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Driven by sense


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Cybercom – Driven by sense

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Cybercom in

a minute

Cybercom is an experienced, innovative partner for

customers’ new-product and business-process devel-

opments. Its focus is on:

• Telecom management and networks.

• Portals and mobile solutions.

• E-commerce and billing.

• Embedded systems.

Cybercom är ett högteknologisk IT-

konsultföretag inom telekom och

utvalda teknologier.

Genom lång erfarenhet och speciali-

serad kompetens gör Cybercom rätt

teknikval för kommersiell lönsamhet

åt uppdragsgivarna.

Cybercom är en erfaren och advancements innovativ partner are till high. kunTechnology

Kundernas must be krav på teknisk utveckling är hög. Tekniken

ders utvecklande av nya produkter on the och leading affärsprocesser.

edge of development ska ligga and i framkanten must av utvecklingen och möjliggöra

Fokus ligger på:

• Telekom management och profitable. nätverk Cybercom’s solutions Cybercoms contribute lösningar to bidrar till att kunderna på bästa

• Portaler och mobila lösningar enabling its customers to meet sätt market kan expecta- möta marknadens förväntningar.

• E-commerce och billing

• Inbyggda system

Cybercom is a leading IT consulting company within

telecom and selected technologies. It is an emerging

company with global operations. Thanks to its special-

ist competence and extensive experience, Cybercom can

select the right technologies that enable commercial

profitability for its customers.

Cybercom’s commitments range from small

projects to large turnkey projects. Its projects

include consultancy, systems development, integra-

tion, and offshoring.

Right now, customers’ demands on technology

Cybercom Cybercom erbjuder turns ett over omfattande nearly SEK utbud 500 million av

IT-tjänster and employs till teleoperatörer, about 430 tillverkare persons in av its offices

utrustning in Denmark, och innehållsproducenter. Norway, Singapore, Detta Sweden, and

utbud the omfattar UK. Our konsultverksamhet, customers are mostly system- leading,

utveckling high-tech, och integration.

international companies that are

market leaders in their industries. Cybercom

Cybercom shares omsätter are quoted knappt on the 500 Stockholm miljoner kronor stock och

har ca exchange. 430 medarbetare med kontor i Sverige, Dan-

mark, Norge, Singapore och Storbritannien. Kunderna

är framförallt internationella teknikledande företag

med marknadsledande positioner.

enable new services, while being nya commercially

tjänster men samtidigt vara kommersiellt lönsam.

tions in the best way possible.

Cybercom gör det möjligt.



– Driven by sense

Our concept of making technology commercially

lucrative for our customers drives our own develop-

ment. Our slogan – Driven by sense – captures our

intention to create future solutions for our custo-

mers through leading technological expertise in

combination with sharp business sense.

Customers in focus

Technology no longer solely drives the market; customers are

now in focus. Market and user perspectives increasingly push

this trend. That’s why more than ever before, we must

understand what various users want and then work actively

to develop the desired solutions.

Right now, we help companies develop mobile solutions

for their operations – to facilitate more competitive,

innovative, flexible working processes. We help them create

solutions so they can really benefit from the freedom and

advantages that mobility provides.

Concentrating on telecom

Our efforts to focus Cybercom’s operations have strength-

ened the company. Today, we are a homogeneous company

concentrated on telecom and selected technologies. We

reviewed our offerings and have focused on growth within

our niche, e.g., by acquiring companies and operations that

are aligned with our strategy. We have extended our

international presence and added new, key customers.

Besides acquisitions, we have also recruited valuable

expertise in our operations areas, entered important

partnership agreements with leading suppliers, and built

partnerships with companies providing offshore operations.

These efforts have further strengthened our position.

Growth is the target

Since our concentration on telecom was launched in 2000,

we have succeeded in developing a SEK 60 million business

into a SEK 360 million business – a 500% increase. We also

focused on international growth and the proportion of

international projects increased substantially in 2005. Our

customers, mostly multinational players, acknowledge our

capabilities through projects and close partnerships that

require us to follow them around the globe.

Going forward optimistically

As a niche player in the telecom industry, with better growth

than the overall industry and with a growing share of

international customer projects, we have very good prospects

for future successes in telecom. Having valuable framework

agreements (master contracts) with our major customers also

proves that they chose to prioritise us for future partnership.

Cybercom – Driven by sense

The challenge for us is to manage technology in a way so that

it’s commercially lucrative. And achievement of this isn’t just

an issue of technology. Cybercom’s employees constitute its

primary source of profitability and success. Achievement of

our vision occurs via employees’ opportunities to realise their

personal and professional visions. Openness, involvement,

and the desire to develop strengthen and drive all who work

at Cybercom. Technology leads our customers to many forks

in the road, and we must have experiences, sensitivities, and

abilities to put ourselves in people’s and companies’ realities

to select the right route. This is something Cybercom can

offer. Our strength is the ability to balance cutting-edge

technologies and commercial profitability.

Welcome to Cybercom!

Mats Alders

President and CEO

” We follow our customers

around the globe,

in close partnership.”




position on

a growing


Cybercom operates in the international telecom market and

does business with many leading, global, technology compa-

nies. Its largest customers are mobile device manufacturers

and systems suppliers; it also serves mobile and fixed network


Cybercom provides the telecom industry with technologies for

handsets and networks. Thanks to solid telecom expertise,

Cybercom can also offer unique technology solutions to

companies outside the telecom industry. Cybercom holds a

strong market position. And within its core areas, the company

is currently positioned either as an industry leader or as a

strong player within a special niche.

Telecom increasingly broadens

Telecom’s demarcations are successively fading. Telephony,

data traffic, and TV are fully merging. More and more

operators are offering package solutions so that consumers

can get everything from one supplier, i.e., triple play

packages. And quadruple play is a new trend on the horizon;

it expands triple play by including mobile telephony in the


Operators still draw revenue from voice traffic and SMS,

but these streams are steadily diminishing. As a result, a

greater number of operators’ future revenue streams will

come from other types of content services or digital media.

Increased service offerings on the telecom market create

need for new business models and payment functions, these

are (1) consumers must be able to easily pay for services and

(2) content suppliers and telecom operators must get paid.

New payment solutions are being developed, and Cybercom

participates in this development

Major customers and fewer suppliers

Several large companies dominate the telecom market. To

control costs, they have reduced the number of subcontractors.

They’ve gone from contracting with hundreds of suppliers to

signing master contracts with 10 to 20 selected suppliers. These

contracts mean that relations become long term and require-

ments of the selected suppliers are high. Size, niche offerings,

and international presence are critical factors for success of a

consulting company. Cybercom fits this profile, because it has

invested in specialisation and increased its international

customer projects during the past years. We have key master

contracts with market-leading, multinational players. Our

customers primarily operate in the telecom industry and we have

key customers in other industries. Some of our major customers

are: ASSA ABLOY, Ericsson, Millicom, Nokia, Reuters, Sony

Ericsson, Tele2, Telenor, and TeliaSonera.

Positive market climate

In the near term, steady and stable growth is expected on the

telecom market. The market went through enormous

changes during the past decades. Mobile device usage

increased – driven by increased competition and more mobile

services ranging from e-mail and music to positioning and

film. The positive telecom market climate is particularly notice-

able among international operators that are now investing in

new areas and in services development. Telecom industry

companies are demonstrating investment appetite and once

again, the focus is on expansion and grabbing market shares.

Demand for Cybercom’s services within telecom skyrock-

eted during the past years – particularly for its embedded

systems expertise and its competence in the entire e-

commerce supply chain, which Cybercom offers unparalleled

capabilities when it comes to billing and portals with mobile


Cybercom’s offering

Cybercom is driven by the need to help customers create results

using IT. With its strong grounding in the latest technologies,

Cybercom specialises in contributing to commercial growth

within the enterprises of technology leaders. Through access to

the latest technologies, Cybercom’s customers can take

advantage of new business opportunities. Cybercom is on the

leading edge when it comes to technologies such as Java, .Net,

WebSphere, Oracle, J2EE, and Akamai’s solutions. Its consult-

ants have renowned knowledge in these technologies, which

exist to improving customers’ operations, support businesses,

and making everyday life easier.


Cybercom is a specialised IT consultancy that targets mobile solutions.

The services are primarily for telecom industry players and key

customers in other industries. Cybercom’s offering has four parts:

telecom management and networks; embedded systems; portals and

mobile solutions; and e-commerce and billing. Cybercom’s commit-

ments range from small projects to comprehensive turnkey projects

and offshoring.


Thanks to commercial 3G-technology breakthroughs,

doors opened to many new usage areas. New prod-

uct and service launches are skyrocketing. Cybercom

develops and builds applications and communication

software for mobile devices, network simulators, and

communication equipment within the embedded sys-

tems area.


– is key to a winning solution

Highly sophisticated expertise is needed to develop embed-

ded systems. We offer our customers skilled, devoted,

creative engineers with comprehensive knowledge in

embedded systems development and real-time technology.

Cybercom’s consultants know how products and systems

will be used. We design technical solutions and develop

software for various functions in mobile devices. Cybercom also

participates in device management (DM) standardisation. DM

deals with workflow and technical solutions among terminal

manufacturers, operators, and distributors. The intention is to

facilitate, for example, easier software updates, configurations,

diagnostics, and back-ups/restores for mobile device users.

Testing and verification

Production cycles are short within the telecom industry.

Quickly providing the market with new mobile device models

that have many new, improved functions is critical to business.

The importance of mobile platform testing and verification,

and advanced functions increases at the same rate. Cybercom


has extensive mobile-terminal testing and verification

experience, and has an established outsourcing concept for

efficient, quality-assured system testing. Cybercom has

always prioritised testing during development projects and

has integrated its experiences into testing models. In close co-

operation with customers, Cybercom set up testing houses

that are run by skilled Cybercom project managers. That way,

Cybercom can offer competitive projects (that are comparable

to projects in low-cost countries) with local presence. And this

is something that many enterprises value.

Cost-effective solutions

Support systems for embedded systems form an increasingly

important area, which is often called device management.

Cybercom developed a solution for many mobile phone

manufacturers. The solution enables fast, secure software

updates in mobile phones over the Internet (OTI) or over the air

(OTA). Updating occurs via the mobile phone manufacturers’

web portals or via retailers in repair centres. Directly updating

software 24/7, rather than shipping mobile phones to the

factory and back, enables a smooth, cost-effective solution.

Mobile phone software and setting updates might be

necessary during new product-line testing; operator testing of

various settings, switching

from operator-branded

phones to operator-

neutral phones, and

during upgrading of a

phone to a newer model.

Partners in the entire chain

Cybercom’s vast experience, combined with top-notch

specialist know-how, enables the company to be a total

supplier during all development phases. Cybercom’s

capabilities cover technical expertise, mentorship, technical

project management, software development, real-time

methodology, and training.

” Embedded system development

demands specific capabilities.”




Mobility trends occur at lightning speed. Mobile phones

and devices often constitute an integrated part of the

enterprise’s business system. The standardisation trend

for operating systems and communication methods

facilitates creation of innovative solutions that parallel



Portals now enable the creation of mobile relations, i.e.,

meeting points such as service and commerce sites. A portal

integrates information from internal and external sources and

constitutes an increasingly important channel for enabling

companies to reach customers and communicate with them,

24/7 and worldwide. Portals and their accompanying technolo-

gies create cost-effective solutions for achieving business

benefits and returns on earlier technology investments.

A portal solution enables customers to connect their web

sites with their other systems. Consequently, information and

logic in existing systems can be reused, with a joint platform as

a foundation.

Mobility and business processes

Cybercom run and develop portals for many international

companies. Thanks to many years of experience, our customers

can get help with creating new digital services and offerings

that are conveyed via OTI or OTA. Business systems can be

mobile and accessible via the general packet radio service

(GPRS) or 3G and can save enormous amounts of time.

Opportunities for companies’ employees, customers, and

suppliers quickly improve because of high user friendliness, and

mobility and portals become working tools. Companies achieve

business benefit and cost savings by integrating applications,

documents, and Internet services into one portal. Business

processes are automated, which ensures quality input and

output and streamlines operations. A portal’s value, functional-

ity, and scope can be expanded by integrating mobile solutions

and adapting the portal for handheld devices and mobile

phones. The portal’s content can thus be delivered via several

channels to many systems.

Driving forces

Today, market and user perspectives increasingly drive mobile

solution development. Consumers quickly adopt new services

for business and pleasure, and more commercially feasible

services are being successively created within the mobility area.

Mobile solutions quickly provide enterprises with many

benefits such as shorter lead times, less duplicate work, faster

invoicing, enhanced service, fewer errors and perhaps most

important – increased competitiveness.

Cybercom offer total solutions that consist of knowledge,

improved products, and peripheral services for these products.

The solutions are based on systems from world-leading partners

such as IBM, Microsoft, and Akamai.

tive – through exceptional

service and efficiency



Cybercom deliver systems for the entire, value chain – from

e-commerce systems development to total billing solutions.

The company also develops specific billing modules for tele-

com operators – besides e-commerce-related billing solutions


E-commerce offers big opportunities

The e-commerce supply chain constitutes an area that has

quickly developed and matured in recent years. Cybercom is

an established e-commerce supplier that covers all business

processes in the value chain. Establishing e-commerce

systems puts heavy demands on expertise that’s necessary for

understanding customers’ business processes. Cybercom

helps companies integrate e-commerce and digital communi-

cation with their business support systems, which facilitates

enormous cost efficiency. Decreasing return-on-investment

time directly parallels the pace at which transaction volumes

are increasing.

Companies can offer local campaigns while quality-

assuring data and protecting a uniform brand worldwide –

thanks to centralised business systems. Scaleable solutions are


through tighter

revenue control

needed today – solutions that manage language support,

local contracts, global customers, and national exceptions.

Good, standard e-commerce systems are available, but they

must be adapted and implemented to meet companies’


A high degree of system integration and excellent input-

output control are important for successful e-commerce

projects. The quality of key data can be ensured, and costs can

be cut, by automating many processes. Cybercom co-operate

with key partners when it comes to e-commerce and thus has

the collective experience of various suppliers.

Billing and customer care

Requirements increase at the same pace that telecom operators

launch new services – requirements for being able to register

and analyse data flows and the millions of transactions that

occur daily in telecom networks. User transactions must be

transformed into business transactions for which suppliers can

collect payment.

Efficient systems are necessary for being able to check large

data flows within a telecom operators’ network – so that

revenue opportunities are not lost. Compiling and presenting

all data as meaningful, usable information demands intensive

operations know-how. Huge need for flexible systems, which

can quickly and easily manage price changes and discounts,

makes billing a strategic area for all telecom operators.

Enormous investments are made, and potential for

operations development and savings is large.

By leveraging its vast telecom and billing-system develop-

ment capabilities, Cybercom can offer sterling knowledge

about billing solutions. A growing area within billing deals with

replacing or upgrading existing systems and adapting them for

future business processes. These services cover process and

architecture design, product and service consolidation, and

integration, among other things. Cybercom can also take care

of the entire billing process, which telecom operators outsource

to Cybercom.

Maximising revenues

Cybercom work with billing and follow-up strategies, solutions,

and technologies. The company deliver payment solutions to

telecom operators – specific solutions for various services and

target groups. In addition, we offer a concept and tool for

revenue assurance, which enables operators to maximise and get

control of revenue streams in the billing chain.

Today, many operators lose considerable revenue because

network properties/settings and customers’ invoicing profiles

don’t match each other. Cybercom help operators to identify

possible revenue leaks and include them in the billing process.

Cybercom also offer solutions that manage customer

registration and invoicing for players that offer wireless local

area networks (WLANs). Today, WLANs are a strong comple-

ment to 3G and offer high transmission speed for wireless

broadband; they are installed at airports and in cafés, hotels,

conference facilities, and shopping malls.

Enterprise service bus (ESB) and serviceoriented

architecture (SOA) integration

Cybercom has extensive experience with integration

solutions. With our customers, we work on integration

architectures and implementation of integration platforms.

The company works with various standard, enterprise service

bus (ESB) products, such as those from BEA, Sonic, IBM, and

Open Source. In recent years, the ESB has developed into a

strong alternative for customers with complex IT systems –

within the billing, customer care, and e-commerce areas.

Right now, these customers have many systems with point-to-

point communication or with integration platforms that

demand implementation changes during the introduction of

new business requirements.

Lately, a configuration-controlled framework has become an

alternative that is created with service-oriented architecture

(SOA) and ESB structures. The intention is to build an integration

platform with service-oriented business logic – to maintain loose

links between systems. ESB architecture offers standard formats,

such as XML, for message handling and for conversion of

services between various formats from the transmitting system

to the receiving system. ESB architecture also offers support for

many processes, such as publishing and subscription for

information. The ESB offers central security management,

monitoring, validation, and error detection and correction of

messages from transmitting and receiving systems.

The greatest business benefits from using the ESB are

primarily fast introduction of business requirements and

opportunities to more efficiently respond to complex business

demands. This can be achieved while cutting IT costs.



Cybercom is a leading supplier of services within telecom

management and networks. Cybercom offers expertise,

guidance, and services to telecom operators, service

providers, and content providers.

Business Gr

Cybercom’s renowned consultants deliver world-class telecom

services and help international customers around the globe to

develop their business operations and to increase their

profitability by using the latest technology.

Through close co-operation and understanding of

customers’ operations, Cybercom can deliver customised

solutions and consulting services. Cybercom also contributes

expertise on various telecommunication technologies and

experienced-based views on current and future trends.

Experience from more than 100

international projects

Cybercom is a leading supplier that has extensive experience in

working with comprehensive telecom projects on the world’s most

sophisticated, deregulated markets. The company’s track record

covers more than 100 major international projects.

By working with strategies for operators’ businesses,

technologies and organisations, Cybercom contributes key

competence in central decision-making processes. Cybercom puts

concepts and strategies into practice during implementation of

these technology shifts and operation changes. Through this

practical work, we can also provide leading guidance within our

customers’ operations. In the telecom management and networks

areas, Cybercom focuses on telecommunication, and this clarity

helps us to win trust from operators and leading suppliers.

Technology and innovation

Through many experiences with various technologies,

Cybercom’s consultants can help customers through various

technology shifts within mobile and fixed broadband communi-

cation. Cybercom help customers develop technical strategies

for new technologies and then helps them implement the

strategies by specifying, procuring, and verifying selected


Network solutions

Cybercom help operators and suppliers to design and optimise

network solutions for various types of access networks, e.g.,

GSM, 3G, and WiMAX. We understand the characteristics that

differentiate various technologies, and we can thus review and

optimise existing solutions and design new solutions – thanks

to our across-the-board experiences from various markets and


Today, Cybercom works globally by carrying out projects

that are intended to create and improve operators’ network

quality and to strengthen capital and cost effectiveness.

New services

Cybercom participates in business development processes by

assisting customers in developing and launching new services,

in evaluating their potential, and in participating in preparatory

by exploiting owth– new technologies

work. Innovative business solutions must be quickly developed

while they have strategic significance. Cybercom can ensure

that a technology investment in a new project will pay for itself

in a short time by developing a robust business plan first.

Service platforms

Far-sighted telecom operators adopted a strategy to use IP as

the foundation of their networks. This leads to the introduction

of new cost-effective platforms for execution of services. IP-

based service platforms are purchased and put into operation.

Services are then migrated and upgraded from older technolo-

gies. The same services and service platforms are used and

accessed – regardless of access technology. Cybercom help

operators with requirements specifications, procurement,

configuration, operation start-up, and services and platforms


Business support systems

The telecom industry changes quickly. Streamlining and cost

optimisation of business and operational support systems are

difficult but necessary so that operators maintain profitability.

Major operators often have many resource-consuming legacy

systems to maintain – systems that are difficult to replace.

Cybercom specify system requirements and procures new

systems within, for example, billing and customer care. We help

customers implement development and migration projects that

lead to streamlined business processes.




Cybercom’s undertakings cover everything from analysis, guidance, and

deliveries within special technologies and operations areas to compre-

hensive turnkey projects and management of developed solutions and



” The right technology

choices in commercial

growth phases.”

Rock-solid knowledge of supporting technologies forms the

foundation for being able to select, implement, and build the

best solutions. With specialist knowledge of past, present,

and future technologies, Cybercom can aid customers in

finding new business opportunities and can facilitate the right

choices during commercial growth phases. Cybercom is on

the leading edge when it comes to key technologies such as

Java, .Net, WebSphere, Oracle, J2EE, and Akamai’s solutions.

Understanding customers’ business operations is a

prerequisite for enabling consultants

to contribute their skills and to

function as key partners for their

clients. The combination of

technology know-how and

understanding of customers’

operations ensures that Cybercom can balance new

technologies and commercial feasibility for its customers.

Application management (AM)

Cybercom’s AM concept focuses on all key business processes

that are needed to get maximum benefit from an application

– from business development and management to technical

support. Its structured AM process ensures contracted service

levels and thus enables predictable costs.

Through AM, Cybercom can maintain and further develop

IT systems in operation. The concept defines responsibilities,

activities, and costs for system or application support,

development, and operation. Its AM services can cover

”home-grown” and third-party applications. Cybercom has

AM projects with several multinational customers.


Cybercom has comprehensive project capabilities for

delivering successful, total solutions. Our consultants know

the entire chain inside out – from analyses, specifications, and

programming to launch, operation, and support. Depending

on customers’ wishes and proposed action plans, Cybercom

take on all or parts of a project.

Cybercom run projects independently of suppliers and just

focuses on what’s best for customers. The company has close,

long-term relations with many leading system suppliers and

uses their products when they can be effective components in

new systems. To ensure that all requirements are fulfilled,

Cybercom use advanced tools and methods for system

development, project management, and testing.


The IT market is becoming increasingly more global. Multina-

tional companies seek partners that can support operations

via outsourcing and global sourcing. Major projects unavoid-

ably lead to the question of whether they should be managed

locally or moved to low-cost countries – nearshore or offshore.

Key factors that weigh into the choice of partners are

primarily price, efficiency, and technical expertise. During a

10-year period, Cybercom has carefully evaluated collective

experiences from outsourcing and has developed an offering

that responds to outsourcing requirements. We have several

outsourcing assignments that involve major customers’

business-critical applications.

Cybercom offers bestshoring – a way to optimise solutions

within outsourcing and to select the best option, i.e., onshore,

nearshore, or offshore. For bestshoring, Cybercom’s project

management works locally, close to the customer, and it puts


starting with



together and manages a team that carries out development,

implementation, testing or administration at the best,

customer-selected geographic site. For projects that demand

daily flexibility, it’s natural and often more cost effective to be

physically near the customer. For projects that have reached

maturity and perhaps apply standardised processes, geo-

graphic presence isn’t equally as important, and project

implementation can be moved to another country if the

advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Depending on customers’ needs, Cybercom take on various

bestshoring roles. Central aspects of bestshoring include 24/7

availability, increased productivity, high quality, and cost

savings, with focus on core operations and business

development. Mature and standardised processes for the

entire chain – from development and testing to administra-

tion and support. Cybercom manage such projects in

Sweden, the Baltics or in India.





with Son

Leading telecommunication solutions and proven

maintenance technology puts Sony Ericsson’s products

on the cutting edge of technology development. In

2005, Sony Ericsson launched an updating service,

which ensures that mobile phones always have the

latest software. The service occurs easily via firmware

over the air (FOTA). Sony Ericsson commissioned

Cybercom to develop the solution.

The next mobile generation is already here, with more refined

phones that offer more intelligent functions, user-friendly pro-

grams, and opportunities for personal profiling. Better, more

attractive, and increasingly more diversified models are

continuously launched on a global market with growing

demand. Mobile phones are no longer just phones. They are

users’ personal tools – high-tech Jacks/Jills of all trades. The

ys updated

y Ericsson

production pace is incredibly fast on the hot telecom market,

and the manufactured products are very complex. Focus has

switched from hardware and components to software and

functions. The importance of device management increases at

the same pace, i.e., managing every aspect of a mobile

solution, such as updating, service, and maintenance – with

characteristics that yield administrative effects such as OTA

(over the air) updating.

A smoother, more intelligent solution

Mobile phone software updates used to be made over retailers’

counters or from PCs connected to the Internet. This put cost

and time burdens on users and suppliers. With the new

solution, Sony Ericsson can offer updates via technology called

firmware over the air (FOTA).

Sony Ericsson is one player that quickly established itself as

an attractive, innovative brand in the mobile phone industry.

When Sony Ericsson launches new functions for one model, its

customers can immediately download them.

An operator can, for example, send information when new

mobile phone software is available and then display a question

about updating – push technology – exactly the same way that

a PC user receives queries about updating software, e.g., a

Windows update for a PC. Users can send queries via phone

menus on whether a newer version is available for download-

ing – pull technology. Regardless of the type of update, it

occurs smoothly and securely, without risk of losing users’

personal content. They get the latest software, and the solution

confirms that the phone is updated. The service is available

24/7 worldwide.

Many benefits, major savings

Simple updating and early error detection and correction are

crucial in the life cycles of modern phone models with increas-

ingly sophisticated software. An attractive Sony Ericsson

customer service consists of continuously providing users with

improved software and constant access to the latest versions

for phones. Operators can also draw attention to improve-

ments for their subscribers. In addition, with an automatic

updating flow, huge costs savings are realised through

reduced manual handling and burdens on customer service.

Cybercom’s experience

Cybercom can offer comprehensive device management

expertise by bringing together its far-reaching experience

from developing mobile solutions, embedded systems, and

mobile phones with its experience from developing business

support systems. Customers appreciate this. For example,

Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and BenQ (formerly Siemens) commis-

sioned Cybercom to lead a joint project called the Open

Mobile Service Interface Forum for device management





in pricing mobile

services at Tele2

Cybercom assisted Tele2 in a project for develop-

ing a flexible, mobile data-services pricing solution.

Volume-based mobile data-services pricing quickly

became outdated because of continuing GPRS and

3G developments. For the first time, Tele2’s new

platform enables easy identification and differen-

tiation of content that flows through the network

and of individualised services. This, in turn, enables

content-based charging (CBC).

Tele2 is Europe’s leading alternative telecom operator that

heavily concentrates on meeting consumers needs for new,

fairly priced services. To realise its advertising payoff (”small

bills”) requires more advanced technology and more efficient

operations that keep up with network traffic and services

expansion through GPRS and 3G. The developed platform

enables enormous mobile data-services pricing flexibility so

the price can be linked to the values of separate services and

not just to the size of data volumes in required transmission.

Cybercom helped Tele2 implement CBC in Tele2’s platforms

and operations. The project involved everything from

requirements specifications and procurement to integration,

verification, and launch. Cybercom worked as a part of Tele2’s

organisation and contributed expert and project management


Because this project introduces and integrates new technol-

ogy and functions in an operator’s existing operation, the

project was forced to solve many of the problems resulting

from the creation of a totally new (for the industry) solution.

The project also designed new operations processes that were

required to make Tele2 more efficient and more able to

deliver, with greater flexibility, new offerings to its customers.



” Price is linked to values

of separate services.”



Cybercom’s own offices

Co-operation partners and projects

A global market

Cybercom’s customers are primarily market-leading

multinational players.

We run projects worldwide, mostly in northern Europe,

Asia and Africa. Our offices are in Denmark, Norway,

Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. We work closely with

renowned IT companies in India and the Baltics.


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Content and production: Cybercom in co-operation with Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. Concept: Grey Stockholm.

Translation: American Writing & Editing AB. Photos: Håkan Flank. Repro and printing: Edita.


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