2010 MBA Yearbook - UQ Business School - University of Queensland


2010 MBA Yearbook - UQ Business School - University of Queensland

Strategy and Finance Professional



Action Orientated and Passionate Leader


Sally Bledsoe is a passionate and driven leader with strong grounding

in the finance sector encompassing many areas of banking and


Sally applies rigorous methodology to develop superior organisational

capability, is focused on delivering high value outcomes for the organisation

while addressing multiple bottom line considerations. She approaches

business decisions with an open and innovative mind, and is committed

to continual development of business knowledge and acumen.

Sally’s professional history reinforces her key characteristics of being

action orientated, respectful of other’s opinions and ideas, open to

learning, committed to high standards and welcoming of challenges.

At the National Australia Bank, Sally’s current project is a substantial

undertaking which she believes has brought out the best of her qualities.

There are many unknowns and she has taken an open-minded approach,

while committed to methodically forging a plan, reviewing alternatives

and selecting the best options for the project. This reflects her life’s

motto which is “there is always a way”.

Other notable aspects of her current role include developing and

facilitating key sales capability and leadership programs, and coaching

managers to improve their sales leadership capabilities.

Sally has also been seconded to a key strategic capability project to

customise and design new sales training to be rolled out across

the business.

Personally, Sally’s most rewarding experience has been taking a hands

on role in renovating her home, particularly learning new skills she does

not generally use in other aspects of life.

Sally’s MBA, Diploma of Financial Services and Bachelor of Business

all set her up to achieve her goal to work in a strategic leadership role

in the coming years.





The University of Queensland


diploma of Financial Services



Bachelor of Business

The University of Queensland


Bachelor of Arts

The University of Queensland


2007 – Current

Senior Manager/Change Manager

National Australia Bank

2003 – 2007

Private Client Manager

National Australia Bank

2003 – 2003

Private Client Assistant

National Australia Bank

2001 – 2002

Business Banking Officer

National Australia Bank


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