Style Mile Annual Report 2009/10 - Glasgow City Council

Style Mile Annual Report 2009/10 - Glasgow City Council

annual report 2009 / 10

the style mile

To ensure Glasgow city centre retains its position as a top retail and leisure destination in the UK, the style

mile was launched in August 2009.

The style mile is a partnership between business and public sector agencies – co-ordinated by Glasgow

Chamber of Commerce and Glasgow City Council - to proactively deliver activities that promote the retail and

leisure offering in Glasgow city centre aiming to drive footfall and enhance the visitor experience.

In the style mile there was a number of new and exciting developments in 2009

1st phase of the £100m St Enoch Centre redevelopment opened

Large entrance facing onto Buchanan Street

Home to the first Hamleys in the UK outside of London

Redevelopment of St Enoch Square

the style mile

H&M increased its presence in the city centre with a flagship store opening in Buchanan

Galleries, a new store opening in the St Enoch Centre and the first Cos store in Scotland is to

open soon in Princes Square

Other exciting brands arrived to the city centre including GIVe, Belstaff and Folli Follie


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approach p4

delivery – generating additional city centre footfall p5

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1 style mile

2 style mile


The city centre is the jewel in the retail crown and commercial heart

of Glasgow, delivering a strong contribution to the economic growth

of our city and country.

With the substantial private sector retail developments that are

progressing, Glasgow City Council is committed to working with the

private sector to maximise the attractiveness of our city centre.

Since the launch of the style mile in August 2009, there have been

focused efforts by the partners involved to deliver clearly added value

to the city centre. Initial projects have included the introduction of

city centre ambassadors, identity branding, winter lighting and focused

marketing and events activity.

I am confident that as the project continues, in partnership, we will

further enhance Glasgow city centre to make it the most enjoyable

shopping experience for those visiting the top retail destination in the

UK outside of London.

Steve Inch

Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services

Glasgow City Council

3 style mile

4 style mile


There is a strong collaborative approach towards growing the retail and leisure sector in Glasgow

city centre.

Key retail and leisure operators work in partnership with Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Chamber

of Commerce, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and Glasgow Community and Safety Services to

utilise business expertise and deliver activity that strengthens and develops the attractiveness of

the city centre and improves the visitor experience.

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce facilitates private sector working with the public sector agencies

to strategically develop projects that will optimise the use of existing resource and deliver services

that generate clear additional benefit to the city centre.

Since the launch of the style mile, a number of valuable projects for the city centre have been

delivered, such as the ambassador programme, a new winter lighting programme and promotional

collateral including the style mile website and shopping guide.

Going forward, those involved in the project are committed to enhancing and promoting Glasgow

city centre to ensure we maintain our position as a top retail and leisure destination.

Lesley Ballantyne

Managing Director, John Lewis Glasgow

Chair of the style mile

The steering group for the style mile project :

delivery – generating additional

city centre footfall

The style mile is the brand for Glasgow city centre’s retail and leisure

sector and marks the prominence of the city centre as a key visitor

destination. The branding is the first step in building an attractive and

recognisable identity.

The launch of the brand received considerable interest from local

and national media and from industry specific publications Vogue and

Retail Week.

marketing and promotion

To drive consumers to the city centre during key seasonal periods, the

style mile, in partnership with Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, has

delivered a targeted and comprehensive series of marketing campaigns

that reinforce the strength of the Glasgow city centre experience.

Christmas wrapped up 2009

12 November to Christmas day (to support key trading period)

Leveraged £850,000 in value from a spend of £300,000

Significant contributions from private sector outlining the clear

value add of the campaign

Utilised many media channels including: TV; radio; outdoor

advertising; press and online

streets ahead for SALES

Support trade post key festive period

Many media channels including: TV; radio; outdoor advertising;

press and online

collaborative activity

Throughout 2009, the style mile

worked in partnership with city

agencies to maximise the economic

benefit of events and other city

activity. For events including

Homecoming 2009, Glasgow Film

Festival, the Queen’s Baton Relay

and Santa Dash, retailers worked

with agencies to help promote the

events and to offer incentives for

consumers to extend their stay in

the city centre.

5 style mile

6 style mile

delivery – enhancing the

city centre

Your FREE guide to style in the city

city centre retail and leisure guide

To help visitors navigate around the style mile and wider city, a city

centre retail and leisure guide was produced to showcase Glasgow’s

leading retail and leisure district. The guide was developed by engaging

directly with retailers in the process.

Over 100,000 guides were distributed from an extensive range of

touch points including: transport hubs, shopping centres, the tourist

information centre, retail and leisure operations and on the street

from the city centre ambassadors.

The guide will be refreshed regularly to reflect new additions to thee

retail and leisure offer.

Copies are available by emailing


To provide businesses in the area

with a regular update, a quarterly

newsletter has been established

to raise awareness of city centre

activity and to encourage business


The newsletter is delivered by the

city centre ambassadors to over

600 retail and leisure businesses

in the style mile and reaches a

wider audience through email


issues reporting

city centre ambassadors

Glasgow Community and Safety

Services’ community enforcement

officers have become ambassadors

for the style mile. To equip them

as ambassadors for the city

centre, a training programme was

developed and delivered which

focused on customer service and

enhanced local knowledge.

The ambassadors offer an extra

service to city centre visitors

and enhance their experience

by ‘helping and directing’ them

around Glasgow while still carrying

out their existing enforcement



Welcome to the spring edition of Newsfile. Providing retail and leisure businesses with a

quarterly update on city centre activity.

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau joined forces

with the city’s major retailers on the style mile

and other key partners to ensure that the city’s

shopping crown shone brighter than ever through

the ‘Christmas Wrapped Up’ campaign. Buchanan

Galleries, St Enoch Centre, John Lewis, Frasers,

Princes Square, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer

worked with Glasgow City Marketing Bureau,

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Glasgow City

Council for Christmas 2009.

Buchanan Galleries experienced an encouraging

festive period. The centre saw a difference in

spending last year with more shoppers spending

earlier in the lead up to Christmas to spread

the cost but keeping some money aside for the

January sales which also generated strong footfall


The St. Enoch shopping centre broke all previous

footfall records since opening its new extension

at the end of November, reaching up to 500,000

shoppers a week in the run up to Christmas.

John Lewis reported record-breaking sales, with

the Glasgow branch beating the same week last

year at around an average of 9% in the three

trading weeks before Christmas.

Following on from the success of Christmas

Wrapped Up, the Streets Ahead for Sales campaign

was launched to drive footfall into the style mile

continuing the marketing support activity.

Issue 3, Feb 2010

style mile businesses get

their very own iPhone app!

As part of the city’s support of the style mile,

a free iPhone app has been developed that will

give iPhone users fingertip access to the latest

information and offers.

The app is unique as it provides iPhone users with

real-time updates about offers on the style mile.

Launching late March, the app will be supported

by a comprehensive PR and marketing campaign

to attract media interest and encourage user


The style mile app includes Google mapping; search

function; A – Z listings; latest offer information;

phone and web links; link to what’s on and travel


Getting involved with the style mile app is free and

you can use the app as an ongoing tool to promote

your latest offers, sales and news.

For more information contact Ursula Ketterer, 0141 566 0861.

If there is additional information you would like to see included, please email

To ease the process of highlighting environmental issues, a ‘one stop’ contact point has been launched for

city centre businesses at or by calling 0141 287 7207.

This one point of contact allows businesses to report an issue and then receive regular updates on progress

to completion without needing to navigate multiple council departments or agencies. The service has been

well utilised by businesses to report issues since its August launch.

7 style mile

winterfest 2009

The style mile worked with the winterfest

team in 2009 to increase business benefit from

city events. Opportunities were identified

to raise awareness of the festival and to

promote the city centre retail and leisure

offer, leading to additional city economic

benefit. 2010 will see a consolidation of the

various winter and Christmas campaigns.

street entertainment

8 style mile

winter lighting

As a pilot initiative to add to the vitality of the city

centre during late night Thursday shopping, the

style mile delivered street entertainment, lighting

displays and special events every Thursday from 12

November to Christmas.

To illuminate the commercial centre of the city during the winter

period, investment was secured to develop and install the first phase

of a new winter lighting programme, enhancing the attractiveness of

the area for visitors.

In 2009 / 10 the concentration of spend was Buchanan St with some

spent on Argyle St. In 2010 / 11, the second phase will focus on the

completion of Argyle St and enhancement of lighting in Sauchiehall


vacant units initiative

Vacant shop units present a negative image

of the levels of activity in a town centre. In

the style mile, vacant units have been utilised

to display the work of prominent artists while

new tenants are sought.

This initiative adds to the attraction of the

unit for letting and to the general vibrancy and

attractiveness of the area.

In the period May to October 2009, vacancy

rates in the style mile fell by almost 19%.

delivery – training and jobs


delivery – safe and clean

The style mile has worked with agencies to ensure the ongoing

proactive delivery of Clean Glasgow and Safer City projects

within the city centre and have assisted in the promotion and

use of their services amongst the business community.

Ongoing engagement with the Retail Academy (Buchanan Galleries), St

Enoch working (St Enoch centre) and other training / employment agencies

to promote their services and maximise retailer participation.

The style mile team has also initiated a regularly programmed walkround of the style mile with relevant

Glasgow City Council departments to monitor and report issues that would impact on the visitor


shopmobility scheme

Ongoing engagement with Glasgow West Regeneration

Agency and associates in the feasibility study on the

potential of a shopmobility scheme in Glasgow.

The programme is aiming to pilot with St Enoch

Centre and Buchanan Galleries by April 2010.

delivery – navigation and access

visitor signage and wayfinding

The style mile worked with Glasgow City Council departments during the

development and implementation of new city signage and wayfinding to ease

navigation in Glasgow city centre and the wider city.

The new signage, supported by the style guide, concierge maps and the

introduction of the city centre ambassadors, considerably eases navigating the

city centre for consumers.

9 style mile

2010 - 2012 priorities

The style mile will continue to build on momentum and deliver projects that align with the style mile

objectives and promote and enhance the city centre in 2010 - 12.

Generating additional city centre footfall

Retail inward investment strategy Development and delivery of a strategy to protect and

enhance Glasgow’s position as a leading retail and

leisure destination

Branding and marketing strategy Implementation of a comprehensive marketing and

branding strategy for the style mile

Review of the style mile Feasibility study into optimal trading hours for the style

mile and a review of activity (Hogmanay and German


2014 retail engagement Initiate development of a strategy to ensure retail

and leisure engagement and benefit from the 2014

Commonwealth Games

Enhancing the city centre

Events programme Development of a comprehensive events programme

for the area

Street policy Consultation and development of a co-ordinated

policy for the style mile to include street entertainment,

promotions and other activity

Newsfile Continued production of a quarterly newsletter for retail

and leisure businesses in the style mile

Ambassador programme Following the successful pilot, the next phase of the

programme will be delivered

Winter lighting Implementation of phase 2 of the winter lighting


Argyle St Reconfiguration of Argyle St including feasibility study

of market to provide food and drink offering

Vacant units Relaunch of initiative to improve appearance of vacant

retail units in city centre

Training and jobs access

Retail recruitment and training Promotion of existing activity to enhance training and

jobs access

Safe and clean

Clean Glasgow and Safer City Increase profile of existing services and encourage

business engagement

Navigation and access

Accessibility to city centre Increased promotion of travel options to city centre

Shopmobility Scheme to be launched for city centre

Retail shuttle bus Feasibility study to be conducted

11 style mile

12 style mile

For further information on the style mile contact

Jane Harrison,

City Centre Initiatives Manager

Glasgow City Council

229 George Street


G1 1QU

0141 287 7207

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