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/// Press release ///

Out on the 18th of may ///

In the 1970s, she swept virtue aside.

As the line between “posh porn” and “trashy porn” became blurred, her

name stood out like no other. Her name is Emmanuelle: erotic icon and

absolute fantasy for a whole generation.

Now, Emmanuelle is discovering a new territory… That of music.

Her goal: to once more embody desire.

After the track “What a booty”which appeared on the Tsugi magazine’s

digital sampler, after the track «Eros et Thanatos» for the compilation What’s

real? Vol. 1, Emmanuelle is pleased to introduce you to the release of the EP

«Triolet» the 18th of may.

A musical trilogy that showcases her rich identity. Three tracks that smell

of scandal. And to flirt with other universes, six remixes signed Raphaëlle

Thibaut, Sox, Souleance, Loony Wise Men, Hat & Hoodie and Tommie


With “Triolet”, Emmanuelle makes a successful comeback. Her message is

clear, her declared ambition is twofold: she’s here to make you dance and

grab your guts. Because, as you may recall, Emmanuelle also has a guiding

principle: “couples should be outlawed”.

Information ///

Artist : Emmanuelle

Title : Triolet

Format : Digital

Label : Stillmuzik

Release: 18 mai 2011

Distribution : Believe

Tracklist :

1. Anybody love

2. L’Incertaine

3. L’Abandon des bonnes manières

4. Anybody love (Raphaëlle Thibaut remix)

5. Anybody love (Sox remix)

6. Anybody love (Souleance remix)

7. L’Incertaine (Loony Wise Men remix)

8. L’Abandon des bonnes manières (Hat Hoodie remix)

9. L’Abandon des bonnes manières (Tommie Keeston remix)

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Loïc Andria

06 87 68 00 36

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