Compare facelift

Compare facelift

Compare Facelift

February 2012

Compare Facelift

The current facelift

…increases user friendliness

…facilitates the vehicle search

…allows for state of the art basket management

…makes the most effective use of your screen

…enables swift log-in and restart of

See for yourself

20+ improvements made !

08/02/2012 2

Session Restore and Auto Login

Easier and quicker access to Compare

08/02/2012 3

Menu moved to the top

Yields space for more vehicles to be viewed at the same time

08/02/2012 4

Additional LCV search criteria

Make for a more detailed search

08/02/2012 5

Vehicle search criteria saved for next vehicle

Swift selection and upload

08/02/2012 6

NatCode upload

Uploading lists of vehicles in one go

08/02/2012 7

New Vehicles overview

Now finding out if a vehicle is included in the data set or not is much quicker

08/02/2012 8

PDF now printing more vehicles

For easier comparison on screen and on paper

08/02/2012 9

Pollution norm and price list date visible

Added relevant information on the first page

08/02/2012 10

Search list now shows price and fuel type

Search more comfortably be using these 2 added data points

08/02/2012 11

Basket management improved 1 (5)

Move baskets easily, share (or unshare) and save them…

08/02/2012 12

Basket management improved 2 (5)

…even to other markets

08/02/2012 13

Basket management improved 3 (5)

Store folders in 5 different levels and still see clearly by means of larger font






08/02/2012 14

Basket management improved 4 (5)

Know exactly, when a previously saved vehicle has changed

08/02/2012 15

Basket management improved 5 (5)

Want to know the values, from when the cars were last saved? They are there.

08/02/2012 16

User Manual

Always there when you need it

08/02/2012 17

Option languages

They are all there…with one click

08/02/2012 18

Settings with added features 1 (2)

Fix your preferred FCC standard mileage and age already in the Settings

08/02/2012 19

Settings with added features 2 (2)

See only the markets you want to see and fix that in your Settings

08/02/2012 20

Search easier for alternative vehicles

Narrow down your search even further with fuel type and CO2 emissions or

look straight for a certain vehicle

08/02/2012 21

Search comfortably for mileage and kilometer values

Even mileage intervals and free entry of figures for mileage/kilometers

08/02/2012 22

UK search now for plate and date

Date selection automatically shows plate and vice versa

08/02/2012 23

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