IKEA® FAmIly news - IKEA Thailand


IKEA® FAmIly news - IKEA Thailand

new Shhh!

No one else knows

about these yet.


tArVA chest of

3 drawers

3,490 thB

Solid pine.

W79xD39, H92cm.


JOrDNÖt plant pot

219 thB

Fits flowerpot max.

Ø12, H12cm. Pink.


trIPP tin with

lid, set of 3

129 thB

Sizes from Ø7.5, H11.5cm –

Ø10.5, H14cm. Rose.




squeaky toy

L15cm. 149 thB


POÄNG rocking-chair,


5,490 thB

W68xD94, H95 cm. Cushion

Blomstermåla multicolour,

frame black-crown colour

While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that information is correct at the time

of print, IKEA reserves the right to correct any misprints or adjust prices due to situations

beyond our control. All featured products are available on a while stocks last basis.

IKEA BANGNA 38 Moo 6, Bangna-Trad km.8, Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samut Prakarn 10540

Tel: 02 708 7999 Email: family057@ikana.asia Website: www.IKEA.co.th/family


ANGENÄm vase

599 thB


H20cm. Dark brown.



tealight holder

89 thB

Glass. Ø9.5, H8cm.


tErJE Folding chair

590 thB

W44xD51, H77cm. White.



BE FIrst wIth thE lAtEst

02 Promotions 03 From Sweden with love 05 Summer lovin’

08 Storage made easy 11 Go soft on style 17 Better sleep for all 23 DIY project

FAmIly news




IKEA Family Eng2.indd 2-3 7/10/2012 6:31:33 PM

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storE MAnAgErs sAY



It’s my pleasure to greet you for the

second time via IKEA FAMILY News.

I’d also like to take this opportunity

to welcome all new joiners who have

just become parts of our FAMILY. This

month, we are celebrating the coming

of our new neighbor, Mega Bangna, the

biggest low rise mega mall in Southeast

Asia, which is now ready for you since

3 rd May 2012. We hope this would fulfill

your great day out for your whole family

every visit to IKEA.

As IKEA FAMILY is now growing bigger

and bigger, IKEA co-workers and I are

truly thankful that the Thai people are

giving us a chance to help you create

a better everyday life. If we haven’t

been able to take good care of you, we

sincerely apologize. We promise that we

will try to offer you even more pleasant

shopping experience at IKEA.

This summer, we want to help our

FAMILY members decorate your outdoor

space so you can have fun in the sun.

This issue of FAMILY News has featured

selections of colorful outdoor furniture.

If you’ve dreamt of giving your home a

makeover under small budget, we have

tips and idea on how to use fabric and

textile to turn your living space into

different styles that fit your personality.

We hope you’d enjoy.

Let’s go outside!

Lacia Sherlock

store manager IKEA Bangna

Just because we

are family

limited time deals

IKEA FAMILY members can purchase these products at a special

lower price from now untill 31 June 2012. While stocks last.

rOmANtIsK tray

(Usual 499 thB)

rENAtE FlOrA Quilt cover

and 4 pillowcases (king size)

949 thB

(Usual 1,099 thB)

A taste of sweden

Nordanö lounger

349 thB 2,990 thB

(Usual 3,499 thB)

mJÖNÄs lantern

with block candle,

assorted red shades

249 thB

(Usual 399 thB)

something that glitters…true Blue collection.

Get a taste of Swedish delicacy at our Swedish Food Market or

enjoy a nice meal with special FAMILY offer at IKEA restaurant.




Let’s get sparkled by

something that glitters

this July with our new

True Blue collections.

Inspired by colourful

culture of India, these

collections are filled with

Indian textiles and blue

colour. Experience True

Blue collection this July

at IKEA store only.

1. Asian chicken rice 55 thB

(usual price 65 thB). Available at

IKEA Restaurant.

2. ChOKlAD NÖt milk chocolate

bar with hazelnuts 32 thB. 100 g.

Available at Swedish Food Market.

3. KÖttBUllAr swedish

meatballs 350 thB. 1000 g.

Available at Swedish Food Market.

From sweden with love

In celebration of Sweden’s National Day on 6 June, we’ve declared June Swedish month!

Let’s give thanks to what Sweden gave the world.

swedish food

Swedish food is not all meatballs and schnapps.

In fact, Swedes take their food so seriously that all major

celebrations are centered around meal times, kinda like

Thai people!

From simple food such as pickled herring and potatoes to

hearty dishes such as Jansson’s Temptation (a potato casserole)

and smoked salmon and meats. Swedes also have a sweet

tooth. They make some of the best jams (think lingonberry

jam), cinnamon buns and cakes!

1. KyCKlINGBUllAr mED Ost Chicken

meatball with Cheese 260 thB 600 g.

2. lAX NAJAD marinated & smoke salmon

155 thB 100g.

3. sylt lINGON lingonberry Jam 120 thB


4. lAsAGNE ÄlG moose lasagne 150 thB


5. KANElBUllAr Cinnamon Bun

ready to Bake 129 thB 510g.

swedes gone international

Like Thailand, Sweden is a small country with great persons.

Bet you can recognise some of these famous folks.

Well-known storyteller such as Astrid Lindgren, author of

popular children classic Pippi Longstocking and Steig Larsson,

author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Millenium Trilogy.

Artists who have been hitting all the right musical notes such

as ABBA, Robyn, Roxette, The Sounds, and The Cardigans.

Not forgetting some of the famous headliners such as Greta

Garbo (a famous actress during the Hollywood silent film

era), Ingrid Bergman (Award-winning actress), Alfred Nobel

(inventor of dynamite and the Nobel prize) and Han Rausing

(inventor of Tetra pak).




Photo credit :

Elena Camarero

swedish brands

Swedish brands are all around us

and here are some you’ve definitely

seen and heard of before. They are

Volvo, Saab, Ericsson, Läkerol, Absolut

Vodka, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) and of

course, IKEA!





1. Astrid Lindgren




IKEA Family Eng2.indd 5 7/10/2012 6:31:36 PM





in sweden

sweden’s favourite holiday comes with plenty of

dancing and singing around the may pole.

Midsommer is the celebration of the summer solstice and

arguably Sweden’s best loved holiday. The celebration, which

takes place when the weather is at its finest, is an ancient

practice that has many rituals closely associated with nature

and the hope for a good harvest in the autumn.

Midsommer falls on the Friday

closest to June 24th and marks the

start of a weekend of celebration.

As like other holidays, the Eve is

marked with the most festivities. So

a day before the Eve, many would

leave for the countryside, leaving

the town pretty much abandoned.

Swedes often begin Midsommer Eve

by picking flowers to make wreaths.

They then wear these wreaths

Drinking and

making merry

goes handin-hand

at a



or “krans” on their heads during

Midsommer Day.

midsommar activities

Of all the activities taking place on

Midsommer, none are as significant

and as popular as the traditional

celebration of raising the Maypole.

Much to the delight of onlookers, the

cross-shaped Maypole is raised in

an open spot in the early afternoon

and everyone helps to decorate it

with flowers and birch twigs. After

the pole is raised, Swedes would don

their traditional folk costumes and

dance around it.

One popular dancing game that

every festival never fails to have

is the “Små grodorna”, a dancing

game in which people of all ages

hop around the pole while singing

about little frogs. Other activities

found at Midsommer festivals

include exhibitions of folk dancing,

ring dances and singing and dancing

A smörgåsbord

with cheese and


games for people of all ages to


love is in the air

Midsommer is also a time where

romance is in the air. It is said that

if a girl picks 7-9 different types of

flowers alone while speaking to no

one, and sleeps with it under her

pillow, she would dream about her

future husband at night. In the past,

young girls were also told to jump

over 7-9 wooden fences in order for

their dream to come true!

A Swedish verse says “Midsummer

night is not long but it sets many

cradles to rock” and it holds much

truth as many couples tend to wed

during this time and Sweden always

sees high birth rate 9 months later

in the following March.

A jolly get-together

Midsommer is an occasion to gather

with friends, family and loved ones

and is usually celebrated with a lot

of feasting, drinking and singing.

Swedes sit together on long tables

and feast on potatoes with dill,

pickled herring and grilled salmon or

spare ribs. While food is important,

drinking is just, and if not more

important during this time. People

drink cold beer and shots of spiced

schnapps and break out in song each

time the glasses are refilled. The

meal is ended of nicely with fresh,

ripe strawberries served with cream.

Oh Summer,

how I love thee!

spring into summer

with these cheery

bits and get an

instant uplift!


chair 950 thB/ea

W74xD92, H71cm.

Yellow or pink.

JOsEF cabinet

2,000 thB

Whether Summer for you

represents a time to be

blanket in colours or you

prefer the soothing, natural

feel of solid wood; whether

you just want to chill quietly

on a deck chair or go on

a picnic lunch, there’s

something for everyone.


lantern for


229 thB

JOsEF cabinet 2,000

thB W40xD35, H86cm.

rOtErA lantern for

tealight 229 thB

H21cm. Assorted colours.

suMMEr LovIn’


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 6-7 7/10/2012 6:31:40 PM

suMMEr LovIn’



Embrace the sunshine with

seasonal textiles collection

– A collection that would

make it easy for anyone to

create a happy, summery

feeling in their home. All

the pieces match and you

can combine them any

way you like.

right :

BArBrO rAND bedspread

1,290 thB W180×L280cm.



rOXÖ series. Powder-coated steel.

Designer: Ola Wihlorg. table 1,990 thB

Ø65, H71cm. White. stool 490 thB/ea

Ø36, H45cm. Available in grey, white, yellow

and pink.

rOXÖ stool

490 thB/ea


with colour

Last year’s seasonal blue

and green ROXÖ colours

reflected the sky and the

grass. This year, pink and

yellow are in the bloom.

The stackability of ROXÖ

furniture makes it easy

to store everything away

when the sun or your

guests leave.

taste booster

Eating can be so much

more fun with the

right accessories. And

apparently, food served on

a pink plate is somehow

more appetising!

Below :

sOmmArlOV paper napkin

99 thB/30-pk L38×W38cm.

Assorted patterns.

GODIs mIX glass 249 thB/6pk

H10cm. 23cl. Small flowers.

series ENhOlmEN One-seat section 3,190

thB Designer: Magnus Elebäck. Made of plastic

rattan W63xD69xH79 cm. Light grey

Close to nature with


In a tropical country where it rains

constantly, it is important that

outdoor furniture must be able to

endure rainy and humid weather.

ENHOLMEN series have stepped up

to the plate, they are made of hand

woven plastic rattan, giving you the

same expressions as natural rattan

but durable for outdoor use. The

materials in this outdoor furniture

require no maintenance and is easy

to keep clean. The aluminum is rust

proof, both sturdy and lightweight.

The series come in different seating

sections that allows you to create

combinations according to your own

needs and ideas. You can let your

imagination runs wild and the sky is

a limit.

To see more summer range

including solar-powered lights,

just swing by the IKEA store or

visit www.IKEA.co.th

wall panel

2,790 thB

Foldable stool

790 thB

ÄPPlArÖ series. Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg. Solid acacia. Brown. storage bench

1,990 thB W80×D41, H44cm. wall panel 2,790 thB W80×H158cm. Foldable stool 790

thB W40×D38, H42cm.

Custom and clever in solid wood

acacia - ÄPPlArÖ

At IKEA, we love wood. It’s strong, sturdy, versatile and beautiful.

Moreover, we love nature and being outdoors. That’s why we care about

where our wood comes from and have strict rules to ensure responsible

harvesting of the wood that we use.

New to the ÄPPLARÖ series this year are two new main functions:

customisable low seating sections, clever storage and small space

solutions. A small space can become a relaxing retreat with a cushioned

storage bench and stool.

suMMEr LovIn’


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 8-9 7/10/2012 6:31:52 PM

storAgE MAdE EAsY

your bedroom need

not be a war zone.

The bedroom is where the day starts, and ends.

Wouldn’t you rather wake up to a well organised

bedroom, where you know exactly where everything is

placed, than to wake up to complete chaos that makes

you feel like pulling the covers back over your head?


what types of storage are there?

1. wardrobe

Possibly the most obvious storage one would

associate with a bedroom. This is usually where you

would keep most of your clothes, whether they are

hung or folded away.

Maximise the potential of a wardrobe by using

internal organisers such as wire baskets and boxes.

Bigger wardrobes are also used to store shoes,

towels, bedlinen, fashion accessories, etc. Perhaps

even a hideaway for the dressing area.

2. Chest of drawers

This is ideal for foldaway clothes.

Depending on the height, it can also

double up as a display shelf or add a

mirror and it becomes a dressing unit.

3. Bedside table

For easy access to the small things you need when

you’re in bed – a bedside lamp, books, reading glasses,

alarm clock, mobile phone, etc.

PAX wardrobes

have a 10-year

guarantee. See

store for details.

3. make an inventory

Decide where to put things –

measure and calculate. How much

space do you need? How much

space do you have?

It is also the room that accommodates a lot – clothes,

shoes, bedlinen, books etc. While it may seem like there

is never enough storage space, with planning, smart

ideas and different types of storage, it is possible to

make the most of available space.

Four simple steps

to start organising

1. sort

Sort your things out from time to time: throw

away, give away, sell or keep. Your old stuff can

probably make someone happy, or add a little

extra to your wallet.

2. Find a home

Decide where you want all your possessions.

Remember, it’s easier to store them where you

usually use them, so they are always at hand.

4. select

Find a storage solution that suits

your belongings, space, habits

and you as a person. Create

storage space in new locations.

4. misc storage

It can be shelves, bookcases, underbed storage,

pull-out drawers, bed-end chest, hooks.

All in one place

Have you got plenty of space? Maybe even

a separate walk-in closet? If so, you can buy

a complete wardrobe system that you can

add to when needed. Complement with wire

baskets, shelves, clothes rails and trouser

hangers to make it easy to sort your clothes

and make them tidy.

Design your own PAX wardrobe combination

in the comfort of your own home




space for

more clothes




Clothes to hang up

In a wardrobe, hang dresses at one end and shirts

and jackets at the other. Under the short ones you

will probably have space for another clothes rail, a

pull-out trouser hanger or even shoes racks.

A cover will protect your clothes from dirt and dust.

Hooks mounted on doors or inside cabinets take care

of semi-clean clothes only worn for a day.

Sorting and storing clothes is a priority for most of us. We have a lot of

clothes – and clothes for different occasions like work, leisure and sport etc.

Clothes also have a habit of being at different places at different times.

There are clean clothes in the wardrobe, semi-clean clothes lying on a chair

and dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Here are some tips and ideas to give you extra time for breakfast instead of

searching for that favourite sweater of yours.




sKUBB box,

set of 6

199 thB







BJÄrNUm folding hook 449 thB/3-pk

Can be folded to save space when not in use.

Aluminium. H8cm. sVAJs clothes cover,

99 thB/ set of 3 Plastic. Transparent white.

To save floor space, use wall-mounted

shelves instead of a bedside table.

rIBBA picture ledge 349 thB/ea

Foil finish. L115cm. White.

Roomy drawers built into your

bed frame make an ideal place for

spare quilts, bedlinen or pillows.

While a headboard with storage

enables you to keep all your books

and magazines within easy reach.

BrImNEs headboard with storage

compartment 4,990 thB

Foil finish. W166xD28, H111cm. White.

Hooks on rails provide a flexible

storage system. Just add or take

away hooks as your needs change.

ByGEl series Powder-coated steel. Silver.

s-hook 45 thB/10-pk H7cm.

rail 135 thB/ea L100cm.

Have drawer dividers or small

compartments in drawers to organise

small items.

sKUBB box, set of 6 199 thB

100% polyester. Black.

Make use of the space under your bed

for additional storage.

DIllING bed storage box 399 thB

W77xD70, H20cm. White.

Make use of the space above your

wardrobe for things you don’t use

often. Label your boxes to find

things quickly.

KAssEtt magazine box with lid 599

thB/2-pk Painted paperboard, 80%

recycled paper. W33xD38xH30cm. White.

storAgE MAdE EAsY


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 10-11 7/10/2012 6:31:59 PM

storAgE MAdE EAsY


Clothes to fold

• A spacious chest of drawers

gives you a good overview and

makes your clothes easy to

reach. Choose a tall, narrow

one if space is too tight. Adding

dividers to the drawers is

handy, making it easier to keep

underwear, socks and belts

neat and tidy.

• You can tailor a wardrobe with

movable shelves to fit your

needs. If you opt for pull-out

wire baskets instead, you will

also get a good overview,

easier access and good

ventilation. Remember to use

the upper shelves for clothes

you do not wear often.

1. mAlm chest of 3 drawers 2,790 thB

W80xD48, H78cm. White.

2. KOmPlEmENt wire basket 300 thB

Powder-coated steel. W75xD35, H16cm.

Beige. 3. FyllEN laundry basket

269 thB Nylon and steel. Ø45, H50cm.

Grey. 4. GArNItyr storage with 7

compartments 788 thB


that grows

with your


see store for

more stUVA


and prices.


• Laundry baskets come in several

sizes and materials. Hide them

inside a cabinet or wardrobe or

put them on the floor for easy

access. Good ventilation is a plus.

• Stackable boxes are not as wellventilated

as normal laundry

baskets but provide the facility

to sort your laundry ready for the

different wash cycles or by colour,

white and dry clean.


mAlm chest

of 3 drawers

2,790 thB

Having kids mean having lots of

stuff – toys, books, colour pencils,

skates… Stuff that you need to clean

up everyday. With a fun and flexible

storage system, you can train your

child to help you clean up.

STUVA is a storage system that

grows with your children. Optimised

for the little ones and their height

perspective, it has rounded corner

and edges and comes in sizes

trOFAst storage boxes

Polypropylene plastic.

storage box $3/ea

L42xW30, H10cm. White/

Green. storage box

$5/ea L42xW30, H23cm.

Pink/Red/White. storage

box $7/ea L42xW30,

H36cm. Blue/White.


and colours that fit all small

personalities. You can teach your

child to sort out their own stuff

just like how you do. You can

even create a combination that

allows them to play on or use as

a work station. Then as they grow

up, you can readjust the storage

system to adapt to your child’s

different needs.


GArNItyr storage with

7 compartments

788 thB

Check out our wardrobes at the

IKEA store or go to



textiles make a difference to the mood of a home

and the people living there. they transform a normal

room into a living space in your home, bringing

comfort and personality. textiles are versatile, easy

to buy, use, change and love. Besides aesthetics,

they also have practical uses. here are some simple

ways you can use textiles to update your home.

Tip 2: Use it to change

the look of your furniture

so you get a one-of-akind


Besides creating cushion covers and

curtains, use fabric to jazz up a boring

old room divider. At once functional

and artsy with a purpose.

Tip: Do not go all out. Mix plain textile

with prints to tone down the room and

make it easier on the eyes.

right : GUllVI fabric 249 thB/m 100%

cotton. W150cm. Multicolor. (Used on divider in

image) EIVOr OrD single size quilt cover

and 2 pillow cases 799 thB/set 100% cotton.

White/black. (Quilt cover W150xL200 cm. Pillow

case W50xL80 cm.) hAmPEN rug 1,690 thB

High pile. W133xL195cm. Bright blue. KlIPPAN

2-seat sofa 5,290 thB W180XD88, H66cm.

Granån red. lIllIVI fabric 259 thB/m

100% cotton. W150cm. (Used as cushion cover

in image) rItVA cushion cover 229 thB

W50xL50cm. White.

KlIPPAN 2-seat sofa

5,290 thB

Tip 1: Use fabric to

hide clutter and divide

activities within a room

Get your own “walk-in closet” in

a small bedroom by hiding your

clothes and dressing table behind

a curtain.

left : BUmErANG curved clothes

hanger 149 thB/8pcs. Black. FINtOrP

rail 315 thB L79 cm. Black. ByhOlmA

basket 299 thB W25xD29xH15 cm.

Brown. ByhOlmA basket 469 thB

W40xD40xH18 cm. Brown. AlVINE sPEts

pair of curtain 419 thB. W145xL250 cm.

Off-white. EmmIE lAND quilt cover and

4 pillowcases (king size) 1,190 thB

(Quilt cover W220xL240 cm. Pillowcase

W50xL80 cm.)

Need help to turn

your ideas for textiles

into a reality? sewing

services are available

at the IKEA store.

go soFt on stYLE


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 12-13 7/10/2012 6:32:13 PM

go soFt on stYLE


EKtOrP 3-seat

sofa 8,990 thB

W218xD88, H88cm.

Blekinge white.

right : INGOlF

stool 1,190 thB

W40xD30, H45cm.

Solid rubberwood.

White. AlVINE sPEts

curtains 419 thB/

pair 100% polyester.



Tip 3: Choose removable covers and machine-washable

materials will make your life so much easier!

You can forget about the stain since EKTORP’s removable cover is easy to

care. Your kids can play and let their imagination run wild while you enjoy

your perfect afternoon.

1 2


899 thB

The new mAlIN textile collection brings a sophisticated style full of

contrasting shapes, dimensions and surfaces to living rooms and bedrooms

with cushions, curtains, rugs, bedlinen and more. hEmNEs queen size bed frame 9,990 thB Stained solid pine.

W174xL211, H122cm. Black-brown. BENZy queen size quilt cover and

1. mAlIN FrANsAr cushion 599 thB L30×W65cm. Turquoise. mAlIN trÅD cushion cover

199 thB L50×W50cm. mAlIN FIGUr cushion cover 299 thB L50×W50cm. Multicolour.

2. mAlIN BAND 899 thB W120×L180cm. Blue-green.

Tip 4: Just because it looks like a curtain

doesn’t mean it is only a curtain.

Dine in style. This ALVINE SPETS pair of curtain

transforms a simple dining table into a vintage rhapsody.

Perfect for an afternoon tea or a candle light dinner.

Designers’ inspiration

”For the MALIN collection we

wanted to explore how patterns

on textiles can bear visible signs

that the human hand had been

part of the design process,” say

Danish designer duo Barbara

Bendix Becker and Mette Bache.

“We were inspired

by the design style of the

1950s and ‘60s and decided

to knit, sew and make threedimensional

tests, instead of

drawing in the computer.”

Are you light and breezy like Day

or dark and mysterious like Night?

Fret not, whichever you prefer, all it takes is a little mix-and-match

of different textiles to create the home of your style.



Dark wood

Solid furniture


Colonial influences

Vintage designs

EKtOrP 2-seat sofa

9,490 thB

W179xD88, H88cm. Idemo black.

4 pillowcases 2,299 thB/set 100% cotton. Chequered/blue. (Quilt

cover W200xL200 cm. Pillow case W50xL50 cm.) BENZy lAND cushion

599 thB 100% ramie fabric. L50xW50cm. Beige. BENZy curtains

1,299 thB/pair 100% cotton. W145xL250cm. Beige.

EKtOrP tUllstA armchair 4,690 thB/ea W80xD70, H77cm.

(available in black, blue, light brown, red, and Blekinge white

3,890 THB) IsAlA coffee table 9,490 thB/ea Ø90, H47cm.

To create this cosy look…

Get sofas with


covers so you

can update the

look instantly!

Use black-brown and grey-brown as predominant

colours. Mix your textile choices with furniture pieces

that look and feel solid, such as dark wood and matt

metal. Soften the look with a mix of textiles such

as rugs, cushions, throws and curtains. Dark wood

combines with strong and masculine colors create

a style that is simple and understated.

go soFt on stYLE


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 14-15 7/10/2012 6:32:30 PM

go soFt on stYLE




Floral & embroidered



Many details

Tip: Try mixing different graphic and prints,

but make sure that the color co-ordinates.

top : lEIrVIK queen size bed frame

4,690 thB Powder-coated steel. W160xL200,

H146cm. White. KrIstAllEr chandelier

2,290 thB Glass. Ø32cm. Silver-colour.

AlVINE sPEts curtains 419 thB/pair

100% polyester. W145xL250cm. Off-white.

(used as table cloth) lINDVED side table

890 thB Powder-coated steel. Ø50, H68cm.

White. EmmIE lAND quilt cover and

4 pillowcases (queen size) 899 thB/

set 100% cotton. White/blue. (Quilt cover

W200xL200 cm. Pillowcase W50xL80 cm.)

EmmIE lAND cushion cover 169 thB/ea


left : EmmIE rAND fabric 299 thB/m

100% cotton. W150cm. Blue.

Tip: A piece of fabric can pull the

whole room together. You can use

it to decorate your dining table or

make a bed spread.

AlVINE sPEts curtains

419 thB/pair

top : AlVINE sPEts curtains 419 thB/

pair 100% polyester. W145xL250cm. Offwhite.

AlVINE KVIst quilt cover and 4

pillowcases (queen size) 1,590 thB/set

100% cotton. (Quilt cover W200xL200 cm.

Pillow case W50xL80 cm.) White/grey.

left : EmmIE strÅ cushion 499 thB/ea

W50xL60cm. EmmIE rUtA quilt cover and

2 pillowcases (single size)1,390 thB/

set 100% cotton. Red/White. (Quilt cover

W150xL200 cm. Pillowcase W50xL80 cm.)

To create this

romantic look…

Think springtime – light and

breezy with pretty floral prints

against a white or pastel base.

Be adventurous with mixing

different prints and play with

layering different textiles,

whether in the bedroom or

the living room.



EIVOr bedspread/blanket

1,390 thB






KlIPPAN 2-seat sofa

7,090 thB




hErmINE throw

699 thB


Fashion fades, only

style remains.

~Coco Chanel



fix with


Decorating your room with graphic

is the easiest way to spice up your

living space and make a statement.

Whether you are a princess or a rock

star, you will always find a print that

fits your personality.

1. EIVOr FÅGEl cushion 199 thB W30xL60cm.

2. EIVOr bedspread/blanket 1,390 thB

100% polyester. W150xL240cm. Grey.

3. EmmIE KVIst curtains with tie-back 1,590

thB/pair 56% linen, 44% cotton. W145xL250cm.


4. EIVOr CIrKEl rug 6,599 thB 100%

polypropylene low pile. W200xL200cm. White/blue.

5. lyrIK table lamp 1,290 thB ø 24 cm. White.

6. KlIPPAN 2-seat sofa 7,090 thB

W180xD68, H66cm. Ranten green.

7. AGGI tea towel 199 thB/2-pk

100% cotton. W50xL70cm. Multicolour.

8. KAJsA trÄD cushion cover 279 thB

100% cotton. W65xL65cm. Black/white.

9. sArAlIsA fabric 199 thB/m

100% cotton. W150cm. Multicolour.

10. stENKlÖVEr quilt cover and 2 pillowcases

(single size) 799 thB/set White/red. (Quilt cover

W150xL200 cm. Pillowcase W50xL80 cm.)

11. lyCKOAK queen size quilt cover and 4

pillowcases 1,599 thB/set 100% cotton. White/

lilac. (Quilt cover W200xL200 cm. Pillowcase

W50xL80 cm.)

12. hErmINE throw 699 thB

80% acrylic, 20% wool. W120xL180cm. Beige, pink.

Let textiles bring life to your home! Get more

ideas here www.IKEA.co.th/textiles

go soFt on stYLE


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 16-17 7/10/2012 6:32:47 PM

what is småland?

Welcome to the Quingdom of Småland!

a fun club for kids age 4-10 years.

Join now for free.

If you have ever been to IKEA, we believe that you would see the

magical land called “Småland” and the Bug House.

Småland is nestled in the magical forest which has been taken care of by

“Angna” - the Quing of Småland and it is so well hidden that no one can find

it unless they are invited. After 1,000 years, Angna wants to get to know

more people. That’s why Angna has decided to invite the most important

people in the world, the children, to become Smålish citizens and together

share and discover the fun world in and out of Småland. You just have to be

4-10 years old.

print a meal coupon

Your kids are invited to be a Smålish citizen, just

print smalish money

sign up at the Bug House, G floor, IKEA BANGNA

and let’s have fun together!

Go to www.IKEA.co.th/smales for more information.

special gift for

every new småle

Just show this coupon upon

registration at the Bug House.

Get free lanyard for every new

Smålish citizen.

*valid until 31 August 2012


What are benefits of being Smålish citizens?

• Own Smålish passport and Smålish dållars.

• You’ll earn $0.50 every visit.

• Redeem Småles merchandise and sign up for the activities at

the Bug House.

• Free drink and discounted meal.

• Receive regular Bug news.

• More and more.

Besides, Smålish citizens can help us save the world by bringing

newspaper to recycle at the Bug House and they’ll earn more

Smålish dållars.

what the shroom can do for you

get a visit sticker




Love it or exchange it! You

have 100 days to sleep on

your IKEA mattress. If you

decide it’s a little too soft

or too firm, we’ll exchange

it for you. On top of that,

our sUltAN mattresses are

guaranteed for 25 years.

See store for details.

Other ways to make

over your mornings

meditate Carve out 5 –

10 minutes to sit quietly.

You’ll be surprised at how

much of a difference 10

minutes unplugged from

the world can make.

Think in the morning,

act in the noon, read in the

evening, and sleep at night.

~Poet william Blake

wake up to

a refreshed


Mornings are the most important time

of the day because how we start off

the day can influence how the rest of

the day goes. Research suggests that

seeing bright colours can brighten up

your mood. Try to see colours first

thing when you wake up. It will help

you kick start your day feeling fresh

and full of energy and lay a solid

foundation for the day ahead.

Exercise Get your

adrenaline pumping and

kick-start that metabolism.

It doesn’t have to be all or

nothing, start small and

build on it.

GUrlI throw 899 thB 70% acrylic, 30% polyester.

W120xL180cm. Red/pink. lyCKOAX quilt cover and

4 pillowcases, queen size 1,599 thB/set 100%

cotton satin. (Quilt cover W200xL200cm. Pillowcases

L50xW80cm.) White/brown. NyVOll bed frame,

queen size 9,490 thB Foil finish. W162xL216,

H100cm. Medium brown. (Mattress and bed linen

sold separately.) NyVOll chest of 2 drawers

3,390 thB W45×D45, H52cm. White/medium

brown. FÖrhÖJA wall cabinet 690 thB/ea Painted

finish. W30×D25, H30cm. White.

A little



in the



a long



You don’t in need the to noon, give your read room in the an

overhaul evening, to add and in bright sleep colours. at night.

It’s the little things that make all the

~Poet william Blake

difference. A few accessories, a splash

of colour, and a little thought is all

it takes to transform your bedroom

without blowing the budget. Say

goodbye to crappy mornings!

have a hearty

breakfast It’s the most

important meal of the

day and provides the

energy you need to

start your day.

NyVOll queen size bed


9,490 thB

throw open the

curtains Let the

sunshine pour in.

sleep early!

Hit the sheets

early and get a

well rested night.

BEttEr sLEEp For ALL


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 18-19 7/10/2012 6:32:54 PM

BEttEr sLEEp For ALL



Your bedroom says a lot about your

style and personality. Take the

bedroom quiz and find out what kind

of room will inspire you and let you

truly be yourself.

1. what is your favourite colour


a) White and blue

b) The colours of the rainbow!

c) Light colours like baby pink and

sky blue

d) Purple, silver and black

2. What can we most likely find

on your bedside table?

a) An alarm clock

b) A plant

c) Pictures of your loved ones

d) A beautiful night lamp

3. when you get home at the

end of a long day, you are

most likely to:

a) Watch TV

b) Sit down and chat with your loved

ones about their day

c) Curl up with a good book and

nice cuppa tea

d) Put on a moisturising mask or

have a long, relaxing bath


Boost your mood

with a bright

bouquet for flowers.

9 10


3 4


what bedroom style suits you?

4. when it comes to buying

sheets for your bed, what do

you look for?

a) Washable cotton and value for


b) Colours and designs are more

important to me

c) Quality – The higher the thread

count the better

d) I only sleep on silk sheets

5. what textile patterns are you

most attracted to?

a) Simple lines, solid colours and


b) Graphic, organic, bold and


c) Embroidery, floral designs, lace

and stripes

d) Shiny, tone-on-tone, ornamental

6. which of the following best

describes you?

a) Genuine and practical

b) Innovative and fun-loving

c) Calm and romantic

d) Ambitious and sophisticated



make use of colourful

fabric. sew them into

curtains, pillow cases

or even frame them up.

1. EIVOr lEVA queen size quilt cover

and 4 pillowcases 2,290 thB/set

100% cotton. Quilt cover W200xL200cm.

Pillowcase W80xL50cm. Multicolour.

2. BlADEt vase, 459 thB

Glass. Ø20, H28cm.

3. slÄtthUlt decoration stickers

249 thB Motif created by Nathalie Redard.

Polypropylene plastic. Magnolia.

4. lEVANGEr mirror 2,390 thB

W50, H140cm. Gold-colour.

5. DOKUmENt wastepaper basket

99 thB Powder-coated steel. Pink.

6.BÄlUm rug, low pile 4,995 thB

Pile: 70% polypropylene and 30% polyester.

Ø130cm. Red.

7. sOlmyrA picture, 449 thB

Motif created by Deborah Azzopardi. Paper,

foil. W70xH50cm. Ssshh.

8. VIlmIE rUtA cushion 399 thB

Outer fabric: 100% ramie. Filling: 100%

polyester. W50×L40cm. Multicolour.

9. tAllVIK table lamp 939 thB

Shade Ø15cm. H60cm. Lilac.

10. tOlsBy frame for 2 pictures

49 thB Room for 2 pictures; one picture in

each direction. Plastic. W10xH15cm.

11. hAttEN side table 590 thB ø40 cm.


Get more free ideas from

the IKEA store or visit


If you are mostly As, your bedroom

style is… rustic.

Your room is simple, light, functional and well-crafted. A modern

interpretation of home furnishings that draws its inspiration from

Scandinavian countries in the late 18th and 19 th centuries. You prefer honest,

simple materials that can be used in a straightforward way to create long

lasting utilitarian things that age well. Your choice of furniture is solid wood.

Opt for colours that are muted or neutral, with accents in yellow, black,

green, red and blue.

Your room should feel like a workshop – not too tidy but decorated in a

simple way. It shows an unfussy, down to earth way of creating a real,

forgiving, imperfect home.


your room

with these!

1 2 3

5 6 7

ryKENE bed frame 5,990 thB W181xL209,

H97cm. Grey-brown. ryKENE bedside table

999 thB W50xD40, H46cm. hEmNEs chest

of 3 drawers 6,990 thB W110xD51, H97cm.

Grey-brown. hENNy CIrKEl queen size

quilt cover and 4 pillowcases 899 thB/

set 100% cotton. White/grey-blue. (Quilt

cover W200xL200 cm. Pillow case W50xL80

cm.) NOrDEN bench 2,300 thB Solid birch.

W150xD35, H45cm. lIll curtains 199 thB/

pair 100% polyester. W280xL250cm. White.

1.mArBy table lamp 1,390 thB

Glass and 100% polyester. Shade

Ø24cm, H50cm.

2. lUDDE sheepskin 1,990 thB

Sheepskin. White.

3. DEKAD alarm clock 199 thB

Steel and glass. H14cm. Black.

4. rAst chest of 3 drawers

1,490 thB Untreated solid pine.

W62xD30, H70cm.

5. tErJE Folding chair 590 thB

Solid beech W44xD51xH77 cm.


6. BIlD poster 299 thB

Motif created by Mikael Svensson.

Paper. W50xH70cm. Stones lying in

a calm lake.

7. UrsUlA throw 1,299 thB

100% cotton L180xW120 cm.




ryKENE bed frame

5,990 thB

IKEA Family Eng2.indd 20-21 7/10/2012 6:33:05 PM

BEttEr sLEEp For ALL

BEttEr sLEEp For ALL

If you are mostly Bs, your bedroom

style is… Contemporary.

Your style is light, clean, contemporary and vibrant. It incorporates the

finer aspects of functionalism and modernism which is why your furniture

has simple and efficient influences. They are practical, multifunctional and

flexible to things already in the room. Your room has bright colours with a

splash of graphic elements in the form of prints, covers and throws. Your

choice of furniture is light wood (like beech, birch and oak).

have fun

with these




4 5 6 7

BrImNEs bed frame with storage

5,990 thB

BrImNEs bed frame with storage, 5,990 thB

Foil finish. W166xL206, H47cm. White. Mattress

and bedlinen are sold separately. DVAlA quilt

cover and 4 pillowcases, (queen size) 1,199

thB/set 100% cotton. (Quilt cover W200xL200cm.

Pillowcases W50xL80cm. White.) mAlm

occasional table 3,690 thB Painted finish.

W211×D36, H73.5cm. Orange.

1. IKEA Ps clock 849 thB Powdercoated

steel. W28×H48cm. Red.

2. lACK side table 499 thB

Painted finish. W55×L55, H45cm.


3. hENNy CIrKEl quilt cover

and 2 pillowcases 699 thB

Single size. 100% cotton. (Quilt

cover W150xL200cm. Pillowcases

W50xL80cm.) White/ grey-blue.

4. EXPEDIt shelving unit

1,690 thB Painted finish.

W79×D39, H79cm. White.

5. GUllVI fabric 249 thB/m

Multicolour. W150 cm.

6. OlsBO frame 169 thB Powdercoated

steel. W10×H15cm. Red.

7. mONGstAD mirror 3,490 thB

Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Glass, painted finish. W94×H190cm.


If you are


Cs, your


style is…


Your style feels fresh, feminine

and has a hint of nostalgia. It is

contemporary, yet romantic with a

vintage touch. The colours, materials

and designs in your room are greatly

influenced by nature. Sun-bleached

pastels colours are the main accents

in your room, matched against a

backdrop of stained white wood or

metal. You like decorative objects

like delicate porcelain, ornamental

glassware and metals. Your room is

styled with romance in its heart, not

unlike your personality.

lEIrVIK bed frame, queen size 4,690 thB

Powder-coated steel. W168xL209, H146 cm.

Mattress sold separately. White. EmElINA

KNOPP quilt cover and 4 pillowcases,

(queen size) 899 thB/set 100% cotton.

(Quilt cover W200xL200cm. Pillowcases

W50xL80cm.) rOsmArIE fabric 249 thB/m

Sewn as cushion covers. Grey/white. White/


2 3 1 2


Pile on the


4 5 6 7

lEIrVIK bed frame,

queen size

4,690 thB

1. BIrKElAND bedside table

4,390 thB W40xD39, H64cm.


2. KVIll frame 199 thB ABS

plastic. Picture W13xH18cm. White.

3. KrIstAllEr chandelier,

3-armed 2,290 thB Steel and

glass. Ø32cm. Silver-colour.

4. ByhOlmA basket 249 thB

Clear lacquered ratten. W25xD29,

H15cm. Grey.

5. rENAtE lJUV pair of curtains

949 thB 65% cotton, 35%

polyester. W145xL250cm. White.

6. lEVANGEr mirror 3,390 thB

Glass, painted solid pine.

W95×H58cm. Gold-colour.

7. JONsBO EGBy table lamp 999

thB Glass and 100% polyester.

Shade Ø22cm. H32cm. Glass/beige.


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 22-23 7/10/2012 6:33:27 PM

BEttEr sLEEp For ALL

BEttEr sLEEp For ALL

If you are mostly Ds, your

bedroom style is… Classic.

Your room is highly modern and

fashionable, with its foundations in

classic and timeless designs. As an

individual, you appreciate comfort,

quality and elegance and your room

expresses that.

Materials used in your room reflect

a balance between traditional

elements and modern trends. You

use colours that are a little darker

and warmer because it gives a

feeling of security and luxurious

comfort. This is the room you’re

happy to show your guests.

OPPDAl series Foil finish. Black-brown.

Bed frame with storage 13,990 thB

W166×L206, H42cm. headboard with

storage compartment 5,990 thB

W166×D24, H98cm. lyCKOAX quilt cover

and 4 pillowcases, queen size 1,599 thB/

set Satin-woven cotton.100% cotton. Quilt

cover W200×L200cm. Pillowcases W50×L80cm.

White/ lilac. mUlIG clothes bar 139 thB/

ea Adjustable width; adapt to suit your

needs. Powder-coated steel. Max. load 15kg.

W60–90×D26, H16cm.White. EXPEDIt

shelving unit 1,690 thB/ea Boxes sold

separately. Clear lacquered, printed finish

W79×D39, H79cm. Black-brown. mErEtE

pair of curtains 1,299 thB 100% cotton.


Only buying a mattress? Or are you

actually buying a good night’s rest? Making

a wise choice on your mattress is easy at


Build your



1 2

3 4 5


mUlIG clothes bar

139 thB /ea

1. VÅrlIKt vase 699 thB

Lacquered glass. H30cm. Dark lilac.

2. PJÄttEryD picture 2,290

thB Motif created by Gustav Klimt.

Canvas. W140xH56cm.

Water snake.

3. FIGGJO mirror 499 thB

Mounting fittings included. Glass

and powder coated steel. Ø65cm.


4. ÅDUm rug, low pile

3,490 thB 100% polypropylene.


5. DAGNy cushion 499 thB

Reversible; contrasting sides

for variation. 56% polyester

and 44% silk. Filling: polyester

fibres. L30×W50cm. Light beige/


6. NyFOrs table lamp 2,890

thB Nickel-plated steel. Shade

Ø33cm. H78.5cm.

Capture those

Kodak moments

Picture frames need not look just simple and sleek

anymore. They are like windows to your soul, when

proudly displayed in your home. Pick up any photo frame

of your choice, and start dressing your favourite pictures.

Getting hands on

step 1

Select three matching

patterned papers.

step 2

Trim 4 pieces of paper to fit the flat

sides of the frame and glue it on.

step 3

Add paper rosette flowers to the

bottom left corner of the frame.

step 4

Add butterflies cut out from a

patterned paper. Or any other insect

shapes you would like to have.

step 5

Cut out thin strips of paper

and using a pencil, roll them

up into paper curls.

step 6

Complete the design on the

frame by gluing the paper

curls and more cut out

butterflies. You can even add

in buttons, beads or other


what you’ll need:

• VIrsErUm frame 249 thB W18xH24 cm.

• Decorative paper

• Paper rosette flowers

• Glue

• Scissors

step 7

Finally insert your favourite

photograph and your frame is

now ready for display.


IKEA Family Eng2.indd 24-25 7/10/2012 6:33:45 PM

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