21 - Franklin Township Public Library

21 - Franklin Township Public Library

21 - Franklin Township Public Library


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’o, I ’ . I I

~’~J Neighborly | l h ~ ~ d’~O4"~114&~ i Township’, i

* INews ond Views/ JL ll~ JL~k.~;Ib.~qJJL ~L

I Own News per

,~: Vol. XVlll:--No. 14. MIDDLEBUSH, N. J., FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1952..____~ ’0" P. rlce Five Cents -

Roach Asks Driscoll to "Investigate’

¯ ¯ e ¯ Iu Eber s Role m /: |::*k County daD:’:s oor ’ d,,~ GOP Point!cs- v -

S200Ralse" Voted

r 0 r n e a c n e r s

The gerard of Education voted Lf students could be given pertob

~.* i.vesrigalc the acdv/des .f |’rosecmor Alcx Eber of Middlesex. IlL¯ eh;]rged Ebcr ~hh "misusing’" this week to Increase aU teachers’ SJOfl tO w&Jt [or the[T buses tns/de

¯ ’his ,ffice in behalf o[ Pewr Frdinghuysen Jr., on~ (ff Roach s oppor e:ts in the ~pril 15 primary, salaries by S2¢~, Teaeher~ who the school bui[dtng On rainy day~

have already resghed the p~- SLIp~*]~/LSIJ~ P¢i/lcjl)g[ D~. ~T~

}{is acli,m "ft,lhnls anl unsucccsshd attempt to upset balk,t positions. Judge Rap ~ Smalley in I ~ortl~d maximm~ salary, and those Lynch Said the schools ~re open

Superior Cm,rt Tttesday ruled that CoLin]t3 r Clerk Edward j. Patten acted within his discretion

placing Frell.g’huysen’s name on the same li~e of the votit~g machine as Roach’s.

b~ who have not been with the system to eMldren weithtg for bus~, and

one year, will be given a $1C~ boost, that "he would lnvesU~ate the xe~

Every teacher was given an ~u- arts why such a request wa~ made

~b~r, who WaS II"L TFelIIOJI mosl I

of yesterday, could not be reached I

tor comment on Roach’s letter’ to

lhe g

{omatle increase of $I~ when the necessary.

state basle salary was upped from The board granted the Franklin

$~,400 to $2.500. The balance is the Park ~

Poge Two THE RECORD Friday, March 21, 1952





















"Pax Map


Date &


of Tax


-- -- i Rose Ferenczy G~ucs, hLs wife C~ er Leona St 115132.82¢1"[136

669 , h,erbert J. Wbite and Owner 2~ 72-73 ’ ll/IT/3~








’ Mrs. Herbert J. White. his wife Dower Arllng on . Ave . $145.78


167 J Cba -lea A. Wafb er and Owner 208 67

145 I Mrs C’h~r e~ A. Wachter, hi~ wife Dower Arlln ion We 11117136


g . . ~0.19

FtanKIhl ToWn~hip ["ircnsc]f:~ L~a- T~IpI~ 749 824 791 W Paris 154 ! Pa~uai~ Men,c0 ancl

110i i ..........

Owller 212 25-18 11117136

SUe h~s whittlud do~]l Io a two- Middlebush (3) I ’ S K~pperl ........ 124 142

j Mrs. Pa~quale MonieD. h~s wife Dower Girard Ave. $110.54

te~al race b¢lxi’~.~e~x Middlt,bush and I W. llcKillley . .... 233 194 185 J V. .lensen ..... 177 184 175 rl~eJ+l J~a~.~lg and Ow.qer

203 36-40 lrlc. 7/12 zJ~

~J]l~t011e Yallvy. If either uiw~. JI J. Kihle ............ 129 1~f P:~tis .......... 164 l~

156 j G.

1~1J Mrs. Albert Ha~Jg. his wife’ Dowo¢ lrVJll~ton Av~’. ![~.19

-~,’iil mean a play[if[ h~lWP~ll ~lie E. Cu.IHngham _._ 159 180

-- Thomas W. Kh’by, Jr., alld Owner

.............................. TOIVh~ 826 816 802 IMPs" Thomas W. Kirby. Jr.. bl~ wife Dower 246 I 11/17/:~

-- [ Ko~ert A. ~iggillS and


Owner j Franklin TWp, Fire (2)

190 4 & 5 I1 13/39

NOTICE TO ABSENT DEFENDANTS I Pdrs, Robert A, HJggius, his wife Dower

. B. We~colt ..... ;_ 135 119 129ILH]Ie E. Higg[n# ~and

Arlington Are. $29,62


E. Nc’lson ...... 111 163 ]28 John Doe husband ot Lil[ie

190 4 & 5 11 ’13/39

Docket F-}20g*St ,’1 L. Clancia ..... 19~ 144 138, , ’

Ct~rte.~y ArlLngton Ave. 1~9.6,?.

Chancery Division E }|lggins said name Johp.

C. ’[’~l:ora ........ 154 150 145 " ’ .

(L. S.J STATE OF NEW JERSEY TO: E. Noerler ........ 160 146 16~ Doe being llct~tlous;

! Robert A. lilgghts and

Count. Block-Lot on Dale & __ ] Owr~er

& Par. Interest TJx Map Amount T.)tal~ 788 722 706 I LIJHe E. Higgin~s, hLs wife; Ow~ler

No, of PERSONS INTERESTED o~ F~nklio of Tax Origg$tOwn (I) William E. Kearney and ¢2:thelJ Owner 239 23 12/6/40

Complt. Partie~ Nameof St. Sale R. BJelke .......... 133 135 156I Mm. Wlllis’m E. Kearney, h~ wife; Dower Louis Ave. $8.44

1. Anthony I$orewsky and Owner 258 15 & 16 II/17138 J. Pls~a61o ....... i~7 128 98 Leopoldo Man£red0n~ and Owner 212 14 to 1i1~.]/36

Mary Borewsk¥. his wife: Owner Stuve~mnt St. $132~2 K. Hoag]ar*d ...... 137 108 164 Mrs. Leopoldo Man/redonia, his Dower 18 inf. $59.93

Michael Ssvaryn and Owner

Ho~pener ...... 123 16S 112 wife; Girard Ave.

MIn~le Savsryn, his wife: KI Hoepfner 156 200 155 Johr~ Ward and

Do~er ......




hiSw~rd,wife;sald CurtesyD°wer

240 6 12/16 ~48

2. M~bel L. B, Voorhees mid Owner 196 10 & 11 12/26/45 Garfield P]. $9,01


John Doe. husballd o1 Mabel Cul’tes~, Oaklartd Ave. $13.90

Totals "/42 736 William John Ward and Owner

L, B. Voorhees, said name

Mrs. WLli2am John Ward. ]1~ w~e; Mower

Community No. 2 (2) Rut~ Ward .and John Doe


John Doe being fictitious;


Blil~d .............. 125

Enerd Voorhees and Owner Hl’spsky .......... )27 163

Jolts Doe, husl}and of Ene~d Curtsey

name John Do~ ~0eing fictitious;

P, Bascelll ........ 142 117 144

Voorhe~s, said name John Doe

Frndarlc~ H~nn, also known as Dower

T. Del Castle ...... 126 127 149

~.g ~,ct]t)ous,

FredarLca Ha~, Ward, wi£e o~

J. Yarush ........ 182 151 140

V, Knight ........

John W~rd;

178 192 144

L.S°leB, heirvoorheesat law of M’~be]

Ange]o Ve~turinI and Owner 2S0 . 19 & 20 12/11/3~

3, Franceseo RinaLdJ and Owner 212 22, 23, 11,17,36 Totals 763 694 740 Mrs, Ange]o V~ntur~J, his wLfe; Dower Lemm St. 1142.95

~l~. Francisco Rinaldi, his Dowe~ 24 $119.79 Little Rocky Hill (I)

Ma~ianna Zounws end John DOe Owner 198 18-20 7/14/36

ht~sband of Merlanna Zoumas,. Cultesy

,~lle; GLrard Ave, R. Pellickero ...... 141 159 128 Inc. $150.66

seJd name John Doe being fictitious;

MarY RitlaldL widow o2 Dower Blind ............ 125 192 125

" lrvington Ave.

Frencesco Rinaldl; Samrein .......... 123 116 122 Rene D. Cat’olL end Owner 247 3 & 4 11/12/~

JoSeph Hlaaldi and Owner Blind ........... 125 125 125 John Doe, .husband of Rene D. Currency Elizabeth Ave. $1~2.8~

~nL Joseph RJnaldi, his wife; Dower Bert PellJche ...... 134 18"/ 141 Caroli, s~ld name John Doe being

Niseis Rh~aldi ~nd Owner

fictitious and

Jo~n Doe, husband ot Ntcola Curtsey TOlM~ ¢o4~"/12 ~A2 Mrs, Rene D. Csroii, his wi~e; Dower

Miz:d F. Caroll and

Ri~ldi, said name John Doe


being fictitious;

East Franklin No. 1 10) John Doe, husband of MIz~t F. Curlesy

Carmela R. Centre and Owner

Limyansky ....... ~ 161 149 196 Csro]l. said name John Do~ being

John Doe, hu~baJld o2 Carmela Curtes~

E, Tobias .......... 144 131 1ST fictitious and M18, Mizz[ F. Dower

Colher ........... 137 156 124 Caroli, hi~ wife:

R. C~stro, ~ald ~ame John Doe

Kok~l ............ 152 132 164

being fictitious;

Rene D, C~YoIJ and Owner

Blind .............. 125 125 125

4. WIlllam J. White and Owner

MIz~i F. Caroll, husband and Owner ~’

~.iri, Writ[am J, White, hk~ wife; Dower 3?4 56-59 inc. ,’IT 38 Totals 719 704 766 wife;

William R White and Owner Henry St. $107.93

And the unkaow, hoir~ devL~eos a~ld personal repr0aent~tlve~ end

Franklin Park (3)

Mrs. William E. White. his wife: Dowel’ Lawless ............ 145 138 173

their and each o2 their ,heirs, dee[sees, executors, admlntsL~ltors,

Francis J. While and Owner 8rantee~. a~slgns, s’4c~ze~, L~ r~ght. ~K~e or ~tel~es; of CA| o~ the ~0o~e

RIccJ ............. 152 1~9 134

Bald persons, The n~me *’John Doe" ~t out above is fletitiotrs, the

Mr~ FrancJ~ J. White, h~s wife: Dower COOn. W ........... 129 149 142

M~ry Reid and Joh~l Doe. Owner Wewner .......... 184 192 182

htmbends being so nomlnoted because of the inability of plaLntiff

husband of Mary Reid. said Cur[esy ~LoeKwood .......... 173 223 192 Io ascertain the true ChrisUan and surnames ~nd tn ascertain whether

n~me John Doe being 1ictitlol~S; Totals 788 841 810 or not the female owners are married and the wives of Ihc m~le owners

~*largaret T~trner al~d Joh~ DOe. O~0.e~’ .... ,~e herein designated by preflxUlg the word "Mrs." before the known

hue.band of Margaz’H Turner. Cul’tesy STANDINOS Christian and surnames of the in~le owners,

~ald name Joh~l Due bt, Jllg fie- TE~M W L You are hereby sL~mmofled and req0ired to serve upon John ~acko,

IRIOUS; ~.TillSlOl~e Valley ...... 27 6 plaintiff’s attorney, whose address is 214 Smith Street, Perth Amboy,

Carrie White. ~lcio~ of William l)r~ er Middlehu~h ........... 25 8 New Jel~ey, aa arl.~wer to the complaint filed in a civil action, In which

J, White:

Community NO. 1 ..... 2~[ 11 Township of Franklin is plaintiff and Sane D. Caroll. el ~:L~. are defend-

Rarhel Kessh’r and Mlgee. Easl Fr~r~k~ir- NO. ] .... lS 15 brits pend~.r~g in ~he Snper~o~" Court of New ~ert, ey, wKl~L~ ~ ~,~ys e[tel~

3nliu~ Pvushergev,


Second DL~IrI¢4 ....... 18 15 April I1, 1~2, 1f you fall so to do, the relief demanded in the complaint

Ex¢,cutor~ ol the E~lalc of

FrankHn Park ......... 18 15 w be taken against you bY default,

GrigRslOWn ......... 14 19

~.lemh, l Presberger. decea~¢’~- The action h~ ,been Instituted for the purpose of foreclosing’the

Commuziily No, 2 .... 11 22

.5.,l~hn F’. Mc(]rath and Ownel’ 240’ 13 ]2~20/48 corHticate~ of Tax Sale purchased by Ihe plaintiff. The i~ate of sale.

East Franklin NO. 2 .... 6 27

M~. ,|~hn F. M~Grath, h[~ w~[e: DOvfel’ ~.lcKL~ley PL $g.6~ the amount for which purchased, the real estate concealed ~nd the

L e Rocky H ] ...... 6 22

6. Harry Rab’mol~d ~nd Owne~ 196 4-6 inc. 12 1]/34 "

local[on on ~X map of F~’ankHn Township. County of Somerset and

Mab)e RrlynloJld. h~s wife: Owner 222 1, 3, $190.40 State of New ,JPl’~4’v, and [he reason ’a’hy you are m:;de a de[eddan2~

sarah R. Tbonlas; Mtget.. 7-9 inc., ~6, gr~ as shown above,

, ,, 3° i Trap Rock Fire


Arlington Ave,

R-3 21,28:4 4,]1

Clerk of the Supei~or Court,

7.~31"/1~’ P;IZ~J(’S

~, J]l S,me .~ 1~ ~0 "1’/2~’ rSomo"e,,. ~ ~,.,,,v ,,,,,,¢~tm,Nm

,. ,. ,,w,,o. 11,1,,,, ne-Minute News

LU]Jo Raynes. h~ wire; Dower Garfield Ave.

S1968 Fire of mldelernlined origin

)0. Same pnrt[es ~ts in Same ag 241 28 )1/1 /36’ " ’

par. 8 Par.,

$19.66[ ported at more |ban $300.000.

Samue, P]. / ~ Fire Chle| R~bert D. Br,an s.ld j~

]LSame parties as In .~me a~ 240 15

Par. 8 Par. 8 Equator Ave, 11/]~ ~6~[lhe building was [n flames ~’ben



" ;hi~ dt’parLmen( was ca]led Local

]2. Sobc~ S, C, ra~t ~nd Owner 2~8 64 I]/17/3~ "


Maggie Grant. hl~ wife: Dower Arllnglon Ave.


2"98 of the Rocky Hill department in

]3.C~etano Ra[Io ,nd Owaer ,,, 1,

Contributed To

Mrs. Oaelano Rallo, his wife; Do~ver Girard Ave. $ 5,

Welfare BulldJng and Loan Mtgee,

six hours.

r the Fall of Rome

A~oclation of New ~ru~wJ*’k.

11 was reported tr/~t a short-

~. 3. An Asso¢i~L~on o| the wave radio set, valued at about

St~le of N, J.

,.o "-.o.

14. Hsrry W. Lurid .rid Owne:f 266 I-6 inc. II/3/41 a new bulldozer; two fairly new

¯ Rome neither rose nor fellin one thal too much of our h~vy tax

MrS. Harry W. Lurid, his wife: Dower Sander~ Ave, $64.54 large dump truclcs; an air eompres- day. But l~medldsuffer fromso- bu~engo~tosupportbureau¢~acy

eialism which was s major factor and trmfl~elent~ in ~owr~me~t,

And the unknown heirs, devtsees and persorm[ representatives and ~or and an und~terminerl nttmber

their ~nd each of their he[is, devisees, execulors, adminL~trators, grant, of valuable tools and paFt~ were in its collapse, It sl] ¢gme ghoul And the more bureatk~raey arid

ees. a~igns, succe~ors. In right, lltle or interest ot all of the above


Io~|, wke~ Dioelet~ t~ the end o{ ~he tp~tl~deu~ we ~pporL the

lhirdfentury, A.D.,Jmp~ndaHgor- the tax burde~ will beeom~.

¯a[d persons. The name "John Dale" set out shove is :fiCtitious, the ous policy ot state ~o¢iall~n upon

~usbands being ,o nominated ~eeause o( the inabUity of plaintiff "there b s Imon ~o be leeched

his subjects. His Intent win dvll

to aseertai, the true Christian und surnames and to ~eertatn whether

from the F~dlof Rome, F~om of

Ro|ph Hosner Troins reform, bt~t the number of 0~ela[e

el- get the female owners are m,~rr[ed, and the wtve~ Of the male ow~e~

enterprise or indlv/du~l freedom

need~ for s~ch sa undertaklaE

are h~ei~ desisnaled ~ prefixing ",he wor~ "M~," ~ore 2he k~o~n It~ C~em|¢G[ WGf~G~ll


meant more r~N~]ve~ than ¢ontrib-

C’hrlsttan and surnames of 1be male owgers. Seaman ~alph J. H~ner, ~0, son government ~’~rity. The Romans

urea. It meant bigger govemm~t

YOu are hereby summoned and required to serve t~pon John of Mr. and ~,Irs, Joseph Hasher of ended up with neither freedom nor

and more taxation.

~¢ko, plalntiff’s attorney, whose address is 214 Smith ~treeL Perth 44 Eas~on Ave,, [g t~]4JnS /~ chemlcal ~ecudty, Are we in da~ger of letting

Amboy, New Jersey. ~n answer Io the complain! flied In a civil action, warflro t’o~t’~e at the Fl~t ’I~ln- A butdengof~e bu;e~ttaa~/ was hlatory ~peat iu~lf~

wldeh Township ot FrankJl~ is plg[nUff a~d Anthany ]3o~w~ky, et el~. tng Center in Norfolk, Ya. tbe~u]tofCk4~s~t~sod~Jkm.The

~re detenda.ts pending in the Superior Court of New. Jei*~y, wlthio. The course trains ~tudents In the d~llne ota ol~ee g~’eat vatl~ ~ ¯

~[~ days after April 1]. 1952. It you fsU ~o to do, the relief demanded use of ehemleal defe.se equipmem on lt~ wg.v. And then fln~]b’ Rm~l

TMa ~ or~ oJ e ~H~ o/brl~

L~ the complaint ~vuI be taken agatha1 you by default, aboard ship. did Nil and wu overrun bY ba~

The ~ct|on J~as been instituted for the p~rpo~e of.foreclosing the Hasher, a "St. Peter’s Grammar barim~.TbeDavkAi2mhnd~’rived,

strides brIp4~ Sou/ee~ of

Certificates of Tax Sale purchased by the plaintiff. The date ~ sale. Sc.bool As a graduate, civilian he enlisted ~ssl~led in his the M~ymnde~ayoh~rvemfeel or abo~l condt~ ~f)’t~l#~ ~u~

t~e emount ~or s¢~eh rp~’v’o~sed, ~e re~d est~2e ¢o~¢~’~’ned a1~ t~e N~vy Ior four years In ~anuary tbatweinA~¢amu]db*~end, nallo~a~¢¢os~mb’,

loeatlon on tax, map of Fra.]dJn To.reship, County ot Somerset end I~L He tcok r(P-J’ll|l ~’B|I~ ~t ~0 i~ifl~tbesllmedlxet~on2hstq0elled

8tale ot N’ew JerSey. and the re-~on why you are mndea defendantNaval Training Station in NewporL the fate of ~m~, They pob~t out m’i

lexe ~ shown above:






~ of tbe ~mperlor COtWL fatSe~,, a pa[nUnl~eontractor,

.. ~

, ~ ¯


Fridoy, March 21, 1952 THE RECORD Po0e "rhrN

¯ Jr-i-"&& U~amam~m~m ¯ Ikllm~ ~EE[ work out, and Mn. 0~, H*S,n OF M,.p, th. I Or,,Se v.’m ,popJo¢ ¯ .ra

-~" ~Ei~R i

,mm,~m mm,~ ,, Im m’m ~be~e ¯ ~ of ~ ~lned Mr. and Mrs, Wa]tet ~pn I ~diesexend~mers~pommm

HIMgIIi} Jpay; ,. c, Bh. J, "

any cI.tPF Nmoms -- T~r of boxes in ~1 Je~’.

wbLl~’l keep "glp, e~t;~e f~,Jthe Pblce Imd ¯ Eae ]~’° .z~lm’v,]~la ~e ~.e¥ ....

Todzy, we b~zve ¯ sin¯l] ¢~w ot L. I. Sv~dz.v [ In the E M. Orange Hill at S p L

Mps~. a~.eE ~na wm~.e~pem. U. S. N,vy..*~(Ion~ at ~yo.ne. Mms~ne v¯nneE Gr,np wl~

. .......

parents. , isuPPer to be~erved at Tp,~, ~,;

*. ooo... =. th"I*’,.. .. .tm, le. e. DOC.ET NOY,CE TO AES..T OE. .O*,mr

¯ new home, Maybe I sho.ld uy ~l g~0~;~vtck The "~q~o~w;I; of the "Hmbe" RZan, in the f~L CHANCERY DIVISION

we ’w]E end up r~ht ..~ere we tl ~ " t de s when Io }~n AAU Th~ will roman that



¯ rt v r r a

I recall very ¯e]l he Y ’ ,

~ ~r:u;




we will tights were bald in B,e¢ieueh at~ould the pro,, be ,ueee~sfu] at,,,,, , .......... ’

Park trader the direction ~_ the we could at¯ Is er the

soon s sr~ boxing as a ~egul~r ~art N Of Tax Map Of Amoui~

thoNoI.borfio .au.e,oN Seed,its¯ p. oof "..o., ,.,a.e,t.d ...U. P,.oh,i.. OfT.

Bruns~.lek. Thanks to Miss Rgeks The "Nabo" was also the home of

* ’ Nam~ of St,

r o


amateurs But due to ¯ ]0 o¢

fit a worthy o saniz~tl n.

and her sidekick. MI~ Frank, we tc-p

Elizabeth B W ares and

’ ’

Owner 248 25 ~ 27 It 1TJ~

shaH have the whole lower gym ou s de n erference, a g~od tblng

But the first t~sk n ~¢ont of us Job Doe husband o f C~rtes y ’ t’ "

..... a ’--x a As h~ sa~Lq~ ones’ is to build wp a ¯am e . Thanks to E zai~e h B Wi]]iam~ said

Bertha S. ~.70

~nree or rrt0re n gnus a ,~ee~ was ~es~ e.

~ n ¯ r ~ ,,,

" " " ~ "

~-^i "e "v ~oks ~oi the broth " I h r - ¯

the ~ne .rs ~ew mom,s w .~ .oo ma,,. e~ -v "

staff of T e Seed d. we have name John Doe helng Detthous"

bui i fol]owin i t ’ *

~ ’ akd~d ~°~manynvm


t up a g n his are ........

thigh for there are so many tfiLngs In thls tase. t O many g ¯ .

e v ook advanta ¯ of

throukh the splendld pufiLIeisy Katie SelgJthger and Owner 246 20 to ]1-]7-$6

to plan Someday. [ hppe. the spoil d it. The g

j the boys to

g yen




in. It wail be re-L jennie t. Hastadl and ,John


i Joseph. also huown as James Curtesy 25 inc. $50.80

¯ "Nabe" will once ugal .... q~uipped S]tps will soan be prepared fort Seigfinger. her husband: & Owner Madlson Ave.



Owner 190 i & g 7-14-3~


?be ,,, e youngsters getlDoe husband of JelHde .

CHANCERY D V S ON SOMERSET COUNTY[parents perm]sszon Ln nrder thatiI. Hastedl. said name John


. the tramerr~ and Nabe workers will i Doe being flcbtlons;

be protected Jn case af aeeideuti

CuYtesy Ar nglo








Valentine Nnrnberger

& Franziska Nurnbergel’,






Block-Lot on

Tax Map Of

Franklin &

Name of St.

226 9 & 10

Bathgate Ave.

Date &


Of Tax




The fighter must also gel a doctorsJ Charles A. Daly and

eertil’ieate proving that he is fit ~ Mrs. Char[es A, Daly,





part in



be run


for anyone

now ] has



Riecio and

over 14 years of age. j_ q .......

¯ ,~raae


Of course, above a]] Ibis a mem* ,



ms ~I/e"--’





208 43



-- ]59 28

Victor Ave.





his ~tife;

Wll]ialn T. Thampsoo and Owner

& Sam¯el Place

208 38 1]-13-39

bership in the Neighborhood] Katherine B. Webster and Owner

tou. e will be r~qu red Is it high

268 52 11-3-41

~ Mrs. WilliamT. Thnmpson.

his wife;


&Lbert Pasennw and

Mrs Albert P~usenow,

Nis wife:

HarTy G. Corbett and







198 1 to

5 inc.



208 61





John Doe hnsl)and of Curtesy

We ] ]t dc~s cost a whole do ar’KaHim’ine B PCebsier¯ said

a year! ¢1 often wonder how a l name John Doe being ficlittous

hU ]dillg ke {his cart chal’Ke so !

dltle and yet benefit the kids ,~n Franeesco Rbla d and 5 rs Owner

muchD " Francesco Rinalfii his wife: Dower

Perhaps, by JlOXt week, we will [~. ~" .....

in rosiness, [ ~ rrancescu tint¯hi and owne r

i s "

Ammg he ow sh


p ads who ~ . r" V rants co R na dl Dower

are expected ]o Join will be fonnd I



212 l0 & tl

Girard Ave.

20d 22 & 23







has ,.Mrs. ]larry G. Carhett,

his wife;

John Yotontas and

,Mrs, John Yotoptas.

his "wife:

Aaron M, Glaser and

?,Ira. Aaron M. Glaser,

his wife;









200 24.25



196 I & g









i Vernon LaMar. Bobby Kraamer}Sylvia Brullelli Cosme & Owner

and ROy Ratz. ~everal others have : John Doe, hushand u[ Sylvia Curtesy

been eootaeted and are belJevedlBl.UneHi Cosine. ~aid nanle ,

al~)ut to Join up. [John Doe being fictitious:

[ Anyone else who wants to learn I ....

[ the art of aelf defczlSe enn el:} ] [11 Thomas Croucher and him. Owner

; at the Neighborhood Hour,, ()11 Thomas Croucher. his wife Dower

Commercial Avenue any evening. Viola E. Croucher and John t)wner

If t a]n hal there, you will always Doe, husband of Viola E. Curteay

i fi.d Mi.~s Bieks or Ml~.~ Prank on [Croucher. said name John


196 3



]90 11







Elizabeth Dragavacki and

John Doe, husband of

ESzabeth Dragavacki. ~aid

nanle John [toe b~nR ficlSb,us:


(;eo=e C. AIhb,; and -

3[r~. George C, Atkia~.

Owner 243 24 to

(’nrlesy ~T inn

3}edison Ave.

O,:’;o~---20g 14

l)owcr ..’trlilnlzlon


$116 36

]1.1T.36 --


i dnty. So. lets all get behind this Doe being fictitious;

" j Arthur R. Croucher and Mrs

i prn~ecl.

Arthur R+ Croucher. his wife:

= G a "s E Cr cher and John

Doe husband uf Gladys E


,-ast Millstone C,,utcher. said oaoe John

[ Mr and Mrs..John :4. Rrokaw I Dot" being fictitious:





his wife; "~’x’e" of Eranklia St.. enlerlahlcd over :Charlotte Ehrilcher and Owner 196 12 7-)4-3d




F. Mont rose,

& Mi’~.his




190 lh





i 100 gnesLs al the Colonial Parms. John Doe. husband of

I Mlddlebush Jn honar or their 50th , (’hartotte Ehrlieher, said

! Wed’fin


Curte~y Oakland Ave, $14.48

Anniversary. Saturday, name John Doe bel~g fictitious

Jaeub D. Romer and

Mrs. Ja~)b D. Rann.r,



208 ]5




$[.2 96

’ March 15. jI"ranees(’~-~l-a~’m~alld

i The~, ’ ~ere ’ malrled ’ ~-Iarth ’ ’ ]~ =" 3ira. Praflce~eo Ma(.~ne.

i lD02 ill Sonth Somervith. h. abe his wih.;

O vn’r





.... 11-17-36


, ]ate St,’,’. Theodore Sebaf ,r p slot

Franco!~e Uheyron Meunier & Owner ]98 6-10 me¯ ;-14-31; ’ orlntd P;btrnlan B Studky and ()wner 21;8 47 11-13-3~

DE lhe r;boro gh Re ’

Mrs¯ Franeolso C’he3ron Uower irvulgton SI~(12 X ¯s. Sh irnlon S ~tu ey Dower Arlington $,?.S.g8

Meunler¯ his wile. and Ave. ; Chnreh¯

John Doe htP~band tff (’urtcsy

I Mrs. Brokaw was born T2 years i his wife; ...........................


Francolse Chcyrlm Me.ajar. ag~ in Prlneelon, and is the dauBh- h’rank Car]in¯ and 3]argaret Owner 204 16B 12-t5.47

sald name John D~ ]~illg t¢,r of lhe iale Mary .~at’epta and Carlhlo. his wile; Dowt, r Irvinglan .¢~l,~fi

Dct LIIous; Pet (.i

Pe egrlna (larlinc~ also O’.~ner Ave¯

¯ Willie¯girL

-- . ....... known as John CarJIno, and

Arletta Van Zui]en a.d Owner 208 3g" 1]-IT-36 Mr. Brokaw. a native of Mlllstnne ,M~. Pe]]egrina n John, Dower

John Doe, husband of Curtesy Arliugton $~.51 ; and the son of the late Maria and Cariino. his wife:

ArteLta Van ZuHen. saLd name Ave. dnhn A. Brokaw. Mrs. P. SeER[ilia and John Owner

John Doe being fictltiotm:

Doe. husbanfi of .Mrs. P. Curtesy

4. ....

n They are both members of the

Charles J. Valentine and Mrs. Owner lP0 17 T-Ldo3d }ill]shornugfi Reformed Church

BehJfione, said name John

Doe being Detfi]ou :

Charles J1 Valentine, his wile Dower Oakldnd Ave. $80.]9 , and Mill¯lone Va ey Grange. M~. And 1he tinkno~’n heirs, devisee-.~ and per~ona] represen|af~ves add

, Brokaw is 8~’tlve Ln the Frank n

It il 36-- ’ " Ihelr and eaah o[ Ihelr heirs, devlsees exet’utors, admlnlstrathr~,

Charles A. PI~I and





n l~on

$8"76 Club and The Ladies Aid aud gra tees ass gas suece=ors In rlght tIOe or Interest at all of the

Mrs. Charles A, Hood, g


~ s~ ma Soeletie~ above soLd p~rsons. The name "John Doe" set out above is RetSlou

his ’’ "~: ..... "~ ~Y 1 ~ ’]Tbev ~Yave wo sons Job¯ S he hu;be ds ~i.g ao nominated because at the Inahfilty It plathtff~

7, lehae 3 or ar y a d h r~ Owner 238 2- 3 lg-20-48 B~kaw o BrtdgawaIcr Tawnsh p n to ascertain the Irue Christian and surnames and to ~.cerlah~ wbe~he~

htiehael MoriarO ¯ his wife Dower I auLa We SIS 07

Carl Brokaw at home one daukh or nil the female o’~ner~ are marrleu, anti tne wives m ine male owaenl

And 1be unknown heirs, devisee~ a 1(I persona representalives and

her T ’ ne o

B a ’ are herein fieslgnaled by l~refLxlng the word "Mrs.

before the known

ler. Mrs. [,St erhl

their and each af he r he rs. dev sees executors, admtnlstralors,

Chrn~,~tian and surnames of the male owners,

o Maeko

Brahe .... g s s.ece~ora n Hgh e or intere~L o aft O the wenfiurk, also three grand ..... *~?u,aPe hereb:, .ummoned and ~:qulred I~ sc~e~PO~etrt~nAm

above ~a d persons. The name "John Doe" set out above is fietfilous. Mrs. Brokaw s ec urer o ."1 " p a s a ,rney whose address i. 214 . m lh . . bo~,

the husbands being ~;o nominated beeau~ ol the inab y o p a It ff s one Valley Grange New Jersey. an answer to the complaint flied In a elvl] ac’tlol% In wht(~b

Io a~c~rtain the true Christian and surnames ahd Io aseerlahl whelher

. . . ~ Township i,f Prank]In is plalnLi|f and Sylvia Brunelll Con¯e, et al~L

. or not the female owners are married, and the wives of the male owners

Mr, and Mrs.


John S. Brnkaw 35aredaysde endanls.after .MarchpendinBg]l lh$2.n thelf you¯ periOrlail ~o Courtlo do, their NewreliefJemeY.demand

Christl=nare herelnanddesignatedsurnamesbYofpreflx[ngthe maletheowners.W°rd ".~rs." before the known entertained Mrs. M. ¯lull of WII- -~ "

be romp a n wilt be taken against you by default.

You are hereby ~mmmoned and required Io nerve upon John Macko kir~b’Jrg, Penn., over the week The ae on h[L~ b~en In.’;tl U ed for he purpoae of [oreelo~ng the

plaintiff’s attorney whose address is 214 smith street, Perth Amboy. end.

Cerliflcate~ of Tax SaLe purchased bY Ibe plaintif. The date of sae,

New Jersey. an answer IO the complaint Rled in a civil action¯ ba which Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rllnge enter. 1he amount fnr which purt.h~ed, the real estate eoncerned and the

Townahip of Franklin is plaintiff and George C. Atklns. et a]s ........

ideation on t~x map of Frank]in Township. County of Somerset and

aFe defendants, pending in Ihe Superior Churl ol New Jep~eY wi hi~

"~I.p}:RiO~’VRT ro Thud


¯ .~ n. O~" nel]ml N~W n .n~n.’£~" Mrs. TeeD.

Slate of New Jersey, and the reason why you are made a defendant

35 days after hla~n’h gl. 1952. If you fai] so to do. the relief demanded in

cna~czsv ~l’*’imos

SOMerSeT cot~"rx

are ~ shown above.


the eomp]alnt wlll be taken against you by de|ouR.

The aehon has been Ins uted Or he purpose of foreclosing the

(~lefk of the Bupedor Court.

Certificates Of Tax Sale pn]Thased by the p]alntt[f. The date of sale, core A C. Henlm an, his wife+ ~]III all *

the amoun for whiefi purchased the real estate concerned and the hle~on~]r r:"d t~l he~r~,,.di~lor~s


,~. ..............

n ~ alp .

location on lax map of Franklin TOWnShip. CounI~ o~ Some, eta d .................................. NOMINATE

State of New Jersey. and the re)son why you are made a defendant !censors nn right liLle or lfltet¯s(. ~tad tilt"



of New ,ler~e?;

are as shown above.


pie=~" t=~e nonc~ ~h,t so, =re re-

~ qulred St~phEr~ C.

Clerk of the SupeFior CO[[I~.

t~ the trrm~ ° an Order

8¢ ~n~

¯ p sdi[HI and leoU ;,re del¯ndanLs mad~

0 ¯ ¯ ¯ ~t: ~sarch [~. I~A~ ?o DBy a~ ph, tr:ttlf tee

i- We’ll Improve ........ Your Cor s Dtspos,hon I’: :,[ ,,3::,, " ...... ..............

" D£ih

Comp o o s.vt. I, ............. ,o,, ..... ......: II L ¯ U

I[.dl -..% I]// ’ I a!m’¯ oJ Alice J H~=t"m.,n Tax con~r~or ~ r I I il



S CORA ESEO $~RVlCE mean~ keepmg your car in ttp tog shape r o~:o~k m the ;,I~rnc~n ~nu In det.u]= I FOE

R[qht.’ ’ ’ The East Mechanics and the Finest Equipment . , . Pr ca| ire I ~t"b~r~dher o yoU~nd


ndedan~o =.(Z~e .~o~utel~rom .1] "


T,.S, T0.S, =,TT.,., A=.soR,. CHDDtM’.ATIC

SICORA ESSO SERVICE ° ............. PVI nVMJ’ mL


. .= *--,’.E "-’- ,, ,0. I°’=’"=" .RG.UC.. ,,

Page Four THE RECORD Friday, March 21, 1952

Local Couple Receives Marine Son’s Posthumous Bronze Star Medal for Gallatry "*

Cpl Doriald F Koib. son of Mr

and Mrs Job d Kalb Sr, of 5

Richardson St., "hs~ received a

Bronze Star Medal

The rilation sigtle I b3" ~.la c

C; (.’. ’L’hl;ma_-. corona der of the

= It,: Marillc J2hvision. i"eads as

i~peratJon~ againsl the

; (’n(’mE whdt’ ,tirx ins with a .’~(arine

iJn~;llltrx’ ranis y In Kol-ea oil 3

JiJnc i~il.

rifle platoon Pfc. KoIb displayed

"Whc]= tile plata)on was subjected

to lntcll~C and a(’urate ahem’ au o-

heaw’ enemy tire to render aid to

a w,)llnded Marine iyto


18 all ex,

posed position.

"UUaBIe tO maya the man alone


he.eourageot~ly remained exposed

MR, AND MRS. JOHN J. KALE, St, of S Riehaedt~m St.. receive ¯ BrOnZe Star awarded posthumously to their son, CpL Donald F. Kolb,

for gallantry in action in Korea June 3, tESt. Ttol award was presented to the Kolb$ by the commanding officer of the Mar ne Corps barrack=

at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (Marine Corps photo)

to the enemy fire ill order o protect

him Xvll’b rifle fire until help


Ills bravery and devotion were

an inspiration to all who observed

him Pie Kolb’s heroic actions



In beeping with the highest


- -- -

(radltions of the United States

Naval Service."


Distributors Cooperate

In Decency Campeign

Prosecutor Alex Eber reports

cooperation al magazine dialrlbutars

Jll tee drive IgMllst ~ndeeent

Here at our factory salesroom, you’h litot’ature. County detectives have

find just the garment that you would like been visiting newsMandzl and pick*

to wean in the Easter Parade, and at tog up objectionable material.

areal down-to.earth Low Factory Prices,

"1 don’t want to be a eensor."sg

Come In aarly for the best salectlen to

gber remarked. ’*but there ts a

avoid dia&ppointmenh Can’t delay. ¢.ertldll area Jl~ which 11o olle elan

Come In today,

dlsagreer Issues o~ thls typE’ are

being returned to the diStributom

who are asked to keep them off

the ala~ds They’ve promteed to do


# s°i’=aralle["

action Is being taken by

the Iloly Name Societies, which are

also seekin~ the removal of Indecent


" /


t HEALTH OFFICER Johll J. alanson

.~J2ryedon the ¯ arrailgernents

¢’omndttee tOl’ the 41st an,ual cOn.

ferellce of ,,late and local health

officers being h4.11(I all day today in

Tt’eutnn. T~’o Roarers proicssDr~


scheduled to speak at the

lnm’nillg session, Thll~., are T. J.

Murruy. (’hairman of the bacterio-

Jog:,’ department aiq¢l Ernest E

COATS "SUITS ,ege.MeMahon’ ..... deanor Ualversity




¯ , :.



Main Street Epotswood

For Women, Teens, Children ; , . so e.~,



LOW FACTORY PRICES ! .~/ Louis S. Rezem

~.m ~ AA . Funeral Dipech)r

Tots’ COATS ~lJnlaUU "~ .~ ,. M.,o S,r.t S.uth Nee,

~.,. 20.oo ........fr*m IqJ

Gi,is’ TOPPERS $1 (11.99 =., .,-, ¢¢ =" oo John E. Gleaso--"’~n "

Reg. 20.00 ......... from J

¯ V

~ ’ g ’~

¢~1 "°° ml~

~:uneral Service

i[ +~. =.. A.,, Reg. 30.00 .......... from ¯ ~1~ Phone 2"07~ J

ti TOPPERS ~lLeYY - ~. .... .- I ,.,**...,. N.w B,..,*~’k

h ........,rein IO COATS lll’vv


.e. ] O

. ~......... ~ ~ m lqulF QUACKENBOSSI ¯


I! c~ \L./lwu~r.Jw/t~__WV/L(=Ib I I ~,-Im.,.00~ i

I { % 2N, A,]~B~ I Sunday, 11 o. m. to 5 p. m I i "I

II1 \ I I "

F, ~-~--~- e-~6~--~ " I " Friday ’tJl 9 p m. J MALISZEWSKI i

"-=*=~ ~1~~J~lk.~EI ~To FUNERAL DIRECTOR

, tl I ^,, ODy , rda I

i /I ¯ --.v ~._~g.~tF~.J----lx~oe~

i | t31 M~ln St, 8aymllll I~

"" Teen-Ager to Be I r~°"d b~...a Heo. m..o=, P~rom

i ( H U R C H S Sermon Subject

~+ =....l dri. ,o. fuosa *.l Mopp~l f=, School.


Sumtay eL the Second Re-

The MLddlesex Courtly Chaper

Israel Described as ’Bulwark At Anshe Emeth fo~ed ~.reh..~o=be~ of ,heo, the ttea~ A~,oe+..o. +th m~

;cofisresatlon will be contacted b Aprir 2 a! 8 p. m. at Booaeveit

Israe today r~ the bulwark ut omy of Israel the heme fo the S oE Second Reformed Church w 11

democracy ]n the ?.fiddle East"




"the week Of the Zi- 81 Te=ple Ansbe Emeth tonight at hOldhla rmnmamge *ath -’dauieh 29. t~jL~o.falBp~ralam’ Pn]a~’:edta~l~.

aBd iI to the advantase Of the ordst Orgu=lisaUon [h math a listS" Sa a e terns y be Of he

w ": +

free ".vor d " o a d ha o os o! rade and echn ca ~ehoo s for B~’bb Nathan e M Ke er w church house or may be p ched up ;th Ihe aupervislng prlnc~pahL ~l

.tTeedom v/huh has opeood P L~

’ I .. . + " " the (’aunty "

Te.¢ogecJ. he J~so gave oher rt=as-lPreaeh a serrJ)oJ] oll The Jeen-,h}. ¢-athJig the ehgi-ch ]~ouse. : ."

arms to oppressed and he pleas or~ why Jews should support the Ager Of ’52." j Dr. Milton J. Hoffrtran w be[ The pr0gram de, shs with he~

refugee~ from all over the world."IZOA by hecomlng nteiltb~T~3. I Fo]lowlng the servlee a sympo- guest speaker at the Dutch Arms dlsease In ehl]dren ~,nd the role

These points were emphasized Arran em his for he ta k were slum wl be co dueted by the stu I me+ ns Wednesday 11 gh at the I the eaeher. ~s new y released bo~l¢.

yHda:*’ evening Ln ,a talk at the Ln charge ~ 0~ Samuel &dler presb dents on various phases of Helig-I church, let. "What the Classroom Teach’or

.!ghJand P~rh Conservatl¢~ " vm- de Jack Kro and I ax S bur-? ou~ Schoo ’~’ork I. On ,~a~h 30 the Woman’s Glee Should Know and Do A:~ogt H@Irt

ple by Dr. Ralph L, Kaptan, au- bush vLee-presldent~: WIll~m Na-I Takthg part =re Norton=1 Harsh-lC]ub of Hope Col]use will pro.

thor, L[r=duist, founder and dean o[ ~lsease. wilt be med~ available to

tha=1. ~eretary: Osc~tr Atlas. fl-~mer, Ed Zueherman, Carole bruin, ~t a concert at the church,

eaohers al~d pHne~als.

the UniverSal College in Tel Avlv, nanc a seers at" .~aae y8 v 11 t Ann Gildar Gera dhle Greendeld .......

]srae]. and former education offl-!lreasurer Dr. Sanl’uel B. Grth~teth, I Joseph Hor’owttz, Ann Me=1dlesohn,]SoSkofboJ| tO H gh Jgbl’

cur of the ]~raeh Army. exeeu ve dlrce or of he tempe I Joafl BosalskF 3.lie Furman ¯ ...............

Speaking under he sponadrsh p lla~ry B. Feer pres dent of lhe ] E~’ the Shevin, MarByn Levlne Couples Club Sesston

of the N~w Brunswick ZionL~t DIs- Jewish Federation:

trlet Dr. Kap an d scussed he si- and Aaro Cube

L4~IS Llstiield. Florence MIller, Harriet Ehr]ieh, The ~ovs’ bake ha earn w

I Mart]y Horow z and aPu a ~*beff la th+ ’;ira roy ~cd 3,tel’s Team" :

.a.on th the M,dd,efs .,,,. s i: .,.o+r:o ,ea,u;e Of Sou.

reel and iL~ rebaflo, to the U=1B- Pork Reformed Church I dore Sehor, teachers of high schOOl p es C ~’b ~ee g oa gh ;t 8 a ~’~

ed Slates and the rest ur the world. ITo Show F Im April 2 ,, el.se~, will sumTrmrlze the view- he F rat Beformed Church

lie stressed the value of israel, . i points of the young people. Refreshmen s and par’or games 34~h

as ~hC]] as Turkey in the defenael A 38-mlnlde film entLtied "Barab-, Mrs. PhJlJ.p Sheff will assJs with w /otlow the game. ¯ "

of e S~ez Canal. Great Brttaln. lbas the Robber" will be shown all he read ng Of he sere ce and Mrs Mr a d Mrs Dan e ~ Force A~n[~ersorv

he saia. at long last has colne to the liigh]and Park Beloved Alex Gruessner wilt roeRe the and Mr.


realize the v’lue 0f the strensth Czlureh on Apr]l 2 at 8 p. m+

M~. Charles O’Rourhe+

Blessing over he Sabbath L ghts.

of srae and e" fro dshig with The climax of the film comes

are =1 charge of a~a=1gemen s.

Refre~.bments will be sewed by - . .


the we.stern p~we~." when Bara~ba~ wBnesaes the e~- the PTA whose ~resldent L~ M~ Yr~$Dygerton =. . ~ . .

Dr. Kaplan emphasized the part/ciflxon and nays "I also was con- re.re~..nen:s

~ =~ ° ~ a v ......

: "One Hour of S~hartng’ Will be, I~OW In rl~ro$s I ~played

in the life of every day Io-/detnned. He died for me. NOW I ~’h[tman chairman of the eorpmit-

0fered for surfs g K ~ C ri

day by the Jewish her age He de-lmUst live for Him"

~ "

~ on e h *

Jane St~lday at the Pro y e a[~ -~---~

¯ elated that splrltua] va];es will| ’



" l Here’s " /ust one of ’

eo~ ~’~om re.el to au parts m" th~| ~ Three Churches t- Join The =’ollo.~.g l.ra.ts *er~ h*p I

world, to the beueflt of all man-

O ¯


ALTAR FLOWERS will be tized at the thureh; I ,our many s!oe¢iats! ’

ki=1d. /In Corl9mgfflon Sowlge p~:ced by Mr. and Mrs. R~lph.Sof

W~lltam Frederick, son of Mr.[ :

P~ bbi ~

. omen n memory of Mr~ P,~ehe and M~ Eric Brown BULLDOG ~-ga .

Philip .I. Rttho]~ I.trc-

I A Union Communion service Solomon and ~ Mrs Philip Sbeff ’ " - " " h" " ROOF Cans 49c

d~eed Dr. Kaplao. which w~tl hwtude the congrega-

James Joseph, son o~ .zr. ann

..... !tiols of he Highland Park Baptist

~n memo of’~ ’r me h r Mrs

M~. H~n~ O. J~naen. _.

CO AT ~ G Os ¯ ¯

Eda ’ Lm. ~ A . ehoetrl’butto~ ’0 he ~v.Tnne ~erce, son of ~r, ano



IN A DISCUSSJON aruuud the Church, Trinily MethodLst Church

wine fund has ~een received from hf~. Gv,’ynne P, Williams.

-- ........... x--

Hlddush table. Dr. Kaplau }+el,l-land Ihe lfigh]a=1d Park Reformed

Max Rubi=1stein. in memory of

ed Io the vital need of material Chuceh will be held at the latter

¯ td to ~s~el a.d o, ,rainh,g refu- 0h.r+h ~pr,I ~O at S o. ~. Rose Rtthinsteth,

goes there, many of whom came The Rex.. James B. Mulder. pus- Be.BIO.s Sehoo~ Sat..~..., .

~Tom backward Arab ital[o]t~, in tar. will give a commurdun medJ!a* begin at 9 o’clock. Following the

A Picture-Book

trades .~nd +h,,ts +o the, th,. ~. ...., ’The Off+n,e of ,he ]’ellginua service Class 7 will hold

|rRegratsd Loto the modern eeo=1- CPOsa/’

~..ebeo=1 w.h ~e Babb~’ wuo=g’k’e~;n - for the


Mrs. LOUIS Hath~owlcz. e[az.sroom

molher. IS in charge of at*

rangemenls. The following children

..,,,,,-,..,v*e’rvn BRIDE +



i N S U R A N C E


Telephone CH 9-1133

will participate:

Rober~ K~tz, Alan Bue~ndlL

Frankly=1 Freedman, Beverly Fish*

kin. Hona Ashes, Barbar~ Brawn.

Ann Glldar. Joy ttail~towiez, Judith

Mason. Lynda Hes~lck, Lynn RUverman,

Ernesthle SthU0r. Irma

Nhevln. 1,5’nn KPar,~m and

NOw is the time to m.k. your

arrangemenhs for us to pho~Ograph

your wedding at Easter.

Doer 30 proOf$ to cho~se from,

to0! All assembled story-book

fashion in an 8x10 album.





L TO Conduct ssE OUR SA.~L.


Easter +r








,B~.,aod Pa,’hl


Begins at/\

~uo~og,Ophv by ¯ ¯

/c:m~e~’a ve Tcml e wJtl pre~en : 4~ PATgRSOR STRgST

! the s~rv[ce this evening at 0:]d

CH 7J621

,ruder the d,r0*’,,on of Dr+ Rooue,


~ t t

IB, Grinsthh]. PX~pUIIVe (]lreetor Of

the temple. Babbl Philip M+ Sit-


holz will offielafe. ¯

Taktng part WUI he MaHiyn SUR~YOU~Tm,~AR~41M=#~


$32.50to$38.00 j "d~sm’ Condi~.I ,,t::. CruelW" s~m~:~l+’a.d.=,~ i.~,,-

Student Sixes 34-3S


All Boys’ Wear on

Street Floor

wit1 be the sermon thpk" ,ff the

Be:’. Theodore W, Bo]IZ at the Liv-

Ingston Avenne Rethrmed Church

service Sunday at 10:45 a.m.

Sumlay aehoo]


~IDd thP ~0=~d DIS

cussLon Group will meet at 9:30

a m.. a=1d a Bible Study Bour v.’lll

be held at 7 p.m.

A speetsl offerhlg will be t’aKen

Jag Machine+.% alld other pr~l-

U¢IS ofll)iLhrogEh



CENT£RS+ idcntif~d by ,~l~i=

I~ R©d "S" on Ih~ ’~in.

dow, and never through

otherstor¢~ordcalers. $

.* TrY* ~tk .: till ~ IX~:¢R~+.~r:t’r’~xcnt:.,= COMPANy


a, the oo*.,ng so ’+ ’o+ ,he "One Great Hour of Sharing" In SINGER SEWING tENTERS

which Prolestant churches are p~r.


New Brunswick Patrieta Ste]la~ella Is in charge :1()9 Geoyge Sfyoo{"

NOW Br~n~igk

Quality Clothes For Nearly a Century of a nursery which meets every

Sunday during the momtng ,erelee.

Open Thursday ’Till 9 P.M. CHarter 7-0620

Feldey, March 21, 19~2 THE RECORD . ~

" A__ " ....

Public,menaes Defend

" .. 3UDSlOlzea

" __Vi " "" ew " "" nome " "- units r Dimi

voeelTakes |illlll ilmPn nAAHI

Page Seven



lp,] !~b[le flousLng agencies in the[ fly life by providing decent homes I Ill glll~U gill










w be










ng publ


cex- h gd b

’ r




b if] said t’hLs week

~ubstJHeddy?’Cat] You ,~fford the ,Slum andelimlnaUngertme stoppCaU~eeng OihereSentmeotsPread o ’nell ThetnalaUlhOrin of the S~ie Senate’s )

Sto. e and showroom. Jighting rY~oke ,

things look differently----especially

Otd=~d among s a e leg~ato~ (~end urea tar p aygrounds, eac-I e oesa


tnmK ~tate Sen. Mal-

.wa~ issued connection w h the ba~e co lest or=. a reel Ilghtlng,= calm Forbes’b n s press t form ]



campaign a~ ins1 the poH~e and fire.% i w be approved by the Senate. !

COlOrS ORal s~1 odes¯ 1" 0 be rig~lt, " to

be color happy use this Fronkei

]]iHery Bill, which would requite I The commissioners declare that

I S eta Sen. Bernard Vega West referenda before new p~rbll¢

~ou~Jng sou d be au bar zed


it public housing must. be ~ub I F


. orbs s’ ~ill Is too broad In seope~

m e d n a o v . ehen

every pL~bJJ~ ,

serv ce


. ¯

¯ TaKe

= ~-



name O-u


The hous[r=g aurberigLes opposed improvement ought to be. And i and invests .upevisow control |. plC~ your wallpapers under home

t~e HJ]]ery ~easLtre as % threa o vn*ers also ought 1o pass on private a state .;ger~cy taking away what¯ lighting conditions.., and be sure! ’

. t~Jrther eoRstructlon of low-re~t F~A ;pz~eet~ which require ex ever control g mi h ......

tens on Of ei y services and mH

~ hop.sing."

"Ca~ s’o. afford the s)]~ sub.

aid)’?" the pamphlet asks. It points

c~ neta oy the

lion, of dollars Ln federal mot1-floral governing agency,

gage gaol’anises, they said. ( Thls is in vin~affon of the home

"The referendum scheme ,~ anIrule principle he added ¯

out that the nlo, ffly subs dy pa d

attach on low-rent housing, the Furthermore. the Set(afar said.

~.VnLtlh~fFed;;a, Go,’ertlme.t. ,or one

-- pu Ic to v-rent beusfftg tn

T(~ntoll Is ~.~71 whereas In the

conlmtss[ ........ nciude.

"! [s an attempt to save slums Ithe bill doe~ ~ot define wbe "eha "-

,rhLeh often retur~ ,30 th 50 percent i table ins i u arts" are

. =h,ldr~.n ~.e

.~me~ommurt.i mm!.~3 ¯ is subsidy cost~ to SI9JS main- In ¯’~so a year small on the and ayes se [Isb ment, group, a i slate Queried medical ~n the school. bill povldtng Sen. Vogel for


sen ees ~nLcn cne e~[y mus~ the Legh~ature and the govern-

I ’11


..,. ~ e u, t o, s ~m p~e,~. ,ho~ d h oe~ he ~.~lle’~ det=r-’~ep~d: "a~g~ ~1~. ~o~ 1.1 $0 BAYARD ST., NEW BRUNSWICK, 14..L i

~_h~trls for extra,P,o!lee, he.a lib end minat=on -- ~ expresse


through I the Judiciary Committee."

He said the( he feels New Brun~-



JUST ~ 0OO1~ ASO~ OIORO~ J~. ; "




. ...... I me,ls Of 3;’ New dersey eit[es to l wick ~ti[[ ,,ands ’:’, excel[e.t !

. y.

I ..eel, deo.,ty’ha= vo*,bo=ed.,.ow dor , b .¢ba"ee of be.,.g the ,eho , ,ooat. I


z~t a t~umoer at cities." the bee.

r chute asserts.

that it was spending an average of

$~0 a year for extra eby services

to each slnm dwelling. That’s Ilg.16


"rk discovered



a m’)nth. For the Uniled States as

..boI..*u *onsuoe, pe,e.o,

of tit¯, inuoicJl)aJ budgel[$ and yleld

L ~ o~iy d perre~!


at the ~al estate

eh.,~ n J. tl,,, lq~ h;’l the btlsthes~

and for residents at better neighberhoods.


Introducing America’s


Finest ¯ ¯

"OPPONENTS of public ho~ing

dodge the basle fact that n lowlilT¯

,.w* ~,llll~ cnn Day nlHv I1

~o~liffa~ ,have o{ loeil taKe~;¯ if the

fnlllll’, ~[tll~ ill the "~hLtPL utheL’

taxpayers uill have to dig down


~" for *,xtr~ e~iv ~ervh,es. Bnt iF 1he

family goe~ into public hollslllg,

th,, Pax c


¯ Na,~ ¯ ~.d


12 .95 12.95

¯ Ncvy ¯ Red


and sUEDE

SUEDE ¯ Block a Navy

¯ Block ¯ Navy


¯ Grey ¯ Maple





aldng 0me let S ou file s P a ys

~ith Ego Plerrtiful d Che

, i i ... i ill



~ ~,o m~bds of boaor,¯ !or 1(* ot mote dl~ereof ve~etable~

~’’~’ ~" °" c~. .~,.,de. ,,.,, fl,v._..


Ca= you make ¯ reaUy good [ a fork In a few places to allow the

off.toe Or souse? Atma Z~WIS ZlquJd to ~ uuderne4th. Whe~

L~gg. Middlesex County home firm. theret*e heat q~ekJy for z

ate t. ~y~ that th~ l= = aLmp|e moment to brown the bottom, fold

sk;~ it l~ys to devethp now whe~ over and turn out on a platter

e~tg~ ~ t.o pJent~rtfl. C~tr~ish with P~nJey. ~e~e~ fl at

"Apla]nome]etists~coodfor break-3.

J’~r.t," Mrs. LOJ~ ~o]nis o~L "Add Varlet|on=: Before raiding. ~prth.

cooked fish, meat or vegetabist; kle whb grated cheese, minced

for a luoeheon dish. Or add b~- ham or ehk:ken or bits of browned

~ana~. peaches, stewed apricots, bacon,

.’~aoce to become s ~odlda~e for ~ew Jex~ey, It te~ bow to ~eleet

me Of the eight ~ati~ awards -- z go(x] g~’den locat~n Jmd make

z I;300 eol[eEe s~holarship,

There is a new ~¯dem’ g~de on

z gardezz p]a~. how to L~prove

sou with li~e Lad eommera]al fer~



which is avaflabis to all

~lub ~ela]et~ t;~*0ugh the office Of

llllzer, how to order seede and

~)lllZxis al;d ~t le~t over seeds.

~he etob Igent. Room 211, Post

It ~dao e)~p|aiss what garde~ tools

~fP.ee ~JJd~ng. Row Bru~wJck. )no needlg p~0wthg or dh~g.

This guide re,emmet]de that the phusttog, weed control, ththning.

rlrst year 4-It ~arde~er have a md pest control

garden covering a anaL.hum o~ 2~

iquare feet with at least three dLfferent

kinds of vegethbies, " Me’s, Thorflas A. KenRv of 6

~pp)es, Oranges or b~rrles in sea- For a sweet dessert: Cover with

sot; arid yOU have ~ 9*el~or~ des- tort jelly, site’s’berry Jam or mar-

6(re MaLe it ~ ehOeolath or mac- maisde. SprthL]e forded or rolled

ts~n omelet or SOuffle and you onle]et with powdered sugar

bare ~ richer de~er/." Individual ome]e[s,~re made with

Omelets are of two types--- one or I~’o egF~s, not more, and

"~eneh or puffy. Souffle is a baked raged. ~everal small pans ~l’e needish

wlth a puffy ometot base, Mrs, essary to 3ce able lo serve every-

Logg aays t~ey are all easy to ~make one at the t~tme Ume.

, The ~econd-ye~r proJee~ eatis for Redclh~e Ave., Highk~nd Park. a~d

a garden of at least 500 square feel MI~, Fred Sehe|dlg of 329 N. ~rd

with five d~ferent vegetabie~, and Ave~ Ill&bland Pa’rk, w|ll leave

the thir


year t0~0 square feet ThtL~day for ~t th~eWeeL vacation

w|th seven dfffere,t vegetables, at C]earwateL Flu.




~" yo~ use a light bind In mistr~,

coOk at low heat and serve int. CHEESE SOUFFLE

mediate~ fl Ltb|espoo~o=r

~e home afle,t Offers the lot. ~ tesspoon salt

ZoWthg t~ r~e|pes for dtsh¢~ of 2 fabtospoons ]:at

this type. 1/16 teRspoon pepper


Burton Jgffe, 17-yelr.old Ion of

M~, a~d MtI, Irivin~ Jlffe Of 27

S. 4th Ave., Htphllmd Park, will

rer~relent the ¢~n~y in di/tr|¢t

elimina]tona in the Amelcran Lefrom

2.95 from

I~l , ~_,_noyctoTnes

8,95 from 3,c~



,~ ~.p =.k g~o. o..tori., ,o...~ He ~o. Lln~er,e Bros Girdles

4 ~Eg*t ] CUp grated cheese the county contest I~t Friday

d tobJespooT~s mJ]X J4 eggs night, when he ¢omps~e¢l against Every~hl~ for M~m~’l-l~Be

~ tea~poo~ sail ~telt the fat. add flour, and whe~

representotivea of other county

tea~poo]l pepper well mhced pour is the mith a]ow- high schools. The youthful ortinrs

|~k One Lovely Shop ~VOt~ Exc|usJveJy fO

2 ta,~lelppoolts fat [y, ~tisrthg eons~ntty ttnUI th( spoke On the topic ’~ur Living

t~amy, not |lght. Add the milk and and add the cheese. Separate the Defendthg."

;~easontngs. P|ace 2 t&b]e~poons inl eggs. ~eat the yolks until th[c~

In aft orlle]et OT fry|~Ig pan. heal ~nd add to the eb~ese mixture,

until tat Is metted azld tip pan ~b Beat thewbhe$ until stiff Bad eareo

lowing fat to run over erttire sur. ,tally fold into the ~heese aauoe. ,.~,.. =~a"’"" the Time 9ELM ROW .’~v

~’e, "r’__ Pour in omelet and cool with I Pour thto a butttered baking dish

~[’~J ~_J (Opposite court HOUSeopenSquare)Tin=rsdey~ ’all

~. ke., ..~, ..e, are set. ~t .ed hohe. ,o ® .th,,. ,.a...’~Get ges v:Jth a spat~1]a to a]]0W It- SIOW


~qu~ to rl;n underneath. ~hell the(th ~e e~r~ler. ~erve at OnCe,[

,..to. is .l, prioL o.~.,|y *lth’.r.-es ,. On Your GaMen

Jewish Women’s Council ~embers= , .,~’

Serve QS Escorts to the Sightless

0’,’eft ~5 de~l’~e8) tlntil fiY~11 , ,

mtMfacglon Is promfard 4-Jr eluh 1

.e~ba.. who ke.e ,a~e.thg pr~

’e~. Arid Peter F. ~artena, Mid.

A~Lstance to |he blind of New retary: Mm. Louis Howard eorre- dissex County Hub agent, says

~BrtmswJek. f|ignthnd Park. and~ ondth seceet . 3ires

ed that now is the time ]:or bolh

nelghbo~tng communities is the tat I in


4-ll’er~ Ind other gardeners to get

~t project to be 14nd~rtaken by the i K is, tre~u~er, Mrs, Natha~ sisrt~d,

~oetd chapter of the NaUo~a] Coun*. Hthde~. ElY/agree ehairmaD; and

"A vegetable garden wLfl he~p

’ ’ " " ’’O" O’ ’~"1 P~’’ "’ "’t I SALE!


Kitmer ~-26H

,.,, of ,--h " ..ou.--.LIfi. a., toore.,o Volunteers foam 1he chapter, it


~ A fil:r~ on the ~vorL of the Unit- ~out knowisdge ~ good growing

explained by Mrs. Philip Lehn !ed Jevish Appeal in Isr~:el "¢’111 be )raetlces tt~eful in later years."

(hairman Of the project and ehaP-~ sh°wn at the chapter’s April 22 lay~ Marlens.

tar v[ee-pz~ideut, moet h]thd per-’ meeting.

"Besides tbat~ every 4-H gardener


’"° B R O K S,,opp|o,--..lp,__

e°-- the= ,ho,, an,to -- h--to__to pa,’ they a,, hooe, an, "ke oay otho,, the.’.::, h-- a.d’ ....

’-’ 5 ! ’ Ga,ge ! 5 De,i

¯ ¯

~:o~ J~L~ cent a¢is.

;~n matzy e~ses, 31~. Leht~ ~a]d.


¯ ~ i,ht]e,.; re$1donis of t his ,rea

~f the roulei] did not provide es

¢Ori.~," f.thee they h~ve 110 tither

rJle~ns Of lransportat]O:l.

The council oRers Its in’lp to any

tlirld person who may


requlr~ it.

xegard]e~sof reltgLoustines, Mrs.’

Lehn ~aid. Similar proJeeta are be-’

Special Purchase


In~ carried ouf hy Council of Jew.

ash Women c-hapter~ thi’oughout

Iba country. ......



’ ’ ’


uOi T S



Cerdm11926.27 Rye Feted IF -- R. ."--".t . ’ -"

¯ i r~,,.ei

Takes ~ ~m ~* ~. ~,.,d


J HumphrieL sure deputy eom

laW* 1" O


It-" r#’- C wnt Court k..vuety--r.

fb0,.Ur ,o .. --....o.oo. .. h.gl.e~ " 0. Re*. o.l..* ~ .e.., *or ,o. .. oo ".n., lh’* ...ha ~ .~ ed ,...o... .;0 ~o.- i.

chief of eouJt(y menial beaRh serv- ilhle shrinkage, Even ~ttteh ng End


lee~ tar ~;ew Jersey: and Mrs fLrm edse binding add to the Hr.

The snnua Trl-County C~tholle] EIopewel .] I MLddts,ex Motor Fre~bt.CartrerS’w k Jnseph J. SleeardJ, president of vJeeihlI|ty Of the pad,

lk-.hool Inv/tatLori basketball ban-! Father Donovan Of St. Peter’s~

Auoeiation went into its 43rd ee

v v thor motortst~ the

quet wlti head Tuelday night at welcomed be gathering in he ab-! .,T~,e fir e ~ e o ..... ¢ ......................................... ; .............................


commm~ and ittmnd #anee ! Of the Roy Jam el Re Ul ¥i,

-,i..~ o* way, permRtea pu6estrtirm

-- ~m .............. St Ptcer’s Hr~ to ermm itreets In tafety i t ~t, I n

. .. ~ = ~o..,.~...~.= I*,"," ’ p" ..... I s..o,a~ .,~ t~ ~ o* ~’~" ~aroehtal schools throughout thelpltaL

"l’he Duchess end the Cheshire Pues

’ ha "’


Scrod .e.r S~’hoo we. the *,H r~duee hiSh~.y*=lde.~


Were -~,,b~°el;n "vi.~j"~e ÷h’


in this area,


The aria r i~a~ iponsored hy the Kn sh s of Co umbu~ trl*phy thai

¯ iS

Reepentsof 15award~ whowill

St. Peter, Athletic A~sodation. ~Irhet ETA ETAOeETAOETAO I’ .... ’q’he baby wants attention

Guests of honor %ere members of Strelch Krleger award, and the also rec~ise eorrlmend~tlon eaed~, ar~rs

Louis A. Sorensen. 66 Stone

. ¯

the 1926-27 St. Peter’s na onatlMsgr. Peter J. Hart trophy. The

championship team who made;St¯ Peter’s eheel’lead~ts won the ~ is getting

St., New Brunswick.

nparI~ headt~ne~ in that year when eheet’[eadLng award,

Sa~to Fiurino ~ Oak st New


¯ *

~-on the piavoff, . ¯ at Ch eago Joh" L~neh dr. ~o,~ of , Brun~Wleh, he *~ ayo.’ ..... awfully mad!"

Among the former stars attend- made the ailtournament team a d ois


w r C Ltantine S, Bertakls, Fr a nkhn ’

lt~ ",,.’ere Art L "neh. ayvee basket- v.,orl lhe All-Sport man~ p ~. a d.


ba c(t ch C ff Ke ’. ames l The S Pear’s H [ Name tro-.T I.

¯ ¯ .

?.es.W am N *~argo s,N¯Sh;

~l~ke, Ctent t[arkins and the Hev.] phy went to ?.Ian~ ilia and the John

Morgan Kelly. a St Peler’~ gradu- Glea~on trophy to St, M’ry’s of Ave.. Highland Park.


i a e and for!nor basketball Mat in

Mrs. Philomena RJlvestet, 3351

Rah’~a3. Wh(Mland Ave,, Bound Brook. I :

,,, the ,~ ~b, *,ace tb ......

~’e:i2’-.v Easter ,- CARE -, Packages .... Ready : ........ .o,~,, ,.a~ ~a,=hod. ,h ..... ,.,a-;

For ; Shipment to Families Overseas ,.o,.., ,.o,,n.is,~ a,,d ~a~ ,~o g,.’en

.ti~n h~ awarded $5 cheek*, lo 30~ S~.ld

nine S25 Defetase Sands to the moat:

A variL.ty of ]~ac’kage~ for ~hip- Kl’an~ ~aid [)a(,k3~le~ ior ]z.t}l’ea eOLrrtL, OU


drJxer of each m~llth,

meat overseas through L’Alll’; may are atoekoiled in Julian and dls- i tO the

be ordered in lime tar ~’:aiit.l’ ~t tribulcd I!~ UN e[lil asdstanee j

Na~bau’~ d~i,a.~e.~ ~ure. a~,rord-team. whi~’h ~lert ~he n~o.~t needyCouncil to Hear Panel I Duchess

, . , On Mento Health ,

A food paeka2~ ~ol sh!l}nl(,ztt to

En~,:md, , ~oolland




. ¯ uld

]~’Ihern [lelal;d ts available at

h n iv ¯ n~talle~.~ t] Ol {el]ts

P, e a He~ h N’e~ e Jer~e ’ ,, will , ;

"f ne I alkage are ~hared bY



e] al f~tllll]Je~ or a groLli} o~ orphan~.



he ~ub



~ ~rouD

"1 of




p nel




i gates meeting of the CmnmuniU’!

Olbt, r type~ of packages are a~

~’ollow~: ~t*~.dard food. ~,= A.~.iTB Experts See Risa

’ Welfare Council April 2L

will be..bald

¯ rts ~.d Pr~.e~. SI0: hnd~et rood. fin Need for Facilities i The ~e~h)n

jtls~ yOU lOOk

land Reotland Wales Nor hera* Three eon v represen a ve~ a -, MADAM LORETTA ...........

-{~,and. and Fral~ee, $1].51); baby tended a recent hoard meetn~g of

,o~d..0: ha.de," p,0ha~e, $t,.*~:,th,. ~ow Jo~," ~u~re,do*,,, Mind Reading


German stalldard Dad tar Western~ League. i t

Germany and Berlin only. $10: They included Mrs. Sugene S.: Advice In All AffairI

£ast German nea, for Rus-~LanlAgger and Dr Charles I. Silk.~

* *

z.ne o~ ~erma.y onb’. s,~.50. I rtink’ ~x.,niner. ,,nd Dr H~rry .I.iSpeaks Polish and Russmr

The rolto,,.i,:~ p:ck,~ ...... y ateSeO.+ w+~i:~ adireetor. ~th of II ...... It The ,o der Of h s Advertlsemen’

sent to Austria, SrRahl. F a " . tl Sl I. , .

a.d .,, ~ ........* Oerm,.,*~ 10~.*r,o,~.. a,,d h*a,,h n., ~’"r.0.,.. O0,,.* ~..d,o0 ’0 42"INCH

pounds of bland lard reclttirlng ira trials a~r(¯ed at the se~iou thai

2~ CantI

re[ri.evafloo. ~: bm,seh,dd l,nen.’.r, flyincreaseddem.nds,nr .......

Open From 9 A. M. to 11 P. M

ell: ~otsnkeL St0. i fln(li~l~ facilities, h.~pital berN. and

Avail ........ hilmmnt t,, K,,rea. n.ie.I .,,,mie,. *~nuld re..It rroml :IS7 SOMERSET ST.

ar f~nd p:lekage~ at $10. hl;inket~the ~xlre(,s~tnl t’kl or e ’ rug~!

pac,hil~eS .I ~T. arid knilliIXg wold ltll ])t’i;l~ t(,~lt¯(I ftji- treatment ur

.,.~.,’.’e-:,, ,,o*.],’h

NOW SrIJnSWick, N, J,

__;.’ ......’° ’"Z ..... ’ ........... and matching

................. ~ ................ WALL


L ~


Trade-In On

- Your Old Sink






money-lover too

Here’s aa economy kitchen unit at a really tconomleal price.

Built for quality, this single porcelain sink and matching wzll

cahine~ is a homemaker’s haven . . . with its chrome.plated

combination faucetsplug removable, easy-to-dean cuJp strainer,

its clever knick-knack shelf imd the recessed base cabinet that

allows you to sit at the sink. The nationally ~dverlised Capitol

line oilers a host of other fine features (or fin¢r housekeeping.

See your Capitol dealer today.

ll~l¯ B le J II’ 1 Illm I, : I I."t :I W I ~11 gOll,I I I I I~ Ll,’ ~,

¯ l-~-n.glleat~auge steel Jnsu~s &ng,

¯ No t~arpi~ no cracking, aa

swelllng of d-riwerl and doors

¯ Doors and driwer fronts are

insMattd a~inst noise

¯ Eve*"/unit is :¢rmite.pr~f

.Roller drawers flint oat .~door*work..sit,

¯ Weldut for extra .reagth.

¯ Routinized to ddy r~st



t~III ~;





Answer the CaU-Give NOW! Call Matowan 1-1886

Space token by PUBLIC ilRVICl

and Representot|ve

¯ 5. Amboy 1-1694 Will Cell


Easy Terms Arrlnsed, Opun Daily I a, m. to 6 p. m, Sun, to 12 Na~

State Highway 3S Laurence Harbor, N. J.

I1~11 4W ItW alllll !

All But One Town

"- --" - In Somerset

Cl~lTIrlCA1rll Or/ BIJI~L/~O


~ mr This ciouif]ed section oppears in I~no SPOKISMAN, THE RECORD end }he ~., : .... mtlJtM.

tloq. b~ duly sutbent/ent~d record of the

NEW BRUNSWICK SPOKESMAN. Ads tony be pbenod to SOUTH RIVER ~-d,.., ,.r thf*reof ,be b.r ih4t .~.~.. unlnlr.lO~l du~.t*o. eGn~4,nt of ill AL


JUT ONE of the ~Ome~"

1-1900 up t: $ P. M, Tuesdoy. Minimum rate 60 cnahl for 20 words throe,h., *" .t~k~l~...To~ U~UO..d~°’t’~ ~. oor.~t,~=’ °"*" County ,--..le~,ime, hu now

Cents for each additional word.

o, ~:, a,.., .h...~..,,.i o.~. ~, pm~ ~ Trunk Sewer re~olu~

~Jcuat~ ar No. U-:] ~ay Fa.*t, m the on either fL~t or

_ |ztm ¢koqle of five nero i1~ Insert/4n il made If ~seifiod b fo be billed. -,c*u S.t,°: Ire*otlv.uu~.~,l~ ~°~:H*

~lhm~.~ A m~or mlbM~ wm

~=" : : ,i DALY STSEET, ~outh RIVeF, MOd* WOMAN w&~to~ to eleln oJ~¢~’ ei~:eln and ffl chir~ tl~rl~’, ulmn wl~m’A’t~k when New

¯ FOR SALE j ern 6tk room house. John Baron.

once or twice a week, Apply Dr, wllhProt~*~tth~, t~,,Q~irrm~/~Ems"


sef~ed)’o[ T,~h~]4, COtl~Ol,&o¢°m@Hld

the resolution o~ final feeding th/s

Halls Corner. Eaat Sru|wlek. Box M. E, Schwirlx, 19 Jl~kson St.~ rwn$. o~m~r~L ot Re~r~ 8t~LU~ wee]L HJ~h]llll~ Park approved

YOR SALE -- MF~O Buick, 4 Door! I3S. M! S-0626-W.3

2~ South River. tf Br#’~" J~’/"¢~, PP~HmnlD~ to the [.I:LI~4~ ~aolutiofl on first reading,

~h~. c~rl’li-*te of ~lut~a.

- Special Sedan. DynL~ow. FUlly SACMIFICS N3w TI~L~’OIt¢, Z. ~e

Tb~ aothori~ revealed th~ weltk

Wqulpped. W]tJte wall tires and Turkey and frlflt ftr~t, 2 hours WOMEN; EASTER Season starts ot s~te~e ol ~b~ s~te or X~,r .~.~, Do It had lJbel~llzed the T~nk ~w¢¢

extol set O~ allOW Urea, Miy be from ~ew York, comptet~ with early Wlfh AVOlI. fGn~ous foil R’*rr~y Ct, rt[]y thee the ~nld COIV~FiI!OI~ flel’V}~!~ contract to meet obJeetioGi

Cosl[n~tlel. ~o|n the ~ales loree tlld. ~h thl’ slb;Ih ~ O[ M&

ten, )$~.


lean by appothtment, CRafter equipment, U’uck. Iome furniture,

[L O~ no.file tlllu~k~lHfii~





now and ~there JG the big profits,

m m~ ntfle~ * d~ly ~uted 8.d It.

7-’~1, watch dog. 45 acres, over 1000 lasted eon~nl in ~rrlt[r,~ to th0 d!s~olunon tl’~NI,

WHte G. W. Miller, District Man-

)94! 2 DUOS Dodge, Phone SO 8- pe|nh and apple trees. Houlea for ago’t, Redfteld Village,

of .aid eorsmrsrlon, executed b~ Ht the

BIDS. 2D. itoCkbo!derl thereof, witch iltld

One change ir~erease~ the nu~-

1721-R. 3x. 2~e birds. Barn and other build- Apt. 2, MetucEe., N.J. 3x. and *he ~.-ord el t~..roc*~d~,

bet of points for which ar, bltration

~Es, summer cottage with adjacent .sld .,r. nor en nZ~ m [s provided. The 8rbfiPllt/On

AUTOMOBILE FOE SALE: )Effl pond, good house with fireplace, vision Breviously covered

Plymouth, rood running condi, modern kitchen, School bus at FEMALE Phone Canvassers to ~rov~d*e ~z,,rrjUrn~ow~ W.Z~.~Oe, ]

deleterious waste.

lion. Phone SO 6-2536J. 3x, door. Widow with small children work from home in South Hirer h~ve




my orne:aI

ee~ mY hand



mt Arbitration Would be carried out

.......... can’t handle firm, will sacrifice, area- Apply in person Io Green- ,szcAt.i Tl"~nton. thL*" Hxth da’l of under the rules of the American

]941 NASH for sale. Very good $2S,0g0, Phone Thompson Ridge house Furriers. 195 Smith SL ~ttren. x. D.. o~e t~ou,and

condition. $245. Cranbury 8Q3-S-1195-2057 4x Perth Amboy. nmr h,mdred ~nd [irt~.lwo. Arbitration kssodltion, Each side

IL~’tD ~. ~s:-[. in a dispute would choose one arbi-

I Serret~ or ~le.

BILTRITE HIG}[ Baby coach, not SEVEN AND A HALF room hotlse

tn tot. and their two choices would

eollapslbte. All chrome ehaEsls, for ~to, on tour io~ on So,ih SALESMEN :,.~ 3"t4."1~8. arbitrator.

Mattress and rubberized protee- Pine Ave., Morgan. Call S, A~ ~’CTICI~ In eases of disa~reemect between

tbve cover included. Excellent con. : t-~l I-W after 4 p. ~n. PART-TIME [made?~’ton~nee~e

cn~l~at Comml.l~ner~sppll~su°~ basel b~nth,


- -rarld- one_ w of the par-¢

darien. Phone K[ 5-3789.

~ ~

I=ADN.I ¢~t’1


teS to the ¯ unx ~e er eOntra¢..


¢7 r ttew Brunswick ~or the ran cr o ~*e.-


SALE, 60 by t20 fel~ ~-~ti~l~l .~vJu "~a J !aft Re(ll


~i~lari~,o11~ f~:e~e C.71 T~BIL’OuPae cou]d also be ed to 8

FOR SALE--Gulf service station 84 Prentice Ave., South River. for IS hours work. Men needed In Marine heretofore glr a~d faiue~ °fin to fur Jlcob PremJse~ Xurl~nilk. sara" t/a court, o4" equLty, State 1~7 proctd~a

business, lfl,00(i go]tons monthly, Phone SR 6-1979. 4 S]yrevllle-South RJ’.’er area, Expel aUed ~L 36 New Street. Raw Brur**wlck, for ~rbiLratinn under Jed

c a aus-

Excel]slit location. SIS00 tn 8lock cleated spas" a y sa semen pie. ~. #- ees

to Max ~ul~enltein of 254 EleIivltnP ’

and equipment. Lease. SB 6-1593 FOE SALE: g new homes on Park ¯ .~ ~ ...a .~a ~ i~en imre.t ~re~- Brua~w/ck. ~. J o * *

.errs., ~c.=~o,~.~ appo,n.., o~*Jo=,

Ave., South River. All improve- ca s on

In)* sh°°M be made Ira" AT LEA T on more muni i -

meats. Call SE 6-1471, or SR 6-

o d e,astomers of natfona ~edi~teI~ i~ ~eitl~z to HIU*r3 "&’. Dv~.er, _ S e C I~

concern n




over 50 yea Clerk.Clly Hal*"~T~w nru~WLek, N, J, hY I,~ expected to come into the

TIiREE-P[ECE ]h’i~g room suite ~EJ’.

5xFor pesor na inervew ca PA

~(tzs R.he~teln i Trunk Sewer E~oup next week.

u’ilh slipcovers. Good vMue, $50. 4-4463 for a~po n ~ent for pets onal 3S





~ J


which ts already



SR. 6-16~4-R ..................

SIX-BOOM. two-story house t~

sufferance ~, ~:4. ~1 ¯ " ’ miffed to }otoing the pro~ect but

East Brunswick. All improv~

on y recent overcome echn eat

KITCHEN SET for sale. Excellent meats. Call S. R, 6-15~9M till Sat.


condition. 9 Johnson el.. South urday; S. R. 6-986"/ aRet’warda. ~ lh&t th~ 8,tb.eriber" Exce~toe" eta.


All per~un~ eo~r#rne

OFFICE for rent--share a central-


,nay t~ke hotIee problems regarding its eonnectioi"~.

to the sewer 1toe.

ly-ioeated ground-floor office tn Dcnc~s TZClt. d~’ee~sed, bltend, to Metuchen. which will eonneel to

..................Rtver, FOR SALE: 3 to~, price 81500. South RR’er; new building: your eXhlbl(rirl~l |ccc’lnt to the M~ddle~xlhe sewer through Rar~tsn T~’p.. is

PAIR OF hound dogs for sate, Corner James St. and Rose St., share will be only Y44}; beautiful, conn,~ court . probate Dh.ls[~n. o,

cheap. Two years old. one a Sayrevi]]e. Location near Sayr~ville spacious; a real opportunity; pro-

)~rld~y" the lS~h d~*Y

of Aprq" t[*5~+

It 2 expected to Join the Trunk Sewer

P. M. for I~rn~menl sad iqow~ne~: fht [non after the t~wnshlp doeS,

~emale. Call JAme~burg 1-0349-M. High School. Phone S. R. 6-I771~. ter real estate or accountant. Write


*tme ~’HII~ nrst audited and MXtrd ~ the The Sound Erook eoJ~ncU pEarLs

S.L.B. c/o Box 191. South River, ~rro~re.

to pass the Trunk Sower resolution

PARLOR Suho, ~tohair. 3 piece, O~ted: ~=rch 4nL l#~a,

good condition. Call SO. 6-242~J. RAYMOND J. pSESNAL FOR RENT: 4 r~om aparlment. ~z~rJa.~tIl~ ~t.’~:znzno. on final reading at its next meeb

k’x ee ut o... [ng.

3x Licensed Real Estate Broker All improvements. Heat and hot xforr’~ P~..rnrer. ~tq

Sayrevllle S.R. 6-1251 water supplied. Located heart ot s3 pir.r.~n 8trail.


South River. Ideal Ior eoltple. ~fi New IB~ln~v,’lck+ N. J+

Exeellenl con~rurtton. Fully in- . ¯ . OUSE .. fo rrooms . pc" mo h ’ Ca SO " 6.00~ ]x "n~ . -~4 ~. ~cctor. :t S

~ OB NJC FocuJty~ S~o[f

enlated lh’e-room hom~, 23 It. living bath nnflnbhed second floor lie ~, .... ~-- - - .... p

¯ ¯

¯ . " NEB HOME n Sou h R vet Four ~ ..,~;;--;;~. .......... Jeff to Re,Ire ill JUI1S

room with brick and flagstone fire- blinds vaer hen S Oil burner, "~ envtian

u~u Schwlnd boy¢

roe s 2 Pu ask Ave S R 6- ;~o-t-~-"

R 6-~686 or S R 6-2879 ...... I bicycle good condition $15.1 t,ve New Jersey Ct:!lege rnr


£oor. [~ch with two cto~l& SciontJlic

kilehe~l, abtludai~ce oi C~bb~ets ~ ~1~

aud connter spar& (’entra] h~ll

v.’lth 2 elose!$ and gracious open

staircase to 2rid floor, whero ~ [

more rt)eFns may" easBy be eom- ~i~t~i,~].~i!]~ii


plet,,d. Two complete bathroom~, NEWLY ¯ BULT 5 room house

19 1340 ¯ ’ 4x "iWESTNG ~ ........ OUSE refrge’aor I O0vear er eea NJC ere Mss

each ivkh cerrmle tile walls and Oullook Ave. ParBn. Phone S. R ~

I,,ed. perfect operating condition

rubber tile floors. Attached g~rage ~-0912M. 3x, EXCAVATING--Bn]ldozer. load- 515. Eslher



Ktlmcr 5-5225.



W, Ilaw=s reTislrar MIsS

2x. Grace o Ion a~oc a e prof,ssor

and ila~’s:one porche~. Large Jot.

plot,l,sic:lobby land,c~pod. Out-

I el. truckthg top ~olL back[Ill ! ot nri: Dr. D~rolhy Waldo, profd~

¯ APARTMENTS ,,and, credo’as, gravel Nlck Piscl- ~]andtn~ u~’er~reen~ and exct, I)ent

eta.* imm ~or el edueallnn: Duncan McKenshade

tree~, rome ~le occupancy., ~ "" - t tellL S Canal St.. Sayreville. S R. & M~U~

zle, chair n- ’1 rf Ihe mns!c depart-

~Vrlle Sex M. ~POKESMAN,

’~=~,t; a,d Mi~ Kemp Stb!linga,

’,FOR BENT: THREE rn~m tl~/u~l-! 2354. C~ ~i~|~

co c.,s s h hol I

hath. Mod- =.: ::: ......... -- rv, ]e_e!’l Y .......

~’a (’r hea’,¢,r. Rea O;lnh BoneT’~t~kilche0, Ih,’hl


roo~ I bedroom. JUNt~ car~ and truex,i vanleu, r..

SO 6-1~t);-R. ~ -~’~ 3x and bath w ith s hower. Fbrst t !oor,


make, medel, e ondfibon..}llghest

Store Front Leased

Reliable Lock ~’~ Gu

-- . ........ "~Ireas°nabbe rent. Sherman St.,’pricea paid. B, & C. AUlO tt recking 8unEatow in Rear nl

~~lXETS. formtca Jamesburg. Mrs. L. Balsamo, owner, il hone MiIltnwn 8-0509~L 3x HOt Water Beatin~ System

:,no. made to ordt, r. Phone SR 6-~ ............. m .... ! .......... 44 O--,Is St. i

~$5.M-~ ~x ITltREE ROOM MODERN aparI-ITBUCKLNG and landscaping Atominum Storm Windowl

~1~ * ]1 nniul’n~hed. E[er r c. ga~. !

~- ~.rl~. New Brunswick

¯ . . . . I ¯ . . ¯ :

. L.~ns made to order Dr ~c~ a~s P*asonabts L 0 C K S

% E.~I g,’o [ reeondl:’oned ferric- and ~ieam heat nlchtdcd. 1¢ ~ht, r~ ,

.In I ailed. Build o i zng ~ o rk .T o pso I



era:or~. Guarantced standard ,(ball . t. Jamesburg. Cab] a(Icr 6 ;¢Lrld~r




road Erave] .ashe

SO. CP3117"W~ flY°ninEs tnBatlid

ME &2220. DurinE Day

make¯ hice aad Co. ~01 N’elher, iP. m. 3X~’sand. fill d]rt~ brick bat~,’ Cheva-

Kl-lm~+ S-~*~

$I.. New Brnt.~:ck Kilmer 5.1237.:~WC)-"FU’ENISHE[)--~O~S-~o


ller’s Trueking and LandscaplnE-


ran~e~ A ~ cna and o heaters. I Phone SO 6 2667~’1 ’

3x" SL|PCOVERS--Will cut, fit, sew" S S S I D E N T I A L

E "~,onl, ~be prir. fiieh S!ove Co.i

_~ ..... I s’our slbpcover~. 3 pc, sel $30.:

f5 Fr0neh ~t.. Ne," bll’L;llS~J(’k, K] NE "tV lhree-rnnm apartment [or tsbor iluly. AI~o make draperies. C I

I~2(’~8. 4x rent. All bmprovemcnts. Inquire Phone 6-143~-:~1. 3x 0 ~

............. at G Soulhside Ave, otler 4 p m, i i M D

f~.!’NG ~ill~)!,~" ea:larbes, para-[ ~ ......... M II



pr!,~l,eCti,-e :a[kers, pup- HELP WAHTED t SPECIALS E

#:~. for cain ?~el~ ~runswlek P-:i: 1951 Plvmonth 4-Door Sedan R .

F;}up. ¢3 Ch,trt’h St., KI 5-3103. IE


194I O1d~mobble 4-Door Sedan

.......... FOR NTSSSSTING OFFICE: 949 ~ ereur’," 4-Dear S "( an



KENMOSE CIRCULATING,In MUST 8E ACCURATE, 1949 Kal.ser "4-buor ~-P{bail

.’,~aler: t~. 10-Inch pal b.rnerslAsL



E TO TYPE AND LIKE ]947 S!n4]ebaker CIub L’°UP

e A A

~:th hi°wet" U~[’c] °no sea$°ll’ One PEOPLE SOUTH RIVER OR ]94T Chcvroiet Coupe ........

~;lace heater. 10-1nch Florence



i Standard Door’s

~,,r.er. One G~ ~o,,~cte ra,.o. ,:ll EAYRSV LLE RES DEBT PR ~

tn I’ety ~ood conditiorl. EAst Mili- FERREO, Bruno Motors

¯Flush DOORS

I!one 8-257E.

¯Carved Raised Panels

i WSbTE BOX H* : "Dealer in Fine l.’sed Cars for

GE G~;uhi; in-o[-r:.rr!ger~tllOl:,’Vt, l.~7; SPOKESMAN, ] Over 25 Yaar~.

¯Low Headroom Hardware


~,r~ll (’o:,()il~o::, ]tt, a-otmb[o S, SOUTH RIVER t29 Sandford el.. N.B. ~]f, 7-0332

Spun Evenings TI]I 9 P, M. 1. ¯Doors¯ Nothinalnstal[edExtra to Buy

..... "i;

¯ Doors Repaired

f ,x’s rots. ,’~.~T S~O, a ’~ ¯ INTERVIEWS FOR PAINTING; BODY AND *s,ectri: Operators

to!,e~ut. SIS t.~ee.l(:,t eondmou.,Assistont Monoger FENDER WORK *Q.atit~ re, L*. Mon~

alter a,~). m.


B3 Way Stress Construe.

~Tr°inee’s _ ~. Wheel hatsPctsE. Reasonable rates tlon

¯ REAL ESTATE ; q[monlzing, Porce]aniz[ns

Howard Johnson’s -

a . d

(’all C’ll 7-5412


PARLIN: BUNGALOW for aa]e. i Restouronts On the New All Aulomobil~ Sepatra

E rnoms and b~,th, modern kReh- ONLY RAYN OR HA5 GRADUATED SEAL

en, [ tul[ flaseme~L hot ~ater heat. Jersey Turnpike One Stop Service

THIS FEATURE is the secret of the smooth action and weather

’ - ~ ear ~aJ-age, L ~t 1~ by lt2 feet,

~R ~-0211. t Some reslanrant or hotel toed MERCURY AUTO BODY fith seal of all Raynor doors. It has been produced by engineers

with many year*’ lxparlence }n the door hlduMr¥.

t experience preferred


LOTS FOS S/~LE. Wilbur S:. and .

Edulpl~d with topered track and psthnted graduated hinges,

Forrl~ St. Eeasonahbe prices. Call t Appi~ by letter to

CH. 7.0,~4

Raynor doors automaUcally saul ngainM the Jtmb er molding

tvenl~gs belween 5 and 6 p.m.I Howord J~hn$on


I n

when the door Is completely closed. This same combination auto-


S,R, e-183&W 4t ape. 4

~" matlclliy brelks the seal and blckl the $~tlonl away from the

.......... of N. J., Route 38,

IALLT’P~S°ffarn’sf’raale’ Iv MJ.

~.0~: r ° ~*tm~sw:~c°’ ~ rz’[t orb t ely-





Jamb or moldlng when fhl door la openad for a free easy rolllnp

MODEL DDOR dlspTay*d at HOMES, INC,, Sl~tsw.d. SO g~7.M


iday, March 21, 19’32 THE RE(2ORD Page Thirt~n

Y~ ’ " ’ and p~event thoun~ds of workem

I -- .- ~ A ~ AFL Raps Proposed Ame ndments

In .o....~ ,o b.n~,t.. ,~m ~-

| E /~ I1.~ ¯ ~ II ) (Unemployment Compensat,on Law I The ^p~ 0ono,bed ~ha, s. l~

. " ¯ eefvlnf any a atl"

¯ "


L ~ ~ ~ ~


1 Strenuoue opP0sdimt was voiced The AFL memorandum st=tad: and S !.. 54 do ". have , ,. thee , provisions ..... ~=

I by the State AFL today to.Senate I "Advance publicity given these o, co.s~ru¢!ive ,mpro~cme!~,u

ta*rodu0eo by ..*o ....des*Enod,o.ke . ,.pro.,oo .or .......... r

!~ a e Scalier ~ ~" R. ~J~er ~ I a~af h~ h~.~ ~re in,elided ~ ~o i P~rlL3 nnenl~loym(=rl~ I~ ~u er

idon wheh seek to amend the{ Ibe’ui~e here ~’~’~ o" bebe e than rathe exzslsngtaw



~~ ~

I Iompo]’ary gfsah lily henri I.


law~ { stale. Careful aZlalpsis Indicates. ’ ..... " . ’ "~ ’

~A ~ ¯ dlOI Ii ¯ A prised four-page memoran-.howevrr, that these hi!Is will do

.-¢=e eia;mantlsutenlpJuyedO~;vn]g

, . h lie’< ¯ ,ace g "e k

~¯~ ¯ ~im~ il ~i~m==Jma=.m~=JLal ]dnm signed by State AFL Prcs,-


use the opposite¯ Instead of tiber- ~__ . ....

den Lous P Marcane and See-,a z g" he benef s hey w r’-

¯ a,--...orree¢ e proce.u c l:,u

¯ Friday, March 2.1, 1952 THE RECORD Page Fifteen

--,: VET NEWS r..,h.. 2,,oo

Q. Are there any ehartes made me what I here to do in order

A. The lender ¯ may el~rge ret- for Korean veterans? 1 ¯have never

sonable closing costs, usu~Jly paid he]d Nstlonel Service Life Ir.surby

~ny borrower. He also may ,snee. and] am not dbab]ed.

make a reasonable fiat charge as A. You must apply in writing Io

provided Jn schedules issued by VA Washitlab:m 25. D. C.. wJb]lin

VA. to cover the cost of originalS1¯ 20 days after yot~r rele~ from

S 0 g




the loan. BU1 no commission or active du~. and pay the requ red 2S Eoston Avenue

New Brunswick, N. J. t

brokerage fees may be charged t’lr~t pl’emlum.

to a veleran (or .~ecttr[n s a G] I I .


d ~tc .LAIRD

¯ Motors Rebuilt ¯ Brake Work

@ Motors Exchanged ¯ Complete

Front End Wurk .Expert Car

buretor Work ¯ Expert Service





FartiliBerr Ltrnen

Poultry Suppli.s

Form Gad

and Repair On All Make Cars. ~









Planet Jr. C~rden Tractors

and Equipment

;herwin.Wil|iams Full-o-Pep


S36 Hom;Iton St. CH. 1.-9338 New Brunswick Phone: E. Millstone 8-21’96 Frenklin Park

elitism Hopkths, making a

telurn appearance on CBS-TV’s

"Lax vkleo Thei re.".




in ....

.~ ~


... ~ ~ .

* \-..


lntl be ev sot pity by John

inter Foote. Play will he

~ed Rio.day, .-~ u.

Lever Brothers Co, spomtote,


~ g, ~¢ ~/,~/~

~* "


Overseas ]S months, Arrtsi has

been aervlng with the Navy’s COm"

P’tt e Sq"adron SL v**hicb pr°vides

pho ographlc coverage of the

Xorean combat zone. The squad-

~II]*$ [liras Nhow ~DE’my mslleiY~era,

bomb targets, and bombblg effe~.


~ : *

v ness Operating from several

,ff~t car:leTs, it Is the ony anJ :: ~(:

~ ~ ~~’"" "

ben of the squadron fly Ir~ FgF

Panther Jets on their hlformatlon-

~hering m|sslons.

Arrlsi was recalled by the Navy

~Jter having ~mrved during World

V,’ar 2, He ~s a Highland Park Htgh

eehool gradultte.

[ Here’s the Dope I


¯ / , s




We’d love to sprinkle your

’ :: ,~’.[¢/ path with rose-petals to show

our good wishes for you at

this time!




* ’

~ut our role is one to help you look your loveliest

on that "day" to long remember. ..~


Won’t you come in soon and let us show ’/aa

why we’re such a popular shopping spot with

smart brides? k

Please stop in for G free gift!

~--.-~-- 39.98 to 300.00

~ ~,,,,,~

Bridesmoids’ Gowns

22.98 to 79.98


Bride’s Mother Gowns N~V BRUNSWICK

19.98 to 75.00

andl. of course, Flower Girl Dresses’



Page Sixteen THE RECORD " Friday, March Z1, 1952

Roach Asks

,o.ol..d of

Ueged status over the others.

mvesnganon" -’- " .,E.t the co.. thmake

.. PTA Briefed on Whe, a Doodle Is Not a Dondb-

"When 1~ a Doodle Not a Doodle. done ~ his ~Rdent&. ~eludtag Haddonfleld ".~Jll be prbto~

ICo;itinued-- from Page I*

clear - that the only privilege

~. be¯one to the yrA~’s

or. Anyone C=~* Ors’w." was the pupp~.~ add rapier mache figures, e~er.

Wbe have hb


prl. subj,| Of a tath Wen bY C. Go~. The PTA voted to ~ CAR~ An ~xecuUve committee

tinder Fressure f~onl

the Prosecutor said:

v~ege, t~rougb their votes, to de- ~Jd Kabrmann. art teacher ot with reading mJ~tert~[ fat ekEdren. Ing wUJ J~e betd Mm’ob 31 at 8:~

aide who sbaR be their candidates North Brunswk’k Townshbp at’PidDlE. "How Healthy 1~ "z’o~ SCOlDer?"p. m. at the home of .~L~. Jo~n C.

r~av b~ as to the reasonableness

to run in the November electtans." ~ a meeting of Vae MIddtebush wit[ ~)e the sub.~eet of the next Andersen ot Middlebush.

Frclbtghuysea suggested that PTA Wedne.~day night in the local meeting of the group April 23. Tbe clothing m~’ket ts sc~

of it. the legal right of the eterk

votar~ are "fed up with both the ;ehoot. A film. "AngrT Bay." wB) be uled for htarcb 28 from 2 to 8 p. m.

"Again. [ ~uhmR that this v~rtuai

destructive approach ~nd. the me- hire. Lords CiaRcla, program shown. M~s. Ltillan Coles. p~:.’~hl- ~ the street. A~o~g the item.~ to

admissioJ] ot an improper, although too approacb." dlairma~. ~rra~grd to h~ve chlb ab’[c worker at the Trenton S~te be sold are USed elevate, toy;.

"’A ’;e~t in Congress", be a~er/ed, d~’ea’s ar~ .work on dL~play at Ihe

technically legal action, made al

Hospital. will be speaker, a~d turnltu~¯

Eber’s hx~(ste~ce is not the aclion

not a trophy, to be bestowed meeting. Parents were J, vHed to Mere’bets were urged to attend

eta ¯orth. of the h,ghot.co h.nd*, .pen--Done ,or . los *he of the sp 0g

of prosecotor of the ])1¢~.~. a given number of years as a stab The apeaker ~p~esent~dwork of the .a~ociaBon in Pla.~fleid on

fool ,be* lhk b.a . dl.*o rd..*t a po,t"0= ohl.e: Mar*b ~. Dr, ]aWan* KJHmlan..

of ,bb. ,l y on pa. o, P .e- to School *h. ,,.t Frankrm T~r,s~p’s Own

enter Eber. a part but only a part - NewspaPer

ofhi~trlgrantmlsuaoortbepublic ,co.tl..edf~o~..~,

;200 RaiseVoted

MARKE,S EARSATS UlRn b..bed P,.. by

office in intra.party polities. J~stithe

next hra~ v..htch {’~me along. Joseph Perle¯he¯to of MarvLn

To~vtl~bip Pub~hl~,g Co¯ ¯-.dl..flee

a request that you djrecl the (ContL~ued from Page l) sure th;t the stranded pair would Ave. has received a service pin

Attorney General to conduct an

be in tt. But ’We .got into the for cor~p]etlng 15 years ~t E.H. htid4teb~h. N. d.

examination into Mr. Eber’s conleor~e

Cart and Charles Stairs wro~g coach end still eould,’t find

Squibb & Sons. New B~ns~riek. WAREEN GLASER ..... Publisher.

dart a~ prc*s~otor of Middta~:~ commented that the P~A ,~nd care* her. Su.becript~o~ ~te ~’2~ Per Y~a¢

Co, oty. tecta workeP~ shootd be in close But. someone spotted the ~ght Technically. these Youngsters Phone: CHarier 9-3900

enough harmony to ~a~o formal station to get oR and we reiD¯bed wi]l have birthdays ever’/ four Eptered as seeo]td-~lass matter at

. ~ " ~ ~


~:luests before the board unnee- Mrs. MaCon°ell around 5Mh St. yea]’~ -- the Leap Years wblch~ ba PoE at¯lee at Mkldlebbsb.

~.lonaJ primary is not the ~ssue; it $ a t3. ’

Dinner at the Bra~.s Rail, an aw-~ have a 29th day [it Februar3. [ N. J- under the act of March 3.

Ju a matter o~ re[ath’e unimport- The bo0rd referred purchese of lu[ty s~t~nky .place for such a .......

ante alongside the fundamental I ~ $t30 water ’heater for Midd[e- name. A show at Radio City Music ~

1wane el pub¯to eonfldell~e ia our t b~h ~ckoot ~o the .b~iidhtg ~nd }lair foBowed. We saw "The Greatgoverameal.

;sro~nds committ .... st Show on Earth" ,nd a st:ge FOR ONLY,t,, .~e.)|.~ WEEKLY

"Nothing can cad o a break- John KeIly was named to laves- ~/x)dueljou.

dow of )o tiea] morality a Id an t ga ° a proposed sYs em of insur- ~:FO ok the 11"30 rain homeatilt°de

of eynieism o0 lhL" part [ng the heating system in towt;ah[p al ugh her h S" me--and had

of the people quicker Ihan such ~hoos Last man ’s insurance loads of fun

abuse~, cost the bo:rd $868¯~0. Harltord, " - ........

"tl ~ (Or Ihat rea~m tba~ t feel ~Sleam Boiler In~pect~o~ a,d th*) MOk.II~, X D~u till

t a.~’ll’o,,

ob g d In d reel your allenli°n I° : ~tmanec Co i[ ornled the board ~=’~ "n~’F "~’’ "~’= ""

~hLs matier; neither F~l~er’,; part ¢’i- ! tba h s mort h the rate would by I County (’or SevEn Days

p~tioq in my opponents campaign ,

not m " uotavorable postlIOO . on ’ ,h ked o $ 667¯7~ I For seven days beglnn r~g March

Ke Y w a so nvestiRate the 3 h’ mob e X-~y un of h~

the bal(S Md c~cx .o n r

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....... m " C" Ireq eat of a Faye e . ¯ e. enl I Nev Jersey Sta e Departmen of

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FRELINGHU Y SEN aid ~ uc. T s = I A DINNER will be ed by he ett exeeotiv~ dreeor of he Sorq



"o r deeis~ol~ ¯ "shnal d - serve = bo~vd the ast week n April for erset County TL~bereu osts ~nd

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o ca n ac dne~ are Sul)pnsl.d to former board memberS, and guests. The lUCk W II make six ’ stops ¯ ~;¯wRIg @It buNo~J

~eeide ’oftieia ’s a us’ o ar ¯ ’ Mrs. ,tames J. Slade J~’poried on in seven days ~nd will glee free

tmminees." " the .progre~ of the ar’rangemenL~, chest X-rays to eve~ person 16 I.~lnd-tlltchln

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He made this comment in a talk ’. A request by the seven h grade years of a~e or okter who v sta

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l~arJtan Men’s Club and the Clara ! hall Eame~ on Thursday nlgbts was ¯ ~fftbrolderl~Et


~arto~l Women’s Republican C]ul) : referred to Dr. Lyccb. East MUL~thne First Aid Squad e



a Rari .1o Twp. ; The purchase o1" a power law, withes


to thank those coutrh)ntJll

"l wish l mlRh say ha h s rues I mower for the Kthg.qton School



emphaHe Re,r( deotal of my op-Iwa~ au her zed by the board dohrlt° theirT~mburlnLserap moL~[cbal..mandrlve¯ofCaPL~he

ponent’:; mellon Will have cleared t "ta as a ved

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the air o petit" quibbling and or

drive, announced thor


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o B e~ Scot be cole°ted through the l~t week ItOOK FO!IR~ttI~. ~YOI~ |~Nffi~

’bu don t think that wil prove I



I bY the MIddlebush School sixth Sidney nuppert ’ chairman of the I

th"be~h~,~a~i t should p*efer to I grade was ~pproved by, the t~vea~ aim°at drive toc fus~. an,Danced; $~.E~ P"T~

~ath public Jss and qual ea-J that a campaign for funds

florin for Congr~" ss - wE ch s sure y grade¯ atuder~ts at the same school he started ApriJ 1. The st

what v*]tcrs want to hear

to visit Philadelphia on March 21 pllrehased a 1951 Buick ambulance

"ltowever. the court aetP~t (lid I or 2fi,

and feels it I~ zlecessary th Mail


~ervt. tn bring out JU the open I Schools lit the township will be ~’he annual drive at once.

’~le alnazLng case of a EepuhLLean ie[°ged April 21 tO allow teaehel~

¢o~lte dec for otflee who r~hows!to .attend the Somer:.;et Co°rite Even ~vhet~ your ehUdcer~ bave


every :~iglt o believing . as pros[. Teaeber;; [nallthto. grown lip, a box ~[ [OyS in lhe CHarter g-3~3

dent Truman said he believes - The next meeting of ¯be board house is usefu~ for enlertainlngl


that primaries arc ’eyewash" ; will be April 21 In the Kingston /ouu,~ viskor~ who come with their

"Much of the argument boforeF~honl. [~rerds.

n.*eo. RECORD



¯ Auto Electricion ~ Contractor-Builder ..... j RUHYOH’S



¯ Mason Contractor


Ignilion. Generato¢. Starter, Contcact0r and Builder


Carburetor Service

!550 Hamilton St~ New Brunswick

Homes ’~ Stores / TRUCKS LETTERED ~Mason Co°ira°tot Home BuHd=~.~

. ’ R.F.D. 3. Box 206

S~e¢i~llzing in

! R. F. D, NO. d Fra~s St.I ~LOW PRICES--- Wall Signs. Pictorials. Eaflners

Hamrtton Road, New Brunlw~¢h

TV and Home Radio Repairs


Fra~klio Townshia

Phone OHarter 7.$790

S~ Central Aver New Brunswick

Every Day’s ¯ Satas Day Here Custom Made Outdoor Signs

Phone CHarter 9-2184

Phone CHarter 1-~7, __j ~ox fig Pra,h~, Pa,k. N. d ~ PRINTING



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Against AnyOne-Anywhere


NO Charge unless we Collect


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Phone Man¯get M CH or EO I Phone Kdmer 5-~4~’~

numbers for Rates on Retail Com- ,, . ....

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merclaJ or prefessional Claimsl¯ FLOOR




Phone Kllmer





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103 F/¯n~h S% New Brunswick

We Carry All Popular Brlnd,



Schworh~ Fumlture Co.

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~La NIt~l~lplU~.


ph~n41 KIIrnet ~ , S~ HmiRon St. KtlMIr ~ NEW 8RUN~WIGK ....


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