Nätverk på allvar? Vi har Sveriges bästa kurser! - Fast Lane


Nätverk på allvar? Vi har Sveriges bästa kurser! - Fast Lane


Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS 7) NEW VERSION Duration 5 days Price 24.900 SEK

This five-day course aims at providing network security engineers

with the knowledge and skills needed to deploy Cisco Intrusion Prevention

System (IPS)-based security solutions. Successful gra-duates

will be able to reduce risk to the IT infrastructure and applications

Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance (CANAC) Duration 3 days Price 15.900 SEK

The NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access) is a “shrink-wrapped” network

admission control solution that recognizes users, their devices

and roles; evaluates the security posture of the endpoint and scans

for vulnerabilities; and enforces policy in the network. In particular,

prior to allowing users onto the network, the NAC Appliance (Cisco

Clean Access) solution allows administrators to authenticate, authorize,

interrogate and remediate users and their machines enforcing

policy based access control on the network.

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Om du hellre vill prata med någon kan du ringa oss 08-410 246 80.

Vill du fråga något och söker oss efter kontorstid eller tycker det är smidigare

går det också bra att maila info@fastlanenordic.com.

Prerequisite: The Student should have fundamental knowledge of

implementing security or CCSP or Cisco Security CSQ and attended

SNRS or working knowledge of digital certificates and BSCI or ROUTE

or working knowledge of HSRP.

RADIUS & TACACS+ with the Cisco Access Control Server (ACS) Duration 3 days Price 19.900 SEK

This course teaches you how to provide secure access to your network

using the Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) 5.0, interoperating

with security features in Cisco IOS Software. You will gain a thorough

understanding of the operation of the Cisco Secure ACS to control

access to network services and devices. Course subjects include

the principles of authentication, to restrict user access to networks,

services, and devices; authorization, to restrict the functions users can

perform on services and devices; and accounting, to track the activi-

using Cisco IPS features, and provide detailed operations support for

the Cisco IPS. Prerequisite: The Student should have CCNA Security

certification, completed IINS and have working knowledge of Microsoft

Windows operating system.

ties of users. The RADIUS, TACACS+, Extensible Authentication Protocol

(EAP), and 802.1x protocols are discussed in theory and practice

as the basis of network security. Specific methods and configurations

are shown that can be used in your production networks to achieve

targeted and detailed restrictions. The course includes hands-on labs

to provide personal experience in configuring Cisco ACS and Cisco

network devices. Prerequisite: The Student should have CCNA certification

or equivalent.

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