You Gotta Have FAITH

You Gotta Have FAITH

1. “Technically” all adolescents are at risk

2. Faith-based families are perplexed as to

how to raise “PG” children in a X-rated


3. The “disappearance of “pre-adolescent”

4. The mainstreaming of teen motherhood

5. Still need a faith-based health initiative

for young men of color

6. Young people leaving church not

adequately prepared for life’s


You Gotta Have FAITH!

7. Youth ministries ill-equipped to address

current array of issues presented by

teenagers and their families

a) Burning out volunteers

b) Limited knowledge of and capacity to address

more complex social and psychological issues

faced by today’s teens

8. Faith community “touches” on key

aspects of adolescent health, but

primarily with girls

a) Spiritual well-being

b) Physical health (dance teams, step teams)

c) Mental health and coping (support groups and

family counseling)

d) Social and peer relations (rites of passage


e) Sexual decision-making (?)

9. The faith community needs to be part of

the research and development process

to create more relevant health education

products for a faith-based setting