Nätverk på allvar? Vi har Sveriges bästa kurser! - Fast Lane


Nätverk på allvar? Vi har Sveriges bästa kurser! - Fast Lane


Digital Media Suite (DMS) Duration 3 days Price 17.900 SEK

The course is a flexible, comprehensive and complete solution for

digital signage and desktop video that makes it easy to create, manage,

publish and access high-quality digital media for compelling

communications. This course enables users to install, configure and

troubleshoot DMS through Instructor led delivery and lab reinforcement.

Prerequisite: The Student should have an understanding of basic

routing and switching including multicasting.

Cisco Academy of Digital Signage (ADS) Duration 2 days Price 19.900 SEK

This is a two-day innovative education initiative that teaches media

professionals how to create and optimize media content for digital

signage. Cisco ADS provides an instructor-led course to help develop

the skills needed to produce digital signage for every market and


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customer. Prerequisite: The Student should be skilled in rich media

content creation and video production and have working knowledge

in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier,

and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Designing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Solutions (DMPS) Duration 3 days Price 17.900 SEK

This is a three-day instructor-led technical course that reviews

and enforces the system architecture of MeetingPlace and how

those components integrate into an enterprise network. Use of the

MeetingPlace Configuration Tool and other tools in case studies and

design scenarios will be emphasized to create solutions that meet

common customer MeetingPlace deployment requirements.

Prerequisite: The Student should

have completed the self-paced Cisco

MeetingPlace Product Overview

course and have hands-on experience

with MeetingPlace from having

attended CMBU and CMAD.

Implementing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace (IMPS) Duration 5 days Price 29.900 SEK

The course is a five-day instructor-led technical course providing

in-depth coverage of how to install and configure the functional components

of the Cisco MeetingPlace product in several deployment

models in an enterprise customer network. Learners become familiar

with the inter-communication of key system components, system

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installation and configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring and

debugging. Knowledge is reinforced by hand-on labs. Prerequisite:

The Student should have attended CIPT1 and have working knowledge

of: Converged voice and data networks, SIP, MGCP, and H.323 protocols

and their implementation on Cisco IOS gateways, and Video basics.

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