Antioxidants - Hammer Nutrition

Antioxidants - Hammer Nutrition


Anothergreat lowfat, lowsodiumwilllersoupwiththreevarialions.


- 11/2 tablespooncanoJaon

- 1 copchoppedODions

- 1/2cupfinelychopped celery

- 112cupfinelychopped carrots

- 1 reaspoondried basil

- 1 teaspoon dried dill

- 1clovemincedgarlic

- 2 28oz.cantomatoes(ausbed if

possible),pureedin food processoror


- 4 cupscbickeostoelcor broth from


- 1 tablespoonsbeny (opIiooal)

- pincbof pepper


In a largesouppot. sauteeonionsin oil

Whentransparent add celeryand carrots,

sautee for S minutes . Add herbs and


remainingingredients. Bring to a boil,

Ibencookon low simmerfor 3Sminutes,



Makes 11cups;about8 servings

utritionalfacts perserving(bouillon


Calories 86 gmms

Protein 2.6gnuns

Carbohydrate 12.5grams

Fat 3.1 graDIS


#1) Carried RiceTomatoSoup

Useaboverecipe,adding1/4cup white

rice, 112cup morewale!' or stDCkand 1


(Magic Bulletc()nl'dfrompage 1)

We basically compete by ourselves!

Weareoutonthecourse. bike,


liontomouow.It isthis attitudetbatis

your"magicbullet" jUst keep on g0ing


to keep me going, to endure. to put

pain aside, to live with the agony.

After all.Inreality, iUsonlyalearning

It is us who tire, sweat andburt out haveyourday(s). can get usedto any­

there. I alwayslovethose fightman­ In 1985in Ridgewood, NewJerthing. Thisisyour'Wgic bullet,"we

agerswhen interviewed afterthebig sey,afterwinningmy5Kagegroup.J simplymustleam to useIt

boutwhoneverfailtosay''B Icooclced tookoffinthe10K.Atthe3mi1emark

him auf' or''wegotupoff thecanvas I sufferedamassivestroke,acerebral

I trainedas bestJ could Even

though I WM theoldeststarterof 64

to claimthe victory I" Yet,Ibeynever

bada glovelOOm them.

hemorrhage!The medicaldiagnosis

was"you'n neverwalkortalkagaln."

runners,I finished12thoverall,won

my agegroupof 9. finished undfr 20


.hours,and cried tearsofjoythe

ter whenit comesdown to iL It

is youl It is me who is in

agony! No coach, trainee or

advisor can give you that



mustbe a part of youin order

-For whatever p urpose ,

1 reaso ned that if 1 cou ld ru n

JOO miles, 1 was as good as

ever and 1 had overcome my

last tbree miles. Those last

miles wereshearjoy, even

though spectators asked me

"how bad WM the pain?" At

the last mile, the late Kurt

Steiner.of the NYRRC, announced"berecomesDr.Alan

foryouto succeedandwin. It

is ultimatelyyou who is responsibleforyou!Surely.they


encourageyoutowant 10excel

stroke. 1 called on my 'Hagic

Bullet' to keep me going, to

endure, to put pain GSfde. "

Cohen"and inhisownwaylet


in doing this race.the tears

beganto reallyflow,Kwt also


andwin, butin the flDaIanaly­

Weallpossess this"magic

sisitis youwhomusthonestly

bullet,"the desire to succeed.

makethat decision.

"No therapy,be'll be somewhatof a this drive,justkeepongoing.Thereis

Yes, our tendency is to compli­ vegetable,"wasthecommenl nootbermagicformula,that'saUthere

cate things-to complicate our lives After3days,somecerebralswell­ isto it. Weallhavelhatpower,don't

andwecarrytbisoverintoourcompeing subsided.I WM ableto think and giveup. Tryit a fewtimes whenyou

titions. Personally,we know if we

trained our best.Wealsoknowif we

immediatelymy "magicbullet"took

over,''00 way,"I said. It tookmany

are certainyou cannot take another

step. you'n find you will!!

prepared as bestwe could. It is so months,hardwork, tears, prayersand It's habit fonning.

simple, if we did the best we could, anger.OOtina Uttlemorethana yearI You may not always win, but

there is littleelseorevennothingelse wasbackontheroads.Myfamnytold you'n neverbe a loser. Eventuallyit

wecoulddo. 1bereshouldbe DOfear meI wasa sight to behold Dragging willbecomea partof you. Intimesof

orembarrassmentin losing,sojust use a leg,offbalance,looldngasin were distress,caIIuponit, you will findit

your''magic bullet" andgooutanddo in totalagony.


the very bestyou can. Can you do In 1987.two yearslater,my test coachestrailD'S,gurus.etc.cannotdo

moretbanthat? No!! Butbonest1ydo came. Runningfairlywell.andeven it for you.

thatandkeepon tryingto dobetter. It thoughessentia11ya middledistance Somesay Itlearningto win, oth­

is that simple! 1balis your "magic nmner,l WM entbraIIedwithultras. I ers say It's reacbing a "mre" or a

bullet" It is extremelyeffectiveand decidedto gainentry to the National superlevel. It is none of these. it Is

productiveIf youdisdpline yourself Championship tOOmilertobeheldin using whatyoualreadypossess,it is

to keep on pushing andreallydo the

very best that you can.through the

New Yorkat SbeaStadium.borneof

the NewYorkMets.

inside of you. it is the only real life


agonyand pain. If youlosetoday,you Forwhateverpwpose,Ireasoned Compedlion, noteasy,

stiI1have your Ute.the sun will still thatif I couldrun 100miles,I wasM hey,whoever saidlifeis noteasyand

come up tomorrow,so you'n have goodas everand I badovercomemy notfair,deservessomecredit,butwe

anothercbaDcetobestyourcompeti­ stroke. I caIIedonmy"magicbullet" allpossesstheequalizer. •


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