Download the brochure from here - Insworld Institute

Download the brochure from here - Insworld Institute


Offering the Edexcel ‘A’ Level

Programme, widely regarded as the

‘Gold Standard’ for top university

entrance, Insworld’s intensive

programme fast-tracks students into

leading universities worldwide.


Edexcel IGCSE & ‘A’ Level Programmes of 12 - 18

months allow for significant living cost savings –

comparable to other exam boards such as CIE, IB

Programme and other schools with 24-36 months!

London Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level

Registered Edexcel Examination Center


Insworld Institute is a registered

Edexcel Examination Centre in

Edexcel, a Pearson company, is the UK’s largest awarding body


offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to

schools, schools, colleges, colleges, employers employers and and other other places places of of learning learning in in the the UK UK





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To find out more about Edexcel, you

can visit

Benefits of London Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level

• Edexcel The Edexcel ‘A’ Level ‘A’ Level

qualification is considered

a “Gold Standard”

qualification by universities

around the world as

well as a “Hallmark of

Academic Excellence” by


• Edexcel The Edexcel GCE GCE ‘A’ level ‘A’ level is

taken is taken in in modules. This This is in is

contrast in contrast to to the the traditional

A Levels where all subjects

are assessed in a single

examination at the end of

the course. In the modular

‘A’ Level, each A Level subject

is subdivided into TWO,FOUR

or SIX Units and each unit is

assessed separately.

• London University Edexcel ‘A’

Level is the only ‘A’ Level taken

both internationally and in the


• Highly specialized - developing

analytical, critical content and

problem solving skills essential

for university.

• It is equivalent to the 1st

year universities of university in in USA and


• Over 400 different

undergraduate courses

including Medicine, Economics,

Engineering, Biological

Sciences, Law, can be taken in

top universities worldwide.

• The academic level achieved by

students at schools in their own

countries may not be sufficient

for university. A CONVERSION

via ‘A’ levels is necessary to

achieve qualifications that

are recognized recognised by universities universities


London Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level

Depending on your future plans and the subject

you wish to study at university, each student is

required to take 3 or 4 ‘A’ Level subjects from the


• Accounting

• Biology

• Chemistry

• English Language

• Maths

• Physics

• Art & Design

• Business Studies

• Economics

• History

• Further Maths

• Psychology

Students have the flexibility to choose any

subject combination but if they intend to pursue

professional degrees such as Law, Medicine, or

Engineering, some subjects are mandatory. Our

Counsellor will be pleased to discuss with you

the available options.

Duration : 18 months

Entry : Completed either IGCSE or

Requirement High School

Age : 16 years old

Intakes: : Jan, Mar, Jul & Sep

IMPORTANT: Students who do not meet the minimum

entry requirement of IELTS 5.5 or pass the Insworld

Placement Test will be required to follow a preparatory

English for Academic Study (EAS) Course.


After successfully completing the GCE ‘A’ Level programme at Insworld you will have obtained a

strong, well-rounded education that will allow you to progress to renowned universities worldwide

with a professional course of your choice.

Our students have the opportunity to apply to the following renowned universities:


Harvard University

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Stanford University

University of Pennsylvania


Columbia University

Yale University

University of California, Berkley

New York University


Cornell University

Princeton University

University of Texas, Austin

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin

University of California – San Diego

St Norbert College University

University of Chicago

University of Illinois

Tufts University

Ohio State University

Brown University

University of Utah

University of Arizona

Over 3000 universities in US


University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

Imperial College

University of Bath

London School of Economics

University of Warwick

University of Leicester

University of Exeter

University of Liverpool

University of Newcastle upon


University of Strathclyde

University of Nottingham

University of Birmingham

University of Aberdeen

University of Manchester

Kings College

University of Warwick

University of Bristol

Over 120 universities in UK


University of Adelaide

Australian National University

University of Melbourne

Monash University

The University of New South


The University of Queensland

The University of Sydney

Over 28 universities in Australia


McGill University

University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

McMaster university

Queen’s University

York University

University of Western Ontario

University of Waterloo

University of Montreal

University of Alberta

Over 90 universities in Canada


Canterbury University

Lincoln University

Waikato University

University of Auckland

University of Otago

University of Wellington

Over 8 universities in New



National University of Singapore

Nanyang Technological University

Singapore Management


Singapore University of Design &


Only 4 universities in Singapore

Insworld Institute has a Track

Record of students entering

Top Medical Universities in UK

& Australia

Insworld assures a high standard

of education with the help of our

committed educators, that prepares

you for entry onto a Medical degree.

Student & Parent Testimonies

“We, the parents of Mabel are congratulating Insworld

Institute for being part of her success.

She received three offers for a place in medicine

(University of Newcastle, University of Birmingham and

University of Bristol)and has selected the University of

Newcastle in the heart of the UK. I highly recommend

the British education system adopted at Insworld


Mrs. Nay Win

Mabel Myint Myat Thu (Myanmar)

GCE ‘A’ Level AAAa

MBBS, University of Newcastle, UK

“I first learned of Insworld from when I was a

scholarship holder at Nanyang Polytechnic. The

quality British education and personal attention

given to each student at Insworld Institute made it

an easy option to select as the school in which I was

going to continue my A Level studies.

The committed and dedicated teachers that

offered personal tutoring and coaching to all the

students, the small class sizes, the variety of extracurricular

sports and activities -- all in a culturally

diverse environment, added up to a memorable

experience. “

Jonan Seah (Singapore)

Current GCE ‘A’ Level Full Scholar

at Insworld Institute

Jonan Seah

Insworld Institute consistently delivers excellent academic results.

For the last eight years in a row,

Insworld’s results have exceeded

the UK National average

with a high percentage of A

Grades, particularly in Maths,

Economics and the Sciences.

This well-established track

record consistently helps our

students get into their first choice












2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Percentage of Insworld Students receiving A / A Distinction grades

Why do Students Choose Insworld Institute?

• Many of Insworld

graduates gain excellent

grades that enable them

to enter some of the top

universities in UK, USA,

Australia and Singapore

like University of

London, Imperial College,

University of Toronto,

University of Michigan Ann

Arbor, National University

of Singapore, Singapore

Management University,

University of Melbourne.

• Strong Expertise and Proven

Track Record in preparing

our students for successful

entrance to Medical schools

and in renowned universities

such as Imperial College,

University of Newcastle upon

Tyne, Glasgow University,

Monash University.

• Small Class Sizes of 4-12

students per class ensure

individual attention is given to

each student.

• Extra Curricular Activities such

as sporting activities, diverse

clubs, company visits and

community work.

• Well Equipped Science

Laboratory and classrooms.

• Wealth of knowledge and

expertise provided by a multinational

teaching staff.

• Holistic Education combining

the development of critical

& creative thinking and

leadership skills.

• Flexible entrance with 4

intakes a year: in Jan, Mar, July

& Sep

• Student services providing

assistance with university

placement and course


• Hostel Accommodation

available for foreign students.

Small Class Size - An Insworld Advantage

Whether you join us at age 12, 14 or 16, the Insworld

advantage is built around catering for your individual needs.

Our average class size of between 4-12 students ensures this.

Small class sizes are well known to have many advantages over

large ones.

• Help foster a student

centered approach

to teaching. Teachers

can receive feedback

throughout a lesson from

each and every student

thus ensuring each student

has a more comprehensive

understanding of the material


• Teaching pace can be varied

according to the needs of

every student

• Easier for students to receive

1 to 1 tutorials in the event

that they require catch up

with lessons

• It is easier to get students to

speak up in discussions in

front of smaller groups

than larger ones

• Lesson plans can be

adapted to the needs of

individual students

• Discussion can be

more easily fostered

helping build students

communication, analytical

and evaluative skills

• Promote greater levels of

self confidence that help

students overcome shyness

& fear of learning

• Small social groups also

minimize any possibility of

culture shock common in

any new environment


Insworld Institute has a mixed student population of over 25 nationalities.

Coming from high-profile families of Singapore, US, Canada, Russia, Europe

and other Asian countries, this unique multi-cultural environment offers our

students the opportunity to interact with their peers from a variety of family

backgrounds. Today they share their learning experiences under a single

roof – tomorrow this will form the bedrock of their social and professional

network of friends, helping them soar higher and higher in their careers and

professional lives.

Learn more about Insworld Institute


Phone : +65-6732-1728

Email :

Skype : InsworldEdu

Address : No. 2 Serangoon Road #03-18,

The Verge, Singapore 218227

Website :

CPE Registration Number: 200008126N

20-05-2010 to 19-05-2014

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