The Revolution in the field of personal-safety - Faszinatour Touristik ...

The Revolution in the field of personal-safety - Faszinatour Touristik ...

The advantages

Improved safety:

• Prevents completely unclipping

• Ease of use

• Easy overtaking

• Problem-free evacuation

More flexibility:

• Usable in forest adventure parks,

high rope courses, etc.

• Combinable with conventional safety

systems: can gradually be upgraded

• Less trainers needed in rope courses,

thus lower costs

• Longer shelf life and less wear

and tear

The faszinatour Smart-Belay®:

Guarantees absolute safety

faszinatour has been setting standards in outdoor safety for many years. We are consistently

using our wealth of experience in construction and operation of forest rope courses and

high rope courses to improve security standards through further research and development.

We have succeeded in developing an innovative lanyard device that revolutionizes

personal safety when working at heights: The faszinatour Smart-Belay®.

Safety problems in the forest rope courses? You can tick them off!

Operators of high rope courses and Adventure parks know this problem: With many

currently existing safety systems, it is often the case that participants accidentally unclip

themselves completely from the safety cable - Risk of falling!

This safety loophole is eliminated through the faszinatour Smart Belay ® a system with

two pulley carabiners that can communicate with each other. If one of the carabiners is

open, the second carabiner recognises this and blocks the opening mechanism until the

first carabiner is re-clipped into the safety cable. Only then can the second carabiner be

unclipped from the safety cable. Accidentally unclipping both carabiners at the same

time is therefore not possible. The advantage: improved safety for participants and a

higher standard of risk management for operators.

Operating mode to open




closes by pulling

The facts

The faszinatour Smart Belay ® is a

registered trademark and has patent

protection [EP 1 832 315 A1].

It was developed over several years

by faszinatour. Momentarily, several

prototypes are being run at different

locations. Sales, inspection and series

production are planned for 2009.

The faszinatour Smart-Belay® has

been specifically designed for cable

rope courses, other possible

applications include:

• Sport climbing

• Industrial Safety

• Arborist

• Stage rigging

• and any system where cables or

pipes are used for backup.

both closed

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