A Community in Action- CONNECTING FAMILIES - Kids With Food ...


A Community in Action- CONNECTING FAMILIES - Kids With Food ...


Annual Report

A Community in Action-


www.kidswithfoodallergies.org | A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization

A Community in Action – Connecting Families

Since opening its doors in 2005, Kids With Food Allergies has blossomed into a national leader for

food allergy support and education, now more than 18,000 members strong. From the start, KFA

was ahead of its time in its use of the Internet to find creative ways to educate, support and connect families.

Our overall focus in 2009 was making our community of support stronger and meeting key needs of those we serve,

who are typically parents of young children with one or more food allergies or other adverse reactions to food.

Our key accomplishments included:

Educating and supporting the newly diagnosed – we published a free 47-page e-book, From Confusion to

Confidence, which provides a foundation of quality information that a family needs to know when their child is

diagnosed with a food allergy.

Connecting families for support in new ways – we ventured beyond our online home at kidswithfoodallergies.org by

connecting with supporters on Facebook and Twitter. We also hosted our first in-person event in Philadelphia, a joyous

family event and expo for more than 600 attendees, with music, a children’s dance-a-thon, and vendor demonstrations

and samples in an outdoor fair-like atmosphere.

Responding to the economic downturn – as children continue to be diagnosed with food allergies at record rates,

families need support, information and food/cooking help more than ever. We continued to make new educational

resources and recipes freely available to all on our Web site, and provided fee waivers for more than 490 new Family

Members who were unable to afford the cost of membership during the year.

As more and more families turn to KFA for help, we strive to meet the growing

needs of families and caregivers while making best use of our limited volunteer

and financial resources. You can be confident that every contribution we

receive is sincerely appreciated and used wisely to fulfill our mission.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of day-to-day support,

information, and food/cooking assistance for families to help

improve the quality of life of their children. Your support,

involvement and ideas are crucial for KFA’s continued success.

Warm regards,

president’s message

Lynda Mitchell

President, Kids With Food Allergies

Lynda Mitchell, President

Mom to a college freshman with food allergies



Survey Highlights

• Respondents had a 90% approval rating when

asked if KFA helps them manage food

allergies better.

• 94% of all respondents said they would

recommend Kids With Food Allergies to

other parents of children

with food allergies.

Program Highlights


We published a free 47-page e-book, From Confusion to

Confidence, a guide for parenting a child with a new diagnosis

of food allergy; a new spring allergy-friendly foods special

report; and a new special report on food allergens in vaccines.

KFA’s Web site was continually updated with fresh content

to keep pace with the needs of its visitors. E-newsletters were

distributed twice-monthly and KFA’s magazine-style

Support Net was published twice during the year.

Peer Support

Our support forums continued to be an active “go-to” place

to find parent-to-parent online support; in addition, KFA’s

Facebook page (4,000 fans) and Twitter account (1,000

followers) connect parents to each other for sharing news,

support and information.

Food and Cooking Assistance

Our Safe Eats Recipe Database and food & cooking support

forums continued to thrive. In addition, we developed new

resources, including nutritious, allergy-friendly snack suggestions

for kids; dietary concerns for restricted diets; and formula

options for feeding allergic infants.


We hosted KFA’s first local event, a family fun day and expo, in

the Philadelphia area, which was attended by more than 600

visitors. KFA continued to increase visibility by exhibiting at

three allergy professional conferences, one dietitian national

conference, and by distributing 25,000 brochures to physicians,

dietitians, schools and daycares.

KFA’s Web site received 750,000 visits in 2009;

membership grew to 18,000 and e-newsletter subscribers

grew to 16,000.

The mission of Kids With Food Allergies is to

foster optimal health, nutrition and well-being of

children with food allergies by providing education

and a caring support community for their

families & caregivers.

Board of Directors

Dana Garson

Kristin Johnston, Secretary

Lynda Mitchell, President

Jason Smith

Yael Weinstein

Medical Advisory Team

Todd Green, M.D., Chair

Roger Friedman, M.D., F.A.A.A.A.I.

Kim Khosla, M.D., F.A.A.P.

David Hauswirth, M.D.

Debra Indorato, R.D., L.D.N.

Sherry Jenkins, Pharm.D.

Michael Pistiner, M.D., MMSc

Karen Stickler, Psy.D., M.A.


Kids With Food Allergies

73 Old Dublin Pike, Ste. 10, #163

Doylestown, PA 18901

(215) 230-5394 (office)

(215) 340-7674 (fax)

KFA’s Web site is certified by

the Health on the Net (HON)

Foundation for meeting its code

of conduct for trustworthy

health information.

Recertified April 2009


Creating Better Lives

Shortly after her daughter Mika was born, Karen Harris

discovered her infant had multiple food allergies.

“We were given 10 minutes worth of information and sent on our way,” recalled

Harris. “I remember sitting in the car in shock, crying, starving...but did not know

what to eat, as the doctor had instructed me to take everything out of my diet while

nursing. I had no idea what to do.”

She said the most valuable piece of information her doctor gave her was to join Kids

With Food Allergies. And she took the recommendation to heart.

“I went straight home, signed up and immediately had support from thousands of mothers just like me,” Harris said.

Confidence comes easy to this mother of three nowadays. But it wasn’t always that way. Harris learned invaluable

information from KFA that helps her to care for her food-allergic child. She was also inspired to become more involved with

the community, and now spreads awareness, educates others and provides support to those who need it.

The Harris family has seen a dramatic increase in quality of life as KFA offers a variety of resources to help parents adjust

to life with allergies.

“We now visit family members during the holidays,” noted Harris. “We avoided get-togethers for the first few years due to

the fear we carried with us of a reaction.”


Revenue and Expenses



With the support of its donors, sponsors

and members, KFA had its fifth

straight year of increasing revenues as

compared to prior years. Once again,

good stewardship of funds raised has

helped KFA operate cost effectively while

maximizing offerings to members and


These charts include in-kind contributions

of goods and services, but they do

not include the monetary value of

time rendered by volunteers. Because

a substantial part of KFA’s services

are provided by volunteers, program

expenses are lower than the national

average as compared to other nonprofit



Annual Report




2 %


14 %

11 %

6 %

16 %

71 %

80 %


Membership Subscriptions


Special events & Fundraising

Other Revenue




Program Services

Management & General


Patrons of KFA

($250 and above)

Heidi Bayer

Juliana DiMaria

enjoy Life Foods

Neal & Meg Falciani

Cathy Fishman

Cari Gearhard

Renu Goel, M.D.

Jill Hornig

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Kanable

Richard & Kristy Kiernan

eric Livingston

Ted Malpezzi

Mead Johnson Nutritionals

Millner Family Foundation

Lynda Mitchell

Courteney Monroe

John & Donna Murphy

John & Sophie Stockholm

Paul & Catrina VonderMeulen

Wal-Mart Foundation

Supporters of KFA


Daniel & Sara Atkins

Shilpa Badrigari

Laura Bender

Kymberly Bennett

Amber Borst

Troy & Janet Burns

Carrie Calvert

James & Michele Cassalia

Carol Coates

Richard & Sarah Doran

Bernard & Margaret Dougherty

Karl J. ebert

Carol Krauze

Jason & Jacqueline ekert

Jane A. ellin

Marilyn & Roger Friedman, M.D.

Ruth Galligan

Gabrielle Gessner

Ann Ginsberg

Mayer A. Green Allergy


elyse Hahne

Joy Hogge

Kristin Hope

J.R. Carlson Laboratories

Allison Inserro

Tiina Jaagosild

Tedd and Kristin Johnston

Tomasz Kasperkiewicz

Cheryl Kozuchowski

Wayne & Judith Mercer

Laura Miller

Valerie Mis

Robert & Nicoletta Quattro

Cristi Schwamb

ed & Kathleen Suchora

Susan Swift

Sue Wagner

Dave & Yael Weinstein

Colleen A. Wemple

Friends of KFA

(Up to $100)

Christopher & Michele Abbott

Maria Aceball

Richard & Jayla Allen

Casey & Melinda Anderson

Craig & Cathy Anderson

Barbara Banko

Heather Barber

John Beck

Jacqueline Berger

Kenneth & Monica Bergler

Sheri Berry

Jennifer Blanford

Alisa Blum

Teresa Borneman

Shari e. Brownfield

Pamela J. Burns

Laurie Cadkin

Amber Campbell

Tracy Cardillo

Melanie Carver Cox

Malia Casimis

emily Cheley

Maren Chiu

Richard & Amy Chong

Dawn Cirafesi

Megan Clarke

Karen Conway

Tonya Cooper

Tami Counts

Melanie Croft

Donna Curtin LaRose

Carol D’Agnese

Heather Dalrymple

Karen De Jesus

Martin & Tiana Dixon

Kevin & Jennifer Dougherty

Patricia Dougherty

Robin einhorn

Nancy enright

Vanessa estes

Stacey estrada

evergreen Helping Hands

Lucy Feuerstein

Jessica Fichtner

Amber Fitzpatrick

FTL Publications

Dana Garson

Michael & Jill Gentry

Patty Gentry

Gary Gianakis

Laura Giletti

Kathryn Gillespie

Neil & Melissa Gniazdowski

Rebecca Godleski

Julie Godnik

C. Draven Godwin

Ahuva Goldbaum

Cheri Golub


Gina Goodwin

Heather Gopel

Deanna Graham

Molly Grayver

Lori Green

Pam Gregory McGinnis

Tina Griffiths

John & Donna Gushue

Paula Hadley

Brian &Tina Haig

David & Jeni Hall

Sandra Hatchell

Laura Healy

C.e. Henehan

Christie Herding

Kelly Hicks

Tammy Hock

Thomas Hock

Donors & Partners

Critical to KFA’s Success


Derek Holmes

Kristen Holt

Lamont Hopson

Jennifer M. Hulett

Troy Huntington

Susan Irvine

J&G Farms, LLC

Jennifer Jaffe

Rebecca Jerome

erwin & Ann Johnson

Clinton Dwight Johnston

Dorin Jordan

Stephanie Kastin

Katz Gluten Free

James & Christine Knapp

Susan Knapp

Walter Kressler

Asayo & Janice Kubo

Alison Kuhn

Ronald & Marsha Kushnier

Susan Kusler

Lynn Kutner

Jon Lancaster

Jenine Lawton

Joanne Legar

Janelle Leiberher

Zeke & Lena Loretto

Diane Malkin

Madhavi Mallapragada

Janelle Martin

Jennifer Mason

Rose Mattio

Martin & Sharon McGladdery

Nicole McIntyre

Jamie & Andrianna McNally

Janelle Meadows

Katherine Mesick

Richard & elizabeth Meyette

Maia Moore

Kristy Morgan

Linda Morgan

Kelly Morrow

Christine Moskowicz

Navan Foods

Jennifer Neal

Nelly Nunez


eric Oglesbee

Janet Oyler

Murugan & Anne Pandian

Joseph & Janel Pauser

Angela Persinger

J.P. & Beth Plunkett

Maria Pollard

Collen Raymond

Shelly Rocha

James & Julie Roche

Julie Roush

Jennifer Ruggiero

Mr. & Mrs. William Samuels

Thomas & Michele Santarelli

Beth Santos

Carla Savicki

William and Stacey Sheahan

The Asthma & Allergy Center

The Really Healthy Stuff Company

Angela Shook

Anne Simmons-McGroarty

Jessica Smith

Robert Smith

Abirami Som

George & Maureen Spicer

Mariah Spry

Ori Stitelman

Jessica Stromberg

Rhonda Thomson

Josh & erica Thornes

Tina Tobin

Greg & Kate Dionne Tulonene

Tracy Turner

Lora Ung

Brian & Amy Wallace

Amy Wassell

Jeffery & Michelle Watson

Jackie Weigand

elizabeth Weller Fiman

Laura White Lawler

Heather Wisener

Jennifer Wruble

Maria Yoder

Leif & Kathrin Youngberg

Janel Zaluski

Jeanne Zarse

KFA 2009

In-Kind Donors


Bounce U - Horsham PA

Troy Burns

Jeremy Chapline

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Frostine edibles



Jules Thin Crust


Christine Moskowicz

Pamela’s Products

Jennifer Ruggiero


Whole Foods Market

– North Wales, PA

Wylie Publishers

KFA 2009 Sponsors


Carlson Lab



enjoy Life Foods


Ian’s Natural Foods

Navan Foods





Sweet Alexis


KFA 2009

Business Partners

Achoo! Allergy

Allergy Apparel

Allergy Free Foods

Allergy Free Shop



Angels in the Kitchen

Beneficial Bank

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Chocolate emporium

Cookies for Me?



Grain exchange

Heirloom Occasions

HomeFree Treats


IM Healthy Soy nut Butter

Katz Gluten Free

Linda Coss

Lucy’s Cookies

Medic Alert Foundation

Meraby’s Allergy Friendly Foods

Namaste Foods

Pamela’s Products

Peanut Free Planet

Premium Chocolatiers

Quail Oaks Ranch



Surf Sweets

Take in Case

Turtle Mountain

Vermont Nut Free

Well Alarm

“KFA changed my

perspective on food

allergies. I used to have more

fear and frustration. KFA helped

me to see that the difficulties

surrounding food allergies can be

met and overcome. I feel so

much less limited and so

much more empowered.”

Donors & Partners

Critical to KFA’s Success

KFA Staff


Heather Abbott

Tanya Bumgardner

Melanie Carver-Cox

Michele Cassalia

Melanie Croft

Cristina DeMatteo

Lynda Mitchell

Beth Puliti

Jessica Stromberg

In 2009, volunteers contributed 8,000 hours, valued at $162,000 according to the Independent Sector. The vital and valued work

of volunteers helps KFA accomplish its mission in ways it would not be able to do otherwise. In addition to the volunteers listed here,

volunteers also serve on the KFA board of directors and the KFA medical advisory team listed on page 3.

Jen Blanford

Janet Burns

Carrie Calvert

Megan Clarke

Tiana Dixon

Meg Falciani

Lucy Feuerstein

Ruth Galligan

Dana Garson

Jill Gentry

Laura Giletti

Kay Gillespie

Rebecca Godleski

Julie Godnik

Ahuva Goldbaum

Deanna Graham

Amnesty Hadley

elyse Hahne

Laura Healy

Jill Hornig

Jenny Huang

Amy Hugon

Jennifer Hulett

Sherry Jenkins

Kristin Johnston

Community Action Team Members

Kim Khosla

Maia Moore

Kristy Morgan

Linda Morgan

Christine Moskowicz

Angela Ostland

Kathy Przywara

Cristi Schwamb

Kids With Food Allergies’ Community Action Team (CAT) is a team of supporters who work on occasional volunteer assignments or

projects to further KFA’s mission.

Sara Atkins

Melanie Carver

Michele Cassalia

Lynn Cavagnaro

Maren Chiu

Melanie Croft

Karen Dapp

Felicita Diaz

Samantha Dill

Tiana Dixon

Dene Duncan

Marian espinosa

Stacey estrada

Meg Falciani

Lucy Feuerstein

Dana Garson

Gabrielle Gessner

Julie Godnik

Deanna Graham

Amnesty Hadley

elyse Hahne

Karen Harris

Carol Hayes

Joy Hogge

Jill Hornig

Allison Inserro

Sarah Johnson

Kristin Johnston

Rhonda King

Julie Kukreja

Jennifer Ladewig

Tina Lin

Anne McGroarty

Susan Millner

Lynda Mitchell

Maia Moore

Linda Morgan

Christine Moskowicz

Michelle Osterhoudt

Pam Pietrowski

Kathy Przywara

Jami Riley

Carrie Sabo

Cristi Schwamb

Alicia Seal

Mariah Spry

Susan Swift

Tina Tobin

Mariah Spry

Susan Swift

Amanda Turbyfill

Lora Ung

Amy Wallace

Yael Weinstein

Kathrin Youngberg

Leticia Torrado

erin Trujillo

Amanda Turbyfill

Lora Ung

Amy Wallace

Kristi Wees

Yael Weinstein

Kylie Williams

Jennifer Wrubel


Thousands of families turn to

Kids With Food Allergies

for unmatched

peer support, food

and product finds,

news & health



“I recommend

KFA to anyone who

knows someone struggling

with food allergies or has

kids with food allergies.

It truly is a

world of support.”

It’s Easy to Support

Kids With Food Allergies!

KFA depends on financial contributions large and

small to meet the growing need to help families

nationwide and beyond.

Here are a few easy ways to get involved:

• Make a donation – any amount counts!

• Underwrite a new program – we have

several new projects that need funding!

• Become a corporate sponsor

• Call us to discuss your own ideas

• Hold a fundraiser for KFA

Donations can be made online – just go to

kidswithfoodallergies.org and click on “Donate,”

or send your donation to:

Kids With Food Allergies

73 Old Dublin Pike, Ste. 10, #163

Doylestown, PA 18901

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Kids With

Food Allergies is a tax-exempt charity. Tax ID#20-0330119.

Kids With Food Allergies

73 Old Dublin Pike, Ste. 10, #163

Doylestown, PA 18901

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