. He died in London in


Lara Feigel teaches in the

English Department at King’s

College, London University,

and is the author of Literature,

Cinema and Politics 1930–1945:

Reading Between the Frames


John Sutherland is Lord

Northcliffe Professor Emeritus

of Modern English Literature

at UCL, and currently teaches

at the California Institute of



978 0 571 235841









Thomas Wyatt (1503?–1542) was

the first modern voice in English

poetry. ‘Chieftain’ of a ‘new company

of courtly makers’, he brought

the Italian poetic Renaissance to

England, but was also revered as

prophet-poet of the Reformation.

His poetry holds a mirror to the

secret, capricious world of Henry

VIII’s court, and alludes darkly

to events which it might be death

to describe. In the Tower, twice,

Wyatt was betrayed and betrayer.

Aspiring to honesty, he was driven

to secrets and lies as an agent of

Henry’s crooked diplomacy, and

forced to live with the moral and

mortal consequences of his complex


This remarkable new biography

is more – and less – than a Life,

for Wyatt is so often elusive, in

flight, like his Petrarchan lover,

into the ‘heart’s forest’. Rather, it is

an evocation of Wyatt among his

friends, and enemies, at princely

courts in England, Italy, France and

Spain, or alone in contemplative

retreat. Wyatt’s life provides a way

of examining a deep questioning at

the beginning of the Renaissance and

Reformation in England. Above all,

Susan Brigden’s kaleidoscopic work

is attuned to Wyatt’s dissonant voice

and broken lyre, the paradox within

him of inwardness and the will to

‘make plain’ his heart, all of which

make him exceptionally difficult to

know – and fascinating to explore.

World English Language



Sir Thomas Wyatt

The Heart’s Forest



Susan Brigden, Fellow and Tutor

of Lincoln College and Reader

in the University of Oxford,

is author of London and the

Reformation (Oxford, 1989) and

New Worlds, Lost Worlds: The

Rule of the Tudors 1485–1603

(Penguin Press, 2000).





Selected by

John Stammers

In this series, a contemporary poet

selects and introduces a poet of the

past. By their choice of poems and

by the personal and critical reactions

they express in their prefaces, the

editors offer insights into their

own work as well as providing

an accessible and passionate

introduction to some of the greatest

poets in English literature.

Selected by

Fiona Sampson


978 0 571 230686




978 0 571 259472







Gerard Manley


Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–89)

was born in Stratford. He attended

Balliol College, Oxford. While at

Balliol he converted to Catholicism

and after graduating he entered

the Society of Jesus where he

was ordained in 1877. Since the

publication of his poems in 1918 he

has become one of the best-known

poets of the Victorian age and his are

among the greatest poems written on

the subject of faith and doubt.





Percy Bysshe


Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)

was born in Sussex and drowned in

a sailing accident off the coast of

Italy, where he spent the last years

of his life. Despite his privileged

background, the Eton- and Oxfordeducated

Shelley was a radical

thinker and social campaigner with

an unorthodox private life. He also

wrote some of the finest lyric verse

in the English language, confirming

his importance as a major figure in

Romantic literature.

World All Languages




World English Language




978 0 571 250936



Selected by

Emma Jones


978 0 571 230891



Selected by

Paul Muldoon











John Donne

World English Language



Christina Rossetti (1830–94) was

born in London and educated at

home, where she took up writing

from an early age. Her most famous

collection, Goblin Market and Other

Poems, appeared in 1862.

World All Languages



John Donne (1572–1631) forfeited his

Parliamentary seat and was briefly

imprisoned when his secret marriage

to Ann More was uncovered in 1601.

He spent the subsequent decade in

poverty, trying to rehabilitate his

reputation. He entered the Church

in 1615, and became Dean of St

Paul’s. His first volume of poetry was

published posthumously in 1633.







Tony Childs

Simon Armitage is one of the leading

poets of his generation. Since his

first collection, Zoom, in 1989 he has

published ten full-length collections

of poetry, while also writing and

presenting numerous works for radio,

television and film. He is now one

of the poets most widely studied at

GCSE examination level.

This study guide to Simon Armitage’s

poetry will be essential reading

and preparation for GCSE students

and their teachers, to whose needs

it has been expertly tailored. The

book examines Armitage’s work in

just the ways that students need to

think about it – in respect of how the

poems are crafted in language and

form, and the kinds of themes, ideas

and attitudes that they reflect.


978 0 571 278251



It also includes sections on studying

individual poems for the examination,

an illuminating biography with

questions and answers and sample


Author Tony Childs is currently Chief

Examiner for GCSE English Literature

for one of the major examination

boards, and has previously written a

highly regarded series of textbooks

for students on exploring and writing

about poetry for exams.

Trade Paperback




The Poetry of

Simon Armitage

A study guide for GCSE students

© Paul Wolfgang Webster

UK and Commonwealth




978 0 571 279401







The Faber and Faber Poetry Diary for

2013 is a week-to-view diary offering

poetry lovers a different poem or

illustration to enjoy for each week of

the year.

The selection of forty poems

encompasses some of the greatest

poets of English literature, ranging

from Chaucer through the Romantics

and the Modernists to acclaimed

Faber poets who are writing today.

The Faber poetry list, originally

founded in the 1920s, was shaped by

the taste of T. S. Eliot who was its

guiding light for nearly forty years.

Since the sixties, each passing decade

has seen the list grow with the

addition of poets who were arguably

the finest of their generation. In

recent years the creation of the Poet

to Poet series has further broadened

the scope of Faber poetry by

including the work of great poets

from the past selected and introduced

by the contemporary poets they have


World English Language




Faber and Faber

Poetry Diary 2013







The Forward Book of Poetry 2012,

published on National Poetry

Day, collects together the best

contemporary poetry of the year,

chosen from all the submissions

considered for this year’s Forward

Prizes for Poetry.

Described by the Daily Mail as ‘a

wonderful feast of contemporary

poetry’, this year’s edition of the

highly-praised anthology will

include poems by some of the most

respected poets of their generation.

The poems in this year’s collection

will be chosen by judges former Poet

Laureate Sir Andrew Motion, poet

and Editor of Poetry Review Fiona

Sampson, poet and teacher Leonie

Rushforth, biographer Lady Antonia

Fraser and journalist Sameer Rahim.


978 0 571 277728



The Forward Prizes were founded to

provide a showcase for contemporary

poetry, and are now the UK’s most

valuable poetry prizes, as well as the

only prizes that seek to reward both

established and new writers. This

collection will provide poetry lovers

with the chance to keep up to date

with the best contemporary poetry

and will give new poetry readers the

opportunity to get a flavour of the

very best that contemporary poetry

has to offer.





The Forward Book

of Poetry 2012

World English Language




‘The annual Forward anthology allows

poetry backsliders to purge their negligence

via a wholly enjoyable communion with the

best of contemporary verse.’










On National Poetry Day 2011 Poems

of the Decade will be published,

an anthology of the best poems

submitted for the Forward Prizes

during the last ten years, marking

the 20th anniversary of the Forward

Prizes this year.

The collection will feature works by

celebrated poets including Simon

Armitage, John Burnside, Wendy

Cope, Carol Ann Duffy, Seamus

Heaney, Jackie Kay, Gwyneth Lewis,

Roger McGough, Andrew Motion,

Sean O’Brien, Ruth Padel, Don

Patterson, Peter Porter, Christopher

Reid, Robin Robertson, Jo Shapcott

and C K Williams.

The Forward Prizes were founded to

provide a showcase for contemporary

poetry, and this collection will

highlight some of the best works from

the last ten years, as chosen at the

time by a prestigious range of judges

including poets, literary writers,

authors, actors and musicians.

World English Language




Poems of the Decade

An Anthology of the Forward Books of Poetry









David Hare

1962: A public school on the South


John Blakemore is a solitary boy

who finds it impossible either to

understand or adapt to the ways

of the school. His adolescent

earnestness puts off teacher and

pupil alike. And now suddenly he

seems to be in danger of losing his

only friend.


978 0 571 278299



David Hare’s emotional new play,

written at the invitation of the

Rattigan estate as a response to The

Browning Version, is a meditation on

faith, learning and teenage friendship,

played against the backdrop of a

Britain still fighting to maintain an

established rule.

Collected with South Downs is the

text of Hare’s lecture ‘Mere Fact,

Mere Fiction’, delivered to the Royal

Society of Literature in 2010. In a

famous defence of documentary

theatre, the author celebrates the

power of metaphor to transform

factual quite as much as fictional






World English Language



South Downs and

Mere Fact, Mere Fiction

‘The foremost theatrical chronicler of

contemporary British life.’

New York Times

David Hare was born in Sussex

in 1947. Sixteen of his plays

have been seen at the National

Theatre, including Plenty,

The Secret Rapture, Skylight,

Amy’s View, Via Dolorosa, Stuff

Happens, Gethsemane and The

Power Of Yes. In 1993, three

plays about the Church, the Law

and the Labour Party – Racing

Demon, Murmuring Judges,

and The Absence Of War –

were presented in repertory in

the Olivier Theatre. His many

screenplays for cinema and

television include Licking Hitler,

Damage, The Hours and The

Reader. He directed his most

recent television film Page Eight

for the BBC.

‘Our best writer of contemporary drama.’

Sunday Times

© Maurice Ambler/Getty Images


978 0 571 280711





Goodnight Children


Olivier Award for Best Play, 2000

80 81





‘Exile – both literal and

emotional – has been a

haunting preoccupation for this

dramatist. And with all themes

of displacement and loss comes

the yearning for a sense of place,

for those attachments we cannot

always rationalize but know as

home. In Goodnight Children

Everywhere, the safe harbor

of home has been dynamited by

war… A disturbing and lovely

domestic drama about the loss of


New York Times

Madame Melville

‘A memory play of wonderful

delicacy, tenderness and

humour… I left the theatre elated

at having discovered such a terrific

new play. An exquisite reminder

of lost love, innocence and youth.’

Daily Telegraph

Franny’s Way

‘It moves with the breathless haste

of a horny teen on prom night.’

Time Out New York

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


Plays 2

Three Plays of Adolescence: Goodnight Children

Everywhere, Madame Melville, Franny’s Way

‘Nelson is among the greatest

dramatists of his generation.’

International Herald Tribune



Richard Nelson’s numerous

awards include a Tony (Best

Book of a Musical for James

Joyce’s The Dead), an Olivier

(Best Play for Goodnight

Children Everywhere), two

Obies, and a New York Drama

Critics’ Circle Award. He is the

recipient of the PEN/Laura

Pels Master Playwright Award,

an Academy Award from the

American Academy of Arts and

Letters, and he is an Honorary

Associate Artist of the Royal

Shakespeare Company. He lives

in Upstate New York.




Andrew Upton

Hear what I have to say about the

cherry orchard, because it is mine. I say

bring it down, tear it down. Smash it

down and tear it down. Watch, watch.

Just you watch.

‘There’s a hard edge to this revival

of Chekhov’s masterpiece that

is surprising, refreshing, even


Financial Times

‘An alive-and-kicking revival.’


Moira Buffini, Matt

Charman, Penelope

Skinner and Jack Thorne

What on earth is happening to our

planet? And who knows what to do?

Certainties are few: every living thing

is related to every other living thing;

our actions have consequences;

change is continual and inevitable.

The National Theatre asked four

exciting writers to investigate. The

team spent six months interviewing

key individuals from the worlds

of science, politics, business and

philosophy to create a fast-paced and

provocative new play.


978 0 571 277681




978 0 571 277919







Chekhov’s The

Cherry Orchard

‘Highly intelligent and richly



‘A bleak, desolate but undeniably

magnificent production…

Upton succeeds in making an

austere work seem accessible and


Sunday Telegraph

Andrew Upton’s version of Anton

Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

premiered at the National Theatre,

London, in May 2011.






‘An intellectual extravaganza.’


Greenland premiered at the National

Theatre, London, in February 2011.

World English Language



World English Language




978 0 571 280285



Naomi Wallace


978 0 571 280490



David Harrower





‘Naomi Wallace’s elegant yet

ferocious drama . . . Tough, tender

and piercingly affecting.’

The Times

‘Unmissable . . . A devastating tale

of segregation in 1950s America

. . . A truly American tragedy.’


‘A potent reminder of the

unbeatable power of theatre.’

Evening Standard





News that a government inspector

is heading for a small Russian town

sends its bureaucrats into a frenzy.

A simple case of mistaken identity

exposes the hypocrisy and corruption

at the heart of the town in this biting

moral satire.

Written in 1836, Gogol’s comic

masterpiece was described by

Vladimir Nabokov as ‘the greatest

play in the Russian language.’

‘Gloriously grotesque and

brilliantly funny.’


And I and





‘Thrillingly original.’

Evening Standard

‘An unforgettable, exuberant,

virtuoso interpretation.’


World English Language



‘A former MacArthur genius fellow

and Obie winner, Wallace is one

of the most subtle and politically

engaged American playwrights of

her generation.’


Naomi Wallace’s And I and Silence

premiered at the Finborough Theatre,

London, in May 2011.

World English Language



David Harrower’s version of Nikolai

Gogol’s Government Inspector

premiered at the Warwick Arts

Centre in May 2011 and transferred

to the Young Vic, London, in June.







Tarell Alvin


When life in New York gets too hot

to handle, charismatic hustler Pharus

escapes the clutches of rap star Jules

and moves to London.


978 0 571 280513



A funny, uncompromising play

about surviving in the big city that

challenges our assumptions about

racial and sexual identity, American

Trade celebrates twenty-first-century

London in all its extravagant diversity.



Isn’t she gorgeous? Hardly been ridden.

She’s been in the garage just gathering


Becky’s pregnant and frustrated.

But her husband is more interested

in the baby manual than her new

underwear, so she turns to the porn

stash under the bed. As the summer

heats up, a brief encounter sends her

speeding downhill towards reckless



978 0 571 279487







American Trade

Tarell Alvin McCraney’s American

Trade premiered at the Hampstead

Theatre, London, in June 2011 in a

production by the Royal Shakespeare


Tarell Alvin McCraney won the 2008

Evening Standard Award for Most

Promising Playwright for In the Red

and Brown Water and The Brothers






The Village Bike

A provocative and darkly comic look

at fantasy and romance, The Village

Bike by Penelope Skinner premiered

at the Royal Court Theatre, London,

in June 2011.

Penelope Skinner won the George

Devine Award for Most Promising

Playwright 2011.

World English Language



World English Language




978 0 571 280735



Richard Nelson





April de Angelis

– You’re having some kind of crisis.

– It’s called being fifty. You must be

having it too.

Hilary once protested at Greenham.

Now her protests tend to focus on

persuading her teenage daughter to

go out fully clothed.





Harley Granville Barker, the most

influential theatre-maker of his time,

finds himself adrift in America during

the Great War. Estranged from the

theatre, and with his spirit almost

broken by an acrimonious divorce, he

seeks refuge in the relative obscurity

of a quiet, backwater, Williamstown,

Massachusetts. He finds comfort in

the congeniality of his fellow refugees

and in the courtesy of strangers –

and gradually begins to regain his

faith in humanity and his belief in the

central role of Theatre in the civilised







to the Theatre


World English Language



Richard Nelson’s elegant and

passionate new play examines a

world full of loss, disenchantment

and disillusion – but where Art has

the power to heal, to liberate, and to

bind us together.

Farewell to the Theatre premieres

at Hampstead Theatre, London, in

spring 2012.

World English Language



A frank and funny family drama

questioning parental anxieties and life

after fifty.

Jumpy by April de Angelis premiered

at the Royal Court Theatre, London,

in October 2011.

‘There is no denying the sheer

exuberance of De Angelis’s











Nicky Wire

Death of a Polaroid

A Manics Family Album

Death of a Polaroid presents an

intimate visual tour of life within

Manic Street Preachers over the past

two decades pieced, together from

the personal archives of Nicky Wire,

the band’s lyricist, bassist and chief

provocateur. From Cardiff to Cuba,

the book offers a unique perspective

on the life of band: on the road, in

the studio and through personal

interpretations of the landscape the

band inhabits.

What emerges is a Manics Family

Album – a view from the inside of

one of the most significant and bestloved

British bands of the past twenty

years recorded in a much loved and

sadly missed format. Each Polaroid

captures a moment now passed

but forever recorded in this

most transient and precious of

photographic art forms.

A love letter to the form itself, Death

of a Polaroid is a revealing portrait

of a band who refuse to compromise

and remain more vital than ever.


978 0 571 278527







Nicky Wire is the bass player

and lyricist with Manic Street

Preachers. The group have

released ten critically acclaimed

albums over two decades,

during which time they won –

amongst others – four Brits, an

Ivor Novello, five Q awards, the

Mojo Maverick award and the

NME’s coveted Godlike Genius


For me, there is no truer representation of

‘the moment’ than the Polaroid. I would

never describe myself as a photographer,

but I’ve been addicted to Polaroid

pictures for as long as I can remember.

They played a vital part in documenting

the magical moments of my youth and

they’ve been a constant in documenting

the history of Manic Street Preachers.

World All Languages





Jarvis Cocker




Jarvis Cocker is widely regarded

as one of the most original and

memorable lyricists and performers

of the last three decades. Here,

for the first time, is a selection

of sixty-six lyrics, presented with

commentary and an introduction by

the man himself.

In this volume, readers (and Pulp

fans) will find such classic Jarvis

lyrics as ‘Common People’, ‘Disco

2000’, ‘Babies’, ‘This is Hardcore’

and ‘Do You Remember the First

Time?’ The selection, assembled by

the author, reveals a sensibility that

is unmistakeably Jarvis: a sometimes

visceral, sometimes everyday take

on love, relationships and the things

we do to each other when the lights

get low.

Mother, Brother, Lover takes the

reader on a thirty-year tour into the

life, art and preoccupations of one

of the great British artists of the late

twentieth century. Shocking, sharp,

clever and funny, it is a beautiful

collection of lyrics and commentary.



World All Languages



978 0 571 281909



Mother, Brother, Lover

Selected Lyrics

‘My breakthrough came when

I stopped thinking, “I’ve got to

be profound” and started writing

about everyday normal things.’

Jarvis Cocker

© Rankin

Limited Edition Hardback

978 0 571 282012


Jarvis Cocker has been

making music for two-thirds

of his life. Two dozen of these

years (1978—2002) were

spent in Pulp, a group with

whom he enjoyed most of the

experiences you can have as the

singer in a band. Over this time,

Jarvis went from being the

quintessential outsider to being

one of the most recognised

and cherished figures in Britain.

He brought a rare, bookish wit

to the pop charts, and cut an

original dash in a rock’n’roll

world often dominated by

reductive cliché.


978 0 571 279944



Greil Marcus

A fan from the moment the Doors’

first ableum arrived, Greil Marcus

saw the band many times at the

legendary Filmore Auditorium and

the Avalon Ballroom in 1967. Five

years later it was all over.





Forty years after the singer Jim

Morrison was found dead in Paris and

the group disbanded, Greil Marcus

muses on how one could drive from

here to there, changing fom one FM

pop station to another, and be all but

guaranteed to hear two, three, four

Doors songs in an hour. Whatever the

demands in the music, they remained

unsatisfied, in the largest sense

unfinished, and absolutely alive.

There have been many books on the

Doors. This is the first to bypass their

myth, their mystique, and the death

cult both of Jim Morrison and the

era he was made to personify, and

focus solely on the music. It is a story

untold; all these years later it is a new





The Doors



Greil Marcus was born in San

Francisco in 1945. He is the

author of Mystery Train, Invisible

Republic, Lipstick Traces and

Double Trouble, and the editor

of Lester Bangs’s Psychotic

Reactions and Carburetor

Dung. In 1998 he curated

the exhibition ‘1948’ at the

Whitney Museum of American

Art in New York City. He was

described by John Rockwell

in the New York Times as ‘a

writer of rare perception and a

genuinely innovative thinker’.

Greil Marcus lives in California.







October, 1984: Wham!, Culture Club

and Status Quo dominated the top

ten when The Pogues barrelled out

from the backstreets of King’s Cross;

a furious, pioneering mix of punk

energy, traditional melodies and the

powerfully poetic songwriting of

Shane MacGowan.

Reviled by traditionalists for their

frequently fast, often riotous

interpretations of Irish folk songs,

The Pogues rose from the sweaty

chaos of backroom gigs in Camden

pubs to world tours with the likes of

Elvis Costello, U2 and Bob Dylan,

and had huge commercial success

with everyone’s favourite Christmas

song, ‘Fairytale of New York’.


978 0 571 253968



Yet the exuberance of their live

performances coupled with relentless

touring spiralled into years of hard

drinking and excess which eventually

took their toll – most famously on

Shane but also on the rest of the

band – causing them to part ways

seven years later.

Here their story is told with beauty,

lyricism and great candour by James

Fearnley, founding member and

accordion player. He brings to life the

youthful friendships, the bust-ups,

the amazing gigs, the terrible gigs,

the fantastic highs and dramatic lows

in a hugely compelling, humorous,

moving and honest account of life

in one of our most treasured and

original bands.

Trade Paperback




World All Languages



Here Comes Everybody

James Fearnley was born in

1954 in Worsley, Manchester. He

played guitar in various bands

including The Nips with Shane

MacGowan, before becoming

the accordion player in The

Pogues. James continues to

tour with the band and lives in

Los Angeles.

Shane had gone to his room, stuck

phosphorescent planets on the walls and

drawn the curtains. Since checking in, none

of us had seen hide nor hair of him.


978 0 571 243907



Richard King

Richard King’s How Soon is Now?

is a landmark survey of the record

labels that make up the backbone of

the independent music industry and

the hugely inspirational, eccentric,

impulsive and visionary figures who

created them.

One of the most tangible aftershocks

of Punk was its urgency to prompt

individuals into action. Document

your reality; do it yourself. A

generation of young men were

inspired, and, often with zero

financial planning or business sense

behind them, in a bedroom, garage or

shed, labels such as Factory, Rough

Trade, Mute, 4AD, Beggars Banquet,

Warp, Domino and Creation began,

shifting the musical landscape and

trading on an ethos and identity no

brand consultant would now dare

dream of. Musicians were encouraged

to do whatever the hell they wanted

and damn the consequences. From

humble beginnings, some of our

most influential artists were allowed

to thrive: New Order, The Smiths,

Depeche Mode, Orange Juice,

Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth, Happy

Mondays, Primal Scream, Aphex

Twin, Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody

Valentine, Autechre, Broadcast,

Vampire Weekend, The White Stripes

and Arctic Monkeys, to name but a


This is the story, set to an incredible

soundtrack, of the enormous scale

of the passions, the size of the egos,

and the true extent of the madness

of the mavericks who had the vision

and bloody-mindedness to make the

musical landscape exciting again.

Trade Paperback




World All Languages



How Soon is Now?

The Inside History of the Independent Music Business


Richard King has worked at the

heart of the independent music

industry for nearly twenty years.

He is the co-editor of Loops,

an occasional journal of longform

music writing published

jointly by Faber and Domino

Records. He has contributed to

the Guardian, the Observer and

many other publications. How

Soon Is Now? is his first book.

‘If you look at all the people involved –

Ivo,Tony Wilson, McGee, Geoff Travis,

myself – nobody had a clue about running

a record company, and that was the best

thing about it.’

Daniel Miller, Mute Records







Alan Licht


978 0 571 258147



W – Sweeney called me and said that

Johnny Cash just recorded ‘I See A

Darkness.’ We had a Bowery Ballroom

show a week or two later, and he invited

Rick Rubin to come to the show; he came

to the show . . . and asked if I wanted to

play piano on the song.

A – Which you agreed to do despite not

knowing how to play piano.

W – Yes . . .

A man who acts under the name

Will Oldham and who performs as

a singer-songwriter under the name

Bonnie Prince Billy has, over the

past quarter of a century, made an

idiosyncratic journey through, and

an indelible mark on, the worlds of

indie rock and independent cinema,

intersecting with such disparate

figures as Johnny Cash, Bjork,

James Earl Jones, and R. Kelly along

the way.

These conversations with long-time

friend and associate Alan Licht probe

his highly individualistic approach

to music-making and the music

industry: one that cherishes notions

of intimacy, community, mystery and


Trade Paperback




Will Oldham

on Bonnie Prince Billy

World All Languages




Will Oldham is an American

singer-songwriter and actor

known for his albums I See a

Darkness, Master and Everyone,

and Ease Down the Road.

Alan Licht is an American

guitarist, composer and music

journalist known for his work

with Lovechild.


978 0 571 240470



Tom Service





This book is a journey into the

deepest mystery of classical music:

how do great conductors do it? How

are their silent gestures magicked

into sound by a group of more than

a hundred brilliant but belligerent


The mute choreography of great

conductors has fascinated and

frustrated musicians and musiclovers

for centuries, from Toscanini

to Karajan, from Carlos Kleiber

to Gustavo Dudamel. Orchestras

can be inspired to the heights of

musical and expressive possibility

by their maestros, or flabbergasted

that someone who doesn’t even

make a sound should be elevated to

demigod-like status by the public.

This is the first book to venture

inside the rehearsal rooms of some

of the most inspirational orchestral

partnerships in the world. It’s the

first to see how Simon Rattle works

with his musicians at the Berlin

Philharmonic, how Mariss Jansons

deals with the Concertgebouw

Orchestra in Amsterdam, and how

Claudio Abbado creates the world’s

most luxurious pick-up band every

year with the Lucerne Festival

Orchestra. From London to Budapest,

Bamberg to Vienna, great orchestral

concerts are recreated as a collection

of countless human and musical

stories. The book reveals how the

phenomena of place, time, and

personal history are alchemised into

the indelible magic of life-changing


World All Languages





Music as Alchemy

Journeys with Great Conductors and their Orchestras

Tom Service writes about music

for the Guardian, where he was

Chief Classical Music Critic,

and broadcasts for BBC Radio

3. He has presented Radio 3’s

flagship magazine programme,

Music Matters, since 2003. He

was the inaugural recipient of

the ICMP/CIEM Classical Music

Critic of the Year Award, and

was Guest Artistic Director of

the Huddersfield Contemporary

Music Festival. After years

practising in the mirror, he once

conducted Bruckner’s Ninth










Writing in Pictures

Screenwriting Made (Mostly) Painless

Unlike most how-to books on

screenwriting, Writing in Pictures is

highly practical, offering a realistic

guide to the screenwriting profession.

The reader is taken through the nittygritty

process of conceiving,

outlining, constructing, and writing

a screenplay with clear and concise

examples offered for every step in

writing a dramatic film.

Writing in Pictures will enable readers

to tell the stories they want to tell, the

ones they have been carrying around

in their heads but don’t yet know how

to transfer to the printed page.

Writing in Pictures offers straight talk,

no mumbo-jumbo or gimmicks, just a

methodical, step-by-step process that

walks the reader through the different

stages of writing a screenplay – from

idea to outline to character biography

to treatment to step outline to

finished screenplay.

Using well-known films and

screenplays, both contemporary and

classic, to illustrate its lessons, Writing

in Pictures also offers comments

from famous screenwriters past and

present and insightful stories (often

colourful and funny) that illuminate

aspects of the craft.

Writing in Pictures guarantees that if

readers diligently follow the book’s

examples with their own writing

exercises, they will be well on their

way to being professional-quality

screenwriters within just a few weeks.

Joseph McBride has written the

book he would liked to have read

when he was teaching himself how

to write screenplays and wished he

had a professional mentor to guide

his steps.


978 0 571 274376



Trade Paperback




Joseph McBride is a film

historian and associate

professor in the Cinema

department at San Francisco

State University. His many

books include Searching for

John Ford, Frank Capra: The

Catastrophe of Success, Steven

Spielberg: A Biography, Hawks

on Hawks, Whatever Happened

to Orson Welles?: A Portrait of

an Independent Career, as well

as the critical studies John Ford

(1974, with Michael Wilmington)

and Orson Welles.

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada










What’s wobbly and flies?

A jelly copter.

What do animals use to wake up in the


An a-llama-clock.

What do cows listen to on the radio?


Justin Fletcher, star of CBeebies,

hero of the under 7s and every

parent’s favourite TV personality, has

been collecting jokes from kids since

he started working on his awardwinning

show, Something Special.

Since then, his hugely popular

character comedy show Gigglebiz

has confirmed his reputation as the

funniest man on kids’ TV.

Justin’s Jokes is full of jokes that kids


Illustrated throughout, Justin’s Jokes

will be the must-have stocking filler

for any child this Christmas.


978 0 571 280421







Justin’s Jokes

World All Languages



Justin Fletcher is the star

of CBeebies Something

Special and Gigglebiz. He is a

headlining act at Camp Bestival

and Latitude. He has won a

Bafta and many TV awards, and

in 2008 was awarded an MBE

for his services to Children’s

television and the charity sector.

His new series, Justin’s House,

will be broadcast in October



978 0 571 255436



Betty G.


Dear Friends,

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my job as the

classroom hamster of Room 26.





But when our teacher, Mrs Brisbane,

didn’t show up for school, I was

unsqueakably worried about what had

happened to her.

Then a supply teacher, the mysterious

Mr E, arrived and everything changed.

Class was fun, but were my classmates

learning anything? And what had

happened to our wonderful teacher?

I had my paws full as I gathered clues to

solve the mystery and also tried to help

my friends deal with their problems.

At last, on Halloween, everything

was revealed . . . but in a frightful and

delightful way!

Your clue-gathering friend,


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


Mysteries According

to Humphrey



Betty G. Birney worked

at Disneyland for many

years, has written several

children’s television shows

and is the author of over

twenty-five books, including

the bestselling The World

According to Humphrey,

which won the Richard and

Judy Children’s Book Club,

Friendship According to

Humphrey, Trouble According

to Humphrey, Surprises

According to Humphrey, More

Adventures According to

Humphrey, Holidays Accordings

to Humphrey and School

According to Humphrey, as well

as new series Humphrey’s Tiny

Tales. Her work has won many

awards, including an Emmy

and three Humanitas Prizes.

She lives in America with her






Betty G.


Dear friends,


978 0 571 274413



I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE sharing my

adventures as a classroom hamster with

all my friends. But sometimes my paw

gets tired from so much writing! To give

it a rest, I’ve written some shorter tales

that are every bit as funny and exciting

as my According to Humphrey books.

They’re called Humphrey’s Tiny Tales

and they’ve even got illustrations! (I’m

quite pleased at how cute I look in the

pictures.) I’m unsqueakably excited to

share my new stories with you and I

think Humphrey fans and new younger

readers will be excited, too!

Your furry friend,


It’s party time in this Tiny Tale. Kirk’s

having a birthday bash, and everyone

in Room 26 is invited, including

Humphrey. The party is FUN-FUN-

FUN! There are games to play and

presents to unwrap, and of course

cake! But Humphrey is SAD-SAD-

SAD. No one knows when he was

born, so he can never have a party

on his birthday. Or can he? Luckily

his friends in Room 26 have other

ideas . . .

Illustrated throughout with black

and white line illustrations by Penny






UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


My Great Big Birthday Bash!

Humphrey’s Tiny Tales Book 4





Betty G.






Humphrey is unsqueakably happy

when Garth takes him and Og the

frog home for the weekend. Garth is

having a treasure hunt in his garden

for all his friends, so they are sure


time. Or will they? Humphrey doesn’t

expect there to be a thief, hidden

treasure, and a mystery only he can


Previously published in a smaller

format for World Book Day 2011.

This edition has new illustrations and


Illustrated throughout with black

and white line illustrations by Penny


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


My Treasure Hunt Trouble!

Humphrey’s Tiny Tales Book 5










978 0 571 272594



Want to know a secret? There is

something very, very strange living in

the trees behind my house. If you tiptoe

slowwwwly and quietly (ssh!) to the

bottom of my garden, you might hear it

rustling and rootling and ‘peh!’ing in the

dark undergrowth, on the other side of

the low stone wall. And if you peek over

the wall – holding your breath – there’s

a chance you could spot two saucerround

eyes blinking out of a strangely

square opening in the tree roots . . .

Ruby and Jackson get the surprise of

their lives when they discover a Thing

living at the bottom of their gardens.

But Thing is cute, and funny, even if

sometimes when he’s upset he gets

a bit ARRGHH! And that’s when the

trouble starts. Like the time he comes

to school and Ruby and Jackson find

themselves mixed up in a terrible

tangle of noodle-doodles!

The second in a hilarious new

series by bestselling author Karen

McCombie, illustrated throughout

with irresistable black and white line

art by Alex T. Smith.





World All Languages



The Dreaded Noodle-Doodles

You, Me and Thing 2

Karen McCombie is the

bestselling author of numerous

children’s and teenage books,

including the series Ally’s

World, Stella Etc, Indie Kidd and

novels An Urgent Message of

Wowness and The Raspberry

Rules. Before becoming an

author she worked for teen

magazines such as J17 and

Sugar. Originally from Scotland,

she lives in London with her

husband, young daughter and

assorted cats, who all give

her inspiration for her books,

whether they like it or not.

Alex T. Smith is the awardwinning

illustrator of many

children’s books including

Claude, Bella & Monty and Elliot

Jones, Midnight Superhero

(longlisted for the Greenaway

Medal 2009).

‘I loved this warm and funny story, full of

giggles and magic – sit back and enjoy!’

Jeremy Strong, author of The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog


978 0 571 279364



Jane Smiley





In her newest novel for young

readers, Pulitzer prize-winning author

Jane Smiley offers an unmatched

horse tale and a mysterious and

suspenseful ghost story.

When Abby Lovitt gets to work at

her family’s ranch, she can hardly

believe her luck. True Blue is a

beauty, a dapple grey, and he needs a

new home – his owner was tragically

killed in a car crash, and no one has

claimed him. Her father is wary, as

always. But Abby is smitten. True

Blue is a sweetheart and whenever

Abby calls out, ‘Blue, Blue, how are

you?’ he whinnies back.

But sometimes True Blue seems, well

. . . spooked. He paces, and always

seems to be looking for something.

Or someone. Abby starts to wonder

about True Blue’s owner. What was

she like? What did she look like? And

what are the strange whispers Abby

sometimes hears when she’s with


Following Nobody’s Horse and Secret

Horse, this is the third novel featuring

Abby Lovitt and her family.

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


Mystery Horse

Jane Smiley was born in Los

Angeles and grew up in

St Louis, Missouri. In 1992 she

won the Pulitzer Prize for A

Thousand Acres, for which she

also won the National Book

Critics’ Circle Award. Her other

novels include Moo (1995),

Horse Heaven (2000), which

was shortlisted for the Orange

Prize, Good Faith (2003) and

Ten Days in the Hills (2007). Her

most recent novel for adults

is Private Life (2010). In 2006

Jane Smiley was awarded the

PEN Lifetime Achievement

Award for Literature.

‘Jane Smiley’s passion for horses shines

out of every page.’

Meg Rosoff







Andy Briggs

The world’s greatest eco-warrior

is back for another white-knuckle


When a baby gorilla is snatched

from its family by the world’s most

infamous hunter, Tarzan will stop at

nothing to track him down – crossing

the wild jungle and hostile African

savanna to bring him to justice.

Meanwhile, Jane is trying to learn

more about Tarzan’s past, and must

decide whether reuniting him with

his lost Greystoke family is the right

thing to do. But Robbie has ideas of

his own. He has formed a plan that

will get rid of Tarzan for good, and

keep the secrets of his own past safe.

Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior is a lionroaring

read that brings the classic

story bang into the twenty-first

century, and will publish at the start

of the Tarzan centenary year.


978 0 571 273539







UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior

Andy began his writing career

working on Hollywood movie

projects, such as Freddy Vs

Jason and Foreverman for

Spider-Man creator Stan Lee

and legendary producer Robert

Evans. He has written several

graphic novels, including the

horror-thriller Ritual and Kong

King of Skull Island. His first

children’s books were the eight

part and

series for Oxford University

Press. He’s currently working on

several exciting TV and feature

projects in between his books.

Tarzan has been a passion from

childhood and he is thrilled to

now be writing and updating

the legendary hero.

‘Tarzan is back with a bloodcurdling roar!

An epic re-book of the classic series.’

Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl


978 0 571 276165








Gordon Smith

Imagine if one day, without warning, the

entire human race turns against you.

Every single person you meet becomes a

bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell-bent

on killing you – and only you.

Friends, family, even your mum and

dad, will turn on you. They will murder


And when they have, they will go back

to their lives as if nothing has happened.

The world has the Fury.

It will not rest until you are dead.

Cal, Brick and Daisy are three

ordinary teenagers whose lives

suddenly take a terrifying turn for

the worst. They begin to trigger a

reaction in everybody they meet, that

makes friends and strangers want to

tear them to pieces.

These victims of the Fury – the ones

that survive – manage to locate each

other. But just when they think they

have found a place to hide from the

world, some of them begin to

change . . .

They must fight to uncover the truth

about the Fury before it’s too late.

But it is a truth that will destroy

everything they know about life and


By the author of the Furnace books,

The Fury is a relentless roller-coaster

ride of excitement, mystery and

supernatural terror.

The Fury

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive




Alexander Gordon Smith is the

author of the terrifying Furnace

series, as well as The Inventors

(shortlisted for the Wow Factor

competition) and The Inventors

and the City of Stolen Souls.

He has also written a number

of non-fiction books, as well

as hundreds of articles for

various magazines. He is the

founder of Egg Box Publishing,

an independent press that

promotes talented new writers

and poets, and is the co-owner

of Fear Driven Films. He lives in








France: February, 1944.

Arianne knew Luc as a child,

of course she did. Everyone in

Samaroux knows each other. But

he’s been away, and five years really

makes a difference to a boy. A young



978 0 571 278176



As they fall headily in love – first love

– their world starts to crumble around

them. German forces are closing

in, and the village is torn between

cooperating to save themselves or

putting up resistance and entering

unknown danger.

Arianne will do anything to make Luc

stay. Luc wants to prove he is a man.

And Romy, who has loved Arianne

all the time that Luc has been away,

can see a way of removing his rival,

at any cost.

How far will they go to protect what

they believe in? And what will they

do for love?

Natasha Farrant’s YA debut is a

devastating story of resistance,

heartbreak and betrayal.





UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


The Things We Did for Love

Natasha Farrant grew up in

the heart of London’s French

community, and currently

combines writing with her

career as a Literary Scout. She

is the author of two successful

novels for adults, Diving Into

Light and Some Other Eden,

both published by Transworld.

She lives in West London with

her husband, two daughters

and a large tortoiseshell cat.

The Things We Did For Love is

her first novel for young adults.


978 0 571 280537



Claire Merle

An utterly compelling debut from a

powerful new voice in YA fiction.





London, in the not too distant future,

and people are now divided into

Pures and Crazies according to

the results of a DNA test, with the

Crazies sectioned off to live within

‘the City’ on the other side of the

Community wall.

Until the age of fifteen, Ana has lived

a privileged existence amongst the

Pures, but her whole world crumbles

when she finds out that her DNA test

was faked. She has just three years

before she will be cast out of the

Community . . .

But Ana meets Pure-born Jasper and

is offered a ticket to freedom when

he asks her to Join with him. But just

a week before the Joining ceremony,

Jasper goes missing; it appears he is

somewhere in the City, and no one

knows why.

Ana sets off on his trail, which takes

her through the underbelly of society

and into the pits of the human soul.

And as she delves deeper into the

mystery of Jasper’s disappearance

Ana uncovers some devastating

truths that destroy everything she

has grown up to believe, but she also

learns to love as she has never loved


World All Languages



The Glimpse



Claire wrote her first

paranormal screenplay at the

age of thirteen and named

it after a road sign. Danger

Alive never made it to the big

screen, but she continued to

write and daydream her way

through school and university.

Claire graduated with a first

BA (Hons) in Film Studies,

and spent the next few years

working in the BFI. She worked

as a runner and camera

assistant, and fantasised about

creating her own films. In 2000,

she wrote and directed the

short film, Colours, which sold

to Canal Plus. Today, Claire is

concentrating on writing YA

fiction. She spends her time

between Paris and London,

along with her French husband

and two young sons.







The sirens are back, but Vanessa may

be the biggest threat of all . . .

Nothing has been normal since

Vanessa Sands learned that her sister

was murdered by sirens – femme

fatales of the watery depths – and

that everything she believed about

herself and her family was a lie.

Vanessa has always told her

boyfriend Simon everything. But she

worries that if he finds out who – or

what – she truly is, he’ll run a mile.

To make things worse, when Parker,

Hawthorne Prep’s resident charmer,

shows an interest in her, she can’t

resist the siren’s urge to stray. And

on top of all this, she’s trying to be

strong for her parents as they come

to terms with her sister’s death.

But personal problems must be put

aside, because the Winter Harbor

sirens are back for revenge. Now

Vanessa must face her past and

accept that she is just like her

enemies – every bit as alluring and

every bit as dangerous.

The eagerly anticipated second

novel of the Siren trilogy, Pulse is a

seductive paranormal romance that

will leave you breathless.


978 0 571 273966




A Siren Book





UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, Australia

and New Zealand

Tricia Rayburn is the author of

Ruby’s Slippers and the Maggie

Bean trilogy. Despite fearing all

creatures of the deep, she’s still

drawn to the water and makes

her home in a seaside town on

eastern Long Island in America.

You can visit her online at


978 0 571 273362



Deirdre Madden


978 0 571 260072



Deirdre Madden





Winner of the Eilis Dillon Award for a

First Children’s Book

When the timid millionaire pianist

Barney Barrington moves to

Woodford, extraordinary things

start to happen. For local millionaire

Jasper Jellit doesn’t like all the

attention Barney is getting and will

do anything to upstage him, including

hosting an extravagant chocolate

party for Woodford residents.





World English Language



Snakes’ Elbows

But when Barney and Jasper want to

buy the same painting, Jasper finds

less scrupulous ways of getting what

he wants. As Barney is too kind to

ever have a suspicious thought, it falls

to his hyper-intelligent cat Dandelion

to save the day – with the help of

Jasper’s two misunderstood dogs

Cannibal and Bruiser.

A charming, funny story from prizewinning

author Deirdre Madden.

‘A delightful and funny tale with

just a touch of Dahl.’

The Bookseller

World English Language



Jasper and the

Green Marvel

A beautifully written, funny story

from award-winning author Deirdre

Madden – will be loved by Roald

Dahl fans.

There’s a wonderful emerald necklace

called The Green Marvel hidden

somewhere in Haverford-Snuffley

Hall. Sneaky Jasper Jellit takes a job

there as a gardener, hoping to get his

hands on the jewels. But the house

is haunted, his two pet rats Rags and

Bags give him no end of trouble, and

then there’s Mrs Knutmegg the cook,

who sees immediately that Jasper’s

up to no good . . .

A sparkling sequel to the awardwinning

Snakes’ Elbows.







Jessie Little


978 0 571 259854



The Best Toyshop in the World has a

secret . . . its magic Hoozle toys come

to life! And when Willow stays with

her Aunt Suzy, who owns the toyshop,

she and her bear, Toby, have the most

incredible adventures!

The Summertown recycling fair

is coming up and naughty Croc is

causing trouble again. He’s making

strange Hoozles out of bits and bobs,

including poor lonely Frank.

Can Willow and her Hoozle friends

stop Croc’s mischief making and

help the raggedy Hoozles find loving






Rag Bag Friends

Magic Toyshop

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


Written with Working Partners

– the team behind some of the

most recognised, popular and

bestselling series in children’s

fiction including Animal Ark,

Rainbow Magic and BeastQuest.


978 0 571 259847



Jessie Little


978 0 571 259861



Jessie Little









The Rabbit


Magic Toyshop

Treasure Island


Magic Toyshop

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


The Best Toyshop in the World has a

secret . . . its magic Hoozle toys come

to life! And when Willow stays with

her Aunt Suzy, who owns the toyshop,

she and her bear, Toby, have the most

incredible adventures!

Willow is excited when Clemmie

comes to stay in Summertown. She’s

got her own Hoozle too – a pretty

bunny rabbit called Smooches.

But naughty Croc is trying to steal

Smooches’ magical pocket heart. Can

Willow and her Hoozle friends put a

stop to his naughtiness?

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


Willow can’t wait for the boat trip to

Smuggler’s Cove. But naughty Croc

has secretly come too!

Will they find treasure on the island,

or will Croc cause mischief again?








Sebastian Barry

On Canaan’s


Jane Harris

Gillespie and I

Alan Bennett


Lucy Caldwell

The Meeting



978 0 571 226542




978 0 571 238309




978 1 846 685262




978 0 571 270538







From the bestselling Costa Prize-winning author of

The Secret Scripture comes another heartbreaking novel

spanning a lifetime.

‘Barry has created a most memorable character.’

Colm Tóibín





‘It is rare to read a literary novel where the

storytelling is as skilful as the writing is fine, but in

Gillespie and I, Harris has pulled off the only too

rare double whammy – a Booker-worthy novel that I

want to read again.’

Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times

A top ten bestseller.




Published with Profile Books

‘Artfully entertaining … the stories have a dark,

knowing shrewdness about erotic mischief, young

and old.’

Simon Schama, Financial Times





‘Fans of Sadie Jones will warm to Caldwell’s style.’


‘Compuslively readable.’


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


World All Languages




978 0 571 270323



Edna O’Brien

Saints and



978 0 571 259212





The Emperor

of Lies


978 0 571 210794



Dermot Healy

Long Time,

No See


978 0 571 241552



















Richard T. Kelly

The Possessions

of Doctor Forrest

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


‘Edna O’Brien writes the most beautiful, aching

stories of any writer, anywhere.’

Alice Munro

‘There is no living Irish writer who compares in terms

of style, stamina, depth or meaning.’

Colum McCann

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


‘I find it difficult to think of any book that has had

such an immediate and powerful impact on me.’

Hilary Mantel

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


‘Terrific and exhilarating . . . Every page is a

pleasure to read and the entire book is, as one of

Healy’s characters might put it, an astonishment.’

Peter Parker, Sunday Times

World All Languages



‘Kelly pays homage to a genre that he clearly knows

intimately and loves dearly … Thrilling Gothic 2.0.’

The Times










Miriam Toews

Irma Voth

Rachel Cusk

Saving Agnes

Andrew Sean


The Path of

Minor Planets


978 0 571 245376




978 0 571 273560




978 0 571 272105




978 0 571 272860







‘One of the most brilliant fictional projects

of recent years.’

Philip Hensher, Spectator

‘Unsettling, disarming, and compellingly readable.’

Margaret Drabble, Observer





‘An intriguing writer with a real formal skill in

patterning and plotting … Irma Voth shifts between

dream and cruel reality with vivid colour.’

The Times





Winner of the Whitbread First Novel Award, published

here for the first time by Faber.





‘[The novel] sensitively portrays three central female

characters as they mature, delivering a rich sense of

the vicissitudes of being a woman.’

New Statesman

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


© Adrian Clarke


978 0 571 269617



Stefan Merrill


The Storm

at the Door


978 0 571 239425




978 0 571 269426




978 0 571250516













The Devil’s Mask

Samuel Black

The Ground is


Ida Hattemer-


The History

of History









UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


‘A compelling, raw and painful family history that

never needs to shout or fall into self-pity. There are

sentences here that I wanted to take home and frame.

I loved it.’

Evie Wyld

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


An atmospheric mystery set in Regency Bristol, for fans of

The American Boy and The Ruby and the Smoke.

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


‘A heady mix of sex, violence, intrigue and treachery

… A spirited, enthusiastic read.’


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


‘An extraordinary debut … follows her young

American heroine, a lonely expat in Berlin, on a

journey into madness on the trail of family secrets

and Nazi ghosts.’








Earl Lovelace

Is Just a Movie


978 0 571 256228




978 0 571 251841



Tristan Garcia

Hate: A Romance

Robert Dinsdale

Three Miles




Sara Gran

City of the Dead

A Claire DeWitt Mystery


978 0 571 260263




978 0 571 259182







Winner of the Caribbean Literary Grand Prize.

‘Lovelace has chronicled the racial and cultural

diversity of his birthplace with affection and a sharpeyed

humour . . . Is Just a Movie confirms Lovelace

as a master story-teller of the West Indies.’

Financial Times





‘Set between the 1980s and the early 2000s in gay

Paris, this political and teasingly semi-fictionalised

novel has led to Garcia being described as the best

new novelist to come out of France in a generation.

For once, the fuss may be worth attending to.’

Financial Times





A grippingly plotted novel set in the Blitz of one man’s

attempt to escort a criminal to justice in 1940s Leeds.





‘Claire DeWitt is a cool blend of Nancy Drew and

Sid Vicious. With City of the Dead, Sara Gran has

pulled the traditional female sleuth into the twentyfirst

century with a novel that’s smart and hip, dark

and funny.’

Alafair Burke

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


World All Languages



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada



978 0 571 237142



Tobias Jones

White Death


978 0 571 275441



Alan Glynn



978 0 571 249640



Andrew Martin

The Somme



978 0 571 239900



Jason Goodwin

An Evil Eye

















World All Languages

excluding Italian


‘A welcome addition to the growing body of foreign

writers of Italian noir, including Donna Leon, David

Hewson and the late Michael Dibdin, Jones writes

with understanding, intelligence and prescience

about the country of Berlusconi, bunga-bunga and

bungs all round.’

Laura Wilson, Guardian

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


‘The debate is over . . . Bloodland is the great Irish

novel, no argument. It has it all and it is a cracking


Ken Bruen

World English Language



‘The the real achievement of The Somme Stations

is the bravura picture the reader is given of men in

war – a war receding in time as the last participants

die, but which Martin subtly allows to stand in for all


Barry Forshaw, Independent

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


‘A wonderfully seductive and original detective.’

Kate Mosse

‘Edgar-winner Goodwin’s masterful fourth mystery

thriller . . . [an] assured depiction of a nation

restrained by a corrupt leadership far removed from

the old traditions of transparency and justice.’

Publishers Weekly









Tom Bower

No Angel

The Secret Life

of Bernie Ecclestone

Ken Livingstone

You Can’t

Say That


Judy Golding

The Children

of Lovers

A memoir of William Golding

by his daughter

Matthew Hollis

Now All Roads

Lead to France

The Last Years of Edward Thomas


978 0 571 269365




978 0 571 280414




978 0 571 273423




978 0 571 245994







‘Once again Tom Bower ventures into places where

other investigative writers dare not or cannot go. The

result is a hair-raising account of the wheeler-dealers,

cheats and chancers, who dice and duel to come first

in the ultimate fast lane.’

John le Carré





The turbulent true story of more than 40 years spent

battling at the front line of social issues, as well as with

the Blair and Thatcher governments, from one of Britain’s

foremost politicians.





‘An exemplary memoir of childhood . . . An

absorbing read, a must for William Golding

devotees, and, frankly, for anyone.’

Penelope Lively, Spectator





‘Thomas will not be served better. I read this

book entranced, inspired, anxious and grateful

and I finished it in tears. It is important and it is


Carol Ann Duffy

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


Woeld English Language



World All Languages



World All Languages




978 0 571 250639



Nicholas Rankin

Ian Fleming’s


The Story of 30 Assault Unit



978 0 571 259540



Lucy Worsley

If Walls

Could Talk

An Intimate History of the Home


978 0 571 234783



Matthew Sweet

The West End


The Wartime Secrets

of London’s Grand Hotels


978 0 571 249763



Tim Jeal


of the Nile

The Triumph and Tragedy

of a Great Victorian Adventure

















World excluding US



The true story of Ian Fleming’s Second World War

unit, the real-life inspiration for James Bond, from the

bestselling author of Churchill’s Wizards.

UK and Commonwealth



‘Worsley’s eye for quirky detail is so compelling

that you quickly find yourself gripped by the most

unlikely subjects . . . a very enjoyable beginner’s guide

to British domestic life.’

Kathryn Hughes, Mail on Sunday

World English Language



A sumptuous, witty and eye-opening history of the

eccentrics, stars, aristocrats and criminals living in

London’s grand hotels during the Blitz, from writer and

broadcaster Matthew Sweet.

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


From Tim Jeal, author of the bestselling Stanley, the epic

Victorian story of the search for the source of the Nile.







Mary Laven

Mission to China

Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit

Encounter with the East


di Robilant



The Voyages of the

Zen Brothers to the Far North



Divided Houses

The Hundred Years War,

Volume 3




Lewis Wolpert

You’re Looking

Very Well

The Surprising Nature

of Getting Old


978 0 571 225187




978 0 571 243785




978 0 571 240128




978 0 571 250653







‘A zingy account of Ricci’s tribulations in Ming

Dynasty China . . . A lovely book, that memorably

chronicles the triumphs and travails of Catholic

missionary endeavour abroad.’

Sunday Telegraph





A BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week.

‘A gripping traveller’s tale of outlandishly beautiful

coasts, brave adventurers, intrepid fishermen and

lone scholars.’

Independent on Sunday





Winner of the 2009 Wolfson History Prize.

‘Narrative history of the best kind – pacey, evocative,

rich in detail . . . A remarkable achievement.’






‘Wolpert treats us to a sprightly tour that

encompasses the diseases and neurological

conditions that may await us en route to extinction

. . . You may not look any better after reading

Wolpert but you will know how to feel better.’

Daily Telegraph

UK and Commonwealth



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


World excluding US



World All Languages




978 0 571 277315



Stephen Pile

The Ultimate

Book of

Heroic Failures


978 0 571 251735




978 0 571 235872




978 0 571 279395













I Was

Douglas Adams’s


And Other Encounters

with Legends

Andrew Beatty

A Shadow Falls

In the Heart of Java

Giles Tremlett

Ghosts of Spain

Travels Through a

Country’s Hidden Past









World All Languages



Celebrate the very best in failure with this all new

collection of outrageously funny misadventures from

the author of the classic number one bestseller

The Book of Heroic Failures.

World All Languages



‘These twelve intriguing oddball encounters with

people who knew other even more intriguing

oddballs is quite simply a terrific read.’

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

World excluding US



‘A highly readable book, full of memorable portraits

of the author’s neighbours and informants,

immensely entertaining, and the most evocative

portrayal of rural Java for years.’

Literary Review

World English lanuage

excluding US and Canada


An updated edition of this bestselling account of the

darker aspects of Spain’s history and culture, from Franco

to feminism and flamenco.








Saul Frampton

When I Am Playing

With My Cat, How

Do I Know She Is Not

Playing With Me?

Montaigne and Being

in Touch With Life




Stefan Kanfer

Tough Without

a Gun

The Extraordinary Life

of Humphrey Bogart

Richard T. Kelly

Sean Penn

Revised Edition

Joseph McBride

Steven Spielberg

Second Edition


978 0 571 234585




978 0 571 260737




978 0 571 274918




978 0 571 193738







‘One of the best books I have read on Montaigne.’

Nicholas Shakespeare, Sunday Telegraph





‘This compelling biography of the great man has the

lot. Kanfer’s passion for the era shines through in this

fascinating story of Hollywood’s original leading

man. Of all the biographies in all the world, we

recommend you read this one.’






‘The riveting Sean Penn by Richard T. Kelly is a

book nobody should miss.’

Andrew O’Hagan

‘A fascinating “oral history” of the actor-director,

with countless interviews.’

Time Out

Paperback (P. O.D.)




A new revised biography of one of the most recognised

names in cinematic history.

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


World All Languages



UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada



978 0 571 269242



Seamus Heaney

Human Chain


978 0 571 280629



Wendy Cope

Family Values


978 0 571 264919




978 0 571 245055











Daljit Nagra

Tippoo Sultan’s

Incredible White-

Man-Eating Tiger


Don Paterson




A New Commentary

Trade Paperback








World excluding US



‘In Human Chain, his best single volume for many

years, and one that contains some of the best poems

he has written, Heaney allows the struggle between

the lacrimae rerum and the consolations of poetry

to have a force which is satisfying because its result is

so tentative and uncertain.’

Colm Tóibín, Guardian

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


‘Wendy Cope’s technical brilliance is widely

acknowledged, but what is more impressive is the

ease with which form and content become one in

her poems . . . Family Values is funny, melancholy

and devastatingly observant. Wendy Cope stores

experience in her triolets, sonnets, pantoums and

villanelles like honey in the beautiful architecture of

a hive.’

Helen Dunmore, The Times

World All Languages



‘I defy anyone not to come away from this volume

feeling gladdened, afflicted, revitalised.’

Sarah Crown, Guardian

UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


‘In his wild and wonderful new commentary

Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Don Paterson

gives us an outrageous compound of critical cool

and rhetorical extravagance.’

Clive James, TLS Books of the Year







Philip Larkin

High Windows

Philip Larkin


Selected and with an introduction

by Martin Amis

Ted Hughes


Ted Hughes


of Elmet


978 0 571 260140




978 0 571 258116




978 0 571 278756




978 0 571 278763







‘Larkin’s admirers need only be told that he is

as good as ever here, if not slightly better. Like

Betjeman and Hardy, Larkin is a poet who can move

a large audience – to laughter and to tears – without

betraying the highest artistic standards.’

Kingsley Amis, Observer





‘His greatest stanzas, for all their unexpectedness,

make you feel that a part of your mind was already

prepared to receive them – was anxiously awaiting

them. They seem ineluctable, or predestined. Larkin,

often, is more than memorable. He is instantly


Martin Amis





First published in 1983, River celebrates fluvial landscapes,

their creatures and their regenerative powers. Inspired

by Hughes’s love of fishing and by his environmental

activism, the poems are a deftly and passionately attentive

chronicle of change over the course of the seasons.





Ted Hughes’s remarkable ‘pennine sequence’ celebrates

the area where he spent his early childhood. Remains of

Elmet is one of Hughes’s most personal and enduring

achievements. Here for the first time Faber and Faber

reprint the text of the original 1979 edition.

World All Languages



World English Language



UK and Commonwealth



UK and Commonwealth




978 0 571 232093



Simon Reynolds


Pop Culture’s Addiction

to its Own Past


978 0 571 254460



Greil Marcus

Listening to

Van Morrison


978 1 846 682797




978 0 571 280636











Francesca Simon

Sleeping Army

Ted Hughes

Meet My Folks




Published with Profile Books





UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


‘A terrific book. Reynolds brings profound knowledge

and oceanic depth and width to his argument,

tracing his theme from trad jazz through the ’70s

rock and roll boom to the hipsterism of today, via

the hyper-connectedness and infinite jukebox of the


Steve Yates, Word Magazine

UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


‘A grateful and deeply passionate celebration

of what it means to hear [Morrison’s] music . . .

[Marcus] has succeeded in creating a compelling

appreciation of one of history’s most remarkable,

undefinable musicians.’

Rosie Swash, Guardian

World All Languages



‘Breathtaking, magical storytelling. A smart,

hilarious blend of fantasy and adventure. I loved this

book from the first word to the last.’

Eoin Colfer

UK and Commonwealth



A collection of humorous verse for children, including

the extraordinary adventures of Granny the Octopus and

Aunt Flo the Witch.









Thomas Enger


Jane Harris

Gillespie and I

Sebastian Barry

On Canaan’s


Miriam Toews

Irma Voth


978 0 571 272242




978 0 571 238293




978 0 571 275182




978 0 571 275199







‘The name is Thomas Enger. Make a note of it; this

man has just joined the list of Scandinavia’s best

crime writers.’

Kristeligt Dagblad





‘It is rare to read a literary novel where the

storytelling is as skilful as the writing is fine, but in

Gillespie and I, Harris has pulled off the only too

rare double whammy – a Booker-worthy novel that I

want to read again.’

Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times





From the bestselling Costa Prize-winning author of

The Secret Scripture comes another heartbreaking novel

spanning a lifetime.

‘Barry has created a most memorable character.’

Colm Tóibín





‘An intriguing writer with a real formal skill in

patterning and plotting … Irma Voth shifts between

dream and cruel reality with vivid colour.’

The Times

World English Language



UK and Commonwealth,

EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive


UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada, EU exclusive



978 0 571 239894



Jason Goodwin

An Evil Eye





UK and Commonwealth

excluding Canada


‘Edgar-winner Goodwin’s masterful fourth mystery

thriller . . . [an] assured depiction of a nation

restrained by a corrupt leadership far removed from

the old traditions of transparency and justice.’

Publishers Weekly









T. S. Eliot

Thomas Stearns Eliot was born

in St Louis, Missouri, in 1888.

He came to England in 1914

and published his first book

of poems in 1917. He received

the Nobel Prize in Literature in

1948. Eliot died in 1965.

The Waste Land

The Waste Land for iPad brings alive

the most revolutionary poem of the

last hundred years for a 21st-century

audience. A wealth of interactive

features illuminate T. S. Eliot’s

greatest work.

This digital edition carefully respects

the typography and integrity of the

original yet offers spectacular new

ways to explore the significance and

influence of the poem.

Watch a remarkable specially-filmed

performance of the entire poem by

Fiona Shaw, synchronised to the text.

Listen to complete audio readings of

the poem, also synchronised to the

text, by T. S. Eliot himself (readings

from two periods in his life) as well

as Ted Hughes, Alec Guinness and

Viggo Mortensen.

Understand the poem’s many

references and allusions with the help

of comprehensive interactive notes.

Reveal the structure of the verse and

move quickly between sections with a

new navigation tool.

Watch over 35 expert video

perspectives on the poem including

contributions from Seamus Heaney

and Jeanette Winterson.

Examine original manuscript pages to

see how the poem took shape under

Ezra Pound’s editing.





For iPad




‘Honors the silence of the text itself, the silence

that makes Eliot’s many voices in this poem so

clearly audible.’

New York Times editorial

‘Sitting there, iPad on lap, it was as though the

poem had suddenly burst into life.’

John Naughton, Observer

‘5/5. This app is so good that even a philistine

such as myself can’t help but be impressed.’

Shane Richmond, Daily Telegraph

Published by Faber and Faber

and Touch Press



Faber Finds

Bringing Great Writing

Back Into Print

Dedicated to republishing outstanding books

that have fallen out-of-print, since its launch in

2008 Faber Finds now boasts over 900 titles.

Faber Finds has a new look as of July 2011 – with a refreshed range of subject

matter and a handsome redesign of the imprint’s covers (including dedicated

copy for each title.) Fictional treasures on the July list include the short stories of

Sylvia Townsend Warner, hailed by Sarah Waters as ‘one of the most talented

and well-respected British authors of the twentieth century’; Emma Tennant’s

feminist gothic tales Faustine and Two Women of London; and the incredibly

rare early Patrick Hamilton novel Twopence Coloured. Among the non-fiction

offerings are Trevor Wilson’s timely The Downfall of the Liberal Party 1914-

1935 and Tom Wintringham’s searing Spanish Civil War memoir English

Captain (on the 75th anniversary of the generals’ coup.) Pop culture also makes

its presence felt on the Finds list through two seminal works of the mid-1980s:

Dave Rimmer’s Like Punk Never Happened: Culture Club and the New Pop,

and Fred Vermorel’s brilliantly lubricious Starlust: The Secret Fantasies of Fans.

And the literary dimensions of football are represented by Gazza Agonistes, a

terribly funny and deeply felt appreciation of Paul Gascoigne by the late poet

and Spurs fan Ian Hamilton. New (re)discoveries for everyone, then, in Faber


138 139


766 and All That, Paul Johnson and Matthew Hancock, 51


Aftermath, Rachel Cusk, 36

American Trade, Tarell Alvin McCraney, 84

And I and Silence , Naomi Wallace, 83

April de Angelis, Jumpy, 85

Simon Armitage, The Death of King Arthur, 64


The Baghdad Railway Club, Andrew Martin, 25

Oliver Balch, India Rising, 53

Sebastian Barry, On Canaan’s Side, 118, (OME), 132

Eileen Battersby, Ordinary Dogs, 40

Andrew Beatty, A Shadow Falls, 127

Samuel Beckett, Collected Poems, 67

Alan Bennett, Smut, 118

The Big Music, Kirsty Gunn, 19

Betty G. Birney, Mysteries According to Humphrey, 103,

My Great Big Birthday Bash!, 104, My Treasure Hunt Trouble, 105

Samuel Black, The Ground is Burning, 121

Stefan Merrill Block, The Storm at the Door, 121

Blood on the Altar, Tobias Jones, 41

Bloodland, Alan Glynn, 123

Tom Bower, No Angel, 124

Susan Brigden, Sir Thomas Wyatt, 71

Andy Briggs, Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior, 108

Charlie Brooker, Unnovations, 58

Brooklyn Heights, Miral al-Tahawy, 19

Moira Buffini, Greenland, 82

Basil Bunting, The Poems, 68

Burned (OME), Thomas Enger, 132


Lucy Caldwell, The Meeting Point, 118

Capital, John Lanchester, 6

Peter Carey, The Chemistry of Tears, 8

Cedilla, Adam Mars-Jones, 120

Celtic, Kevin McCarra, 50

The Challenge, Andrew Lambert, 42

Matt Charman, Greenland, 82

Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, Andrew Upton, 82

The Chemistry of Tears, Peter Carey, 8

The Children of Lovers, Judy Golding, 124

Tony Childs, The Poetry of Simon Armitage, 74

Marcus Chown, The Solar System, 47, Tweeting the Universe, 46

Christina Rossetti, Emma Jones (ed), 73

City of the Dead, Sara Gran, 122

Jarvis Cocker, Mother, Brother, Lover, 90

Teju Cole, Open City, 22

Collected Poems, Samuel Beckett, 67

Comedy Rules, Jonathan Lynn, 57

The Complete Poems, Philip Larkin, 66

Wendy Cope, Family Values, 129

Adam Creed, Death in the Sun, 30

Rachel Cusk, Aftermath, 36, Saving Agnes, 120


A Dark Redemption, Stav Sherez, 29

Death in the Sun, Adam Creed, 30

Death of a Polaroid, Nicky Wire, 88

The Death of King Arthur, Simon Armitage, 64

The Death of Mao, James Palmer, 43

Grace Dent, How To Leave Twitter, 56

The Devil’s Mask, Christopher Wakling, 121

Robert Dinsdale, Three Miles, 122

Divided Houses, Jonathan Sumption, 126

John Donne, John Donne, 73

The Doors, Greil Marcus, 91

The Dreaded Noodle-Doodles, Karen McCombie, 106

Drifting House, Krys Lee, 15

Carol Ann Duffy (ed), Jubilee Lines, 62

Robin Dunbar, The Science of Love and Betrayal, 45


Sam Eastland, Siberian Red, 26

T. S. Eliot, The Letters, 69, The Waste Land (App), 136

The Emperor of Lies, Steve Sem-Sandberg, 119

Empire of the Clouds, James Hamilton-Paterson, 44

Thomas Enger, Burned (OME), 132

An Evil Eye, Jason Goodwin, 123, (OME), 133

The Expats, Chris Pavone, 24

Explorers of the Nile, Tim Jeal, 125


Faber and Faber Poetry Diary 2013, 75

Family Values, Wendy Cope, 129

Farewell to the Theatre, Richard Nelson, 85

Natasha Farrant, The Things We Did for Love, 110

Fear in the Sunlight, Nicola Upson, 27

James Fearnley, Here Comes Everybody, 92

James Fenton, Poems, 65

Adharanand Finn, Running with the Kenyans, 49

Justin Fletcher, Justin’s Jokes, 102

The Forward Book of Poetry 2012, 76

Saul Frampton, When I Am Playing With My Cat, How Do I Know

She Is Not Playing With Me?, 128

Michael Frayn, Skios, 10

The Fury, Alexander Gordon Smith, 109


Tristan Garcia, Hate: A Romance, 122

Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Stammers (ed), 72

Ghosts of Spain, Giles Tremlett, 127

Gillespie and I, Jane Harris, 118, (OME), Jane Harris, 132

The Glimpse, Claire Merle, 111

Alan Glynn, Bloodland, 123

Gogol’s Government Inspector, David Harrower, 83

David Goldberg, This is Not the Way, 48

Judy Golding, The Children of Lovers, 124

Jason Goodwin, An Evil Eye, 123, (OME), 133

Sara Gran, City of the Dead, 122

Greenland, Moira Buffini, Matt Charman, Penelope Skinner

and Jack Thorne, 82

Andrew Sean Greer, The Path of Minor Planets, 120

The Ground is Burning, Samuel Black, 121

Kirsty Gunn, The Big Music, 19


James Hamilton-Paterson, Empire of the Clouds, 44

Matthew Hancock, 766 and All That, 51

David Hare, South Downs and Mere Fact, Mere Fiction, 80

Jane Harris, Gillespie and I, 118, (OME), 132

David Harrower, Gogol’s Government Inspector, 83

Hate: A Romance, Tristan Garcia, 122

Ida Hattemer-Higgins, The History of History, 121

Dermot Healy, Long Time, No See, 119

Seamus Heaney, Human Chain, 129

Here Comes Everybody, James Fearnley, 92

High Windows, Philip Larkin, 130

The History of History, Ida Hattemer-Higgins, 121

Hit & Run, Doug Johnstone, 31

Peter Hobbs, In the Orchard, the Swallows, 17

Matthew Hollis, Now All Roads Lead to France, 124

Gerard Manley Hopkins, Gerard Manley Hopkins, 72

How Soon is Now, Richard King, 93

How To Leave Twitter, Grace Dent, 56

Ted Hughes, River, 130, Remains of Elmet, 130, Meet My Folks, 131

Human Chain, Seamus Heaney, 129


I Was Douglas Adams’s Flatmate, Andrew McGibbon, 127

Ian Fleming’s Commandos, Nicholas Rankin, 125

If Walls Could Talk, Lucy Worsley, 125

In the Orchard, the Swallows, Peter Hobbs, 17

India Rising, Oliver Balch, 53

Irma Voth, Miriam Toews, 120, (OME), 132

Is Just a Movie, Earl Lovelace, 122


Jasper and the Green Marvel, Deirdre Madden, 113

Tim Jeal, Explorers of the Nile, 125

John Donne, Paul Muldoon (ed), 73

Paul Johnson, 766 and All That, 51

Doug Johnstone, Hit & Run, 31

Tobias Jones, Blood on the Altar, 41

Emma Jones (ed), Christina Rossetti, 73

Tobias Jones, White Death, 123

Jubilee Lines, Carol Ann Duffy (ed), 62

Jumpy, April de Angelis, 85

Justin’s Jokes, Justin Fletcher, 102


Stefan Kanfer, Tough Without a Gun, 128

Keeping Up with the Germans, Philip Oltermann, 52

Richard T. Kelly, The Possessions of Doctor Forrest, 119, Sean Penn, 128

Richard King, How Soon is Now, 93


Andrew Lambert, The Challenge, 42

John Lanchester, Capital, 6

Philip Larkin, The Complete Poems, 66, High Windows, 130, Poems, 130

Mary Laven, Mission to China, 126

Krys Lee, Drifting House, 15

Stewart Lee, Stewart Lee! ‘If You Prefer a Milder Comedian

Please Ask For One’ EP, 55

Peter Leonard, Voices of the Dead, 28

The Letters, T. S. Eliot, 69

Alan Licht, Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy, 94

Listening to Van Morrison, Greil Marcus, 131

Jessie Little, Rag Bag Friends, 114, The Rabbit Rescue, 115,

Treasure Island Trouble, 115

Ken Livingstone, You Can’t Say That, 34, 124

Long Time, No See, Dermot Healy, 119

Earl Lovelace, Is Just a Movie, 122

Jonathan Lynn, Comedy Rules, 57


Deirdre Madden, Jasper and the Green Marvel, 113, Snakes’ Elbows, 113

Greil Marcus, The Doors, 91, Listening to Van Morrison, 131

Adam Mars-Jones, Cedilla, 120

Andrew Martin, The Baghdad Railway Club, 25, The Somme Stations, 123

Joseph McBride, Writing in Pictures, 98, Steven Spielberg, 128

Kevin McCarra, Celtic, 50

Karen McCombie, The Dreaded Noodle-Doodles, 106

Tarell Alvin McCraney, American Trade, 84

Andrew McGibbon, I Was Douglas Adams’s Flatmate, 127

Meet My Folks, Ted Hughes, 131

The Meeting Point, Lucy Caldwell, 118

Claire Merle, The Glimpse, 111

The Mill for Grinding Old People Young, Glenn Patterson, 23

Mission to China, Mary Laven, 126

Mother, Brother, Lover, Jarvis Cocker, 90

Paul Muldoon (ed), John Donne, 73

Music as Alchemy, Tom Service, 95

My Great Big Birthday Bash!, Betty G. Birney, 104

My Treasure Hunt Trouble!, Betty G. Birney, 105

Mysteries According to Humphrey, Betty G. Birney, 103

Mystery Horse, Jane Smiley, 107


Daljit Nagra, Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible White-Man-Eating

Tiger Toy-Machine!!!, 129

Narcopolis, Jeet Thayil, 13

Richard Nelson, Plays 2, 81, Farewell to the Theatre, 85

New Selected Journals, Stephen Spender, 70

No Angel, Tom Bower, 124

Now All Roads Lead to France, Matthew Hollis, 124


Edna O’Brien, Saints and Sinners, 119

Will Oldham, Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy, 94

Philip Oltermann, Keeping Up with the Germans, 52

On Canaan’s Side, Sebastian Barry, 118, (OME), 132

Chibundu Onuzo, The Spider King’s Daughter, 14

Open City, Teju Cole, 22

Ordinary Dogs, Eileen Battersby, 40


James Palmer, The Death of Mao, 43

Don Paterson, Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets, 129

The Path of Minor Planets, Andrew Sean Greer, 120

Glenn Patterson, The Mill for Grinding Old People Young, 23

Chris Pavone, The Expats, 24

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Fiona Sampson (ed), 72

Elliot Perlman, The Street Sweeper, 12

Stephen Pile, The Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures, 54, 127

Plays 2, Richard Nelson, 81

The Poems, Basil Bunting, 68

Poems, James Fenton, 65

Poems, Philip Larkin, 130

Poems of the Decade 77

The Poetry of Simon Armitage, Tony Childs, 74

Point Man, Mark Townsend, 38

The Possessions of Doctor Forrest, Richard T. Kelly, 119

Alex Preston, The Revelations, 18

Pulse, Tricia Rayburn, 112


The Rabbit Rescue, Jessie Little, 115

Rag Bag Friends, Jessie Little, 114

Nicholas Rankin, Ian Fleming’s Commandos, 125

Tricia Rayburn, Pulse, 112

Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Don Paterson, 129

Remains of Elmet, Ted Hughes, 130

Retromania, Simon Reynolds, 131

Simon Reynolds, Retromania, 131

The Revelations, Alex Preston, 18

River, Ted Hughes, 130

Andrea di Robilant, Venetian Navigators, 126

Christina Rossetti, Christina Rossetti, 73

Running with the Kenyans, Adharanand Finn, 49


Saints and Sinners, Edna O’Brien, 119

Fiona Sampson (ed), Percy Bysshe Shelley, 72

Saving Agnes, Rachel Cusk, 120

Scenes from an Impending Marriage, Adrian Tomine, 59

Govert Schilling, Tweeting the Universe, 46

The Science of Love and Betrayal, Robin Dunbar, 45

Sean Penn, Richard T. Kelly, 128

Steve Sem-Sandberg, The Emperor of Lies, 119

Tom Service, Music as Alchemy, 95

A Shadow Falls, Andrew Beatty, 127

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, 72

Stav Sherez, A Dark Redemption, 29

Siberian Red, Sam Eastland, 26

Francesca Simon, The Sleeping Army, 131

Sir Thomas Wyatt, Susan Brigden, 71

Penelope Skinner, Greenland, 82, The Village Bike, 84

Skios, Michael Frayn, 10

The Sleeping Army, Francesca Simon, 131

Jane Smiley, Mystery Horse, 107

Alexander Gordon Smith, The Fury, 109

Smut, Alan Bennett, 118

Snakes’ Elbows, Deirdre Madden, 113

The Solar System, Marcus Chown, 47

The Somme Stations, Andrew Martin, 123

Sound, Tom Wolf, 20

South Downs and Mere Fact, Mere Fiction, David Hare, 80

Stephen Spender, New Selected Journals, 70

The Spider King’s Daughter, Chibundu Onuzo, 14

John Stammers (ed), Gerard Manley Hopkins, 72

Steven Spielberg, Joseph McBride, 128

Stewart Lee! ‘If You Prefer a Milder Comedian

Please Ask For One’ EP, Stewart Lee, 55

The Storm at the Door, Stefan Merrill Block, 121

The Street Sweeper, Elliot Perlman, 12

Jonathan Sumption, Divided Houses, 126

Matthew Sweet, The West End Front, 125


Miral al-Tahawy, Brooklyn Heights, 19

Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior, Andy Briggs, 108

Jeet Thayil, Narcopolis, 13

The Things We Did for Love, Natasha Farrant, 110

This is Not the Way, David Goldberg, 48

Jack Thorne, Greenland, 82

Three Miles, Robert Dinsdale, 122

Time On My Hands, Georgio Vasta, 21

Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger

Toy-Machine!!!, Daljit Nagra, 129

Miriam Toews, Irma Voth, 12, (OME), 132

Adrian Tomine, Scenes from an Impending Marriage, 59

Tough Without a Gun, Stefan Kanfer, 128

Mark Townsend, Point Man, 38

Treasure Island Trouble, Jessie Little, 115

Giles Tremlett, Ghosts of Spain, 127

Tweeting the Universe, Marcus Chown and Govert Schilling, 46


The Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures, Stephen Pile, 54, 127

Unnovations, Charlie Brooker, 58

Nicola Upson, Fear in the Sunlight, 27

Andrew Upton, Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, 82


Georgio Vasta, Time On My Hands, 21

Venetian Navigators, Andrea di Robilant, 126

The Village Bike, Penelope Skinner, 84

Voices of the Dead, Peter Leonard, 28


Christopher Wakling, The Devil’s Mask, 121

Naomi Wallace, And I and Silence, 83

The Waste Land (App), T. S. Eliot, 136

The West End Front, Matthew Sweet, 125

When I Am Playing With My Cat, How Do I Know She

Is Not Playing With Me?, Saul Frampton, 128

White Death, Tobias Jones, 123

Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy, Alan Licht, 94

Nicky Wire, Death of a Polaroid, 88

Tom Wolf, Sound, 20

Lewis Wolpert, You’re Looking Very Well, 126

Lucy Worsley, If Walls Could Talk, 125

Writing in Pictures, Joseph McBride, 98


You Can’t Say That, Ken Livingstone, 34, 124

You’re Looking Very Well, Lewis Wolpert, 126

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