PDF download - Bothasig Pulse


PDF download - Bothasig Pulse

Issue 5 / March 2013


Ons het ongeloofl ike seëninge sover hierdie maand beleef .

En dan lê die Paasfeesdiens nog voor!

Ek was weereens bevoorreg om onderhoude met drie persone

te voer vir die maandelikse artikels in ons nuusbrief.

Hierdie onderhoude was gevoer die week voor die

Stamapostel se diens op Sondag 3 Maart 2013. Die een onderhoud

was met die afgetrede Onderdiaken Billy Coetzee

en sy vrou Brenda. Hulle tel onder die tien oudste lede in

ons gemeente. Hulle kan tereg gesien word as van die “ouderlinge”

in die gemeente. Die ander onderhoud was met die

afgetrede Gemeente-Evangelis Norman Roodt.

Groot was my verbasing en vreugdevol die ondervinding aan

die einde van die twee onderhoude. Sonder dat die een van

die ander geweet het, het die laaste vraag aan beide persone/

families ‘n ooreenstemmende antwoord ontlok. Aan beide

partye was die vraag gevra: Watter boodskap sou u graag met

ons mede broers en susters wou deel?

To the above question, the retired C/Ev Norman Roodt responded:

‘Changes will always take place. Please accept the

Godly leadership of our time. Don’t long for the past. Th e future

is important.’ Th e retired Sub-Deacon Billy and his wife

Brenda Coetsee responded: ‘ Keep the faith. We have seen

many people come and go. Do not let things upset you. Keep

the faith.’ And then came the Chief Apostle Leber’s divine

service for the departed. One of the two groups of people he

asked us to join him in special prayers was for those souls

who left the faith due to whatever reason and who are now

in the beyond.

My heart and soul was overwhelmed with joy during the

Chief Apostle’s divine service. I sincerely hope that you are

also looking forward to the Easter service as I do.

Pieter J van Rensburg


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“The things which are impossible

with men are possible with God.”

(Luke 18:27)

Did you know?

The fi nal year confi rmands’

valedictory function takes

place on 25 March 2013.

A special congregational outing to the Barnyard

Theatre is planned to take place in May 2013.

We do not know which shows will be on at that

time, but start saving some money please.

Employment opportunities:

We regularly receive notifi cations from various companies

about employment opportunities. Should you, one of your

children or a friend be looking for a job, have a look at the

“jobs” section of our web site: www.bothasignac.org

Duty Priest / Section Cleaning Roster

Pr. Wiborg - (021 559 1156 )

25th February - 3rd March

Pr. Cookson - (021 558 7427)

4th March - 10th March

Pr. Scholtz - (084 525 2525)

11th March - 17th March


Die hartklop van

Bothasig gemeente

Pr. Brown - (021 559 2955)

18th March - 24th March

Pr. Herrmann (snr) - (021 558 3420)

25th March - 31st March

Pr. Britzius - (083 270 7787)

1st April - 7th April

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Th is newsletter is for internal

use/information for

the members of the NAC

Bothasig congregation. Information

contained herein

should not be deemed to be

the offi cial viewpoint of the

New Apostolic Church.

Did You Know?

The Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber retires

during the 2013 Pentecost Service.

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The heartbeat of

Bothasig congregation

Did you know?

The New Apostolic Creed is

available at:


Interview -

Retired Community Evangelist Norman Roodt

Norman Sidney Roodt was

born on 29 December 1946

in Woodstock, Cape Town.

His mother and father had

three children, two girls and

a boy, he being the youngest.

He grew up in Woodstock

and attended the Zonnebloem

Primary and South

Peninsula High School. Being

the youngest of the children,

and the only son, he

admits that he was spoilt a

lot by his mother. His father

was a district leader in the

church. He remembers that

whenever his parents visited

someone, his mother would

quietly sneak him into the car.

His father would only realise

he was in the car once they

had driven quite a distance!

In this way he was privileged

to be present at special events

at a very early age.

After school he started as an

Admin Clerk at SHAWCO.

He then went to work for the

Allied Publishing Company.

Eventually he joined the Navy where he worked for 20 years up to his retirement. Before

By the time he joined the Navy he was already a Priest. He was blessed in the

sense that during his twenty years of service he was never required to go out to sea whilst

his colleagues were expected to do so. He remembers the general riots in the eighties vividly.

Everyone in his direct environment was called up for active duty to face the rioters and protect

public property. The grace of the Lord allowed blisters to develop on both his feet and consequently

he was never required to join the Navy’s riot squad and possibly shoot at people.

- Page: 3 -


Norman and Adelaide got married on 10 February 1973 and celebrated their Ruby

anniversary this year. They were married in the Virginia Street congregation (Zonnebloem).

They have two children, a son Adrian and a daughter Melanie. Norman and Adelaide are also

blessed with four grandchildren.

If you could be a tree, which tree would you like to be? The response was specifi c and the

reasoning well thought through. “I would choose to be a Palm tree. It produces dates for those

who are hungry and shade for those who need rest. When there’s a storm the leaves drop down

and when the storm is over the leaves rise again to form a perfect canopy once more.”

When asked if he eats all his veggies at dinner time, he tried to throw me a curve ball. “I eat all

the veggies my wife dishes for me.” A very clever response indeed. After forty years of marriage

your wife knows exactly which veggies you do not eat, so which veggies would his wife

not dish up for him? Yep ... he doesn’t like cabbage and caulifl ower. His favourite veggies are

peas and carrots.

What was the most embarrassing experience in his life? That would be when he was the Rector

of the Lotus River West congregation and the Apostle Barnes (now DA) was to visit the

congregation. All the preparations were done and on the Sunday morning he arranged with

one of the ministers in the congregation to, as normal practice, keep a seat open in the front of

the church for the Apostle’s wife. A specifi c seat was identifi ed for this purpose. The Monday

morning he received a call from the Bishop who requested him to call the Apostle. The Apostle

explained to him that when on the altar, he always tries to look for his wife in the congregation

and that he was unable to fi nd her seated in the congregation during the service. (Three tier

seating) It so happened that the seat which was supposed to be kept open for the Apostle’s wife

was taken by someone else and no seat was kept for her. Unaware of the arrangements, and

possibly not knowing the Apostle’s wife, she was directed to another seat as the church would

have been fi lled to capacity by then.

- Page: 4 -

Norman’s favourite colour is red. And what annoys him most in life? The answer was short

and sweet: Excuses. Excuses people fi nd not to give their best and walk that extra mile. And

what about things in your life that others do not know? “There are times when I have a very

short fuse.”

Tell us about your years as a Minister: In my time, before one was ordained as a Sub-Deacon,

you were interviewed by the Apostle himself. Before the start of the service where you were to

be ordained, you were required to go into the sacristy where you once again were to confi rm

your decision to be ordained. He was ordained as a Sub-Deacon by District Apostle Gut in

the Virginia Street congregation. He was also ordained into the Deacon and Priest ministries

by Apostle Gut. District Apostle Graff ordained him as C/Evangelist and later he became the

Rector of Lotus River congregation. District Apostle Barnes ordained him as Shepherd, whilst

still at Lotus River. Later he moved to Muizenberg as Rector and later to Parkwood North as

Rector. Circumstances forced him to move to Bothasig where he humbly accepted the ministry

of rector assistant as a C/Evangelist.

What do you do to keep sane during trying times as a minister? I learnt to have a sincere upright

prayer life. I further also kept a perfect connection with my bearers of blessing.

What message would you like to share with our fellow brothers and sisters? There is no greater

joy than being a child of God. If we can accept unconditionally Word and Sacrament we will

experience the day of the Lord with joy. Changes will always take place. Please accept the

Godly leadership of our time. Don’t long for the past. The future is important.

Congratulations to (Retired C/Ev) Norman and Adelaide Roodt in celebrating their RUBY wedding anniversary

(40 years). They received their anniversary blessing in church on Sunday, 10 February 2013

by D/Elder Robert Worship.

- Page: 5 -


Congratulations to Graham

and Laverne D’Warte on the

baptism of their newborn baby

Cade Graham.

Congratulations to Andre and

Elise Liberty on the baptism of

their newborn baby.

- Page: 6 -

Congratulations to Brandon

and Mandy Fortune with the

baptism of their newborn baby.


Mar-01 BRO Manfred HYATT

Mar-01 SIS Petronella JOHANSSON


Mar-02 SIS Jeanette CLAYTON

Mar-02 BRO Ethan FITZ

Mar-02 BRO Matthew MEHL

Mar-02 SIS Anthea SCHOLTZ

Mar-03 SIS Kylie MULLER



Mar-07 SIS Celeste BIGGS

Mar-07 BRO Brent (21) LOMBARD

Mar-07 SIS Samantha PULS

Mar-08 SIS Elizabeth OOSTHUIZEN


Mar-10 SIS Majorie BREEZE

Mar-11 SIS Lynette ABRAHAMS

Mar-11 BRO Andre VENTER

Mar-12 SIS Cindy CLASSEN

Mar-12 SIS Tracey-Ann CUPIDO

Mar-13 SIS Lauren KNIGHT


Mar-17 BRO Raymond HAMMOND

Mar-17 BRO Connor MC GRATH

Mar-18 SIS Rosaline WATKINS

Mar-19 SIS Mildred BROWN



Mar-22 SIS Bridgette PETERSEN

Mar-22 SIS Nicole RILEY

Mar-23 BRO Warren ONTONG

Mar-24 BRO Nathan ABRAHAMS

Mar-25 Ret Pr Ronnie ROLL



Mar-27 SIS Beverley BRITZIUS

Mar-27 BRO Roscoe JULIUS

Mar-28 SIS Bronwyn AGNEW

Mar-29 SIS Kylee DE GOEDE


Mar-30 BRO Jonathan CAROLUS

Mar-30 SIS Pauline KALLEND

Mar-30 SIS Carol SOLARI

Mar-30 SIS Debra STONE

Mar-30 Pr Paul WIBORG

Mar-31 BRO Michael PULS

Interview with :

Retired Sub-Deacon Willem and Brenda Coetzee

Billy was born on 23

July 1930 in Kraaifontein

(also referred to

as ‘Die Vlei’ in those

years) and turns eighty

three this year. Brenda

was born on 10 December

1933 in Woodstock

and turns eighty this

year. The older people

will be aware that the

year 1933 was referred

to as the “year of the

great depression”. Work

was therefore extremely

scarce and families had

to move to areas where

work was available.

Billy’s father and family

moved to Salt River

where his father was

able to fi nd work and

Billy attended the Salt

River Primary school.

At the age of 14 Billy

started work as a labourer

at Lever Brothers. He

worked in the factory

and would do anything

expected of him, from

sweeping the fl oors to

repairing broken things.

Four years later he started a new job at the Woollen Mills in Mowbray for ‘three shillings’ more per week. He

then earned one Pound and ten Shillings per week. (Converted to today’s money it is about R14.30 per week.)

Three years later he got a job as a labourer on the Railways where he worked his way up and became a Shunter

and later a Leading Shunter. After nineteen years in the Railway he started his own business with his brother.

They started a ‘Heavy Machinery’ moving business. Because it was the only such business in the Cape Town

area at the time, their business did very well. He then bought the rights to three cinemas in Paarl which later

proved to be non-profi table.

- Page: 8 -

Brenda (maiden name

Olney) attended the Nazareth

House (Catholic

Convent) school. After

school she worked at Rex

Trueform, OK Bazaars

and Swarts Drapers. In

their twenties, she and

Billy’s family were opposite

neighbours in Observatory.

This is where

the courtship started.

They got married on 1

April 1960 in Wynberg

and have four children -

two boys and two girls

named William, Grant,

Dawn and Gail. They

also have four grandchildren.

One night in 1985, there

was a knock on the door

and it was a Deacon

from the New Apostolic

church going around

and testifying about our

Faith. They invited him

in and accepted his invitation

to attend the divine

services. They were

adopted into the Faith on

23 March 1986 and later

sealed by the late Apostle Laubscher on 07 September 1986.

When doing this interview I once more realised how well partners get to know one another after fi fty years+

of marriage. (They are now married for fi fty three years) When you ask the one a question, the other one will

respond on his or her behalf with a lot of laughter. So, the answers to the questions were duly confi rmed by

both parties.

Billy’s favourite plant is a grape vine. Not any grape vine, specifi cally red grapes because he likes the processed

fruit! Brenda’s favourite tree on the other hand is the fi g tree. She loves fi gs. And when it gets to veggies,

Billy doesn’t like carrots while Brenda likes all veggies. Billy’s favourite veggie is potatoes and Brenda’s

is spinach. And what about favourite colours? Billy loves blue and Brenda white. Billy favours the garage and

his tools whilst Brenda loves chocolate.

Billy developed diabetes and things got so bad that his one leg was amputated a few months ago. He is currently

still in hospital where they assist with the exercises as part of the recovery process. When I visited him

he was allowed to come home for the weekend. The wound is fully healed and Billy was in good spirits. And

what is the one most important thing in their lives? Both responded with one accord: ‘The church.’

In closing I asked them: You are part of the ten oldest people in our congregation. As elders in the congregation,

what special message do you have for our fellow brothers and sisters? Again the response was unanimous:

‘Keep the faith. We have seen many people come and go. Do not let things upset you. Keep the faith’.

Family fun walk: 100 Days to Pentecost

Please give your food parcels to

Dcn Atherton or leave them on

the table in the mother’s room.

Die Lydenstyd - Jesus Christus se smart en lyding

Bykans al die godsdienste in die maand van Maart word verbind

met die lydensgeskiedenis (Passie) van Jesus Christus. Die begrip

“Passie” ontstaan uit Latyn en dui aan “lyding”. Juis ten opsigte van

die Lydenstyd verteenwoordig dit die tydperk van Jesus Christus se

smart en lyding.

Die merkwaardige gebeure rondom die verlossingsgeskiedenis in

hierdie tyd sluit in Jesus se intog in Jerusalem, die instelling van die

Heilige Nagmaal, Jesus se inhegtenisneming, die daaropvolgende

vernederings en marteling wat Hy verduur het tot en met sy

wegleiding na Gólgota, asook sy wreedaardige dood aan die kruis.

Die wanhoop van die dissipels – wat byvoorbeeld weerspieël

word in Jesus se afskeidspreke en wat veral duidelik na vore kom

wanneer Jesus na sy dood verwys – val ook binne die konteks van

die Lydenstyd.

Die tweevoudige aard van Palmsondag kom duidelik na vore

in die godsdiens wat hierdie heilige dag gedenk. Enersyds is die

olie waarmee Maria Jesus salf 'n teken van sy verhewendheid en

Messiasskap (die begrippe “Messias” en “Christus” beteken beide

“die Gesalfde Een”) en andersyds verwys hierdie selfde olie alreeds

na die naderende dood van Jesus. In die tyd van Christus was dit

'n gebruik om die dooie liggame met olie in te smeer. Sy dood word

alreeds 'n voorbode deur dit wat Maria aan die lewende Jesus doen.

Dit is hoe die mededeling wat in die “Agtergrond” vir die Bybelteks

vir Palmsondag verskyn, begryp moet word: “… sy het dit bewaar

vir die dag van my begrafnis” (Johannes 12:7). Daarbenewens was

olie 'n teken van vreugde, en verwys die olie dus na die vreugde wat

ontketen is toe Jesus Jerusalem binnegekom het. Ons verstaan dus

dat Jesus se salwing veelvoudige betekenisse het.

Op Goeie Vrydag, die dag van Jesus se dood, blyk dit asof die

boosheid oorwin het, en gevolglik is daar baie droefheid en pyn op

hierdie dag. Eers tydens die Pase word dit duidelik dat die boosheid

eintlik op hierdie dag oorwin is.

Palm Sondag: Die salwende olie van vreugde!

Goeie Vrydag 29 Maart 2013: Christus het vir jou gesterf!

(Vanuit die NAK se handleiding vir Godsdienste)

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