NEWS April - IKEA store

NEWS April - IKEA store

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Some things

never change

Welcome to the April 2008 Press Material from IKEA!

No need to wait – turn the page and discover all the

new collections right away, from textiles and leather

seating to storage solutions and lighting. Still the same

old affordable price tags, though. Enjoy the show!

GUNVOR fabric $5.99/yd

00% cotton. Design: Anna Salander. Imported. W59". Assorted patterns.

2 3

PE2 49 6

PE2 756

Designer Anna Salander:

“Early every spring my grandmother planted

seeds. Behind her currant shrub I remember

there grew both pumpkins, cucumbers and pineapples.

I’m not sure I remember correctly, because

it seems a bit odd that pineapples could

be growing in my grandmother’s garden. But it’s

a strong memory in any case, and when I started

work with GUNVOR fabric I imagined I was back

in my childhood. That made it feel quite natural

to design a pattern with a sliced pineapple - and

pumpkins and seeds in perfect rows.”

GUNVOR fabric $5.99/yd 00% cotton. Design: Anna

Salander. Imported. W59". Assorted patterns.

4 5






A natural


The challenge for designers Charlotte Skak

and Camilla Diedrich: create a contemporary

collection of white textiles reflecting nature and

transformation, but still distinctive enough to

stand out on its own. Their solution: carefully

selected materials like wool, silk and polyester in

combination with overlapping, tactile details as

pleats and jacquards. We’re very proud of what

they achieved. And we have a slight feeling that

Mother Nature is too.

1. FLYN OFELIA panel curtain $44.99/3pk

Viscose/rayon and polyester. Designer: Camilla

Diedrich. W24×L 8". White/light blue.


1 3

2. OFELIA curtain $49.99/2pk 00% polyester.

Designer: Charlotte Skak. W57×L98". White.

3. OFELIA blanket $19.99

Stretchable. Polyester/acrylic. W5 ×L67". White.

4. OFELIA VÅG cushion $14.99

Cotton/polyester cover. Waterfowl feather filling.

Designer: Charlotte Skak. L 6×W24" White.





Designer Charlotte Skak:

“I live at the east coast of Denmark. It was here, at

the shores of Snekkersten, that I found inspiration

when designing my part of the OFELIA collection.

Nature is shaped slowly and continuously,

and still it’s fragile. Like the waves – so relentless,

yet fleeting. The materials and the design

of the collection have its roots in the Nordic light,

the sand on the beach, the waves, the driftwood

and the plants. In a world that goes faster day

by day, I hope this collection will bring a sense of

thoughtfulness and serenity to your home.

OFELIA VASS full/queen quilt cover set $39.99/3pcs

00% cotton. Design: Charlotte Skak. Imported. White.

OFELIA blanket $19.99 Stretchable. Polyester/acrylic.

Imported. W5 ×L67". White.

8 9

PE 7 609



Designer Camilla Diedrich:

New possibilities and change – those were my

goals when designing my part of the OFELIA

collection. I enjoy mixing materials, textures and

patterns to create something new and surprising.

Like the rug with triangles – by using different

materials and techniques the pattern splits and

new surfaces appear. I also love mixing cultural

expressions. The panels are influenced by Indian

henna hand painting, cool Scandinavian colors

and the American modern music that I was listening

to at the time. And when the panels overlap,

the appearance changes and new patterns


FLYN OFELIA panel curtain $44.99/3pk Viscose/rayon and polyester. Designer: Camilla

Diedrich. W24×L 8". White/light blue. OFELIA SÄV cushion cover $9.99 (Shown in middle).

Viscose/rayon, silk, polyester and cotton. Designer: Charlotte Skak. L20×W20". White.

Shown with FJÄDRAR inner cushion $6.99 Cotton cover. Duck feather filling. L20×W20".

OFELIA cushion cover 19.99/2pk (Shown in back and front). Viscose/rayon, cotton,

polyester and silk. Designer: Charlotte Skak. L20×W20". Off-white/light blue-grey.

Shown with FJÄDRAR inner cushion $6.99/ea Cotton cover. Duck feather filling. L20×W20".

OFELIA blanket $19.99 Stretchable. polyester/acrylic. W5 ×67". White.

All textiles shown are imported.

PE 68808



PE2 5226




1. OFELIA SKAL full/queen quilt cover set

$29.99/3pcs 00% cotton. Designer: Charlotte

Skak. Light blue/white.

2. OFELIA cushion cover $19.99/2pk See p. .

3. OFELIA rug $349 Wool, viscose and rayon.

Designer: Camilla Diedrich. L7'7"×W7'7".


4. OFELIA TÅNG full queen quilt cover set

$19.99/3pcs 00% cotton. Grey/white.

5. OFELIA BLAD cushion $14.99 Cotton/polyester/

nylon cover. Waterfowl feather filling.

Designer: Charlotte Skak. L 6×W24". White.

OFELIA VÅG cushion $14.99 See #6 below.

6. OFELIA VÅG cushion $14.99 Cotton/polyester

cover. Waterfowl feather filling. L16×W24". White.

7. OFELIA SÄV cushion $9.99 See p. .

2 3

3 4

7 All textiles shown are imported.






More high



than ever

Affordable, high quality leather seatings are an

IKEA speciality. This spring, we’ve made TIRUP

swivel chair and ARILD chaise a part of that family

too. All in all: lots of comfort, quality and style for

lots of smart people.


PE 598

PE 0 556

PE 0 565

2 3 4

5 6 7

PE 0 56

PE 0 56

PE 0 56

PE 0 566


it’s tough enough.

ARILD chaise is a brand new seating function in the

ARILD leather sofa series. And like the rest of its family,

the design is modern and clean, with lots of distinctive

and eye-catching details.

The leather, KARAKTÄR, comes in six different colors and

is thick, durable and easy to care for.

ARILD chaise $799/ea Available as left or right-hand. Leather.

Requires assembly. L6 ×W 5×H ⅞"

1. ARILD left-hand chaise Karaktär bright white.

2. ARILD right-hand chaise Karaktär light pink.

3. ARILD right-hand chaise Karaktär light blue-grey.

4. ARILD right-hand chaise Karaktär bright white.

5. ARILD right-hand chaise Karaktär red.

6. ARILD right-hand chaise Karaktär dark brown.

7. ARILD right-hand chaise Karaktär black.

PE 8 9

PE 6 7

Designer Carl Öjestam:

“I started with the form of a cupped hand when

designing TIRUP swivel chair. It’s as if you sit in

the palm of the hand and lean against the fingers

- a warm and friendly gesture. Moulded

foam makes it very comfortable to sit on and

there’s plenty of room on the wide seat to put

your hands too. The chrome surface on the

plate under the chair creates an exciting mirror

effect that brings in the room as part of the

chair design.”

TIRUP swivel armchair $349 Leather/chrome-plated

steel. Designer: Carl Öjerstam. Requires assembly.

W 0¾×D ⅛×H ⅝". Available in Kavat lilac,

Kavat white or Kavat black.

5 6

PE 760

PE 86

Shine on!

They sure shine like freshly

surfaced ice, the new

KLIPPAN sofas! The cover is

called SKINNARP and is a

fixed vinyl cover, available in

white and orange. Apart from

its glossy appearance, the

SKINNARP cover is also very

easy to keep clean.

KLIPPAN loveseat $399

Vinyl fixed cover. W70⅞×D ⅝×H 7⅛". Skinnarp white or Skinnarp orange.

7 8

PE 86 PE 0 8

PE 393

Big TV’s

need great solutions

So slick and sophisticated. And still so practical and smart.

The new STIBY storage solution blends design and smartness

in a new way.

The appearance of STIBY is geometric: rectangular forms

and horizontal lines, enhanced by the natural lines in the

wood. Beneath the stylish exterior, smart functions and

features unfold. Like flip-fronts and touch-open drawers

and doors. And the sliding glass doors are not only there

for show, they’re designed to elegantly conceal the TV

whenever there’s a need for it. Which, by the way, can be

up to 50 inches in a STIBY storage unit!

STIBY is available in two expressions,

ash and black-stained.

Right: STIBY TV storage combination with sliding doors $1601

Stained and clear lacquered ash veneer. Tempered glass.

Requires assembly. W 53⅜×D 0½×H86⅝". Black

Left: STIBY series Clear lacquered ash veneer. Requires assembly.

TV panel with media storage $499 L6 ⅜×W 0½×H86⅝".

Drawer unit with panel + 4 shelves $325 L30¾×W 0½×H86⅝".

PE 8 6

PE 8 0

PE 79

PE 8


PE 8 8

The other reason to smile:

the price

Small, but full of expression! Japanese designer Michiko Nakata has what it takes to

light up everyday life. And with such a small price tag, it’s hard not to smile.

KNUBBIG table lamps come in two different sizes and in a variety of patterns and

colors. The diffused light works perfectly as mood light in the living room, but also has

its given place on the bedside table, beside the TV or in storage units.

PE 009 5

PE 009 0

KNUBBIG table lamp

Mouthblown glass. Design: Michiko Nakata. Requires assembly.

Left: $16.99 Clover/clear glass black. Max 5W. Ø8, H8".

$8.99 Clover/clear glass black. Max 5W. Ø8, H4".

Above: $16.99 Flower pink, butterfly green, cherry-blossoms/frosted white or butterfly

turquoise. Max 0W. Ø8, H8".

PE 009

PE 009

PE 6805

A new long-lasting


The extensive LACK furniture series – which includes tables,

bookshelves, coffee tables, wall shelves and much more – has

another new member. And it’s the first time a lamp series has

been added to the range.

The LACK lamp series is coordinated with both LACK and EXPEDIT furniture

series in function, color and expression, making it their ideal lamp

companion. It includes table lamps, as well as bookcase lighting and spotlights.

The table lamp can be used both as regular table lamp or it can be

clamped on the LACK table or LACK/EXPEDIT bookcase.

Another great feature is the light source itself, which uses so called LED (Light

Emitting Diode) technique. These lamps have a far greater lifetime (up to

50,000 hours = 6 years! = 50 times longer than a regular light bulb). They

are also more environmentally friendly than regular bulbs, since they don’t

contain any hazardous metals or gases. LED lamps are now gaining

their way in home decorating, leading to more comfortable

everyday life, with less impact on the environment.


LACK clamp/table lamp $24.99 Plastic and painted

steel. Designer: Ola Wihlborg. Requires Assembly. H 3".

Red or white.


PE 08 08

PE 06 8


PE 778


PE 78

PE 06 98

LACK series Includes light-emitting diode - lasts 50 times longer than an incandescent

bulb. Designer: Ola Wihlborg. Requires assembly.

. LACK clamp bookcase lighting $29.99/2pk Plastic. Black.

. LACK spotlight $24.99/2pk Plastic. Silver-color.

3. LACK clamp bookcase lighting $29.99/2pk Plastic. White.

. LACK bookcase lighting $24.99/2pk Painted aluminum. Silver-color.

Above: LACK clamp/table lamps $24.99/ea Plastic and painted steel.

Designer: Ola Wihlborg. Requires assembly. H 3". White, red, black or green.

7 8

3 4

PE 06 8

PE 06 80

PE 06 78

PE 06 79

Have it

your way

This LED-equipped lamp series

does whatever you want it to do,

thanks to its flexible “goose-neck”.

This means that the light easily can

be directed right where you need

it, whether it’s reading, working

or organizing your clothes. The

JANSJÖ lighting series, which includes

a wall lamp, table lamp,

floor lamp and a clamp spotlight,

is designed by Anna Efverlund

and Johanna Jelinek.

JANSJÖ lamp series Includes light-emitting diode - lasts 50 times longer than

an incandescent bulb. Painted aluminum and steel. Designer:

A Efverlund/J Jelinek. Requires assembly. Silver-color.

Clamp spotlight $29.99 Clamping range up to ¼". H 6".

Clamp spotlight not for use as a bed lamp.

Table lamp $39.99 H ".

Wall lamp $29.99 Wall fitting Ø2".

Floor lamp $69.99 H5 ".

9 0

PE 0650

PE 06503

PE 08507

PE 0650

PE 0 986

The big book bookcase

Big hardbacks and coffee table books. Lovely. But very tricky to cram into a regular

bookcase. The same goes for collectibles and souvenirs.

So we designed BERGSBO – a longed for solitaire bookcase, where space-demanding

literature and personal items have their own beautiful resort, nicely displayed

behind red or white glass/wooden doors. BERGSBO has a distinct Scandinavian

identity, offers both regular shelves and glass shelves inside, and can also be used as

a compliment to BILLY bookcase.

BERGSBO cabinet $269 Foil finish. Tempered

glass. Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg.

Requires assembly. W 6⅞×D 5¾×H79½".

Red or white.

PE 0 986

PE 0 987

PE 05 76


Daring and dazzling

The new TROLLSTA series has a lot of guts. It features not only strong colors and

unexpected materials, but also has the nerve to combine totally different furniture

designs. The result is quite unique. But don’t worry, TROLLSTA is just as clever and

practical as any other IKEA storage solution.

Even though the series share the same characteristics, the pieces are created by

different designers. This means they work well both as solitaires, together with existing

furniture, or as a theme-based, eye-catching collection.

1. 3.

1. TROLLSTA 2 drawer cabinet $199 Foil finish/aluminum.

Designer: Ola Wihlborg. RA. W3 ½×D 5¾×H 6½". Black.

2-3. TROLLSTA sideboard $349. Foil finish/steel. RA.

W7 ×D 9⅝×H29⅞". Yellow or black.

4. TROLLSTA tray table $99 Steel/solid birch. Designer:

Wiebke Braasch. RA. Ø ½, H 7¾". Black.

5-6. TROLLSTA side table $79 Foil finish/aluminum legs.

Designer: Hanna Brogård. RA. W 5×D 5×H 5¾". Yellow or


RA=Requires Assembly

PE 05 77


PE 05 79

PE 05 76




PE 05 80 PE 6

PE 05 78

The one-of-a-kind floor

It’s hard-wearing. It’s easy to lay. It can be used in any room (except wet

areas). And it comes with a price tag almost impossible to believe. Well,

if that isn’t IKEA, nothing is!

Now we’re widening the choice for our customers even further, with

TUNDRA in dark-brown. And just like all the other TUNDRA floors, it

comes with matching dark-brown skirting boards.

TUNDRA floor $1.19/sq ft Click-lock function. Durable

hard-wearing surface. Laminate. Requires assembly. One

pack covers 5.73sq ft. Dark brown.

5 6

PE 0385





Designer Henrik Preutz:

“When I designed SKÄR mirrored cabinet I

thought about my own hallway and all the things

in it. There’s quite a lot that has to share a small

space. That’s why I made the cabinet with a

mirror on the outside and 16 hooks on the

inside – big enough to fit everything from hats

and jackets to bags, shoes and umbrellas. I also

decided to make the legs a little higher so it

would be easier to clean underneath. The hallway

gets dirty easily when you go in and out, in

all kinds of weather.”

SKÄR 3 compartment shoe cabinet $69.99 Holds up to 6 pairs of shoes. Foil finish.

Design: Henrik Preutz. Requires assembly. W19¼×D7½×H59". White.

SKÄR cabinet with mirror door $89.99 Foil finish/glass. Design: Henrik Preutz.

Requires assembly. W19¼×D7½×H7 ½". White.






1 2 3 4 5 6





Designer Marcus Arvonen:

“I enjoyed creating a common distinguishing

feature on all the different pieces in the KNÖS

series. Since I wanted the series to be both functional

and decorative, I decided to experiment

with a handle. The handles on the magazine box

even have dual functions – fold up the handles

and the box is easy to carry; fold them down to

protect against dust. I hope the series is both

useful and fun at the office and in the bookshelf

at home.”

KNÖS series Polyurethane plastic. Black.

Big picture: KNÖS CD storage box $7.99/ea Holds 22 CDs. Designer: Marcus Arvonen.


1. KNÖS desk pad $29.29 Steel. Designer: IKEA of Sweden. W27½×D20".

2. KNÖS magazine box $9.99 Designer: Marcus Arvonen. W3½×D13¾×10¼".

3. KNÖS box with lid 14.99 Fits with BESTÅ bookcase. Designer: Marcus Arvonen.


4. KNÖS CD storage box $7.99 Holds 22 CDs. Designer: Marcus Arvonen.


5. KNÖS wastepaper basket $9.99 Designer: Marcus Arvonen. 4¾ gal. H14¼".

6. KNÖS box $4.99 Designer: Marcus Arvonen. W6½×D3¼×H3¼".

3 4




Designer Maria Vinka:

“My hands and feet are always cold, which is

why I bury my feet under a pile of pillows when

I lie on the sofa. The thought struck me that it

would be nice to bury my feet inside the pillow,

so they would be totally surrounded by

the warm filling. Once I came up with the idea

for BARNSLIG pillow, the only thing to do was

to cut holes and sew on cuffs. Then I put extra

effort into decorating the pillows, because I

wanted them to look like ordinary decorative

pillows - as well!”

BARNSLIG cushion $5.99/ea Machine washable polyester/acrylic/

cotton. Polyester fiber filling. Design: Maria Vinka. L12×W12". Pink

or green.





Designer Maria Vinka:

“When winter sets in, it’s nice to be able to

curl up in a blanket on the sofa. But blankets

aren’t practical when you want to do other

things. They easily slip off your chilly shoulders.

That’s why BARNSLIG blanket has a

touch-and-close fastening in the back and

holes for your hands - just like a cape. So you

can do things with your hands, drink tea or

play computer games with the blanket on.”

BARNSLIG blanket/cape $12.99/ea Machine washable polyester/acrylic

fleece. Design: Maria Vinka. W38×L59". Pink or green.

7 8













PE205657 PE205667

Brand new

kitchen spice!

SIGRID series Yarn dyed cotton. Imported.

Designer: Cina Kjellsson.

1. apron $6.99 Yellow-green.

2. pot holder $3.99/2pk Polyester fiber filling. Yellow-green.

3. oven mitt $3.99 Polyester fiber filling. Yellow-green.

4. tablecloth $14.99 W57×L87" Yellow-green.

5. table-runner $6.99 Yellow-green.

6. tea-towel $3.99/2pk

7. chair pad $5.99 Polyester filling. Yellow-green.

8. rug $24.99 W2'7"×L8' ". Green/multlicolor.

9. place mat $1.99 W15×L19". Green/mulitcolor.

9 10





Found it!

It’s hard to tell what’s best – the design, the features or the price. But one thing’s for

sure: DROPPAR food storage series is a great kitchen supporter. Not only does it cover

many basic storing functions (pasta, herbs, oil/vinegar, sugar etc), it’s also designed

for a more efficient kitchen life. Thanks to the see-through lid and bottom, the content

of DROPPAR series is always easy to recognize – whether the jars are displayed on

shelves or kept in a drawer.

The DROPPAR series, designed by Maya Robert, is made of glass (partly frosted), with

lid of stainless steel, SAN-plastic and silicone rubber gasket.

DROPPAR series

Dishwasher safe. Frosted glass/ stainless steel. Designer: Maya Robert.

The big jar in the drawer: DROPPAR jar with lid $9.99 139oz.

1. DROPPAR jar with lid $3.99 37oz.

2. DROPPAR jar with lid $2.99 17oz.

3. DROPPAR jar with lid $4.99 71oz.

4. DROPPAR jar with lid $4.99 61oz.

5. DROPPAR spice jar $2.99/2pk

6. DROPPAR oil/vinegar set $9.99/3pcs

1 2 3 4 5 6

PE214316 PE214317 PE214314 PE2214315 PE214319



1 2 3 4 5 6 7

PE207717 PE207716 PE211457 PE211456 PE211458 PE207714 PE207715

Designer Mia Gammelgaard:

“For me, cooking is about desire, atmosphere

and inspiration, but also about being well-organized

- and for that you need good storage.

When I created the PROPER series I wanted to

make practical jars that you could also have

out on your worktop, where they would be part

of daily life in your kitchen. I think the shape of

the jars and the combination of stainless steel

and glass convey an honesty, pride, interest

and joy in cooking.”

PROPER series Dishwasher safe. Designer: Mia Gammelgaard.

Big picture: PROPER tin $14.99 Stainless steel/silicone rubber. 85oz.

PROPER jar with lid $3.99 Blue glass/silicone rubber. 17oz.

1. PROPER tin $14.99 Stainless steel/silicone rubber. 85oz.

2. PROPER tin $9.99 Stainless steel/silicone rubber. 41oz.

3. PROPER jar with lid $5.99 Blue glass/plastic/silicone rubber. 41oz.

4. PROPER jar with lid $3.99 Blue glass/plastic/silicone rubber. 17oz.

5. PROPER spice jar $4.99/2pk Blue glass/plastic/silicone rubber. 5oz.

6. PROPER soy set. $12.99/6pcs Stainless steel/silicone rubber/plastic.

7. PROPER oil/vinegar set $14.99/3pcs Stainless steel/plastic.

13 14





Designer Michiko Nakata:

“There are many similarities between Scandinavian

and Japanese design, such as beautiful

shapes, harmony, simplicity and functionality.

These are the elements I focused on with the

DINERA DEKAL series. I was also inspired by traditional

Japanese patterns and used one around

the bowls and dish. The pattern is glossy on the

matt surface, which gives a subtle accent that

shifts with the light. The series is also very versatile

– and I hope you will enjoy not only Asian

food, but food from all over the world with it.”

DINERA DEKAL series Dishwasher and microwave safe (except for the chopsticks).

Stoneware. Designer: Michiko Nakata. Beige.

DINERA DEKAL eating set $19.99/10pcs Includes two plates, two bowls with lids, two

bowls and two pairs of chopsticks (solid acacia).

DINERA DEKAL bowls $9.99/3pcs Includes two bowls Ø5⅛, H2⅜" and one bowl Ø7⅛,




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