1519 spring 05 Final - Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing ...


1519 spring 05 Final - Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing ...

A Gift for Generations…


By Tim Tibbitts, Freelance Writer

In her life, Madge Ayers (Mussey) Bilka,

MN ’43, was a kindly, good-natured woman,

and her education at the Frances Payne

Bolton School of Nursing amplified her

natural compassion and sharpened her

tools for acting on that compassion.

Her widower, Dr. Paul Bilka, says his wife, who died in

1993, saw nursing as a “desirable, important profession,”

and that even though she did not practice professionally

for very long, her work as a volunteer and then as President

of the Minneapolis Visiting Nurses Association gave

her opportunities to use her compassion and her

education to make the world a better place.

In recognition of the influence FPB had on her life, before

her death Mrs. Bilka began making contributions to FPB.

To honor her memory, her husband has expanded on that

generosity through a series of generous charitable gift

annuities to FPB.

14 The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Case Western Reserve University

“Even though she wasn’t in need of scholarship assistance

when she was a student, I felt this is something I wanted

to support, so that competent individuals who couldn’t

afford higher education [otherwise] could afford it,”

explains Dr. Bilka, who at age 86 stills works part time

on staff at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Minneapolis,

where he teaches residents and fellows in rheumatology.

“As a physician, I have a tremendous

respect for nurses and want to support

them in every way possible.”

Dr. Bilka sees a charitable gift annuity

(see box at right) as a means of giving

and receiving at the same time. The

vehicle allows Dr. Bilka both to make

generous contributions to the School

and to receive a fixed rate of return.

“I frankly think it’s one of the wisest

financial moves a person can make who

has any interest beyond accumulating

numbers in his or her actuarial accounts,”

says Dr. Bilka. “You get income and

do good at the same time.”

Beyond gifts of a purely financial

nature, Mr. Bilka has also promised a very personal gift

to FPB. In addition to being a loving wife and an

effective volunteer, Mrs. Bilka found time to pursue

another passion—art, and in his will Dr. Bilka has

promised to FPB one of his wife’s favorite sculptures.

“It is undoubtedly her best piece,” he says.

The gift will also undoubtedly solidify the

connection between this compassionate

alumna and her alma mater.

A Charitable Gift Annuity…

A charitable gift annuity allows

you, the donor, to switch from

highly appreciated, lowdividend

investments or

savings to a higher yielding

annuity which pays income

back in a plan that you

establish. This gift vehicle

is easy to establish, and it

provides donors with a

guaranteed annual income

that often far exceeds the

return rates of noncharitable

investments. In addition, by

transferring funds, you can

take an immediate tax

deduction. Then, upon your

death, your legacy will live

on, since the School of

Nursing will receive the

remainder of the funds

in the account.

Facing page: Dr. Paul Bilka looks

at the composite photo of his

wife’s graduating class in the halls

of the School of Nursing.

Left: Madge Ayers Bilka’s untitled

sculpture depicts the healing

human touch.

The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Case Western Reserve University 15

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